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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  October 4, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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(horn honking) now at 10:00, after a chilly weekend temperatures drop tonight. patchy frost possible but a big warmup on the way. a former army veteran said he shot four people. we'll tell you what police found inside of the man's apartment. a fast moving fire leaves more than a dozen homeless. >> i didn't even think it that was bad. >> the reason no 9/11 call was needed to tell firefighters where to go. and in the wake of the oregon shooting, fox 25 takes you inside one police department's active shooting training drill.
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>> announcer: this is fox 25 news at 10:00. pelham new hampshire police are brought into action. good evening i'm elizabeth hopkins. >> i'm blair williams. >> reporter: blair, police tell us they found that man naked with a gun by his side barely able. no neighbors here tonight are telling us they thought someone was banging a broom stick against the wall. neighbors are left to wondering what ticked that man off. >> i just shot four people in my closet. and i was like i didn't know if he was like real or not. >> reporter: the frederick family was just moving in last night to their apartment when they heard their neighbor screaming. >> i thought somebody was dreaming into his apartment so he fired off a couple rounds towards the next apartment over. >> reporter: the 67-year-old man, mark told police four people tried to break into his house by cutting a hole in his closet wall.
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investigators found this instead, and shared these pictures with fox 25. thousands of rounds of amo and guns in his third floor apartment. >> when the officers arrived there they were able to get into the house. they came across the naked man sitting in his house with a loaded 360 handgun right next to him. >> reporter: police say mark a former army veteran shot several rounds towards his neighbor's bedroom wall. that neighbor did not want to show her face. >> i feel it was directed at me. i do feel that as the police officer said need to protect myself. >> i think mark is a wonderful person he's a great guy he's a birks big man. >> reporter: some women say mark a 400 pound plus man would make sexual advances towards them. >> the way it is is not the way i treat myself.
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with women as he suggested lonely maybe, lonely and he would reach out to me. wanted me to help him clean his house. >> reporter: that neighbor you just heard from tells us that mark called her twice yesterday during odd hours. she's very emotional while telling us that we could also tell you that mark is at mass general hospital tonight where he is getting treatment. he will face a judge on november 26th. for now we are live in pelham, new hampshire tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. a gloucester police officer hit and hurt by a suspected drunk driver. he has serious neck injuries after his cruiser was hit head-on by an s.u.v. early saturday. joseph has been arrested and charged with his third o.u.i. offense. police say he was driving down the wrong side of the road he is due in court monday morning. danvers high school
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teacher colleen ritzer jury selection in the teen's trial begins this week. fox 25's ted daniel spoke with a lawyer earlier tonight about what the defense team may try to do in court. ted? >> reporter: this is a story fox 25 has been following for nearly two years now, elizabeth, as we reported philip chism was a 14-year-old danvers high school freshman when the murder took place. he's heading to trial as an adult and his lawyers are expected to use the insanity defense. >> reporter: a vicious cold blooded killer or a confused disoriented teen a jury will be faced with that question when philip chism stands trial. he's charged with the october 2013 murder of beloved danvers high school math teacher colleen ritzer. >> mental health cases, ted, are very, very difficult to win. >> reporter: fox 25 legal analyst brad bailey has prosecuted and defended dozens of accused murderers. he says the insanity defense is typically a last resort because the threshold is so high.
