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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  March 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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here in florida if you vote for john kasich or cruz, you're voting for donald trump. i'm the only one that can beat him in florida. rubio says that florida is the key to his victory when voters head to the poll. rubio admitted that florida is make or break for his campaign. >> reporter: he did but he also qualified that by saying he believes that's true for every candidate in any campaign. now here at the bakery this morning, he said he concentrated on telling voters
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>> i truly believe america's best days lie ahead if we do what needs to be done. >> reporter: speaking in english and spanish. marco rubio stepped off to a warm welcome at the bakery. the popular rest rapt was a late add. >> he earned florida, if you're voting for kasich or cruz, you're voting for trump. i'm the only one that can beat him here. >> reporter: there's no the
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believes rubio will redo what he did in puerto rico. >> in 2012 mitt romney wrapped up the nomination in florida. i think that will have the same impact in 2016. >> reporter: and ask about reports that his own advisors are telling him to drop out, rubio called them false, ridiculous and shameful journalism. it is a big day on the campaign trail as people from several states are heading to the polls. 150 delegates are at stake with primaries in michigan, hawaii, idaho and mississippi. michigan is a crucial pass or fail test for front runner donald trump. we'll explain why a little later in this newscast. the exit and entrance ramps
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after a crash that dumped wood all over the road. troopers say the driver of the semi carrying lumber lost control. hit a car hauler and ended up on its side. three people were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. it's warm today and it's going to warm up even more. >> about 80 degrees, we will continue to warm up the next few hours. partly cloudy skies. we've seen batches of clouds and now and then. we get a look at the temperature spread we're all running in the 70s. a few low 70s in our northern tier. 78degrees now in kissimmee. 77 in the villages. you see that on shore flow bringing in a few more clouds. some spots a ton of sunshine. others seeing some of that
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you see it here as we zoom down. brevard into the lake county. that southeasterly breeze that's keeping us warm but also drawing a bit of cloud cover in spots. no green on the map. we're going to be staying on the dry side. by the time we hit 4:00 we're going to be right near 80 inland. not as warm around the coast. another spectacular evening on the way. 73, they have been super comfortable. very pleasant. they want that light jacket by this evening. 73 at 6:00 then just after that we're going to see some of those temperatures falling through the 60s. city by city for the numbers today. along the coast will be in the mid-70s. titusville to palm coast and flagler beach. 81 today in okala. keep in mind we started out in
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we're going to creep to 80 degrees this afternoon. again a dry day coming up though, we're going to track that next chance of rain in the forecast. >> you can track the warmer weather for yourself at the health of sea world's tilicum whale is questionable. he is not being given a lot of time. tilicum was the whale involved in the attack of a handler. >> reporter: the orca whale is being cared for right here at sea world orlando. they have just reported that the 34-year-old whale's health is quickly deteriorating. despite treatment, tilicum has been fighting a bacterial infection in his lungs.
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the theme park for 23 years. tilicum was also the orca at the center of the black fish documentary and the death of a trainer. the whale has become very lethargic and the disease that he has is progressive and will only get worse according to that veterinarian that is treating him. now we have reached out to sea world to find out an update on the condition of tillicum. we're also working to find out if they will add another orca whale to their attraction. we'll have what we find at 4:00. late county investigators say a tip helped them shut down a grow house. these pictures show just some of the 288 plants seized at the home yesterday.
