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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  March 7, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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a live peak over downtown orlando. a cool start out there right now, do not get used to that. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. let's begin with a brian shields, if we could just keep this weekend going. >> we are, today is gorgeous. exactly, let's keep the weekend going. today 77, nice temperatures, a warm afternoon, but comfortably warm before we see much warmer weather later this week. this morning, a mix of 40s and 50s with a few 60s in brevard county onshore wind that making us up making us warmer, cocoa beach, indian river city, all of those temperatures in the 60s, but 55 in orlando, 403 in ocala, 51 daytona beach. if you are going to be out and
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jacket. here is the planner, by lunchtime, about 73 degrees here . we are in kissimmee, 75 degrees by the time we hit 2 o'clock. mid to upper 70s this afternoon, low 70s once we hit 6 p.m. coming up i will show you a return of 80s and i put together a map to show you how much warmer we are going to get over the next three days. right now, thousands of you will need to find a new route as crews have blocked off garland avenue north of colonial drive right it's the first morning for a big closure that will impact a lot of people. >> eyewitness news this morning's janai norman is having -- keeping you up-to-date on all the road closures. >>reporter:those roadblocks behind me mean about 8000 drivers will have to find a new way, because they can no longer use garland between colonial and orange avenue. we are finding out they will
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closures. for the next 14 months, prepare for detours. starting this morning, thousands of you will have to find another way using either magnolia or orange avenue instead of north and southbound garland between orange avenue and state road 50. >> state road 50 is a huge arterial year road for i-4. we have to make sure we have traffic flowing. >>reporter:also this month, we found out the city of orlando plans to shut down mark street it is right in the middle of the garland avenue closure. that is part of a six-month wastewater project on marx and we found out dot officials will open a lane of garland to help drivers to get to businesses that would otherwise be blocked off. >> it's all in a grid, but we want to make sure we do not fear people too far off from where they were trying to go. >>reporter:when we spoke with project leaders on friday, we found out you can also expect rolling roadblocks on i-4
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starting later this month. right now back in the studio helping you plan new routes for your morning drive. this is about a .5-mile stretch their here but a lot of people do use this portion of garland to get around some other streets. one of your alternates northbound can be magnolia avenue, and then southbound your alternate can be orange avenue. this will be for the next 14 months. you certainly need to keep this in mind if that is normally part of your commute. you can add another part of our i-4 construction work at ivanhoe you have one left hand lane westbound still blocked off. they should be picking up those cones right around 6 o'clock. we are working to get more information about a man investigators say has hiv, and engaged in a sexual act with a child. 24-year-old richie smith, j unior, faced a judge over the weekend. he is facing several charges including sexual battery on a child. court records show the alleged
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county or try to figure out what sparked a fire at a storage facility in orlando. two units caught fire at the public storage on east michigan street. eyewitnesses say they saw thick black smoke coming of that building. firefighters were able to quickly put it out. marion county, state troopers are still looking into a fatal motorcycle crash that happened yesterday afternoon. along southeast 180 second avenue road. troopers say the motorcyclist, 44-year-old dana peterson, went over eight oh going around a curve, they say he lost control of the bike and must run off was run off of it. no other vehicles were involved. accuse bank robbers out of jail this morning on seabreeze boulevard in daytona beach. the man you see there in the blue cap is 44-year-old anthony cabrillo, they say he went into the bank, implied he had a gun and took off with a paper bag full of cash. it was found in the bushes just outside the front door. marco rubio will be making
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today during his more than week long stay in the sunshine state. >> at the top of the hour, angela jacobs talk to us about how rubio hopes to slay more voters here in his home state. despite the recent polls, rubio says his campaign is alive and well? >>reporter:he says he is not giving a thought to opponents calls for him to drop out, in fact he says he is not considering any other political future right now the becoming president. >> that is the point, i may, like always florida is a critical state >>reporter:marco rubio says the map of competition in his presidential race can only get better for him here in florida. and fresh off his win in puerto rico, rubio told eyewitness news he is not going anywhere. >> i'm either going to be the president of the united states, or a private citizen in january >>reporter:rubio's campaign and that a fellow candidate ted cruz are banking on the pusher from outside groups reportedly throwing $10 million to sideline front front-runner donald trump.
