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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning Sunday 500am  ABC  March 6, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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this morning, several presidential candidates are celebrating big wins after super saturday. hillary clinton and donald trump are still the front runners, but their rivals added house. jones. orlando. meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center 9. a
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second day. >> we have a cold front moving through, allowing for the temperatures to cool for just a touch. a dry front, and weak, but it will be bringing us beautiful afternoon. satellite radar is showing the clouds moving out from the frontal system. as we head if towards the rest of the day, we will be seeing cooler temperatures.
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senator ted cruz and bernie sanders celebrating big wins. of the after winning two states, donald trump made it clear who he wants to drop out. >> reporter: the super saturday showdown started out with a big win by cruz. texas senator in the state of kansas and taking -- >> we were the only campaign that can and weather beat donald trump. >> reporter: cruz' wins made headlines. donald trump with victories in kentucky --
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>> we are going to build a wall, stuff will still get done and everything will be fine. >> reporter: trump doubled down on his promise to build a wall at the mexican border. >> we will build a wall, don't worry. we will build the wall. who is going to pay for the wall? >> reporter: protesters interrupted trump's speech a dozen times.
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>> reporter: inside, trump thanked police for restoring order and told floridians he will do something to help >> hundreds of you watched our live stream during the rally, yesterday. you can hear more from the protester at today's rally. head to our website and click on the video tab. florida senator marco rubio campaigned in jacksonville and he fired back at trump. rubio's supporters say his message on family values resonate and he said the country needs a republican president to steer the country in the right direction. . the mayor of
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pledged his support of rubio. >> >> day tone that beach police say 43-year-old abby keny careened into motor homes and vehicles in the infield camping area of daytona beach international speed way yesterday morning. you can see the twisted metal left behind. at least four people were taken to a local hospital and witness who is also a train firefighter said he and another person tried to help those hurt. i'm used to showing up after the accident. i'm not used to coming in during the accident. it's scary. >> four victims have been released from the hospital.
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district attorney of san bernardino said the i phone belonging to one of the possible third gunman. we have been telling you about the faceoff between apple and the fbi. >> if the government could order apple to create such a piece of software, it can be ordered for anyone else as well. >> the fbi, local law enforcement and eyewitnesses have discredited the theory of a third gunman. >> >> two siblings accused of
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scout are out of jail investigators say the two you see here were caught on video stealing a cash box from a girl scout at wal-mart over the weekend. tomorrow, thousands of drivers that use a busy stretch of road in downtown orlando will have to find another route. that's when garland avenue to just before orange avenue will be shut down. for more than a year, all part of the i4 ultimate project. crews will be building bridges to the new and approved i4.
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northbound, you can take magnolia instead. >> you can get the latest our website. >> officials at orlando sanford are expected to announce new nonstop flights this week. last month, we showed you proposed plans to expand the airport. they have an estimated cost of $45 million. the ceo of the airport said fees collected from plane tickets will cover costs, after that, $9 million from taxpayers through the florida department of transportation. plans still need to be approved
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new home for orlando city, we'll have coverage starting at 1:30 this afternoon. the game starts at 2:00. >> >> orlando city soccer club kicks off their season opener at 2:00. folks won't be able to use sun rail to get to the citrus bowl. instead, linx buses will have service. a fan fast, music and other festivities will be there. >> >> meteorologist marina jurica is here. >> a beautiful day at the game. around noon, 72 degrees. 75 degrees at kickoff.
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breezy northerly winds 5-15- miles per hour making things feel very comfortable at the citrus bowl today. from west to east across our viewing area, we are looking at another beautiful day. a cold front moving through allowing us to have a cool and beautiful day. i4 corridor a lot of beautiful sunshine, with a high of 73 at 2:00. looking at titusville, we'll be warming up to 71 degrees. >> >> 9 investigate as dangerous parasite that eats your eyeball from the inside out. how it is getting to your contacts. >> >> two local detectives are accused of drinking on the job
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president keep social security strong. hey candidates. enough talk.