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to be successful chism's lawyers must prove that chism was unaible to distinguish right from wrong, because of a mental disease or defect. horrific. ritzer was flapd a school bathroom her throat slit. >> essentially the defense will concede that their client committed the acts just saying he's not criminally responsible shouldn't be held criminally responsible. >> i try my best to kind of block it out, obviously, it's easier said than done. >> reporter: jennifer burger grew up with resultser in andover they were best friends. this picture from a cruise they took just months before the murder. burger is one of many involved in keeping ritzer's memory alive with tribute pages, scholarships and memorials. she says ritzer deserves to be remembered for the way she lived not the way she died. >> she just was a nice and good person and it came easily to her. and that's kind of what i
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want to continue on in her honor is not all this bad stuff that's happened. >> reporter: jury selection is scheduled to begin on wednesday. due to graphic and high-profile nature of the case it will likely be several days before a panel is seated. when i sat down with jennifer burger this evening she told me about a special tribute she's planning for later this month but details on that all new at 11:00. live in our control room, ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> ted, thank you. fox 25 will be covering the chism trial. you can stay with us for continuing coverage right up read. this video from quincy. that's where multiple boats are reached after this week's wild weather. you can see how choppy the water is and the boats all looking unstable with those waves. meteorologist sarah wroblewski and sarah, after a cool and windy weekend you're tracking a drop in temperatures now? >> we have still going to be dealing with those waves churning but, yes, the temperatures it's going to
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be even cooler overnight tonight. in fact, some spots already back into the 30s as high pressure continues to nudge further south clearing out the skies for that flow. really has allowed for us to have some coastal concerns. the good news is the winds will begin to relax but the waves still very choppy for the day tomorrow. nonetheless we'll have clear skies temperatures fall back 30s. a frost advisory is in place for southern new hampshire, southern vermont as well as the berkshires until 9:00. we'll have to watch it closely though because back in orange i just checked in fitchburg it's now 39 . so we are seeing 40s and 50s out there. we will also notice the clouds starting to fill back in across our southeastern areas with the persistent wind out of the northeast. otherwise a chilly one where overnight. back to the 30s, 40s even in boston. so we'll take a look at the warmup heading our way because yes we do have 70 in our near future.
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tonight south carolina is dealing with historic flooding after heavy rainfall. there as of this evening at least three people have died in the storm. we have this footage of the floodwaters. the city there has towed 75 cars from the water so far. in columbia flooding prompted officials to issue a boil water advisory two. major highway bridges were also closed this afternoon you can see why. crews have made about 140 rescues across that state. this included saving trapped drivers from people whose homes were flooded. >> we have lost everything. what i have on my body is pretty much all i have. our vehicles, our clothes, our everything. >> president obama has declared a state of emergency and more rain is expected there tonight through tomorrow morning. the search for the missing cargo ship that went missing in the bahamas after getting caught in the middle of the hurricane joaquin. the coast guard continues to
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crystal haynes there are several new england families waiting for word. >> reporter: the search has covered in 70,000 square nautical miles. some are estimating that to be the area the size of west virginia. the coast guard using vary ships and private ones as well as aircraft to find the crew that disappeared thursday in the midst of hurricane joaquin. four from right here in the northeast. after days of exhaustive search and the lives of 33 crew members including four from maine hanging in the dallas. >> just hope for the best. >> reporter: the u.s. coast guard says this plane spotted a debris field and oil sheen believed to from missing cargo ship. in a tweet posted tonight the coast guard says it consisted of styrofoam, wood and other items. this 735-foot long cargo ship was found for san juan,
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jacksonville, florida when it got caught in tropical storm joaquin somewhere in the crooked islands in the bahamas. a message was sent saying they were taking on water and had lost power in the storm thursday afternoon. and questions still linger tonight as to why the ship set sail with the threat of the storm landing in the caribbean. conditions. >> reporter: fox 25 has learned that michael davidson of wyndham, maine was the captain of the ship. it carried three other mainers including 34-year-old daniel randolph of rockport, 23-year-old third assistant engineer dylan mecklin of rocklin and michael holland. family and friends hoping for their safe return. >> you just got a sick feeling in your stomach then immediately thoughts and prayers going out to the family. >> i hope everyone on the ship is all right.
