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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  March 7, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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breaking this noon, daytona beach police say a man stole a car with a sleeping child inside. it happened late this morning and less say after the car jacker saw the 12 year old girl sleeping in the car he abandoned it and the child was not hurt. channel 9 has more on the car jacker police are still trying to find this afternoon. >> reporter: i'm standing on white court and this is where daytona beach police say a man stole a car with a sleeping 12 year old girl inside. they got the call at 8:49 this morning and they say the victim, the mother was picking up another child in this neighborhood when she left her car running and the 12 year old in the back neighbors who saw some of this happen say it happened in seconds.
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with the car but soon notice the child in the back seat and actually pulled over at the eagle park apartments and left the car and fled the scene the child was unharmed but police are still on the look out for the suspect. they don't have much of a description except they say it is a black male described as having a short mohawk gold teeth in his early 20s last seen wearing a black t-shirt and capri jeans. if you see somebody who looks like that to contact police and of course we'll let you know when they make an arrest in this case. we're reporting in daytona beach, channel 9, eye witness news. state lawmakers have agreed to set aside millions for ucf's proposed downtown campus. we told you late last night when the budget was approved in tallahassee. channel 9 angela jacobs has been following this so this is exactly what ucf was asking for but the fight for funding is far from over since the governor is the one who has the final say on this one. >> reporter: and even with this
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officials won't yet discuss a groundbreaking for this site here. that's until they get that final stamp from tallahassee. with a suggested budget of $20 million from tallahassee exactly what ucf officials hoped for, the proposed downtown campuses one step closer to reality. lawmakers aprove the move sunday hoping both sides could work through any hang ups before the latest session ends friday. last night, university leaders showed their gratitude when they told us we're thankful for the legislative support for ucf downtown, but there's still a road, the budget must still be approved and governor scott must still sign off. we told you when scott vetoed initial plans last summer. now he has to be convinced a less expensive one is better. it was just approved the florida board of governors and relies heavily on private donations and ucf money along state.
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scheduled to be completed by 2018. >> moments ago our crews in governor up there. this development and what it could mean for ucf downtown that's coming up today on eye witness news at 4:00. reporting live in downtown orlando, angela jacobs, channel 9 eye witness news. we're learning more about human remains found in the week. investigators confirmed the remains were from a man but they don't know the cause of death and they haven't identified him. marion county sheriffs deputies got a tip a body was in the grave. investigators are trying to figure out what happened to the man. it's a warm afternoon and even warmer weather is head this way. check this out 80-degree temperatures back in the forecast. certified immediate local o just brian shields is tracking the latest from severe weather center 9. just beautiful. >> it is great. we had an awesome weekend that weather carrying over into today clearly and through the week we're going to continue to see a warm up all the way through at least friday.
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lapse and you'll see the fair weather clouds partly cloudy skies there's a lock at lake eola, always fun to see that fountain shooting up there and a beautiful day staying on the dry side. plenty of sunshine and comfortably warm this afternoon, already 77 degrees in orlando, kissimmee st. cloud, harmony, in the mid 70s. now along the coast a lot of low to mid 70s you'll see that live data changing just now 75 in titusville. light onshore breeze keeps us just a touch cooler along the coast drawing a few more clouds but overall pleasant coast and inland throughout the day. 24 hour temperature change again a slight warm up from yesterday. four, five, six, seven degrees warmer and we'll see that almost each day the next couple of days and that does mean mid to upper 80s in the forecast later this week. there's our satellite and radar and you'll see that easterly flow and clouds coming in from the water, drawing in a couple batches of clouds every now and then but again we aren't going
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as we take you through the rest of today here is winter park 75 degrees at 2:00 and again at 4:00 so most of us settle in the mid 70s pretty close to where we are now, then by this evening about 70 we'll drop off into the 60s just after 6:00 and looking good tonight too under mostly clear skies for tonight. for the rest of today here is a lock at those highs again we're at 77 now in orlando and that's pretty much where we will stick. 77 as we get into clermont 75 in lees bug so a little warmer inland. we'll be near 73 as we get toward palm coast. coming up we'll track that warm up all the way through the end of the week. vanessa? you can track the warmer temperatures for yourself at it will be a busy week for the presidential candidates. gop candidate senator marco rubio is holding a rally in sanford tonight and many believe the momentum may be shifting after the two wins by ted cruz in contests over the weekend.
