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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  October 2, 2015 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> now at 10:00, tracking a major hurricane. joaquin hitting the bahamas hard, plus some rain moving into our area. we'll have a timeline on that. >> taking no chances with some people in new england, what they're doing right now to keep their property safe in case the storm rolls in. >> missing for days now. >> if she hears me, i hope she don't. if she's listening, she needs to get back home. >> the serious concern for a woman what suddenly vanished in new hampshire and who else police are searching for tonight. and a big break in a cold case. the brand-new evidence that just led to an arrest in a
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23-year-old local murder investigation. the fox 25 news at 10:00 starts right now. off the top, we continue to follow the breaking news out of roseburg, oregon tonight. a gunman opening fire on the college campus there killing at least 10 before he died in the shoot-out with police. the scene still very active at this hour. what we are learning about the shooter tonight, that's ahead in just minutes. but first all eyes on joaquin. the hurricane now a category iv and bearing down on the bahamas, and where it goes next could have an impact on new england. good evening, everyone. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> thanks for being with us tonight. i'm joy lim nakrin. of course there's a lot of concern all along the east coast tonight. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz continues to track the storm. kevin. >> it's a major storm, no doubt about it and i wanted to point out where we are. this is the bahamas. there are about 700 islands, only about 30 of them are actually inhabited. up here in nassau, you may be familiar with it and freeport and the port of miami, of course. this is out here and moving more
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bahamas rather than away and north of us. hurricane warnings and watches are posted for the islands. 130 mile-per-hour winds. this was the last observation at 8:00. but the track, that's still from 5:00. the next one comes in with the 11:00 advisory but we get an idea of what it's going to do. it's a category iv storm and makes its way northward by saturday and when it gets here it startle to interact with our jetstream meaning it will go faster northward toward us and by sunday it's a category ii hurricane on our doorstep and category i by monday afternoon and the latest center of the track curl it is just southeast of nantucket. but notice the area of probability can fall anywhere in here. most of the computer models models are taking it more out to sea and away from us. these are the spaghetti plots we looked at. there are still several bringing it back towards the coast. still a scenario and possibility. in fact, there are three different scenarios, that one, the one i talked about that takes it out to sea and that middle one that brings it up
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toward us. all still in play, but that latest track still to come and some rain moving in right now that we're trackcking tonight, as well. >> we want to take a closer look now at the devastating impacts of a category iv hurricane. the national hurricane center saying catastrophic damage will occur. well-built frame homes could sustain severe damage. roofs will be blown out and walls will give way. most trees will snap or be uprooted. power poles will also be ripped down. power outages are inestable and they could last weeks or even months. if a category iv storm reaches land, the national hurricane center says most of the area will be uninhabitable for weeks or even months. now, the storm expected to weaken a little bit as it does blow through our area, but it could still pack a very, very powerful punch. in the next 15 minutes, we'll show you the way that some people are preparing along our local coast right now, plus the mess joaquin is leaving in the bahamas later tonight.
