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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  March 9, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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5:30 am. 63 degrees. it is going to get warm later. that's all i got. >> [laughter] that's all we need. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom watching the roads for us. >> i like that. you are tired, aren't you? >> here's a look at daytona beach. winds, calm side, flags are not flying toward the peer. 60 degrees -- sunset 6:29 pm numbers are nice short sleeves and 50s and 60s, 63 degrees audubon park, orlando. 66 kissimmee, camera, intercession city, 61 through the villages, leesburg, lady
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clouds and dry today. marion county. ocala, 77 at noon, 81 at 2:00 and we will see the low 80s if not a few mid-80s this afternoon in spots. 78 degrees by 6:00 just a touch cooler along the coast. i want to take your county by county and we will dive into that lack of brain, unusual to -- lack of rain. i 4 commute heading into winter park is looking good at lee road eastbound they reopened a lane that was blocked off by construction. we have a spot of construction on the turnpike southbound before osceola parkway. one lane is blocked. no issues or slowdowns. we will let you know if there are crashes that pop up. following breaking news this morning, downtown orlando
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sent a man to the hospital. >> we told you a 26-year-old man was shot in both legs on avenue. that is where janai norman has unfold. the police officers cleared out of the area. >> reporter: i talked with more than one person who said they heard 6-8 gunshots overnight in the area where police put out evidence markers and crime scene tape and one guy says he may have seen the shooter out of the area. police warm the street -- swan the street after reports of the shooting. it appears to have the part of accommodation between people in the parking lot near back with my club. i was talking with a guy who works in the building in the same area and he gave a statement saying he was driving down garland when a black like this came from pine street headed the wrong way down garland toward i 4. police say could be connected to the shooting. i spoke with another man who
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fight as he heard gunshots. >> one police come here, he was almost 30 or 40 people here. a large group. when i saw him i saw him bleeding but i do not know who shoot him. i do not see no car or nothing. he was already on the ground. >> reporter: the 26-year-old victim is stable at ormc now. they have not released information about the possible shooter but we will ask whether that victim, since he's expected to be at okay, can provide to detectives with a name or information that could help them i did -- idea shooter. norman, eyewitness news this morning.. u. s. defense officials are trying to figure out if a senior isis commander died in an airstrike that because officials say the u. s. targeted the leader last week in an attack in syria and a isis.
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democratic forces. the candidates for president are taking a close look at the brand-new primary results in from overnight. >> angela jacobs has been following results and what it will mean for florida voters in next week's primary. the hunt for delegates is only intensifying. >> reporter: in the thick of it donald trump has heightened -- tightened his lead. a split vote for the democrats turned heads in michigan. spent last week we have one culprit caucuses and two were breaking turnouts. >> reporter: sanders celebrating victory in michigan and clinton considering herself the tories earning more delegates and sanders after collecting 82 percent of the vote in mississippi on the gop side, donald trump continued his chair, racking up hawaii, mississippi and hawaii. >> -- michigan. >> we have had people who
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never thought about it and voted republican. >> reporter: we caught up with the front runner in jupiter celebrating a big win flanked by trump water, wine and stakes. trump blasted opponents attempts to stop momentum. >> $38 million worth of horrible lies but that is okay. it shows you how brilliant the public is because they knew there were lies and it was amazing to watch. >> reporter: main rival ted cruz battling it out for second place in michigan with john kasich. marco rubio stopping and kissimmee yesterday scoring 9 percent of the great lakes states vote. rubio coming up empty concentrating on the home state upcoming vote and is still confident he can win florida. according to the florida
