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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  March 7, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> there's never enough done about the impacts by the first ladies over the years. >> absolutely, huge impact on those two south korean kids who actually giving back in a similar way nowadays. >> that's what's making news in america. >> stay tuned for "good morning america." right now on eyewitness news this morning, a major closure is happening today because of the i-4 ultimate project. the alternate route you may need to get through downtown orlando for the next 14 months.
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and other democratic debate hitting the books. key issues like gun-control. stopping in central florida today for a big speech. good morning, happy monday, i guess, it is 5 a.m. on this monday, march 7. >> it feels like a monday. every 10 minutes. let's get started -- started brian shields. 80s about to turn -- return to the forecast. downtown orlando 55, temperatures last night rather pleasant but you see that 43 in ocala, you will want a and seminole county, 51 to melbourne and palm bay. looking pretty good, a few will continue to see that onshore breeze that will be dry today. a good-looking day, like sunday, but a little bit warmer here's a look in apopka, 69 degrees at 10 o'clock, by this afternoon still pleasantly warm, mid- 70s for most of us,
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4 p.m., plenty of sunshine before the sun goes down. 6o'clock temperatures around 70. the onshore winds will be a touch cooler along the coast. there is that easterly flow, that means and 72 a 72 palm coast, 74 titusville, merritt island, but st. cloud today will be around 77. the farther inland to go the warmer you will be. the villages temperatures running near 79. coming up, we are going to track how much warmer it is going to get over the next three days. right now, crews have shut down garland avenue just north of colonial drive. >> it is the latest i-4 ultimate closure and will last more than one year. eyewitness news this morning's g&a norman is why were the orange cones are up now. 8000 drivers will need to find a new route? >>reporter:that is how many drivers take garland avenue right there north of colonial around orange avenue, but as
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is no longer an option. today marks a day number one for drivers needing to find a detour for the next 14 months. both directions of garland avenue between colonial drive, and orange avenue will be shut down so crews can build bridges on the on ramp from state road 52 the new i-4. late last week we spoke to dot about the detours that is bound to cause confusion. it's the latest closure that stands to impact thousands of you on a daily basis by rerouting traffic to magnolia and orange avenue's. >> every person has their own routine. we recognize that, no matter how many people take the road, we have to be aware of that. >>reporter:we found out downtown drivers will also be dealing with other closures during the 14 month garland avenue was blocked off. i will break down those in our nafta -- next half hour, today back in the studio with a new
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your morning drive. this is only about a .5- use the stretch as they cut a couple of ways you can get around this, north on alternet you can take magnolia avenue for yourself on alternate you can take orange avenue to get around there. many issues. that will be the key for this next week or so everybody getting used to not being able to take garland through we do also have some construction still out there right near i-4 at the 408 ramps, blocking one hand lane, you need to move over to the left side. a pedestrian was hit and daytona beach. a pms night. investigators say the driver stopped and is cooperating with police. the accident forced police to
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part of north dover road for two hours. it is unclear if that driver will face any charges. a plan for another ucf campus just cleared a major hurdle in the state legislature. state budget negotiators met on sunday in tallahassee and decided to set aside $20 million for construction of the proposed ucf downtown campus. we told you last week the florida board of governors approved a less-expensive plan. it involves a money from ucf, million from the state. lawmakers must approve the budget and the governor still has the final say. overnight, isis is claiming responsibility for a suicide iraq. the bombing happened in the rocky city just south of baghdad. police a truck rigged with explosives detonated yesterday in a busy check.which leads to two shiite holy cities. another 95 people were hurt in the attack, an officer said eight other people are still missing. north korea is threatening joint military drills between korea. the exercises started today, north korea defense officials consider them aggression by its
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a national defense spokesman saying a nuclear strike would might. orange county devotees are still trying to determine if a dark-colored suburban is connected to a shooting. that was some of the gunfire there near mr. gyros on what's colonial. deputies responded to a say shots came from behind the shortly afterward that suburb was seen speeding away. no one was hurt osceola county library is getting a 5 million-dollar makeover. starting today, the lake branch in kissimmee will be close. it is set to be open in the middle of april. you can pick up any holds at hart memorial library. headed to sanford international airport tonight as part of a more than week long stay in florida where he hopes to sway voters in his home state.
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the weekend and spoke to us last night about the state of his campaign. angela jacobs joins us now. he says he is not considering but becoming president. shot before throwing in the indication. he does admit these next 10 -- 10 days are crucial to his campaign. >> the map gets better for us, including florida, that's the point i make. florida is a critical stage. >>reporter:fresh off his first win, eyewitness news spoke with republican presidential candidate and florida senator, marco rubio hoping a port -- a prolonged stay in florida this week will pay for his campaign. >> i am not running for reelection to the senate. i'm either going to be the president of the united aides, or a private citizen in january. >>reporter:meanwhile donald trump is savoring his momentum two days after thousands packed arena. >> we are not going to be the stupid people anymore.
