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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  March 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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behind in the polls today, he said he was concentrating on the primary here in florida, and was >> [ chanting ] . >>reporter: on the eve of florida's presidential primary, senator marco rubio didn't carry himself like a man trailing trump in the polls. he spoke with opt misism. will not win. >>reporter: from that little restaurant in melbourne, also a stop during the 2010 senate campaign, rubio urged his supporters to rally for him this tuesday. >> he's a good guy, we like him. >>reporter: even as rubio covers the home state, the supporters are concerned he won't win the state's primary. and rubio who once said he would support donald trump, if he was the republican nominee, now has strong words for the candidate. >> i think he'll splinter the
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-- divide the republican party. >>reporter: hillary clinton was not in central florida today, but former president bill clinton will be in central florida on her behalf. rubio insists trump is not the candidate to beat her. >> we will have a chance here in florida to reshape this primary, coreclaim our party, to reclaim the conservative movement. so we can lead in november. >>reporter: in a matter of hours, senator rubio will be in the next campaign stop in miami. marco rubio didn't get the endorsement of florida's attorney general pam bopd di, appeared in a donald trump rally in tampa this afternoon, and through her support, behind the fwront runner, former vice presidential nominee was there in the villages this morning. allen grayson was part of a ucf. grayson joined the knights for bernie sanders group to help tomorrow's primary.
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sanders in the white house because he shares many of his same ideas. which he believes would make america a better country. >> senator sanders, a champion, for refinancing student loans, for free public college, for a $15 minimum wage. for medicare for all. many, many things that we need. >> last month, the grayson publicly endorsed sanders for president. >> you can count on eyewitness to bring you live team coverage as central florida decides. after you cast your ballot, join us, we'll bring you the latest results as soon as the polls close. coverage starts at 7:00 on wftv .com, then our in-depth analysis will continue to 8:00 to 10:00 on central florida's tv 27. tonight, 9 investigates is asking if orange county has a gang problem. a 15-year-old boy was killed over the weekend, in west orange county. thes sheriff's office would only say he had been in ongoing disputes with another group. channel 9 went straight to the
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if this was connected to gang violence. >>reporter: right, martha, and sheriff told me it was not, but he did tell me that the victim hung around with teenagers in this neighborhood, and he tells me that group of teenagers played a role in the boy's murder right here along this sidewalk. flowers and a candle mark the spot where orange county deputies say someone shot 15-year-old antwan davis in the head. investigators say the boy had some problems with other kids in the neighborhood. but didn't call it a gang. your investigators have said that the victim was involved in what they call ongoing disputes. but haven't elaborated. is that another way of saying that he was involved in some kind of gang? >> well, i'm not going toville fie the young man, but let me just say he was a troubled youth. >>reporter: the sheriff told me that the victim hung out with the group of teenagers that he says had a negative influence on the boy, but stopped short of
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>> we haven't heard the word gang? >> you have not heard us use the word gang because we have no indication that this young man was actively involved in a gang and there's a statutory definition that we have to meet if we say that someone is gang involved. >>reporter: we dug up the statute and under florida law, a group is only considered a gang if it has three or more members and uses common signs, colors, or symbols. >> i'm sure there's gangs everywhere, do i like to think that it's in this community? i would hope not. but you can't be blind to the fact that there might be. >>reporter: this telephone pole where the victim was found dead is becoming a growing memorial. you can see message as that people have written in memory of the victim. now, the sheriff tells many e that we should know more on that suspect in just a few -- few days.
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not get much of a raise next year despite millions of extra dollars in state funding. late lawmakers approved a budget that includes 50 l million dollars for orange county. but we learned most of that money is set aside to handle l growth. and retirement costs. the teachers contract expires in june, the district says giving every teacher just a 1% raise would cost more than 7 million dollars. >> contract negotiations are ongoing and where this fits in the to all of that, we're going to know better now, than we have that money flowing. >> last year, orange county teachers received a 6.5% raise. both sides plan to look through the budget in hopes of finding more money. in volusia county, after meeting 11 times, teachers and the school district have not reached an agreement on pay. the county offered teachers a 4% pay raise. teachers say they're being paid less than in other districts. unemployment numbers for
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some central florida counties saw an increase in jobless residents. the state unemployment rate dropped to 5.1% in january, volusia and marion counties unemployment rates went up at 5.4, and 6.1%. sumter county reached 7.3%, to check your county, head to links. new this hour, clermont police are warning drivers about a man posing as a police officer. a woman was pulled over in a busy shopping plaza off highway 50, near the home depot there. and channel 9 spoke to a witness who saw the whole thing. he believed that the man posing as an officer was the real deal. >>reporter: yeah, he said from the car that man was driving, to a tactical vest he was wearing, everything looked le lit mat. the woman was pulled over in this parking lot and a group of witnesses happened to see the whole thing over here at this restaurant. and when the man noticed that
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it was here in this busy parking lot off of highway 50 in clermont, a 23-year-old woman was pulled over by a man posing as one of them. complete with flashing lights on a crown victoria and a gun and a fake badge. >> i'm telling you, man, i've seen a lot of cops, you know, and that guy was a 100 percent official. >>reporter: this man was holding a meeting with the employees at this -- when the alleged imposter approached the victim's car. the group of witnesses spooked him away. >> hey, you're under arrest, pull the car over, i'm going to put you in the back seat and there goes another something. >>reporter: according to the police report, the man allegedly told the female driver he may have known her from living a few streets away and witnesses say he had a belt with flashlight and a gun. >> it's scary. can go that full blown, it's just scary. you never know what is behind you now, just crazy. >>reporter: now, the police are looking for a man with silver
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between the ages of 35 and 55. driving a black crown victoria with interior flashing red and blue lights. until the real police find the fake cop, employees take more precautions. >> me being the kitchen manage e i'm going to double check the lot. check underneath the car. you never know anymore. >>reporter: and police say if you ever have doubts about someone pulling you over, you can call in and ask dispatchers if there's somebody in your area pulling over a car with your description. if they release a sketch or anymore information about this case, we will pass it along to you. reporting live in clermont, lake county, channel 9 eyewitness news. now, you can warn your friends and family about this police impersonator. just go to and share this story. the former access is lynx bus driver accused of kidnapping and kissing a passenger against her will.