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>>reporter:tribe was met with thousands of fans and protesters at his rowdy rally on saturday at ucf. we will also see the democrats in florida, this week, many expecting clashes between hillary clinton and bernie sanders to only intensify after the two launched into fireworks during last night debate in michigan. >> i will be happy to release anything i have, as long as everybody else does, to >> i release it. here it is. there ain't nothing. >>reporter:sander says he still believes he can close that 640 delegate lead that clinton has come over him, right now as they headed to that debate in miami on thursday. of course, we will be there tonight to bring you rubio's visit in sanford with coverage throughout the day. back to you >> you can keep track of all of the political races by downloading our free wftv app we are asking orange deputies
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deputies about the death of a homeless person. they found that person yesterday morning in a wooded area near dean road and university boulevard. the sheriff's office is the victim had been raking with friends and never woke up. the person's name has not been released to ocala police sergeant have been demoted because of two separate allegations of inappropriate behavior. sergeant scott rowe has been devoted to an officer after being accused of having sexual relationship with a subordinate officer for several months for a 27-year-old veteran kenneth mitchell is accused of racial profiling and inappropriate remarks which he denies that he has been demoted to patrol officer. political experts say the divide between governor rick scott and his fellow republicans is only widening. that may hurt his last 2.5 years in office. the public and lawmakers have rejected his proposed teat -- deep tax cuts . experts also say the governor vetoes parts of this year's budget, lawmakers will overwrite him. they say the blame is because he is not raising money for the party, and his possible future endorsement of donald trump we now know three men accused of killing a young woman outside and ocala nightclub are set to go to trial later this year.
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michael smith are each charged with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder. they shot into a crowd at the cloud nine nightclub lasted timber telling 19-year-old robinson, and wounding five others. -- last september, killing 19- year-old robinson and wounding five others. hulk hogan and news website doctor. he is suing the website for $100 million after they published a sex tape of him and a wife of a tampa bay radio personality. the video was made without his knowledge. it was a legitimate sku because hogan had talked openly about his sex life in the past. a jury will decide of gawker violated his right to privacy the central florida expressway authority wants to hear how you think they should handle the 408 expansion area tomorrow, you can meet with officials to talk about these ideas for they want to expand the 4082 state route 520. it is needed because local roads will not be able to
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community grows. the meeting starts at 5 p.m. at the eastpointe fellowship church on colonial drive in orlando. drivers in titusville will once again be able to drive on garden street, this morning. a new trail and pedestrian bridge are being built on the existing part of the road and it was closed over the weekend i'll construction crews worked on the second phase of the east central florida rail trail. the project includes a 12-foot wide trail on the existing railroad bed and the pedestrian bridge over garden street. that road is now back open. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> certified meteorologist, brian shields, we have a woman coming our way? >> yeah, a great day on the way. nice temperatures this morning, 55 downtown orlando, 52 deltona, that coolish feel, it's one of those tricky days where you want shorts by the afternoon. close to 40s and some spots this morning purdue need a sweatshirt, or a light jacket
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here is the warm-up moving in, 77 is exactly where we will be this afternoon. an average monday. tomorrow 80 degrees, wednesday 83, and we get even warmer thursday and friday ahead of our next front which will approach by the time we had the weekend. interior sections are going to be warmer in marion county, wins -- winds east five-15. 78degrees ocala, 79 today sentra and reddit, a pleasant avenue through seminole, 78 winter springs and casselberry. over toward lake antley, temperatures around 77. low to mid 70s in brevard county. 73 cocoa, 73 today in melbourne. overall, very nice. the weather from this weekend carries over. tonight, nice temperatures a gain, 57 by tomorrow morning. coming up we will track some soaring temperatures and when we will get our next chance of r ain. we have a crush on the
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this is southbound just before you get to county road or just after you get to county road 470, keep that in my do have one right hand lane blocked and the for this crash off to the side, princeton street right at john young parkway they have been able to move that over within the last five minutes. add volusia county we do still have construction blocking one lane i-95 northbound right at state road 44. a scuba diver is suing florida power & light. >> i pulled the regulator out of my mouth and just die? >> the terrifying moments he said could have killed him while diving near a power plant. the changes that could be coming to the way law- enforcement handles body cameras.
