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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  March 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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i'm savin' you five hundred we have auto-tune, right? oh, yeah. that's a hit! all: yeah! hi i' m kristie. and i' m jess. and we are the bug chicks. we're a nano-business. windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious and all kids speak the language of bug. " hey cortana, find my katydid video." oh! this is so good. if you' re trying to teach a kid about a proboscis. just sketch it on the screen. i don' t have a touch screen on my mac, i' m jealous of that. you put a big bug in a kids hands and change their world view. >> mike: 4-30 from three. steph curry 1-10 from three and the los angeles lakers stun the
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one of the more shocking games in the nba. why did it happen? >> hubie: give them credit. they played the three ball as well as anybody could play it. they put terrific pressure out on the shooter. and then they didn't care if you went by them off the dribble. then offcame off the screen looking for the three. they trapped you and forced you out and they indefinitely intimidated the shot. so i want to give them a lot of credit. you say well, why didn't they go over the top and then they have the advantage and take advantage going to the basket? is they tried that but you can't have the amount of turnovers that they have, you know, just kept mounting from 10 to 12 to 15 to 18, just kept going. what you're seeing here is the defensive game plan was excellent, and also, the forcing of the turnovers was major. >> mike: kobe bryant, the lakers get the win. here's heather with kobe. >> heather: kobe, congratulations. you guys hand the warriors their sixth loss of the season. how would you measure the impact
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>> i think it helps our growth obviously. you know, our bigs did a fantastic job. coming back and making sure they don't drop and show early. that's very hard for bigs to do. but they were pretty consistent all night long. >> heather: this has got to be something that is a bigger win in the win category. against the defending champs. how much extra mileage can you give this young team with this kind of a win? >> i think the learning curve comes from trusting the defense, right, and trusting the effort. paying attention to details. those things for young players results. >> heather: this is your first 2nd. how much energy did you get playing in front of your fans that have followed you for so long? >> quite a bit of energy. i just feel terrible not being game. it's been tough laboring through the shoulder a bit. for the last year if i could give it a go i'll try. >> heather: then there were 18.
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how does your perspective change as it gets lower and lower to zero? >> every game you try to appreciate it more and more and more right? you know, just go out there and compete and do the best you can. while soaking it all in. >> heather: thanks for everything you have done. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> mike: 18 games left in the kobe bryant farewell tour. it happens with a win in los angeles over the defending champs chasing their own history as the warriors lose for the sixth time. local news coming up for most of you. for all of us, thank you for watching. on the home of the nba finals.
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>> next at 6:00, more than 60,000 soccer fans packed the citrus bowl for the first match of the season. what vendors are bringing to the city that it desperately needs. i'm tracking the warmest air this year and how soon you'll feel it. an orange county weeds. nature' s boomerang. at roundup , we know they keep coming back. you never invited this stubborn little rascal to your patio. so, draw the line. one spray of roundup max control 365 kills to the root and keeps weeds away for up to 12 months. because patios should be for cooking out and kicking back. roundup max control 365. draw the line.
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>> this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 6:00. coverage you can count on. >> the first game of orlando city's second season is in the history books. more than 60,000 fans packed the citrus bowl. >> businesses we talked to say this is the economic boost that central florida needs.
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orlando city soccer club was a success. just like last year, nearly 62,000 fans filled the stadium for the first game. for weeks we have been telling you about the excitement building up to the big match that many watched on our sister station tv-27. roadway ramos has been outside of the stadium all day. it was a draw match but a big one for businesses. >> 60,147 fans came out today. they were able to fill the citrus bowl. there was a tie with orlando city soccer club that was able to pull it off in the final seconds of the game. it's what the team is doing for the city that fans are loving. >> go lions. >> goliathons. >> it was a fan frenzy as thousands came together for orlando city's soccer club home opener in the second season as a major league soccer team. fans filed in to pack the stadium. >> second season, we have to make it to the playoffs.
