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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  March 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> reporter: today one of its founders, a virginia resident named carla wiley took a federal plea deal and will soon tell investigators just where all the money raised by one door actually went. for weeks we have been asking questions about one door and its ties to congresswoman corinne brown. brown is not named in the plea, however the feds do identify a person who is described only as a public official. that public official solicited money for the group. also according to the plea, the same public official received $150,000 from one door for costs associated with event, including money for cake and alcoholic beverages.
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a golf tournament to support one door featured corinne brown's name and the seal of the u.s. house of representatives. the plea also mentions a golf tournament at the same course in the same month and year. one door billed itself to donors as providing scholarships to underprivileged students. the feds found only one scholarship to one student for just $1,000. meaning the scholarship group spent only 0.10 of 1% of the money it raised on the money it raised. brown has offer node comment on this case or the plea. again her name is not found anywhere within this plea. but with carla wiley now working with federal prosecutors, can you expect more information about this charity and its ties to anyone else involved to come out in the near future. tonight the wife of a fallen orange county deputy is pleading with state lawmakers to help families of fallen first responders. it's been two years since deputy scott pine was shot and killed in the line of duty.
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benefits are not enough now for her and her three children. kathy spoke to the deputy's widow, and she's calling on the public to reach out to lawmakers in tallahassee. >> reporter: and she's calling on the speaker of the state house to show some leadership and stop state lawmakers from what she calls using her husband's death to pressure the senate into voting for other measures, including changes to the state's pension benefit. >> reporter: raising an 8-year-old, a 3-year-old, and a 6-year-old on her own. her husband scott pine was a good father, so involved in their children's lives. >> hailey has a hard time sometimes. [ crying ] >> she misses her daddy a whole lot and wishes he was here. [ crying ] >> reporter: maddox covered his
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looked away as she talked about their devastating loss and her fight for financial stability. her husband scott was ambushed and murdered by a car burglar two years ago when he was on overnight patrol. she is pushing for survivors of fallen first responders to get all instead of half of their spouses' salaries. >> i'm fighting. this is their future. they deserve it. >> reporter: the florida senate passed the change unanimously, but the state house has attached the bill to other provisions the senate opposes, which could table it for the second year in a row. while the pines and two other families struggle. >> i have personally sat down and written 120 e-mails to every single representative. asking them to honor my husband. >> reporter: her lawyer who is also wftv's legal analyst says
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night he was killed. and he says his family deserves the same. and he's calling on voters from pensacola to key west to state representatives know how they feel about what's going on right now. police are stepping up security measures as the campus readies for a donald trump rally the start time was pushed back two hours to 2:00 pm instead of noon because of a footrace in the area, and travel time for trump who's going to have a 9:00 am rally in wichita. we saw extra security cameras installed to monitor the capacity crowd. >> i know it's supposed to be a big protest here or something as well. i'll just come see what it's like. >> but nobody is allowed into the event with a sign, pro or con. and large bags are out as well. each ticket holder must clear metal protectors before being allowed in. the republican field in the
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out more tonight. dr. ben carson suspended his campaign. >> and i'm hopeful that maybe some people now that i am leaving the campaign trail -- >> he made that announcement during a speech this afternoon at the conservative political action conference, and there were speculations he would make that announcement anyway after he decided not to attend last night's gop debate. he says he does not see a political path forward following a disappointing super tuesday. spacex is preparing to make another attempt to launch a communications satellite into orbit. this is a live look at the falcon 9 rocket at cape canaveral. the mission has been delayed by wind, fuelling issues, and a tugboat! mel, officials are watching the wind again tonight. >> they are keeping an eye on
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last launch was pushed because of the rift of high-altitude wind sheer. and here we are again looking at wind. this time spacex is hoping to find the 8:06 pm. and in addition to thinning up that communications satellite, spacex is trying to land the first stage of its rocket on a drone ship. expectations for a successful ocean landing are low, but the attempt is part of the effort to create a completely reusable launch system that would drive down the cost of space flight. >> you gotta do everything right. and adding onto that, spacex's development of the new oxygen, more enriched oxygen at a lower temperature, they're learning as they go. >> and just a short time ago, the go was given for fuelling. we're going to be out here just as that window opens to let you
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around. >> hope it goes! tonight orange county's mayor is refusing to discuss problems with the county's new automated trash service. we've been telling you about the problems with the service since the beginning of the year. problems ranging from trash piling up outside homes to yard waste being left behind. and yesterday we discovered fcc is responsible for about half of those issues. we reached out to today. she called the problem and while the mayor says she's aware of the problems, she won't discuss them with us. this afternoon orlando police have released the name of a man who was found shot to death at an apartment complex. the body of carlton wilson was point apartments. nobody else police haven't released if they have a suspect or a motive.