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that part the story in about 30 minutes. and as we continue to track the storm, stay up to date with our fox 25 weather app. you'll find the latest radar and forecast. it is free to download to your apple or android device. >> running for our lives. >> heartache anguish and sadness. >> our thoughts and prayers are not enough. >> reporter: another gunman opens fire once again on another college campus. >> terror and tragedy in oregon a rural community college now the site of the latest mass shooting in the united states. 10 people are dead, several others have been wounded in that shooting in roseburg, oregon,
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gunman is dead. reunions between families and students still happening at this hour, and president barack obama tonight, as well. more on the president's comments in just a minute, but first let's get to fox 25's john monahan who has been covering every detail since the story broke this afternoon. >> a small town just stunned by the latest shooting rampage. tonight we know the name of the gunman, 26-year-old chris harper mercer, one witness says he asked people what their religion was before he opened fire. >> we put our backpacks in front of us, chairs, whatever we could shield ourselves with, you know, just in case he came in. >> reporter: shock and horror tonight after a gunman opens fire in a small oregon town. the gunman identified in the last hour as 26-year-old chris harper mercer. at least 10 people are dead, including the gunman, and at least 7 people are hurt. >> our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their family. we holding the community of douglas county in our hearts today. >> reporter: the shooting taking
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college in roseburg, oregon. photos from the newspaper, the news review, revealed the chaotic scene as parents rushed to the scene. >> i don't know where she's at, i don't know if she's on the buses. i don't know if she's wound have had. i have no idea. >> the shooting fears have happened across at least two buildings including the science building. the first 911 calls came in at 10:38 local time. >> and upon arriving there, they located the shooter in one of the buildings. officers engaged that suspect, there was an exchange of gunfire. >> reporter: rescue crews say they felt helpless. very little is known about the 26-year-old shooter, and there is no known motive at this time. roseburg oregon is a small close knit rural community, a community has now been left searching for answers. >> three or four more shots were fired, and the look on her face was just horrifying and she said we all need to get out and she got everybody out and we were
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all just running for our lives. >> the gunman died in the shoot-out with police. at least four guns were found on campus believed to have belonged to mercer and police are looking at social media posts possibly made by him just last night. in the control room, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. now, in response to this shooting, president barak obama addressed the nation expressing grief and sadness in his 15th statement on a mass shooting since taking office. >> reporter: another somber event, another sobering speech. >> we are not the only country on earth that has people with mental illnesses or want to do harm to other people. we are the only advanced country on earth that sees these kinds of mass shootings every few months. >> reporter: president barak obama addressing an alarming trend. we've talked about this after columbine and flagsburg, tucson, after newtown, after aurora,
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after charleston. >> reporter: he called for tougher laws on gun control. the united states of america is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient common sense gun safety laws even in the face of repeated mass killings. >> reporter: a statement getting strong reaction from gun rights groups like massachusetts gun owners action league. >> well, i think it was a tragedy today that so many people lost their lives and it really is just heart breaking. but before we get the knee jerk reaction, to stop calling for more gun legislation, let's at least understand what happened, what the motivation was. >> reporter: gun rights advocates argue our laws are strict enough and that the problem is actually enforcement. >> many people that it's impacting are the law-abiding citizens and law abiding gun owners. because frankly the people who on the guns illegally don't care. >> now, since the president took
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has been no calendar week without a mass shooting. i spoke with joe olson, he retired from the community clean over the summer and lives in boston now, but he's back in oregon today. olson told me he couldn't believe the news when it scrolled across the bottom of his 70s screen. >> it doesn't matter if you're in boston or roseburg, when something like this happens, it strikes to the very heart of the community. we as a nation have to come to some sort of balance how we balance civil liberties and public safety. >> through our conversation, olson got very emotional when talking about the numerous training exercises that the college and police had organized. would-be oregon attorney general's announcement of at least 10 people killed and it now ranks as one of the deadliest college attacks in u.s. history. the virginia tech remains the deadliest, 30 people were killed and dozen injured by a single
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in 1966 a man climbed a tower on the university of texas allsted sniper. stay with fox 25 as we continue to uncover the latest information about this shooting in oregon. we will take you live to the scene in oregon in the next half-hour and of course as we learn more we will bring it to you right here on air, online and on our fox 25 news app. we are following developing news out of afghanistan. the u.s. defense official says 12 people, including 5 u.s. service members, have died after a transport plane crashed in afghanistan. the plane is a c130 large cargo plane used to transport troops and supplies. officials say the plane crashed at jill loll baud airport. the crash happening only a few hours ago so no cause has been determined. we have new information surrounding the death of a 2-year-old girl in an auburn foster home. we first broke the story a month and a half ago and today governor baker released the state's report on the death of ava conway coxen.