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soccer club's opening game is to fill the citrus bowl. you can see that fans are already starting to do that. these fans are getting ready to file through the front gates. if you walk with me this way, you can see all of the tents in the parking lot, these are the fan that's haven't even made it towards the stadium. >> we did it last year. we for sure are going to do it thissaer. >> reporter: they did. 60,000 fans filled the bowl. while many were looking for a win with the newest mid fielder out, orlando city was able to pull off a tie for the final score of 2-2 get real salt lake. >> you can't ask for anything better than a win but we're here to support the team. >> people come out here and have a good time. once you get in the mood, people want to buy stuff. >> as a whole not only does it bring money to orlando, but it brings notoriety to the game,
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and that's what we want. >> reporter: and orlando city's next game is friday at 7:00 right here at the citrus bowl. they will play chicago fire. again. >> if you weren't able to make it to the season opener, we have you covered. in sports. we put up a slide show and videos from the match on our facebook page. we have put in calls to orange county investigators find out more about a man who has hiv and is accused of engaging in a sex act with a child. 24-year-old richy smith junior went before a judge yesterday for his first appearance. he has a list of charges including sexual battery on a child and molestation on a and 15. allegedly happened in november. as soon as we have more details, we will update the presidential hopeful marco
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trying to figure out who fired a gun outside of a business while they were there already responding to a trespassing complaint. nobody was hurt but it started around 11:30 last night on west colonial drive. the manager called about a bunch of kids in the parking lot and investigators were responding to that when they heard gunshots from the back of the business. a dark colored suburban sped off. they're not sure if the vehicle is connected to the shooting. there's been a shakeup at the ocala police department. two police officers have been demoted after investigations. kevin mitchell is now a patrol
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racial profiling and making inappropriate remarks. scott rowe was demoted after accusations of having a officer. 8,000 drivers who use garland avenue in downtown orlando will have to use another route starting tomorrow. garland to just before orange avenue will be shut down for more than a year as part of i-4 ultimate project. crews will be building a bridge to i-4. >> garland avenue is a huge piece of it. while it's a small road, it allows us to work on the future on-ramp for i-4 and we will eventually realign garland to make room for the interstate. >> magnolia avenue and orange avenue will get you around that particular part of the construction. but we've got you covered throughout the entire i-4 ultimate project. just go to and click on the i-4 ultimate link in the traffic section. we have an amber alert to tell you about tonight.
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miami area. investigators are asking for your help to find logan hernandez. he may be traveling with 29- year-old ladibet hernandez. they believe they are in a 2014 silver mazda with this tag. if you have any information, you are asked to call 911. we're asking orange county deputies about what may have killed a person at a homeless camp. investigators responded this morning to a wooded area near the intersection of north dean road and university boulevard. we're told that the victim didn't wake up after drinking with friends. deputies still have not released that person's identity. a candle light vigil will be held for a cold case victim killed more than a decade ago. the family has been holding vigils ever since her murder in 2004. her body was found in kissimmee. the family and detectives are keeping her memory alive, hoping that someone will come
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who may have killed her. former first lady nancy davis reagan died of congestive heart failure at her home in california. >> she was always by his side. in fact nancy reagan said her life began when she married ronald reagan. their love story spanned more than a half century. it's well documented. they met in the 1950s and she was an actress. >> it's all my fault. >> but she gave up acting to be a full-time wife and mother but soon took on a new role of first lady of california and then the nation. >> i congratulate you, sir. >> nancy was fiercely protective of her husband. her influence was occasionally caught on camera as it was when president reagan had trouble answering a reporter's question. >> doing everything that we can.