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thousands of you will have to plan a new route this morning askers have shut down garland avenue between colonial drive and orange avenue in downtown orlando. eyewitness news this morning's janai norman joins us live where the roadblocks are up. this is just the latest i-4 ultimate project closure. >>reporter:it is going to last about 14 months and impact an estimated 8000 drivers every day. right here behind me you can see workers have blocked off garland avenue from colonial. that closure wraps all the way around to north orange avenue. when we spoke with the dot dot officials last week they told us this closure is so crews can
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from a state road 52 i-4. we are watching to see how this impacts the road -- the drive on the first day as it is bound to cause some confusion as to many of your cake -- used to taking this route. they suggest using either magnolia, or orange avenue to bypass the scarlet enclosure. reporting live in orlando, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning >> go to and click on the i-4 ultimate project link in the traffic session. 9 investigates found out a dentist accused about me hurting patients on defrauding medicaid has opened a new office in clermont. his license was suspended after a 4-year-old girl stop breathing while under anesthesia. it is since been reinstated, last year his office was rated during a fraud investigation. he is now running gulfstream dental clermont, the state has no record of that facility and the medicaid system. you may soon be saving a
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will. duke energy and florida power & light got approval to lower customer's customers bill starting next month. the company's proposed mo because of low natural gas prices. new customers will save nearly six dollars, fpl customers will save about $1.65. state lawmakers are negotiating a bill to help everglades restoration. the legacy florida but was approved last week it would provide at least $200 million for restoration over the next 10 years. the senate's version of the bill calls for 145 million and also includes money to care for florida's springs, lake apopka and other natural lands. and orange county, best games are trying to piece together the moments leading up to a fiery motorcycle explosion at a local dragway. josi medina's home -- motorcycle caught on fire for nearly a minute at orlando speed world. see it there. he suffered third-degree burns on more than a third of his b ody. despite calls for a helicopter, he was driven 20 miles to
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the delay was due in part to switching responding helicopters. in orange county teachers speaking out about bullying he, he said the problem is only getting worse. robbins would battle school in orlando. lastly, parent who told us a son attends the school has thought about committing suicide because of bullying. a teacher from the school has come forward, but he asked us not to show his face because of fear of retaliation. he says he sees bullying in his classroom every day and feels like school administrators could do more to prevent it. >> when i do reported, the students just shrug it off because they knew -- they know they will not get punished. they have not been punished. >> last week at maitland middle school we told you about parents or her mother who says her daughter tried to overdose on pills. orange county public schools told us school administration asked students and staff to report any kind of bullying
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you can expect to see more crowds in orlando as many students kick off spring break this week. a new survey from ranks orlando as this year's number one spring break destination. our famous theme parks are one of the reasons we have so many visitors. the survey showed people spend their spring break care for beaches, water parks, local festivals and unique dining. >> you don't say? >> did you know that? >> orlando a popular destination? >> of course. brilliance. >> is monday. good stuff. we are promising and delivering. the weekend was awesome, the week is going to be great. this is the week we spring ahead an hour. >> so i lose an hour of sleep? >> yes, you lose an hour of sleep. >> doesn't really matter anymore? >> here's a look at downtown orlando, 55 degrees it is calm. pretty chilly toward ocala, 43. it is a sweatshirt starts, but you want shorts by the afternoon. 52 samford, 50 for toward
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windsor lite this morning, onshore breeze has been keeping us warmer in brevard county. overall, the dry air mass all of that orange you are seeing in the atmosphere we are mainly on the dry side the next few days. in the atlantic a little cooler along the coast, upper 70s possible in the 73 by noon and again at 2 o'clock we will fall to the 60s by 6 p.m. future truck, 9 a.m. staying dry, a couple of calls along the coast with the onshore breeze, but again staying on the dry side. it will be that good-looking day all the way through the evening. the beaches, most of us heading into work, i do want to point out that the seas are elevated, a strong risk of rip current with us the next day or two at least. fairly cloudy today, the warm afternoon about 77 degrees. along the coast, not quite as warm.
