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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  October 5, 2015 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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what left kitty in tears this weekend. >> plus, our s&l exclusive with hillary and miley's backstage secrets. >> it's coming up now on "entertainment tonight." >> bartender? >> lauren michaels just asked me. only we have hillary g up details on her s&l surprise. >> the impersonation, i learned something about myself watching that. >> then tom cruise's daughter, did she pull off a secret wedding? and where were her parents? >> and tom hanks talks to us
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unconditionally. crying. and why is matthew mcconaughey looking likethis? and is there a snag in lady gaga's upcoming i dos? >> we don't have our wedding planned yet. >> cindy, matt, george, the date as amall gets racy then faces the press today. and lindsay lohan's parents together after years of hay -- hatred and hostility. >> what they tell us about going into therapy. reason. tonight." everybody. the clock. we have tom hanks on his son's recovery, george and amall, gaga on her wedding and exclusive secrets from the s&l set with guests. a lot of news. >> s&l season premier was a huge hit for nbc. up 13% from last year. with wild child miley cyrus and hillary clinton and only we were
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with hillary before saturday's satire. tonight's top story, secrets from "saturday night live." >> let's talk about "saturday night live." how did that come up again? >> you know, laur michaels just asked me. i sa sure. because i love the impersonations of me. first, amy who is great friend now. >> fine. i'm hillary rodham clinton. >> great name. i'm val. >> hillary played a bartender who impersonated donald trump. >> you are losers. >> and poked fun at her own image. >> you're really easy to talk to. thanks. you know, that's the first time i ever heard that. >> she told cbs miami behind the scenes can be chaotic. >> the rehearsal, isn't it >> you know. i've been on "s&l" before and it's crazy. you show up and you're still writing i they're doing it like putting the airplane together in the air and t
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they're showing you what they want you to say and where they want you to stand. different. ladies and gentlemen, miley cyrus! >> more s&l secrets, what was behind miley's breakdown. what does it mean >> she was overcome with emotion pet. i had a dream source tells "e.t." miley did the same thing three hours before in rehearsal. miley had a minor meltdown during friday's rehearsal blaming it on be tired. but it didn't stop her frrm higt some new york after parties. >> a great job. >> she arrived around 1:30 weerg an outfit with sun flowers. she left and hit a club in soho. back to herco-star before her live appearance, hillary kicked off the weekend friday night with singer mark anthony in miami.
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people as possible. and some you can reach on very serious news shows. but a lot of people you reach in other ways. and here we are with mark anthony. that's a huge audience that really adores and appreciates him. and then "saturday night live," a different kind of audience. and i enjoy that. hillary is going to be live in front of a huge audience on tv again next week. the first democratic debate is a week from tuesday on cnn. >> don't know fit will be as lively as the republican debate. >> well, you never kn with donald trump. he might crash it. >> over the weekend in new york, a trio of big movie premiers. let's start with tom hafrpgz who is talking for the time about his son chet's media admission he struggled with drug addiction this summer. our special xpont correspondent was there. >> i've been in a rehab. >> you must be so proud of che for inspiring others. >> a couple months ago i was selling coke. i even smoked crack.
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love your kids unconditionally. and you support them in every step of the way. you got to applaud bravery and honesty whe it comes out of, you know, out your own house. >> tom is also keeping focus on his new cold wa era drama "bridge of spies." his eighth collaboration with steven spielberg. >> he's the boss. we come to work every day loaded with a co of ideas. if you don't have them, he sort of gets mad at you. >> blocked away at the premier, hugh jackman gave up information on his karaoke night in tokyo with levi miller who plays peter pan in their film. >> are youbrave, peter? >> i try to be. >> levi celebrated 13th birthday in tokyo. what did do you? >> we did karaoke and went out for sushi at a fam sushi place and then baseball and then we did karaoke. it's certainly not in range. my friend picked taylor swift, we're never, ever getting back together.
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>> can you give us a little? >>. we are never, ever, ever getting back together >> let's keep the birthday celebration rolling at the steve jobs premier. kate winslet turns 40 today and is just as excited when she revealed her birthday gift. >> he did! he got the pressure cooker! there was a delivery at the door. oh, my god, what is this? we're leaving the house. it's crazy. i open it's a huge box. he got me a pres cooker. >> meanwhile, seth was celebrating jamesfranco's bar mitzvah at the age of 37. an event he filmed for his alzheimer's movement. >> i think i've known him for 15 years and he talked about how he wants a bar mitzvah. >> i glad that seth can take of his friend. he is good in this movie. today is actually the fourth anniversary of steve
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he was just 56 years old when he passed away from cancer. very young but he did so much in his years. >> a genius. >> let's bring in michelle turner right now. yo surprising wedding news. >> indeed. this just coming to tom cruise and nicole kidman's daughter got married in secret. but the bigger story here is did her famous parents attend? the wedding first reported by women's day magazine is shrouded in mystery. tom and nicole's a daughter is notoriously camera shy, source tells "e.t." the wedding was very expensive and took place at london's door chester hotel. the groom is max p an i.t. specialist who isabella reportedly met earlier this year. our source tells us max is the scientologyist and that the ceremony was a mix of christianity and scientology. the wedding was private. so private that we fear neither nicole nor tom were there to keep t attention away.