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of marijuana in the home with the price of $325,000. orlando police need your help to find the men who robbed a sun glass hut. these men didn't even bother to cover their faces. you see the man taking the glasses and putting them in his bag and went to the worker and demanded answer. this afternoon orlando police are investigating a deadly shooting at an apartment complex. we first told you about this as it was breaking on eyewitness news at 11:00 last night. police say it happened just after 8:30 on north cherry road. officers found a man shot and he later died. the case is being investigated as a homicide. this afternoon, orlando police are trying to find the driver who crashed a stolen car into a family's home. right now the home on lakeland avenue is all boarded up. we've learned that two people
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silver mitsubishi eclipse hit a tree and crashed into the living room but nobody was hurt. police say the driver took off, leaving the car behind. now they're looking for any forensic evidence to find who was behind the wheel. despite controversy, the best teacher rewards will continue for another year. that's 5 million than in the past. critics say there's no evidence that a teacher's high school test scores improve their effectiveness in the classroom. and the ww is coming to florida. a new take on an old scam. how scammers are going after your employer to try to get your personal information. >> we're tracking even warmer
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donald trump faces a big test with what political experts are calling white working class voters. the first industrial state to hold a vote. >> reporter: four states are up for grabs today in the republican race and polls show
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all of them. >> you in michigan, we have hawaii and we have the greatest potato group in the world, idaho. i love idaho. >> reporter: making trump the target of an all out ad war against him. >> donald trump hasn 't served this country a day in his life. >> reporter: veterans calling trump a draft dodge and a conservative pack attacking his temperament. bloomberg everyone announcing he is not running because quote there's a good chance that my candidacy would lead to the election of donald trump or senator ted cruz. just yesterday the mexican president also weighed in comparing trump to hitler. trump responded on the phone on gma. >> i'm not happy about that certainly. i don't want that compareson. but you know we have to be strong and we have to be vigilant. >> we will not let a person like that ever become president of the united states. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton is also vowing to do everything she can
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and senator bernie sanders is adamant he isn't going any where. >> we're talking about running this campaign to win, to become president of the united states. >> reporter: and today, as voters cast their ballots the candidates are already looking ahead. holding rallies in states like florida, north carolina and ohio up for grabs next week. the mayor of the berry is flying to cuba but is coming home on a makeshift raft. mayor johnson says he wants to know what cubans go through. he will be blogging about his trip. aspiring pilots now have the chance to be trained by jet blue and it starts right here in central florida. the airline started accepting for its gateway select pilot training program. it's specifically designed for people who are new to aviation.
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program is done in o*r ran -- orlando. we have all the information you need it's on our website. just go to and father and son celebrating a birthday turned into a scary call. they shared their story with the national audience on good morning america. >> land on are you still going to go to baseball games? >> yes, if i sit next to my dad. >> reporter: shawn cunningham brought his son to baseball practice. >> i just tried to do everything i could to block it or deflect the bat. i didn't know how close it came to my son's face until i saw the picture sunday night.
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landon's shoulder but he is just fine. and he says his dad is a hero and he is. >> that's a great story. >> quick too isn't he. >> because that could have been terrible. >> yeah, i mean that picture, unbelievable. >> says it all. >> right at his face. any who, great day. it's nice, just getting a little bit warmer. we'll do that again tomorrow, and a lot warmer by the time we arrive to the end of the week. there's plenty of beach here in daytona beach. that's just gorgeous. you see some of those clouds off in the distance other wise mostly sunny skies now. daytona beach, daytona beach shores by the shores resort down toward south daytona. it is looking good. 75 comfy weather. a light breeze out there for most of us. everybody in the 70s. 77 as you get over toward the villages.
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make our way over toward titus. interior sections away from the breeze. we're going to get a little warmer. we had a wind in brevard that kept us around 70 for an overnight low in melbourne. definitely milder. fair skies. you see all that orange in the atmosphere at the mid-level that's the dry weather that is in place. i don't expect any rain the next couple of days but by the weekend we'll see a storm system near by. future track just running through that time frame all the way through 7:00. a couple of clouds along the coast and that's really going to do it. then as we hit tonight, same deal, a few coastal clouds. a little green on the map. but again just too dry out there for any rain.
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the bigger issue, seas running around 70 degrees. partly cloudy. warming up, temperatures getting near 80 again. west and south of orlando. 70s elsewhere. right near 80 in clairmont. tonight mostly clear skies another gorgeous night. 50s, 60s around enjoy it. 55 in melbourne. then tomorrow partly cloudy skies. 74 in palm coast. but a little warmer inland look at ocala. the villages, clairmont will be close to some mid-80s. 83 orlando. 83degrees in our session city and kissimmee. your five day forecast with our weekend always in view. there's the 83 tomorrow. 86 on thursdays and friday. so even warmer later this week. but again, we don't have our summertime humidity in play. so it's going to be okay. overnight lows will be in the mid-60s by the end of the week.
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we're going to see a front approach. but this time of year they don't always kick through. it'll be a front that will be near by. it'll enhance a chance of a few showers and storms saturday and sunday. especially in the afternoon. right now leave it at a 30% chance. because we don't have a big front blowing through we'll be in the 80s for highs and don't forget saturday night. that's the night we spring ahead an hour. and i'll continue to give you a reminder on that time change weekend ahead. >> if you walk around lake eola you will note some eggs. we've had calls from concerned viewers about the eggs being out in the open. the eggs do have a success rate of more than 82%. it's a new twist to an old scam using the irs. how scammers are targeting your employer trying to get your information.
