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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  March 2, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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for a spin this summer. busch gardens. florida's thrill ride leader. a seminole county men under arrest in connection with a six- year-old girl who police say accidentally shot herself and died. this morning we will live in custody. neglect and gun charges in sanford. in the last 30 minutes janai norman got a new information happened. they say this little girl found the gun under the living room sofa. >> reporter: they say six-year- old aletha burke was at this home when they found the
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hitting her in the shoulder. next-door neighbors tell me they heard a gunshot but did not think much of it until police swarmed the street. we have confirmed sanford police arrested 35-year-old erik williams for child neglect and unsafe storage of a firearm. we are talking with family and police trying to confirm how he is related to six-year-old aletha burke. as livermore -- reported, about 8:25 tuesday night, they got a call from central florida regional hospital that a juvenile showed up with a gunshot wound and she later died. this morning we reached out to school leaders who confirm the little girl was a student at wicklow elementary school. the district has grief counselors on hand for students today. we have another crew at the seminole county jail where we are hearing williams is in the process of posting bond more than $15,000.
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records looking into his criminal past and for eyewitness news at four, we are talking with family members working to learn more about williams and finding out why he should have never had a gun in the first place . breaking news in volusia county, troopers investigating a fatal crash a fire . skywitness 9 flew over the scene on i 4 near dixon road . troopers say the driver hit an overpass in the vehicle burst into flames on the eastbound lanes of traffic being diverted at mile marker 108. there are significant delays on both sides. no word on what caused the crash over who may have been in the vehicle : clinton and republican donald trump won big across the map for super tuesday. neither managed a clean sweep both residential contenders are one step closer to the party's nomination. here's abc stephanie ramos. >> reporter: super tuesday is over with both front runners in each party submitting the lead.
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over. >> reporter: with these results of the november election will likely be a matchup of hillary clinton and donald trump. seven states. catch up. marco rubio winning only in one state, minnesota. ted cruz wrapping the most -- grabbing the most folks -- votes of goma, nebraska and texas. >> we done something almost no >> reporter: hillary clinton snagging big wins in delegate heavy states as super tuesday wrapped up it with her lead in the delegate count, taking on trump. >> instead of building walls, we are going to break down barriers. >> reporter: after a landslide in his home state of vermont democratic competitor bernie sanders singing the same tune in this one . >> this land is your land, this land is my land pushed sanders not showing any signs of ending his campaign.
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election . it is not winner take all. >> after so many votes the gop field is still has five candidates including ben carson and they all say they are staying in the race. democratic side, clinton is closer to the status but her competition sanders says he's staying in the race until the convention. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. all eyes are in florida as the presidential race heads to orlando front runner donald trump will rally on ucf campus is saturday and he's not the only one. kimberly eiten learned anti- trump post testers -- protesters are in planning stages. you are asking what measures are in place to keep everybody safe. >> reporter: donald trump has been highly charged candidate drawing controversy where he goes. i asked leaders how they plan to keep everyone safe inside and outside cft arena. with the front runner rallies on saturday, this arena seats 10,000 and it could be a packed house.
