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tv   Eyewitness News 5  ABC  March 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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2-year-old has been asking for her daddy for days now, and no one knows what to tell her. there is a gouge, broken glass, and other debris still at john young parkway at americana blchd. the highway patrol says victim cody garrett's vehicle was half as wide after he was t-boned. he was on his way home from his first night on the job delivering pizzas to support his daughter. reserve deputy who was trying to stop the accused driver is now under internal investigation. mike vincent who helped analyze evidence in the casey anthony murder case has been reassigned and stripped of his gun and badge while under investigation. his mother still blames saint seer, who was driving without a license. she grimaced as if on pain on her
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she is being held on no bond facing charges of fleeing and driving while license revoked as a habitual offender. she walked away without apparent difficulty. the sheriff's office won't tell us why it's investigating vincent or why he's been reassigned. we are looking closer at the report to see what he told the highway patrol about the traffic stop to see if there are any indications in that report. and is we'll report back to you at 6:00. in brevard county, we're live over cornell road in cocoa where firefighters are trying to rescue a second person who was trapped in an overturned vehicle. we're looking at live
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pulled out. both people were conscious inside that vehicle. we continue to monitor the rescue efforts of the second person in the vehicle . a sanford man bonding out of jail despite the charges he's facing in connection with a 6-year-old's death. investigators say eric williams was babysitting this little girl on tuesday when she found a gun under a couch and accidentally shot herself. at 4:00, you heard attorneys argue there is no proof that williams knew the gun was there. tim barber is live at the jail. and you found out the suspect had a previous weapons charge from years ago that was dismissed. >> reporter: a doctor determined the 35-year-old was not competent to stand trial for that old case. our legal analyst says it's possible the same thing could happen for this case. in the meantime, that suspect could walk out of this door tonight. >> reporter: 6-year-old alisa
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the gun she was playing with when she lost her life belongs to eric williams. we caught up with his mom after court. >> accidents happen. >> a 6-year-old girl is dead. what was the gun doing in the house in the first place? >> i don't know that. i don't live there >> reporter: and rosalind says her son does not own a gun. >> it's not his gun. he don't carry a gun. >> he's carried a gun before though. >> that's in the past. >> reporter: in 2006, williams was arrested for possession of a weapon by a felon. but only eyewitness new un covered this error from 2010. williams' attorney explains a doctor determined that williams would never be competent to stand trial because he's mentally disabled. >> he is obviously, because of that, not amenable to any sort of corrective measures. >> reporter: a judge agreed and dismissed the case. >> reporter: the video raises questions as to why williams was babysitting the 6-year-old in
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our analyst says williams' competence could come into play during this case as well. >> if this defendant is diagnosed with the same degree of mental disability that he had in the earlier case that was dismissed, you can expect a similar result. >> could the little girl's mother end up in trouble for leaving her child in the care of someone who a doctor found to be mentally challenged? >> reporter: bill shaffer says it's too early to tell but he also says you can bet investigators might be asking her some of those questions. tim barber, channel 9, eyewitness news. volusia county leaders are going in a new direction to address homelessness. >> they're no longer backing a
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of daytona beach. >> we're trying to work with everybody to figure out the best way to do this. and help out the tax payers. >> now a commission on homelessness plans to meet next month. new questions about where an london city commissioner really listens. commissioner regina hill claims she lives in the city limits but just filed paperwork in a bankruptcy filing claiming homestead at a home in orange county. and it appears a rule is being broken one way or another. >> reporter: she has to live in her district if she wants to be a commissioner. she says she lives in this home right now, inside orlando city limits. in her most recent bankruptcy filing, you can see she filed as living in a different home. her primary home just outside of orlando city limits which she can do if she really lived here in orlando. >> reporter: this home on baywood avenue in west orange
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when deputies raided it and found drugs and guns inside. it's owned by orlando city commissioner regina hill. at the time she made it clear she didn't live there, instead was living in an orlando home she doesn't own in the district she represents. but this recent filing is raising new questions. she listed the baywood home as a homestead exemption, and her primary home. bankruptcy attorney scott sugar says you can't claim homestead if you don't live there. >> it should be where she's living. your homestead is your primary residence. >> reporter: claiming homestead could protect the home from being taken by creditors, if she has credit card debt for example. this is also the second time in six months hill has filed for bankruptcy. last time it was tossed out because she didn't file the paperwork properly, and it was just before wells fargo was set to sell her home on baywood in a foreclosure. her bankruptcy filing this time came one day before wells fargo was set to sell her home again. >> it's clear obviously this