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explains it found dcf failed in several critical ways. >> the governor saying dcf just is it do its job when it came to an auburn foster home where 2-year-old ava was found dead. >> there were many instances of blatant oversight before ava's death. >> reporter: a report shows medical findings suggest the children suffered heat stroke which would indicate they had prolonged exposure to a high temperature environment. it also says this would be expected to results from having been left tainted in a room or vehicle with exsession assist temperature. >> it shouldn't been a foster home. >> reporter: as early as march dcf had evidence that malpass' boyfriend who has a long violent history had been there but nothing was done. >> why wasn't it closed months ago? >> so on at least two different occasions --
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and were told mal pass lied to investigators and they believed her. >> again, when we look into the situation, it was you didn't ask enough questions. >> reporter: the boyfriend later living there for a year and a half and the kids and malpass had been lie being it. the governor says he's working to fix systematic problems in the agency and to keep the kids in his care safe. >> how do you ensure the kids' safely? >> i guess what i would say is we are moving quickly to address a number of these issues. >> reporter: sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news. a young college grad murdered into her own apartment, that was 23 years ago and finally today a major break in that cold case. in the next half-hour, the key evidence that just came to light which finally led to an arrest. and billed for the food, the tax and the service charge, too. >> i was pretty shocked to see that i was being charged $75 for herb crusted walai.
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get a bill from a bride and groom because they didn't show up. how the newlyweds are responding and the social media outcry. and missing from manchester. the reason about growing concern to for a woman who has not been seen in days. can you believe there's actually rain moving in tonight? but while we're tracking that, with realso keeping a very close eye on the major hurricane
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i'll have the a la welcome back. an update on the satellite right now looking at hurricane joaquin. it has strengthened to a category iv. tonight it is barreling through the bahamas. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz tracking the chance that is it will reach us here in new england. his full forecast is just a few
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important update at 11:00 if and when that storm comes towards our area, of course we'll know about it. malini basu has the story malini, better safe than sorry. >> yeah, a lot of people walking out of their homes to see the wind gusts here. many here say they're going to be prepared and not going to be fooled. ling images like this that have many on palm island worried about hurricane joaquin. >> it was 2012/2013 when that house went in and then the other side went in and our deck was ripped off. >> reporter: the winds off palm island are pretty intense and has homeowners preparing for anything that comes their way. >> pull the stairs up so they don't wash out and, you know, get all the things that can blow under cover.
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except hunker down. >> reporter: those living on the island tell fox 25 they don't want to relive these images. >> there's nothing that can prepare you for that kind of, you know, feeling of losing your house or losing, you know, your belongings and everything that, you know, you have sort of built up around you. >> reporter: over ins exthese two brothers tell fox 25 -- essex they're pulling town girl in for the season afraid she'll get hurt in the storm. >> the last day we're taking the boat out. i'm hoping to get my boat out tomorrow. is and tonight quo tell you that state officials are also preparing for this storm. coming up at 11:00, we will have the governor's statement for you. for now, live on palm island tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. a heroin bust in taunton, one of them a suspected drug kingpin allegedly connected to a mexican cartel, cruz riviera and the others are accused of tracking the drugs across
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several southeastern massachusetts communities. there have been over 150 opiate-related deaths this year alone in taunton. >> also tonight, police say that a man brought a fake bomb to work at adams mansion in quincy and tonight he is under arrest, 45-year-old army vet bruce beck of plainville is charged with threatening a cowork we are a disabled training mine. police say he confronted his coworker with it will wednesday morning after an argument just the day before. court it's beck who is a victim of workplace harassment. a 20-year-old man meanwhile is in jail tonight accused of abusing his seven week-old son in a fit of rage. merrimack new hampshire police arrested chase marscall and tonight holding him on $10,000 cash bail after police say he picked the child up, barricaded the baby in a room and hi there the child at a night stand, fox 25 spoke to the grandmother and great grandmother of that child
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violently angry after he felt he was, quote, left out of a conversation in that home. the child's relatives are now seeking a protective order from a young. >> today we learned the identity of the man pulled from the water the harbor master says he was going out to clear his boat. he was the coach of a football team and the school released a statement today saying our football team is understandably devastated over this tragedy. >> and developing right now in manchester, new hampshire, police searching for two people they say disappeared more than one week ago. how investigators describe the pair as roommates, both are missing and so is one of their cars. new tonight at 10:00, katheryn burcham is live in manchester to explain why police are so katherine. >> well, family members tell me that sue hutchinson was someone you could always count on.
