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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  ABC  March 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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it's been a deadly weekend in central florida. >> you took them from our text tonight, orange county investigators are trying to get to the bottom of the three shootings that took place in the last 72 hours including the murder of a 15-year-old shot as he was walking down the street. we told you about the deadly shooting and apopka friday night that left debbie searching for a woman they say gunned down her boyfriend and another life lost after gunfire at an apartment complex late last night. mike manzoni is live in ocoee hill where the latest shooting happened.
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tough to get witnesses to come forward in cases like this. >> reporter: they are searching for suspects in two of the shootings including the one that happened on the side walk after midnight telling the boy. you can see the tape here and we have noticed people starting to write messages on this telephone pole. orange county deputies say 15-year-old antoine davis was walking on this sidewalk just after midnight when someone shot him in the head and took off. his family is asking for the publix help to find his killer. >> please come forward. we need every amount of information to bring justice to him. >> reporter: investigators say they do not have any leads in the case but say davis had what they were calling ongoing disputes with other boys in the area. deputies say they are talking with people who may have information or know someone who
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>> we need every of help we can get. >> reporter: this is the victims and who broke down when she spoke with reporters this afternoon on the family's behalf. >> he was a child 15, he did not have his life lived. they took him from us. >> reporter: the shooting follows two others within the past three years -- days. deputy shot and killed jones at silver hills apartments, orlando. friday night, investigators say a woman shot and killed her boyfriend and apopka. >> we more enforcement cannot stop the violence without the >> reporter: i asked investigators if they have an update on the shooting and apopka. they tell me they talked with a woman who they say shop and killed her boyfriend but that woman does not face charges and is not in jail. we will follow that and let you know, orange county, mike
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we will continue to follow story overnight. the latest for you starting first at 5 am, eyewitness news this morning. orlando police are working to find out why a man opened fire outside of a bus station and ran off. we told you about the sum eyewitness news at 6:00. investigators say. jock was fired his weapon near the greyhound bus station. police were able to catch him before running far. no one hurt. orlando police investigate a crash that forced them to shut down several lanes on i 4. traffic has been backed up. eyewitness news ty russell live along i 4, within the last hour police say the driver who caused the mess was driving recklessly. >> reporter: we have also learned that same driver was thrown from the vehicle.
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moving at a snail's pace, westbound lanes, pick up is still here attached to a tow truck. not much has changed. we have been here for more than three hours here, eastbound traffic is moving smoothly the westbound traffic being diverted to a exit. thousands of drivers forced to slow down as both directions of i 4 approach to colonial drive in orlando. we have cameras on the ground and we had a view along the interstate. traffic cameras showed a more than 2 mile backup westbound to fairbanks avenue. drivers heading eastbound had to wait in nearly 2 miles of traffic starting at the 408. we found out about the traffic headache after police sent a release. lieut. says it in before 7:30 tonight warning us about an over to dash turned f1 50. we saw the pick up facing the opposite direction and the westbound lanes. police diverted drivers to colonial drive exit to go around the crash. the exit is sometimes used as a
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after we arrived orlando fire trucks, left. a single vehicle crash and hit a construction barrier lanes. the driver was thrown from the vehicle and in critical condition. alive look at crews making repairs to the damaged bay area. police tell me the driver of that pick up is not responsive at this time. i asked police if the driver will be cited and they told us it is unknown. the crash is under investigation. we are still working to find out when the lanes on i 4, westbound lanes, will be open. live in orlando, ty russell, channel 9 eyewitness news. the race for the white house, new numbers tonight in florida. according to the latest as a new poll, donald trump, clinton leading parties.
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from voters, rubio, cruz title 21 percent each. among democrats, hillary clinton holds a commanding 27 point lead over sanders. all of this boils down to a hypothetical general election in florida where clinton would beat trump by eight points among registered voters. early voting also ended today in florida, 2 million voters have already made the pic for president. all of those early voters are expected to account for half of the total number of voters expected to head out for tuesday's primary. tuesday's also ohio's primary and that is where both hillary clinton and bernie sanders took part in a town hall tonight, both hoping to win some last- minute support. gop front runner donald trump finished addressing a crowd after a busy weekend of the rallies were protests turned violent in ohio, chicago. leading to cancellations and trump has been bleeding -- blaming sanders campaign for the violence. >> i hate to say this, because
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trump is a pathological liar. >> our campaign does not believe and never will encourage anybody to disrupt anything. >> meanwhile, to ted cruz is focusing on the north carolina primary claiming he could win tuesday if each supporter can get nine friends to vote for him. posted to home gop candidate marco rubio holding a rally where he had his own run- in with a heckler. that did not stop the senator for making the most out of his last ditch effort to win tuesday. roy ramos was at the rally asking rubio how he plans to take florida considering he is behind in the polls. [ applause ] supporters cheered as a republican candidates are no marco rubio walked into the rec center in the villages. central florida stock comes two days before tuesday's primaries. >> i heard people say he's
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listen to him, he is quick and listens was not long after he began speaking, it was a heckler that caught the attention of supporters after screaming out the senator had stolen his girlfriend. the outburst came at the front runner donald trump resurveyed headlines with protesters at rallies who were edited out desk -- escorted out by law enforcement. >> he's inciting people in terms of anger turned into violence. it's unfair and bad and he loses if he's the nominee. >> reporter: rubio touching on health care, education, private sector jobs i asked how he plans to win florida especially with polls showing him far behind. >> the only one was a chance to be trump authorities me. we interned and plan to win florida feel like we will win florida but i needed help. >> roy ramos, channel 9 eyewitness news. was rubio finished in the villages he met with volunteers in orlando to thank them for their hard work.