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>> reporter: today the final push for boths in the great lake state. hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off in a sometimes nasty democratic debate ahead of michigan's primary. >> excuse me i'm talking. >> [applause] >> if you're going to talk tell the whole story senator sanders. >> the candidates debated in flint michigan devastated by the lead contaminated water crisis. >> it is raining lead in flint, and the state is not coming forward with the money that is required. >> over the weekend, wins for sanders in kansas, nebraska and maine but clinton took the big prize of louisiana, pushing her way ahead of sanders in the delegate count. in the gop battle ted cruz and donald trump both won two states. >> our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten donald trump over and over and over again. >> but cruz is closing the delegate gap just 84 away from the front run turpitude whose still taking hits from the establishment.
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nbc's meet the press. >> donald trump is the nominee the republican party will get killed and creamed and lose and deserve it. >> this morning trump fired back on twitter. lindsay graham is all over tv much like failed 47% candidate mitt romney. these nasty angry jealous failures have zero credibility. >> trump and cruz are calling for a two man race but marco rubio is holding on into their states of florida and ohio vote next week. tonights fox news town hall is in detroit. it will be clinton's first time appearing on the network in two years. abc news, washington. >> you can keep track of all of the political races by downloading our wftv news app. no word yet on if the motorcyclist who hit and killed a pedestrian in daytona beach will face any charges. it happened on north nova road before 8:00 last night. investigators say the driver who hit and killed a man stopped and is cooperating with police. that accident did force police to close part of north nova
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state lawmakers are set to take a final vote on a bill that legalizes full strength medical marijuana. that bill revamps a 2014 law which was bogged down in legal challenges. last thursday, we told you the house approved the measure and it made non-euphoris cannabis available to patients with cancer. if the bill is approved it heads to the governor's desk tickets are on sale for the games played right here in central florida. the sporting event for veterans was created by prince harry. last year we told you he announced the games would be held at the espn wide world of sports complex at disney world. we spoke with a retired u.s. navy airman competing in the games this year. >> the opening ceremony will be in ic and the games in itself is just going to be something special. >> more than 500 wounded veterans and active duty service members from 14 nations are expected to compete may 8- 12. changes are coming to your
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the busy road that shutdown just a few hours ago and the detours you'll have to take. the questions being raised after navy seal teams reported they don't have enough weapons. and it's dry and warm for now but coming up we'll track
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this afternoon isis is claiming responsibility for a
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people in iraq. the bombing happened in an iraqi city just south of baghdad. police say a truck rigged with explosives detonated yesterday in a busy checkpoint which leads to two holy cities. another 95 people were injure in the attack and officers said eight other people are still missing. north korea is threatening nuclear action in response to joint military drills between the u.s. and south korea. the exercises started today north korean defense officials considered them aggression by its enemies. state run media quoted a national defense spokesman saying a nuclear strike would show the countries military might. this afternoon, the country in the world are remembering nancy reagan. the former first lady passed over the weekend leaving a legacy of class and elegance, both during her husband's time in office and after. abc brandy hit is at the regan presidential library in california. >> reporter: it was 12 years ago nancy reagan gave this emotional goodbye to her beloved husband, hugging ronald
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preparations are under way for the former first lady to be buried next to him. after she died sunday morning of heart failure in her home. >> she died very peacefully, it was her time. >> the regans love story spanned more than 50 years, from hollywood all the way to the white house. mrs. regan never leaving her husband's side. outside the ronald regan presidential library families are leaving flowers as condolences pore in from around the world. former first lady barbara bush saying we take comfort that they will be reunited once more. president obama adding nancy reagan once wrote that nothing could prepare you for living in the white house. she was right, of course. >> she was one of the greatest first ladies, extraordinary human being. >> nancy reagan was her husband's most trusted advisor and launched the just say no about i-drug campaign. >> what should you do when
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>> just say no! >> she later became the presidents devoted caretaker during his battle with alzheimers. >> if a death can be peaceful and lovely, that one was. >> president obama has now ordered flags to fly at half staff with the white house and federal buildings in her honor. funeral details are being finalized but we've been told the public will have a chance to pay their respects before private service is held here at the library, with more than a thousand invited guests, including former presidents and heads of state. brandy hit, abc news, california. in the next few hours, congressman john michael will be in central florida discussing transportation plans for orange county. congressman michael will speak at the university club on north park avenue at 5:30 and is expected to talk about linx bus services plans for sun rail and making the streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists. he's also supposed to talk more in depth about the i4 ultimate project.
