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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 2, 2015 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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appreciate the tip. >> apparently this happened because a sales woman insinuated
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that the customer may not have enough money for the jewelry. it's just the kind of disgusting behavior that keeps popping up. for me it's all about lack of respect. this second video getting a lot of attention, a younger lad has been arrested. i'm not sure what for. but mom just turned up at the he's about to get his punishment. he just lays into this, to the point that an armed policeman comes up to reason with her. the reasoning doesn't work because a few seconds in, she's back. >> wow.
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>> put me in the cell now. >> as you can see, these arms prevented cars from coming across the railway track from coming down because a train is coming. right? >> right. >> no, the train doesn't come. so the arms come back up. but wait, guys, watch what's coming. >> why did the gates go back up? malfunction. but these people escaped death. >> don't you still look both ways even if the gates did go up. don't those gates trigger you to say, i'm going to look this way just in case? >> doesn't it seem a little unusual that the gates went down and suddenly went back up? >> no one was injured. >> the train just shaved off the front of the car. >> oh, my gosh. you were just reborn. that is your second chance at life.
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everything you ever wanted to do, now you do. >> you buy a lottery ticket, as nick would say. i want you to watch what's going on in this intersection. you think maybe a car is going to hit another car. no. you see that truck is coming up from the rear, it's coming up from the right. it's at a red light. no explanation as to why that semitruck was on fire. >> i'm going to guess that the car got ruptured. if you look back, it's not on fire until you see him bump into somebody. >> nobody was seriously hurt in this incident. >> crazy. it's springtime down in australia. the magpies are nesting. here he comes, dive bombing this guy on a bike. the magpie is relentless. no one has figured out why they do this, magpies in australia
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are just grumpy. >> i think the prevailing theory is you've gotten close to their nest unwittingly. this bird actually drew blood. >> is his domain a colombia kilometer . >> now the bird gives up. a different encounter, this right off the coast in california. a bunch of surfers there for a competition. a california gray whale is gracefully gliding through the surfers' lineup. >> incredible. to be captured on camera. >> even comes up to the surface. they estimate this whale to be about 20 feet long. time to give away another ipad mini. we're also giving away a flat screen tv.
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>> to enter you'll need friday's buzzword, be at least 18 years old, and a legal u.s. resident. >> the buzzword is coming up in a little bit. this will be the last round in this series of giveaways. this guy is headed across the zip line at 50 miles per hour. he's in an aerodynamic pose. >> having a good time, great view. >> that looks like a ton of fun. you're going superfast. you can feel the wind hitting you as you but down the zip line, enjoying the view. >> all is well until this happens. >> what happened? >> where are the brakes? >> it gets a little ugly. >> he's slowing down and they failed at it? >> he took that thing right there, you see on the metal cloth, his head went straight into it.
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>> this is a little bloody. >> he's smiling and giving the thumbs up to the camera. no, dude, your brains are about to fall out of your forehead. >> is this a flesh wound? >> what's the slowing down procedure? is it just three guys jumping in front of you to catch you? something went wrong. >> he says 15 stitches later, he still goes to this place again and slides like he did the first time. >> you never know what can happen, hang gliding. he takes off and crash lands. >> how long is that cliff? >> no! >> did he buy this off of craigslist and decide he's going to go fly? >> he loosens the grip of the glider, right? >> it looks like he got a lot more lift than maybe he was anticipating. as soon as he leaps, the thing goes right up in the air and it looks like he stalls. >> it sounds like this was his first crash.
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commentary. once they realize he's fine. >> a little nervous laughter there. >> time is money. these guys know that all too well. >> they stand in line so you don't have to. >> a good idea turned into a brilliant business. and it's a case of demolition crew. >>on crew. >> see why the cleanup crew is not happy.
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10:40 am did an article called the uberization of everything. there's uber for chocolate chip cookies, mini bars. they stand in line so you don't have to. >> i like this. >> because i hate quiung. >> he says he can make money waiting in line. >> we waited in line for concerts, popular bars, brunches, passports. >> he waited in line 48 hours. he ordered pizza. they slept on cots from monday morning to wednesday afternoon. >> we charge $25 for the first hour, and $10 each additional half hour.
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>> they just paid double for the iphone to have this guy wait. i want to friend that person is e. >> i proud this guy because these people found a way to make money. this is just like having a personal assistant. >> simply economics. if it's going to cost me a thousand bucks, i make $25,000 working on wall street or whatever, it's worth it. >> think about this. come christmastime, will they do like uber and charge a premium over the holidays for waiting in line for that one toy? >> that's a good idea. >> 10%, that's all i ask. lose this guilty look. >> where did she come from?
