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tv   Eyewitness News 11  ABC  March 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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this is channel 9 eyewitness news, coverage you can count on. >> new tonight, a brother- sister duo is in jail accused of stealing from a girl scout. and we find out the suspects' own family members helped catch them. new tonight, a 20-year-old man and his 25-year-old sister were just arrested four days after a 12-year-old girl scout said they stole her cash box. >> reporter: volusia county deputies say the pair turned themselves in for this act just before 6:00 tonight. channel 9's jeff levkulich is live at the jail. and jeff, investigators got a lot of help solving this one. >> greg, there was a lot of outrage over this story. this little girl, 12-year-old girl got her girl scout cookie
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in fact, it was one of the top trending stories on social media this week. tonight the pair turned themselves in. and they are in the volusia county jail tonight. >> reporter: it was these surveillance pictures that helped the volusia county sheriff arrest 20-year-old nicholas delbrugge and his sister, 25-year-old ashley winter. according to investigators, they were onto pair since tuesday when a new smyrna beach police officers saw the images and recognized delray beach as someone he arrested in the past. they looked up his facebook profile and noticed pictures of him sitting in a similar vehicle that the couple fled from the deltona walmart in. the sheriff identified both delbrugge and winter and went to the home where the two were living. investigators met with their grandfather who confirmed the pair in the surveillance picture were them but said they left for north carolina. yesterday the 12-year-old victim picked them out of a photo lineup. also yesterday, winter's husband contacted the sheriff's
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he confirmed it was his wife. the juvenile was his daughter. and the hyundai santa fe they got away in was their vehicle. when they returned from their trip today, they turned themselves in. tonight several walmart employees could not go on camera but told me they're ecstatic to hear the news the couple will be caught. >> reporter: and there was a lot of money that was donated to the girl scouts after this incident happened. now the troupe leader went on her facebook page tonight and thanked the community for their support. they used that money to clothe the homeless and get cemetery markers for local veterans. reporting live in volusia county, jeff levkulich, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> and we're following breaking news in orlando. police are searching for a gunman who shot and killed a man tonight. investigators responded to the cypress point apartments on versaille just before 8:30 when they found a 22-year-old man dead. they're still putting together a suspect discretion.
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throughout the night on this one one, asking for that description. new tonight, in the last few hours, the man who investigators say owned the gun that a 6-year-old accidentally shot and killed herself with walked out of jail. >> you feel bad about it? >> yeah, i feel bad! >> erik williams would only tell us he felt bad and would talk to his attorney. sanford police say 6-year-old a'letha burke found the gun under his couch when he was babysitting her and accidentally shot herself. they are charging him with possession of a gun. only eyewitness news spoke we liz beth wilson today who said she was in the office of dr. fredrick james when he began shouting and even slapping her 9-year-old daughter in the face. wilson told us she called sanford police who charged the doctor with simple battery.