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researchers are warning macinto owners their laptops might not be as safe as they think. ransom wear has successfully targeted apple computers for the first time. palo alto network said it spotted the ran om wear on mac systems friday. ransom wear is software that hijacks a computer and locks out its user until a ransom is paid. a plane carrying a nascar team made a safe emergency landing at the main airport in memphis after smoke was reported in the cabin. hendrix motorsports says its team members were on their way back to durham, north carolina after the nascar sprint cup series atlas vegas motor speed why. the passengers were moved on to another plane and continued on their way. el nino has brought record breaking heat and heavy rain to central florida but in california is causing flash floods. in northern california, heavy rain and strong wind are downing trees and power lines and blocking roads and causing damage to homes and cars. just look at that. el nino is also causing erosion
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the edge of a cliff and southern california, nearly half a dozen people had to be rescued from rising water along the la river. what a mess they had to deal with and dangerous too. look at that. >> what a difference for us. it's like a postcard around here. >> changes this week but again we're going from nice weather to nice weather for the most part before we get changes. it is going to be a little bit warmer by the end of the week. take a look at that a warm up 77 degrees for today, that is average so mid to upper 70s in the cards for today but by tomorrow, about 80 but again, we're not talking about our summertime heat and humidity quite yet. then by the time we hit wednesday we'll be up to 83, thursday and friday ahead of a storm system that will be nearby and we're going to be warming up even further. let's get a look in daytona beach for us and you'll see again some of the scattered clouds that are around. overall it's a good looking day 73 degrees now, winds are calm
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breeze there are temperatures in the low to mid 70s across- the-board 75 cocoa beach and 75 in clermont and as we get over toward palm coast we're checking in in the low 70s a little bit cooler as a whole through the afternoon along the coastment winds are scooting in off the water and pulling out of the east and you'll see that breeze about 5-15 miles per hour bringing in a few clouds but again, fair weather clouds for the most part, dry air in place. this is the water vapor and when you'll see that orange shading around it's telling me it's dry in the atmosphere in the mid levels and again we won't see any threat of rain so good looking afternoon mid 70s my friends and then drop off into the 60s won that sun goes down so this is 2:00 and you'll see a few scattered clouds rolling in but no green on the map. we will be staying on the dry side and through tonight, mostly clear skies and another comfortable night. nights have been awesome to open up those windows. beaches a lot of us running to work but seas four to six feet and high risk of rip currents
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partly cloudy and with our warm afternoon, about 73 in palm coast 75 in leesburg, and 77 into the villages and again we'll see those clouds moving in from the east to the west and then tonight mostly clear skies winds settle some this is a little chilly in marion county down to 52 and 60s in brevard county with the onshore breeze but most of us in the 60s for tonight a very nice night, very comfortable weather on the way for tonight. then tomorrow we'll get warmer and talking about this earlier inland, touching about 80 still with an onshore breeze not quite as warm at the coast but again low to mid 70s flagler, volusia, and brevard counties for tonight. all right here is your five day forecast, with the weekend always in view. there's the warm up each day through friday. 80 tomorrow, 83 on wednesday, 85 on thursday, overnight lows get a little milder too nothing too sticky or anything like that but low to mid 60s by the end of the week for our
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now by the weekend, there are some signs of a storm system nearby but there's discrepancies and does it move in closer saturday or sunday so right now about a 40% chance of showers a couple storms possible saturday. we'll fine tune that as we get closer and don't forget this upcoming weekend by the way is the weekend we spring forward one hour and i'll give you those reminders throughout the week and we'll talk more about that time change coming up in the next half hour. vanessa? nfl quarterback peyton manning is calling it quits after an 18 year career. the denver broncos organization plans to hold a news conference later this afternoon to announce mannings retirement. manning has been named mvp five times during his career and is the only quarterback to help his team score 200 wins he's made 539 touchdown passes, a record for any player in the nfl. the central florida expressway authority wants to hear from you about how they should handle the 408 expansion. tomorrow, you can meet with officials to talk about ideas.
