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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 6, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t . now at 4:00, holding out hope. familyt tend friends af the crew oft te missiowt tenargo ship wait for word. the vigil happening todaypear h. boston. new this morning, wha overnight. and sheer joy for at tenppmud.ty sew rchnow t tenargilog afnogdlget t t why shet te aspeag . rn otws. tesdaniel: goohopfaoeeenog, 4 lo i am daniel miller. tescatherine: it tepenosilgenoe
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parrileta4 & tpear jul grauert. get the layers on this morning. ss4 aco> . h4` tesshiri: t te b t te e yes o. & 3 3 ay pearw ilest k0 de3 3ag& tp dad`.iet tenatil e,t te ytay 3 5s no a&& n. 50s for the cape and islands. t te peargeest r ho6 3 3 that stays put through 7:00 this morning. i am& >aoiow clew rgsk il 3 teanntinin0s >>lst teapwid, gioking good out there. temperatures warming into the giwerg60s. ornint te olt ted t tet tenatplyt--t te e:s oan af pops of 70s this afternoon. ilest esdlknow abat& h turns nice and bright. warm this afternoon as well.
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ter gets into a check on the roads. >>cathereeen 4 ok ,t tesg txpec, d lan5sowpead ttutcr 3 tet tho6 3 3 128 going south before you hit waltham in that lexingtlot ted a. warmt. e e& >ad`owt teshsstlyto> slow. it could be slt tee to 93 coming into the city doing okay. ar t wfaoilee,sa onow est & >law. ashan-tat the pike. not too many vehicles getting in yatrt te & t. drivyt`fdnins n arsilepeaikytss cni route 9. 8 minutes on 128 from0s at, 1 nopeaew a&dy 24 minutes there. 4:02. marlborough fire fighters eorrk npew tt on broon. wtrag r , e s roof line caon.nogew d.os ` o
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develops at the cargo ship lost at sea durinw hu tuicdaytromaquion. a sausfeco- terdt te oda anew kt te the company that owns the ship said mechanical fislud ds& t ay 3 pead 3 ` n skiringt the powerful hurricane skiringt powerful hurricane. they are still searching for tp yutthibeeve suits,shcaeb- te`fdst te& hshcayt3 woandstststststst& o>> `fds`.beusa&est adad life rafts. among the missing three sailors cildsw te fornon.ta`fds wright a massarnon.ta`fds teest n5 h lyrdsilelyr adventurer. and keith& >a. his wife is pregnant with twins his wifyts pead gnda waiting for any news of his fate. 3 3can'spearninrgt tenailebanit ten- tern est te noilapft
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community is on edge. s n n trk `t te ssh sest`ow t e.ppyt,nogs3 nt te w tt tewh4o on board and he graduated with an s >at ten3 bgery inlay. four members of the maine cnicoyt& >> nog developments very closely. 3 ht te yt datt te ornin& >atadsaryt ontails from our fox25 news app. 4:04. ileirgint. ar i`fdowpebeilt as we learned during our news t lilod
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johnston died from a heart attack. rom& & ot te w tpea oilenogt te0s ng tw e.pppea& > 3ix dag tnin c 3cyshdahopnintanog sy3 u. te f, dork. passengers were emotional when they leaeee nt te ay 3 3 hand it to the co-pilot, i'll tell you, becn. elo'tyt,estw waest te at> . avyt. situation. >>daniel: after midnight, johnston'st te caecotafeocew usa6 3 3 ildak ng t3 issiloepear the catoieshan5 n4 s 3aht te& h ay 3 coagrso t tenarge fo ossr& t. tesfynocoapop3 rs. rnnow t tenarga ar pup truck spotted near the scene of a deadly shootiow. iloo street. he was rushed to the hospital dahopod, rg n nho6 3 3 ileg t `ges n s yte folo0pea>>nue were looking for a white pickup truck that may have beeusa6 3 3 e:nnt te0t
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`fdoyeah. . on. wilent te sse,a s wieew o on `t te & >t te w t above the age of consent at the time. he resigned lw tt, dew rgdahoply mst tet tenngfte:wi. irgdahopa youth football coach in concord youth footbaldae: poe,no :tes& tt te arkt te odad sume to clear the track after an amtrak 3 laylot. atrgcr fs an one amiilyt3 t tene faornin ` a3 r ash nwht teewoge. ss`fdowt tene falo a track. one was air-lifted to the ho anssis wi. his af 3whil yt,otd g soniniling was wrong. >> we felt something and it was like a t4 pearho6 3 3 dad teilen 02& hewornind toed r , e ew, nt te w tt tepe potar4 ilytnw trom& sst tenat> clean up the scene. and tay right now amtrak is running the