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good sunday morning, i'm meteorologist marina jurica. 5:14, hope you are having a fantastic weekend so far. yesterday, it was gorgeous. today, even better, we have a cold front moving through, leaving us with an absolutely beautiful day. a little cooler, just a touch and a nice northerly brees that will make things a lot more comfortable. skies are clearing. the front is just moving south of downtown orlando, right now, ushering in a touch cooler air. not going to be a big cold front. it's dry and as it passes through, it will be allowing for a nice northerly wind to pick up speed as we head into the day, today. we are slowly starting to see the cooler temperatures move toward the south, 43 in ocala. 55 in downtown orlando and 59 in cocoa beach. wind speeds are starting to move north, northwest, 5-15- miles per hour. that's where we will stay as we
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cool start. we are warming up. mostly sunny, more sunshine than yesterday. and we are breeze iny. clear fight, cool temperatures into monday morning. big picture is the next front, moving in right now. as that continues to clear towards the south, we'll be issuering in more of a onshore flow as we head into monday. once we get into the northeastly flow, we'll start to see more cloud and a chance for a sprinkle or two along the coast. not today. today, crystal clear and we'll continue to see alot of sunshine. as we head into the workweek, we'll be looking at our warmest
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our gradual warming trend starts today, moving through as workweek. 53, mostly clear skies and chilly, looking at the five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, we'll be warming it up from here to 78 by monday. >> >> covering brevard county, new rules have been put in place at the melbourne police department after two detectives got in trouble for drinking on the job. an internal investigation shows it happened during an under cover prostitution investigation
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this is no means the way the police department operates. >> anderson was suspended for 80 hours without pay. gould received a 40 hour suspension without pay and was reassigned to patrol. we asked why the detectives were not fired and we were told the suspensions are the same as
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the -- this morning, a warning directly affecting the more than one million plus floridians that wear contact lenses. a cdc report said most of you are putting yourself and your eyesight at risk. how the lenses can attract a parasite with an appetite. >> not the contact lenses are the problem, it's us or more specifically how we handle the lenses showering sleeping --
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micronism that eats eyes. >> this is the eye ozzi is talking about, frosted and deformed after three surgeries. he is the victim of a tiny organism seen under a microscope. >> i have cried over it, been angry over it. >> reporter: the parasite thrives on contact lenses. an orlando eye doctor said too many people are handling the contact lenses this way. >> the parasite get as foot hold and starts to live and grow in your cornea, you will know it because it is infiltrated along the nerves and you will have pain 10 out of 10. >> cdc published a report
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the amoeba lives everywhere, including in color nateed drinking water. >> so, often have you to do multiple scrapings or even transplant the whole cornea on an emergency basis to get rid of all of the infection. >> reporter: as for mckill almost, the pain, he says, is now gone. but so is his eye. >> maybe my story will help someone to not have to go through what i am going through.
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9 investigates discovered a children's dentist accused of hurting his young patients and potentially defrauding medicaid has opened an office in claremont. his ocala office was raided during an alleged medicaid fraud case last year. in polk county, deputies
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behind an armed car-jacking. it happened in winter haven thursday. investigators say one man was armed with an assault rifle, the other with a handgun. deputies say the suspects may >> >> an orange count consider teacher is speaking out. he spoke with us and he says he every day. he says he feels like the school district is not doing enough. >> there was one incident with my students where i reported it.
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>> a parent said his son has talked about committing suicide because of bullying. several presidential hopefuls in both parties got big wins super saturday, coming up, what is next for the candidates today as they continue their fight for delegates. >> >> cold front moving through, how it will change your forecast coming up. >> >> first, ideas on how to spend your day.
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this morning, several presidential candidates are celebrating big wins after super saturday. hillary clinton and donald trump are still the front runners, but their rivals added wins in the race for the white house. good morning, it's sunday, march 6th. time, 5:30, let's get you outside for a look at downtown orlando this morning. meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center 9. >> >> yesterday, we saw a quiet that, low rip current risk and seas were really quiet. unfortunately, we have a cold front moving through.
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seas at four to six feet. we'll be looking at a high rip current risk through the day. because of all of that, a small craft advisory through the day, today, a much better boating day than what we are looking at. today, if you are swimming in the atlantic, be sure you swim near the lifeguard station. mostly sunny skies in the 70s. a beautiful day. west to east, ocala looking fantastic, a high of 74. in new smyrna beach, we'll be looking at plenty of sunshine with a high of 69 degrees. the cold front won't last forever, a big warmup in store and i'll track it in 15 minutes. darlene this morning, bernie sanders and senator ted cruz pull off major wins. "eyewitness news" is breaking down results.