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state road 520. developers say it's needed because local roads won't be able to handle the heavy traffic as the community grows. p.m. at the east point fellow ship church on colonial drive in orlando. a florida teens escape from a kidnapper was caught on camera. what police said she did right to get away from the suspect.
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this afternoon we're work together get more information about a man investigators say has hiv and engaged in a sex act with a child. 24 year old richie smith jr. faced a judge over the weekend and he's facing several charges including sexual battery on a child. court records show the alleged incident happened in november. a person was found dead
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from ucf in orange county. investigators found the person yesterday morning in a wood area near dean road and university boulevard. sheriffs office said the victim had been drinking with friends and never woke up. that persons name has not yet been released. daytona beach police say the woman who rammed her car into several people at the daytona international speedway had a blood alcohol level of more than twice the legal limit. abbey mcdaniel kin it of cocoa beach crashed her car saturday. they say she also crashed into some cars. at least four people were taken to the hospital. one of the eye witnesses told us he was a firefighter and jumped into help. >> luckily there wasn't very many people out walking around. >> it could have been worse. thankfully everyone is alive. >> the four people hurt are out of the hospital this afternoon. she bonded out of jail but faces dui charges. an accused bank robber is out of jail after being arrested yesterday . this is surveillance video from the
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less say the manual see in the blue cap is 44-year-old anthony caprino. saturday he went into the bank, implied he had a begun and took off with a paper bag full of cash and it was found in the bushes outside the front door. orange county deputies are trying to determine if a dark colored suburban is connected to a shooting. that was some of the gunfire on west colonial that happened saturday night. deputies were responding to a trespassing complaint when she say shots came from behind the restaurant toward them. shortly after that the suburban was seen speeding away. nobody was hurt. osceola county libraries are getting a $5 million renovation. the lakes branch in kissimmee closed today and is set to reopen in the middle of april and you can pick up holes at heart memorial library and counter leaders start renovating a point say in a branch april 15. thousands of high ranking state workers keep their low
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lower paid workers have to pay five times as much. an agreement has been made on a benefits package for high ranking employees and a little more than $8 a month for individual coverage and family coverage will run about $30 a month. but non-executive off r off average state workers will pay $50 a month for individual coverage and 180 a month for family coverage. the owner of the sunken cargo ship el faro settled lawsuits with throw more families and that ship sank in the bahamas during hurricane joaquin in october. they tried to determine whether anyone was neglect. so far the owner of the ship settled with 14 families of the 33 crew members who died. one crew member was from central florida. more than 60,000 soccer fans packed the citrus bowl for orlando city city opener and they got quite a show. now orlando city had not scored and as the crowd started to
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was a goal scored and less than a minute later another goal was made. the game also proved to be an economic boost for the city of orlando. >> it's exciting to see that this many people are out supporting our city. it's exciting to come back and be in the excitement of everything. >> this is orlando city second season in major league soccer. the final score was tied 2-2. never leave early. the population of daytona beach exploded in just the past few days at least temporarily. thousands of people are in town for bike week. what's surprising the highway patrol about the event so far? and what's behind a storage
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just within the past few hours construction crews is shutdown garland avenue in downtown orlando as part of the i4 ultimate project. the road just north of colonial drive will be closed for the next 14 months. we first told you about this that it was coming on friday. crews will be building bridges in an on ramp from colonial drive to i4. channel 9 has more on the detours you'll have to use now. >> reporter: for the next 14 months, prepare for detours. thousands of you will have to find another way using either magnolia or orange avenue instead of north and southbound garland between orange avenue and state road 50. >> state road 50 is a huge road for i4 so this big road meets up with another huge interstate so we have to make sure we have traffic flowing we want to make it better for the future. >> also this month we found out