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>> reporter: he also wondered why in the paperwork she claimed she had never filed for bankruptcy before even though she filed just a few months earlier. >> it's problem attic because you fill out the forms under penalty of perjury. maybe she forgot that. >> reporter: and commissioner hill denies she filed for bankruptcy just to stop a foreclosure on her other house and didn't want to answer any other questions from us. she said this is an old story, it's like beating a dead horse, and she referred to us to her new attorney she just hired. in cocoa, sky witness 9 is live where firefighters are working on rescuing a second person trapped in a car that is overturned in a watery ditch. we saw crews pull someone out. they were on a backboard. now it
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we're happened. two people were trapped inside that car that overturned in a ditch. we're monitoring the situation, gonna get an update as soon as we know. polk county deputies opened fire on a man they say tried to run them down. deputies went to a home today to arrest eric monk but they say he jumped into a pickup truck and tried to run them over. deputies shot at the truck, causing him to crash into a tree but he was not injured. the soccer club is continuing its buildup for sunday's season opener. today it's a 5k race from downtown. live there, there are thousands livened up to participate! >> reporter: three,000 runners expected across that finish line tonight. orlando city officials telling me that 25% more than they had last year. so the
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off as they're just days away from their second season in major league soccer. the season opener is of course sunday afternoon. 2:00 at the citrus bowl. i just checked with the team, and they still believe they will fill the bowl again. they've sold more than 53,000 tickets for sunday's match. as for tonight's race, you can still come outside, the registration is open till 6:00. along with getting a chance to participate in the run, you also receive a ticket from the big game. it is clear they are doing everything they can to get 62,000 packed into the citrus bowl again. >> it's a long day. it's late nights. but it's a lot of fun. you only get one week a year like this when you can celebrate and throw the parties. in preparation for sunday, and looks like another great day. >> reporter: if you're not one
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citrus bowl, you can watch the opener on tv 27. and that purple pride 5k race kicks off in the next hour between central boulevard and robinson street. it'll be closed until 10:00 for the race. the roads have been closed since 1:00 pm so crews could set up for the runners. >> and central florida's tv 27 is the new home for orlando city! join us tomorrow night at 6:30 for our preseason special, and check out the first game this sunday at 1:30. you will likely only have three days to take advantage of tax-free back to school shopping this year. a senate panel approving a bill that would cut back the holiday from 10 days to 3. the tax break willing limited to clothes that cost $60 or less. last year it covered anything costing under $1 hundred.
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apply to computers. the on the job affair that cost had deputy his job despite his efforts to hide it. >> a local dentist is accused of slapping a little girl who has autism. >> by her face, and pushed her down into the chair. >> the message that furious mother has for the dentist. >> and starting next month, smoking pot on some local beaches won't land you in jail. what'll happen if you are caught lighting up. >> our early taste of spring will become an even bigger taste of spring very soon. i'm updating the changes (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense.
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our perfectly seasoned 16 ounce t-bone. and our fire grilled 18 ounce outlaw ribeye. big, bold, steaks. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can' t fake steak. for lunch, try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. in bro vard county -- brevard county, two people have been pulled from this overturned vehicle that drove into a watery ditch. still live on the scene, two people were conscious when
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in dramatic video earlier, you saw one of them about to be airlifted. the other was taken by ambulance to a hospital just minutes ago. right now it seem firefighter triersing to get a third people -- trying to get a third person out of there. smoking pot in parts of central florida won't land you in jail in a few weeks. but it only applies to certain parts of volusia county. >> reporter: it is a big day here in volusia county. starting in less than a month, anyone caught with a small amount of marijuana will only have to pay a fine instead of going to jail. but it depends on where you're caught. for example, the beaches are enforced by the county where this ordinance will be in effect. but the city of daytona beach is not. if anyone is caught by the sheriff's office
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less, they'll only face a $100 fine. this ordinance has been in the works for the last year with law enforcement and even judges weighing in on it. the state attorney's office recommended a $100 fine because they feel people would pay it and avoid the litigation versus fighting it if it were more expensive. councilman josh wagner says mroovrs still have -- police officers still have discretion and could arrest someone but reduce arrests. >> the officer on-scene uses their discretion and says this isn't one of those time where is they need to be arrested. this is an avenue that will save a lot of money. save a lot of futures and really just makes a lot of sense. >> reporter: today's vote was unanimous. it didn't even sound like any of the council members were on the defense about it. it goes into effect on april 1st.
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has passed the florida house. it allows near-death patients to use nonsmokeable marijuana of all strengths and doses, it adds regulations for dispensers. the man accused of killing a little girl in a hit and run wants you to pay for his legal fees and defense. he faces up to 80 years in prison for vehicular homicide. he is accused of hitting and killing aubrey clark in february of last year. his attorneys have filed for him to be found indigent. his trial is set to begin at end of may. florida's home prices in january were up nearly 14% from last year. the statewide median sales price for single-family homes in january was $199,000. the medium price for town s was up 5.5% from the year before. a water park is about to get a makeover.
