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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  March 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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before this only four humans had spent a year or more in orbit on a single mission. reena and kendis. >> back in houston tonight. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us. "good morning america" has the super tuesday breakdown. have a great wednesday. right now on eyewitness news this morning the juvenile showed up to the hospital with a gunshot wound and died. live as police to work to find out who shot him. >> the final results from super tuesday primaries. the big winners this morning and who is hanging on. 5 am wednesday, march 2. >>we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom watching the commute . let's get started
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>> is not that. >> mild start to the day. near 60 and a front works in for today meaning a few more clouds. 58 now in orlando, 63 sanford, the women start this week. you can see the gray shading. extra clouds and the outlook for today and a chance for a couple sprinkles. a front to the north from the panhandle. not a lot of rain. sprinkles are possible an extra clouds and we will see temperature drop off for tonight behind the front number one. seminole county, winter springs, more clouds and sun 78 at noon and warm and you see temperatures running in the low 80s by the time we hit the afternoon. coming up we tracked the temperature changes on the way. 5:01 am. first check of the drive with deneige.
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of construction at i 4, near ivanhoe but they have cleared the cones. good in both directions. i will check the cameras. we have a crash on i 4 westbound in kissimmee at mile 62. they have been able to get this to the side move over if you see troopers on scene. jamie? a juvenile died in a local hospital from a gunshot wound and now sanford police are investigating exactly what happened. >> eyewitness news is morning janai norman is live where police work out overnight up the street from seminole high school. >> reporter: nancy, blocks from high school. the areas were captured massive crime scene as sanford police gathered every and look into how the juvenile one that the dead from a gunshot wound. investigators have not release information about what they may have found a what they know so far. here is what we have gathered in the last few hours.
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florida regional hospital and they found out the juvenile was brought in with a gunshot wound. making calls to police to find out whether it means someone who knows the juvenile drove them there but we know the juvenile has since died. will we spoke with police, overnight, they said they were at home here on highline avenue gathering evidence but have not said which home or what led them here but they say we should get more information later this morning. we will continue to check on that an update you on air as we learn more about the victim. live in seminole county. janai norman eyewitness news this morning. also new from overnight the orange county sheriff's office says one of the deputies was taken into orlando regional medical center following a crash when a car overturned. the deputies suv wound up on the roof and was kelly park road near plymouth-sorrento road. late last night, following a crash with a pickup. the sheriff's office says the deputy suffered minor injuries. load highway patrol is still investigating exactly what happened. a murder suspect will go before a judge later today,
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overnight at the murder of 28- year-old jarrod swinton. just after 6:00 last night an argument ended with missy shootings went in and the chest. >> once the media got the story and got a picture of the suspect family members contacted police and arrangement suspect to surrender. >> investigators do not know what the argument was that led to the murder. ucf will have a critical meeting with the board of governors that will determine the future of its downtown campus. the schools expected to pitch plans for approval this afternoon. the project got a $3 million donation from dr. phillips charities. the largest private donations so far. the president says the project cannot move forward without another $20 million from the state. >> there are ways we can propose to fund the project but i do not foresee us going forward without significant state funding.
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roadblock last year when governor. rick scott be told funny. the school has raised $16 million out of the 20 million they need. we will let you know the board of governors says peter the votes are counted and it was not winner takes all for any candidates on super tuesday. >> as predicted hillary clinton and donald trump came out on top but not what the sweeping wins predicted before the polls opened. kimberly eiten is breaking down the outcome and rivals on both sides are still trying to slow down front runners. >> reporter: a trump take over on super tuesday with hillary clinton holding just as much ground on the democratic side. both won seven states enough to keep them on the leaderboard but not enough to knock anyone out of the race. he won the south and he won the northeast but all eyes were florida last night as donald trump turned a press conference into a victory speech after winning based on super tuesday. eyewitness news was there as he took the podium declaring war across party lines.
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clinton. >> reporter: before facing off against clinton in the general election have to worry about his republican opponents who won small victories yesterday. ted cruz claimed his home state of texas and oklahoma and alaska. marco rubio won minnesota. >> i want to congratulate ted on the winning of texas he worked hard on it. i know it was a very tough night for marco rubio he had a tough night but he worked hard. >> but even where he lost, trump still won showed strength in the four states that when two of the candidates. clinton also gave up 4 states to her opponent bernie sanders. >> it's not winner take all, by the end of tonight, we are going to win many hundreds of delegates. >> with the numbers in this morning, that will not be enough to knock clinton off the course to her party's nomination >> thank you all so much.