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right in the middle of the garland avenue closure. that's part of the a six-month wastewater project on marks and we found out fdot officials will open a lane of garland to help drivers to get to businesses that would otherwise be blocked off. >> it's all-in a grid but we want to make sure we don't veer people too far off from where they were trying to go. >> channel 9 eye witness news. project leaders also say you can expect rolling roadblocks on i4 during the overnight hours starting later this month. today florida highway patrol said its been a surprisingly safe bike week so far. troopers say they did not work any fatal motorcycle crashes in volusia county over the weekend, however daytona beach did work a fatal crash involving a motorcycle and pedestrian as we told you earlier in the newscast. there are thousands of bikers on the road around daytona beach so troopers are still asking to watch out for the bikers on central florida roads. bike weekends next weekend. just as the bikers leave next week, the spring breakers
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here is a live look at daytona beach this afternoon. although daytona beach doesn't attract as many spring breakers as it once did beach patrol does expect bigger crowds at volusia county beaches next week so they will be on the lock out for underage drinkers. it is a perfect beach day. warm afternoon and even warmer weather headed our way 80s back in the forecast. certified meteorologist brian shields is tracking the latest from severe weather center 9. >> monday perfect beach day a tease. here is a look at downtown orlando fair weather clouds around partly cloudy skies, looking beautiful and staying dry today. 77 now in downtown it's warm winds are out of the east at 16 so nice little breeze and helping us out. here is a look at the numbers taking you county by county, nelson park temperatures around 76 back in waterford lakes, we're at 74 now. swinging through seminole county for maitland, up toward altamonte springs about 71 toward fern park and longwood
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lake mary and we swing toward the coast we're a touch cooler in daytona beach there is that 73, mid 70s pierceon and deland and again just clouds pumping in you'll see that easterly breeze with us, bringing in a few of the clouds along the coast but either way we cut it partly cloudy skies, we'll be a little warmer though across our interior zones but we are warming up further the next few days each day through friday, we are going to be warmer for today, this is in daytona as we continue through bike week 75 tomorrow, 77, 79 on wednesday, coming up we're going to talk about what temperatures will soar through the 80s. vanessa? things are not looking good for allegiant airlines. the teamsters aviation mechanics coalition will release a report today blasting the air loin for several recent safety issues. a take off was aborted yesterday in indiana because of the smoke and we told you in december about a flight out of orlando sanford international airport that had to be diverted
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safe and pilots union is making false claims in the middle of contract negotiations. malaysian officials received a piece of plane debris found by a seattle man they hope belongs to missing malaysia airlines flight 370. that debris was found along the coastline by blain gibson. he traveled the world trying to solve the mystery of the plane that disappeared in 2014 with 239 people on boardment investigators will determine if the debris does in fact belong to that missing plane. u.s. military officials are looking into a shortage of combat rifles for navy seal teams. a congressman says the shortage isn't due to lack of money but because of wasteful spending. combat rifles can cost up to several thousand dollars but they are among the least expensive items the military buys. one navy seal says they are lacking amunition for training because much of it is being used for real combat missions. former president jimmy carter got good news about his health. he no longer needs cancer
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president carter shared that news sunday morning at his church in georgia. doctors will still check up on the former president with scans to monitor his health. last december, a scan showed there were no signs of cancer on his brain after he was diagnosed with melanoma. the u.s. coast guard has decided to suspend its search for the texas man who fell overboard from a cruise ship near key largo. the 46 year old fell about 100 feet from the deck of the royal caribbean navigator of the seas saturday morning. late last night officials made the announcement they would suspend the search after covering 250 square nautical miles. central florida gun owners get a chance to learn how to properly use their weapons later this week. sanford police are hosting a gun safety class for adults and children this wednesday. it will be held at the police department community room that's on goldsboro boulevard. and police want to remind everyone not to bring a gun to the gun safety class. it starts at 4:00 p.m. florida power and light could soon be slapped with a lawsuit after scuba driver says