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in the works with crowds of almost 500 people expected. that is how many have rsvp in the 24-hour since trumps announced the campaign stop at the new york billionaire has drawn supporters and opponents with his racially charged remarks are former kkk leader david duke. his stance on immigration and isis and countless other antics. ucf says there's a plan in the works to make sure none of the controversial issues turn problematic saturday. campus leaders are meeting to discuss security measures today and would not go into detail. i did speak with one of the student organizers of an anti- trump rally and she says i have every intention of keeping things peaceful while posing -- voicing concerns about the candidate. >> he is just so degrading to other people who do not have the same viewpoint as him . he is really racist toward other people who are different than
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does not have any -- when it comes to other people. >> reporter: the organizer of the other protest planned for saturday tells me, close, it is the obligation of young people who will determine not only the course of this auction but many more to come to raise awareness about the dangers of his candidacy. trump is coming here off of a super tuesday win. for eyewitness news at 5:00, we are asking if he can carry the momentum through to florida's primary less than two weeks away. live in orange county, kimberly eiten, channel 9 eyewitness news. the president will not be supported central florida congressman alan grayson as he makes a run for the senate. president obama and vice president joe biden say they are backing congressman patrick murphy from south florida. grayson has criticized murphy for being a former republican while murphy has reminded voters that the house ethics committee is investigating grayson over hedge fund he manages. state lawmakers hard at
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house members will vote on the pastor protection act which is designed to protect ministers who refuse to officiate same- sex weddings. the senate will consider amendments to the bill. senators will consider several education proposals including teacher bonuses and charter schools in expansion to medical marijuana which will allow approved growers to sell to terminal patients. it is another warm afternoon. we are tracking of front that will bring us chillier weather for tonight. certified meteorologist brian shields has the latest from severe weather center 9 . a beautiful start to the day. >> great. this is the weak front we were talking about yesterday. just moving in a few extra clouds. we will show you the time lapse of getting some filtered sunshine and you see some of the extra cloud cover that is with us. a sprinkle or two earlier and that is all we can expect out of this. not expecting much in the way of rain at all. mainly dry for the rest of the day. temperatures nice and warm in the front is not here at 70
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breezy . 78 and titusville, 77 in melbourne. my friends in ocala, checking in in the mid-70s. there is extra cloud cover. back to the northwest, pulling into the panhandle. there was severe weather by george yesterday but again all of that has really weakened and you can see the green to the northwest of us . we have a sprinkle or two as i mentioned but no green on the map now. we are looking to be dry as we head through the afternoon. in winter park, 70 degrees at 2:00, 77 at 4:00, in the 60s by later this evening when the sun ghost town. nothing too chilly for this evening. tonight, we are going to see 40s working in. it will be called by the time i see you tomorrow morning. city by city with the temperature drop off in a few . vanessa? track the warmer weather for yourself at /weather. orange county boy is in the hospital in critical condition this afternoon after nearly drowning . deputies say he made
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to cross the canal and falling into the water. workers spent the morning making repairs . roy ramos is live near forest city road where it happened and crews worked to fix a hole in the fence. >> reporter: cruz were here and they have since cleared the area but let me show you where they were focusing their attention. they say this may be where the eight-year-old boy may have crawled through. it looks like children pulled up on the fancier. they have since added a new fencing and they have added a surrounding fence of that kids cannot get here. orange county crews were out here working to fix the section of the fencing after an eight- year-old boy nearly drowned in the canal off of forced an eight-year-old boy nearly drowned in the canal off of forced city rd., pemberton drive yesterday that they said the boy was walking home from riverside elementary when he and a group of friends made their way into the restricted area designated for county workers to do maintenance. we're told that boy try to cross over the pipe you see. he fell in.
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able to run for help and rescue crews pulled the boy out of russian to florida hospital. workers had added extra fencing around the area but children are always finding a way around they say. >> we can put the fence of today and i can maybe come back this afternoon and they have climbed the fence and try to get around the fence but our thoughts and prayers of course are with the families. >> -- >> reporter: we checked with the sheriff's office early this morning and he says the boy is still in critical condition. the school district says they will have counselors out to speak to the children about what happened yesterday. right now we are working to find out if more is being done to keep kids away from areas like this. in orange county, roy ramos, channel 9 eyewitness news. new at noon, orlando police say they busted a drone operation. >> they have taken the drug dealer off the streets. how they were able to do it all because of a stolen bike. astronaut scott kelly is home after spending one year in space.
