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tv   Eyewitness News 11  ABC  March 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> announcer: this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 11 pm, coverage you can count. >> we are following to big stories the florida primary and breaking news in cocoa beach, firefighters battling a massive fire, 30 firefighters are working on putting the fire out on a mansion on south atlantic out on a mansion on s. atlantic ave., we've accrue on the scene gathering information, we will have a live report coming up in minutes. tonight is one of the most crucial nights in the race for president, your boat was one of the biggest prizes up for grabs, hillary clinton and donald trump rolled huge wins. >> florida was so amazing. >> it is not caused him that i
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the landslide defeat force senator. marco rubio to call it quits. we continue the live team coverage of central florida deciding who should one for the right dutch white house. >> you can find results at the top of your screen on my own. we dedicated an entire team to bring you every aspect of the reason we have reporters with the top candidates and will take you live to their campaigns in a few minutes, plus inker vanessa will explain why the republican race may not be officially decided even after those votes have been counted. at spurs get to the democratic residential race in florida and as you can see here big win in florida, 64% and then 33% to bernie sanders. bernie sanders picked up of few counties puts the panhandle and on the republican side it was really all donald trump, all the time. the state painted entirely in red, when we break it down to the county, just 1 yellow spot
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victory in the entire state for marco rubio, his home county, donald trump passes of 40% mark, so many people said he could not do that, he did a time, 45 point a time, 45.8%, win by 440,000 votes, that is the big story. no question about it, it's the story of the night and we saw donald trump beat marco rubio, big time! we also have a crew that was there to watch this play out and doubtless our george estevez -- jorge estevez down at mara largo , you saw the loser, marco rubio step aside. >>reporter: we sure did, couple hundred people saw this at fiu in the lobby, the senator from her own state of florida things supporters and his family and god. >> after tonight it is clear that we are on the right side, this year, we will not be on the winning side.
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marco rubio expressing the need her proud of a couple of hundred of people in miami that were disappointed that he could not rise above what he called the spectacle. >> it's the only word that >> i'm in shock that america think that's okay to vote for trump. >> who will go home and reevaluate how we get someone who will best serve all americans.>>reporter: they did not blame rubio for doing everything he could even if it meant going negative against trump, rubio ended with a message of hope. >> god strengthen the people, may god strengthen the nation, may god strengthen the conservative movement, may god strengthen the republican party, a god strengthen our eventual nominee, and may god always bless and strengthen this great nation, the united states of america. >>reporter: rubio congratulated trump and said the republican party said now they need someone to not divide them and
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palm beach were donald trump had a quinn tonight in florida. christopher heath was there for the entire victory speech, chris?>>chris: a much different upbeat mood here were donald trump addressed supporters, obviously of ignite for him. he went in florida and not in ohio. wins in illinois and north carolina and in a dogfight right now out in missouri. a lot for trump to talk about tonight, obviously the big win in florida is highlighting what has been a rather impressive 2 weeks for trump winning across the country in the north and the south. tonight with a striking a term of being the uniter in the party, talking about how the party needs to come together and asking party leaders, asking the various members of the republican party to get in line behind him and talking about how he had phone conversations with speaker of the house, paul ryan and mitch mcconnell saying he can unite
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victory in november. >> we have to bring the party together, we have to bring it together.[applause] we have something happening that actually makes the republican party did you guess political story anywhere in the world. >>chris: if you look at the way trump won a cross-border trade mentioned every county with the exception of miami, it is impressive to see the voting numbers that have turned out, trump is saying he is the one driving the support and imploring the rest of the republican party to get in line behind him. we will have to wait and see if that happens and for now reporting live, christopher heath, channel 9. >> and winner take all in terms of the delegates and this doesn't come as a huge surprise and resume and quickly here to
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very one-sided gop race and he at least feels woman to going forward. we have 10 online inker, vanessa echols and there could be a contested convention. >> if no one has enough delegates to win the nomination then contested and brokered and this is how these things would work . if no candidate has the 1237 delegates needed to win the nomination by the time the convention starts, it is a contested convention in the 2472 delegates to take their first boat and the candidate that wins the majority needed then becomes the nominee. sounds simple enough, but if there is no winner, there is a second ballot and this is when it becomes a brokered convention. >> in this case most of the delegates that are pledged to a