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>>reporter: trompe promised to fellow candidates ted cruz and rubio both hope to capitalize on recent reports, outside groups have raised as much as $10 million in new attacks against trott. on the way to florida right now, the democrats. they faced off last night in michigan for the seventh time. >> if you are talking about the wall street bailout, where some of your friends destroyed this economy. excuse me, i am talking. [cheers and applause] >> if you're going to talk to tell the whole story senator sanders. >> let me tell my story, you tell yours. >> i will. >>reporter:clinton and sanders were off again thursday in miami. we will be there tonight when rubio visits sanford. back to you. >> you can keep track of all of the political race by downloading our wftv news up.
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be headed to governor rick scott's desk. they are expected to take a final vote on the proposal today. the house approved a measure last thursday it was bogged down in legal challenges and made non- euphoric cannabis available to patients with cancer or chronic seizures. congressman john michael will be in central florida today to discuss transportation plans for orange county. congresswomen micah will talk about links, bus services, and making the streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists but you also talk about the i-4 ultimate project. our north park avenue at 5:30 p.m. this afternoon. we check your weather and traffic every 10 minutes. let's get over to brian shields. this weekend was perfect. >> it was gorgeous, a lot of the nice weather will hang on the next couple of days. here's a look at daytona beach as we continue on with bike week or whatever your plans are. today 75 degrees, tomorrow 77, close to 80 along the coast by wednesday. there is the warm-up on the way.
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county, 76 today, 76 and altona, on the coast low to mid 70s. a nice day, but without nice breeze like yesterday, watch out for the rip currents they will be running on the strong side. orange county, a touch warmer as we work inland, lake one avista 78, 78 downtown orlando, 76 winter park, and 77 lafayette trail out toward -- a warm afternoon a gorgeous looking day. very similar to our sunday. another nice night tonight. mostly clear skies we will be down to 57 by tomorrow morning. coming up, we are going to track how close we are going to get to 90 degrees later this week. we have some construction out there starting off in volusia county. right here i-95 north out of state road 40 for you do have
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four -- i-4 eastbound after state road 40 for you do have a disabled vehicle onto the shoulder. keep that in mind if you are about to head in that direction. and then pulling up one of our i-4 cameras here we do still have construction here right at ivanhoe was found he can see one of those lanes is still blocked off. no issues, if one does pop up i will let you know and orange county teachers taking a stand against bullying. why he says the problem is just going to keep getting worse were to milford detectives are accused of doing, on the job, during a prostitution put more fun in your day at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio.
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america runs on dunkin'. good morning, your time right now 5:14 on this monday morning. a live like a downtown orlando. we have a lot to get to and including some work on the i-4 interfere with your commute. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. more than 60,000 soccer friends packed of the citrus mall for orlando city's season >> a lot of purple.
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[cheering] alright, orlando city had not scored yet, some of the crowd actually started to leave the citrus bowl with only a few minutes left there. kyle scored a goal, less than another -- less than a minute later another goal was made. it was a huge economic boost for the city of orlando. >> it's exciting to see that this many people are out to supporting our city. it's exciting to come back and be in the excitement of >> this is orlando cities second season in major league soccer, the final score two-two against real salt lake. you can watch our new segment, orlando city insider, bringing you exclusive inside entered -- information on central florida stevie 27. the woman who rammed her car into several people at the daytona international speedway had a blood alcohol level of more than twice the legal limit. police say abby mcdaniel of cocoa beach crashed her car at
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they say she had some cars, at least for people were taken to the hospital. one of the eyewitnesses told us he was a firefighter and jumped into hell. >> there was a lot more people, luckily there was not a lot of people walking around. >> before people are out of the hospital, this morning, she bonded out of jail but still faces dui charges. gun owners will get a use their weapons this week. center police will be hosting a children this wednesday. it will be held at the police department community room on goldsboro boulevard. not to bring a gun to the class. the class starts at 4 p.m. polk county, deputy's are searching for two suspects in an armed carjacking. was armed with an assault rifle, the other had a handgun. 45 minutes later deputies found an abandoned car in a home on old tampa highway. the suspect may be traveling in
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new flights may soon be coming to orlando sanford international airport. the ceo wants to add new domestic gates at an expected cost of about $45 million. officials say most of it will be covered by fees collected from plane tickets. about 9 million will come from taxes through the state department of transportation. the expansion still needs to be approved by the faa. the us coast guard is now suspended a search for the texas man who fell overboard from a cruise ship or key largo. officials say 46-year-old david mossman fell about 100 feet from the deck of a royal caribbean navigator of the seas on saturday morning. late last night officials made the announcement they would suspend the search after covering more than 2500 square nautical miles. one of the most influential first ladies of the 20th century has died. >> you probably heard, over the weekend, nancy reagan died at her california home yesterday. condolences are pouring in from past and present first ladies, presidents. the former actress was known for her loyalty to her husband, president ronald reagan and for being a major