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what he has to do now. this afternoon ucf leaders are asking the state for $20 million for their downtown campus project . next at noon on asking about the chances for success. tracking that front moving
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one article ucf is going to be -- meet with the board of governors and to pitch -- field sutton is live on the ucf campus. they say this probably will not happen without state funding. >> reporter: school leaders tell us that is a key piece of the puzzle. yesterday we told about a $3 million private donations to the project but without the $20 million, this project could the planned university leaders presenting today is different than the one that died with a veto from governor. scott last year. ucf is modified the list of degree programs and plans to offer a downtown, designers added a new building to the mix in school leaders say they believe one year's worth of progress in private fundraising
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tallahassee that the project is worth joining. told eyewitness news is guardedly optimistic about the meeting. we are expecting a boat sometime this afternoon regardless of that vote, it has scott's desk. i will let you know what happens this afternoon on eyewitness news at four. live in orange county, field news. state fire marshal has been called in to investigate two bodies were found. that fire happened at a home on old polk city road here i 4. after 1:00 this morning. when deputies arrived the home was fully engulfed and was the flames were out, investigators discovered the two bodies inside in the victims have not been identified yet. of lewis county murder suspect will go before a judge later this afternoon. rayshad mincey booked into the jail overnight in the murder of 28-year-old jarrod swinton. police say just after 6:30 last night and argument ended with mincey shooting swinton in the chest speculator died at the hospital.
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arrested him a couple of hours later. . >> was the media got the story and got a picture of the suspect, family members arranged for the suspect to surrender. >> investigators do not know what the argument was about that led to the murder. it has been exactly 2 years since the disappearance of malaysian air flight 370 but finally critical clue may have been uncovered. during the weekend, even more debris washed up in mozambique. u.s. officials say debris appears to be that of a piece of a boeing 777. boeing 77 on record. the part is being transported to malaysia for further examination. objection by apple and the court order demanding an iphone used by suspected terrorists. apple and the fbi are at odds over the fbi's request for access to the iphone a suspected san bernardino shooters syed farook. apple has refused to help
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to protecting your privacy against hackers. spacex officials hoping the fifth time is the charm for a falcon 9 rocket launch. >> yesterday's launch was scrubbed because of high altitude windshear. spacex has been try to launch the mission since february 24. the mission will carry communications satellite into space. spacex is also tried to land the first stage falcon ix rocket on a drone ship it the next launch attempt friday with only 65 percent favorable conditions. >> still iffy. >> have to get it going. great weather even with a front working in it will be chillier tonight. we will hold onto this weather pattern with us. taking you to the live look now and downtown orlando. looking from downtown into the beautiful college park area toward edgewater. 70 degrees, winds out of the west at 13 miles an hour.
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running in the 70s, 75 ocala, 73 in palm coast. a warmer start. we had 60s this morning as you had it out. 72 now new smyrna beach. temperatures getting close to 80 in the southern zones. winds pulling out of the west. southwest earlier now at the west and breezy gusting up to 20, 25 for today. extra cloud cover with a front. the front is to the north. that will drop in again mainly dry weather today demonstrate chance of a sprinkle. when you see tom terry later at 4:00 he will track them rolling in. 78 at 2:00, 77 by 4:00. and the temperatures will fall this evening into the 60s. looking today, 2:00, there's the timeframe. a mini front, a blip of green on the map. there is a slight chance for sprinkle and threw tonight starting to clear out nicely and again some chillier weather. at the beaches, we was he a moderate chop on the intercostal and inland waterways because it is going to be with you.
