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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  October 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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that has not changed. 130 miles per hour. the latest observation due any minute now i'll have that for you. it's moving off to the north sites made the turn and the forecast is for it to continue to turn. hurricane warnings and watches. not even for florida at this time. 125 miles per hour. a category three storm and it wants to go this way and this is the 5:00 -- not quite yet. the 2:00 observation. it peels off on monday out into the ocean. keep in mind it could still wobble a little bit this way but on the farthest left hand track it would be far enough out to sea. that is quite a difference. remember the different scenarios. the spaghetti plots. as we take a look clearly clustered over here. look at all of these different
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colors and paths. a few of them pulling back toward the coast. but it looks like the odd man out at this point. most want the go this way. by early next week and let's hope nothing changes with that and we will be just fine. this is what has happened. we have this swirl in the atmosphere. that could have come far enough east to capture this and pull it back toward the coast. it's going to pull the tropical rainfall into the coastline and bring torrential rain and floods to the carolinas. no doubt in the next couple of days. we're in for a rough weekend but it won't capture the center of the storm. and it becomes at the mercy of the normal jet stream patterns. neither of these scenarios included the possibility of it coming up the coast. but that was never really going to be the path. it was going to be one way or
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the other and now sort of the center line. here is the rain that is over us. i point this out because this has nothing to do with the hurricane or the tropical system at all. the wind and any coastal flooding all independent. we'll track the rain tonight and the latest in moments from now with the national hurricane center. >> and happening right now the coast guard is searching for a container ship that is gone miss with 33 crew members on board. now the ship might had been caught in joaquin's path from jacksonville, florida to puerto rico. that 735-foot cargo ship was reportedly taking on water. joaquin making things very busy for the coast guard. the recuse of a crew northwest of haiti. 12 crew mentioned to abandon ship for a raft in ten-foot waves and 40 miles per hour winds.
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$2 million of cargo on board. >> the crash of a u.s. air force transport plane. two airmen are based here in massachusetts. members of the 66 security forces squadron. jim is live in bedford where officials spoke just a short time ago. >> mark the pentagon follows the protocol when americans are killed in action. they wait 24 hours until after the last family member has been notified before releasing identity so we don't know the names of the two service members but we do know that they are colleagues here are devastated. >> their names not yet relied but we know they came from here. which is now grieving their loss. >> as you can imagine this is a devastating day for the united states air force. and for the base. >> two airmen from the 66 security forces squadron among the victims of the crash
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the first time in recent memory service men who deployed from here did not make it home. >> it is unclear why the aircraft similar to this one went down. the taliban claimed responsibility but u.s. forces on the ground dispute that. when ever the cause of the crash it took a back seat to the personal loss. >> there are no words that can adequately express the deep sadness. >> it was a day to gather and grieve. a time to remember their faces and their names and their service to the country. >> i did ask the col. if he could identify the genders because even though we keep saying service men and women -- he would not do that. these are not massachusetts natives. coming up we'll hear more from the col. specifically how
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news. >> also following new developments tonight in the mass shooting at a small community college in oregon. >> police say chris harper mercer shot and killed nine people. they've recovered 13 weapons. six apartment the school and seven at mercer's home. also had five extra magazines on him and the names of the victims are still not boob released. and as paul reports the quiet community is grieving and still trying to come to terms. >> these families are currently living through the nightmare in the most personal way possible. >> douglas county sheriff said more information on the victims will have to wait until after family members have been notified. investigators say they've recovered 13 weapons related to the investigation. six from the school and seven more from the shooter's home. they say all the weapons were purchased legally. authorities believe the shooter
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identified by other officials as chris harper mercer shot student and faculty in two buildings on campus. >> i heard one gunshot and then i looked over outside and people were running away from the building. >> witnesses report the gun man specifically targeted christians during the rampage. people who knew the shooter remembered he sometimes wore military style outfits but was quiet. >> he was silent. he didn't speak much. >> and now police and community members are trying the figure out what could have motivated a 26-year-old to carry out a senseless tragedy. >> one person's deranged act may have broken all of our hearts. but he cannot prevent our hearts from growing back bigger and stronger. >> reporting from roseburg, oregon.