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more than 1 million floridians have cast early ballots in person or by absentee ballot. back to you. the democratic presidential candidates will be in miami tonight for the next debate starting at 9:00. eyewitness news this morning christopher heath will be there with complete coverage starting at 10:00 on tv 27 and 11:00 on channel 9. a team of investigative journalism students is asking why an orange county man is on death row 40 years after being convicted of killing his wife. her parents and another man. prosecutors say tommy ziegler shot himself to throw off winter garden police. he tells us 20 years ago his handyman was the shooter. a group of students from northwestern university want more dna testing done. we asked the governor's office by a death warrant has not been side but we have not heard back. a woman at the center of the case missing a five-year- old girl is revealing the drug conviction kitchen was living with haley's father when hillary disappeared. investigators believe she's dead. she appealed the conviction on
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johns county pic she says she was misled by attorney and would've asked for a jury trial and sentencing of the. we asked -- check with the orange county jail overnight and a homeless registered sex offender behind bars after woman claims she caught him naked performing a sex act outside of apartment complex at deputies caught julius cooper in the act on monday at the kensington cottages. we found out he was living in a car wash half mile away and the owner tells us he knew cooper was a registered sex offender and now will not allow him to come back. cooper was arrested in 2012 for a similar crime. sentencing for a former nasa employee and boys and club volunteer delayed. donald lawson pleaded guilty to child porn charges fbi agents said they found thousands of images on his computer when he was fired from nasa and me. he was attorney general's office has 30 days to have a psychologist evaluated. he's facing up to 20 years in
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lake county deputies are now working with the investigators in orange county to figure out if they grow houses connected with a larger drug ring. deputies found nearly 300 marijuana plants worth more than $300,000 in the house on -- in clermont. two men from orange county where acidic deputies say they got a tip about it and began to month-long investigation. >> it was a sophisticated thing and you never know what you will get when you have a search warrant. you know there's something but you don't know what it is but evidently these guys knew what they were doing. >> correct mom and stephen moss arrested and bonded out yesterday. investigators say they used the house strictly to grow drugs. covering volusia county, asking who will replace the tourism chief after resigning amid allegations about the people and the holocaust. he was being investigated in november after finding about the alleged comments. he told an employee looked like, quote, the gayest guy here.
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with another employee saying the holocaust was, quote, a good thing as supposed to happen. a, volusia county health department manager is looking for legal advice following accusations that she abused her power. recent report shows macintosh had one employee pick up a child from high school in the state vehicle. 9 investigates found it happened 15 times last year. macintosh denies allegations and signed an agreement to resign from the health department in january. the driver who crashed a stolen car into a family's home is on the run. you heard about this yesterday if you are watching eyewitness news this morning. it happened at a home on lakeland avenue, orlando. you can see damage to the home . two people were inside and they were not hurt. police say the driver ran off leaving a silverman to tv -- mitsubishi eclipse behind. the mayor of debary will visit cuba and come back home automation past to understand what cubans go through when
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mayor clay johnson planning the trip for next month that he says he will build the raft himself and plans to get some of the material in cuba. he hopes to reach key west in today's. staff members and volunteers of the city of orlando are doing everything they can to protect nesting season at lake eola. we went out yesterday and saw several swans including one with eggs in a nested officials say they do not sense the next area because winds are territorial and shrinking the territory could be bad for babies but more than 80 percent typically to survive. 5:40 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here is brian with a warm-up. >> warmer and dry and that's the reason we will be warmer the next couple of days. getting into the mid 80s inland for today. the warmth is on through the end of the week. there is the dry pattern so far this month. we have only had one day of rain running almost 1 inch behind. we will monitor the fire threat especially of the next couple of weeks. no huge system dropping in.