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when she missed a day of work, then missed a doctor's apoint and did show up with a meeting for her elderly mother, her children became frantic. >> reporter: for angel torres, this photo of his former partner brings so many memories, for the a last week, it also brings questions. >> every night, you know, i would ask where is she? i can't understand her, you know, just disappearing like that. >> reporter: torres, who asked us not to show his face, was the last person to speak to hutchinson before she disappeared on september 20th. torres called hutchinson here at her manchester apartment. the two shared with her roommate steven bishop i'm thinking scenarios ... >> reporter: after that conversation, hutchinson disappeared and in the next 24 hours, police say andre drove hutchinson's silver bmw to boston and heads back to new hampshire where he was spotted at this game stop in bedford. after that sighting, police say
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andre disappeared, as well. it raises red flags for us and we want to make sure he and she are both found safely because the family feels that something is amiss. >> reporter: family members say hutchinson, a mother and grandmother, worked two jobs to make ends meet and allowed andre, a family friend, to live with her out of kindness. tonight hutchinson's friends are trying to stay hopeful but can't help but fear for her safety. >> we miss her. if she hears me, i hope she's listening and she needs to get back home. >> police say andre could still be in hutchinson's car, the silver bmw, license plate 380638. there is one other key piece of evidence that police have in this case. we got an exclusive look at it. more on that at 11:00. for now live in manchester, i'm katheryn burcham, fox 25 news. in watertown tonight, police say this man seen here is the person who has been breaking into businesses and churches over the past two months.
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wilbert lee smith was caught after police say they were able to identify him from surveillance video taken three nights ago, those break-ins have been largely happening in the watertown square area. tonight smith faces multiple charges of breaking and entering. 15 million people now at risk. ahead at 10:00, the credit card bureau just hacked and certain cell phone customers being warned tonight. and up in arms over hands-free. the hands-free sting and the disguise some local police are using to catch drivers using their phones that is not sitting
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>> we want to take you live to roseburg oregon right now speaking to the media is the president of umqua community college. >> on how many people opened their hearts to be with us today. thank you. >> i will be headed over to the
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candlelight vigil now and with that i will ask my public information officer corporal to come up with answer any questions and discuss any other administrative issues. >> just a couple of items mirror. we will be continuing to post information to our twitter account and we're using the hashtag ucc shooting at douglas further updates will be posted to that twitter account. as well as slash alert it's not determine when the next briefing will be but when that's decided we will post that information at flash and our social media accounts. and that's all i have.
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logistics items, if you could just bear with me for a few minutes here. do you suspect we'll have a briefing tonight or is that not >> that's not clear. tonight. thank you. >> so they're beginning to wrap up the news conference that they brought just a moment ago and you did hear from the school president saying that their prayers are with the victims and their families. 10 people shot on the campus of this community college, umqua community college in roseburg, oregon, about three hours south of portland and an hour away from eugene. that sheriff there also said he was headed to a candlelight vigil. so that is what is take place at this hour. more updates as they become available. >> i've got my eyes on a category iv storm in the bahamas still wreaking havoc there.