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to vote for anyone on the ballot . it is called a brokered convention because they will be dealmaking going on as the campaign to switch. let's just say that that is not produce a winner, it goes on from there, it seems it would be unlikely that there have been some very unlikely things this political year. in a contested convention then the delegates vote by a secret ballot so he could pledge to vote for a candidate and then vote for someone else and there is no penalty. that is all in secret. greg? hillary clinton was looking for a clean desk clean sweep and did not get it and michael is with her campaign, it sounds like penton is turning her attention to the general election? >>michael: clinton was taking swipes at donald trump, especially for his more controversial opinions, but
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winning 3 key states and it puts her on a solid footing to secure the democratic nomination. if we look at a rally from earlier tonight with a lot of supporters, when hillary took the stage her voice was pretty course probably from campaigning and you could tell she was pretty course, she will take double the delegates and it makes it pretty tough to catch up to her and allows her to start focusing on donald trump. >> protecting national security can never be an afterthought. our commander-in-chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrassed that. that is some of the red meat that they got tonight and we have a lot of questions about the republican race and we seem to get answers on the democratic side, it was a
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the money and support and his supporters are loyal. they will probably stay in the race but at this point in makes it difficult for him to catch up in terms of delegates, reporting live in west palm beach, michael, eyewitness news. bernie sanders addressed supporters in phoenix and instead of focusing on florida or ohio he is looking ahead to next week's primary and had an encouraging message for his supporters. >> the reason that we have to find all expectations is that we are doing something very radical in american politics, we are telling the truth. >> that was bernie sanders and he did get a win tonight and we will take a look at the delegates that are up for grabs, especially on the gop side. winner take all for the republicans and you can see that it is a little hard to do
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99 delegates to go straight to donald trump and his total but donald trump was hoping for these 66 delegates for the republican side may now go to q & a, in terms of the delegate count it was not exactly what trump wanted but for those against him this was exactly what they could hope for and could he hold out the victory in ohio. maybe more meaningful than those delegates going in to this pile and the fact that they did not go through the 1237 to avoid the brokered convention. some central florida voters helped decide other areas, rusty johnson beat jim cells by a large margin and that is a different outcome from november were johnson only one by 17 votes, and marion county they approved a 1% sales tax for 4 years to fund public safety, capital needs and wrote
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it goes into effect starting january 1. in the coverage for the prime rate continues on our website, you can see the full speeches and the results including what candy -- counties voted for which candidates. some major breaking news in cocoa beach, we brought this to it eyewitness news at 10 pm. 30 firefighters battled a massive mansion fire. >> a 10,000 foot mansion that's been burning since 7:30 pm. it is an active scene on south between third and fourth street, we've had a reporter on the scene and tie, what are firefighters telling you, how did it start? >>reporter: they are working to put out the flames and until that happens then they won't be able to go inside, yes, it is still an active scene and it has been for more than 3 hours in the fire chief has estimated
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to the beach side mansion. 30 firefighters from 4 agencies are keeping us away from the multimillion dollar home but we do have video showing just how massive the fire is. flames were going as high as trees on the property. look at that, we talked to the chief and he said people were calling his cell phone from firefighters arrived it was fully involved and they have been here since 7:30 pm tonight. we talk to neighbors and they look something like out of the movie. >> it is the first piece of destruction. like something out of the movie. >> it was a beautiful home, very side, i can imagine what started it.>>reporter: this is a look at sky witnessed 9 overhead, flames sparked ahead in the fire chief told me that cruise our putting out small fires right now and we can
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back on the ground it is still active and waiting to learn how this all started. the fire chief did tell me that no one was inside the home and firefighters say that the mansion appears to be occupied. coming up later in the newscast, find out why this home meant so much to the community, we are live now in
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9 eyewitness news at 11 pm. with martha sugalski and certified chief meteorologist, tom terry someone shouted teenager and left his body there where he died. >> arrested no motive, they remembered 15-year-old, antoine davis and kimberly was there for the emotional moments, they say it is time for his killer to confess.>>reporter:'s family tells me that police do have some leads and today was a good day for investigators. >> they could not go into detail and this is tonight's visual here at star lake and it certainly was not about the case, it was about remembering 15-year-old antoine davis. >> >>reporter: family members of 15-year-old, antoine davis, said goodbye tonight on the same dock at spark lake where
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picture of their son, brother, and nephew. >> he let the room, he was the light.>>reporter: hundreds of light shine for him after his life was cut short by gunfire late saturday night. they found the teenager on a sidewalk less than 1 mile from the lake and an officer stood guard over the vigil while orange county deputies continued to search for a suspect. >> they have good leads. >> investigators could close in on the gunmen and they told eyewitness news that the 15- year-old had ongoing problems with kids in the neighborhood. there is still no motive and no arrest but a clear message for the killer. >> you have the nerve to take his life may need to come forward and take responsibility. the family will not stop fighting for justice for antoine davis. >>reporter: they have honed in on a primary suspect and