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daytona beach police say the man who took a car with a girl inside is still on the lose. we spoke to the girl's aunt who says she's just happy the girl is okay. >> scary that someone jumps in the car with your kids. >> the only description of the suspect is that he has gold teeth and a mohawk. under this new law, 10 out of the 12 members of the jury must vote for the death sentence.
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and the judge made the decision. state lawmakers also reached a deal on a state budget, the full house and senate are expected to give their final vote friday. after a required 72 hour waiting period, lawmakers voted for several changes in the budget. including paying teachers for good grades, we told you about that earlier in the newscast. the law does not require officers to wear the camera but it will require the recording. deputies say mario scar face hall fired five shots at a car. but they say he may have mistaking a family for a man he
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paul was on a court ordered gps which is how investigators were able to find him. >> why would he even be out if he had that many priors. i am so blessed, she is blessed. >> we asked for a jailhouse interview and we have not heard back. terminally ill patients will soon be able to use medical marijuana if the house approves a bill. the existing law faced a few legal challenges before this new proposal. but some critics say the new bill is too restrictive about who can grow the marijuana. >> you're basically mandating that five families get wealthy. you're mandating and you're using the power of government to stop everybody else from getting into this cartel. >> reporter: supporters of the bill say they're confident governor scott will sign it into law. the millionaire convicted of killing his wife is expected
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earlier this month the judge ruled that bob ward should get a new trial after he claims his lawyers made mistakes in 2011. the new trial will likely not be for another four years. the state is appealing the decision, the hearing is set for next thursday. 9 investigates found that it'll be difficult to look into an official. the founder took a plea deal last week saying she worked with two others including a public official telling donors they were collecting money for scholarships but it was really being used for personal expenses according to the report. a former federal prosecutor told us that federal investigators will have to talk to the third person the founder worked with and prove the case isn't political motivated before the unnamed public official can be indicted. some local drivers say it's costing them more to drive
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we told you when if central florida authority removed the indicators that lets drivers know when their pass account was low. >> this year they're projecting a huge jump in revenue and it just seems to me more than coincidence that this huge loss in revenue last year, the they're projecting a huge jump. >> reporter: csx told us they're working on a way to limit fees when they don't have enough money in accounts. darwin saren is suspended after this red card. orlando city says the team will not appeal the decision. 60,000 fans at the citrus bowl, that is the fifth largest soccer crowd at any game in the entire world last weekend. wrestle mania is coming back to orlando. the announcement was made late this morning with a little
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when you'll be able to see the new show. >> and new warnings about scammers now targeting you at your job. >> driven by toyota of orlando
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new at noon, wrestle mania is coming back to orlando. norman was there for the big announcement. a big boost for orlando. >> reporter: it's already being advertised right there whaoeupd -- behind me on the citrus bowl
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we already heard about how big this is. how many people they expect it to bring to florida and the estimated millions being spent here this is big for the average person living in florida. it's shows how important it was to renovate the citrus bowl and how they're making tax dollars by bringing these big events and because wrestle mania is coming back to orlando. >> we're the first city to host wrestle mania twice. okay. you know we're the most visited city in the world and having wwe select us again is just a testament to what we have to offer here in orlando. >> reporter: we also heard from wwe superstar rick flair and his daughter charlotte, and stephanie mcman and john cena all of them talking about how family friendly wrestle mania
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last time here in orlando and how much they're looking forward to it next year. it won't be until later this summer when we get information about ticket sales. we'll keep you updated on that. we're going to go back to interviews we just got talking about mayors and the governor again as well as some of those wwe superstars and we'll share more about what they're telling us tonight on our eyewitness news at 4:00. reporting live in orlando. jana norman. two republican senators are asking the justice department to question the staffer that worked on the server that held hillary clinton's e-mails.