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clinton will be in winter park tomorrow at rollins college drumming support for clinton. the event starts at 7:45 doors open at 6:45, get tickets by going to and click on the clinton story. tomorrow we should hear from the day tony beach police chief announcing his candidacy for volusia county mayor. volusia county sheriff, rather, mike took would is announcing and has been police chief since 2006. we told you earlier this year than johnson announced he would not seek another term. keep an eye on eyewitness news at for the latest developments. asking deputies whether they suspect foul play in the case of a body found and winter park lake . the orange county medical examiner's office is trying to determine time of death and cause and investigators say the body was spotted and 9:30 this morning the side of the lake near u. s. highway 17-92. faa and ntsb working together to find out what
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two people that the claremont police say the passenger and -- inside the plane when it crashed in the field. neighbors in the area tell us they rushed to help after they heard the crash but it was too late. >> i looked around and saw fuel dripping. >> the neighbor tells us the plane's engine may have gone out because they did not hear land. two people shot last night and apart has -- as an easter egg hunt, two people went to threatening injuries. please tell us they believed they were involved in whatever led to the shooting. officers say none of the people at the easter egg hunt were injured. the shooter is on the run. tens of thousands of bikers successful daytona beach bike week. officials say the event was the
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with so many on the roads, state troopers and daytona beach police say safety was a huge concern. a few crashes but the most part the event was safe. tourism officials say the event brings in $200 million. arises zika cases has health officials scrambling to keep -- stop the spread of the virus. new measures expert take to prevent the spread of the illness and what deputies say happened to a woman moments before she died in a central florida jail cell. 86 orlando, and a few isolated thunderstorms and next how isolated rain will impact
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go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. florida could be ground zero in the fight against zika after 200 confirmed cases in the state and 59 in florida, researchers say they plan to fight back with a new approach. >> tonight of potential new zika. the fda researching experiments using mosquitoes to help stop the spread. scientist will release mosquitoes into the wild, caring a deadly gene in that jean will make the offspring die before old enough to buy people and in brazil, hardest hit by zika, and scientists are using the mosquitoes richard besser trip in february.
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million male mosquitoes and genetically modified every single week. >> this comes at the centers for disease control warns zika could spread in the u. s. mostly in the gulf, florida, texas by june. it is linked to birth defects and brain development putting pregnant women especially at risk the experiment in brazil has proven successful but does not sit well with some people living in the florida keys where the insects will be released. a mother of three. >> when you open this pandora's box, it is not a way to recall the mosquitoes. >> the fda will decide next month whether the program will take place in florida. fdle agent investigating the death of a woman being held in the flagler county jail. 57-year-old kathleen fila from palm coast died this morning from a seizure. she was arrested last night on in order to appear in court for substance abuse. tomorrow the medical examiner's office is scheduled to perform an autopsy. national story developing tonight, two suspects behind bars after maryland police
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during police station. investigators suspect -- say a suspect opened fire near the police station and authorities say the officer coughlan was killed in the line of duty and an unprovoked attack. another person was also arrested loughborough. a man accused in a deputy involved shooting at the wwe training facility scheduled have a hearing to determine if he is competent for trial. deputies say they showed up at the facility to remove armando machado and they had to shoot him when he charged at them. he told attack -- detectives he was shooting a show and expected to be tased, not shot. we will let you know tomorrow how a heroin task force plans to combat the problem in orange county. members of the task force a one way is to focus on trying to convince addicts to get treatment. medical examiner says they were at least 82 heroin overdoses that's in last count -- last year. committee has been meeting six months and is presented to
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tomorrow. across the country, five people severe and ferrets as they anticipate storms including tornadoes. families rescued days ago from a rising water level, back home checking for flood damage. getting rid of damage to avoid the mold. >> we had bad allergies so getting the mold out is going to be the biggest concern so we want to get it taken care of. >> across louisiana, 5000 homes were damaged by the rain and floodwaters. summit county people, daylight saving time means you have to follow rules if you want to water lawns. environmental services department is reminding residential customers homes with odd-numbered street addresses must water wednesday, saturday and even numbered addresses thursday and sunday, private roads.
