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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  March 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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a central florida road that thousands of us use every diais about to close. is part of the i-4 ultimate project. it will close this monday. first, new at noon, at springs leaders just launched a new partnership where the city will pick up part of the bill if you use uber. and the city will pick up more of the bill for some rail riders.
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this announcement outside city hall today. and she admitted that sunrail ridership is struggle, but she was excited to announce the partnership with uber if it starts and ends within the city limits. to and from sun rail, get 25% knocked offer the bill. and they must embrace private sector technology. city managers said that they started flex spots, a bus system where people would call for a ride. but the concept died. and the city had nearly a million dollars set aside from that and they will use it for the new partnership with uber. and they received private funding from partners. >> through working with the private sector and looking at privatization options, this project will cost a third of what lynx projected the flex
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savings for taxpayers and putting more options for riders every day. >> reporter: and we asked the city manager if this partnership with uber opens them up to liability. they will be performing background checks on the uber drivers. and you'll hear more from the city manager coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00. the breath and sister accused of stealing from a girl volusia county said that nicholas delbrugge and ashley winters were caught on wal-mart security cameras stealing the girl's money on sunday. and several people, including their own family members, recognized them and contact the deputies. the 75th year of bike week is kicking off in daytona beach. tourism officials said that the
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economy. but crashes are a major concern and they are asking motorcycle riders and car drivers to slow down on the roads. sunday the 13th. if you're headed to bike week, you don't is to worry about the weather and it will be a gorgeous afternoon and even more gorgeous weekend. >> it will be that nice. and with the front that rolled through this morning, we had some rain in most of the central florida and it is fast moving. take a look at this shot. beautiful sunshine in downtown orlando and look up to the north. you see the deck of clouds moving in and that is hard to see. but it is there on the screen. and the clouds are moving into the northern tier. so we'll watch out for that and we're trying to gradually clear out some spots with this front that just moved by and the winds out of the north, northwest told me that the north did slide by and the humidity in check.
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northern tiers. you see melbourne at 80 degrees and the front just zipping by. but you get up to the north 59 in palm coast and it is cooler up here because that where is where we have more cloud cover and 60s from mount dora that ocala. and a little cooler behind the front with some of the extra cloud cover. and west tower cam up in the north and a little more sun in maker queen and flagler counties and they may reach orlando. but either way staying on the dry side and it it going to be pleasant today and beautiful as we get into the weekend. there's some of the extra cloud cover in the northern sections and you see the line about marion and north. so that is starting to creep over towards us in sanford and orlando, we'll watch out for extra cloud cover. winter park, we're not looking at anything too hot or too cool. and this evening, we have late
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and catch out after, it will be cooler, 57 at 10:00 and a front has moved in. so i expect it to be a little chillier tonight. and we'll look at the temperatures. 63 in palm coast. so there is some of the cooler weather in the northern tier and the winds to the northwest at ten to 15 miles an hour. and who could see some 40s and the change for temperatures for the weekend. you can track the warm temperatures for yourself all weekend long on traffic on colonial drive is back to normal after a pedestrian was killed and shut down the road for several hours. a pickup truck was coming down colonial drive and a 20-year- old man ran into the road and hit. and he was hit by a sec vehicle and taken to the hospital where he died. in the past 30 minutes, a
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mother for her five years in prison for her involvement in her son's disappearance lonzi barton disappeared and then the boyfriend led the police where the boy was discovered and said that he drown in a bathtub. and now she'll spend the next five years in prison. and state lawmakers continue to negotiate over a budget, they're tackling some controversial issues. it will change the alimony any and discover the laws. donald trump will bring his pain to central florida this weekend. and the gop front-runner will hold a rally tomorrow and donald trump was on the defense
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he was attacked for his failed trump university and his flip- flop on immigration. >> reporter: donald trump at a michigan rally this morning hits marco rubio ahead of the march 15th florida primary. >> in florida they hate little marco rubio so much he could not be elected dog catcher. >> reporter: rubio on the defense six for his part in the ugly war of words. >> he needs to get a taste of his own medicine. making it i have said does not come close to what donald trump said. >> reporter: trump's po rubio -- to rubio last night. >> he referred to my hands if they're small something else must be small, i guarantee to you that there's no problem. >> rating is a d minus.