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mercer flunked out of army basic training in 2008. he was fascinated with the irish republican army. and a blog credited to him references multiple shootings including the sandy hook school massacre. >> many wonder does our security go far enough? fox 25 christine may cards ease live tonight in charlestown with a look at how local schools are protecting students. christine. >> i spoke with college officials and campus police officers from colleges across the area and they tell me the same thing. they are all thinking about campus security but especially when a tragedy like this unfolds and here at bunker hill community college it's no different. now yesterday's shooting in oregon which of course lefti jp& nine victims dead led colleges to review procedures and discuss
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bunker hill has its own police department comprised of state police and sheriff's deputies who are not armed on campus. there are also contracted security. active shooter drills and emergency text alert system for students and for faculty but spokeswoman karen norton tells fox 25 officials had already been working on a new emergency plan when yesterday's tragedy unfolded. >> we consulted with an outside company to create an emergency operation plan which is actually it's coincidence that we're rolling it out like in a week or two. >> now coming up at 6:00 on fox 25 news the governor actually talked to fox 25 news and weighed in on the school campus security issue as well as gun laws and where he believes massachusetts stands with all of this. >> fox 25 news. >> and our coverage continues throughout the next two hours.
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coming up the veteran shot five times trying to take down the gun man. also new calls tonight for gun control is now the time to create tougher laws. are senators and representatives with a in all new at 5:30 and this investigation is just beginning so you want to keep it right here on fox 25 on air and on-line for the latest development. >> grabbing traveler's attention. first responders practicing how crews would respond to a major crash at the airport. 20 ambulances and two dozen fire trucks rushed to the area. the state police chopper also circled overhead. the faa requires drills every three years to tesco ordination and communication and response time and if you're one of the thousands of commuters caught in the delay here is why. the service was suspended because of a tree that was leaning over some wires. seeing it right here.
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service was restored just after 2:00 p.m. also today a scare when people inside noticed a strange smell. sky fox over the scene as hazmat schools were called to the montessori school. 8 crews identified the source of the smell. it turns out to be a solvent used to strip floor adhesive. three of four teens charged with setting a mill on fire are being held without bail tonight. the seven alarm fire took seven hours to get under control. embers stayed hot for days. one other teen was released but on several strict conditions. also new tonight at 5:00 worcester police searching for the suspect in a bank robbery. it happened last friday. police say the suspect walked into the bank claimed to have a gun and demanded cash.
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crime call worcester police. a group text between high school students turned are turns into a criminal investigation and it all centers around new class president. >> still a major hurricane. the latest track is in shill you where we can expect this storm to go. >> did you warn anyone on your staff to call the hotel or the restaurant.
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>> welcome back. a city hall aid in boston is mentioned in a federal indictment accusing teamsters of strong-arming a tv crew. >> he said he did not tell anyone at city hall to call to warn them of the possibility of picture by teamsters. we asked the mayor about the indictment that is raising a lot of questions and we're live in boston. >> tonight the mayor is telling me no he didn't have anything to do with that and his office went ahead and issued -- these are the permits that they issued for the top chef production company to go ahead and shoot here in the city. we caught up with boston mayor marty walsh to see if he knows the identity of the unnamed city hall aid in this federal
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excuses teamsters of old school thug tactic. >> do you know who it is? >> i honestly don't. >> an aid made calls informing them there would be picture iting if the production was held there. they later pulled out because they didn't want a picket outside. >> did you warn anyone on your staff to call the hotel or the restaurant? >> absolutely not and i can't talk beyond that. that is why we brought on counsel to review. he has hired brian kelly to do an internal investigation. earlier this week five teamsters including the secretary treasure mark harrington appeared in federal court. prosecutors said they took part in chest bumming and tire slashing and shouting racial and homophobic slurs.