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>> reporter: now the coast guard will continue their search throughout the night. at a news conference late tonight just a few hours ago tote maritime says their safety record is suburb and that ship is well made. they also say they place their faith in her captain. coming up at 11:00 more on this discovery of the debris field why the coast guard says the retrieval of a life ring from elfarrow elevated their search process. for now i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. tonight the father of the plan who police say went on a deadly shooting rampage on a college campus in oregon is speaking out. ian mercer said he had a good relationship with his son. police say harper mercer shot and killed nine people at umpqua community college and nine others before turning the gun on himself. his fair said the family is devastated by this tragedy
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>> i know words will not bring your families back and i know nothing i say can help change what happened but please believe me my thoughts are with all of those families and i hope they can get through this. >> ian harper also says he's never held a gun in his life and had no idea his son had any. you know violence in schools is something that's become all too common. >> which is why police dedicate time to train for that kind of tragedy. ahead what police focus on when they prepare for an active shooter. >> also tonight are you curious why massachusetts doesn't have a hands free driving law? when you will be able to speak up in fronts of people who can make that happen. fire engulfed a local
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geico motorcycle,
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a violent night in worcester as police now looking for some help from the public. on saturday night a man was stabbed to death near crystal park just after 11:00. police test few leads in that case. just two hours later on puritan avenue a hoinlvation took place two. victims there were attacked one was stabbed. police say a 2-year-old girl time. early saturday morning a livery driver was stabbed by two people he picked up. if you know anything about
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any of these crimes call police in worcester. >> more than a dozen people are hopeless following this fire in waltham. that damage could have been worse. fox 25's christine mccarthy tells us one crew happened to be in the right place when that fire broke out. >> it was just a normal sunday then i started smelling smoke. >> reporter: as flames shot through the roof of this waltham complex. >> we had to rush out. >> reporter: orlando and his dad escaped the russell street multifamily they lived in for seven years. safely. >> we could have grabbed a couple stuff but at the same time i didn't want to risk something coming downous. >> reporter: flames scorched the top half of the building where the fire started and on the first floor where orlando's unit is he fears he lost everything to water damage. >> everything. everything i have. >> reporter: three nearby cities assisted all
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flames were difficult to access. >> it was too hot and smokey fight it from the exterior. >> reporter: officials say the fire started in an responding almost immediately as they just happened to be conducting a drill feet away. >> they were doing hose parking lot. >> reporter: orlando is grateful he and his dad are what's next. >> it just feels like a nightmare. >> reporter: waltham fire investigators are looking into the cause of this fire. meanwhile the american red cross is available to help out any residents who have been displaced. in waltham, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. fire officials continue to investigate the cause of this early morning fire in upton. we first brought this to you on our morning show. the call came in about that fire just before 5:00 this morning and crews worked overnight to knock down the flames.
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crews in that area were closed but they reopened just before 9:00 a.m.. there are no reported injuries. new at 10:00 tonight search warrant leads for a heroin bust in carver on. friday they arrested 34-year-old jamie neto and 25-year-old, and 24-year-old kevin ferraro at a home on home street. police arrested multiple suspects at that same home back in march. all of the suspects will be arraigned tomorrow. senator elizabeth warren says there will be a fight if the republican party tries to strip federal funding from planned parenthood. the debate resurfaced during talks about the new government budget. senator warren mentions how abortions are only a small percentage of what planned parenthood does and says defunding the group would mean demanding healthcare for women. -- defunding healthcare for women. >> more than half are in places where there's limited access to healthcare for many people, for many women
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is their own healthcare provider. >> planned parenthood has come under fire after videos showing the organization discussing the illegal sale of fed -- fetal tissue. a story that fox 25 earlier brought you. superintendent brian hyde claims that he was invited into that home and says every new student gets a home visit. today the cape cod times reports several superintendents say they don't go to homes to make sure residency requirements are being met. a battle has begun in new hampshire over what farmers are allowed to do on their land. the union leaders reporting lawmakers are set to tackle the issue of farm stands, events and agro tour optimism farmland. they are trying to most clearly define what is and is not allowed. 2015 red sox season is over. boston ended their season on the sour note by losing to
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and sports director tom lieden before that first pitch was even thrown today the red sox announced a major decision through the 2015 season. >> that's right, elizabeth. there was an expectation that john farrell would be back if his health allowed it it. but today dave dombrowski made it official but in that announcement was an interesting wrinkle. yes farrell will be back but so too will tory. he took over after fair really announced he would -- farrell announced he would step away with cancer treatment. it includes a promise from tory that he will not interview for any other managerial jobs this off season. he's dombrowski on his thought process. >> it has been consistent and meaning envelope his situation that i've told him all along that he needs to be healthy first and foremost. he's very committed to the red sox organization, very committed to john and so he
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has given up his ability to interview for a job for next year as a manager. he made that commitment to the organization. we're very thankful to what are he has done. >> ahead in sports it's very emotional final chapter for don orsillo as he calls his final game. we'll have that a little bit later on the fox 25 news at 10:00. today's game there in cleveland not only brought an tonight the red sox season but announcer don's time as well. he will not be back next year instead he will be working in california next year as a member of the san diego padres broadcasting team. he thanked red sox nation. protect students in the wake of a shooting spree. ahead in the next 15 minutes we'll show you how police train for the worst case scenario. but first of course this is not florida but an alligator turned up here in new england. the reason it likely has
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providence man will be in court this week for illegally keeping an alligator in his home. this 4.50-foot long gator was removed from the home friday morning. some concerned neighbors called animal control when he found out nicholas lopez was housing the animal
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illegally. >> it does escape i mean, obviously, reptiles of that nature aren't the friendliest critters with humans. so it's definitely a public safety concern. >> the private citizen's are allowed to have an alligator in their home but only if they have the proper permits. in the race for white house dromp's lead -- donald trump's lead is getting smaller. >> reporter: donald trump is still on top in both iowa and new hampshire but his lead is shrinking. trump still beading ben carson in iowa but only by five points. seven points last month in new hampshire trump still in& front at 21% but dropped seven points in the last month while his opponent right behind him are up. bush up 30 three, rubio by seven he is now tied at 10% with carson. but donald trump didn't let the latest numbers phase him on the sunday show.