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>> both clinton and trump gearing up for florida's primary in march 15 with trump scheduled for a campaign rally at ucf this saturday but first to 5:30 looking at what is ahead for the republican front- runner and why even a party nomination might be enough to get into the white house. jamie? florida primary is not to march 15 early voting is underweight and orange and lee counties with early voting begins saturday in seminole, volusia brevard and marion. only voters were registered democrats or republicans may vote in the primary. we have come -- complete collection coverage of our results on super tuesday head over to and click on the super tuesday button near the home page for the state senate is expected to consider a proposal that will revamp the florida's death penalty system. as we told you the us supreme court ruled the state current system unconstitutional because it gives judges too much power. it -- the measure will require at least 10 jurors recommend
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sentences imposed thousands of any past the version of the bill. portage county eight-year- old in the hospital in critical condition after nearly drowning. deputies said the boy scale the fence before trying to cross a canal and fell 10 feet into the water. investigators say the boy, brother and possible other child were on their home from riverside elementary when the boys sell near for city road yesterday. deputies said the boy's brother yelled for help and another child pulled him to safety. a bill that will give local school districts the option of using alternative standardized tests instead of the fsa is now going to the full senate for a vote. yesterday the state senate panel approved the measure that would let school districts switch from the fsa to test like the sat or the city. last year, the fsa was plagued with technical problems. today, all high school juniors is a morrow county scheduled to take the sat pick we told you last year the school board is paying more
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take the reading, math and writing exam. school leaders have discussed replacing the fsa with the act but summit county is not been approved to drop the fsa yet galt city leaders have delayed a controversial charter school. the land is at the center of an ethics complaint. a member of the planning and zoning commission owns the land charter usa was to build a get a coinvented about the complaint saying west has something to gain from the sale of the land and therefore should not be part of the zoning discussion. west was cleared to participate in the discussion and did not take part in the vote for city leaders and tavares expected to decide if they were at the county for funding to expand the city library. library is about 9200 ft.2. officials want to get more than $200,000 to pay for design and permits to expand to 20,000 ft.2 at the new facility will include meeting rooms as well as room for more books and computers. right now us astronaut scott kelly is back on earth after his unprecedented year- long mission in space.
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you can see kelly being taken out of the castle kazakhstan before midnight after he and two cosmonauts landed there 50 cent 340 days in space to test the ability of humans to survive the long trip to mars. the effects on his body will be compared to that of his twin brother mark kelly. 5:10 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist brian shields and severe weather center 9 . >> we have been warming up. not what we will see but i will show you the latest freeze on record. 32, march 17, 1960. freezing temperatures are possible this time of year and we are turning the corner away from that and we even with the front working in over 24 hours, no cooldown inside. we will have a warm day. a couple sprinkles are possible and webster and sumter county, 80 degrees today. still warm and even with the extra cloud cover and a few sprinkles, orange county will
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coming up we will track how much chillier it will get for 5:10 am here's deneige. >> i found a spot of construction on i 4 , i 4 westbound coming from the winter park area. kennedy boulevard. they are actually picking up cones as we speak. within the next few minutes you will not need to worry about lanes blocked. a crash turkey lake road, choose -- troopers got it to the side. make sure to give them space and move over. jamie? the city of ocala is getting backlash over a performance scheduled at a city- owned venue. the playset is take the stage that has residents protesting for
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the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- with big southwest flavor. with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. nancy alvarez, 514 wednesday morning, downtown orlando , 50 degrees and warmer start than what we've seen. we will let you know what to expect for the rest of the day. a full check weather and traffic every ten minutes. orange county is home to a pilot program for the department of juvenile justice aimed at keeping young boys out of the justice system.
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snap program was sent for stopped now and plan are between 6:00 -- six-year-old and 11-year-old and have shown signs of at risk behavior. they meet over 13 weeks to role- play and help boys learn appropriate responses and reactions in high stress situations. another -- a mother has scenes -- has seen improvement in her son's behavior. >> we are going to use snap. >> orange county saw more than 3800 kids between ages 10 and 17 brought into the juvenile system. it landed in the top five per capita in the state. the program leaders hope to have two more sessions this year hoping a total of 21 kids in the family's orange county mother says bullying drove her daughter to try to commit suicide is now planning to transfer the girl to another school. the woman who wanted to remain anonymous says last week her 13- year-old daughter tried to
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middle school but she says she was telling the school district about the bowling for months but says the district would not do anything. the district would not comment on the allegations. the jacksonville mother accused of lying to investigators about her young son's disappearance is scheduled to be sentenced this friday. 21-month-old lonzie barton disappeared last summer and was later found dead. in november, the mother's boyfriend ruben ebron admitted to bearing a child after saying the boy drowned in a backup it locked his mother lonna barton already accepted a plea deal on charges of child neglect and lying to police. barton could receive up to five years in prison. another woman is suing a local massage business over what she says happened with a therapist. the alleged victim says she decided to come forward after hearing winter garden police have charged caesar guerrero was sexual battery for assault and a montage and the picture was touched inappropriately at a massage in winter park. this wisdom brings the total to three people suing the same
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a restriction on his lessons -- his license which does not allow me to work with female clients. parents finding to convince leaders to give geographic preference for magnet schools that we told you hope crest elementary and high schools becoming magnet schools but parents with students zone for the schools want them to give pregnant -- preface to attend. they plan to show up and forced to make their case. the under secretary of the us department of agriculture was in orange county to see the healthier menu being offered at public schools in the area. the undersecretary visit evans high school yesterday to see the districts menu. in 2010 the healthy hunger free kids act made schools at an extra serving of fruit and vegetables as well as limit salt in each male peer brevard county, nasa's getting ready for the unmanned test flight that will bring an a step closer to a mission to mars. >> we got a look at the rocket booster that will carry the space launch system and the orion spacecraft into orbit for the 2018 expiration mission.
