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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning Sunday 600am  ABC  March 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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right now, on "eyewitness news" this morning, orange county deputies investigating two different shootings from overnight. what they are telling us about the death of a man and the search for the person that shot and killed a man at an orange county apartment complex good morning, it's sunday morning, i'm darlene jones, more on our top stories in a minute, but first, a look at downtown orlando, it is 6:00. we have set our clocks ahead this morning. meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center 9.
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fall back and gain the other of sleep, but you are losing the hour this morning. sunrise will be a little later, but we'll hold onto the sunshine later in the evenings, which is always nice, today, we wouldn't see too much sunshine, this morning, we will get sunshine, but this afternoon. showers and thunderstorms will be developing in our neck of the woods, temperatures are up to nine degrees warmer than yesterday at this time, so it is a balmy start with temperatures in the 60s as we head into the afternoon. we are talking mid-80s. pretty much area wide. it will be a warm day, today with the 50% rain chance moving in this afternoon. i'll track it for you, hour by hour, coming up. >> reporter: right now,
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somewhere between the ages of 15 and 18 years old, the medical examiner just left 15 minutes ago. you can take a look behind me it's still an active crime scene investigate here. several orange county deputies are here working the investigation right before midnight. police actually took a call about a man lying on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound pronounced dead. anderson place is in the jury dickion of the sheriff's office, so deputies are the investigation. they have not released many details about what lead up to the shooting or the victim's name. again, orange county deputies are still searching for the shooter this morning. again, a juvenile, a victim between the age of 15 and 18
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also, new from overnight, deputies are working to get more details about the shooting death of a 33-year-old man at the silver hills apartment complex near silver star road at 11:00 last night. right now, they are still searching for a suspect and trying to figure out a possible motive. >> >> right now, we are waiting for state troopers to find out more about an accident between a car and a pedestrian. it happened at 12:30 this morning u.s. 1 was blocked for five hours but it has since reopened. as soon as we learn more, we'll bring it to you. >> >> police say two people killed in a plane crash. it crashed in a field behind south lake hospital in claire mon, his passenger was also killed. neighbors in the area rushed over to help after they heard
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>> i got a little emotional once i realized it was two and they were gone. >> the faa and ntsb will investigate to figure out what >> >> this morning, still controversy over who is to blame for violence at trump rallies. secret service rushed to trump's side yesterday. richard cantu said that trump is blaming political agitate tors he is calling thugs. >> reporter: donald trump campaigned in kansas city. >> get them out of here. >> reporter: dogged by hecklers determined to keep him from speaking. earlier in dayton, ohio, the boldest effort, yet. >> i have to do it myself. >> reporter: when a protester charged the stage. trump's secret service details sprang to his defense.
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>> reporter: it was a different story friday night when trump laters crashed a trump rally bent on disruption. >> donald trump is not welcome in chicago. >> reporter: trump abruptly canceled the rally, citing public safety, but the violence spilled into the street. sanders called trump -- >> a candidate woe has, in fact, in many ways encouraged violence. >> hillary clinton agreed. >> that is not leadership. it's political arson. >> reporter: trump got no sympathy from fellow republicans. >> donald trump has created a toxic environment. >> reporter: on tuesday, the campaign trail winds through five states where voters will decide who gets hundreds of
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last night, the associated press declared florida senator marco rubio the winner of the republican caucuses in washington, d.c he now has 10 additional delegates. casick was the runner up and received nine. senator ted cruz received 10 in wyoming. senator rubio will make two campaign stops in central florida, today. in the villages at 3:00. he will meet and greet with volunteers at his orlando campaign headquarters downtown at 7:00-ton. >> senator bill nelson of florida is expected to be in eat onville to campaign for hillary clinton. senator nelson scheduled to attend a church service at macedonia on east kennedy boulevard. >> >> state election officials say there has been no dishonest
