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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday at Noon  ABC  March 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president
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to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. the home opener for orlando city soccer club is about two hours away. take a look, a live look over the citrus bowl in downtown scene. we'll get to the soccer match in a moment. first, we have breaking news, former first lady, nancy reagan has died. she was 94iers old. we will be following that story throughout the day and bring you more >> thousands of fans are
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bowl as orlando city soccer club kicks off their second season. roy ramos has been outside of the stadium all morning. fan fast is in full swing. >> reporter: we are in the middle of it. morning. fans started to arrive way before that. we have an opportunity for fans to pick up drinks, food. there is live music going on. fans have the tune toy to pick up merchandise before they go inside of the stadium, we received new information that cacau will not be starting the game because of an injury he sustained during the weekend over training. that is not stopping fans from pouring into the citrus bowl. first game of their second season in major league soccer. the club plans to fill the cyprus bowl with fans. there are about 3,000 tickets
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if you have not purchased your tickets, now is the time to do it. it will open in a half hour, the game will start at 2:00 the team said their new tailian mid- fielder will be out, but again, that is not stopping the fans from coming to the game, today. >> it's disappointing, but there are other players that can step out. >> exciting to see that this city. >> reporter: orlando city soccer said they are providing transportation from the downtown area to the citrus bowl with links, they will have the buses continuously picking increments. if you are down there, look for one of the links buss to get there. it starts at 2:00 p.m. if you can't make it out here, you can always watch it on our website. >> >> right now, fan fast is
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there is live music, food and a place for the kids it's happening along rio grande avenue. soccer fans will not be able to use sunday rail, so links buses have increased their service the citrus bowl opens in less than 20 minutes at 12:30. >> >> orlando city is expecting to sell out their season opener for the second year in a row. fans have been tailgating since 9:00 this morning. joe koepner is there. you just found out that cacau will not play. >> reporter: he was responsible for one of the greatest moments in last year's opener, but today, the 33-year-old is out. he will be watching just like everyone else. this is how the game ended last year on opening day. cacau, one of the greatest names in the sport, 90 second minute, but the team announced at 11:00 am, he is out with a
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orlando has most of last team's back. setting the goal at nothing short of the playoffs. >> we have been ready probably for about a week, now, physically and i think it's one of them occasions that you want to -- obviously, we were all excited, it looks like we'll fill the bowl again and it will be a pleasure on sunday. >> preseason has been really good for all of us. a lot of hard work and stuff we learned from last year coming into this year has been helpful for us. >> now, fans in ovedo will see one of their own in the starting lineup. 19-year-old tommy redding, filling in for david mateoson. the head coach said cacau's injury looks like it will heal
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>> the new home for orlando city, wlbq. we'll have live coverage, the game kicks off at 2:00. >> >> starting tomorrow, drivers around downtown orlando will need to found another route at garland avenue t will shut down for more than a year. as part of the i4 ultimate project. crews will be building bridges anded on ramp from colonial drive to i4. you can take magnolia and the construction traffic. this week, we are expecting to hear which new destinations will be added to orlando sanford international airport. four new nonstop flights are expected to be announced. here's a look at the expansion.
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domestic gates at a cost of $45 million. fees collect interested plane tickets will cover most of the cost. the plan still needs to be >> >> time, 12:06, meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center nine, starting with the warmup, as you >> >> it's absolutely gorgeous, beautiful afternoon. i hope you will get some time to enjoy it downtown lake eola shot is gorgeous. we are seeing the winds kick, so it is feeling cooler than it actually is. most of us in the 70s, 60s, 72 here in downtown orlando. we have northerly winds kicking up to 20-miles per hour along the coast. 15 along the i4 corridor and inland, giving us a nice comfortable feel to the air. mid-70s to low 70s along the i4 corridor moving west.
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temperatures in the upper 60s and low -p 0s. what a day for a match. low 70s and by kickoff. 75 degrees and i'm sure orlando city is loving the weather for the citrus bowl today. >> >> new rules in place at the melbourne police department. next, what two officers are accused of doing during an undercover prostitution operation. >> >> the manager at this business on west colonial drive told me they called deputies about kids trespassing in the parking lot.
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orange county deputies responded to a call at 11:1:30 last night. when they arrived, they immediately heard gunshots. julie joins us from mr. gyros and deputies got a call about a trespasser. >> reporter: i just spoke with the manager and he told me there were quite a few kids in the parking lot. they are open here until the early morning hours. originally, they called deputies about kids trespassing in the parking lot. that's when the shooting happened.