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with the actions but did say this won't affect his support of the teamsters. >> i'm concerned about the allegations and that bothers me because as a former labor official i never have condoned those actions and we'll see as the court proceeds forward. >> another former labor official congressman stephen lynch what he thought about teamster's tactics and how it may reflect on city hall and the mayor. that is coming up. fox 25 news. >> and mr. details now on the story. fox 25 decided to dig into the teamster's local 25 political donations after the city hall aid was mentioned. our search found in august of 2013 a 14,$499 donation was given to the mayor. at that time he was a state representative. in january of 2014 that same amount was given to attorney
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in august of that same year a $15,000 donation was given. she later returned the donation and accepted one for 500 had. -- $500. >> new information into the allegations of hazing. five sophomore members of the football team were completely naked at a practice field last friday performing exercises at the urging of other team members yelling at them. the superintendent claims that the students that undressed did not feel belittled. the team will forfeit one game and the team will implement the leadership training program. all right. everything that we have on top of us right now is not associated with that storm. we're just getting nasty weather.
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a little bit of flooding and edgar town seeing some rain and heavy downpours. getting offshore into the harbor and there air. -- you are. farther to the west and to the north some pockets of heavy rain moderate any way and then spots of yellow showing up around stover and then to the north shore right here through ipswich and offshore some of the heavy rain. and plenty more where that came from. this rain extend down the coast. that front sticking to the south. part of the reason why the storm joaquin is going to be deflected. there are so many moving parts. but first our futurecast locally won't rain all the time tonight
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but a lot of the time and when it's not raining steadily you may have drizzle. with the onshore wind that will not relent. this continues into tomorrow. a lot of rain breaks apart but you'll continue toronto drizzle. the clouds will be sticking around and the farther north and west the better chance you'll find some sunshine and good colors with the leaves. going fast-forward into sunday morning. cloud and drizzle but high pressure starting to eat away at that and we'll see some sunshine. you're still stuck with the onshore wind. the clouds and the drizzle nearest the coast. likely even into sunday. these are the winds. gusting at 32 miles per hour. province town nearly 40 and nantucket and martha's vineyard. blowing hard consistently as well. a lot of clouds and periodic rain for cape cod and the
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and then north sunshine. nearest the coast stays cloudy. you go newspaper the mountains you'll find the sun and the better colors. and then joaquin. still a major hurricane. but now categorized as a cat 3 storm with winds at 125 miles per hour. pulling north out of the bahamas. and notice this is pulling northeast and then it starts to come up to the north. just to the east of the blue box is a little island of bermuda. there is a category two hurricane well offshore but they will be watching closely. spins back out to the east. notice back here it's where new england is and the coast of canada as well. the thing is when i look at the spaghetti tracks they cluster out here and the ones turning it
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inconsequential at this point. there is a good possibility that we will be on the western flank of the cone meaning close to new england but even there still a couple of hundred miles offshore. seven-day forecast, takes you into the beginning of the week where sunshine makes an appearance. should be back with full sunshine. at least there is some hope coming. an update on the rain showers coming up. >> the end is coming eventually. several boston police officers were honored today. >> the association gave awards to officers who have overcome significant injury, handicap or illness. he thanked the officers for their service. >> a central massachusetts winery burns to the ground and new documents show there was a delayed response by the firefighters.
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the public safety concerns. >> he served more than a decade behind bars for raping an am terrific boy. why a former catholic priest will be a free man. >> but first a big bust.
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a dozen dangerous drug >> welcome back. more than a dozen alleged drug
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warrants. the police chief tells us they have launched new tactics. >> it's a multi-agency idea where we partner with dea and the police and the manchester police detectives and we saturate the city and when we do we arrest the drug dealer on the spot. >> also establishing eye strike force. also tonight the chief of police in manchester said social workers failed to protect a toddler who was allegedly killed by her own mother. the state division initially did not cooperate with investigators looking into the death of sadie. the 21-month-old was found unconscious at her home on september 5th. her mother was arrested for her death. the attorney general's office is now reviewing all recent death of children in the state.
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a significant law enforcement response called swatting. that suspect is then seen getting in the white ford f150. he crashed nice a parked car and then sped off without his headlights on. if you know anything about the police. >> still on the lose tonight. he walked into the bank on main street and demanded cash. no weapon was shown. he took off toward elm street. the suspect is described as an hispanic or asian man in his
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some local student learning a hard lesson. >> they are suspended tonight after some racially charged comments. >> also ahead massachusetts lawmakers are fed up and frustrated after another mass shooting. >> people are dying. and it's time for the majority in the country to push back. against the nra. >> we catch up with our washington lawmakers and ask what they want to see done about gun control. >> i'm watching major tracts.