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pipe from its nuclear power plant. he and a friend were diving near port st. lucie last summer when he was sucked into the pipe. he spent five minutes trying to get away from a massive blade while le was inside the pipe. >> it's going to chop me up and kill me. icon templated do i pull the reg you'll late or out of my mouth and just die, start thinking about my family, how are they going to survive without me? >> the pipe eventually dumped him into a pond at the nuclear plant and fp& l says driver missed a buoy warning people to stay away. volunteers from all over central florida hope to fill the citrus bowl with homeless people on easter sunday. the orlando surf foundation and non-profit organizations are inviting people who live in motels their cars and camps to the event along with those living in poverty. they will offer a job fair, health fair, free hair cuts food showers and clothes. new research says there's a
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childhood obesity. how peanut butter may be able to help keep your childs health in good check. now the strange looking robot may be able to help treat
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she has brown hair, light skin, and a shift voice and she's a robot. >> i am a solution companion
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i can recognize people. >> meet nadine. she's about five and a half feet tall modeled by her creator. a professor in singapore. her software allows her to express a range of emotions and recall a previous conversation. she hopes one day the robot can be used as a personal assistant or care provider for the elderly. she's also working on similar robots to play with children. doctors say peanut butter can help fight against childhood obesity. in a new study researchers found children who swapped snacks for nuts or peanut butter had a lower body mass index than children who ate unhealthy snacks. doctors say nuts peanuts and peanut butter could help lower your risk for type ii diabetes and heart disease. if you're having trouble getting a good night sleep yoga may be your answer. almost 10% of americans suffer from chronic insomnia and more than 25% say they don't get enough sleep. fitness instructors say people who practice yoga before bed usually sleep better at night.
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stretching poses help prepare the body for sleep. >> when we practice yoga, we learn to calm the nervous system and stop secreting all those stress hormones all the things that are so detrimental and can cause chronic disease. >> deep breathing exercises before bed can also stimulate the nervous system and help you relax. prices at the pump are creeping back up. why it's now costing you more to fill up. and the attempted kidnapping case that has some florida kids on edge. and future track is showing our easterly flow for today keeping us with some nice temperatures, but i'll show you
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there's a search happening now in florida for the man who tried to kidnap a 13-year-old girl in the pompano beach area. her escape and sprint to safety all caught on camera and police say that victim did what they recommend all children do if this happens to them. abc has more.
12:43 pm
old girl in pompano beach, florida runs from her would be kidnapper. her backpack still on. the suis v following her allegedly driven by the man police are looking for this morning, leaving other student on edge. >> that's creepy and it's really scary. >> police say the man in this sketch drove up to the 13-year- old last week in his tan suv and asked if she was walking home. she ignored him. he got out of the suv and grabbed her by the waist to pull her in and she pushed back screaming and we see this on video. the girl running away. >> it is very troubling and that's why we want him off the street. >> expert say the girl did the right thing. more than 80% of children who escape an attempted abduction did something proactive. >> what she did was exactly the right thing. the kicking, screaming, yelling anything she can do to draw attention to that situation, get away from her would be kidnapper. this girl saved her own life.
12:44 pm
girl bit her would be kidnapper and got away. surveillance video capturing her running to get her parents and just last year, this connecticut teen who accepts a ride from an abductor later jumps out of that moving car, landing on the asphalt. >> a lot of children are taught to be polite, to elders and an adult and that's not always the best course of action. parents need to teach their kids that it's okay to say no. >> so here is what experts suggest you teach your kids. have them check with you first before they get in anyones car. use the buddy system. have them walk home with a friend. say "no" and always tell a trusted adult about any encounters. >> abc news, new york. >> you might see higher prices when you fill up your gas tank today. in the past two weeks gas prices jumps $0.07. right now the average price is $1.84, still $0.96 cheaper than the average price this time last year. the height comes because of
12:45 pm
growing need for gas across the country. two events are happening tomorrow during a total solar eclipse. the moons shadow will travel across the earth late tomorrow into wednesday. people in indonesia and areas of the north pacific will be able to see it and an asteroid will flyby the earth is expected to be about 3 million miles away so you likely won't see it. nasa does say though it could actually approach as close as 15,000 miles. >> a big difference. >> yes. when you think about it. >> a few million, a couple thousand? see what happens. >> because our weather is perfect. >> it's beautiful and warming up and we'll warm up further right through the end of the week and then we'll get into our next chance of some rain. here we are in downtown orlando. partly cloudy 77, winds east at 16 miles per hour. we swing over toward deltona 75 winds out of the east at about 14 miles per hour temperatures in those 70s for all of us we are going to stay a little bit