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be able to get through it again. my main concern now is that this man isn't around children anymore. >> reporter: we reached out to the department of health who said it's conducting a thorough investigation into this incident. an orange county reserve deputy who tried to pull over a speeding driver that eventually hit and killed a father is under investigation. we told you on sunday when state troopers said cody garrick was killed when saint sydina saint truck him. we now mor- evidence know more over a scary crash in brevard county. three teens crashed their pickup truck into a ditch. they were driving in soft sand eight slow speed when the truck started sliding into the canal. all three teens suffered minor injuries. tonight volusia county
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plan for a shelter from the city of daytona beach. they say they're going in a new direction to address homelessness in daytona. but the city will still be included. today was the deadline for the county and city to sign a contract for the shelter in which the county was going to pay $4 million to help build. some homeless individuals tonight say they still don't have any place to go. >> they want to take you to jail if they see you out here. you can't sleep anywhere. what are you supposed to do? >> reporter: the commission on homelessness plans to meet next month and plan that homeless shelter to be ready may 1st. the brevard county clerk of courts has gained access to the commission. she sued the edc over documents related to the commission's work with bluewear. that company was part of a # million dollars scandal. as part of today's settlement, edc will release those
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9 investigates discovered one of three companies responsible for picking up trash in orange county is responsible for most the issues. we find out more than 18,000 issues have been referred back to the company fcc and they're responsible for more than 9,000 of them. the company has a $92 million contract with the county. many homeowners say all that money is a waste, especially for service that isn't being done. >> sometimes you wonder, you know, what is this? is this some kind of buddy, you know, got the contract, friends that know the right people? >> reporter: haulers will be fined for missing pickups, throwing waste back into people's yards and other problems. no one would comment on camera when we reached out to the waste company. tonight's republican debate was supposed to be an all out assault on donald trump
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rubio said later they would support trump if he was the republican nominee nominee. channel 9's christopher heath has been following this give and take throughout the night and monitoring the debate with a live check going on facebook as well. and, chris, big news there at the end. >> reporter: everybody asked if they would support trump. and john kasich said he'd rather it be him. and trump said, what, not me? but everybody playing nice and saying, yeah, we'll support whoever the republican nominee is. that's a far cry from what we've seen out of the gop establishment and today with mitt romney. a lot of people are saying anybody but trump. a lot of governors, congressmen saying they will not support donald trump. tonight's debate had a lot of bickering. the very first question, trump was asked to respond to one of mitt romney's personal attacks today.
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make the debate about the issues effecting the american people. but it didn't take long for the gloves to take off. donald trump was friending off personal attack after personal attack from marco rubio to his left and ted cruz to his right. the attacks ranged from questions on trump's unfit to be president. >> and he's trying to con vote. >> the real congress artist is senator marco rubio who was elected in florida and has the worst voting record in the united states senate. cnn. he gets 15. that means 85% based on what you're saying of the people don't dig you. >> that same poll he told you to look at shows me beating hillary clinton. we cannot mess this up. >> several thousand people were on our facebook live chat tonight. several said this all seemed a bit like a circus through all the back and forth bickering,
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rise above and stick to the issues. in a straw poll talkin here in in central florida, the villages, trump was the clear winner with 52% of the vote coming out ahead of marco rubio who came in 2nd with just 30% of the vote. craig? >> of course, our primary, march 15th. ask the early polls do have trump beating marco rubio in that battle on march 15th, on a tuesday. we'll be on ucf campus as trump brings his show to central florida. the frontrunner will be at the ucf arena at noon. spacex will try again to launch a rocket carrying a communications satellite into space. this is the fifth time they'll try the launch since february 24th. spacex is trying to land its rocket on a drone ship. if it all goes as planned, you can watch it online at tonight the troubled tymberskan apartments are still
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county leaders, not to mention the folks to live there. a third has been vacated. 11 buildings have been bulldozed. but folks still live there. we saw deputies providing security for anabases crew paperworking on the buildings. -- asbestos crew working on the buildings. there's still dozens of families still living at tymberskan. the family of a young woman prosecutors say was killed by her condo security guard will have to wait another 6 months before the case goes to trial. steven ducksberry appeared in court today after his lawyer asked to waive a speedy trial. the attorney said he needed more time to weigh evidence. investigators say he killed, is sha samsdine. tonight this man is out of jail. we told you when charges against todd brisbee were dropped.
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january connected to the abuse of his three biological sons to give prosecutors enough evidence on behalf of all of those four children. >> that case had enough information not only for that case but also related to the first case. and that was enough for us to consolidate those cases and refile information. >> dcf said he no longer has access to those four kids but he does have a baby. dcf said they could not remove that baby from his home. orlando city commissioner regina hill is under more scrutiny this evening, this time over where she lives. she claims to live in a home in her district she doesn't own. she wrote a property outside city limits is her primary residence and claimed exemption for it which could keep creditors from taking it. >> the fact she lists a different place from where she's living is odd. and so it should be where she was living to claim it as homestead.