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and tracking hurricane joaquin. the hurricane is downgraded to a category 3 storm but still dangerous and still hammering the bahamas. >> now chief meteorologist kevin -- has been tracking joaquin for days now. sounds like here in new england
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we're going to dodge the bull jet it looks like it. staying well offshore. -- now it's down 5 miles per hour. there it is. and there it goes off to the northeast. really taking a right hook at this point. 120 miles per hour. but that is bermuda. again we'll have to watch that track for any jog to the right. we have tropical storm watches out just in case. and then off to the north again don't focus just on the central line. there are probabilities there.
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i do think there is a good possibility. if you want to know it's going to be way out here heading toward england as a tropical depression. look at all of the computer models and the spaghetti plot. that is where it looks like it's clustering and it turns this way. it's going around high pressure which is going to push it back a bit before you wrap back around high pressure. high pressure goes like this. circles clockwise and that is why this is a good shot. even on the western edge. probability it would be a couple of hundred miles off. so we're out of danger. certainly some rough seas but it does look like the rain would not abe factor. just going to be too far away and moving away. because we have to watch remember a couple of days ago we were talking about the turn to the left. that is contingent. that is not happening so it's going this way.
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following developing news out of roseburg, oregon. we have just learned the victims of the shooting. the douglas county sheriff's office announcing the identities of the victims. you see the pictures being put up. they were given the opportunity for the relatives of the victims to speak as well. they updated us on the number of people hurt. that number now stands at nine. since the shooting broke out we have also learned the suspect gunman had six weapons on him at the time and investigators found seven more at his home and all of the guns were legally obtained. jeff berkeley lamented the fact that there had been a number of these mass murders in oregon a lone. >> we've had 18 school shootings
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we've had 45 mass shootings in america in 2015. so we will be all carrying our hearts not only the sorrow and the pain and the responsibility to ponder what we can do. >> tonight we know nine people are still in the hospital injured. ahead at 6:00 we'll take an in depth look at how other oregon leaders are asking for help. >> and one student at the community college is being hailed as a hero after he tried to keep the gun man out of the classroom. chris was shot seven times. even broke both of his legs as he tried to block the door to his classroom when the gun man was trying to get in. pleading with the gunman telling him it was his son's birthday but the gun man continued to shoot. >> he got shot three times and hits the floor and looked up at
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son's birthday today. and he gets shot two more times. >> he also asked the community to play for the victims and this were families. >> president obama made his plea but he is not the only one that wants to make a change. >> there has to be a point where americans say enough is enough. >> we're about to have an historic showdown. public opinions is overwhelming they want background checks and keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. >> this is a political choice. >> a shooting rampage in oregon is reigniting calls for gun control. we learned hours before the first shot was fired democrats on capitol hill sent a letter to the speaker of the house urging
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him to pay more attention to gun -- - lens. we want the house to bring a bill to vote. >> massachusetts congressman is one of the 146 members who signed the letter. saying now is the time to require background checks on all gun buyers. 90% of americans support the checks. >> i'm not against the 2nd amendment but i'm after responsible gun control. >> congress fiercely debated gun control but no bills made it to the president's desk. pro gun advocate larry ward called background checks useless and said more guns is the answer. >> so you want to kill mass shootings. kill gun free zones. >> a gun man killed nine people.
