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tv   Eyewitness News 530  ABC  March 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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dog's days are numbered. orange county said he's dangerous and needs to be euthanized because he bit a teenager. now his owners are taking the fight for his life to court. >> jasper the pitbull is in quarantine right now. >> he bit the tip of a 14-year-old girl's pinky off after she stick her finger into the dog's enclosure. jeanine reyes spoke to the family. >> reporter: that dog jasper lived inside that home right there. that's where he's accused of biting the neighbor while on the other side of a gate. the neighbor who happened to live just across the street wants that dog euthanized. his owners do not. >> the family living in this home said 2-year-old jasper is so friendly they shared pictures of the pooch with their young daughter. a 14-year-old
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hard the tip of her pinky is now gone. >> her family reported it on february 20th. they declined to fill out a statement or show them the injury. four days later that he called animal services back saying they'd like to pursue further action against the dog's owner and filled out a report providing pictures of the girl's pinky. >> that's when animal services took jasper into quarentine where he's been ever since. animal services would not show us where he is today but costs his family $10 a day. >> that sent this intent to euthanize letter. the victim asked for jasper to be euthanized saying the attack was unprovoked. another claims the teen girl stuck her hand into the enclosure. she said she tried to pet him and he bet her. >> in all of 2015 orange county did not euthanize a single family dog. >> reporter: in that same time
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dangerous. in order to register a dangerous dog that costs you $500 a year. we asked the county how they determine whether a dangerous dog must be registered. we found some of those dangerous dog registrations have been over turned in court. live in orange county tonight, jeanine reyes, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> the story definitely will create lots of talk on social media. we want to update you on breaking news that we've been following since 4:00. this is a nice live look and wider view of the area firefighters still are working to put out a fire of this brush fire in palm bay. lots of smoke. at least four homes have been damaged in the sky fire since 4:00. 95% contained. residents are neighborhood. we'll have a live report in 30 minutes. we've been told that crews will stay on the scene throughout the
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monitor hot spots and lots of residents impacted by this in palm bay. right now winter park police need your help to identify a man who robbed two locations. >> that's not although. they said he was degree ed -- dressed like a cat. you can see the cat ears on top of the jacket. he robbed one business and then the next day the man wearing the same account jacket robbed a mcdonald's. there was a back and forth today over red light cameras. lawmakers debated whether they keep you safe or just make money. george estovez followed the hearing. the cameras are one step closer to coming down. >> reporter: yes. the red light camera fight won another round today and the house voted 83-33 to take them down. those who spoke up made some valid points. >> floridans do not want these in their communities.
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representatives in favor of taking down red light cameras in intersections across florida. they call it taxation by citation. >> that is not about safety, this is a money-making operation. >> lawsuits debated whether to repeal the red light camera passed in 2012. scott bunkin helped sponsor the bill but now agreed with the data that they're not preventing crashes. >> if cities want to raise taxes they should just man up and raise taxes. >> others feel they need to stay put. >> if this saves one life this coming year it's worth it. >> representative john wood arguing it's a local decision not up to the state to decide. >> this is a local decision based on that particular community and we should give the liberty of making that decision to our local officials. >> reporter: this vote to take down the red light cameras was
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the senate will now take this up next. the thinking is that a vote to repeal the red light cameras there will be tougher. we're getting a new look at a car chase last week. deputies spotted a stolen car from tampa. watch this. the driver turned into a neighborhood off fox ridge trail and dropped off five passengers. you can see them running away before taking off again. later you can see him try to ditch the car and run. shortly after that he was caught and arrested. some passengers were also taken into custody for violating probation. in orange county orlando police are trying to figure out who shot a young man in the middle of a downtown parking lot early this morning. the shots range out about 3:30 on west pine street in a parking lot across from the back booth nightclub. jeff deal spoke with the victim's family at ormc. that's where the victim is now. >> reporter: he may be recovering. he was rushed here to the hospital after that shooting. this morning his sister said that he started
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the day. >> i hear pop, pop i saw the gun. >> orlando police responded to west pine street around 3:30 this morning and found a crowd of people around a young man who had been shot in the legs. that victim is rylan herbert who just turned 26 today. >> known him since he was maybe 12 years old. he moved in with a good kid. went to college. >> her bert played football for a small college in tennessee. his online bio said he was a three sport star at gateway high school. neighbors know him as a off camera his sister said he worked as a personal trainer but worked security at a club in the area she couldn't remember the name of the club. >> you know, there's too much you kids. >> police don't know what prompted the shooting but