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>> but it was elevated to an a. >> that's never been publicly released. >> reporter: and ted cruz repeated that the "new york times" release the conversation with donald trump. donald trump announced that he was softening his position about high tech workers. >> you change your tunes on so many things and this has some people saying what is his core. >> reporter: megan i have a strong core. after the debate, released a statement saying that he was not softening his position on the immigration program after all.
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we have nor more now on the latest i-4 project. thousands use it every day. and we're live in republican candidate and -- in orange county and it will be closed for quite some time. >> reporter: it is not the busiest stretch in downtown orlando, but 8,000 of you drive through here every day. but you'll need an alternate for more than a year. it will be closed for 14 months starting on monday. if you take garland northbound, you can say orange. there are obviously a lot of pieces to this i-4 ultimate project. and one of them is improving colonial dry drive -- drive and i-4. >> it is allows us to work on i-
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room for the interstate. >> reporter: and fdot officials put up shines in the area lerting drivers of the closure. and we found out that the city of orlando does have a waste water project that will shut down the road in this section that will be closed for a few months. so we're working to find out how that will improve or how that will impact the drivers in the area. both of the closures starting at 4:00. the widow of an orange county deputy will aless a news conference to address the -- to to a news conference to talk about deputy pine who struggled after his death because of the way he set up his retirement funds.
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legislature and provide families 100% of a first responder's pay for -- for 25 years if they're killed in the line of duty. and was a knife found buried in the former home of oj simpson. how the lapd is addressing a tmz report that a weapon was found. is there a python on the loose in brevard county? and why some residents say they can prove there is. we're tracking some of the cloud cover, cooler in the northern zones.
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north korea's announcement
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and ready is setting off international panic overnight. the anchor beaming with pride that leader, kim said that the country's nuclear warheads need to be ready to use at any time. she refers to kim as a dear leader who she said in just under three years has been able to garner the precision and capacity to hit key targets using a new long range fire system. and the u.s. state department tells "abc news" they are closely monitoring the situation and urging north korea to refrain from per rock per making threats. u.s. and south korean officials have met today to discuss the possibility of deploying and advance missile defense system
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it is a move that china strongly opposes. the attorney for mexican drug lord el chapo guzman is sleep deprived and ready to be extradited to the u.s. he said that he's getting ill and ready to plead guilty only if he's in a medium prison and not high security. the national trafficc administration said that the brakes can fail on the ford pickup truck. and they among the 2013 and 2014 model years. the agency has received 33 complaints about the problem. so far no reported injuries. space-ex will try a fifth time to launch a rocket from
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station and they will plan to attempt to land it on a rocket ship. the launch is scheduled for 6:35:00 p.m. if it goes off as planned, you can watch it here on eyewitness news and a possible python sighting brought a wildlife trap tore a palm bay neighborhood today. it was spotted in the tall grass near a tomorrow on -- near elmont street northwest. the resident looked away long enough for it so slither away. >> i don't know where it went. >> fred smith was not the only one in the neighborhood said that he saw a large snack. and the trapper will have to wait for someone else to catch a glimpse before he can trap it
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it looks like a great weekend for orlando first match. this is sunday. kickoff at 2:00 at the citrus bowl. we'll have live tv coverage on tv 27 starting at 1:30 and including our special this evening. but it is looking beautiful into the 70s as we get into sunday. bike week is going to be very nice. so we'll be cooler in the northern zones like you see here in daytona beach. and the flags flying and coming down from the north and lots of cloud cover and chillier in our northern sections. 65 in daytona beach and the winds pulling out of the north at 14 miles an hour. so a huge difference in the temperatures. 50s and 60s in the northern zones because of the northerly wind. 70s to near 80 in our southern zones.