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she's been living in london since july where she performing in a play. isabella was not spotted at the press night on september 14 and another source tells us nicole did not miss her show the night of the wedding. it's believed isabella recently graduated from the i have dal sasoon academy and is working in london as astylist. four of her sasoon classmates were bride madz. >> regardless, congratulations to them. now i be a little too early to start talking wedding for this couple, but look who was out on the town again. christie brinkley and john mel encamp went on a dinner date saturday night in new york and then we're told they checked out of a hotel together on sunday morning. >> hey! they won't admit that they're dating. thank you. >> you crazy kids. go ahead. >> two stars who are headed to the alter are lady gaga and taylor kenny. and the dress gaga wore to the premier of american horror
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romance and gaga talks wedding with our reporters. >> i can only imagine what you're wedding dress is going to look like. how is the planning going? >> you know, we don't have our wedding planned yet. but we are so happy and happy to be here tonight together. >> way to make an entrance. a tender kiss from her man, flashing that heart-shaped diamond engagement ring and her outfit screamed anything but blushing bride. >> i really love this dress. my friend made it for his most recent collection. and i asked him if he would make it in a bold color for me for the evening. he said that he said it should be blood red. >> we didn't know what to call her at first. she said call me stephanie much that's what my family calls me. >> her real name stephanie germanada and her wild scenes including a foursome that didn't phase taylor one about it. >> he was so generous in spi he was saying to her like don't
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bring me up in front of the it might make them feel >> i think that her fiance and her parents are very supportive of her. and i think that, you know, she's a force of nature. you can't -- you can't tap t lady down. do what you want to do >> that, of course, is the mastermind behind american horror story. the love is she says she loves working with ryan murphy so much she wants to do a guest spot on the other show, "scream queen." >> it is just crazy. it's something to be behold. all right. coming up, we have the woman that helps jamie alexander pull off the magnificent stunts. she's her body double and they also happen to live together. >> it is a little awkward sometimes. a awkward. >> someone thought i was her a second ago. matthew mcconaughey balding and with a belly. >> what wrong with balding and a belly?
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romance rumors? >> all right, all right, all right. matthew mcconaughey finally joined the club. >> yeah. >> that's not how wur e're used to seeing matthew. the new is for a movie called "gold." is it dangerous? remember, matthew act dropped 47 pounds for the oscar winning role in "dallas buyer's club." >> have you had a chance to check out the nbc hit "blind spot." jamie alexander found in the middle of times square naked with no memory of how she got there. but in real life, there is a special relationship and i takes all the mystery possible. >> action! >> i'm sorry. >> jamie is like, i want to do
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it. i want to get in. there. >> i wouldn't go that far. i'm like, you're it. it's the actress jamie and her double, colleague on the set, best friends off the set. >> she's been my double for close to ten years now. among being also my best friend. so i haven't gotten sick of you yet. >> it's family. >> yeah, it's family. >> i can handle myself. >> her new show "blind spot", there are some stu jamie can't handle. >> every time you do the stunt she does it first. and then i step in after she's done it. >> she is super gung ho. there are time stepping in and i'm saying this is not safe. >> another example, taking this fall for jamie from "thor the dark world." and now the best friends are roomies. >> we live togethe here in new york. >> i make her meals. otherwise, she's going to get sick. i need her healthy. >> we're pretty much married. it gets a l awkward sometimes.
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>> one day her fiance thought i was her. >> jamie's fiance is jen garth's ex-boyfriend who is on "super girl." >> so wedding plan? >> not planning it yet. right now we're just so busy. >> doesn't have time to do her own laundry. >> no, she does that, too. i'm a person. i'm a horr person. she does my laundry sometimes. >> that's a good man. you do it for your right? >> about it way, jamie took over our instagram today. make sure you give u a look. >> all right. coming up next, the dame one clooneys and cindy crawford with her randy. inside the best triple date ever. plus, cindy's kids while mom and dad were away. >> then can lindsay lohan's parents survive family snep. >> you should have never there. >> i'm here to tell the truth. >> so am i. >> plus, kaly is driven to tears. why she's crying. stay tuned. closed captioning
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kaly in tears after h split? what? it's not what you think. when we first saw this video, we got concerned too. we did a little investigative lip-reading and found out it's all good. see, kaly actually says it's awesome. i know. the woman talking to is her ridingteammate. the two got all star wars out, there is doing best luke skywalker. tracy is darth vader. they won this masters of l.a. charity event and kaly was giving up tears of joy. >> how can you not give us three 10s? >> do you know how hard that is to do? it's hard to do it without something over your eyes let alone covering your face. i was impressed. >> kaly seems ton doing great in he singleelife, three star couple went on the best triple date ever, george and amall, cindy and randy and luke and arianna.