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attempt in 1981 she consulted with an astrologist on his schedule. she has been given credit for her crew sed against drug and alcohol abuse. >> what should you do when someone offers you drugs? >> say no. >> nancy kept the many love letters from her husband. this would be the letter that would change her life. a letter in which former president reagan would tell the world that he was suffering from alzheimer's disease. nancy became an advocate for research when he passed away in june of 2004. she was again thrust into the spotlight. >> as you can imagine, there has been an outpouring of support nationwide, including here at home. governor scott says in part nancy reagan made a monumental impact on the nation and her legacy will live on just like her husband. police need your help finding the bank robber who ditched the money that he stole right outside of the bank. if you recognize the man in the
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beach police department. detectives say he robbed the wells fargo on sea breeze boulevard yesterday but he didn't get far with the money. it was found outside in the bushes. a woman rams her car into several people at the daytona international speedway. four people were rushed to the hospital after abby mcdaniel kinney crashed her car at the in-field camping area of the racetrack. she had a blood alcohol level of at least twice the legal limit. some eyewitnesses jumped in to help some of the victims. >> it was just gradual. like she veered off. like an off-ramp to a highway or something. a lot of lives were changed. it's sad. >> wow. the four people hurt are out of the hospital tonight. kinney bonded out of jail but faces several dui charges. florida senate is expected to take a final vote tomorrow
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medical marijuana for terminally ill patients. it revamps a 2014 law that made cannabis available to patients with cancer or chronic seizures. that became bogged down in legal challenges. the campaign season has been full of ups and downs for marco rubio. ahead at 6:00, why he is not dropping out despite not winning any primaries last night. coming up, the impact construction could have on taxpayers. and it's a windy day at the beach. next, how these winds will be changing and the (phone ringing)
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but that's how some seem to be dealing americans work hard, so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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tt2watu# sd bt@q#pl tt2watu# sd "a@q3\( tt2watu# sd bm@q8w$ tt4watu# sd " dztq gxp tt4watu# sd " entq 7\0 tt4watu# sd " gzt& .[h tt4watu# sd " hnt& >u$ tt4watu# sd " iztq t> new tonight, we spoke to presidential hopeful and florida senator marco rubio today who won today's prime
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even though current polls show he is behind. ty russell joins us now. rubio told you any vote not for him is a vote for donald trump. >> and karla he is spending more than a week hoping to sway voters in his home state. he believes he is the only one who can beat democratic front runner hillary clinton. >> the map gets better for us, including florida. that's the point that i make. florida is a critical state. >> reporter: eyewitness news talked to marco rubio while he was in south florida. he told us the next ten days are crucial for him in the home state of florida. >> if i win florida this campaign is reset. >> reporter: the floridians rubio. some have accused him of being absent in washington, d.c. talk. that's political attacks against me. senate. >> reporter: he can balance running for president and doing to do. >> we continue to do our work campaign.
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that i don't do work in the senate. >> reporter: we asked about his future plans if he is not the nominee. he says his eyes are completely on the white house. >> no, i haven't -- i'm not thinking about any political future for myself. i'm not running for re-election to the senate. i'm either going to be the president of the united states or a private citizen in january. >> and we also asked about his opponents calling for him to drop out. he said that won't happen. rubio will make a campaign stop at the airport tomorrow night and eyewitness news will be there. karla. >> ty, on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be going head to head tonight. the two candidates will be battling it out on the debate stage in flint, michigan which aims to draw attention to the water crisis there. right now primary voters in maine are at the voting booths casting their support for either clinton or sanders.
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do you know who is doing better? bernie sanders is. >> we're feeling good about the upcoming contests. >> right now hillary clinton has a 640 delegate lead over bernie sanders. the sanders campaign says there's still time to close that gap and win the nomination. remember, you can keep track of all of the political races by downloading the free wftv news app. thousands of high ranking state workers will continue to keep low insurance premiums including governor rick scott while lower ranking workers have to pay five times as much. an agreement has been made on benefits package for high ranking employees. family coverage runs about $30 a month. that's much less than nonexecutive or average state workers who will pay 50 bucks a month for individual coverage or $180 a month for family coverage. the search and rescue
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fell overboard near key largo has doubled today. we told you about david wasman who fell from the deck yesterday morning. the coast guard is using a helicopter and plane to help find him. they are searching twice the square nautical miles they searched yesterday. ventura lakes library branched is closed tomorrow as a $5 million renovation gets underway. in the meantime, pick up any holds at the heart memorial library. renovations to the poinsetta branch will begin april 17th. we told you that the airport has plans for an expansion over the next few years. it will cost $45 million. officials say most of that will be covered by fees collected from plane tickets. about $9 million though will come from taxes through the state department of transportation. the expansion still needs to be approved by the f.a.a.