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this comes after donald trump claimed that voting is being rigged. he has asked law enforcement issue. >> investigators say shamita williams shot and killed her boyfriend. right now, she has not been arrested or charged. deputies say she cooperated with the police and gave a statement. the victim's sister said they had a violent relationship. >> i always told him "leave her alone before she kill you." >> deputies won't say why williams doesn't face any charges or if this is a case of self-defense. >> >> an accidental shooting at a
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injured. it happened on 231st avenue in ocala. a man was loading a antique firearm when it fired. hitting six people, four of them juveniles, everybody is expected to be okay. florida highway patrol investigating a crash. >> >> state road 407 back open after a brush fire forced part of that road to shut down. we weather there firefighters are monitoring the area because of a few calls from drivers. crews say the fire is contained >> >> parents and students in orange county able to share their opinions about
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public forum. many critics say overuse and misuse of standardized testing may be hurting students the forum today at 2:30 at university high school in orlando. this morning, six states are under flap or warnings, from louisiana to tennessee have had to deal with heavy rainfall there. the rain reached up to two feet in some area. more than 1,000 homes have flooded and nearly 2100 people have been rescued in the last five days in louisiana. three people have died. but the governor remains optimistic. >> we are going to overcome this. i'm thankful it tends to bring
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tend to take care of one another. >> flood warnings in several states are expected to be lifted by 8:00 this morning. we'll keep you updated on the weather conditions. >> >> time now, 5:10. meteorologist marina jurica is in the weather center. it's 6:10. >> it's 6:10 on this beautiful sunday morning it's not going to stay beautiful. showers and thunderstorms will develop later on in the afternoon and evening, they will be scattered, but be prepared. it will be warm along the coastline. low to mid-80s, but high risk for rips continue. you will salvage a good part of the morning along the coast, and later on, storms will move in. from west to east, let's take you through the area, villages, nice start and we'll start to see our chance for thunderstorms increase as we head into the afternoon with a high of 83.
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sunny start and a chance for storms increasing. daytona beach will get a nice start as well with a high of 82 at 2:00 and better chance for showers and thunderstormses after 2:00. >> >> you wouldn't think of ucf when you think of the war on terrorism. how the university is using explosions to find ways to neutralize threats. >> >> we are two days away from the crucial florida primary.
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder
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longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. good morning, i'm meteorologist marina jurica at 6:14, i hope you are having a great start to your day, today. we did move our clocks forward one hour. taking a look at satellite radar, we are seeing showers to our north, but we are dry for
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we will continue to see clouds increase as we head through the day, today and the showers and thunderstorms develop. we just have a huge, warm, moist air mass that is getting pumped into our region, today, the perfect setup, very summer- like for the showers and thunderstorms to develop with shapeliest, some added lift from the front that is to our north allowing for that storm action to kick into high gear as we head into the afternoon. right now, it looks like mainly a rain event with some isolated thunderstorm action embedded, but we'll keep you posted as we head throughout the day. a lot of 60s out there. up to 9 degrees warmer than yesterday morning, the warming trend will continue into tomorrow. looking at winds out of the south, 5-10-miles per hour. we'll move to 10-20 as we head into the rest of the day, mostly cloudy, mild start, rain and storms develop mainly after 2:00, but northern counties may
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rain ends by midnight, but it will be very isolated as we head into the evening. by 2:00, we'll see showers across the area, becoming more widespread as we move into the 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 time frame. isolated once again once we head into the post 10:00, 11:00 time frame. brian shields will be tracking a few showers and thunderstorms starting tomorrow for your monday morning commute. but it will be scatter. hour by hour, warm by mid-day. already 83 degrees at noon. that's when we'll start to see the clouds move in and showers and thunderstorms developing as we head into that post 3:00 or 4:00 time frame. it will be a very warm day today. in orange county, rain and storms start to develop as he mentioned after 2:00, as we head into andover lakes as well as bay hill. 85 degrees.