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and breezy, 22 miles an hour as we head over to clermont, 12. but more so the cloud cover too back behind the front that has been the issue and we had rain this morning. not a lot, just right and track and it zipped through the early portions of the morning drive and we're seeing the cloud cover in our north earn sections and it may pull into orlando and that will keep us a little chillier. and 70s this afternoon and into the 50s 9:00, 10:00. and still some cloud cover in some spots. the trend will be clearing out and we'll look good tonight and into the weekend and no rain in the short-term. and water temperatures still trying warm. so for today, 78 and more clouds and cooler to the north. and we covered that for you. overall temperatures will be
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zones and 79 degrees in kissimmee. tonight it will be chillier. and we'll have 40s and 50s around. if you happen to be up early on saturday morning, it will be coaler, even 52. 51 in clermont. and norman beach, the temperatures in the low 50s tomorrow morning. tomorrow, a beautiful day. northern coastline, a touch cooler, 71 in daytona beach and 69 in palm coast. but most of us in the mid-to upper 70s. but the coast will be a little cooler and start to crank on and john shore flow. -- onshore flow. it will be our third nice week in a row. we have plenty of events going on. check out for the latest. overnight lows in the 50s saturday night. and next week is looking warmer. monday 79, 80 on tuesday. and after that we could be
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the next half hour. spring break season has started with thousands of people heading to the florida coast, volusia county is stepping up patrols, you see a few people on the sand right now. they say that daytona beach is not such the chaotic spring break place as it was in the past. we're two days away from the new york soccer club's home opener. the team's home opener is at 2:00 sunday at the citrus bowl. right now fans are waiting for the newest addition to the team. he was supposed to arrive at 10:00 a.m. at orlando international airport. his arrival comes on the heels of another big fan event last night.
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streets in downtown orlando for the purple pride 5k. each runner received a ticket voucher for the lion's season opener on sunday. to get you ready for sunday's match, we have our season preview. it is tonight at 6:30 on our sister station. tv 27 will carry the home opener live starting at 1:30 sunday afternoon. for visitors to central florida paying all the toll bodily both -- booths may be unexpected. but the surprise does not stop there. what they get they get home.
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we found out about a list of problems at the orange county christian school. >> 250 students are there every day and the county placed a lien on the school and getting daily $500 fines since last september. students also sent us pictures of the conditions inside the high school area of things like stained ceiling tiles and clogged toilets and holes in the walls. the controversial pastor protection act is heading to governor scott's desk. it will allow a pastor to refuse to perform marriage ceremonys from it goes against their beliefs. commissioner regina hill is facing questions about where she really lives.
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wrote a property outside city limits is her home and claimed a homestead exemption for it and will prevent creditors from taking it. >> and the fact that she lives a different place that she's living is odd. >> this is the third time that hillsborough filed for bankruptcy. they believe she keeps filing it delay a bank from foreclosing on her home. the commissioner told us that is not true. dozens of temp are still living in the troubled tymber skan apartment. she can you the depp since doing an asbestos check. governor scott said that he will not back one of the republican candidates for president.
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labor department just released the jobs report and employers added 250,000 jobs. >> reporter: here's is a report. 1 and a half million people are working today that were not last year. this month's job report shows that job growth was solid and the unemployment held at its lowest level since february of 2008.
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february and employers added 240,000 jobs beating expectations as the labor mark maintains strong growth. wages fell. but wages are still higher than a year ago. this reverses a trend that we've seen since january. it's a pleasant afternoon and the nice weather will continue throughout the weekend. brian shields is tracking it. it is a good thing because we have a lot going on this week. yes. bike week is going on. and this shot is in the south over downtown orlando. picture perfect. it does depend on where you live. we have the front working in. some spots are cloudy and cooler. other spots like this in orlando, sunny and milder. and the winds out of the northwest at ten miles an hour. sunset at 6:30. here's a look at the
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59 again in palm coast. and we get over to kissimmee where we see more sunshine. and we're about 14 degrees cooler now on the 24 hour temperature change. so a big difference. you see the cloud cover and that is working in and we had the front this morning. and we have the north early winds. and these are the clouds up in flagler and near lake mack and -- paisley. it could creep to orlando later on today. we could see some cloud cover in the north earn tier. but over all, lots of sun. and here a look at bike week in daytona beach. in the 60s. that is because of the extra cloud cover and more sunshine this weekend and 70s on saturday and upper 60s on sunday and even into next week. and we are looking pretty nice. coming up, we'll track some chilly overnights with the 40s that return to our forecast.
