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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 16, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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have you a roadblock for a crash. thousands of people who make a living in the film industry could see big changes to their income. why some could decide to leave florida and go to another state. >> your local news coverage continues now on eyewitness news this morning. good morning, america. split decision. donald trump winning big in florida. >> we're going to win, win, which, and we're not stopping. >> and john kasich scoring his first victory in his home state of ohio. >> i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. >> as marco rubio drops out. >> it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or maybe ever. the race now entering uncharted waters as hillary clinton moves closer to locking up the democratic nomination and takes direct aim at the gop front-runner. >> our commander in chief has to
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not embarrass. >> our team breaks down the winners and losers and donald trump joins us live. and breaking news. president obama announces he's decided who he's nominating for the supreme court. the very latest right now. also breaking overnight, twisters tearing through the midwest. nine reported tornadoes touch down destroying homes. as hail, lightning and severe storms wreak havoc on roads now there are new warnings out this morning. we do say good morning, america. big night in the race for the white house. both hillary clinton and donald trump winning big. we'll have more on that in just a moment. >> breaking news right now, president obama has just announced he's made his choice for the supreme court. abc's terry moran is at the supreme court with the latest. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, let the battle begin because that's what it's going to be.
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president obama will reveal his choice to replace justice antonin scalia who's been the cornerstone of conservatism. the front-runners down to three, sri srinivasan considered the leading choice born in india, raised in kansas, a judge here on the appeals court. merrick garland, 63 years old, older than most, the chief judge of the appeals court long seen as a moderate and paul watford, the court's third african-american. in making this, president obama sent an e-mail to his supporters saying he's doing his job and it's time for the senate right across the street here to do theirs. there's little chance of that. this is about to become like everything else a partisan war. george. >> got that right, terry. you'll be anchoring our special coverage. >> 11 o:00 a.m. we want to get to primary results. a strong showing for hillary clinton, the democratic front-runner winning the
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out in song. it goes on and on and on strangers waiting >> and donald trump had a big night too wins at least three states, but john kasich kept his hopes alive by taking all the delegates in his home state of ohio, that makes it harder for trump to wrap up the nomination early. >> kasich was in the zone. his campaign sent out this video of him making this shot and, you know, after seeing that we were condering if it was a lucky shot, so we went to the source and this is what we found. he made at least three in a row. his campaign not they're saying this is a whole new ball game and that this race -- >> very good. >> and the knicks are also reaching out. one way or the other he's going to have a job. >> we reached out to the source to make sure. >> all right. we're covering every angle as you can imagine for the race for the white house.
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beach, florida, this morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump calls this the biggest story in the wore. a political outsider bringing in new voters winning and knocking off seasoned politicians. now, the field is smaller today, but trump may have to take this fight all the way to the convention floor. donald trump wanted to deliver a knockout employee and overnight he nearly did taking at least three of the five states including tuesday's crown jewel, florida. even trump was shocked. >> nobody has ever, ever in the history of politics received the kind of negative advertising that i have. mostly false, i wouldn't say 100% but about 90%. and you explain it to me because i can't. my numbers went up. i don't understand it. nobody understands it. >> reporter: the trump train ran over the competition everywhere, but ohio. a confetti bomb rained down on ohio governor john kasich after
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>> i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: kasich who has virtually no chance of reaching the number of delegates needed to win the nomination outright is hoping for a contested convention. >> well, guess what, tomorrow i'm going to philadelphia. [ cheers and applause ] and then i'm going -- i don't know -- all over the country, okay. >> reporter: in florida trump's victory silenced senator marco rubio's campaign. >> while we are on the right side, this year, we will not be on the winning side. america is in the middle of a real political storm, a real tsunami and why should have seen it coming. >> reporter: cruz who picked up delegates but no victories call calling on rubio's supporters to come to his side. >> only two campaigns has a plausible path to the nomination, ours and donald
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nobody else has any mathematical possibility whatsoever. >> reporter: now donald trump says he'll unify the republican party. there's only one problem. exit polls last night show 44% of non-trump voters say they're not going to vote for him november. george, he's going to need those republicans on his side if he wants to beat the democratic nominee. >> many to, thanks. let's talk to mr. trump. he joins us by phone. ahead in missouri as well. how do you wrap this up? >> well, i think they just called missouri. i think we won missouri also, so we had four wins last night which is a great feeling and we just keep going. i mean, it's -- i think we do it before getting to the convention, frankly, i think it shouldn't be that hard. but we -- i think we'll do fantastically in arizona. we have the backing of sheriff joe, popular guy out there and lots of others and i think we'll do very well. >> you still have to win more than half the delegates going forward to wrap it up before the nomination. both your opponents say they can
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so what would it mean if you go in with the most delegates but don't get the nomination? >> well, i think that would be very bad for the party. we have people that are, you know, very for vent and they love what we're saying. they're joining the party. people that never voted before. they're some of our biggest fans and this is a great thing. we've brought people into this democracy of ours and it's really an amazing thing to watch. millions and millions of people and that's really the big story. i mean, the big story is how many people are coming to the we're up 70%. some of the states we had 102% increase from what it was four years ago, so there's a tremendous fervor out there and i think the republicans and the leadership of the republicans should grasp it because you're going to win in november if they take advantage of it. if they don't take advantage of it, if they play games, if they say, well, he's 50 votes short and therefore he's not getting it or we're going to give it to somebody that got thrown out of
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you're going to have a problem. there's going to be a tremendous -- there's going to think. >> what do you say to those four in ten republicans who went to the polls last night and said they would seriously consider a nominee? >> well, i understand what they're saying because it's been a very tough campaign. it's been a very nasty campaign and they were with somebody else and the somebody else may not be in the race anymore. and there are a lot of hard feelings and so i understand it, but just let me tell you a third party guarantees not 90% or 99%, 100% that yourdids will win, probably hillary, i guess it's hillary, looks like it if she gets to the starting gate which she probably will, frankly, but it guarantees -- now you have four supreme court judgeships coming up that means they would take over for 50 years probably this country will never be the same and probably will never -- >> should the senate give president obama's choice a hearing?
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i think they should do what they're doing and wait till the next president and let the next president pick. i would do -- i would do that. >> finally, mr. trump, you mentioned hillary clinton. she took aim at you last night in her speech and is already looking to the general election. she condemned what she called your bluster and bigotry and said you're not strong, you're wrong. how would you counter that in a general election? >> well, i don't think hillary has the strength or energy to be a great president or to be president. i really don't. i mean, i understand where we're coming from. i understand exactly what i'm saying. she does not have the strength. she does not have the energy and i think she would be not a very good president and i think it would be a big mistake. i think in many ways she'll be an embarrass many. look at what she's going on with her e-mails. she's under federal investigation. i think she would be a major embarrassment for the country. >> thanks for joining us. >> thanks very much. >> george, speaking of hillary clinton, going to the democratic race now and she had a big night overnight.
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least four of the races. abc's cecilia vega has the latest of the she's also in palm beach, florida, for us, of course, one of the states where clinton was victorious. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: robin, good morning. it was a huge win for hillary clinton and a big blow for bernie sanders. while he is still vowing to carry on with this campaign, this win gives clinton the boost she needs to move forward in locking up this nomination. it was a night that had hillary clinton beaming. >> thank you, florida. thank you, north carolina. thank you, ohio. >> reporter: a sweeping win leaving clinton and her supporters looking ahead to one thing. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november. >> reporter: clinton now closer than ever to closing the deal. >> if we win in november, i know our future will be brighter tomorrow than yesterday.