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latest for us from severe weather center 9. feeling like spring already. >> we have a few batches of clouds downtown orlando. partly cloudy skies a mix of southern clouds whatever you want to call it. 76degrees. winds out of the east at 7 miles per hour. all running in the 70s around orange county. then we swing into the seminole county. cranes roost also around 75. and back into the berry beautiful deberry. 75 in daytona beach. a lot of sunshine in daytona beach but a few more clouds south of volusia county, southern sections of volusia
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volusia could -- county. we're warming up to 80 degrees today. then tomorrow another gorgeous night on the way. comfortable weather mostly clear skies for tonight. temperatures will be running right near 60 degrees. now, sunrise times are achanging. the sun goes down at 6:44 this morning. by monday 7:36. that's because it's a time change weekend we're going to spring ahead an hour as we hit early summer or the first day of summer itself back to about 6:30 as we have a ton of daylight as we get into this upcoming stretch. we also have warmer weather to talk about. we will track those soaring temperatures just ahead. be prepared to wait in long lines at security checkpoints. the tsa admits it wasn't doing it job well and was moving people through security too quickly. now with spring break under way and summer not too far behind
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the tsa says it has expedited the hiring process and enrollment. nancy reagan will be layed to rest next to her husband former president ronald reagan. she will be buried at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. wednesday and thursday she will lie in repose for mourners to pay their respects. nancy reagan died sunday, she was 94. the u.s. justice department has decided to appeal a new york judge's ruling that apple cannot be forced to provide the government access to locked iphone data. a judge made the ruling last week during an unrelated drug case. the federal government wants apple to create software to help investigators break into the phone of the san bernardino shooter. apple says doing so would put customer security at risk.
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oj simpson trial is speaking out about that mini series that's going on over the case. >> reporter: 22 years ago the oj simpson trial had television audiences rivetted. >> if it doesn't fit you must acquit. >> reporter: just five episodes in, oj back in the public conscious with the people versus oj simpson. already a record breaking hit on fx. >> absolutely 100% not guilty. >> who would have thought we would still be talking about it 20 years later. >> reporter: it's a trip down memory lane for david aldana one of the 12 jurors who after a 12 month jury acquitted simpson. he thinks the evidence wasn't enough to put oj behind the bars. >> 20 years later do you stand behind the decision of the jurors. >> oh yeah. did he do it?
12:35 pm
the evidence didn't prove it. >> reporter: as for the mini series bringing the trial back to life he says it's made for television. >> my first impression is did this stuff really happen? did some of this happen. did this go on. the big green, the behind the scenes part with clark doing this that and the other. >> and the actual item is described as a knife. >> reporter: but sources telling us that just like all the other tips over the years, after all. as for david, his life post- trial has never been the same. >> lost friends, people that i knew wouldn't talk to me anymore. a few couple of fistfights. over the verdict.
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that knife found on oj simpsons property is inconsistent with a knife used to kill o.j. simpson. the knife is a relatively inexpensive knife carried by the gardeners. the new rules require the groups to do a better job reporting how they spend money. >> when the money is given away. the recipient is supposed to follow up with a report showing where the money went. showing cancelled checks, receipts, it's never been enforced for two years. >> reporter: commissioners approved the new rules yesterday. they rejected a plan that would have only required follow up for goods that received more than $500,000. this afternoon in orange county family is frustrated that someone shot up their home
12:37 pm
orange county deputies say two men showed up to the moss park home after a fight with a teenager who lives there. the teenager's brother opened the door and one man opened fire. no one was hurt. but the victim says one of the shots went through his baby son's swing. >> if my son would have been in that swing, i wouldn't have a son right now. >> reporter: the family did not want to have identified but says they know who the suspects are and told deputies there have not been any arrests so far. metro orlando is expected to vote on whether it will add express lanes around already tolled roads. the toll within a toll lane would go on the 417 near sanford and at two locations on either end of the 528. the lanes would help ease congestion. but they would cost you more to drive on them. critics say making drivers pay more is just too much to ask.
12:38 pm
a way that every one of our toll payers are able to go up and down on the corridor. >> reporter: the roads need to be widen to fight congestion. the federal government is taking new pressures to help prevent the spread of the zika virus. where the feds are now shipping blood. >> we're hearing from the
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we're hearing more about the team that performed the first uterus transplant surgery. that woman is looking to become pregnant through invitro fertilization. and doctors hope she will have a typical pregnancy experience. >> they really crave that expierce of feeling the baby girl, feeling the baby kick and move and carrying that biologically pregnant themselves. the ctc says the mosquito born illness zika is spreading fast in puerto rico.