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have a person of interest in a shooting. last night joshua gordon was arrested on an unrelated warrant while in a vehicle believed to be connected to that murder. you've -- a broken rib, a broken leg, and 15 frashlths. curtis and tracy were arrested yesterday, charged with child neglect. detectives say they are blaming their three other children. bike week is underway at daytona beach, and it's all hands on deck for law enforcement as tens of thousands of people head into the area for the event. and it's already shaping up to be the biggest bike week ever. >> reporter: i'm standing just off of main street, and this right here really is the epicenter of the bike week event.
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shape up to be the biggest one ever. every inch of this street right here is rented out. so somebody is hoping to cash in on this event. officials tell me that bike week usually brings in about $75 billion over the 10-day event, in all of valushiocounty and the surrounding areas. and they expect it to be bigger this year. and the hotels are reporting that they are on pace or ahead of pace to beat last year's project. and local alcohol distributors, daytona beverages, doubling their sales this year. we're speaking to bikers as well, travelling from all over from other countries. and we spoke to one couple from atlanta. >> i think it's actually gonna get even twice as busy as it is now. so the more they come, they may not be able to get on main street. >> reporter: bike week has already started. but the official kickoff is on monday at
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they will celebrate the 75th bike week. it's going to be huge, and is people on the roads have to get ready for it. thousands of drivers will need to plan another way around downtown orlando for more than a year because of the ifour project. garland avenue from colonial drive to just before orange avenue will be closed for the next 14 months starting monday. about 8,000 of you drive through there every day. >> we're gonna be doing bridge working drainage work, and we're reconstructing the interchange for colonial drive, state route 50, and this will allow us to create an on-ramp for i4. >> the city of orlando will be closing mark street in the same area for a different project. leaders for both projects will be working together to make sure drivers have access to nearby businesses. and you can always get updates on the widening project on our website. it's
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half years at least. go to two police officers are accused of drinking on the job and using money meant for investigations to pay for it. >> how their supervisors were tipped off, and why they're still on the job. >> and the growing homeless problem in central florida. the new initiate testify get help. >> and i'm updating tonight's cooler temperatures. we'll drop into the 40s by morning. and
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she eventually figured out was for beer and liquor. the three female officers who were part of the operation told internal afairs they drank some beer, but anderson and gould drank most of it.
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>> a hefty suspension is equivalent to a significant fine. >> reporter: officials say they also add new rules aimed at preventing this from happening again. gould received a 40-hour unpaid suspension and was demoted to patrol. there is another investigation into the unit's now former supervisor. we'll go through that and let you know what it's about. we're hearing from oj simpson's former attorney hours after investigators said they are testing a comiech which could be connected to the stabbing murders of simpson's wife and her friend. >> here we have evidence that's been sitting around for a long time. there's no chain of custody. so this would not be admissible in any court proceeding. >> investigators say the knife was found at simpson's former
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acquitted in the stabbing murders in 1995. investigators say a former officer had been keeping the knife all these years. and even if the knife is connected to the murder, simpson is forever off the hook in this case. abc news will have more on this development. a major effort to address central florida's homeless program. the first event of its kind scheduled for central florida. it will offer health screening, haircuts, even legal services. there will also be several employers looking to hire people. >> starbucks is gonna hire people on the spot. we have the marriott, we have the ritz. >> volunteers reached out to those living in motel rooms to offer invitations. they'll also
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searching for families living in their cars. if you live in mt. doera, we'll save a few drz on your electric bill. the power cost will sde crease april 1st. if you use 1,000 kill watts per month, you'll be saving around $5 per month. the cost reduction is due to declining natural gas prices. the former acting city manager of mt. dora who stepped down after receiving threats is now working for the city of apopka. he is now the community development director. he served as mt. dora's planning director for 22 years. last year he was asked to be mt. dora's acting city manager. and when he decided to run for the position, he received threatening letters so he stepped down. the city is hosting a 5k, a
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central boulevard will be shut down for those races. the streets start closing at 4:00 am. rescue stepped up patrol in preparation of spring break season. this is a live look at daytona beach. windy out there! the area isn't quite the chaotic spring break spot it once was, but they're still monitoring underaged drinking. and the rip current risk is low right now, but that could increase over the weekend. so if you go out there, then be careful. watch out for that. >> 65-degree water. [ laughter ] >> keeping the coastal communities a little cooler than orlando this weekend. let's look at cape canaveral, air force station. 6:35 is the rocket launch. things looking good. mel holt was on just now, she said they're watching the wind sheer.