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from launch complex 30 9b and take orion thousands of miles beyond the moon on a three week mission. meanwhile, fridays spacex will try for the fifth time to watch a communications satellite from cape canaveral air force station yesterday's launch was scrubbed due to high altitude wind shears, spacex try to let the first stage of the companies falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship. why no conditions are currently 65 percent favorable for friday's launch. >> we get used to the lodges and we think they are routine. >> many variables. >> anyway. a front working in, a nice weather pattern. seeing extra clouds and a chance of a couple sprinkles and that is it. we will get into a front moving in later this week. downtown orlando, 58 degrees, warm start. 63 deltona, winds pulling out of the south and southwest.
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had 30s in marion county pic 59 in ocala. 61 titusville, merritt island pic 61 through melbourne. winds coming out of the south a southwesterly and westerly flow throughout the day and it will be on the breezy side. action cloud cover around because of a weak front. not a lot of rain with it. a few passing sprinkles are a possibility and extra clouds. the villages, 76 at noon well into the 70s today with some extra cloud cover. future track, 9 am, watching the front moving with a ribbon of clouds and you see green on the map. if you go to work this morning you may see sprinkles late morning early afternoon not a lot. and to 3:00, a few clouds around in spots after that clearing out and it will be on the chillier site for tonight. things continue to clear out further. beaches will see a little bit more of a chop on the intercoastal and inland waterway. it is going to be windier today. water temperatures in the 60s
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today, 81 weak front with passing wrinkles. a mix of 70s and 80s and the 81 and orlando, 82 kissimmee, 74 and cooler palm coast, the hammock and bunnell. tonight it will be chillier. 40s in the northern tier elsewhere in the 50s. a mix of 40s and 50s under partly cloudy skies for tonight. tomorrow, beautiful first day on the way. mostly sunny skies and more 70s and 80s in our outlook. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. there is the 82 degrees for tomorrow. friday the chance for a few sprinkles as the next front arrives. that one is also a weak one. high of 80 friday and a slight drop-off this weekend. saturday mostly sunny around 78 and into sunday, warmer nothing too hot. near 80 and overnight lows this weekend running in the 50s. 5:20 am. a look at i 4 here is deneige. >> when i pull up a camera
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i watched them clear of construction i 4 eastbound, princeton good about directions. we have another spot on the turnpike. traffic tracker, southbound before osceola parkway, one lane is blocked for construction but they will pick them up soon. turkey lake road, jelly stone avenue off to the side. keep in mind troopers on steam -- on scene. homes built near lake nona a warning that have residents worried over safety unanswered questions surrounding the death of a juvenile in sanford. what investigators have found that people should outrage over another dog found with its mouth taped shut.
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a driver is facing charges for sharpes speedway from deputies in a stolen car. deputies spotted the car on state road 46 seminole county yesterday. the driver avoided stop sticks but eventually slammed into
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the suspect tried to run but was taken down by a k-9 deputy volusia county, local shops in daytona beach are suing the city claiming a road project could put them out of business but the business sense of a project on fort avenue has forced the city to detour traffic to other streets. the shop owners also state the city shut off utilities and neglected basic service like trash pickup. >> this is how i feed my family. >> if we keep doing the business like this i think we will have to close. >> orange avenue project expected to wrap up late this summer. a disturbing image cost a firestorm on social media. a picture of a dog with its mouth taped shut has surfaced on to twitter. >> daytona beach police have seen the picture and they want to find the person responsible. they could face animal cruelty charges. december a dog owner and south daytona you may remember was arrested in a similar case. she said she take the dog mouth for a few minutes because it would not stop barking.
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because animal control said there was no sign of abuse. marion county commissioners are working on a new ordinance that could create and animal abuse registry. it will be similar to florida's database for sex offenders except it were tractable convicted in animal cruelty cases. if it passes it will be called molly's law named after a dog that was nearly beaten to death with a baseball bat by her owner. >> marion county is good reason to be concerned with the whereabouts of convicted animal abusers and the dangers to the community associated with the link between violence toward animals and violence toward humans. >> mali recovered from her injuries and attended yesterday's commission meeting. commissioners will talk more about the possible ordinance next month. orange county commissioners are working to get homeless people off the streets. >> coming up the solution they are looking for instead of using homeless shelters. juvenile died at the
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for 5:30, we are asking how the investigation led police to a home blocks from seminole high school. warmer out-the-door temperatures and a front moving in.
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5:30 am on live look over downtown orlando. a cool start this morning and a decent day coming your way. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom watching the roads. >> we do not strive for decent. we strive for fantastic. >> is going to be nice. >> above average. >> don't set the bar too high to a look outside, 81 for today. warm and 70s and 80s on the way. a weak front moving in. that means more clouds and a strength -- a chance for sprinkles.


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