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argument, someone fired into the air. when herbert tried to calm everyone down that's when the gunman shot him in both legs and took off in a gray or black lexus or nissan. >> i just saw the again. he was bleeding but i don't know who shot him. >> reporter: the odd part about this is police say when they first got to this scene several people told them no one had been shot, even the victim was telling people he was going to be okay. of course that was before he was rushed here to the hospital and underwent surgery. reporting live in orlando, jeff deal, channel 9, eyewitness news. if you pumped gas in oviedo later police are warning folks to check their credit card statements. oviedo police found a credit card skimmer at the mobile 7-eleven at state road 626 and mitchell hammock road. they were also found in brevard county at the shell station on port saint george. a new bill would crack down on crooks who
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also a good idea to go inside and pay. millions of federal dollars were budgeted to repair roads in the state of florida. the money was not spent. justin gray is live with details on a new federal rule change that could millions of dollars for new state road projects. >> reporter: talking about tens of millions of dollars that the state of florida was supposed to get but never did. >> nearly two billion of your tax dollars that were supposed to go to build and repair bridges and roads but the problem is that a decade later the money never got spent. the roads were never built. >> all this money is sitting there unspent for more than 10 years. >> the money was earmarked by lawmakers for specific projects and couldn't be spent in any other way. they were road projects states didn't want or couldn't afford. the money unable to be used on other more needed road projects. critics call them orphan earmarks. >> the vast majority of
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>> now with a change in the law by congress and new rule making from the department of transportation states can apply to use the money for other road projects. >> reporter: we went through the money and it adds up to $32 million that's never been spent that could be put towards new road projects. >> congress finally said let's take this money, spend it somewhere else on a project that the state deems necessary and essential. >> all new construction would have to be within 50 miles of the original never built project so local communities could congress promised them a decade ago. >> reporter: so the next step here is for the state of florida to come up with a list of projects it wants to spend this money on and then the d.o.t would theoretically give them that $32 million for new road justin
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a new audit found problems with the way osceola county handles some grants. the county failed to follow up to make sure the money was properly spent. in other cases there was no evidence that unspent money was ever returned to the county a spokesman said the money that wasn't returned was 1% of the funding in question. the audit shows the county made changes to address the issues. the fight to bring healthier foods to floridans suffered a set back in tallahassee. >> a food dessert is defined as a community with no or low access to fresh vegetables and lean meats. a bill is expected to pass but $5 million attached to it was stripped. the money would have gone towards incentive programs to get better food options into food desserts. >> the number of people that are suffering from obesity, lack of good nutrition, things of that nature is a continuing growing problem.
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live in or near a food dessert we have an interactive map on our website on think about that number know. 50% in central florida. >> that's astounding. we discovered that seminole semi-- that a seminole county teacher caught trading a 16-year-old girl for porn was caught doing it before. >> the steps the victim's family is taking. >> a man missing for more than ocala national forest. why they have a hard time finding out when and how he was killed. >> thousands of ouc customers mistakes. 9 investigates the problems and why it has not been fixed.
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after weeks of falling prices at the pump oil surged to a 3-month high that put stocks in the positive. nasdaq jumped 27.5 points and the dow and s&p also rose. when the gas prices market. 9 investigates found problems with new hardware that's costing ouc customers dollars. now the utility is using new digital technology to determine your bill. >> glitches can cost thousands to back billed for up to 3 months of service. daralene jones asked why customers have to pay for the company's mistake. >> they should have never installed it. >> juan is speak ing ing on behalf
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of dozens of his neighbors. >> create a situation where the bill doubles from one month to the next. >> 9 investigates learned ouc switched to a digital meter reading system installed by a north carolina based company called census. they have a $15 million contract. the goal is to provide realtime usage data to customers and save money by eliminating the real people who used to manually read your meter. >> it relies on an underground cable. >> we've had issue with the cables. it's less than 10% of our meters but any percentage is too much. >> the problem is with water bills not electric and cost ouc $1 million last year because customers were under billed. they had to go back and back bill. it totalled $586,000.
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$475,000. >> ouc couldn't tell us how much they had to back bill customers so far this year. >> why are they being forced to eat this cost? >> there was consumption. we're not billing them for something they used. >> that leaves neighbors wondering if they will be hit by a mistake by a vendor with a $15 million contract. >> i think it's negligent to install a system that doesn't work in the first place. >> customers will continue to be back billed up to 3 months. a spokesperson for census said in part, this residential water meter technology was introduced in 2010. it is backed by a warranty. they have more than 3 million meters since launching the product and proactively addressing issues with ouc. a long distance phone carrier based out of orlando has to pay more than $1.5 million in fines. today the fcc announced
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the commission reviewed more than 100 complaints against the company. they found that customers were charged for extra services and then late fees after already making cancelations and paying their final bills. the private space travel company blue origi dmshgs has -- blue origin has plans to start the first human test flights next year. thousands of people have shown interests in the trips into orbit. nasa has its sights set on mar s in 2018. the mission's goal is to understand how the rocky planet formed and evolved. how about that? there you go.