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and air temperatures in the 70s. the weak front with sprinkles the going over numbers, 78 today, the high in ocala, low 80s are possible. the front most of us. we are on the warm side. low 80s across osceola county and intercession city, kissimmee, green meadows the temperature around 80 as we go throughout the afternoon. tonight, it turns chillier. look at your screen. 40s northern tier, ocala 45 by tomorrow morning. the villages, back through bushnell, western and sumter county, in the 40s tomorrow morning and close to 40s in lake county mount dora into montford, howey-in-the-hills, all in the low 50s mid 50s in orlando, a couple 60s in brevard county. 51 palm coast tonight. get jacket weather tomorrow. tomorrow, it will be a great day. again, not a lot cooler. we could be warmer in spots because we will have a lot of sunshine tomorrow. the front is working in is weakening and not driving down cool air. just for tonight, tomorrow is
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forecast. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view., 82 tomorrow, beautiful sunshine, friday front number two, a lot like this one. another mini front. selection clouds on friday chance of a sprinkle, temperatures around 80 and a slight drop in temperatures by the time we hit saturday. it is looking good this weekend. 78 on saturday, 80 on sunday, overnight lows this weekend will be running in the 50s. coming up, we take a look at historically when we had the last freeze, the latest freeze into the winter season. important information coming up at the bottom of the hour. vanessa? it is the number one randall cobb lee, losing the security deposit and several local families claim they lost thousands of security deposits to the same landlord. a luxury high-rise. the answers action 9 was able to get from the landlord. a new push by some to
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only eyewitness news heard from the girlfriend of man killed by palm bay police during a standoff yesterday at her home on mariposa drive where they have lived together. police said the 39-year-old man threatened to kill construction workers and pointed the gun at officers and they also say he had ammunition in his pocket. is up and said he suffered from melville illnesses after being wounded in the military. >> people did not want to do their jobs the right way. give me a chance to talk to the man i love and try to save his life. >>corporal. jason mccoy fired the fatal shot and the man's name has not been released. orange county now has a pilot program for the department of juvenile justice but it is in keeping young boys out of the juvenile justice system. the seven boys enrolled in the snap program which stands for stop now and plan are all
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they have shown signs of at risk behavior that they meet once a week over 13 weeks to role-play scenarios and help them learn appropriate responses. and reactions in high stress situations. a mother says she has been an improvement in her son's behavior. >> we use the snap program. i say you're getting mad we will use snap. >> orange county sought more than 3800 children last year between ages of 10-17 brought into the juvenile justice system. it is landing it in the top five per capita in the state. leaders hope to have two more sessions this year hoping a total of 21 kids and their families. the state senate is expected to consider a proposal that will revamp florida's death penalty system. we told you the us supreme court ruled the state's current system unconstitutional. it gives judges too much power in opposing death sentences that the measure will require
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the death penalty before the sentence is imposed. the house has passed its version of the bill. some shots in daytona beach are suing the city claiming a road project could put them out of business. the businesses they the road project on orange avenue has forced the city to detour traffic of the streets. the shopowners say the city shut off utilities and eclectic -- neglected trash pickup. >> this is how i eat and feed my family. >> we are not doing good now. >> if we keep doing the business like this, we will have to close. spent the orange avenue project will wrap up late this summer expected. winter garden women help police track down a man who she says exposed himself. three times. she told us that she first saw the suspect winston garwood in december. she helped investigators greater scratch. she caught him in january and sunday he was there a third time she says at this time she stayed on the phone with 911 dispatcher said hillary -- police arrived and caught him. >> this is a family place and i
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has children around or is abusing someone else. >> garwood finished serving five years probation in december for a similar incident in deltona that his family tells us that they believe he is innocent. many county commissioners working on a new plan to create an animal abuse registry. it will be similar to florida's database for sex offenders except it will track people convicted an animal cruelty cases . if it passes, it will be called molly's law named after a dog that was nearly beaten to death. by her owner. >> marion county has good reason to be concerned with the whereabouts of convicted animal abusers. and the dangers to the community associated with the link between violence toward animals and violence toward humans. >> mali recovered from injuries and attended yesterday's commission meeting. commissioners will talk more about the possible ordinance next month. florida has returned $32 million in property to its rightful owners beating a new state record. unclaimed property program holds money from dormant bank insurance and utility accounts