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live on our website. a beautiful evening, no rain in sight. 60s in daytona beach. palm coast, 59. marine land and frag ler beach -- flagler beach, much colder this time. and remember the rain? no more rain in the forecast for about a week. but the temperatures, that's where things get interesting. no rain this evening on doppler 9 hd. you see that line? that's our sea braze front. plumes of green, also some smoke from wildfires in southern polk county. everything is really quieting down this evening. and by morning, if you're in the villages, lady lake, bellevue, ocala, you'll drop into the upper 40s. low 50s in orlando. sanford, altamonte springs, daytona beach by morning, low 60s. and hour by hour tomorrow, the citrus bowl, upper 60s through 10:00 am. then we spend
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a lot of sunshine tomorrow. but keep in mind if you're in melbourne, palm bay, we're going to have more cloud cover and slightly cooler temperatures. we'll have that onshore wind. can you see this? palm coast doesn't even hit the 70s. daytona beach, cocoa beach in the low 70s tomorrow. the warmest temperatures for polk county and orlando. our high is 78. you can see that increase in coastal clouds tomorrow. then sunday we'll actually be sunnier as a weak front passes. but that rain will stay offshore. so we're gonna keep the rain out of the forecast. and much warmer temperatures. upper 80s by the end of next week. here's your 5-day, the weekend looks great for orlando city's home opener at the citrus bowl on sunday. you can see details on that or some of the other pregame festivities on low 80s by tuesday. mid-80s by wednesday. and next week, upper
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outrage over the way a worker was cleaning at a disney resort. she was caught on camera mopping the floor. no problem. but moments later, using the same mop, she wiped tables. >> what we found in state inspection reports and what disney told us about the
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for the second time in their history, dozens of fans were at the international airport to welcome the team's new international star. he played with kaka at milan in italy. the 30-year-old midfielder was brought in to add depth and versatility to the roster. he's undergoing physicals today, will not play on sunday. the rest of the team, orlando city practiced at the citrus bowl today, including carlos rivas. he injured his ank ole tuesday but he could be available to play on sunday. >> i really felt he had the worst with the reaction of the but either we've got a miracle worker as a physical therapyist, or he's a quick healer.
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in about 5 minutes on tv27. coverage starts at 1:30 on sunday. orlando magic back at homecoming off an impressive defensive effort against chicago. the first time they've held an opponent under 90 points since january 8th. the magic will try to do it again against phoenix tonight. suns have only won three of their last thirty-one! dwight howard will be in chicago tomorrow night to face the bulls. both teams on the edge of the playoff race right now. and you can watch that right here on channel 9 at 8:30. the magic tips off at 7:00. we are just minutes away from the launch of a falcon 9 rocket. spacex is trying for the fifth time to launch a communications satellite into orbit. we're monitoring the countdown, and if it does go tonight, you can watch it live right here on channel 9. we'll squeeze it into your screen, or you can see it on your smart
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thanks for watching.
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several breaking stories this friday night. the o.j. simpson murder case. the lapd confirming they are now testing a knife, allegedly found buried at simpson's former estate. we ask, why is it just being tested now? the fallout after the republican debate. trump defending his own words on that stage. >> and he referred to my hands. if they are small, something else must be small. i guarantee you, there is no problem. i guarantee you. >> the urgent effort to block trump.


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