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>> rain ends, scattered, monday morning, 60s ruling, five-day forecast with the weekend always in view, showing we'll dry out by tuesday, but keep the unseasonably warm temperatures throughout the week. darlene? we are two days away from the presidential primary. some say it could seal donald trump's bid for the republican nomination. investigative reporter christopher heath asked about the biggest factor standing in the way of senator marco rubio winning the primary. >> reporter: the debate for the like policy discussions >> judges by the feedback on social media, a lot of people have come to see a show. >> reporter: it was a rough
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did he do enough on thursday florida? >> i don't know if he is definitely dead. if you liked the old "princess dead. as you look at the polls, marco >> >> reporter: we continue to seated cruz spending alot of time and money in florida. is he the wild card? can he keep marco rubio from beating donald trump? >> yes. he is probably one of the biggest factors standing in rubio's way. he is probably the biggest factor in dragging him back. >> reporter: even a win in florida doesn't guarantee him anything other than maybe a couple more weeks in the campaign. he has to win in other states, something he has not shown the ability to do >> reporter: what rubio wants is exjen, to fight another day.
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forward is the the style of the question. it will not be just you asking that question. it will be us, the media on the far right, center and the left. those are difficult narratives to deal with. >> reporter: mark caput o,
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university of central florida, playing a unique war in the war of terrorism. it involves explosive. >> reporter: this lab at ucf, the testing ground for fire and chemical weapons. >> you want to know what of this chemical compounds, how do they break apart. >> a grant has been given to study how to neutralize chemical weapons. how to properly destroy stockpiles or in the event there is a chemical weapons attack and a toxin is released, how can it be contained? the best answer is fire. there are --
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burning and making them to products. >> fire destroyed? >> exactly. >> reporter: essentially, he and his team set up a shock wave to determine what happened to the chemical agent placed inside the goal is to determine if a bomb is is released, how much toxin is left behind. it's a unique test, when it comes to chemical weapons, right now, they are already in the wrong hands >> think about the worst case scenario. . to be clear, there are no chemical agents on campus. the test involves similar lated compounds only. the grant will allow the research to continue for five years. >> >> next on "eyewitness news" this morning, we'll introduce you to this young lady with a bright future and what she wants most in a forever family. >>
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. now, to our forever family series. a teen that knows what she wants in her career, and most importantly, a forever family. >> i speak my mind. >> reporter: how old are you trinity? 15. >> what are your favorite subjects?
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>> and others? >> science, math, intensive reading. >> what would your friends say about you? >> i'm outgoing and . what do you want to do when you get older. >> when my friend and i graduate, we will go to puerto rico and spend a few weeks in there and i'm going to go to college and i'm going to study cosmo toll gentlemen. hair, makeup, nails and stuff. >> reporter: why is it important for someone who is 16 to have a family and not be on their own? >> it's important so you can have those learning life individual skills so you can learn how to properly take care of yourself. it means i'm going to be a part of something. i'm not going to get left behind.
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have always needed and wanted in life. >> "eyewitness news" this morning. >> trinity also told us she would love a family that could teach her more about her hispanic heritage. to learn any more adopting her call the number on the bottom of your screen and go to our website >> we will continue the warming trend into the weekend. adding a chance for rain in your forecast.
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right now, orange county deputies working to find the person that shot and killed a young man overnight. it's sunday, march 13th, time is 6:30, let's get you outside to get a live look over downtown orlando this morning it is still dark out there this morning. but remember, set your clocks ahead. meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center 9. >> >> quite comfortable out there. we are in the 60s. 70 degrees already in cocoa beach.