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surprising even her own campaign. but now she's focused on another rival. >> when we hear a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants, banning all muslims from entering the united states, when he embraces torture, that doesn't make him strong, it makes him wrong. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: bernie sanders in arizona not once mentioning the loss. >> don't let people tell you that you can't think big. >> reporter: or what comes next. >> you do not have to accept the status quo. >> reporter: clinton telling me she's in no rush to ask him to drop out any time soon. >> it's his campaign to run any way that he chooses. i went all the way to the end against barack obama. i'm not ever going to tell out. >> reporter: and proof that
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election, a new ad that she released in arizona, it's about immigration and robin, i can tell you it features one of her rival, not bernie sanders, but donald trump. >> got that. all right, cecilia, thank you. abc's jon karl joins us with the race on those all-important delegates and, jon, let's start with the democrats. the results yesterday, how does that change the race? >> well, robin, a huge night for hillary clinton. she won four of the five states, still waiting on missouri and that means she won last night the lion's share of the delegates. look at this, 408 delegates to just 237 for bernie sanders. where does it leave the race now? hillary clinton so far is two-thirds of the way to getting the delegates she needs to clinch the nomination. she is getting close to a mathematical lock on this. bernie sanders would need to win all the remaining states by a landslide to catch up with her. >> as we know, jon, not as clear cut when it comes to the republicans and the delegates. >> not as clear cut but this was
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he's won three of the five states so far, missouri also still close to call. he lost ohio but look at the delegates. the lion's share of the delegates going to donald trump last night. kasich coming in second with 7 5 and in terms of where he stands so far he has not a big a lead over hillary clinton but more than half the way. as for john kasich, that huge win, you saw the confetti in ohio, he would need, robin, 101% of the remaining delegates to clinch before the convention. 101%. that's hard to do. >> yes, it is. george. >> okay, here with matthew dowd our political analyst. republicans. donald trump has a clearer path to the nomination. no guarantee though he can get that 1,237. he said he can unite the party. big job. >> huge and as we saw in the exit polls he's got a problem with the non-trump voters. the folk if they were to take out trump are a huge problem.
7:14 am
vote for a non-trump candidate. one thing that is fascinating, contested convention we have not seen a second ballot and two things have changed. one, the voters are now involved. no primary the last time we had a contested convention and, two, technology and tv. a contested convention in this convention is going to be the most unique thing we've ever seen. >> donald trump, if he has the lead and they take it away for him disaster for the party. >> it would be a disaster in cleveland. i think that basically we're at the precipice of the republican party being broken already. >> hillary clinton wrapped this up? >> yes. he got no psychology and energy out this so i think she's well on her way and will be the nominee. >> matthew dowd, thanks very much. back to robin. another big headline, that severe weather slamming the midwest. storms, twisters ripping through the region overnight, 20 million people caught in its path. ginger, of course, is tracking it all for you. >> i start with the picture of the willis tower. lightning striking downtown chicago.
7:15 am
missouri to michigan overnight. overnight, hail, lightning, and tornadoes. >> three vortices on the ground. >> reporter: at least nine reported twisters spinning through iowa and illinois. watch as lightning ill loom nights the horizon in green valley revealing a haunting rotating sky. in springfield, two funnel clouds just hours ago. after a night of severe weather in the prairie state, this morning, officials are still assessing all the damage. winds in excess of 70 miles per hour destroying numerous homes and structures. the severe winds ripping this barn apart. these horses hitting the highway. cars creeping along roads as they take a hammering from golf ball-sized hail. in leroy, illinois, a inch of hail on the ground and fog rolling in making for a ghoulish scene for those still on the road. >> there's nowhere to go to get inside.
7:16 am
hitting so hard, drivers taking shelter. that storm is still creeping to wisconsin. these things rotate counterclockwise and behind this storm, that's where you'll find the biggest next hazard and that would be wind. some of the gusts with wind advisories could reach up to 60 miles per hour, ohio, back to the dakotas. much more coming up. thank you very much. we turn to amy with the morning's other big headlines. and a nightmare for commuters. >> it really is, robin. the second bigiest subway system in the country is shut down, the d.c. metro closed all day for safety inspections nearly nearly 750,000 without a ride to work or school. authorities want to inspect the electric cables in the system blamed for recent fires including that deadly one last year. well, a student from the university of virginia has just been sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in north korea. otto warmbier is accused of trying to steal a propaganda
7:17 am
missouri accepted the justice department to overhaul the 'tis force and court system in the wake of michael brown shooting and it addresses what the feds are calling a practice of unconstitutional conduct. and in ohio, some frightening moments for an at&t worker when his van got stuck on railroad tracks. he went to grab his bag, seemingly unaware that a train was coming. a nearby officer got him out of the way. the train demolished the van. whoo. but thankfully he was not inside and no one was injured. and proof that watching the news can change your life. matthew chapman will receive a $100,000 reward for notifying police after he spotted two inmates who had escaped from jail. he recognized the van and them from news reports. he's a self-described news junkie and guess what, the money couldn't have come at a better time because chapman was homeless but he is now using that money to start a new life.
7:18 am
some money to his adult children who are struggling, as well. >> that's great. >> the guys are behind bars. >> he did the right thing. did the right thing and something good happened for him. and now an exam of what happens when you complain. john kasich won big in ohio but he hasn't always gotten celebrations he expects. now take a look at this. for his showing for his 100th town hall in new hampshire last month, he got about, what, ten pieces of confetti that were dropped so what did he do? he complained and when he complained, his staff, they turned it all around and they delivered. look what happens last night. an avalanche of confetti for his huge win and i'm pretty sure the gop candidate, he's drowning in a big victory from last night and i think he's still trying to find the confetti all over the place. who knows. >> be careful what you wish for. >> he got it. >> he did. >> let's back go to ginger. >> more on the win.