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kidnapping, elder abuse and battery. today, a judge decided to drop the charges because he's been found incompetent for more than five years. a handful of evaluations has found him incompetent and unlikely to regain competency. the faa are still investigating a fatal plane crash in clermont. the scene was clear when we were there today, but here's how it looked on saturday. the plane crashed just a few hundred feet from homes near south lake hospital. pilot, dane shan, of port orange, and passenger james kass of oklahoma were killed in the crash. investigators say they don't have any updates on what caused the plane to go down. state leaders say the i-4 construction project is on time drivers. we were there as they updated orlando city pleaders today, by next summer, they're looking to add 600 more construction workers, project designers are trying to keep shoulders wide enough for emergencies, because
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1500 incidents each day on the 21-mile stretch. >> keep in mind, an incident doesn't mean there was an accident. somebody broke down. any number of things that they might be responding to. >> later this week, crews will be shutting down the ramp from orange avenue to 408 westbound, a temporary ramp will be opening on division avenue as an alternative. two men arrested for opening fire in public, one at a bus station, the other at orlando apartments. >> coming up, a surprising number that shows how often officers are confronted by armed suspects. and weapons found at 3 lake county schools recently, one of them at an elementary school campus. next, we're asking what's being done to keep students safe in class. >> well, it was a hottest day of the year, in central florida, tomorrow, may be even hotter.
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but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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you're watching channel 9 yns news at 6:00 with bob opsahl, barbara sugalski and certified chief meteorologist tom terry. when you send your schools to school each morning, you expect them to be safe. >> in the last two weeks, four weapons were found in three lake county schools. south lake high elementary. channel 9's myrt price. >>reporter: very, very dangerous. lake county parent brittany devine is concerned, after hearing deputies had discovered four weapons at lake county schools over the past now weeks. timothy jones was arrested for way elementary last week. >> this is a bb gun that looks like a real gun and it's dangerous, you know, still considered a weapon on campus. >>reporter: march 4th, arrested
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this butterfly knife. a week before, 15-year-old trevor greeten was also arrested at south lake high school after deputies kouth aim with a throwing knife. days before, deputies seized this gun and arrested students chance bass, and tyler trap, at the high school. in each case, deputies say students tipped them off about the weapons om campus i want to -- on campus. >> i want to reiterate that we have those types of students that step forward. people are told don't be a snitch. >>reporter: she would be horrified if someone brought a weapon to her kid's school. she makes sure her child doesn't take anything to school that is not supposed to be there. >> i check his book bag. >>reporter: she wishes more parents would do the same. we asked the deputies what they are doing, officials say deputies will continue to work to get the message out to students and parents. >> it's a serious charge to bring a gun to school. >>reporter: in lake county, myrt price, channel 9 eyewitness news. officials say in each of the
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the weapons to school to hurt anyone. they just made bad choices. school resource officer also be meeting this wreak to talk strat i -- weak to talk strategy. the officers are facing armed suspects more frequently, two times this weekend, police were able to disarm men who pulled guns on them without firing a shot. both men were arrested. one was firing his gun at the orlando greyhound station, the complex. john says normally armed incidents end without a police shooting. >> our officers go through lots of training. and have experience, and you know, they follow our policys is, and but it is, it's a fast-happening dynamic situation, so it's very tough to deal with. >> the chief says last year, his officers took more than 700 guns from the hands of criminals and only 5 of those incidents involved a police shootout.