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will look like after those upgrades. these are pictures of what will be the new and improved daytona lagoon waterpark. new owner will pour $2 million into it for new rides, game, and a ropes course. >> your triplets, end of the weather, they're in the pool! >> and no heater either. [ laughter ] >> here's a beautiful shot of the orlando citrus bowl, awaiting the start of the season for orlando city soccer club on sunday. we'll have live coverage. you can watch the match right here on tv 27. sunday, 1:30. 79 degrees right now, very nice weather. pretty as a postcard on sunday as well. if you're going to head out toward the game, just enjoying sunday, temperatures mid-70s, warming up steadily toward kickoff, and we're going to be sitting pretty. right now we're
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to move through. 70s in cocoa beach. beautiful night. low 60s by midnight tonight. 64 degrees at 6:00 am. and down to palm bay, temperatures for you in the bayside lakes area of palm bay, in the mid-60s. and a slight chance for rain. also for palm bay between 6:00 and 8:00 am tomorrow. a storm system to the north quickly moving east. the showers are starting to develop but not a whole lot of oomph to it. here is 2:00 am. spotty showers, a little more appearance to the north. and a line of showers just about falls apart by 6:00 am. so we need something to help this dry spell we're in. high fire threat, and the pollen count is
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something to wash out the atmosphere. and it looks dry through the weekend. daytime highs near 80 next few days, breezy behind that weak front tomorrow. it will be even warmer next week. i'll talk about why we could have more of a summerlike temperature pattern. the flip side of this, fantastic weather for outdoor plans. and this weekend. 5-day forecast, the weekend always in view, 78 shower. saturday looks fantastic, sunday looks better. 80 degrees tuesday. heating up into the mid-80s after that. find your event this weekend. the orlando home and garden show starting tomorrow, all the way through the weekend. an orange county couple says an attorney stole their
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we've been following issues with orange county trash collection for months. we went to the county mayor to get answers about why there's still problems. and a mom told us a local dentist was physically and verbally abusive with her 9-year-old daughter. >> he just told her to shut up. >> why she says that encounter is a major s centurylink prism tv has all your favorite channels, tons of live sports, and more -- all in crystal-clear hd.
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an emotional mother has a message for the dentist accused of slapping her daughter, a 9-year-old awe tifltic girl -- autistic girl. the dentist has been suspended. roy ramos is live in seminole county. and that mom doesn't want him working with kids ever again. >> reporter: she says this happened inside of a dentist's office here at the florida department of health. and it is what she said that doctor did her daughter may never recover from. for madison a routine
5:25 pm
yesterday. her own mother destroyed as terrifying. >> immediately she got upset and scared more and sat up to try to get out of the chair. >> reporter: she was in the doctor's office with an older daughter to calm madison when she claims the doctor yelled, pushed, and slapped her daughter in the face. >> it's in front of me, what's what's happening when i'm not with her? >> i'm like, wait, is he actually doing this? we're right here. >> reporter: the health department was investigating the complaint, and dr. james was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the complaint. thes me are also investigating. >> my main concern is that this man isn't around children anymore. >> reporter: it is the social and emotional damage her daughter has gone through her mother said is a major setback to her condition. >> unfortunately there's gonna be a lot of more therapies that
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and try to get her back to where she was. >> reporter: and that mother did say that she brought several of her children before and never had a problem. unfortunately she says she will not be coming back. drivers and residents in orange county, your input is wanted on the expansion of state route 408. the location and design of the potential expansion of the 408. the meeting will be held on tuesday at 5:00. it's been another wild day in the republican presidential race. what happened here in central florida that could spell more bad news for marco rubio? >> he took it all from us. >> this couple says their attorney stole their life savings. >> and here's a story you haven't seen yet.
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affair cost this deputy his job. now investigators say he tried to cover up his tracks before a
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sex, lies, and promises of threesomes. it's like something out of a soap opera. an on the job affair cost this deputy his job. how he tried to cover his tracks. >> according to the int nal affairs investigation, death penalty phil buffington and his coworker were so close they decided to have a threesome. >> that deputy then backed out and later found out buffington had slept with his wife anyway. that's when the jilted husband filed a formal complaint with the sheriff's office. buffington tried to deny everything. >> reporter: the former lieutenant says his buddy's wife he also believes that she's just making this story up to ruin his career. the sheriff's office isn't buying it. they say he violated policy so he was fired. >> reporter: plans to have a threesome, sex on duty, and lie


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