12:46 pm
especially our northern coastline 72 in palm coast and we'll hold steady through the rest of the day. these temperatures we may tack on a degree or two here or there but with the easterly flow generally staying steady from here on out and we have been warming up 24 hour temperature change just a few degrees warmer we'll be a few degrees warmer tomorrow again on wednesday, thursday and friday as we warm up through the end of the week. there is that easterly wind with us a little breezy at times 10-15 miles per hour and that is drawing in a couple of the scattered clouds around but fair weather clouds no rain in the forecast quite yet at least in the short-term i should say, and on the broader picture we don't have any storm system that's trying to work in so clermont today as we go through the hourly planner 75 at 2:00 and sports practices or evening plans will be near 70 at 6:00 and just after that we'll drop off into the 60s so 3:00 today get a couple more clouds at the coast we'll be staying dry which is that easterly wind drawing in partly cloudy skies for today we're actually doing that thomas well, mostly clear
12:47 pm
beaches as we go water temperatures gradually warming still kind of cool for us 65- 68,seas four to six feet and strong risk of the rip currents with us moderate chop on the intracoastal because of the breeze so partly cloudy our warm afternoon let's go over the temperatures with you area wide 76 today, in the villages 74 in titusville, 74 melbourne and then for tonight the springs longwood, sanford we'll be in the 50s, a really nice night one of those nights you could have the windows open, 52 in ocala that's the cool spot to 65 in cocoa beach the warm spot and then tomorrow another partly cloudy day but as i mentioned it's a little bit warmer but still really nice 80 kissimmee and st. cloud over toward harmony and clermont will touch about 82 degrees and back through the grant area over towards cypress creek and melbourne 76 degrees so we'll have 70s along the coast and by the way this up come egging
12:48 pm
when we spring forward and lose an hour of sleep. this is a time change weekend and i'll pass those reminders as we go throughout the rest of the week so you don't forget. five day forecast with the weekend always in view there is the 80 tomorrow, 83 wednesday and i mentioned that gradual warm up by thursday and friday, 85-86 degrees ahead of a storm system nearby this weekend, still a question mark on the weekend rain chance again that's six, seven days away looking at a 40% chance of showers possibility of thunder saturday but we'll fine tune that one as we get a bit closer. vanessa? two brothers both won money in the lottery during a trip to florida but as you can see, things weren't exactly equal.
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here is a look at the stories we're working on for you today for eye witness news at 4:00. daytona beach police are look for main they say stole a car with a sleeping child inside. investigators say the car jacker later abandoned the car and the child was not hurt. all new at 4:00 the clues police have to catch their suspect. and gop presidential candidate marco rubio is holding a rally in sanford tonight. the u.s. senator from florida is trying to get support in state just days before the crucial florida primary. we'll be there live bringing you updates on the senator's visit at 4:00. you know how most of us worry about spending too much money on vacation. imagine coming back from vacation $291 million richer. that's what happened to a judge from pennsylvania after a trip to florida and he wasn't the only winner in the family. james and bob stockless took a trip to the keys last mthe two brothers bought lotto tickets at a convenience store.
12:52 pm
out he won a big jackpot. his brother won some money too, $7. james says he's bringing his family back to the tees to celebrate. and he should pay because he has all the money. stocks are up on wall street this afternoonment here is a look at the numbers so far we'll have closing figures tonight on channel 9 eye
12:55 pm
let's get the latest on your forecast with certified meteorologist brian shields. we even have 80s in the forecast. >> as soon as tomorrow we'll be at about 80 degrees 77 today so pretty close too inland, a little cooler a long our coastline but partly cloudy skies today, tomorrow, we'll be dry the next couple days but warming up for sure, 83 by wednesday, and then we'll settle in the mid 80s thursday and friday. that's warmer but still not our summertime humidity. then we'll monitor our chance of a few showers and storms by the weekend but we'll fine tune where that storm system will be as we go throughout the end of the week i hope you have a great afternoon and enjoy the weatherment i'll see you tomorrow morning. vanessa? thank you for watching channel 9 eye witness news at noon.
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