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in between 10 am-4 pm. laws have not had water in seven or eight days until today. >> a shame the rain was isolated because few neighborhoods in orlando received any measurable rain. six days of babies. -- six days of 80s. we will have a cold front dropping us down to the 70s but you have to wait one week for it. it will be a warm week, final weeks of winter. one hour ago i had rain drops on the lands but they have faded. it is dry in central florida, 75 orlando, cassadaga, lake helen, deland, 68, 66 ocala. the rain is falling, north of orlando, isolated half inch daytona beach. 1/4 inch in some neighborhoods,
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some had no rain. overnight, the morning, out but most neighborhoods remain dry to the morning. hour by hour, orlando, colonial town, north and south, slight chance for morning me during the lunch and end of the day but if you see me tomorrow, come and go quickly. we cannot rule out any point of the day. warm temperatures, mid to upper 80s in orlando, normally when rain comes it is followed by a not. this one will be followed by dry air. we will get warmer. orange county, tomorrow, downtown orlando, mid-80s hunter's creek lake buena vista, 87. temperature tomorrow. the beach is a normally cooler but with winds out of the southwest tomorrow that means if you are a brevard county, cape canaveral, satellite beach, melbourne, palm bay, micco, in the mid to upper 80s. warm all across central florida.
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beaches, flagler county beaches, 83-86 degrees. even though the water temperatures are still in the upper 60s to low 70s. a look at our weather center, eight a look at our weather center, 8:30, isolated shower in the a.m. checking in with brian shields 5:00-7:00 a.m. he will point out the rain before getting out on the road waited monday, tuesday afternoon, winds out of the southwest warm weather patterns bringing in rot -- drier air. 88 tuesday, 3 degrees away from the record. want to the wii, average of 78 five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. in the 80s through saturday and the rain returns to the forecast other than isolated rain tomorrow returning late weekend into the weekend. st. patrick's day, go to
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build a mosque in windermere but neighbors are fighting to stop him. concerts people living near the site have about the plan. monday morning, brian shields, tomorrow morning we will track how much warmer we will get even after the front moves by. new data overnight and the
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no word on the cause of death for men who died after falling
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city beach. investigators say tyler gilmore, indiana, found midnight by a passerby and witnesses say they saw him drinking heavily a couple of hours before falling and authorities to nonbelief outlays involved. anomaly could be selected as soon as this week to try to fill the void in the supreme court president barack obama is narrowing down on list of places for the late antonin scalia. the three people at the top of the list. the three people at the top of the list st., chino vossen, paul wofford on the ninth u. s. sort court of appeal, married garland, chief judge. we will find out if leaders will spend $2.5 million on body cameras. the sheriff's office plans to buy 225 to help document evidence and create better transparency. department plans to use money seized in criminal cases to pay for it. when the main residence will fight plans for a mosque.
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outside of kings point wants to build the windermere religious center and asking the county to rezone the land from presidential bid never say they do not want the traffic and noise around the home -- homes. meetings held at 6 pm subject mart elementary school. governor. scott signing a bill to create a permanent funding source for everglades restoration projects. it passed by the state senate and it will provide $20 million per year for land preservation. voters approve the amendment in 2014 and the bill provides $50 million a year for restoration in florida springs and $5 million to restore lake apopka. we will get an update in the morning on the i 4 ultimate project, one of three topics being presented before the orlando city council. the meeting starts at 10:00 and we have been telling you about the roadway changes as they have been happening. the i 4 widening project has six years before it is scheduled to be finished. today's the 25th year of the american diabetes associate
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the right across orlando featuring five different routes ranging in distance from 10 miles to more than 100. the event raised more than $540,000 and some from channel 9 were there among participants. greg warmoth hosting a cause near to his art. tuesday the orlando magic will team up with fanduel to help put an end to homelessness. for every tweet with #we think homelessness, during the game against the nuggets, fanduel will donate one dollar. the campaign runs from 5 pm tuesday until two hours after the game. question is here, time for sports and the ncaa tournament field is that -- that. >> can't afford getting ready. thursday and friday, first, second round games but florida, miami gulf coast, overall fees, kansas in the top line of the south region. 10 teams in the region have
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it includes miami. three seed south opening play against buffalo. finishing the regular season 25- 7, third in a tough acc. >> whether you are a one seat, three seed, 11 seed, you want to win the national championship and that's what we will try to do over these next three weeks. you have to win six games, one at a time, play great every one of them. >> crowded into the space. fell into the club, north carolina earning the top seed in the east region. tarheels led by former standout joe barry. averaging nearly 13 points per game and blew up in the city tournament averaging 17 points per game. north carolina opens against
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florida state finishing the 11th and acc receiving an invite and it taking on davidson tuesday. gators close slipping losing five of the final seven. a close one to texas a&m -- texas a&m. they will face north florida and the national invitational. solar bears completed a perfect weekend, north of the border, orlando shutout brampton three have zero. winning number four straight including three on a roll. -- in a row. there's home starting starting amway ctr., thursday.
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warm, humid do morning. 4:30 morning temperature, 70 degrees. isolated shower is possible when you wake up and for the drive to work. george? thank you for watching channel 9 eyewitness news on the sunday night watch channel 9 eyewitness news eyewitness news this morning.
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the field 68 set time for the big dance want them to sports night on nine. unlike any we've seen in recent years, ups, down, left, right more than any roller coaster disney and universal. south region for reflection, kansas on the top in the south, 10 teams in the region have been ranked in the top 16 at some point this year. including miami.


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