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abandoned state department -- safe-deposit boxes. it is using it for public schools until claimed check to see if you have unclaimed property go to the web links section of and scroll down and find it. the abortion debate is returning to the supreme court for the first time in years. the case that could rewrite the rules when it comes to abortion clinics. scott kelly's new mission
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orlando police say a stolen bicycle help them make a drug bust. >> police say this man in washington was expecting -- excepting stolen items in exchange for cocaine. baby willow demo because
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out of the car and that the became an informant told police about the operation that washington was running. >> the source turned out to be a known drug dealer and his biggest source of income is that people in the neighborhood would go out and commit crimes, still items bring them to him and he will give them drugs, sometimes money for the items. >> washington was arrested for selling cocaine and trafficking stolen property. orange county sheriff's office is one of his deputies was taken to orlando regional medical center overnight following a crash when his car overturned. you can see the deputies suv ended up on the roof on what's kelly park road near plymouth- sorrento road last night following a crash with a pickup. the sheriff's office says the deputy suffered minor injuries in the florida highway patrol is investigating how it happened. justices at the supreme court wrapped up oral arguments at one of the most significant abortion cases in decades. >> justin gray reports. this could affect laws across country. >> reporter: this is the
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since the death of justice antonin scalia and could affect the outcome, i 4 to four tie, a distinct possibility here. hundreds of abortion rights supporters rallied outside of supreme court. this is a challenge to a texas law but more than a dozen other states have similar legislation and more state legislatures to be eager to pass restrictions if this texas ruling is upheld. alarm requiring hospital like facilities and doctors with hospital privileges for an abortion to be performed and could force more than three quarters of texas is abortion clinics to close. if more-four tie would mean the lower court decision stands in the lock will remain on the books. >> we will fight as long and hard as necessary to protect your lives, your decisions, your future. >> one thing about a tie is
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texas law withstand but not become law of the land in the event of a tie, the justices next term could decide to revisit the issue. in washington, justin gray, channel 9 eyewitness news. we are tracking warm temperatures and a chance for showers. certified meteorologist brian shields has the latest for us now from jacqueline fell -- severe weather center 9. >> may have cool evenings but these days. >> in this ride walking in not much for a speckled. it will be nice. a look in daytona beach. extra cloud cover today as the front moves in and still warm, 74 winds and the west 14 miles an hour, sunset at 6:25 pm. the front to the north, but with blue line wiggling in most of the showers off the coast of dry today. you will not need an umbrella. extra cloud cover with us on the closer vantage point of the satellite and radar. 70s for allah, close to 80 orlando, 78 audubon park, orlando.
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temperatures running in the 70s. the latest we have had, a freeze, march 17, 1916, mid- march. we are going to turn the corner with that frees possibility. it is very hard to get really cold this time of year especially with the sun angle as we go through march. why we will be chilly tonight, nothing too cold. 81 today as the front works in. tonight, down to 54. we will have 40s as well northern sections will be in the 40s by tomorrow morning. coming up, we tracked the weekend temperatures. martie? the pentagon is inviting hackers into the security networks as for a protocol have to think of it -- hack the pentagon. they want bedded hackers to test the cyber security of public us defense department website allowing experts to find and identify problems hopefully before getting hackers exploiting them. the pentagon will save time and
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he reckons -- key weapons programs not included. orlando city close to selling at the citrus bowl for the first game. the lines held a tailgating party last night and the cheyenne saloon downtown. that led to mingle with players and coaches. club president phil rawlins predicted a sold-out crowd of more than 62,000 people at the first game sunday. one person you may not seem the stadium on sunday the team new player, antonio no serino expected to be finally arriving in orlando friday. he was signed it two weeks ago but has been dealing with red tape of switching leagues. the coach says it is too soon to expect them to see any playing time on sunday. orlando city second mls campaign starts at 1:30 sunday on central florida's tv 27. watch our season preview special 630 friday night also on tv 27. us astronaut scott kelly is back on earth -- earth after his unprecedented year in space. he was taken out of a capsule in kazakhstan before midnight
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the second phase of the mission begins. elizabeth hur has more. >> reporter: the descent rate of 80 m/s. >> mission accomplished. >> back on mother earth. >> reporter: commander scott kelly back on solid ground, pumping his fist, giving two thumbs up and a peace sign later telling reporters the air felt so good. >> cold air was amazing, fresh air. nothing like new cold air coming into the capsule. >> reporter: the russian space craft landed in kazakhstan overnight. kelly and his russian counterpart returning to earth to a hero's welcome. >> felt like i had been up there my whole life. after about the first six months. >> reporter: he spent 340 days in space and during that time completed nearly 5500 orbits that is almost 144,000,000 miles. equal to the moon and back, 300 times.