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>> right now i love polls i'm winning everything. if that changed and that went in a different direction, if i thought that i wasn't going to win, like there are numerous people running right now they're not going to win, okay, i would certainly want to get out. i'm not a masochist. >> reporter: bernie sanders is still ahead while clinton leads in iowa. last night clinton office the season premiere of "saturday night live". the highlight has to be hillary clinton imitating donald trump. >> i'm just so barn dumb -- darn bummed. >> donald trump isn't he the one that's like uh, you're all losers. >> two things clinton did not touch her e-mail issues and her democratic opponents. now just nine days until that first democratic debate and we still don't know if joe biden will be there.
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popular social networking site linked in being forced to pay up for sending too many e-mails. we'll tell you how to find out if you could be entitled to some cash. we have temperatures in the 30s in some spots but a big warmup on the way. i'm andrew:
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the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on, the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. i think all of us play for that very reason. it makes us the child we once were. the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again.
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>> i'm fox 25 meteorologist sarah wroblewski. temperatures got stuck in the 50s in a lot of places today about 10 degrees below the average although we did hit near 60 near the vineyard and nantucket. winds continuing out of the northeast as high pressure to our north tries to dip on down. sure enough began to eat away at the clouds. so we did see some sunshine but boy we still saw some clouds across our coastal locations in the southeast. this pesky front, too, that has brought us some drizzly south. but unfortunately, it is still just parked across our southeastern parts of this united states and this area of low pressure grabbing copious amounts of moisture. we showed you some of the flooding from the flooding in south carolina they
10:30 pm
picked up nearly a foot to two feet of rain for the day today. just impressive rainfall totals. speaking of the tropics we have joaquin right now passing just northwest of bermuda. sure enough bringing tropical storm conditions. there category two hurricane with wind speeds of 100 miles per hour right now. its forecast to weaken as we head through the overnight showers in through the day tomorrow as well as we head through the week. in fact it's going to race off to the northeast. its closest approach to us for the day tomorrow is going to be about 500 miles away. so really not much of an impact sure enough the pressure gradient between high pressure to the north and joaquin will allow for those winds out of the northeast to continue churning up the sea so we could see some high surf out of this. those winds will also continue to bring the clouds back into our southeastern areas. anticipating one more day of some clouds perhaps some a little bit of drizzle too, otherwise tomorrow waking up
10:31 pm
to very chilly conditions through interior parts of new england as high pressure will allow for clear skies. in fact, high pressure will continue to dip down so expect to see some brightening as we head on through the day on monday. the clouds hanging tough with that persistent wind out of the northeast. good news winds will be dying down from what we had over the weekend. so some improvement there. through the evening hours we're finally starting to see some clearing even at the coast. but as we head through the overnight some likely fog developing across the southeast, the cape and islands otherwise tuesday that's when we'll see a good amount of sunshine and even warmer temperatures. what we have going on right now temperatures in the 40s and 50s for the most part. already dipping back into the 30s though as you head into places like keen, new hampshire, orange as well. that's why we do have a frost advisory in place for that area. winds are light but they're still quite gusty along the south shore of the cape scpilds. so this is why we're expecting to see those temperatures mainly in the 40s and 50s overnight and a little bit cooler to the
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north and west. so possible patchy frost we'll have to watch very closely at the bus stop you will definitely need that jacket it will be chilly out there. as we head towards your lunch hour temperature also climb into the 50s and finally see some breaks of sunshine. by the afternoon we're right near 60 . in fact, it's going to be a little bit milder for the day tomorrow. low 60s out there. the winds will also lighten up. we're going to look for the best chance of seeing that sunshine to the north and west. take a look at the seven-day forecast because it gets even better. brighter skies arrive on tuesday. we stay dry through thursday with wednesday being the peak day where we have our best shot at 70 . a cold front will come on through late in the week into the weekend that may spark a few showers friday night into saturday and cool us back down. we'll take a closer look at your forecast region by region coming up. four california high school students are under arrest tonight accused of plotting a school shooting. school officials contacted police wednesday about a group of students who were threatening other students
10:33 pm