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no. you feel bad. no. >> this video is called doggie demolition crew versus tough cushion. >> you know who's going to win. >> as you can see, that green couch cushion didn't last very long for these two dogs. they tear it up, leave the room, then come back. >> oh, my goodness. at least they only tore one cushion, right? it can be fixed? >> today. who knows what other kind of damage they're doing. there's a reason there's a camera set up in this house. >> and the guilty parties are the both of them.
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watch what happens when night comes. the dog gets on the couch. notice the small on the dog's face. did you see that? >> it's dreaming of that awesome cushion that they just tore up and played on all day long. >> the funny part is they tore this up, put all the foam over the floor, and then slept on the couch. >> they wake up, because, uh-oh, somebody's home. >> as soon as they walk in, they hear the voices, what the heck did you guys just do? >> after a long day, this is the last thing you feel like doing. what a mess. he's not your ordinary kid. >> see what they came across that has him throwing a huge tantrum.
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this is a part of his skull that's been removed. >> i don't know if he's blowing on his finger. he's doing something. whatever he's doing inflates and deflates his head. >> he says he was able to do this before they gave him a titanium plate in his head into his skull. so you can't do this anymore. this video is several years old but is just now going viral because people are extremely fascinated by this. >> am i the only one who wants to use him as a dip platter at a party? >> is the down here and we'll fill your head with some dip. >> look at him, is he sitting down? >> oh, my god. how does he do that? >> if it never happens to you, we're putting guacamole in there. >> you expect kids to throw
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tantrums but all kinds of things, they didn't get candy, they didn't get their favorite toy. you don't expect them to throw tantrums over tupperware. >> why do you want tupperware? >> because it works. >> it does work. he can store his crayons in there. >> why do you want it up tupperware? >> i want it. >> he's making a solid argument except i can't understand it. it's very convincing. >> you do not need this. >> i wouldn't take him into toys 'r us this christmas. >> this girl is throwing a tantrum of a different kind.
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adam levine. >> she's in the back of a car learning that adam levine is no longer available. >> i don't want you to be too sadly. but i was going to tell you, adam levine got married. >> no! >> he did. >> no! >> adam levine got married in 2015 to a gorgeous model. >> no, he didn't! >> he's from hollywood, so you know what that means. >> wait for it, girl. >> when she's 19 or 20, he'll be available. >> it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you'll need the buzzword, be 18 years old and be a legal resident. >> enter the buzzword on facebook, twitter, or both.
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>> let's reveal friday's buzzword. >> head over to right wherein -- >> you definitely want to take part today because it's bonus giveaway day. we're also giving away a flat screen tv. good luck to all of you. >> this is your last chance to enter before a new series of giveaways start in a few weeks. these fans put to it an official music video. >> for the toronto blue one of the miller twins has a hearing problem. and she's fed up with the daily hassle of her old hearing aid. so she got a lyri c in her life and everything changed. which one? p you'll never know because
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engineers and mathematicians. >> great colors and a fun vibe. i have a feeling if your favorite baseball team had a
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they would win a lot more games. >> this is the official music video for the home run anthem that was put together for the toronto blue jays. >> i think it's safe to say that they are huge fans of the blue jays. >> the blue jays are in the playoffs for the first time in a long time. >> right? >> that fires the crowd up. >> and it's super catchy. >> i love that they incorporated the city, they incorporated some fans. >> i like it. >> i'm super into it. >> tell us more about it. we have them on "right this
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minute," welcome to the show, guys. first of all, explain to us what's happening with your buddy over here. is he awake? >> joining us today is celebrity chef bobby, he does all of our choreography. he doesn't talk much. >> so tell me where the idea came from. >> it's super exciting, it's been ramping up. everybody in canada is so amped about the jays. we wanted to write a song they would be banging in the stadium, just something to keep people fired up and keep the fans on board. >> has it been played in the stadium? >> they played it in three games. >> kelly grouper er gruber is in it. >> let's see if the jays go all
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the way. are you going to take the credit for that? >> what do you mean, if? >> when. >> we'll hope they clinch it in the championship. >> and play the victory party. >> we'll be playing it in the truck. >> how are the fans responding to the video? >> the response on facebook and twitter has been pretty great. >> especially in toronto, people are stoked to get behind a winning team in canada. >> thanks so much for having us. >> good luck. >> see you in the world series. >> word. >> you know it. thanks for sharing your time with us today. we'll see you next time on
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