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the white house, and across the country. those close to her say she remained stylish and energetic. >> she helped us a lot in our efforts to reduce the gun violence in america. >> nancy reagan was 94 years old, she will be laid to rest next to her husband at the reagan presidential library. of course, the just say no campaign came from nancy reagan. >> such an influential voice. i think so marcel behind the scene. quite the loss >> that is how it is supposed to work, just a you know. we are going to see some big changes. >> this upcoming weekend we do change our clocks, much warmer later this week. we will make a run at 90 in some spots. daytona beach 51, it is a cool sweatshirt this morning. if you are just out and about in the next hour or two, headed
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around some 40s north and west of the villages in ocala. 60s with the on floor show -- onshore flow in brevard county. that onshore breeze in brevard county is keeping us just a touch milder there. here's a look at some of the scattered clouds around. we will see that onshore flow again for today, overall that shading is the dry air mass we will stay on the dry side for today. here is the planner in orlando, 74 and gorgeous by lunchtime, a really nice evening on the way. before the sun does go down. today, some scattered clouds at 9 a.m., a few more clouds along the coast because of the onshore breeze. staying dry, though. through the afternoon lots of sunshine a few fairweather
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at the beaches today, are elevated four-6 feet there again today. i did want to pass along that again for today. for today itself 77, partly cloudy our warm afternoon. yes, we are in the low 40s now get up to 78. my friends in flagler county, cooler than that for today, the low 70s across palm coast, volusia county, coastal sections low to mid 70s, inland volusia will be in those mid- 70s. it will be warmer in london, lynn, osceola county 50 -- 77 degrees. lake county mid- 50s tonight, leesburg, mount dorn, eustis baxter claremont and groveland, seminole county tonight will be around 58. for tomorrow touching about 80 degrees and will orange county orlando tomorrow back to 80 cooler along the coast . brevard county will be in the 70s. there is the warm-up, 83 on wednesday, 85 on thursday and by friday 86 degrees. a chance of
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the weekend. our time right now 5:20. pulling up our camera i-4 at ivanhoe, our construction closure -- closer to 408. pulling up a live traffic tracker we have construction balloon -- construction of volusia county right of state road 40 for you to have a lane blocked. in brevard county you have a crash, this one is off to the side i-95 southbound right at palm bay road. a local dentist who is accused of hurting young patients has opened a new office. nine investigates the other -- related to medicaid. another major closure in downtown orlando because of the
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the two siblings who deputies say stole money from a girl scouts are now out of jail. nicholas bonded out of the volusia county jail saturday night. investigators say he and his sister were caught on surveillance video stealing a cash box from a 12-year-old g irl. this happened outside of a
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winters bonded out of the jail on friday. to melbourne police detectives were caught drinking on the job. an internal investigation discovered the incident happened back in october during a prostitution investigation. rodney anderson and eric gould bought 212 packs of beer, and other liquor while on duty. anderson was suspended for 80 hours without pay, gould received a 40 hours suspension to patrol. the owner of the sunken cargo ship, el faro, has settled cases with three more families. the ship sunk into the bahamas in october. in a series of hearings the us coast guard try to determine weather anyone was negligent. so far the owner of the ship has settled with 14 families of the 33 crew members who died. florida. thousands of high-ranking state workers will continue to
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premiums while lower ranking workers will have to pay five times as much. an agreement has been made on a benefits package for high- ranking employees at a little more than eight dollars a month for individual coverage. their family coverage would run about $30 a month, but nonexecutive or average state workers would have to pay $50 a month for individual or $180 a month to cover their families. the florida bar is using technology to help young adults navigate the legal system. officials just-released a mobile app and website called just a doting. com. to help people who are signing contracts and to explain laws -- concerning worker safety for those who are new to the workforce. the florida primaries a little over a week away, and several candidates are making stops in the sunshine state. >> is going to be a busy place. coming up, the promise of donald trump made to floridians at his speech at ucf >>reporter:we are live at the i- 4 ultimate project roadblock, we are raking down other
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of us this morning, but the 80s right around the corner.
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a live peak over downtown orlando. a cool start out there right now, do not get used to that. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. let's begin with a brian shields, if we could just keep this weekend going. >> we are, today is gorgeous. exactly, let's keep the weekend going. today 77, nice temperatures, a warm afternoon, but comfortably warm before we see much warmer weather later this week. this morning, a mix of 40s and 50s with a few 60s in brevard county onshore wind that making us up making us warmer, cocoa beach, indian river city, all of those temperatures in the 60s, but 55 in orlando, 403 in ocala, 51 daytona beach. if you are going to be out and


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