7:19 am
some suburbs around chicago. later this afternoon, grand rapids, 47, wausau, 48. big-time wind and snow on the
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i'm nancy alvared. hot spots are still smoldering at the petroleum sin tender mansion. the fire -- the flames surrounding the home could be seen from other cities. firefighters say that the home that sold for four million dollars last year is leveled. the state fire marshall will be out this morning to begin an investigation. now let's look at the roads. >> we have two crashes on i-4 westbound. starting off right here. i-4 westbound at kalee. have you one left hand lane blocked. keep that in mind. we are seeing back ups at anderson. also seminole is starting toking slow down. from about 431 to past this crash you will have a slower go
7:28 am
then live tracker driver we have a partial roadblock at lee vista boulevard for road work. low clouds and patchy fog around this morning a great day. still warm up course. here is that look downtown. over the lake. 68 degrees. that mild start you see that widespread fog. the village down to a half mile. under a mile in melbourne through the day once we loose that it'll be a great day a lot of sun. by four temperature around 87 and still in the 80s right through the evening. it's 7:28. if you are watching on channel 9 and want the latest local
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there is the supreme court. president obama set to announce his pick this morning revealing who he wants to take the seat left open after the death of justice antonin scalia. up. we will, and also right now, hillary clinton and donald trump celebrating big wins overnight, as you know. clinton winning at least four of five states. trump winning at least three but stopped in ohio by governor john kasich. and the president also making another big decision, yep, the supreme court, i get that but he's revealing his march madness bracket on espn. that's the big decision. florida gulf coast made it to
7:31 am
picked. >> what did he pick first, his justice. >> who knows. >> cue the music. >> you know the song, indiana >> he's back. a lot of fans are excited about this and a lot of them are giving or saying, you know what, can't wait to see harrison ford get back in the sad the. but a lot are saying he'll be 77 years old when the movie comes >> good for him. >> good for him. >> i think he's like wine, he gets better with age and as indiana jones, he can do anything at any age. >> you talked to him and said he wanted to do it before he was 80. >> yep, check. >> i got a lot of things i want to do before i'm 80. i better get to it. we'll start with the latest in hulk hogan's $100 million sex tape lawsuit against gawker. the website's founder nick denton taking the tan facing tough questions from the wrestler's lawyers and the jurors. abc's linzie can at the
7:32 am
florida, with more. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, robin. hogan's lawyers laying into denton trying to get to the bottom of whether he gave editors the green light to post that tape. in court tuesday, lawyers for hulk hogan trying to find out what gawker founder nick denton knew about his site's posting of the hogan sex tape and when. >> according to your deposition testimony which you gave us under oath that was before it was public i shall mr. ed correct. >> i believe i was aware that the story was coming, yes. >> no, no, no, it doesn't work like that. >> reporter: hogan's lawyers arguing he set the tone of the site showing the jury an e-mail he sent to staff bragging about gawker's scoring big after republishing paparazzi photos of princess kate sunbathing topless in 2012 and that hogan's sex tape. >> the examples you used for hulk sex, right. >> in this month yes. >> reporter: also asking denton
7:33 am
which he called the invasion of privacy positive for society. >> and your answer, i think the world is coming around to our presumption on privacy which is that when somebody becomes the publisher as people do at quite a young age on facebook they become sort of public figures. >> reporter: finally denton who described the tape as sweet and humanizing asked to read to the court former gawker editor in chief a.j. daulerio's commentary published alongside that tape. >> use your most humanizing teens. >> he stands on the side of the bed. >> reporter: the rest too graphic to air before letting him off the stand, the judge reading nine questions from the jury. >> if the video was gratuitious would you still believe that it's covered under the first amendment? >> no, i wouldn't. >> saying that nigra tut to us is isn't covered by the first amendment, i think everybody understands our position and actually sounds like they
7:34 am
was a great day. >> reporter: and gawker says the version that it posted was not gratuity to us. today bubba clem, the florida radio shock jock who made that coming to court to answer questions. he says he'll plead the fifth. george. >> thanks very much. now we have an abc news investigation into air ambulances. you've seen the work they do. 400,000 americans rushed to the hospital by helicopter just last year. in many cases they save lives but our investigation found they can also leave families with sky high bills facing debt collectors and lawsuits. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross has the details. >> reporter: emergency workers call it the golden hour. the crucial 60 minutes to get medical care for a patient facing death. sky. truly. >> reporter: that urgent need has spawned a nationwide fleet of helicopter ambulances available around the clock but an abc news investigation conducted with our stations across the country has found
7:35 am
they've also left many of the people they saved facing lawsuits, debt collectors, financial turmoil. >> i don't have the money to give them. >> reporter: with bills as high as $40,000 to $50,000 whose costs are not revealed in advance and all too often patients are left on the hook when insurance companies refuse to fully cover what they consider to be an excessive cost for the flight. >> i think there is certainly a case where you can say there is price gouging. >> reporter: the biggest of the helicopter ambulance companies, air methods operates in 48 states posting a profit last year of more than $100 million. the company says it's expensive to have state-of-the-art helicopters and crews available 24/7. but vice president paul webster concedes air methods charges far more than the actual cost to make up, he says, for the low government reimbursements for
7:36 am
>> if everybody paid their fair share it would cost $12,000. >> reporter: the bill to airlift of daughter of this couple came to $47,000 for a 79-mile trip. that insurance only covered about a third of that. >> definitely going to cripple us financially. >> reporter: as is standard the air method's concept form he signed before the flight made no mention of the cost. why don't you put the price here so people know what they're signing on for. >> sure, it's a question that i can ask. >> reporter: you don't know the answer. >> no, i don't. >> reporter: some wonder if helicopters are always necessary. jean's daughter sofia was airlifted after complications from a tonsillectomy but took almost an hour for the helicopter to arrive and lift off and was able to drive the 37-mile distance to another hospital in almost the same amount of time. >> i left a few minutes before arriving at the hospital about five minutes after they did. >> reporter: a ground ambulance would have cost $1500.
7:37 am
came to $35,000 and even after insurance and some discounts, she still owes $17,000. >> it takes advantage of people when they are at their most vulnerable. >> air method says it will cut the cost for people who prove financial hardship but our investigation with the stations across the country found in the last five years the company has taken hundreds of their customers to court or called in debt collectors to make the people it once helped save pay up and under federal law they're considered an airline and can set any price they want. >> they're considered an airline. >> considered an airline under the deregulation price so set any price they want. >> you're so vulnerable. >> that is some investigation. thank you, brian. coming up, judge judy no stranger to courtroom drama, her show now is at the center of a lawsuit over how much she's getting paid. an important health alert for millions of americans battling pain. so many questions about those new guidelines for prescription painkillers so dr. besser is here live.
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coming up on 7:42 and back how with a new battle for judge judy. the courtroom star at the center of a multimillion dollar lawsuit claiming her $47 million a year salary is costing a talent agency cash. abc's linsey davis is here with all the details. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: that talent agency is rebel entertainment and in its new lawsuit the president of the firm says he discovered judge judy 20 years ago and helped her to get a show. since then as we all know judge judy has become a massive hit and rebel says they're supposed to get a cut but cbs isn't paying up. >> you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. >> reporter: the no nonsense cut to the chase courtroom commander -- >> you speak, i rule then you shut up, do you understand. >> reporter: known for her sizzling shutdowns. >> don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining. >> reporter: finds herself in
7:43 am
a multimillion dollar lawsuit. >> oh, please. >> reporter: talent agency rebel entertainment partners filed a lawsuit monday suing cbs television claiming the media giant failed to pay the millions in profits and saying the show is now losing money because of the judge's $47 million annual salary. >> $47 million is quite high for a salary and leaves nothing for any of the people that were supposed to receive profits from the show. >> reporter: the lawsuit claims rebel entertainment is entitled to 5% of the show's net profits but says they haven't received a dime since february 2010 when the judge's salary nearly doubled. that money allegedly coming out of the production budget. >> it's just an egregious violence of the contract and shouldn't be allowed and won't be allowed. >> reporter: rebel also accuses cbs of not consulting with them when the legal star had the
7:44 am
something they say cbs was obligated to discuss with them. >> sit down. >> reporter: in a statement full of her signature sass shiepdz eindlin calls it hilarious and says somehow received over $17 million from my program. now complaining about not getting enough money. that's real chutzpa. >> there's only one person that gets the last word in, that's me. >> reporter: cbs declined to comment an referred us to judge judy's statement. rebel is seeking an undisclosed amount in damages. if the agency wins it could have a big payout, just a reminder to everyone judge judy has been on air for 20 years and since its premiere grossed $1.7 billion with a capital "b" dollar. >> so rebel couldn't go to judge judy. go to court against -- >> exactly, right. >> that would be a highly rated "judge judy."