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it was just two months ago. lawmakers tight end gun control laws in. washington, jacquelyn fell. fox news. >> -- also tonight six students suspended ascending a racially charged group tech. it went viral. >> the text was about the new class president. a student who chance to be black. fox 25's robert talked to the young man and the family obviously still rattled. >> the whole family is rattled and he was supposed to be celebrating his big day. he had just won the big election. he was the class president but his victory was cut short when a group text started going around saying something because of his skin color. >> disappointed. i was sad and heartbroken. >> never imagined he would be
5:34 pm
doing news conferences. but after a group conference with racial and hate comments surfaced he found himself in front. cameras. >> he will never be a good president. he cannot speak english. >> the group text was sent out to 12 students saying he should not be president. impeach him. one response read expletive black people and another one again. six of the students have been suspended because they responded to the original text. his father said his heart sank because one of the messages said a student wanted to lynch his son. >> when i heard the word lynch -- i was numbed and cold and frozen because i know that word what it means. >> his mother had to find out
5:35 pm
from her son. not the school. >> they didn't say a word to the parents of the victim. >> i want to personally apologize to the parents because they felt we could have communicated better when we first had some information. and i take full responsibility for that. >> and he is already making race relations a priority as class president. >> my first is to start with the school to bring our class back together. >> and the head master here and the school superintendent are working to get anya and the six students that were suspended in happened. tonight we also talked with the police chief and we'll have more on what he has to say after talking to the da. fox 25 news. a deadly crash during a winter storm caused the surviving dryer his license.
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but he was not at fault. nine months later we're asking why he still can't drive. also ahead a catholic priest served more than a decade behind
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>> welcome back. a former catholic priest is set to be freed after serving his
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boy. >> experts examined him and found him to not be sexually dangerous. that sentence ended in may. the state of massachusetts getting the last batch of fishery disaster aid. the federal government declared a fishery disaster as ground fish stock it will be used to help permit holders and also develop an industry funded buy back. as everyone heads back to school only 142,000 jobs added. however unemployment remains steady at 5.1% because the proportion of americans working fell to a new 38 year low. education secretary arnie duncan is stepping down in december. he announced plans in an internal e-mail to his staff today.
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he has served the obama administration since 2009. now it's time to return to chicago and be with his family. president obama has selected deputy secretary of education john king junior to take over. tracking some heavy rain across the area. extends north but you know that at longhorn, steak is all you need. its not all you get. longhorn' s great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus, an appetizer, all with fresh salad and unlimited bread. the great american steak dinner, for $12.99. tonight, only at longhorn steakhouse. you can' t fake steak. steakhouse burger, or any steakhouse lunch
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>> new questions about this suspicious fire that burned a winery to the ground. >> our michael hen rick has the logs and also spoke with the winery owner. >> two and a half pages of call logs from the charleston police showed what the owner believed all along. the firefighters response was delayed and it's raising questions now about public safety on that day and in the future.
5:42 pm
>> vindication but bittersweet. reacting to the call logs obtained by fox 25 confirming what he always described as a delayed response to his burning winery building. the call logs show 21 minutes passed between the first 9-1-1 call and the arrival of the first fire engine with five firefighters aboard. >> we stood there for 40 minutes watching -- 15 years of life's work destroyed. >> the fire department then went to a fire hydrant nearly two miles away instead of the one a quarter mile away. with the total loss of winery the public believed the orchard closed too causing business to plummet. >> it's been continuously tough every day. >> reporter: he wants the department to invest in equipment to improve responses in the future. what is more?
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fire arson and continues to search for whoever caused this pain. >> i believe in the end they will what goes around comes around and eventually you will be found and you will have to answer. >> as far as the arson investigation is concerned there is a $5,000 reward. and the reason the rubble is still here the owner just this week received the proper permits to approve the clearing of it and the demolition. he hopes to get it cleared next week. fox 25 news. >> now we reached out to the fire department for a comment on the call logs. they have not yet returned our calls. a tree fell on him in western massachusetts. the accident happened yesterday in the town of huntington. the 44-year-old man was with family chopping down trees in a remote area when he was crushed by a tree. the man was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.
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serious crash. saying it happened on route 137. 8 no word on injuries but you can see the dark colored car in the photo was heavily damage. busted for alleged under age drinking. the school obtained video of unaged students drinking and also warned that several of them might be punished. it is still unclear when or where that party happened. school committee members are considering later start times as they research how that could benefit student's health and performance. right now most high schools in worcester start at 7:20:00 a.m. checking joaquin. now a category three storm. and also some heavy rain in the area. i've been asked many times. it has nothing to do with it.