and faculty members. police say the students plan included a list of names, locations, and methods in which the shooting was to be carried out. parents, of course, are horrified. >> the thought about my daughter being on that list makes me sick. the names have not been released because of their ages. police train for worst case scenarios all the time perhaps none is more disturbing than an active school shooter. >> just days after the tragedy out in oregon police in goestown, new hampshire, were making -- gosstown, new hampshire, were making sure if the halls were ever filled with violence they would be ready. >> this is every superintendent's worst nightmare. >> reporter: it's one of those places you think it couldn't happen here. but today in goss,town, new hampshire, emergency
10:34 pm
responders the takedown -- they're all --. this was just a drill involving the gosstown police and fire department. but one just a couple days removed from the all too real school shooting at a community college in oregon. >> left upper, gunshot wound. >> reporter: to make believe snare scenario in gosstown two shooters on the loose. >> they neutralized one shooter, heard additional shots and made movements towards the second shooter. also neutralizing that shooter. >> reporter: but casualties were also part of the script. >> there were kab casualties 10 people were also transported to the hospital. >> reporter: although today's exercise focused on the scenario of shooters loose in the building a law enforcement official tells fox 25 that this is the same kind of response you would see under the more likely scenarios of a natural disaster or a roof collapse. in reality nothing terrible happened at gosstown high school. no one was shot, the roof didn't cave in no one was in
10:35 pm
>> unfortunately, we need to be prepared, we need to plan for these things. >> unfortunately. in gosstown, new hampshire, jim morelli, fox 25 news. fox 25 asked the gotstown police department if today's drill was in response to that shooting in oregon they told us no it had been previously scheduled. our coverage of the tragedy in oregon is not over here tonight. ahead in the next 15 minutes the surprising trend that happens just after a mass shooting. a laconia man is charged with raping an 18-year-old woman in his house. police say 23-year-old nicholas was arrested last night around 6:00. officers say the attack happened on monday at his maple street home and he's charged with aggravated assault. he will be arraigned in laconia district court tomorrow morning. in brockton overall crime is down but a spike in murders gives the city the highest murder rate in the state for cities with 75,000 residents or more. an f.b.i. report shows that brockton is the seventh largest city in massachusetts.
10:36 pm
there were 12 murders in brockton last year. now in comparison, boston's population is about seven times the size of brockton there were 53 murders in boston last year. officials from mgm resorts visiting springfield tomorrow to gain support for the casino it's building in show. that they will be meeting with springfield's mayor for the resign of the resort. that redesign takes away a 25 story class hotel to youer and 54 apartment units. mgm is also asking to open the casino in 2018. an s.u.v. ends up on top of a fire hydrant after a crash. ahead at 11:00 what police say directly led to that crash. but first more restrictions could be coming for drivers here in massachusetts. we'll tell you what new law is now being considered and how it could impact the way you use your phone behind the wheel. a puppy continues to recover after a horrific
10:37 pm
up n a police officer scefd an unfriendly message with his coffee. the officer says the worker was rude and reluctant to serve him. other officers say these attacks against police organizations need to stop. >> we have seen the trend of this organization which is anti-police. they're condoning violence against police. >> the statement dunkin' donuts says the owner of that location has apologized to the officer and also spoken with that employee who wrote the note who has incident. a maine puppy who had his mouth taped shut is in great spirits today as he continues to recover. >> glad's doing better. his name is blue he's being hospital. he was a love bug and wagging his tail so hard it was pretty difficult to get a fir. he was found on friday with
10:38 pm
his mouth taped shut. if you use linked in you could be getting some money. this very agreed to pay $13 million to settle a lawsuit over the amount of e-mails it sends. members have complained that people they were looking to recruit to the site were getting multiple reminder e-mails after using the ad connections feature. if you used that feature between september 2011 and last halloween, you can submit a claim and probably already received an e-mail from the company telling you about the settlement. target is trying to edge out its competitors by offering better deals in store and on-line. starting 1st the company expanded its price match policy to nearly 30 on-line competitors. including websites for costco, sams club, sears and macy's. previously the policy only retailers. staples will not be open to shoppers on thanksgiving day this year. the massachusetts-based
10:39 pm
employees to celebrate with friends and families. staples has been open on the holiday for the past two years and in massachusetts retailers actually need to get a special permit from the state in order to be christmas. on-line deals will still be available and staples' website on thanksgiving but doors won't reopen until friday. >> it's easily the best story of the weekend. a local man guy's guess how much he paid. but first guns have been flying off the shelves since the oregon shooting. andrew: the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on, the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again.