7:45 am
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7:49 am
as you can tell from the music. we all know he can do it all and harrison ford is back putting on his fedora for a brand-new adventure and he's teaming up again with steven spielberg and abc's t.j. holmes is here with the details, what do you have? >> strahan, spoiler alert, he will not be playing han solo ever again but harrison ford, at least he can give us indy but a lot are questioning is dr. jones still going to be carrying that whip or a cane. >> indiana jones, always knew someday you'd come walking back through my door. >> reporter: indiana jones is coming back to all of us, disney made the announcement that harrison ford will return as the iconic archaeologist in a fifth indiana jones movie. >> we have top men working on it right now. >> ford will again team up with steven spielberg who directed the first four films. >> you have chosen wisely. >> reporter: ford made clear to us a few months ago he wanted to reprise his role as indy. >> i would love to do another indiana jones and work with
7:50 am
>> i think he said you wanted to do it before you turned 80. >> i'd like to see me do it before i turn 80. >> don't call me junior. >> reporter: overwhelmingly reaction focused on the fact that ford will be 77 years old when the new movie is released. indiana jones and the raiders of the lost aarp and indiana jones and the temple of prunes. there was speculation another younger actor would possibly take up the role of indiana jones, no way says spielberg. >> spielberg has said there is only one person who can play indiana jones and that's harrison ford. >> we're home. >> reporter: so after a box office smashing return as han solo, this almost okay that thatgenarian could become a top grossing action star once again, is 80 the new 30? >> let's hope so. >> coming but you have to wait for it. not out until the summer of 2019. >> worth of wait. >> but, again, 77 years old.
7:51 am
>> that's right. >> i'm with him. hey, t.j., jojo is coming up in the next half hour. the bachelorette. >> not behind you. right on time. whatchamacallit -- always there. your parking space. [ car alarm chirps ] seriously? girls' night -- always there. and avocados from mexico -- they're always there for you because they're fresh all year 'round. indeed, that is something worth celebrating. avocados from mexico ever since jim signed up for lawn care plan, i've been up on my hind legs view of his grass. it's so beatif - aghh! cramp! cramp! my tiny unicorn legs can't take it. now get 20% off smart seed, at lowe's. because of a huge natural resource. not the land. or power sources.
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bring home the lindt gold bunny. back here on "gma" a few dari images. trinity county with that landslide. no one hurt there. san francisco, for example, this month alone has had more than 4 1/2 inches above average in
7:55 am
7:56 am
brought to you by lint gold bunny. make the magic of easier come alive. good morning. in the news, new from overnight police are working to find two home invaders they say attacked a robbed a man before stealing his car and killing his dog. the victim was pistol whipped. police say the suspects shot that dog before taking off in the victim's car. that's a 2004 silver mercedes. today the state fire marshall will be out working to find out what cause aid fire that burned the pumpkin center mansion to the ground.
7:57 am
the flames surrounding the ten thousand square foot home could be seen from other cities in the county. parts of the home that sold for four million dollars are still burning this morning. let's look at the situation out there on the roads. >> it's a major delays on i-4 westbound. starting off with this crash. i-4 westbound has a crash blocking a lane. that's causing a slow down from about 434 until you pass this crash. then another crash that has another major slow down. here looking at fair banks. right here westbound you do have slow goofily road until you get through downtown and past that crash at i-4 westbound. tracking some patchy fog and a warm start to the day. another hot day on the way. once we loose the fog we will have a lot of sun moving in. 69 in orlando. 67 in palm coast. you see the patchy fog around, especially in northwestern zones but all of us could run
7:58 am
after that a beautiful day on the way. apollo elementary, 83 by two. mid80s this afternoon and a few of us inland will be closer to 90. gma continues next. if you are watching us on channel 9 and want the latest switch to tv27. coming up on tv27 the florida primary brought millions to the polls. why some voters didn't have ballots when they go let the games begin! experience the power... the passion... and the pageantry of medieval times. kids and students just $29.95
7:59 am
let the games begin!
8:00 am
the passion... and the pageantry of medieval times. kids and students just $29.95 at good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. split decision. trump scores huge in florida. kasich with a big victory over trump in ohio as clinton edges closer to locking up the democratic nomination with a big win over sanders. the latest on the race for the white house. identity theft alert. could you be the victim of a modern-day bank robbery losing your money right over the phone. how thieves are pulling it off. morning. meet america's new bachelorette, jojo, revealing how she's really doing now ready
8:01 am
love and life after ben. all that and donnie wahlberg and jenny mccarthy and what they think of the new bachelorette as we say -- >> good morning, america! and donnie and jenny came bearing gifts in times square. good to see them. >> the special barbecued burger from wahlburgers. eating. >> a little spicy. >> i've learned my lesson. i got to read the news in just a bit saving that for later. also we have a major health headline about prescription painkillers and dr. besser is answering questions about the new guidelines that could help save lives. >> you'll never guess who is releasing a new song, the first lady is behind a hot new track
8:02 am
superstars and you're going to hear all of that in "pop news." and you see a lot of them right there. zendaya. kelly clarkson. >> missy elliott. >> a good combo. >> all for a great cause. >> now the morning rundown from amy. >> good morning. we begin with breaking news, president obama about to announce his nominee for the supreme court this morning. three federal judges are believed to be in the running, the president says he consulted with people across the political spectrum to make his decision and abc news will carry the president's announcement live. and now to the race for president. take a look at the map now, hillary clinton sweeping bernie sanders tuesday. even leading in missouri where the race was too close to call overnight and on the republican side trump holds a narrow lead over ted cruz in missouri and took all other states except for ohio where john kasich scored his first win of the campaign and abc's tom llamas tells us where the race goes from here. >> reporter: a huge night for donald trump and the end of
8:03 am
trump winning big in several states including the crown jewel of the tuesday night electric, florida. trump saying he was able to overcome millions in negative ads to pull away in florida and beat the senator there, rubio, by double digits. earlier trump spoke with george. >> there's a very fervor out there and i think the republicans and the leadership of the republicans should grasp it. >> reporter: the other big winner governor john kasich winning his home state of ohio and taking all 66 delegates. now, mathematically there is no way that kasich can win enough delegates to become the nominee but kasich is hoping to take this fight all the what i to the convention floor where the delegates decide on the nominee and, amy, some new drama. there is a debate scheduled for monday in salt lake city. trump has said he's done with debates. it's unclear if he'll participate. amy. >> all right, tom, thanks so much. and bernie sanders is promising to march on despite hillary clinton's convincing
8:04 am
abc's cecilia vega has the latest on the democratic side. cecilia, good morning. >> reporter: hi, good morning. hillary clinton is celebrating that huge win here, those wins in those four states pushing her closer to locking up this nomination once and for all. especially in ohio, that win surprising even her own campaign. and right now hillary clinton is looking ahead to a general election and one man, take a listen to her victory speech in florida here overnight. >> when we hear a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants, banning all muslims from entering the united states, that doesn't make him strong, it makes him wrong. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and this was a huge blow for bernie sanders. but he is still vowing to stay in this race all the way until the convention but really the math is in hillary clinton's favor. i asked her if she plans to ask bernie sanders to drop out of this race any time soon. amy. she told me not at all.