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will not endorse a candidate for the republican presidential nomination. at the begin of the year, he showed admiration for donald trump. scott said it is the voters' job to decide who will represent people in the white house race. we're one step closer to the use of medical marijuana. it could allow patients use medical marijuana. a legal fight over new high school in west orange county still ongoing as they continue to build a new facility 2006 the construction started january on though if the judge needs to decide if a county permit is legal. a civil trial on the matter could still be months away. lawyers on both sides of the
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>> both sides have done an inadequate job of estimating the impact of growth. and the county has encouraged growth for obvious reasons and the schools are struggling to catch up. >> critics said that the legal battle will add millions of dollars to the much needed relief school. 44 more case of a bacterial disease have killed 18 people in wisconsin. >> it is a newly recognized species of this bacteria. typically there are five to season cases per state per year. >> it can cause a bloodstream infection and meningitis. symptoms shortness of brother, fever and neck pain. and people with underlying medical conditions and the elderly are most at risk
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connecticut con-- contracting the disease.
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brandy is such an iconic figure for a big chunk of our country who has not been focused on the issue. >> senior high school and college players report about twice ooze many concussions and males. aspirin is a medicine in most medicine cabinets and now it can ward off cancer. but the doctors warn that there's a small risk of bleeding. and it is not a good substitute for colonoscopies. we need to disconnect from
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adults that are connected to the work life 24/can 24/7 to their own stress and anxiety. >> you don't wanting to available all the time and respond to an e-mail at 7:00 at night when i can do it tomorrow morning. >> and children and teenagers often suffer if insomnia. and they recommend limiting screen time to one to two hours a day. some florida cyber experts are warning you about the facebook quizzes that are so popular. what they are saying that you should never, ever do. there's a toll fee tacked on that you may not know about. and some spots are cool this afternoon and we'll cover that with some of the cloud cover. and some spots in the 40s.
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we're following breaking news out of los angeles where the police addressed a report that a former officer could have be in possession with a knife that could be connected to o.j. simpson case. >> if this true, if you come into contact with evidence, you should submit that to the investigators. >> a retired lapd officer said that a construction worker found the knife buried at oj's symptom simpson's and he kept it for years and told another officer about it and they told officials and now in custody of it. a real surprise when people come home and are charged rental charge fees on top of
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general office is investigating. the lower level of the airport is the first and last glimpse of where florida visitors see. when a visit ends, many are and unaware of how much the trip actually cost. but they soon find out. >> and we must have sit 8 or 9 toll booths. by the too many it took 23, $24. >> reporter: they are visiting from kansas city. the last time they were here, they went home shocked at what they paid in tolls. >> it was wild. >> reporter: for people like the bakers, the tolls are just the beginning. every rental car agency tacks on a toll fee. avis budget caps the fees at 16.95. if they opt out, the cap is $105.