10:40 pm
i think all of us play for that very reason. it makes us the child we once were. the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again. my name is andrew,
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>> this week's deadly shooting in oregon embarked gun sales. >> reporter: guns etc. is a popular guns and amo store in mesa but owner ron saga feels there are people, starting with the president who would like to put him out of business. >> you feel he wants to take away people's guns? >>ry eldo. i think it might go to that level. today if we're going to stop this style of gun or this color of gun and then tomorrow we're talking about registration of all your guns. >> reporter: there sega says this fear actually boosts gun sales, especially after massacres. >> we sold a $2,000 gun yesterday to a guy that has been on the fence thinking by the wanting it, just that and the president was his push over the edge. i'm going to go get it. >> reporter: ron sega says gun sales went way up a couple years ago after 20 children and six adults were killed in the sandy hook elementary school shootings it.
10:43 pm
>> was unbelieveable. you would sell out what had you in two weeks. >> after sandy hook and all the talk about gun control. >> reporter: you actually sold more guns. >> more guns they're flying out the door. >> reporter: richard ellison is a gun owner. he thinks there's something to what mr. sega says. gun owners stock up after mass shootings. >> yes. i think there is, i really do because something is going to happen and they won't be able to buy it later on so they got it now you don't have to register them. >> reporter: that report from steve craft tonight. but back here in massachusetts lawmakers are considering a law that would force to you put down your phone while driving. the transportation committee has said to debate the hands free proposal at a public hearing on tuesday at the state house. supporters say restricting cell phone use to hands free technology helps cut down on distracted driving crashes. >> for one brief moment i
10:44 pm
moment a college student owned the -- he was playing around with the website registration service google domain he tried everything even well, much to his surprise the domain was available and he bought it for $12. >> i got the it came into my cart as can be seen and then i proceeded to checkout. i got a notification from my credit card company that my credit card had been charged hit gone through. >> but that excitement was short lived just a few minutes later another e-mail came through saying the order had been cancelled. yeah. a google representative says the company is vesseling what happened president. to hear more it's an interesting story. log onto our website they took to the gridiron for bragging rights and a worthy cause. more than 100,000 by offence fighting crohn's disease and co-lightis. their efforts paid off today
10:45 pm
-- coloitis. >> reporter: there can be days marked with intense pain. >> i was diagnosed with clones almost five years ago. >> reporter: but on this throws who suffer from crohn's disease and coloitis. >> i don't want anybody else to go through what i have gone through. >> reporter: thousands that have suffered through diseases that cause intestines. >> our mission is two-fold o'. >> reporter: on this day one of the biggest fund-raisers to help in that mission a chance to play flag football where the patriots play. every raised a minutium of $3500 to be on this field. >> today is just a day to have fun. >> reporter: organize sears three keep holding events like these until a cure is found.