8:05 am
>> all right, cecilia, thanks so much. hundreds of thousands of commuters in washington have to find another way to work today. the d.c. subway system has been shut down for emergency safety inspections. authorities are worried about cables that have sparked recent fires. and a hacker accused of taking nude pictures of celebrities is now pleading guilty. jennifer lawrence and model kate upton among the more than 100 victims. 36-year-old ryan collins of pennsylvania is accused of sending the celebrities fake e-mails claiming to be from apple and google to get them to reveal their passwords. he now faces up to five years in prison. and for the last time president obama has filled out his march madness bracket. his picks were just unveiled on espn. his final four include kansas, texas a&m, north carolina and michigan state. go, sparty. he is picking kansas, though, to go all the way. we'll see how well he does. finally, proof that mcdonald's big mac may be indestructible.
8:06 am
showing the burger able to withstand molten copper being poured over it. the copper appears to ricochet off the burger. but scientists say the resistance has everything to do with the laws of physics not the ingredients of the burger. so it's indestructible but not inedible and it's actually called the leadenfrost effect. actual science behind it. feel free to dig in next time you see a big mac. >> those are truly buns of steel. >> well done, well done, well done. >> my gift to you. now we have an important health alert for millions of americans battling pain. the cdc trying to battle the worst public health drug crisis in decades with new guidelines for how painkillers should be prescribed. dr. richard besser, good to have you back with us this morning.
8:07 am
>> this problem is enormous. 249 million prescriptions for opiate pain medications. that's enough for one for every adult in 2013. there were 40 endorsements every day from overdose on these drugs and as many as one if four who take these long term will become addicted. >> those numbers when you see them are absolutely startles. so what is the cdc saying about new guidelines in prescribe ing these. >> taking it on in a big way. for people who have acute pain after surgery, they're saying people who need opiates can be get by with three days of medication and most -- at most seven. you don't need to go for several weeks of those and for chronic pain they're saying that first line treatment should not be with opioids and the reason, there's no data to show they work long term and lots of data to show long-term use can lead to addiction which could be fatal. >> a lot at home may be on these meds. what are the all
8:08 am
>> this doesn't apply to people with pain with cancer or end of life but tens of millions have pain and what they're saying first line treatment should be drugs like acetaminophen or aprincipal and depending on the type of pain they should try things like weight loss or exercise therapy for people who have pain from different types of arthritis. for other types behavioral therapy. but there's going to be a lot of push-back and controversy because the people who suffer from chronic pain, there are many whose needs are not being met but saying doctors have to change the way they're doing business. >> and how will doctors adopt these new guidelines. >> it's going to take a lot of education. this he want to make sure people aren't doctor shopping for pills so recommending when you give a new predescription you do urine drug testing and make the database to make sure they haven't gone to many doctors to get medications. that will take care some of the people abusing the drugs and maybe using them beyond the chronic pain but we need new
8:09 am
that don't have the problems >> that's it. i know there will be a lot of questions and you'll be on twitter again. you also go to our facebook page. let's get now to amy. amy. michael. i kind of look like amy but i'm not. here's what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." meet america's new favorite woman, a brand-new bachelorette, jojo fletcher is opening up about her life after the final rose and modern day bank robbery, the people on the inside who could be robbing you right over the phone. plus, two of my favorite people, donnie wahlberg and jenny mccarthy, they're here and everybody wants a selfie with then. i'm going to take one and that wahlburger, delicious, right on point. >> amen. >> all that coming up live right here in times square.
8:10 am
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8:14 am
i would like to please welcome our new bachelorette, jojo. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was it, the big moment for jojo fletcher. america's new bachelorette bouncing back from being rejected by bachelor ben telling "people" magazine all about it and abc's reena ninan has the story. >> i found it with you but i found it with somebody else more. >> reporter: she was one of two women waiting for the final rose, but jojo fletcher got the short end of the stem and was sent home. >> i don't even know what to say right now. i -- i'm so confused. >> reporter: and now she's opening up about her last few days on the show telling "people" magazine it was really hard for me but when i got home i took a couple of weeks to myself to think about everything.
8:15 am
what i want and i know what i deserve. >> she actually feels lucky she went through this experience on "the bachelor" and that even though it didn't work out she's really not going to look for anything less. >> reporter: it's no surprise she was so shocked. especially after ben told her he loved her more than once. >> i love you too. >> i love you, jojo. >> i'm so clear that i love you. >> and i love you. >> i love you. >> reporter: on monday night "after the final rose" spurned but still composed and poised. she says, "i was super nervous have closure. i'm friends with lauren and i think the world of ben and seeing them together it made a lot more sense than i thought it would be." angry. she has really come to terms. she had achieved some closure with ben finally. >> reporter: it is certainly not the last we'll see of fletcher. she signed on to be the next bachelorette but will she be
8:16 am
than one person, she says -- i guess i'll see when i get there. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> i guess we'll all see when she gets there. joining us now kate coyne and our bachelor fans, jenny mccarthy and donnie wahlberg, the real experts. >> >> we're the real experts. >> how do you think jojo handled all this? >> pretty great. pretty great. it's a heck of a consolation prize. that was a truly devastating dumping when he looks at her, i love you but i love somebody else more. that's horrible. >> is there ever a good dumping, though? i don't think so. >> better ones than that. >> ideally there aren't 17 million people watching it go down for starters and i do think that you could tell she was kind of in shock because she didn't freak out quite as much as i think the average person would really lose it. she was clearly a little bit stunned. >> she didn't believe ben was
8:17 am
dump her knowing that her two brothers were standing by waiting to beat his brains out. >> going to kill him. >> he didn't want to go home to those two brothers. >> i don't blame him. >> i love you're a fan. you were crying. it made you emotional. >> i got him hooked. >> what was it made you cry? >> every time something happens, i cry every season i cry. i usually cry at the proposal. i didn't cry at the proposal though this year because lauren b. didn't really act happy. >> you have this huge capacity to suspend belief. >> you're all in. >> it started when i was a kid. it started when i was a kid. it's was quasi--real george. started with 17, getting down to one and it's so surreal. >> i'm curious. what kind of guy do you think would be good for jojo. >> first of all did you see ben's reaction when she was announced? >> yes. >> i was like, oh, my god.
8:18 am
going to like this but in terms of a guy i think it's going to take a guy that can stand up to the brothers, that can deal with a mom who likes to direct a lot of you know what in the closet and really kind of stand up -- i like the fact she's flawed and not a debutante like lauren was so i think that's why people related to her. because every family's flawed. >> my vote is for the first guy who goes home to those brothers and says to the older one weren't you also on a reality dating show, because he was. so, that the older brother was on a show called "ready for love". >> on nbc. >> is jojo ready for love, kate? >> i think she is. i think she definitely is. i think that, you know, i think she really did fall in love with ben because it's real, george. it's real. she really fell in love with him. >> see, i don't think she did. >> i think she felt quasi-love when you've only known someone for six weeks and you've been -- >> and you're locked in a house. >> and every trip is a vacation.