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will make things better here on earth. i'm happy to be a part of that. >> reporter: one of the purposes of this mission is to measure the effects of space on the human body by comparing him to his twin, retired astronaut mark kelly. a lot of work ahead for this american record holder who admits being home is bittersweet. >> i have been there along times i look forward to leaving but at the same time, it's a magnificent place and i'm going to miss it. >> reporter: kelly expected to arrive home in houston later tonight where he will be reunited with his family and greeted by his nasa bosses. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. royal caribbean anthem of the seas has to cut short another voyage due to storms. they made it back to its home port in new jersey this morning and the ship was on a 12 day trip to the caribbean but turned around because of severe weather threat last month, the same crew ship sailed into the atlantic storm with winds up to 125 miles an hour. it was forcing passengers to hunker down in rooms for 12 hours.
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also had to deal with an outbreak of the norovirus. leaders say they're working to get the homeless off the streets. we were at the commission meeting where orange my -- county mayor asked commissioners to find families a place to live in the county is looking for a permanent solutions like low income housing and instead of something temporary such as a shelter that we spoke with a mother of four who says she is being kicked out of her third shelter. >> walk around, look for jobs, go to the library, take the kids to the park, it's nothing you can do. >> statistics discussed shows 77 percent of all orange county families could be one emergency away from being homeless because more than 60 percent of their income goes to rent. a new reports says the work you do may be directly related
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a new recall from whole foods. the company has recalled the maytag raw milk blue cheese nationwide over a possible listeria contamination. recent tests done and i will reveal the presence of listeria in two lots of the product. it involves cheese sold the packaging like the one you see in your screen. whole foods says no illnesses were reported in connection with the recall. new recommendations out
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the spread of zika through donated blood and other human tissue. under the new recommendations, people should not donate blood or tissue if they were diagnosed with zika in an area with active zika transmission or have had sex with someone who has had zika within the past six months. zika has now spread to 36 countries and territories. blame it on your relatives if you don't like it. researchers may have tracked down the first gene linked gray hair. it is called irf four. they say it turns out melanin pigment which gives your hair color, your hair goes gray when your follicles one out of it. the new study supporting the notion that this could be genetic causing you to go gray at a young age especially if you have relatives who did. new research suggesting your job could affect your heart health. >> in a study by the cdc, researchers compared things like blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and died to participants jobs in the file people who work in management and finance tend to have a healthy weight but an unhealthy diet.
12:42 pm
have high blood pressure and 70 percent of people who work in sales had unhealthy cholesterol levels. experts say even if you have a busy work schedule, you should try to make time to eat right and exercise. you may have seen the videos all of your facebook feed, the cream that claims to be an instant solution for erasing bags under your eyes. do they were? results of a new test. renters say they did not damage anything but they still lost thousands to the landlord. what action 9 discovered about this landlord and how to protect any rental deposits you may have. colder weather trying to
12:44 pm
the number one rental complaint and he tended to face the loss of security deposit. families claimed they lost
12:45 pm
>> renters say they would charge for somebody else was damaged. todd aldrich tracked down the landlord for answers and found why they face a fight. >> reporter: high-rice condos in a luxury downtown address. for at least five renters, they had experienced -- it was ugly and costly and blame the same landlord. >> absurd if he thinks he can keep our money and that we will just forget about it. >> reporter: saunders says she lost nearly $2000. vanessa who i reached at her new home in pennsylvania burned for 2000. >> i just want justice to be done at this point. >> reporter: both doing this guy, landlord vijayakumar who does business as you management llc. before moving in, sandra took pictures and listed stains and scratches floors. after moving out, komar kept the nearly $2000 deposit blaming her for the pre- existing damage.
12:46 pm
we did no damages but we actually fixed things in the unit. >> reporter: vanessa claims he kept her $2000. for damages she had documented before moving in. >> it appears a when i think about it. >> reporter: vanessa sued komar in small claims court. that failed. >> i do have the proof i just have been unable to get hold of him to bring him to court. >> reporter: whether a luxury condo or modest mobile home, florida's landlord-tenant law requires the landlord to prove a greater caused the damage if they are withholding the deposit. however, going to court is the only way to enforce that. florida's regulations could cover legal fees. >> if you do hire an attorney and you do win, the landlord will have to pay for your attorney. >> reporter: vijayakumar controls units from his company in new jersey. by email she said center missed a rent payment and cause considerable damage and denies doing anything wrong with any renters. >> that's our money.