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whether or not it . surf today on the south beach. we spoke to to residents who said the conditions come with the territory but added that the paired is very important. we'll be looking closely at the models coming out overnight next few hours, next few days to see whether or not joaquin is coming their way. >> yeah, and the pictures you
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nothing to do with any kind of hurricane but just the winds around, the rain that came through yesterday. we talked about how that would be piling up against the shoreline is and the old front is bringing rain back to us. before we talk about joaquin we gotta talk about the rain out there right now affecting you now. back here through worcester county and west, there's brimfield, city of webster and northboro seeing some of that light to moderate rain right now. see the spots of yellow up through andover, just over lowell minutes ago. some moderate to pockets of heavier rain showing up in there, as well. we just have a lot of rains, this would exacerbate any kind
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just keeps coming on down. the heaviest will be south of boston but some will make it heavier anyway and some will make it into northern massachusetts as well. 9:00 to 10:00 in the morning there could still be some showers and some rain gear for that and really right through the afternoon saturday, as well. the wind gusts up over 30 miles per hour and continuing to blow consistently from the northeast and that's why the coastal flood
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not for the high tides, i know there can be splashover in the early-morning hours. one to 5:00 is when the next flood advisory is. more the minor coastal flooding that is possible for the built-up seas and waves. joaquin, the main event, a major hurricane hitting the bahamas tonight. the track i'm going to show you is the one that was in place since 5:00 in the afternoon. the national hurricane center will sends us a new track that will update this one this is now curing out to sea. quite a difference but underscores why you can't just watch that center line but have to look at all the potential tracks that are in this cone of uncertainty that's come to be known. this looks like it's going to go farther east and all of the
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spaghetti plots have been showing us that. still some curling back in here but most of the computer models are congregating out here that would be good news for us for sure. all three scenarios curling in or going out to sea or coming up toward us are still in play and leaning this way now and better news from us. we'll be watching the rain closely. the seven-day forecast keeping it cool and damp into the upcoming weekend. stick around because just finished from now i'll literally be getting the latest from the national hurricane center and have the newest track on joaquin. at 5:00 and 6:00 we learned the gunman responsible for the death of 10 people at the community college in roseburg oregon is 26-year-old chris harper mercer. seven people were also hurt in this mass shooting. the gunman himself is dead. tragic scene on that college campus. >> the scene still very, very active at this hour as investigators continue trying to uncover exactly what happened kevin mccartney from our sister station in seattle is live in roseburg oregon and you just got there in the last
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couple of hours. what's happening on the campus at this moment? >> we can't get close to it right now. we're in roseburg oregon just a few miles away from the campus. you can see the candlelight vigil just beginning here. it's actually scheduled to begin in about a half an hour but people have been showing up in a steady stream for the last 45 minutes holding candles. there is a transfer petition softly playing amazing grace. a lot of people here, this is a big shot for this community, of roseburg, oregon. a lot of people are coming here tonight to express their sorrow. >> and you've been on campus since we first learned about the shooting. what you can tell us about the scene as you witnessed it? there was a lot of shock among
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the students and a lot of them expressed shock when they heard the pounds and were not sure what the sounds were. a lot of them saying we gotta get out of here and we gotta call 911. most of them saying we need to get off campus as quickly as we can. when a lot of the students were brought to the county fairgrounds here in douglas county here in roseburg they were bussed there so they could underneath meet with parents and loved ones. many didn't talk but just in shock of what had happened. >> talk about the gunman. any new details tonight coming out about him? >> there are very few details coming out about the gunman as you're probably aware. law nosersment officials here in douglas county have not confirmed that chris harper mercer is in fact the gunman. they have not said that on the record but that's come from numerous law enforcement sources and being widely reported. of course right now there are a lot of rumors going around, a lot of false reports that have hit the internet. there are reports, however, and they may be credible, they're
1:32 am
being looked into, that there was a warning of some kind posted by an anonymous poster last night on the web site for chen. that's being looked into at this point. of course what we don't know is the motive for all of this because right now we know police and investigators here in roseburg are at a home that belongs to chris harper mercer, investigating there, gathering evidence but not saying anything about what led them there or what they're finding. >> and thank you so much to our colleague, kevin mccarty live in roseburg oregon from our sister station based out of seattle oregon. thank you so much tonight. >> doors open in the fenway. the scene on the red carpet tonight as wahlbergers expands. what mark wahlberg is saying
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tonight about his meeting with the pope last weekend.