12:43 pm
fees till weeks have passed and they're home. >> we don't want people coming here and renting cars and getting a feeling like they're getting ripped off. >> reporter: but that is the feeling. but these letters show people from as far away as nebraska, arizona and massachusetts complaining that they didn't know how much driving would cost for tolls and rental car toll fees. >> it is a ripoff. >> reporter: joyce are about to pick up their rental car. and this time, he has a plan to avoid sticker shock. >> looking forward to getting the bill? >> i'm going avoid the toll roads anyway. >> and the legislature has asked about the issue, lawmakers have done nothing to rewrite the rules and asking the companies to make the policies more accessible. facebook quizzes may seem harmless, but hackers can use that information to irs scandal you out of your -- to scan you
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you should take a quiz that requires you to give out personal information -- you should in the take that and don't give out personal information and report suspicious activity to the social media site. do not give out your personal information. >> if someone asks for your credit card and social security number, what do i do? >> you do not do that. weave a good week ahead of -- we have a good weekend ahead of us. this man has sweatshirts and shorts on. the wind out of the north at 14 miles an hour. and cooler at palm coast and we're at 59 degrees and the villages 68 and 72 in clermont. where we have more sunshine in our southern zones that is where we're warmer and parts of 80 in osceola and brevard
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and we're not going to be too warm for today. but where we have the clouds that is where we have issues with the temperatures. and we're a little cooler. and you see the deck of clouds in flagler and northern volusia counties, we have some cloud cover around it may make a reason at orlando and the rest of i-4. 74 by 4:00 and then into the 60s and then into the 50s by 9:00 or 10:00. some batches of clouds. but we'll be staying on the dry side today through the weekend. with the wind, the seas are up a little bit and moderate risk of rip currents and choppy today and let's go over the numbers and the forecast today. 78 today and more clouds and cooler to the north and comfortable with most of the temperatures. just have the sweatshirt with you in the northern tier and we'll push 80s in the south
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it will get chilly -- south sections. it will get chilly overnight. and tomorrow morning, this is our saturday, mostly sunny skies and looking great and a touch cooler on the coast with the upper 60s and low 70s. inland will be well into the 70s again and the villages at 79 degrees over towards leesburg and legacy. and the temperatures around 78. and st. cloud, we'll be near 79. and the five-day forecast with the weekend in view, sunday looking great for orlando city's first match and be sure to catch coverage on tv 27 starting at 1:30. a beautiful day and next week warmer and 79 on monday and 80 on tuesday and signs. wednesday and thursday, we could have middle 80s back in the forecast. every week in our forever families, we have children in
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be adopted. this is mindy. who is a true animal lover at heart. >> i'm mindy and i'm 13 years old. >> mindy is a fund and bubbling teenage girl. >> i'm in eighth grade and my favorite subject is art. i want to work at google because i'm into that type, type, type stuff because when i was growing up, i always loved computer programming, coding. >> she loves putting others in front of herself and she's a happy little girl. >> all i want is for me to be in a loving, compassionate family with a cat and a dog when i see the spca commercials with the abused animals, that just breaks my heart. we are their voice.
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if we are not their voice, they will die, starve or being forgotten about. >> my dream for her is to have some are where she feels safe and where she expect mindy for everything that she is. >> i would bring a sense of humor and i would bring anything that a loving family would ever need. >> to learn more about adopting mindy, call the number on your
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if you live in altamonte springs, soon you can get rides with uber and bet reimbursed. and we'll tell you how city leader as dress any safety concerns with uber. a team of scientists has developed a new technology to allow a monkey to control a wheelchair using only their brains. it helps them control the
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hope it will build a similar tim to allow paralyzed people have more control of their everyday devices and control of prosthetic limbs. stocks are up on wall street this afternoon. we'll have closing figures
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you can enjoy dinner and have silent auctions and take a tour of the cemetery and hear about some of the most influent residents. you might have noticed orlando city soccer billboards and sign and the flags in neighbor's yards and managements on cars. this weekend is all about the purple pride as orlando city kicks off the 2016 major league soccer season sunday at the orlando citrus bowl t gets rolling on saturday with the second annual around pub crawl featuring all of downtown orlando's pubs. there will be two more street parties and wall street plaza. be sure to stick around wall street for the official after party where they will perform life and that includes three
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and the party turns up a notch on saturday. there will be some of the best pregame tailgating anywhere. and all the fun leads up to the kickoff and they take a pitch to battle salt lake. good city. we have great weather for all the activities this weekend. here is brian shields in severe weather center 9. is it looking extent again today and clouds in the southern zones and 40s and 50s tonight and 70s on the way this weekend. and a there will cooler on the coast this weekend and 80s returning next week. and i'll see you monday morning. and have a wonderful weekend. thank you for watching eyewitness news at noon.
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