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>> don't make me take my shoes off and count months. let's go out to the beach because we like to take trips out there. i love watching these folks because they get this big plan. we're going to go run out there and frolic in the surf and then take three steps and go oh, that water is cooler than i thought. right now 76 degrees. it's been nearly picture-perfect beach weather with temperatures warmer for the next couple of days. right now 75 titusville. nice beach weather for all the folks in brevard county and flagler beach in the mid 70s now. that southeast breeze fairly brisk so monitoring what was a 45 acre brush fire damaged four homes in palm bay. they have it mostly contained right now. the breeze is very persistent out of the south and east. you see a mix of clouds and sunshine right now. up in volusia county tonight county by county, mainly clear. winds out of the
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hour in the sterling chase area of port orange. temperatures in the low 60s for deltona up towards the down park area in port orange as well. the hottest weather tomorrow up in ocala. how about 87 degrees at 4:00 p.m. the 90s are just around the corner. not in this forecast but just a matter of time. 87 in orlando, our hottest of the year so far. 88 for clermont, 86 for kissimmee and st. cloud, 85 in kissimmee. the last time we had 87 in orlando was december the 30th. it was so hot and then we turned over to 2016 and got a change in the weather pattern almost over night. april 1st through the 13th is the average first day of 90 degrees. we've got a little time but i have a feeling we'll probably be ahead of schedule getting to 90 degrees. the record for tomorrow, 93. well
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i'm happy to report it's warming up but we're nowhere near our record highs which are way too hot. now we still have a storm system back here to the west. a lot of heavy rainfall there. this big ridge of high pressure is blocking the advance of that. we will see a couple of showers mostly offshore and we'll keep it dry until sunday. that's when our next storm system will kind of limp into central florida giving us a slightly better chance for a shower towards the latter half of sunday. about a 50% rain chance sunday. the five day forecast with the weekend always in view, orlando city still 80 degrees at kick off on friday evening at 7:00. very nice weather through friday. isolated showers not withstanding. it looks like a nice start to the weekend. we need some rain on sunday to flush out the pollen. we're on top of breaking news in brevard county where a brush fire has burned more than four homes. at 6:00 the fire chief's urgent message to
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>> plus, the teacher was caught porn. the judge. >> local leaders said they were transportation. missed it.
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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a man who was missing for more than a month has been found buried in the ocala national forest. it was found along forest road 50. now investigators are working to figure out who put him there. myrt price found out what he was in the pro ses of doing when he disappeared. >> we spent the day trying to find out more about the victim and find out how he ended up dead and bury in the middle of the woods. >> this morning investigators
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found in the ocala national forest last week. they say the victim with is 44-year-old tommy lombardo. he was reporting missing in late january. >> he was supposed to move back home to melbourne. >> moving day came and went and he just disappeared. last week a tip led them to his body. he was last seen at this marion county motel where he was living. today we went to the motel and showed residents and management his picture to see if anyone recognized him. some say they knew who he was but no one wanted to talk. >> we reached out to the victim's mom to find out more but said she was too upset to speak with us. we asked about any possible suspects, a possible motive. we asked if they had a time line of what happened to the victim before he disappeared. we asked if that he believe he was targeted. officials told us because the case is still active and on
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that information but said they're working around the clock to solve this case. >> we're hoping through our investigation we can do the best that we can to bring some sort of justice and peace to his family and to thomas. >> there's still a lot of information that we're trying to find out about the victim and we're working to get more details about the case. as soon as we know more we'll let you know. myrt price, channel 9, eyewitness news. lawmakers in tallahassee want to create a memorial to remember holocaust victims. the house approved plans to build the memorial on the ground of the florida capitol. legislatures have set aside $100,000. governor rick scott is reviewing that funding. we're staying on top of breaking news for eyewitness news at 6:00. >> a brush fire is threatening homes in brevard county. >> plus, democrats are set to square off in miami. at 6:00 what is expected to drive tonight's debate.
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handed down to a (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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breaking at 6:00, four homes damaged, more are in danger from a brush fire in brevard county. now this hour we're learning just how long evacuated residents may have to stay out. >> right now the fire is more than 90% contained but crews say they're still concerned about the shifting winds. >> we've been on top of this story since 4:00 when the fire was 10 acres. it's burning in the area of san filippo road. melanie holt just spoke to the fire chief.
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still not allowing people back into their homes at this point. >> reporter: just b ehind me you can see that traffic is still being directed around the neighborhood. i'm told in half an hour residents will be allowed back into this neighborhood. fire crews just want to move some equipment. now from sky witness 9 you can see this 45 acre brush fire and some of the damage that was left behind. this was a fast moving fire. today palm bay fire rescue chief stables told me investigators may not be able to pinpoint an exact cause but when you look at the live pictures you can see that this is pretty much contained at this point. still smoldering and there's plenty of fuel for this fire, which is why there was so much concern. it's already caused significant damage to two homes on quinton avenue. >> it ended up burning into a couple of the homes and then an attic fire started. we were


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