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massachusetts pushihi >> drivers are upset about a new police sting operation. undercover officers are wearing these signs to try to catch people using their phones while driving.
1:35 am
the aim is to bait drivers to use a phone taking a picture with their car. but drivers are calling it deceptive. support for a plan to hike the smoking age. elizabeth warren and marque are banning the sell of tobacco products under 21 nationwide. warren said the move would save lives and promote healthier communes and marque called smoking a public health >> now the race for the white house. democratic candidate hillary clinton took her bid for the white house here to boston today. the former secretary of state sat down with mayor marty walsh and attorney general mora healy for a community forum on substance abuse. the former secretary made it clear dealing withstands abuse and addiction is a priority for her. she wants to work on this issue at the federal level. >> i want to be a partner with states, with city's mayor, with institutions, with community groups, with law enforcement with everyone has a role to play
1:36 am
in prevention, first and foremost. >> mayor walsh commend the clinton for focusing on addiction issues but has not gone as far as enforcing her for president. >> a charge for a reception that they couldn't go to. the story that's parking a lot of reaction all over social immediate gentleman and the response from m the bride and groom that sent the bill. >> a local college graduate murdered more than two decades ago, tonight a major break in
1:37 am
it's called 11:00 observation but comes in a little sooner. the latest track is here on major hurricane joaquin in the bahamas tonight. it is good news for new england. there are the watches and warnings lining up through the bahamas, there's the latest. changed. than southwest. it's starting to make a turn but will make its way out to sea. will not get captured. just not gonna be a match there. by 8:00 saturday night, offshore by a long shot and making its way into the open atlantic, bermuda out here to the coast of the u.s. here and look at how small the problems are getting so the increase in certainty is in there this is curling well out to sea. on a path like this we would be spared everything except some rough surf. even the heavy rain wouldn't
1:38 am
still some wiggle room back this way but you've clearly been seeing this trend over to the east with me over the last 24 hours. we'll talk more about it and the rain out there at 11:00. >> the district attorney says dna evidence led to a major break in a 23-year-old cold case. as we first reported at 5:00, the grand jury indicted the suspect in the 1992 tufts university graduate lena bruce's death. new at 10:00, fox 25's carrie cavenah is live at south boston of the legacy this young woman left behind, carrie. >> yeah, ms. bruce was 23 years old when murdered inside her south boston apartment and today investigators say the evidence collected then was met meticulously stored and that helped them crack this case. in 1991 lena bruce was 21 years old, that year she was the only african-american woman to earn a degree in engineering and investigators say two months
1:39 am
was found dead in her south boston apartment. >> evidence suggest that she was bound in department. the county district attorney says that was until dna evidence that cracked the case. >> charging james wucowski with first-degree murder. >> investigators say he's already in jail for an unrelated assault. when he was convicted last year he had to submit a dna sample. when that sample was entered into the system they say it was a hit we have today what they could not have imagined in 1992, dna evidence that identifies james wikowski to the exclusion of any other suspect. >> investigators say once dna evidence identified wikowski they re-examined more evidence and found a wallet with a single
1:40 am
piece of paper with a fingerprint matching his left thumb. >> it's great to hold this person accountable for what happened that day, you know, 23 years ago. >> tufts email says they extend their deepest sympathies to the loved one and friends of lena bruce whose death shocked and saddened our community. bruce easy name does live on at the university. her sorority had established a scholarship in her name. carrie cavenah, fox 25 news. experian has been hacked. 58 million people that applied for t-mobile services have had critical information stolen like social security numbers, birthdays, customers apply for accounts between september of '13 and '15. there's no evidence that anyone's identity has been stolen. and safer credit and debt cards. we told you in the past few
1:41 am
month about new credit cards being rolled out to protect against fraud. if you haven't already received new cards, expect to in the near future, these cars have chips embedded in them that make your identity harder to steal. the cards were fast tracked after a number of high-profile hacks on large consumer companies. a minnesota couple is pretty stunned tonight they say they missed a wedding at the last minute and then sent a bill for dinner from the bride and groom. as might be bigley reports, it's brought a big response on social media. >> you want to play this. >> reporter: jessica baker is a stay-at-home mom who turned to facebook this week to vent. >> everybody was commenting. everybody had something to say about it. >> reporter: she posted about missing a cousin's wedding last month and now the bride and groom were sending an invoice charging her and her husband for the meals they didn't show up to eat. >> i was pretty shocked to see that i was being charged $75 for herb crusted walleye and the service and tax charge.