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has filed for bankruptcy. the bankruptcy attorney believes hill keeps filing to delay a bank from foreclosing on her home. but the commissioner dolled us that's not true. that's not true. this school has been fined $500 a day since september for safety violations, including no fire alarm. what's taking so long to fix the problems. >> i'm tracking showers and a cold front. hour by hour, the changes you'll feel tomorrow morning and the changes again ahead for the weekend. >> plus, the $2 million safety project people in one community
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a. only 9 investigates discovered the safety of hundreds of students and staff at an orange county private school appears to be at risk. months. >> not only are they dealing with leaking ceilings and walls, there's no working fire alarms. you're at agape christian academy. the school has been racking up fines since september! >> reporter: it's been $500 a day. we showed up at this private school today after students reached out to us, concerned for their safety. when we walked up to the front door, employees inside closed them on us! >> reporter: there was several violations. and then even students sent us pictures. >> you know what? you all need to find something else to do. [ door closing ] >> reporter: we went to pine
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several pictures here at ag a, pe christian. -- agape christian. we obtained a health inspection done just last week. they listed a dozen violations. among them, leak ceilings, rest courtrooms with stench of urine, clogged toilets and even missing walls. a county spokesperson told us the orange county private school has been lacking a working fire alarm since last year and there's no proper fire fits. the county placed a lien on the property from those serious violations. a magistrate ordered a $500 a day fine last september. they racked up at least $85,000 from the fire alarm violations. back in 2013, we were there after two students were shot and for another shooter three years before that.
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take any of the violations lightly. we asked about what's next. she says the fire marshal has not decided whether to seek to shut the school down. now, we are live tonight in orange county. ty russel, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> you can click through more of the conditions of the dirty conditions have to deal with every day. go to our website,, and control to the photo section. a lake county sheriff's deputy is off the job after accusations of sex, lies, and promises of a threesome with a fellow deputy. an internal affairs investigation shows deputy shaun vance filed a complaint against buffington after vance find out buffington slept with his wife after plans over a threesome fell through. he said vance was making it up to ruin his career. buffington was fired. more than 20 residents who
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signed a petition, telling leaders, don't pour the sidewalks. they told us sidewalks are not a need for them. instead, they want this money to be used to fix other major issues, like drainage. city leaders say they picked neighborhoods within one mile of elementary and middle schools to provide safer access through those neighbors by cuds. we are just hours from the kickoff of the 75th annual bike week week in daytona beach. every year, bike week brings more than $200 million to the local economy and tens of thousands of people from all over america. here's a look at how busy it was last year. it runs through the 13th. and, tom, folks there were a little bundled un. >> they approve of your message, -- bundled up. >> they approve of your message, by the way. >> perfect weather? >> like a politician. [ laughter ] 65 in deltona. we do have some high clouds overhead with a light southwest breeze ahead of a cold front. that'll be moving by in the mid-
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a few showers out ahead of it. 57. our cool spot in ocala. here comes this front with a line of showers and renegade downpours. gusty wind, in fact, moving through tallahassee. so this will hold together a little bit but start to break up as it approaches by 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. in orlando. the center to the north getting a few showers moving ahead of this from the gulf of mexico. so this is making steady progress. it's already showing signs of weakening. so we'll have a decent downpour in gainesville. the closer and farther south, the less and less rainfall we'll have leftover. here's early warning future track. i just updated this. mid-night tonight, showing clouds and showers approaching from the gulf coast. downpours toward the lake and volusia county around 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. here comes that broken line of downpours from ocala to palm coast. but it'll start to weaken and break up as you join brian shields at 5:00 a.m. he'll still have some scattered
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and then we're done. after that, it's going to be sunshine all the time for tomorrow afternoon. and the weekend looks fantastic as well. but a bit cooler tomorrow. 5, 6 degrees behind this front. 70s across marion county. cooler 60s to near 70 tomorrow in deltona. but it'll be cool generally along the coast for the weekend due to the water temperatures. but a very nice weekend. tomorrow, the coolest day behind our front. 66 in palm coast. 69, daytona. 78 in orlando. behind a cold front. 82 in winter haven behind the front. and then next week, it's game on. we have a high pressure rate that's going to build in from the mid- to upper atmosphere. this is a summer-like pattern. thankfully we don't have the daylight hours we'll have in july or we'd have seriously warm weather to talk about. but i think mid-80s conservatively. this also means reportedly drier weather for us for an
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we had wet weather in january. but through march, march 19th, the models show barely 1/10- inch of rain. that means a high fire rate but great beach weather and spring break weather. your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. slight chance of showers for tomorrow. fantastic weekend. orlando city inaugural game kicks off for the season opener. and that's in southern brevard county. fifth annual seafood festival going on this weekend, too. >> that sounds great, tom! a local city is making transportation easier for you. the deal you'll be able to get on your next uber trip. >> and getting you ready for your friday morning. i'm brian shields. tomorrow on "eyewitness news this morning," we'll be tracking the fronts for your morning drive.