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million gallons of drinking water from two springs in sumter county may be put on hold. a geologist has asked to explain what affects that pumping may have on belton's mill pond near the springs. some are afraid the pond may be drained. company has 90 days to reveal the findings. in orange county, developers of planned apartments near downtown orlando's lake ivan ho are one step closer to breaking ground. last year, we told you about the plans for the yard at the lake, which will remove several industrial buildings to make way for multifamily homes. today, orlando city council voted to approve changing the land designation from industrial to allow the construction. and in marion county, a house build in 1877, on hold for now. the house is believed to be the oldest still standing in marion county. right now, it's not clear why the demo was halted, once that house is taken down, there are
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building on the land. and in seminole county, a piece of sanford history is up for sale, if you have an extra half million dollars lying around. these are pictures from the realtor's website, the home on sanford avenue. the first collegiate high school in seminole county. offering dual enrollment opportunities for students. the house has five bedrooms, four bathrooms and listed at nearly $490,000. well, in the midst of disney springs continuing to grow, universal orlando is staying competitive with the announcement of the new concept at city walk. >> these pictures of the chocolate factor, that sounds really good, a 19th century themed restaurant, it will open later this year, replaying the city restaurant. guests will be able to indulge in unique twists on slasic favorites -- classic favorites while watching
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>> don't take your chocolate melt. way too warm today. >> yes. >> bob and i with the colds today, i think, but it felt warmer. >> or pollen? >> it's the pollen, too. need something to wash out the atmosphere. we had a little rain on sunday, so far, it has been anything but the latter gasp of winter. 87 still in sanford and deltona. shy of the record, but we tied a record in daytona beach, going back to 1985, within shouting distance in melbourne, we'll do this again tomorrow. tomorrow could be a bit warmer or hotter than today. right now, we're still 84 new smyrna beach, 86 in cocoa beach. that's because we have a very strong offshore wind component, keeping the marine layer, the cooler water that will be nature's air conditioner for us, year round, it is on hold today. keeping the cooler water temperatures offshore.
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couple of rogue showers earlier today, in the wake of this week's storm system that brought us a few showers over the weekend, we will start to dry out here, awaiting our next storm system, a rooifg on friday, with a -- arriving on friday, with a better chance of rain. but from today, all the way through thursday, really even into the first part of the weekend, an offshore wind will make for a very warm to, stay saishgs hot conditions. now, temperatures very comfortable for outdoor plans tonight. certainly warmer than normal. 10-12 degrees above average. we'll be in the upper 60s early on in the morning. a nice day, but a warm day. 85 at 4:00. like today, we could be very close to 88, maybe 89 degrees in daytona. that would be the two for tuesday for a record high for daytona, the record tomorrow also 89. for your tuesday, 89, orlando. 90 in kissimmee. we've been very close to the 90-degree mark today in parts of the area, but it will be very close, again tomorrow, as well. tomorrow.
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shy in orlando, should tie the record in daytona. we need some rain, orlando, we're about an inch and a half below average for the month. not much in orlando. watching a shift in the weather pattern from friday into saturday, probably the highest rain coverage we've had for about 3-4 weeks, we'll move in weekend. probably not a washout, sunday should be the drier of the three days there, but the fact that we have rain and thunderstorms fwak back in the -- baek back in the forecast. the five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. 87-89 the next couple of dayss. pushing close to records and the rain chance goes up, as temperatures go down just a bit. how about 76. on sunday. bob. >> all right. that sounds good. thanks, tom. >> we're less than 24 hours now from the florida primary, and candidates are campaigning hard in the sunshine state. >> former president bill clinton making a stop in central
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wife. that's tonight on eyewitness news at 10:00.
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chasing trump, the gop front-runner, unleashed, the race for the white house heads for two critical battlegrounds, two big tests, stay with abc's power house political team, that's this week on world news tonight with david muir. welcome k, orlando's mission to concur the soccer world continued today. the first training session, some of the biggest stars not on the morgan. the pride have about one month to prepare for their first season in the national women's soccer league. started that journey today with 28 players on the roster, only 22 in camp. alex morgan and central florida's own ashland harris helped team usa win the she believes cup last week, they're getting a couple of extra days rest. plenty of talent for the head coach to work with. and including forward sarah hagen, who scored 58 goals in her fro pro fegs l career --
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for the two weeks i've been here, just the city, the people, the area, the culture, everyone is so excited for this team, so for us, we're just as equally as excited to play for everyone here. >> the pride will also play a role in the orlando city insider. saturday night, 10:35 on wrdq-tv 27. college football, one of the scapegoats for last year's season is no longer with the florida gators, austin harden will still graduate from hool, but the head coach says he left the team, he made 5 out of 14 field goal attempts last season is. in orland, the ucf first -- tomorrow, practices are closed to the public. bob, martha. >> thank. thank you for watching channel 9 eyewitness news at 6:00. >> abc's world news tonight with
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and can for updates in between
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several breaking stories this monday night. on the eve of the make or break showdown, donald trump now defending himself tonight. after the fights and after the scare onstage. >> this is a love fest. >> and this question tonight. could the republican nomination be nearly wrapped up tomorrow? plus, sarah palin, and the emergency. and hillary clinton and former president bush. what led to this moment? the young officer ambushed, shot and killed. tonight, the suspect who allegedly started it all. police say his brothers recording the whole thing. and was it a fellow officer who fired the fatal shot by mistake?


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