12:47 pm
channel 9 eyewitness news . >> komar says his company manages units for other view on a senator had complaints. documenting conditions before- and-after consider using an agent who would manage the security deposit. komar's company has nothing to do with abuse management or is homeowners association. a three-year class-action against somewhat over the real link -- likes of the low 70s has been settled. in 2013, they filed a lawsuit against the chain because his measure the leverage is it -- 11 inches. subway must make sure the bread is 12 inches long and also had to cover the cost of attorney fees for nine others who joined the lawsuit. there may be a way for you to get rid of those under eye bags. >> it may not be a permanent solution. you may have seen the videos showing up on your facebook feed showing men and women using a cream that seems to erase those dark, puffy bags. time lapse shows many people
12:48 pm
some experts warn that it is only a temporary fix because the effects only last about two hours. >> i am taking it back. >> you don't need anything. >> you always know what to say. >> i do. only kidding. i'm serious. i'm just saying downtown orlando, a good- looking day. a few clouds around, filtered sun. 70 degrees a warm day, winds out of the west-northwest at 14 miles an hour. sunset at at 6:26 pm. it will be a good rest of the day and maybe on the dry side. temperatures in the 70s, 79 the villages, 78 titusville, 77 toward lotus, cocoa in cocoa beach. winds coming out of the west. they will be breezy today, 10- 15. gusting up to 20, 25 through the day. a westerly flow so nothing too chilly. there are some gusts palm coast, 23, 24 mile-per-hour gusts in new smyrna beach and 23 and kissimmee.
12:49 pm
a couple sprinkles are a possibility as the front wriggles epic when you see tom terry at 4:00, he will track the front with extra clouds and then by this evening, temperatures falling into the 60s. a little bit of green on the map. stray chance of a sparkle through 5:00 and after that looking good and clearing skies tonight allowing temperatures to drop further. because of the winds looking at a moderate chop low risk of rip currents for today. today, numbers around 81 a few degrees above average with our weakening front. 70s, 80s 70s in the northern zones 87 sections, 80 titusville, 81 orlando, 80 degrees in kissimmee by the loop. tonight, 45 ocala, if any and it will be colder. tomorrow morning, a light jacket or sweatshirt. tomorrow morning, bouncing back.
12:50 pm
in a mix of 70s and 80s along the coast. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine and that is the reason we will be warmer in spots for tomorrow. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. there is that gorgeous thursday and on friday, front number two roles in light today. a few sprinkles and that is it. temperatures about 80 on friday and after that weak front not a drop off, saturday beautiful good-looking megabits 77, 80 sunday, overnight lows in the 50s. because of one player, people want to change games
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4:00. sumner county man in jail after a six-year-old girl found a gun and died. 35-year-old erik williams was arrested for child neglect and unsafe storage of a firearm. the six-year-old aletha burke found the gun at his home on highland avenue, sanford. at 4:00 we are digging through williams criminal past to find out why he was not allowed to have a gun in the first place. an eight-year-old boy in critical condition after nearly drowning in a canal. deputies believe the boy croaker of friends on his way home from school -- believe he crossed through the french -- fence. are asking crews if there's anything that can be done to steve -- stop this from happening again. stephen curry set a record brett friedlander but another
12:54 pm
point line. >> dallas mavericks owner mark cuban suggesting moving the line back one foot because he says most players are shooting behind the line anyway and he says he does not want to take away from the game but the change could provide more space for players close to the basket. 's docs down and here's a look at the numbers -- stocks down. closing figures tonight on
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
brian shields has given us a gorgeous day. he will take full credit. >> here is certified meteorologist brian shields with severe weather center 9. >> a winning forecast. >> extra cloud cover with the front arriving, 81 and a passing sprinkle. 82 tomorrow, great. tonight chillier and 82 tomorrow, plenty of sunshine for thursday. friday is the next front, some more clouds but not much more than a sprinkle and near 80 and not a big drop this weekend. a good weekend. this will be the third spectacular weekend. sunny saturday, 78, sunday about 80, comfortable nights. a pattern to have your windows open.
12:58 pm
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