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when units arrived, they heard gunshots. deputies believed when they arrived, whoever was shooting moved to the back of the business and started to fire in the direction of the deputies. deputies are trying to figure out -- investigators are waiting on store surveillance video to give them a better idea of what might have been going on behind the business. >> i just checked in with the sheriff's office 30 minutes ago. they told me no more details at this point will be released. they pointed out no one was hurt and deputies did not open fire. reporting live, -- >> a woman accused of plowing into a crowd at the busy daytona international speed way during bike week. coming up, how many people were taken to the hospital and the damage left behind. >> >> a gorgeous afternoon behind
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this is a live look from sky witness 9 flying over the citrus bowl. thousands are filing into the stadium for the first soccer match of the season. orlando soccer club will kick off their second season in the mls at 2:00. >> >> republican front runner, donald trump won two more states in super saturday and he spent part of the day with supporters right here in orlando. >> >> look up there at the protests. >> thousands of people turned out to hear him speak at ucf. but some protesters wanted their voices heard. protesters were removed more than a dozen times during the rally. trump supporters say they think he is the candidate that can
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>> he has brought up other issues a lot of people have hot brought up f it weren't him to bring up these issues, no one would have said anything. >> we are very much concerned about the rhetoric mr. trump has said, not only about muslims but about mexicans, women, veterans. >> donald trump said he is confident he will beat senator marco rubio in florida's primary. he also promised to help work. >> >> hundreds of you watched the live stream from us yesterday. you can hear more from yesterday's rally, just go to our website and click on "video" tab. >> >> senator ted cruz took his biggest victory, yet in kansas and maine. marco rubio took third place in
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today trump called on rubio to drop out of the race. hillary clinton took votes in louisiana while senator sanders walked away with victories in kansas and nebraska. both candidates took time to poke fun at the presidential republican hopefuls. >> it's a good thing really, you just want to pull your hair out when you see that insult fest >> cnn will host the democratic debate tonight at 8:00. >> >> and wow, what a turnaround for the weather, just in time for the big game. >> you know they are all enjoying the fantastic weather. i hope after the noon show, you will be out there enjoying it as well. winds are blustery out of the north. i had a few of you tweet me saying it is chilly out there. it is warm, 70s are feeling
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the cold front that moved through at 4:00 am. satellite radar, crystal clear, looking at the big picture, there is the funnel system well off the coast, ushering in cooler air, two or three degrees cooler than yesterday. not a huge difference temperatures are looking good. low 70s across the i4 corridor, little chilly. wind speeds out of the north, up to 20-miles per hour and up to 15 as you head further inland. winds will be north, 5-20 today and we'll be looking at the mid- 70s, ruling our forecast inland with cooler temperatures especially as you head toward the northern coastline. speaking of the coastline, if you are swimming in the atlantic, make sure you swim fear the lifeguard station.
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why we have a small craft advisory, not great beach and boating conditions, but it will be great it layout. it's lovely out there. we'll have to wait a long time before we see rain again. a huge surge of warm air, mid- to upper 80s as we head into the workweek. next weekend, our next chance for rain, we'll have to wait until saturday for our next cold front to push in. our average high for this time of the year is 76 degrees. we'll exceed that as we head through the week, 88 degrees by friday. if you like the warm and humid weather, it's coming, tonight, another mostly clear night. it will be chilly into our morning. temperatures rebound substantially as we get a taste of summer of this second week of march. warmest temperatures as we hit the upper 80s for the first
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but not today. >> >> an internal investigation uncovered an incident during a prostitution investigation. detectives said the two bought two 12 packs of beer and other liquor while on duty. there was a disacceptsy on the receipts. >> >> detectives arrested a cocoa beach woman after they say she crashed her car at the daytona speed way. the crash left damage you can see there. campers, vehicles and even lawn chairs at least four people were take ton a local hospital. two eyewitnesses say they jumped into action to help those woe were hurt. >> it was gradual
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changed for this. it's pretty sad. >> investigators say a breathlyzer test show kenny had a blood alcohol level of more than twice the legal limit. kenny is now out of jail, but faces several dui charges >> three more sailor as families of the el farrow, when it sank have settled. in a series of hearings, the determine whether anyone was negligent. the owner of the ship has settled with 14 families, of the 33 crew members that died. >> >> spring break starts for many, you are likely to see larger crowds throughout orlando that's because a new survey shows orlando is this year's number one destination. people come here for to local
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>> >> local nonprofits -- how
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nonprofit organizations from around central florida are working to bring hope to the homeless. an event will be at the citrus bowl. organizers plan to invite those who live in cars, home hotels and in the woods. they will offer curve services, food and even job opportunities. can you see more on central florida spotlight with greg warmus. his interview with the pastor of the church and darryl strawberry. right after "eyewitness news" at noon in four minutes. >>
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$5 million renovation project of their libraries tomorrow. the branch will be closed, set to reopen in april. county leaders are set to start to renovate april 15th. >> >> star quarterback peyton manning, calling it quits. he is in the spotlight again after announcing he is planning to retire. a source close to manning said he has already told the denver broncos about his decision. he has the most wins of any starting quarterback and is the nfl's all time leading passer. manning is the only player to win superbowls with two different franchises. a great career. >> >> marina jurica has one more look at your forecast. >> >> it's so beautiful out there i hope you get a chance to get out and enjoy it. mid-70s with a cool northerly breeze. we had a move through that is making for a beautiful day. after that, the warming trend
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80s returning tuesday with a surge of sucker-like weather for the end of the week, mid-to upper 780s before our next cold front moves in the following saturday. get out there if you like the cooler weather and enjoy, today. darlene? >> thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at noon. as we leave you today, we'll give awe live look at the citrus bowl where the season opener for orlando city soccer club is less than two hours away, updates starting at 6:00 and don't forget, our coverage of the game starts at 1:30 on wrdq tv 27. that game kicks off at noon.
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it's called he got up and it's more than an easter service at the citrus bowl. it changes family's lives by a group of volunteers tackling a huge logistical challenge. hi folks, welcome to this week's edition of central florida spotlight. we have special guests to talk


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