12:42 pm
give blood until they're in the clear. the el nino weather pattern is making the mosquito season difficult to predict. >> with the amount of warm wet weather it has a tendency to allow us to breed more mosquitoes because they like those warmer temperatures. >> two more cases were confirmed in miami dade and broward county. to 50. related. most working americans can take advantage of paid sick well. one in three full time employees doesn't have paid sick days. researchers who found workers who don't have paid sick leave are more likely to put off going to the doctor. their family members are twice as likely to go without medical
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a florida girl who was targeted by an abductor is speaking out. how she says her book bag helped save her life. and how scammers are tricking employers into giving up information. and we're going to track how much warmer it gets but
12:45 pm
we've told you about phone scams from criminals trying to get your personal information. cyber criminals are posing as ceo and sending e-mails to get every employees w-2 information. >> they just go to linked in and see who works in accounting. these are the people that are getting these type of attacks.
12:46 pm
to confirm the identity of anyone asked for personal information. we're now hearing from a 13- year-old girl in south florida who escaped a would be kidnapper as she was walking down the street. she was walking in front of pompano high school when the man in the tan van pulled up and asked her where she was going. she ignored him but she says he turned around and parked. she says he tried to grab her from behind but her heavy backpack may have saved her life. >> i was pulling away from each other. that's when i guess, he gave up and i just kept running he ran back to his car. >> now take a close look at this sketch. this is the man investigators are looking for. the girl managed to run to safety at a relative's home. a couple of nba record were
12:47 pm
unfortunately no magic players were involved. steph curry hit this long range right there. three to become the first player to ever hit 300 three- pointers in a season. 300. the warriors won the game 119- 113 to set an nba record with their 45th straight regular season home win. >> he's just good. >> it's crazy. >> seems like a very nice man too. >> good family guy right there. >> you're a good family guy too. thank -- >> you're a good family woman too. thank you. we've covered all that. there's a look at the numbers riding in the 70s.
12:48 pm
so we get a couple of us will hit about 80 degrees. when you tune in at 4:00 vanessa will be there. i think, right vanessa. >> i'll be there. >> we get into the palm coast, there are the winds coming in out of the southeast. that's going to keep us warm with a little bit extra cloud cover. southeaster through flow drawing in a few of the clouds. it's really the up and around pattern over all storm system staying away from us. you see parts of orange, seminole, volusia county and brevard. all the storm systems again up and around us staying away from us. next chance of some showers by the weekend. so 77 in baltimore park at 2:00. then we'll drop off into the 60s once that sun goes down. so future track to about 5:00, 6:00. you see a few more clouds again. coastal sections, you see a little green on the maps.
12:49 pm
that will stick around for the next few days seas running four to 5 feet in the water. it's in the 60s. partly cloudy, warming up today. we get a look at the numbers 80 degrees at clairmont. 78 in st. cloud. 76 in melbourne and 74 as we get into cocoa beach. 60s and 70s around. another gorgeous night. open up the windows of course. pollen levels running very high. if you're an allergy sufferer like myself you may want to keep those windows closed. then for tomorrow as we get into bay hill, dr. phillips temperatures around 83. 84 in the villages and 70 from flagler and volusia. a time change weekend by the way. we're going to spring forward saturday night. so again, saturday night that's when we see those clocks set forward. we'll keep you posted on that as we go throughout the
12:50 pm
five day forecast with the weekend always in view. there's the 86 thursday and friday. mid-80s this weekend. the front approaches from the west friday into saturday. but it's not going to really zip through like the last several fronts. we're going to stay on the front. right now about a 30% chance. we're still five, six days out from the weekend. again we'll keep you posted as we get new information on the timing of that front over the weekend. it's video that's making the round on social media and a
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here's a look at the stories we're working on for you today. senator marco rubio is continuing his trip to florida. he made the last minute decision to stop here because he wants to express just how important all these votes will be on tuesday. florida is make or break for him as well as all the other candidates, said rubio. we're working with sea world officials to find out more about tillicum's health. he has an infection in his lungs. tillicum is the same whale that killed three people in december of 2010. there might be a mystery for scooby and the gang. >> holy cow, she blew through about 70.
12:54 pm
police on a wild high speed chase while driving a van painted like the mystery machine from scooby doo. she decided to run on what was a probation check. at one point, four cars and a helicopter were going after her. she caused several crashes and abandoned the van. she's still on the run. she was going to get a scooby snack. and stocks have fallen this morning. we'll have closing figures
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it is heating up out there. here's brian shields. >> 70s to 80s out there. we're going to see you tonight. >> the chew is next but we want to leave you with breaking news. an accident involving a car and a linxs bus you see it right there. from what we understand there, you see that car is really mangled. there's a major traffic back up in that area. we have the latest details on
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