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at this point. we will check in with them until there is an arrest. reporting live, kimberly intend , channel 9, eyewitness news. a pool got 5 children sick with large amounts of chlorine. earlier today we set -- center crew to flyover and people were vomiting and choking. we are working to find out the condition of the children and we will pass along an update. an update to a story we talked about last night, florida highway patrol tells us the man that was believed to be a police impersonator is actually a highway trooper, fhp says he is a 25-year-old veteran in full uniform driving a marked cruiser. closer to 90 tom. how did that happen? >> all sorts of results. i am cringing my numbers and i vote
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>> it still passed with 100% of the vote. 90 degrees is the high today, the first official 90 of the year. 91 in orlando, when degree off the record and we tied a record at daytona. we just came up shiite in melbourne. a hot day. right now in downtown orlando we are at 73 degrees in the breezes light out there. mild evening for this time of year and we should be back in the upper 50s and near 60, we are nowhere close to that end what i am seeing is these low clouds and some of this is sea fog coming in from the gulf coast and this will spread further inland overnight. the forecast model shows 6 am in the morning and that will help the thickest fog and we are also concerned about the many fires that have been burning across central florida and the smoke and fog combination can make for
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i 75 and down i 4. it far as sanford goes you made it to 89 degrees today and you will be tomorrow. a warm beach day for the locals and spring breakers with a westerly breeze keeping it warm along the shore and we will go 89 degrees to near 90 degrees the official high tomorrow today. near 90 degrees and sanford and what we need is some rainfall. we are very dry as we know in the fire threat continues to grow. as we head towards thursday and isolated shower in this front goes to the north. friday into saturday will be the next best chance for rain as we have showers backing up into the gulf of mexico and plan on indoor activities and scattered thunderstorm possibilities friday and saturday. there is the five-day forecast and a second day of 90 degrees in orlando. by the weekend, much cooler. 119 and counting. coming up
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in cocoa beach where the mansion has gone up in flames and with cruise on the scene gathering as much information as we can and we will have a live report an update for you in minutes. >> i am brian shields and starting tomorrow will attract the fog and how quickly temperatures will heat up.
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breaking news where a beachside mansion has turned to the ground in cocoa beach. >> we've been speaking with eyewitnesses and tie has heard from the people that actually called 911. >>reporter: they describe the flames as going as tall as the trees and the state fire marshal has been called in right now firefighters will secure the home and wait for daylight said the state fire marshal can go in and investigate. let's go to the shocking video and there are flames and neighbors say they could be seen from miles away. this was once an iconic mansion that belong to the man that founded usa today newspapers and we talked to neighbors nearby that describe the flames as something out of a movie. take a listen. >> i've never seen anything like it in my life, 50 feet tall, easily.
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fire were huge. thank you it was an offshore wind because of it was on shore who knows. >>reporter: it's an active scene and it will be like this all night. they are hoping to find a possible cause and where the fire started at this beachside mansion. for now we are alive, ty russell, channel 9, eyewitness news. more eyes are supposed to be on bus stops as this video chris recorded here and people have no clue. drivers keep going when the buses stopped and that is a violation that could cost $265,000 or kill a kid. deputies will patrol more often
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>> announcer: this is your 11 pm sports presented by lexus of orlando. >> less than one month ago in regular season and the orlando magic are struggling to keep their starters on the floor. offered patent set out tonight and the magical lamp 6 home games left after tonight, hosting denver. this is the lately aaron gordon make a dump. 53 max and it matched a career high. sharing the highlights. magic of 15 of the break and the nuggets chipping away. darrell arthur and denver gets within 5 and jason smith does not get any closer. 15 in the fourth for smith and the magic go on to win, 116- 100. college basketball first run of the nat and for the state hose davidson and jordan throws
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but anything he can do millie beasley can do better, the freshman guard rocked it with 21 points and fsu pulls away 84- 74. on the other side of the bracket florida gators hosting north florida and not a great night to be in osprey van. they hit 12 back trees in the 1st half and alan had 4 of those. and scott frost walked onto campus in december and promised you cf would be fast in 2016. it took about 5 minutes of spring football to see exactly what the new head coach was talking about and frost change the atmosphere. offense and talk the quarterback to orchestrate a hype pace attack. six different quarterbacks including last year starter justin hohmann.
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will watch some fog moving off patchy fog in the morning. and on the way back up to the second day of 90. 90 degrees, thank you so much, he sure to watch eyewitness news starting news and traffic and weather >> 90 degrees. down. thank you for watching channel 9 news and will have you caught up on every single thing that
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's tonight -- from "batman vs. superman: dawn of justice" gal gadot, and music from jake bugg. with cleto and the cletones. and now, to get things rolling,


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