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for some of the candidates. >> the main democratic caucus is today. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be back on the debate stage tonight. >> reporter: donald trump's last-minute detour to kansas did not happen. senator ted cruz won the sun flower state saturday. >> let me say, god bless kansas. >> today has been a very good day. >> reporter: he also won maine. >> thank you to louisiana and thank you to kentucky and i want to congratulate ted on maine and kansas. he should do well in maine because it's very close to canada, let's face it. >> reporter: mean while in the democratic race, senator bernie sanders won kansas. and democratic caucuses in nebraska.
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is to win democrats and win independents and make sure trump does not win independents. >> hillary clinton won louisiana, putting her closer to winning the deep south. she is looking ahead to winning the mississippi primary on tuesday. >> i'm a progressive that likes to get things done. >> we are less than two weeks away from the florida primary. it will happen march 15th. download the wf tv app for the >> >> donald trump spent part of super saturday campaigning right here in orlando.
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he is not like the people he is trying make out to be. >> he playing to people's fears and angers over the state of what the country has been. how other politicians have carried themselves. >> reporter: donald trump said he is confident he will beat marco rubio in the florida primary. he has also promised to help floridians looking for work. this morning, the woman accused of crashing into an area at the daytona speed way is out of jail.
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she crashed. angela jacobs talked to an eye >> >> reporter: friends couldn't believe what they were saying when they watched a black truck slowly veer off the road and plow through a line of vehicles and people. twist metal and crumbled chairs, left behind. >> it was pretty bad. it could have been worst, but thankfully, everyone is alive. >> reporter: simmons, a trained firefighter said they tried to health helpless. >> in this arrest report, daytona beach report said keny told an officer after the crash "i shouldn't have been a breathlyzer test showed a blood alcohol of more than
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friends told us all four victims were released from the hop. at least one has a broken leg. >> a lot of people's lives were changed because of this. so it was pretty bad. marion county deputies asking for your help in the search for a missing teen. take a look at the photo. investigators say he has not been seen since friday night when he left his home. his family said he recently made comments that had them worried for his safety. he may be driving a 2004 white ford explorer. earlier this week -- three faced a judge. investigators say the suspect shot and killed robinson and hurt five others.
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into a crowd outside of the cloud 9 nightclub after september. the three suspects will begin their trial in september. central florida expressway authority wants your input in determining how to expand the florida way. you are invited to a meeting tuesday where you can help with input. without an extension, local roads will not be able to handle the traffic.
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at the church on colonial drive. >> >> eyewitnesses watched in horror as a motorcycle exploded at a local race track leaving the man covered with 3rd degree burns. with the cold front moving through, we'll be cooler today.
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>> time now, 5:40. meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center 9. >> we'll be looking at mid-to upper 70s inland and we have a nice cool breeze that is popping in today youth out of the north, 5-15-miles per hour. so, as we head into late next week, we have a huge warmup. if you like the cooler temperatures, enjoy the next few days because we are talking upper 80s by the time we head into thursday and friday. from west to east, a lot of pristine sunshine. for the villages, sanford, i4 corridor, sun, 74 for the high at 2:00. melbourne, a lot of great sun as well with a high of 72. remember along the coast, a rip current risk. >> >> this morning, officials were looking into why a helicopter was delayed when picking up a burned trauma patient at the drag way.
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watch, but it captured the moment a motorcycle explode at orlando speed world on east colonial drive. his family tells us he was on fire for more than a minute, degree burns. >> reporter: what parts of the body were burned? >> all. fire. >> reporter: orange county fire rescue says they called a helicopter for the patient, but instead had to drive him by ambulance, 20-miles to orlando regional medical center. the delay was due in part to switching responding helicopters, officials say it will take some time to determine exactly what happened. >> >> orlando city soccer club will open at home in a few hours. why a 19-year-old could have a
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>> a collaboration of nonprofits hope to fill the citrus bowl with homeless people and change their lives on easter sunday. organizers are working to invite the homeless living in motels, cars and camped out in the woods. they will offer sunday church services, followed by food, hair cuts, screenings and job opportunities. you can see more on central florida's spotlight. his interview with the organization and darryl strawberry at noon. >> >> time is 5:45. another cool start to the day,
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>> just in time for a beautiful soccer match. you can watch that game live on tv 27. so, if you can't make it, at least you can watch it on the air, but it is going to be a beautiful day for it. so if you have a lucky ticket to get out to the game, enjoy. satellite radar is showing we are clear behind the cold front. it has pushed through our area and it will be a beautiful day. 45 right now in ocala. 48 in deland. 50 palm coast. 59 in cocoa beach. we are starting to see a touch of fog develop in daytona beach. new smyrna beach usual suspects.