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beach. we are up to nine degrees warmer especially northern coastline. as we head from west to east, we will see a partly cloudy start to our day in ocala and with a high of 83. we'll see our best chance for showers and thunderstorms moving in afternoon today. and then in baldwin park, a sunny start and we'll see our best chance for storms moving in after 2:00 in the i4 corridor. day tone that beach, we'll be looking at a beautiful morning. later this afternoon. showers and thunderstorms rolling in with a high of 82. darlene? deputies are working to get a description of the shooter in
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>> reporter: deputies have not released the process for a shooter this morning. i can tell you in the last 30 minutes, orange county deputies have left this area. they were working down this street after a man was shot and killed on the sidewalk. right before midnight. police say they got a call about a man lying on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound. 15 minutes later, he was pronounced dead, lakewood and anderson is in the jurisdiction of the sheriff's office, deputies took over the crime scene and are working this investigation. they have not released details about what lead up to the shooting or the victim's name. the juvenile is somewhere between 15-18 years old. orange coupe deputies are still searching for the shooter this morning. reporting live in orange county, "eyewitness news" this morning. >> >> orange county deputies still
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attacked a man eyewitnesses say happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. this man here was beaten outside of the tavern of the creek in hunter's creek last week, his friends told us he happened to walk up to a fight in the parking lot and was attacked. count on us to let you know when and if they find a suspect >> >> in orange county, a man involved in a shooting at the wwe training facility will have a hearing to determine if he is kent for trial. deputies arrived at the facility to arrest him, but they had to shoot him as he charged towards him. he said he was shooting a reality show and expected to be tasered, not shot. >> >> deputies still searching for a father that is said to have taken his custody out of the area without permission.
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investigators say their father, patrick earl scott junior took off with them. deputies say he has a house in texas and could have gone there. >> reporter: shawn ware's family lit candles and remembers a man that left behind two young children. >> he was a nice person, caring, loving. >> reporter: enough to bring the victim's young nephew to tears. >> the victim's sister told me she is shocked, but not surprised that orange county deputies say her brother's girlfriend, shamita williams is the one that pulled the trigger >> i always told him "leave her alone before she kills you." >> "eyewitness news" was there, trying to figure out what lead
6:35 am
investigators say williams cooperated with deputies and gave a statement, but investigators didn't say what williams toll them about the shooting. ware's sister said she wants williams in jail. >> we are not holding up good at all. she is trying to play the victim and she's not the victim. he's the victim. we are still working to find out why she has not been charged and if this was a case of self-defense this is a loss not only to hillsboro county sheriff's office, but all to the law
6:36 am
trying to do their job and get home alive. >> a procession of patrol cars lead the deputy's body to the medical examiner's office he was with the sheriff's office for six years. >> >> tomorrow, more details about how an orange county task force will fight heroin. members are focusing on how to convince addicts to get treatment. there were at least 82 heroin overdose deaths last year. >> >> state department of health and human services will provide more funding to fight the growing heroin problems. centers will be able to screen more patients and provide education resources for doctors.
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>> we have posted more information about a community meeting on our website. click on the web links button
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>> covering lake county, we are getting a look at the training deputies are going through. they role played various scenarios, including one involving a mentally ill person with a knife. deputies say the training helps them to empathoses with people suffering from mental illnesses. >> deputies say they are learning to spot the signs of someone suffering from a mental illness. >> >> 9 investigates first exposed mistakes at the florida dement of environmental protection a year and a half ago. coming up, we are asking why
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their pips -- 9 investigates exposed the need for more funding. now, they are able to help even more victims transitioning from a life on the streets. >> reporter: we can't show you the outside -- >> we had to buy more furniture. >> reporter: but samaritan village's christine ya' walker said the two beds are a sign of major progress to protect sex trafficking survivors from our streets. >> the costs are not just the new furniture for two more beds in the house, increased and all of the funding for food, therapy, clothing, dental and medical needs, which is significant for each of our women. >> reporter: we first took you inside of this home last summer. one of the first shelters of sex trade trafficking. it relies soley on grants and donation. >> he had taken over my mind. i belonged to him. i was powerful. >> since then, the survivor