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perfect for the start of the orlando city soccer club's second season. >> yeah. the weather was calm. that game was wild, wasn't it. >> i saw the last 30 seconds. that's all you needed to see. great job. >> check it out. the warmest we have been so far this year has been 84. and late this week it looks like we will be the warmest yet at 87. we're going to warm up. today, our high was only 77 degrees. nice and calm this evening. no rain, no clouds over at orlando. this is a beautiful shot of downtown. winds gustier at the beach. there's an enhanced risk of rip currents. there are only a few people in the chilly water. with the longshore wind, it can push you into the rip currents. be careful if you know anybody or just kind of a tip. just be careful when the winds pick up along the beaches. temperatures in the 70s inland.
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water in palm coast. 67 in orlando. and kissimmee and celebration at 70 right now. in orlando and field stream, we will be in the 60s through dinner time. then we drop to the 50s around midnight. if you're in the villages, it's going to be cooler tonight. notice we spend the evening in the 50s and drop into the 40s by morning. and if you're in palm bay, maybe you're settling in after a long afternoon at the grand seafood fest, i was there. it was ailment greatest. we will stay in the 60s through the morning. these hour by hour forecasts, see them right from your smart phone with our weather app. cool in the morning. we're in the upper 40s in clermont and the villages by the morning. tomorrow, another day in the upper 70s in orlando and leesburg. palm coast and daytona beach only 72 tomorrow. but the winds, they will be changing out of the southeast starting on tuesday.
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we're really going to warm up late this week. our next rain isn't until this front arrives. and that is either saturday or sunday. right now it's difficult to time out the front because different forecast models are saying different things. we will put a chance on both saturday and sunday. look at the high. 87 on thursday. 86 on friday. then the five-day forecast, the weekend always in view. we stay in the mid to upper 80s next weekend. we stay dry this week. thursday and friday are warm and windy. friday is the next orlando city soccer game. we keep the chance for rain in the forecast next saturday and sunday.
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so, draw the line. max control 365 kills to the root and keeps weeds away for up to 12 months. because patios should be for cooking out and kicking back. roundup max control 365. draw the line. prevent weeds from coming back for up to one year. know you can deposit checks right from your phone. transfer money to someone quickly and easily. speak to a financial professional when it's convenient. and pay for things using know that with pnc's convenient solutions, at least your finances will
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>> we told you at the top of the newscast that orlando city celebrated a dramatic tie at the citrus bowl today. joe kepner had a front row seat for the thrilling finish. i'm so jealous you got to see it in person. >> reporter: it was incredible. 60,000 people at the citrus bowl. just like last year, they were losing after 90 minutes. just like last year, they somehow found a way in this one. the team announced before the game that the captain was out with a strained thigh. everyone else lacing them up including kevin molino. 60,000 here today. not quite enough to beat last year's record but a rowdy crowd that erupted early. the rookie of the year with an easy finish. but it's waved offsides. no goal. 26th minute now.
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heinz a little too aggressive inside the 18. the ref points to the spot. hand on it. but it goes into 1-0, rsl. then sarin with the arm check. he is sent off. straight red. ten on ten for the second half. 24 minutes to play. more trouble for team purple. plata making the run to the back post. doesn't miss from there. 2-0 real. you're thinking not orlando city's day. with the crowd trickling out in the 94th minute, the rookie feeds kyle laron and he breaks through to give the citrus bowl life. orlando city feeling better about a 2-1 loss, right? no. a minute later a hail mary to vinter and that miracle goal is how it ends.


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