10:46 pm
>> i can still -- you can still donate. the other cool part is being on that field. >> at gillet and being in foxborough that must be so incredible. sarah i have to say a little bit breezy out there but what a great day for this event. >> you saw her hair whooping around sure enough. a great day a dry day we even saw few breaks in the cloud cover. we're continuing to see some breaks in the cloud cover. in fact clear skies in some locations overnight so that's why temperatures are actually going to fall back into the mid to upper 30s for parts of new hampshire as well as southern vermont already in parts of northern worcester county, too. there is a frost advisory for the possibility of that patchy frost developing by the time you wake up in boston we do have cloudy skies. so i'm expecting your overnight low only in the upper 40s to near 50 . through the day tomorrow we'll climb into the upper 50s take a look at this. we'll start to see the clouds break apart and some sunshine developing yes even for the boston area as the day goes on. down across the southeast expect to hold onto the
10:47 pm
cloud cover. highs tomorrow though in the lower 60s. forth north and west you go the better the chances you will see that sunshine working on in scpechs it getting into the low 60s. we're on our way in fact we have some big improvements. i'll talk more at 11:00. sarah, thank you. a celebration of innovation in boston kicks off today. >> they start off with big names discussing some pretty big top innings. author and edfor ariana huffington were among the -- and editor ariana huffington were among there. >> that pass of one note to the next is going to be different for every single human being on this planet. the reason we have conversations with people is because you don't know where
10:48 pm
>> fox 25 is a proud sponsor of hub week and the events continue through saturday. you can find out much more on our website all the information you need to know is under the local tab. >> it is a simple way to test if you are good to go. the new installation hoping road. >> enough guns and amo to arm a family. we continue to follow the new hampshire still in the hospital charged with multiple crimes. the bruins have made their decision about who will backup tuukka rask. find out who won the battle
10:49 pm
for don orsilo today. i have this recurring dream where i actually enjoy flying there's plenty of room to stretch out i never get bored and i just feel welcome... then it's back to reality. c'mon, being treated with dignity? yeah, right.
10:50 pm
it was a decision we expected to but today it was made official. dave dombrowski announces john farrell will be back as manager of the sox next year
10:51 pm
also be back he signs a two year deal with a promise that he will not interview for another managerial job this past season. >> it has been consistent and meaning envelope this situation that i have told him all along that he needs to be healthy. first and foremost. he's very committed to the red sox organization, very committed to john and so he has given up his ability to interview for jobs next year as manager and he made that commitment to the organization. we're very thankful for what he has done. >> a lot of fans are, too. the season wrapped up today in cleveland. fittingly david ortiz going to take it off the wall in left center field. that will score xander bogaerts that's all the support that rick porcello got on the hill. tied at 1. porcello throws to first and it gets away. giving cleveland a lead they would never relinquish. single to left field that scores lonnie that is your
10:52 pm
red sox season. the story today though the finale for don orsillo who had some touching words before the ninth sing and as it turns out after the game as well. >> i want to thank the fans of red sox nation. i thank you for your incredible support if loyalty. i heard all of and you never forget your words as they touched me so very deeply. thank you for letting me into your homes, into your families for the last 15 years. but as many times to be remembered at all is enough for me. thank you. >> thank you, boys. >> orsillo rounded third and heading home. >> that would get you won't it. bruins in the news today also season opener next thursday at the garden against winnipeg. the bs have finalized their goaltending situation. the bruins rewarded whim a
10:53 pm
one year contract it's a one way contract he will earn $7 $700,000. the owners have spent the last four years in detroit squeezed out of the job there by the emergence of peter. they call hip the monster so he should fit in pretty well here in boston. butch stearns puts this red sox season in context. the ups and downs. brian salman takes us inside the success of patriots runningback dionne lewis. we are unveiling the candidate for week five high week. hope you can join us. we will follow the fox 25 news at 11:00 which starts right now. now at 11:00, armed and dangerous. what we're learning tonight about the man in the hospital armed with enough weapons and amo to open a gun shop and the charges he's facing tonight. plus, preparing for the worst. it's america at a time when unfortunately these types of incidents are all too common. >> how officers and first responders were put to the test today in new hampshire.
10:54 pm
after a chilly and breezy weekend temperatures continue to drop tonight. frost advisories in place but a warmup on the way. i'll show you when. and fun today for a good cause. hundreds taking the field fighting and funding for potential cure. >> announcer: this is fox 25 news at 11:00. police called about a shooter and finding an arsenal. tonight a man is in the hospital and hundreds of rounds of amo off the streets. hi e everyone blair miller. >> i'm elizabeth hopkins. as malini basu explains, panicked residents are now sleeping a little easier. >> reporter: that army veteran was found naked with a gun by his side and barely able to move. tonight neighbors are telling fox 25 it sounded like someone was banging a broom stick against the wall but instead they were gunshots. tonight neighbors are trying to figure out what ticked off the 67-year-old man.
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