6:46 am
gotten an internship with a law firm. a second woman living in this home has gotten her first job ever. walker said after her story, donations poured in. >> i contacted them, "thanks for your generation donation. how did you hear about us?" and they said "channel 9 >> >> the waiting list will continue to grow. >> we are still turning people away. we can only take so many. >> carla ray, "eyewitness news." nissan is recalling nearly
6:47 am
because of a possible brake issue. this could force drivers to put extra pressure on the brakes. recall includes cars made between 2013 and 2015. no accidents or injuries have been reported. >> >> in orange county, construction is underway in the middle school. students and teachers were at the groundbreaking last year. the new school was to help prevent overcrowding. right now, a bill creating a permanent funding source for
6:48 am
project is on the governor's desk, providing $200 million a year for land preservation. voters approved the amendment in 2014. the bill provides $50 million for restoration of the springs and $5 million to restore apopka. >> >> weather was perfect for the river cleanup, this morning. volunteers helped to pick up trash along the shore lines. some even jumped in to get >> >> the time is 5:48. satellite radar, right now, showing a lovely start, it's
6:49 am
we did spring forward this morning, even though you are waking up thinks it's 5:48, it's really 6:48. we have a very conducivive environment as we head into the afternoon for the showers and thunderstorms to develop. lift to our north. this huge plume of warm moist air that is getting crushed in our area, helping the storms develop as we head into the latter part of today. 60s area wide, 70 in cocoa beach. much warmer by up to nine degrees. southerly winds 5-10, but we'll see 10-20-mile per hour winds as we head into the afternoon. future track 9 tells the story nicely as we head into the time frame, light showers across the area intensifying, isolated storm action at 5:00, 7:00, 8:00, and it clears off the atlantic coastline by 9:00. then we'll start to see wraparound moisture with scattered shower action tonight into monday morning.
6:50 am
a few showers for you heading out the door to start another workweek. after that, we dry out very nicely for the rest of the week. along the coast, today, storms later, so we'll salvage a good part of the morning and in the afternoon, we'll see the storms develop -- much warmer across the coastline. looking good in volusia county. 86 in deltona as we head into ormond beach -- so the rain is ending late, today and we'll see a couple of scattered showers overnight into early monday morning, but we'll be warm into our monday with temperatures in the 60s, five- day forecast with your weekend
6:51 am
going to be looking at a few more showers left over tomorrow and then we are dry and unseasonably warm the rest of the week. 9 investigates, the first to expose the lack of enforcement by the florida department of environmental protection, now, a year and a half after our first report aired, new data suggests the agency still has the same problem. christopher heath said the agency said they are doing their job, despite what the numbers show. >> reporter: jerry phillips is with the environmental group. look willing at 116 stores across florida. records show 199 violations,
6:52 am
to handling and disposing of drugs, yet in almost all no cases, there are no fines and when they are imposed, they are later reduced. >> you would come to the end of the report and the violations will be changed to be called areas of concern or thes thatsy will be told "clean it up." >> in a statement -- dep said -- christopher byrd left the department in 2013. to sensibility? at what point do the citizens
6:53 am
environmental advocates said the shift leaves the state vulnerable allowing industries to police themselves with the state unwilling to act. >> >> in a statement, they say -- >> as we go to break , a live look over downtown orlando tower cam. coming up, meteorologist marina jurica will have another he check of our weekend weather. >> first, a look at what is happening around central florida and the weeks ahead. for a complete list, go to ic
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some local celebrities are doing their part to help
6:57 am
>> ledge dairy major league baseball player darryl strawberry, orlando city soccer player caucaw -- we talked about stepping up and not running because of fear, but running into fear. >> the event has grown tremendously. when it first started, 40 men attended, yesterday, about 4,000. >> nestle, voluntarily recalling pizza products. check the 10 digit production code on the products and go to the web links to find a list of the products affected. >> >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" this morning. >> >> a teenager was shot and killed down this road early
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it is sunday, march 13th, i'm darlene jones, time now, 7:00, more on our top story in just a moment. but, first, here's a look at downtown orlando on this beautiful sunday morning. meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center 9. >> >> we are looking at a beautiful start to our day, but


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