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>> her floral dress showed off a little more than she barringianed for when she g into the car after the world's most fun out. george and amall, cindy and randy and matt and luciana partied at knotting hill on saturday. it looked like a mostly black dress code except for ama bright red coat and the lace thigh high boots to die for. but it wasn't all fun in the uk. george, cindy a brandy were there to launch their tequila and matt to promote his new movie "the martian." appearing on a show sharing details about the next in installment" of "borne." even amall was back to work today. she managed to look stunning and professional at the same time. arriving at a press conference in a pinstrsuit. the international model is representing the president of
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>> it is emblematic of the bigger crisis in thecountry. >> while mom and dad were away, cindy's kids were represe beverly hills. they were at the launch party for teen voeg's hollywood issue. a mini me of her super model mom, her 14-year-old knows th strike a pose and has cindy's walk. >> gorgeous. so nice to take in those three couples who are happy together and have so much fun because kevin you have a former couple aelz lways seems to be at war. lindsay lohan's parents. >> there is a full on wreck. >> right. >> every time they're together, madness ensues. so imagine these two side by side spending three weeks under the same roof whi reality show cameras roll. witnessed all the mag firsthand. >> you know, i'm nervous to be here. you know, you cry a lot. you get angry. you yell. it's just real. it's like real. it's actually real reality. >> it was a ride.
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your daughter at 9, 10 years becomes the biggest star in hollywood. what is that going to do to a family. >> let me give you a taste a therapy session with these two. awkward tension. talking over each other and, of course, there's the eye rolls. >> had the two of you gone to therapy before? >> he has for his own issues, i guess, right? i know. >> i'm a therapist. >> no. but you went -- >> it lasted three minutes and then ended. see, that's why we're here. as soon as a question isasked, she's got to put it on me. and she's got to be -- it' all about her domestic violence when i was abused in a lot of ways, too. you should have never gone there. you should have never gone there. >> next question. >> you can understand given the bad blood between these two whose main claim to fame is being lindsay lohan'sparents, she accused him of cheating and abuse, even raping her while the children slept. >> i have police repo i have hospital records. i have pictures of, you know, the black eyes. >> he denied that.
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she has unresolved issues with alcohol and is an unfit mom. >> mommy, you've been doing cocaine? she is acting l devil. >> digging up old wounds for anyone is difficult. and we did get divorced for a reason. >> of course, they're doing all this for vh-1's reality show, "family therapy "with dr. jen. but what is ironic, the fact that they're so into fame could be the thing that actually helps save their family. >> they are a that would never get help not on television. i think it would too heated. i think it probably would be fake. i think they probably wouldn't be able to get through it without walking out. >> what is your biggest t away from this experience so far? >> i really taken away from this that, you know, got feelings i have to respond. to i loved 19 years. i still love her in a lot of ways now. >> that is very si i appreciate that. thank you. >> high five.
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>> we know biggest take away. >> what? >> the check. >> about it way, michael broke the news that he might be di his current wife kate major. he showed us he had no ring on his finger. >> he is a messy situation. >> capital >> all right. in our entertainment tonight birthdays, which s network clown? is it jezy ice enberg, andrew garfield or rooney mar the answer is coming up next in the "e.t." birthdays. y ice enberg, andrew the answer is coming up next in ey ice enberg, andrew garfield or rooney mara? the "e.t." birthdays. garfield or rooney mara? the answer is coming up next in sy ice enberg, andrew garfield or rooney mara? the answer is coming up next in the "e.t." birthdays. iy ice enberg, andrew garfield or rooney mara? the answer is coming up next in the "e.t." birthdays. garfield or rooney mara? the answer is coming up next in
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at -- >> it's b really big year for me. >> aerial winter on life after breast re surgery and how sophia vergara was there her. >> she knows how to dress for her body and she gives me so many helpful tips. >> plus, " dynasty" stars on teaching their kids about sex. >> look for somebody you can spend the re your life with. >> it's all on our website, it's your 24/7 destination for news on your favorite celebrities. >> did you come up with the answer? >> i think i got it. jesse eisenberg. >> r
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that is jesseeisenberg who turned 32 today g job. >> i feel like a man. take a look at what happened in new york today. they flipped the switch at the empire state building. it was a lighting ceremony in honor of blue shirt day, buprevention. >> i was called a nerd. people made fun of the way spoke. for the color of my skin. >> he a proud poppa. his son inspired him to write a children's bo growing u by biracial.
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