8:19 am
>> george, those tears were real, man. they were real, just like my tears are real. >> that was about it. i think. >> no mas. i give. that's it. 23rd right here on abc. over to robin. >> yeah, keeping it real on that couch. now to another alert this morning. "gma on the lookout" with a warning about identity theft and how thieves can rob your bank account with a simple phone call. abc's rebecca jarvis is here. you've got our attention, rebecca. >> this is pretty scary. we trust them with some of our most sensitive information. social security numbers, account information, birthdays. in the wrong hands those details could cost you everything and law enforcement. they say some of the very bank tellers expected to protect that valuable information are behind an alarming increase in identity theft. >> thank you for calling. >> i would like to update my current telephone number. >> sure, we can definitely update your phone number.
8:20 am
authorities say is really a thief using stolen bank account information. >> yes, i would like to order some checks. >> reporter: ordering checks so he can get money from a stranger's account and you may not believe his accomplice, prosecutors say he got that stolen info from a bank teller. >> and what transactions did you want to go over, sir? >> reporter: not just one account. he calls to access several. >> i would like to know how much i have available in my accounts, please. >> you have $14,327.13. >> the bank tellers have access to very confidential data. >> reporter: cyrus vance, manhattan's top attorney says bad tellers are often part of larger identity theft rings. >> they're selling that to individuals on the outside who will then take that information, turn it into credit cards or checks. >> reporter: and he says, he's seen an alarming increase in these crimes. even estimating he prosecutes a case once a month. should people around the country be worried?
8:21 am
that doesn't mean we should all panic. >> reporter: this woman did not want us to show her face because she says she continues to have her identity stolen after she became a victim. >> nobody knew that this was happening. >> reporter: she says thousands of dollars were her account stolen just weeks before the biggest day of her life. >> we had been working for about a year to save up a lot of cash to pay for our entire wedding and it was gone. >> reporter: she says she had no idea a bank teller had stolen her identity along with 28 other customers until she received this letter from her bank. chase told her, a former employee may have accessed your account information without authorization and gave it to someone outside of chase. chase tells "gma" as soon as we discovered this, we immediately called the authorities, fired the employee and reimbursed the customers. we're sorry and angry this happened. but vance says not all banks aggressively fight and report these crimes. do you think the banks need to be doing more?
8:22 am
doing more. if it's not reported to law enforcement, it's just an invitation for that criminal to keep the money and go on to the next account or the next bank. >> the american bankers association, the group that represents bankers around the country tells us banks use many safeguards to prevent fraud including sophisticated software to monitor employee access of customer accounts and customers are always protected against fraud. the bank will cover any loss. but this is another reminder, you have to keep looking at those bank statements, keep an eye on that information. >> you do. >> thank you for that. >> whoo. >> outside to ginger. >> let's do that. look at all these beauties in uniforms, the d.c. ceremonial guard just hanging out this morning. it's nice out here, isn't it? it feels good. already about 50 degrees but it's not as nice at the texas and louisiana state line. look at that sign under water. i-10 still shut in both directions and check out that flag brought in by some of the -- teenagers there. really nice patriotism but a lot
8:23 am
map. a lot of folks from texas this morning. let's get it in to michael. >> thank you, ginger. now come in and join us. now it is time for "pop news," everybody. and now you'll never guess -- that was my voice is a little off. well, at least i'm not a part of this, okay. this is about this new song you'll never believe who is releasing it.
8:24 am
>> oh, sure you recognize kelly clarkson but the force behind this new girl power anthem is the one and only first lady, michelle obama. it's called "this is for my girls." it drops online this morning. executive produced by aol's maker's website and the song was written by diane warren and features kelly clarkson, janelle mow may, zendaya, kelly rowland and missy elliott amongst others and from my intro my moist is not on this but it's set to become the anthem for let girls learn which is an initiative launched by the president and first lady to help more than 62 million girls around the world go to school and stay in school. >> i love that. >> well done. well done. well done. >> i think you can sing. >> you do? you were outside. you didn't hear it. >> you didn't hear it, ginger. >> thank you for the ringing
8:25 am
exclusive. by insistence, the "gma" women here, take a look at david here we go. yeah, we've got your first look at david beckham's first ever "gq" cover that his newsstands march 2 9/. cover. i mean, wow, it was so good they gave this man two. look at that. yes. now, in the interview he admits he misses soccer every day. if he still lived in l.a. he really would consider make a comeback for a year. >> ooh. >> so if any ladies are out there buying "gq" and you see them i'm sure they're buying it for the article, george. >> first of many. >> first of many "gq" covers. >> he's fully clothed. >> guilty as charged. finally we have a rare new interview with prince william. overnight he was taking on trophy hunting. he is working hard behind the scenes because he fears the last wild rhinos will be extent
8:26 am
25 which is a scary thought and speaking of princes, robin, you had a very special interview with prince harry. >> last week and that's where i was, across the pond. had a chance to speak with him. the up coming invictus held at disney world in may and that's with wounded warriors competing internationally. it's much like the wounded warriors that we have here in the states but this is an international competition? can't wait to see it. >> he is a prince. you literal -- >> you wore royal blue for the prince? pardon? >> i did wear royal blue. he talked about that. he talked about his mom and brother and sister-in-law. with everybody. coming up here holly robinson peete is going to be here live opening up about her brand-new show. tt2w`t+o md; "a@qfe8 tt2w`t+o md; bm@qmn4 tt4w`t+o md;" dztq mf, tt4w`t+o md;" entq =bl tt4w`t+o md;" gzt& $e4 tt4w`t+o md;" hnt& 4kx
8:27 am
tt4w`t+o md;" jntq lr@ tt4w`t+o md;" lzt& t?< it's 8:27. in the news, hot spots are still smoldering at a mansion in coco beach. it start add started around 7:30. the flames surrounding the ten thousand square foot home could be seen from other cities in the county. firefighters say the home that sold for four million dollars is leveled. the state fire marshall will be he out there investigating a cause. now let's look at the roads.
8:28 am
right here i-4 westbound at 434. we will normally see a delay. this has been made worse by a crash on the other side of downtown. let's go head and switch to show you. you have a solid wall of traffic even right here at i-4 westbound at fair banks. your drive time, let's pull that up. from i-4 westbound -- until you get to 408 looking at 89 minutes and the earlier crash -- wow. the earlier crash also impacted your 408 drive. the 408 westbound drive until you get into downtown orlando 34 minutes. >> all right. a lot of cloud around this morning. this camera from on top of a building. it looks worse but the low deck of clouds and the patchy fog that's with us. 69 now in orlando. winds out of the west at 17. northern zones. dropping off near the beach. little bit of visibility.