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draw the line. prevent weeds from coming back for up to one year. tonight sanford police told us next month they're bringing back a gun buyback event a local woman has been fighting for. in 2013, the sanford police department held its last gun buyback program which got 126 guns off the streets. jones says incidents reich tuesday's accidental fatal shooting of this 6-year-old makes -- like tuesday's
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6-year-old makes these events necessary. john luco lucario have not talked to investigators. they believe he was offended when this man, will banks, approached him. he beat will banks and left him to die on super bowl sunday. off camera, one of the victim's friends called for his arrest a relief. in january, we told you construction already started on this school without the decision of a judge. lawyers on both sides argued over tiny details without getting closer to a resolution. a watch dog group claims the delays are planning to fail for growth. a new partnership between altemonte springs and uber. the sports is trying a one-year pilot program will they'll pay a portion of the bill for those using uber in the sports.
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that begin and end in the sports limits. changes to make orlando city's new stadium more reflective of the parramore community. they asked for a new design of the entryway which would better complement the city of parramore. they say the plans don't reflect parramore so they've filed an appeal. this is your 11:00 sports presented by lexus of orlando. >> patience and a big chunk of money. most people don't have much of either. but orlando city has both. and finally they will have their new mid-fielder. antonio nortrorino is here. he lands tomorrow in orlando. we'll have the camera there to greet him at the airport. he won't play sunday but could be available for their second game friday in chicago. the big question for the season opener surrounds the central
11:27 pm
will adrian heath go with a railian collin or with -- aurellian colin or redding. >> reporter: do you feel like you're close to the guy putting in regular minutes at the mls level? >> i think that's the goal for me and a lot of the young guys. we've been putting a lot of hard work in. the stuff we learned from last year into this year has been really helpful for us. >> meanwhile, kaka has been called up to the brazilian national team for world cup qualifiers this month. a change to the mls schedule this year will allow kaka to play for brazil but not miss any matches for orlando city. he's been stellar scoring four goals and dishing out four assists. tonight, orlando city's kickoff week continued with the second of three major events building up for the season opener on sunday. nearly 3,000 runners packed the streets around lake eola for the purple pride 5k.
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finish line in under 15 minutes while erica whites took the women's title. >> it was just exciting to be out here with all my friends and all the excitement and the music. and just to be able to support our local soccer team is pretty awesome. >> it's just pretty cool to see this. it's just a testament to how passionate orlando city people are about their sports. >> we have our preview special tomorrow night on tv 27. keep your tv set there. a couple days later, our first game broadcast. orlando city sports versus real salt lake with coverage at 1:30. alex morgan and the orlando pride kickoff camp kick off in two weeks. but team usa in tampa taking on england in the she believes cup. we had no score until the 72nd minute. check this out from crystal dunn.
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like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. very early morning showers between 4:00 and 7:00 breaking up through central florida. 60s early on. pen then sunshine return. we're back to the upper 70s tomorrow, martha. and an extended period of dry and warm weather through next week.
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