1:42 am
reception were at the st. paul athletic club and the invitation specifically said no kids allowed. >> i just thought that since the invitation said no children i would abide by the invitation. >> reporter: jess can came says she and her husband had planned to attend the wedding but her babysitter, jessica's mom, had to care for another be day. sorry. >> reporter: since the story has gone viral jessica is fielding a lot of media calls, everyone from inside edition to the washington post. >> it's crazy, i certainly didn't think it would get this amount of attention. >> reporter: she said 12 years ago there were no shows at her wedding, as well, but she never thought of billing anyone. she doesn't intend to send the bride and groom a check but her friends in other suggestions. >> one of the best facebook answers that i got was from a gentleman who suggested that we write a check in that amount to
1:43 am
and groom the receipt. >> well, the groom was contacted on the phone and claims it was never really about the money but rather about his bride being hurt when several of her relatives didn't show up and then didn't follow up with an explanation. he said they actually sent invoices to three relatives but they now realize it was a, quote, tacky thing to do, and they don't expect to be reimbursed. . at 11:00, new developments on two breaking stories, the deadly campus shooting in oregon. only on fox 25, what the former president of the school is saying about today's rampage plus what a neighbor is saying about the gunman. >> and kevin is following closely, hurricane joaquin, a new statistic coming in right now about its path, plus how people here in our area are preparing for the storm. and up next in sports, tom lyden checks in from bruins media day and discuss the black and gold hot topics while the
1:44 am
plus the pats are off but busy day for mark wahlberg opening up a new wahlberger's location in fenway. local burger shot has them hanging out with family tonight, as well. wahlberg spoke about his time with the pope just this past sunday in philadelphia. >> it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and actually hope to get involved with other things to focus on, human trafficking and other important issues that i'd like to get involved with him. >> mark, donny paul, and momma wahlberger were all in attendance and mark also said tonight they have plans to open one in dorchester. tom brady finally recognizes the season for being
1:45 am
brady-esque. he threw nine touchdowns, no picks. completed a record. by the way, brady now tied with peyton manning with eight such honors for most all time. guess who closes the gap for the red sox, 2-1, the sox were trailing. now in the top of the seventh, the same score, runner on and he nearly gives the sox a lead. broke into his home. i thought it was out of there but a couple more and they get
1:46 am
the sox manager next season if you've ever listened to coach jillian's speak on shoot-out, you'd know he's not a fan. it's really unfair where the coach could be on the hot seat. >> with that some heat taken off the head coach, a week to go and work to do. players still getting used to each other and the coaching staff figuring out who's gonna be here overnight. >> they've all been great in the room so far. they're all great guys and easy to get along. >> i think they'll gain some
1:47 am
confidence and, you know, i think the guys are pretty excited to get going. >> reporter: if you've watched the preseason games undoubtedly you've seen the implementation of the nhl's newest rule and for a team that finished two points out of the postseason it had 14 overtime losses getting that extra point in ot is critical. >> very entertaining to watch. but i've said i like that better than the shoo-out. so takes that spotlight out of goalies and match-ups, so i believe the games will be most likely decided on which is good. >> it's exciting. the guys are up for it and it's cool because shoot-outs are fun and i think that will be very
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