5:45 pm
will make it into the mid-atlantic and carolinas and cause incredible flooding. meanwhile we have heavy rain. we're seeing some of the heavy rain just approach on nantucket to the west. heavier downpours -- and most of it is offshore. to the west -- down to new bedford heavy rain showing up. much of it is green here. to the north same thing for wilmington. spots of yellow from time to time much of that is in the ocean but there is a northern extent all the way into new hampshire. the seacoast getting wet. so this really made its way northward. during the day today and it's going to continue as more moisture continues to stream
5:46 pm
that brought us the heavy rain. so we had a dry period. back to getting wet today and we'll stay wet until tomorrow morning. it looks like it's going to get eaten away. we have high pressure which is fair weather to the north and trying its best to come down here and get rid of the rain. as it does that the winds are blowing right towards the shoreline. keeps the clouds and the drizzle blowing in. it's going to be a cool raw day. you're going to find breaks of sun and increasing sunshine. and during sunday here comes the clearing. but if your oh on the east coast of massachusetts and especially cape cod you still have the winds blowing in the water laden air. it's going to stay cloudy. with the potential for drizzle. so winds are blowing right now.
5:47 pm
martha's vineyard -- and nantucket 47 miles per hour. strong winds and it's going to keep you cloudy and raw and damp all weekend long. so it stands to reason closest to the water you get closer to 60 degrees and above. there is the sun that pokes out. with temperatures in the 50s. locked into the clouds. much of the weekend even on the seacoast of new hampshire. none of it having to do with joaquin. 125 miles per hour winds forecast to take off to the northeast. and then into sunday afternoon and peel off into monday and out of here well past new england. all of the spaghetti models really clustering out here and that is why the national hurricane center has taken the path. my only concern is this wiggle to the west. that is because it's wrapping around the high pressure which
5:48 pm
is out here and spins like this high pressure clockwise and going to push it back a bit. it will stay stay 200 miles offshore. but that is something that we have to watch closely. so while the chances of it coming closer to new england are not zero they are pretty low. seven-day forecast keeps it damp through tomorrow. and sun starting to break out sunday and monday and then some full sunshine tuesday as that storm joaquin makes its way well off. we'll keep tracking the heavy rains. high school football straight ahead. new information for you at 6:00. police in oregon released the names of those killed. football team hazing. we just learned how some high school players are being punished. an amazing show of support for one of their own. how a tow truck operator was
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>> a major wireless service carrier said it has been hacked. >> officials say someone has made off with personal information of 15 million people who applied to sign up for services. nip who applied for a regular
5:51 pm
between september 1-16 might be affected. watch your credit report closely. the company has reported a slip in sales. the stories that are closing are all inside speedway gas stations. the location represent only a small percentage of sales. a lawsuit against fantasy sports is being transferred. a miami man claimed they miss represented the deposit bonus offer in the own advertisement. a brockton man filed a similar suit. a new study leading to a possible breakthrough in ols research. an ancient virus could be the cause. the virus has been sleeping in human dna for millions of years
5:52 pm
life in the form of als. scientists examined patients and found some had the entire virus in the system. thousands of walkers getting ready to hit the pavement to help find a cure for type one diabetes. it kicks off tomorrow morning in boston between 8,000 and 10,000 walkers are expected to participate. we're a proud sponsor. you can still sign up to be with them just find the link on the website under the fox 25 cares tab. >> we have an amazing story about local police officers going above and beyond the call of duty. officers refused to let a thief ruin a boy's night. somebody stole the boy's xbox. so officers bought him a new one and wanted to make sure the boy knows there are still some good
5:53 pm
guys out there. >> the latest track of hurricane joaquin moving out of the bahamas and heave rain. the air crash in afghanistan with a massachusetts connection. demanding answers after another mass shooting. >> we must and we will do better to prevent these types of senseless violence. >> what we're learning about the victims as disturbing new information comes out about the killer. >> survived a deadly crash that was not his fault. so why is it taking months to get his license bang. >> it would mean. i would be able to take my family shopping. i would be able to get my wife to her doctor's appointsmeants.
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