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southeasterly winds, it will not as war -- be as warm but nice by the shores as you get toward daytona beach temperatures around 78 degrees. 76 and two new smyrna beach, 82, deltona and debary. warmer inland and mid 80s are possible covering sumter county, bushnell, st. catherine, temperatures around 84th and back in orange county, independent and windermere toward winter garden temperatures in the low 80s and 81 today full sail, rawlins and winter park. a nice day. dry. coming up we will track when we could see some showers back in the forecast. 5:41 am deneige. >> live traffic tracker, a crash popped up in osceola county, poinciana boulevard one brownwood, one lane blocked. get through no need for alternates but keep in mind they are on scene. spots of construction for 17 southbound, narcoossee road, one lane is blocked and we had
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southbound before osceola parkway also one lane blocked. spring training is underway all of the florida from -- four major-league players. no grocery should that could end with one popular team moving away from central florida. would you pay an extra told to ride on a highway that already charges of -- a toll? >> too many children do not see
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breaking news in orlando a shooting that left a man with gunshot wounds to his legs. eyewitness news this morning janai norman is live on pine street and you spoke with people who were downtown and said they heard gunshots. >> i spoke with two people this morning were called -- recalled hearing 6-8 gunshots and that brought police to the area of pine street where they have since cleared. they got a call about the 26- year-old mind shot in both legs. police say and may have stemmed from a confrontation in the parking lot near back booth nightclub. i spoke with a man who gave a statement about the car he saw that may be connected to the shooting.
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police locate casings on the ground. we will share more about what they told us as we work to find out from police whether the victim is helping to id the shooter. live in downtown orlando, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning.. >> no sign of the man who daytona beach police sees dole car when a 12-year-old sitting in the backseat. residents say the child's mother stepped out of the car for only a few minutes before the man hopped inside and drove off. police say he ditched the car in a nearby apartment complex and realized the child was in it. they do not much of a description of the men. they described him as having a mohawk with gold teeth. a long place to crack down the people who steal your personal information using skimmers. gas stations are required to have more security measures for penalties will also be increased for crooks who use the devices. over the last year state
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nearly 200 skimmers in florida. we told you earlier this week about a skimming device found in brevard county the state inspector found it on a gas pump at shell gas station port st. john. the sheriff's office has seen a lot of them and they are working to see if the people involved in the case were caught on video. keeping an eye on the zika update. hopefully another day of no new cases that we told you yesterday state health officials say they were no new cases in the state. there are 50 cases right now. 4 of those involved pregnant women. officials have not disclosed where they live. so far, all the state zika cases have been travel related. after 9 investigates exposed the staggering number of poor children going without dental checkups we found the problem could get worse. two out of every three it children in florida on medicaid to not see a dentist. partly because there are not enough dentist accepting medicaid. state lawmakers passed a bill that will remove dental services from medicaid by the year 2019. the bill has to go to governor.
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stetson university students will see improvements on campus. the board of trustees has approved more than $26 million in improvements at the campuses in deland, gulfport, celebration. renovations and maintenance work will be done and student residential and learning areas including dining spaces and expanded organization areas. metro plan orlando expected to vote this morning on the type of express lane that will be added in three locations along local toll roads. the lanes will go on that for 17 years effort to go locations on each of the 520 costing more of congestion. we will you know what is noon city of orlando want pedestrians and bicyclists to feel safer approach. crews are working on and off along the east side from oakdale road two wrenn drive. construction has been going on since last april. this is a rendering of what the path will look like. a 10 foot wide asphalt path in
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it is set to open next spring. a legendary producer who worked with one of rock 'n roll's most famous bands has died. >> george warren to work with the beatles from the start and through the transformation to musical and cultural revolutionaries that many people called him the fifth needle. he is the man behind problems relating -- influential problems like sergeant. peppers lonely hearts club band. he has worked with paul mccartney's solo albums and he was 90 years old. 5:49 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. spring is here. >> it is nice. >> everyone is happy . downtown orlando, 63, winds out of the east southeast and 9 miles an hour. you see temperatures this morning, they are good. kids maybe be to get away
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have to wait for the bus, you may want a sweatshirt. talking 50s and 60s. good shape with temperatures but winds of light pulling out of the southeast. breezy or in brevard county. winds 20 cocoa beach, that is the reason we are warmer along the coast. picture. scattered clouds. high pressure is dominant, offshore, southeasterly winds and helping to keep us on the dry side. a lot of sun, partly cloudy metrowest elementary, 79 at noon, 80 at 2:00. when kids get out of school they will be low 80s and when you get out of work running in the 70s for today. future track, 9 am, scattered clouds around and that's all we rain offshore. running through the timeframe. great for any outdoor work. if you are working outdoors, especially into the evening
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by the afternoon winds 10-20 miles an hour with gusts up to 25. the breeze -- bringing to the beaches, moderate chop on the intracoastal and a strong risk of rip currents which may be with us through the end of the weekend. the weather pattern holds. warmer today, partly cloudy, temperatures 83. 70s at the coast. brevard, volusia, flagler, running in the 70s. inland, low to mid 80s. ocala, the villages, bush and all, mid-80s and clermont, groveland, howey-in-the-hills, have low 80s. tonight, 50s, 60s again. the change tonight will be patchy fog developing. morning. tomorrow, partly cloudy skies and warmer. close to 80 at the coast and mid-80s inland. mount dora, eustis, leesburg, 87 degrees on thursday. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view.