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today, clermont as we work and we are going to be near 79. as we work our way toward a great outdoors, 61 inland we will be around 53 as we get into ocala, a very nice night mostly clear skies. tomorrow parlay cloudy and the warm-up continues. the gradual orlando temperatures around 80 degrees in st. cloud for our here is your forecast, your five day forecast with the we can always of view. by wednesday, up to 83, 85 on thursday and late week -- -- forecast with the weekend always in view, by wednesday of 283, 85 on thursday, late friday 86. starting off your with live traffic tracker we have one crash out here in lake county on the turnpike turnpike south on just after county road 470. it is blocking a right-hand lane.
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pretty good right here in both both eastbound and southbound on i4, the turnpike is also some good news for the campus. the big hurdle that was cleared over the weekend next, the wild emergency landing by an 18-year-old right the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito --
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this morning we have an inside look into how the orange county sheriff's office chases down stolen cars. >> this while video from a helicopter shows a driver speeding down john young parkway last month. using a chopper is a lot safer chase but you can see the driver ditches his getaway car and hides beneath another car. he cannot hide from the p ellet -- helicopter. law-enforcement agencies may need to make some changes in the way they handle body cameras for the florida house passed a bill last week requiring any agency that uses body cameras to establish standards for doing s o. it does not require law enforcement to use the cameras, but agencies that do must set my set up rules for using and maintaining those cameras. now, the state senate will discuss its own version of that bill, the urban institute says law enforcement agencies are navigating through so-called gray areas the compromised transparency and accountability.
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passed a bill that keeps recorded video confidential if it is recorded on body cameras inside homes or anywhere privacy is expected. volunteers around central florida hope to fill the citrus bowl with the homeless. this easter sunday the orlando serve foundations or the nonprofit organizations from around the area are inviting homeless people to the event. they will offer a sunday church service, free food, haircuts -- haircuts and job opportunities. a district attorney in san bernardino california says a possible third gunmen could be uncovered if investigators can unlock the iphone of the shooter from december's terrorist a ttack. the fbi has been fighting for months to push apple to unlock the phone. but the tech company says doing that would compromise the privacy of all customers. the fbi, local law-enforcement, and eyewitnesses say they do not believe there was a third g unmen.
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manning, is calling it quits after an 18 year career. the denver broncos a plan to hold a news conference at 1 p.m. today to announce his retirement. he has been named am vp five times during his career. the only quarterback to help his team's score 200 wins. 539 touchdown passes a record for any player in the nfl. a small plane crash landed at the st. petersburg golf course and the two passengers inside walked away without any injuries. the plane made an emergency landing at the state pete country club on saturday. the 18-year-old pilot and his father to touchdown during its flight to -- to manatee county. the faa is looking into what causes mechanical problems. no one was hurt. florida power & light may face a lawsuit after a tsukuba diver says he got sucked into a massive pipe from its nuclear power plant. christopher says he and a friend were diving in port st. lucie last summer when he was sucked into the pipe. he spent five minutes trying to get away from a massive blade while he was inside. >> is going to chop me up and kill me.
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mouth and just die? i started taking about my family. how are they going to survive without me? >> he says the pipe eventually dumped them into a pond at the nuclear plant. the diver mr. bowie warning people to stay away. imagine coming back from vacation, $291 million richer. >> i can imagine. >> that is what happened to a judge from pennsylvania, after a trip to the florida keys >> james and bob stock was took a trip down to the keys last month, the two brother stopped at a convenience store to buy lotto tickets before the end of their trip. when james returned home, he matched the winning numbers of -- at the breakfast table, take a look at bob. >> it's okay, bob. the. >> he is missing a few commas there, he won a total of seven dollars. [laughter] do you think i still talk?
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>> that's hilarious. more i-4 ultimate project causing a headache for drivers. >> the busy road in the middle of downtown orlando that will not be shut down for more than
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right now on eyewitness news this morning, a major closure is happening today because of the eye for ultimate project. the ultimate route you might need from -- to get through downtown orlando for the next 14 months. another democratic debate is in the books and things got heated over key issues like gun- control >> and i finish, please >>reporter: the republican candidate stopping in central florida for a speech today >> sometimes i sell my cuss during a commission -- a commercial break. good morning, it is monday. it is so monday. 6a.m. [ laughter] >> let's get started with certified meteorologist, brian shields we have a big warm-up coming? >> what a weekend. how great was a? that will carry over into today. a big warm-up for the rest of


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