8:29 am
college park today we will monitor the fire threat. we will see a lot of sun once the morning stuff gets out of here. 84 at two and a couple of us near 90 degrees. if you are watching us on channel 9 and want the latest
8:30 am
how is that for a new year's eve kiss. donnie wahlberg, jenny mccarthy, one of their most famous and they are here now to talk about the new season of their new show "life in the suburbs". >> this is where we smooch every year, right here. let's do it now. >> yay. >> oh, we love that here on "gma." also this morning we have some fashion secrets to transform your style making you look tall and lean without the high heels. we'll have the secret to how the
8:31 am
but first let's go inside to robin. >> i'm in great company here now with a dear friend, holly robinson peete, the actress, mom, author and reality star is fresh off a where are they now special with oprah. she has a new show "for peete's sake" and she and her twins are teaming up, you got to get this, power bully book, "same but different." >> ooh. look at that. >> oh, the autism express. holly, wonderful to see you. >> just always amazing to see you. >> saw you at the super bowl. >> yes, we had a good time. >> you heard me rattling off everything that you do. and you balance it all. you have a lot of help. >> i don't balance it all. i'm dropping balls left and >> like the rest of us. >> right. >> you really welcome the reality tv cameras into your life because you have something to share, you and your family. >> i did. when you think about it, reality, a reality show? i didn't -- wasn't really sold on it but i think we're that family, i think we have a great
8:32 am
autism journey. if i had seen a show on tv with a family talking about autism, you know, when we got our diagnosis in 2000, i would have had a little bit of hope, maybe a little road map, maybe a template to follow. >> it would have helped a lot of people and has the potential, that and the book. i want to play a clip from the upcoming series because your pom -- >> oh, my mom. >> rumor has it she's about to turn 80. >> 80 and daying. >> 80 and dating. dolores. here's a look at "for peete's sake." >> let's do it. >> all right. dolores, here goes. >> ow! >> that's $5. that's $5. that's another $5. >> what's 9 sign up there say? >> $5 for whiner if i'm not a whiner. this does not hurt me at all. >> you are the bravest grandma. >> i don't know if my parents know where i am right now to be honest. but i have a feeling grandma didn't tell them. >> did she not tell you? >> well, that's where you want
8:33 am
mother getting her fifth tattoo, by the way. we're calling them gramp stamp, robin, because -- >> you heard it here first. >> she's that lady. >> 80 and dating. the kids want a stepgrandfather and they've put her up on websites and got her up on black people meet. it's really scary. >> i would be afraid to read her profile. you and your wonderful husband, rodney, big fan in the day, nfl star. 21 years together. >> 22 years. yeah, we'll be married 21 years soon. >> what's your secret. >> we like to stay on the same page. we look watt our marriage almost like a business deal. when you work and a corporation. you got to sit down and debrief with each other. so we have to do that on a regular or this will never work. >> you have something that you have with the kids at dinnertime. tabletopics. >> it's just a game like it's
8:34 am
they will put their dag gone phones down and -- >> you have to too. the parents have -- >> i get a pass. i have things i have to do. >> uh-oh. what happens. >> what famous person do you wish you could be in history and from that you just connect with the entire family especially with our son with autism because, you know, we're always trying to find out what's happening with him. >> and engages him in conversation which is so important. the holly rod foundation, what you do for autism because of r.j. your dear son and also deals with parkinson's and fighting that battle because your dear dad battled it for so long and many of us remember him. he was the original gordon on "sesame treat." >> the o.g., original gordon. >> matt robinson, what did you learn from him. >> a life of philanthropy and he taught me service. that's like 45 years ago. i remember when he came, he said, i'm starting this new children's show and i'm like, yeah, good luck with that and
8:35 am
but he was an amazing guy and he had parkinson's when he was only 45, young onset so that got us deciding that we're going to help families affected by parkinson's then later our son was affected by autism and cathartic to help others when you're going through something and holly rod helped us help others. >> amazing man and he has an amazing daughter and amazing son-in-law because we hear it's going to be his 50th birthday. >> yes. >> so we have a cake and we labeled it for peete's cake. that's for rodney peete. >> happy birthday, rodney. >> it's today. 50 years old. curled up in the hotel watching right now. >> you can bring the cake home to him. >> i will. thank you so much. >> always, holly, what you're doing and "for peete's sake" premieres on the oprah winfrey network and holly's book with her children, "same but different." now back outside to ginger. >> happy birthday, rodney, by
8:36 am
these folks from kansas city and these from texas. we've got to stalk about the area hit last night by all the severe storms now have high wind warnings and advisories from northeastern missouri up through parts of michigan and all the way to almost cleveland there. you saw those wind advisories. guffs up to 60 and a lot of warm air to the south. look at 0, new orleans for a high and 90s, orlando hits 90 today. sunshine in the southwest. 50 for denver. that is the big picture. >> all that weather brought to you by quaker breakfast glasses and one of the many birthdays katie is 18. >> time now for fast fashion fixes and have tricks to look taller without wearing those sky
8:37 am
your favorite stars are not as tall as you might think. here are some of their secrets to help you style soar to new heights. the celebrity secret to finding the perfect look isn't just about a trendy outfit, accessories and shoes. it's also about tricks of the styling trade that you can do too. how hollywood's hottest women make themselves look longer, leaner and taller than you think they are. >> where your clothes hit matter. either your ankle, right above the knee, right at your wrist. >> like reese witherspoon, salma hayek and scarlett johansson who rock crop pants that show a hint of ankle that make their leg lean. wide legged pants do the trick for eva longoria, natalie portman and lady gaga making their legs longer and pointy toed shoes can make you tommy longer. all right, short girl, unite.
8:38 am
joining me with more, mary-kate mcgrath. author of "pure wow." we're vertically challenged. >> i didn't know the average height is 5'4" so this is for all the ladies. >> we took before shots this morning. early of three women, and you're going to help them transform to look taller, all right. so first up let's take a look at our first model. anoushka. a before shot. what is she doing wrong? >> the bohemian floral is the spring but this length skirt is just swimming on her. >> let's see what you did with her. let's bring anoushka and tell us what you did in so for -- how adorable. for most women have a mini skirt is daunting but for shorter women it's the perfect size. it ends about an inch above the knee which is just the amount you want to see. we paired it with a pointy toe
8:39 am
sky high heels to look taller. >> you have the long ever vest. >> isn't that the best part, the structured vest makes it a complete outfit? she can go to brunch, breakfast. she can have anything she wants. it's perfect. >> you feel taller, right? >> definitely. >> very nice. it looks beautiful. let's take a look now at our before. we had jenna earlier this morning. tell us what she is doing wrong here. >> okay. so most -- the misconception for most shorter women is that they should find the longest pant they can fit in when actually showing a hint of ankle is key. >> let's bring jenna out and see how you've transformed her. other, look at that. i love that. >> so jenna is wearing a cropped pant. now it's not a capri pant. it doesn't hit at your midcalf which is the worst place for a pant to hit. a crop pant shows a little ankle and then for women who are a little shorter they shouldn't wear a crew neck t-shirt. we put her in a v-neck and that
8:40 am
her neck so skin on top and the skin at her ankles and it's just overall lengthening? >> that's such a great business casual look. >> and it's just a kitten heel so she can go to work and have drinks afterwards. >> i hope you feel fabulous too. finally, let's see sofia earlier this morning. >> yeah. >> she stretches out her fashion skills for a night out. so this is before our team got to work. >> yep. >> what's the problem here? >> so, there's nothing more comfortable than skinny jeans and a striped t-shirt but stripe striped t-shirts do nothing for a shorter woman. >> let's have sofia come out and see what mary-kate did with her sen centralable. >> doesn't she look taller than anything. >> the new trend for jeans is to wear a flair jean actually when the top five flair jean as cording to searches on polybore the stella mccartney flair jean
8:41 am
skims the ground an similar colored top and that halter neck, again, broadens her shoulder, brings the eye up. while her legs look a mile long. >> i love those. you look fantastic. let's bring out jenna and anoushka. >> there's a tall girl right there. >> one color. i'm normally 5'2" but wearing the same color all the way. >> success story. >> that's called genetics. >> i love it. >> so, it's not to wear -- it's wear the right pant, show a little leg in the right spots and a v-neck, add to your ankle. to get a skirt that looks the right size or to be robin. those are the tricks. >> exactly. >> or have really tall parents there that helps. >> you all look fabulous. robin, you always look great. coming up next more fun with
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
`tn_`:d-" dztq v,( tt4w`tn_`:d-" entq &(h tt4w`tn_`:d-" gzt& ?/0 tt4w`tn_`:d-" hnt& /!\ tt4w`tn_`:d-" iztq eh$ tt4w`tn_`:d-" jntq w8d tt4w`tn_`:d-" lzt& ou8 we are back now with donnie wahlberg and jenny mccarthy. like their show's theme song they met on tv, kissed on tv. will be on tv for eternity?