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going to be a great and warm finish to the week. into the weekend, a front approaches but does not get here yet. temperatures will be running in the low to mid 80s the time change we can spring forward one hour. sunday of front approaches and we see 30 percent chance of a shower or storm. 5:51 am update on a crash with deneige. >> we have one lane blocked poinciana boulevard, one crash. keep that in mind slowdown for the troopers on scene. westwood lakes blvd., john young parkway, a crash popped up. the road is open so you should not have slowdowns or delays. keep that in mind. move over for them. ceremony today could be good news for veterans needing long-term care. coming up, the new mission starting today for the old va facility in lake baldwin.
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5:55 am. tech stay in for the team one month away but you may have trouble reaching the irs if you run into problems. the report, the irs does not respond to mail or correspondence within 45 days with a 45 percent including identity theft victims looking for help. taxpayers filing amended tax
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responding to request forms from the irs. the irs has budget cuts decrease staff by 15,000 employees over the last five years. orlando is going to host one of the willows biggest sporting event or second time. wrestlemania headed back to the citrus bowl. wwe superstars and local leaders got together to make the announcement happened yesterday. we will let you figure out who is who. wrestlemania 24, back in 2008 it attracted more than 75,000 fans to the citrus bowl. the record for attendance. it broke other records for food and drink sales. the event is april 2, records for food and drink sales. the event is april 2, 2017. tickets going on sale later this summer. alanna -- atlanta braves may have a new home for spring training following negotiations to move from central florida to sarasota county. leaders are the negotiation terms for funding and construction of a 7500 seat stadium and training facility in the west villages along u. s. 40 and north port.
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they may make a decision. a road trip for the magics in la and it game that did not end into abdomen that. the magic started strong. eric gordon had spectacular slam dunks and that's why they call him. gordon. the magic faded losing the third game in a 107-98. junior doctors spent the day on the job at the children's hospital in tampa. >> pediatric patients at st. joseph's children's hospital swapped places with doctors and nurses to perform checkups, fix broken arms, diagnosed some of the tapes. officials say the event was held to make doctors visit and medical procedures not so scary for the young patients. >> she has something she can do to get familiar with the environment and get closer with doctors if they are not here to
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to help her. >> they help the event for the past 13 years veterinarians at sea world working around the clock to health trend for the killer whale. >> why critics say sea world is to blame for the wheels poor health. temperatures this morning as you head out the door,
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right now on eyewitness news collecting evidence after reports of gunfire downtown. estimate investigate is what they know about the people who opened fire. >> the winner of the florida primary next tuesday will be the nominee of the republican party. how primary results from overnight of putting the pressure now on candidates from both parties here in florida. 6 am wednesday, march 9. >>we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom will watching the roads. getting started with certified meteorologist brian shields and severe weather center 9 . >> spring is here. >> no summertime humidity. we will be warmer today, 83 this afternoon and partly cloudy. great day on the way. 50s and 60s. it is warmer. if you don't have to be out too long, you can get away without a sweatshirt.


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