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changes, very warm and very dry. we are talking mid-to upper 80s, dominating tuesday their friday. we wouldn't see our next cold front push through until next weekend, bringing a chance for showers and cooler temperatures. if you like the warm weather and the humidity, it will be back in full force as we head towards this week, but not today. today, beautiful. after 10:00, we'll start to warm up into the 70s, by noon, 74 degrees. after a chilly start, we are warming up, seeing a lot more sunshine today than yesterday. we'll top out at 76 degrees at 4:00 and then cool into the 70s, low 70s by 5:00. in orange county, it looks so pretty, as we head into apopka -- 76. absolutely beautiful afternoon and a nice cool northerly wind at 5-15-miles per hour. so around bay hill, we'll be looking at temperatures at 76
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mostly clear skies tonight, allowing for another cool start to our workweek monday, but that's it. after that, we heat things up quickly. 40s towards the northwest and everyone else will be waking up to the 50s. five-day forecast with your weekend always in view showing the wick yam one into the upper 70s, 80s return tuesday and mid- to upper 80s by the end of the week. >> reporter: orlando city kicks off their second season in major league soccer later today, expecting the citrus bowl to be at or near capacity. orlando city finished up game week celebrations, thousands of supporters participated in the second annual pub crawl. as well as the tailgating party on church street on monday, all
5:49 am
event. head coach announced tommy redding will be in the starting 11. the 19-year-old have ovedo replacing david mateo who injured his hamstring. the coach said he is confident in him and the rest of the week. >> we have been ready for a week, now. >> let's talk about antonio, former ac milan mid-fielder stepped off the plane. dozens of fans to greet him. practice yesterday. he will not play today, but the team is planning a special ceremony to introduce him to the fans. he spoke through a translate
5:50 am
>> translator: the relationship with cacaw was important. it helped the process. >> it's an experience i has been wanting to have for a long time. >> central tv 27 is your home for the season. pregame coverage starts at 1:30. >> >> orlando magic held their annual black tie and tennis
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allen with defense turns it into an allen -- at the other end, gators by 14. still in the first half. casey hill with a steal and throw down of his own. florida in front, 30-14. they toy with missouri in the second half, but hold on to win 82-72. they will be the eighth seed to face arkansas on thursday. >> >> in the acc, florida state finishing the regular season against syracuse. five minutes to go, mays gets the fast break started. seminoles up nine. with 32 seconds left, orange hanginged on. michael, bucket and the foul, syracuse down two. final seconds after a missed three that would have tied it. the x man, game clenching layup. fsu will be the 11th seed, playing boston college in the
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as for miami, 7th ranked hurricanes needing a win to clench regular season title. virginia tech didn't want to play along. justin bibs knocks down one of his five. miami trying to climb back in. sheldon with a triple of his own, hurricanes only down six. that's as close as they get. zach helps to put it away with a dunk here. miami falls, 77-62. have a great sunday. >> >> here's a live look from our tower camera over a still very dark lake eola. meteorologist marina jurica will have another check of often weather after the break. here's a look at what is
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florida and the weeks ahead. for a complete list, go to ic florida.
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state lawmakers trying to hash out a bill that would provide at least $200 million for everglades restoration. it provides funding for 10 years, but the senate's version of the bill provides only $145 million for the everglades. it includes money to care for the state springs, lake apopka >> >> if you are driving through closures.
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>> >> votes are in for super saturday. what the votes mean for candidates heading into the florida primary. out. lights lit up purple for (phone ringing) you can't deal with something,
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presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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right now on "eyewitness news" this morning, results are in for super saturday in the race for the white house. what the votes will mean for candidates heading into the florida primary. >> a woman accused of plowing into a crowd during a busy daytona week. how a witness described the scene. we'll have more on the top stories in a minute. first, here's a look at downtown orlando. meteorologist marina jurica is in secure weather center 9. it's cool to start the day. >> it is, the sunshine will slowly start to bring some


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