8:45 am
that's the lyrics. >> you're in season three right now. "donnie loves jenny" and premieres tonight. let's take a sneak peek. >> this is the best sand witch. best beef sandwiches in chicago. >> what's all this stuff? >> peppers. uh-oh. u-oh. fire. aaagh. fire. fire. >> they're laughing. they threw vodka on my foot. >> the guy ran over to try to help and poured vodka. her leg caught on fire. >> i'm like, look at me, i'm flammable. i wanted to -- >> i watched that. does that drama just happen to you? is it exhausting always having to have these moments when you have cameras following you or just exist in your life. >> i think it exists. >> we have a lot of fun. we live really in the moment constantly and that was jenny teaching me about chicago food because we just moved to the
8:46 am
of chicago and i'm a big city boy from boston so it's a whole different lifestyle for us in all the different things we run into in this small town really create a lot of funny moments for us. >> is it a small town or did you pick it out of nowhere. >> i grew up in chicago and my best friend looked out to the suburbs and i saw her facebook photos and i said, we have to move there and he said, let's do it. we have this perfect suburban life. >> with a motorcycle now. >> with a motorcycle and kids -- >> teenagers because my son just turned 13. which you'll see throughout this season. he is really going through the age of we are completely not cool. >> yeah. >> i mean, but -- >> i have a 13-year-old. we both have 13-year-olds. >> but we have to learn his sign language. not that he uses sign language to speak. he has his own like if we talk in front of his friends he like -- >> that means get the hell out of my room now. don't speak to my friends.
8:47 am
>> you guys are juggling so many different things, the radio show, you got wahlburgers and "blue bloods" and new kids on any concerts. >> we're not touring this year. we'll do our cruise which we do every year and have a tv series about the cruise which is the best tv series called "rock the boat." >> how do you know which show you're on? >> it does gets confusing. >> i will sometimes i'll yell and she's like, that's wahlburgers time so new kids, i'm doing a concert for jenny's foundation, generation rescue. one-time concert. >> first solo concert. >> i've never done a solo concert in st. charles. a big function at our house. >> tickets go on sale april 2nd. go to our facebook page, check it out or listen to sirius xm. >> we mention you have been on tv forever. why not have fun. it's not thursday for a throwback but way back
8:48 am
but we've got some footage of you. >> okay. >> with us two on a sofa. >> right. >> donny, you're up first, new kids on the block on "gma" back in 1989. can we role the clip? >> whoa! >> whoa? jenny, i want to know if you had met back then what would your chances shall? >> back then, slim because he scared me. he was the bad boy. >> i look like a real bad boy there. look at me. [ laughter ] >> he is on a motorcycle. i was very terrified of him. i probably would have been more like the squeaky clean joey but now he's the best boy. >> jenny, you're saved by the clock. we are out of time. >> we had a clip in 1995. >> thank god. >> we could go out with it. >> we'll go out with it. >> "donnie loves jenny" premieres tonight on a&e. >> is he kissing my wife? oh, it's a girl. >> who she is.
8:49 am
>> let the games begin! experience the power... the passion... and the pageantry of kids and students just $29.95
8:50 am
let the games begin! experience the power... the passion... and the pageantry of medieval times. kids and students just $29.95
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"midnight special" isn't even out yet and critics are already calling the movie a must see. i recently sat down with the cast to chat about this supernatural sci-fi thriller. it's the movie that mixes sci-fi, action, even a cult. >> 47, 97. >> reporter: "midnight special" taking viewers on a wild ride as the u.s. government tries to hunt down alton, a young boy missing. >> this time we're ready. >> reporter: 13-year-old jaeden lieberher stars in the lead role going on the run in the deep south with his father, michael shannon and their friend lucas played by joel edgerton. describe what life is like on the lam for the three of you, a lot of scenes in the car. >> we were stationed in new orleans and using very different landscapes from around there and particularly in the nighttime
8:52 am
jaeden's character can't really be out during the day. >> and, jaeden, explain the film. >> yeah, i had to wear these blue goggles at moments when lights come out of my eyes they put these little l.e.d. lights inside of the goggles. i couldn't see anything. so i had to ago as if i was in pain. >> beyond the dramatic special effects. >> you don't have to worry about me. >> reporter: at the core is a deep love story. >> i like worrying about you. >> a father and son and their devotion to one another which is -- you can't help but be moved by it. >> are you scared? >> we just had a chemistry. we just hit it off. >> i think you're a weapon. >> adam driver leads a find them. >> joel, you starred in "star driver. >> starring is a big word. i was in it for five minutes. >> adam driver also in the film is a part of "star wars."
8:53 am
>> midshoot he found out he was going to play a version of like a darth vader character. had this new efrns for his character. >> very cool. >> this guy's life is about to completely change. >> jaeden, just at the beginning of his career but already racking up an impressive resume working with rachld mcadams bradley cooper and bill murray. >> what was it like working with these two? >> it was okay. >> you can be honest. i don't mind. >> no, it was great. >> i need to learn. >> yeah. >> they're both amazing actors so i could learn a lot from them by just watching them. >> likewise, you meet somebody who has such kind of a fresh imagination like jaeden who you kind of go home and you also take away a lot of lessons of your own. >> and "midnight special" opens friday.
8:54 am
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(vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by the blue cash everyday card from american express. do not miss tomorrow. robin roberts, prince harry, one-on-one. >> whoo.
8:57 am
good morning. it's 8:56. in the news, in the last 20 minutes a flyer flared up again at this pumpkin center mansion that burned down. take a look at this video. crew has to use a ladder truck of bo the fire to try again to put it out the fire first started about 7:30 last night at that property on south atlantic. the flames surrounding that ten thousand square foot home could be seen from other cities. firefighters say that the home sold for four million dollars loss. the state fire marshall is out there this morning to start investigating a cause. all right. brian shields over in severe weather center nine. >> temperatures finally starting to warm up once we loose some of the fog. they will warm up further but now. now. lot of low cloud around but
8:58 am
apart. another hour or so and we will get that out of here and a nice afternoon by two. temperatures around 84. nice but hot. by four 87. couple of us very close to 90. still in the 80's at six and then after eight we will drop off into the 70s. more patchy fog will develop late tonight. have a great morning. you can always get the
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