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vermont -- or out of an.3 ndt te sshew4 pppancoon. y dno`fowpeaassengers to massachusetts from vermont. & >tlnoepeardsare4 f , t te orninew 3hopis wige`fdssh tuyytils aot. . s n t. e nog te ft tenppsay, nyly. man eliminate some frustrating delays. ieilyis wisew& nyly. man. . eewars geal conflict points where multiple trains are scheduled 3 . s on po-test `fdoop pewars geis wi ailgenger um tu 3 thyt 3hopie cnieeexest taco oda3 t tenaverytis wilee. massachusetts to put down their phones while behinhopilyt waagl. ilyts onda anarn y`fdlot tenppg pppag4 holding a public hearing on a bill that requires the use af hs-e.ageears nu
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oan dran5nodc supporters say it will cut down on distracted driving crash ho6 3 3 tes4` no& w d. testes44 & st 4 ot,lu now te f ay pear, re, vermont and tstststst& cloot-pnu 3t telrew era. . n u& hdadsd toed ytodws. this morning in franklin, people are on hiiltt teansdt teewoge ilo& ss. `e,dad aot amiilyt. not survive. that dog's owner tells fox25 , ts eears w tn y, dco 3t te arissi ilest ay 3 t teshile ami- p wh4 sile ot hbar& > 3 . if they go after a dog, what is to say they wowitpastp& >ares to, rga rn od. tesewo them on a leash and not leave them alone o 3f on. e:3 3 , . ow them out during the day is not unusual. in lawrencytnot tena ileytay s thi 3ewnd ippp
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officials are telling people to keep pets inside and ge `fdowh oss tenand tge n. ca, datewnd itt tet tena ileesay call animal control and stay away. 4:08. ilodog,3 3 >>kt tenat `utpedo th case of west nile virus. she is in lyrg90s. lyis wiil a3 3 nuisnwh4ew& t anvel for boston, chelsea, revere and winthrop at least un`fdl >tes s onda anarn y`fdloews totauta&e s ilyt waite house withdraw beverly scott's nomination s to, rpel withdrawn. she ms& >a issues that the agency faced due to the cold weather. tes>shan- pow not tenalayest ewn. t t a car was wedge information how a car was wedg n & hgeotest ,ilovarsilest& 3 3 uewag. geeho6 3 3 look at this video from skyfox.
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river street and waltham. ilyt& > 3 amiilest oy fytosrg m e:3 d d. fox25 spoke with the young many in that car. lyewishoply4 aesttewdelyt waest& ay e i 3 sew nt te ay through your head? >> i am going toee3 3 elo0cont she now ilest ew tew s i don't understand why -- but ay e i 3 nt te& h tes what happeot s tesfy4:10 tet t. osmco 3pea>>nuyt tenng onnpea>>nug6 3 3 need your help finding this man . t. sarytdow ausa6 3 3 chapman street. take a good look at his os, a6'2" is t last time he was seen, cash was wearing a basebaldaay where he is. 4:10 on your tuesday mornnodc
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andrew: the one thing about soccer is when i put my uniform on, the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. i think all of us play for that very reason. the child we once were. and i'm back to where i was. you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again.
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. new details of a worcester 3 ddanrgt tenawihop onat hshw ttt te agk4 ile4 ector ordered the landlord to treat for bedbugs dahope:opap polys dangeroufat tenart tet ten o> . skitshillym. overcapacity. the toddler's autopsy and arebt ted ew`fdni hnog. a3 morrow.
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out there at this early hour. and a look at those live drive times. on 93 from 495 to the leverett connector 19 minutes there. and now we want to send it over to shiri to see what kind of day we might expect today with the weather, because we know it is a chilly start anyway. >>shiri: yeah, off to a cool start, and not that unusual to deal with temperatures this cool as you wake up in the morning. average low in boston, which we would hit around sunrise, 50 degrees. sunrise this morning at 6:46. the sun goes down at 6:18. normal high 65 degrees. so we are not that off track today today. just the warmest day once we get in the afternoon that we have so far this october. 50 degrees outside now, but a lot of the burbs a little cooler. the hour by hour warm-up. in boston, by 6:00 this morning in boston, by 6:00 this
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see temperatures take a little dip into the upper 40s through 8 a.m. 10:00 rolls around, 57 degrees. lower 60s by lunchtime today in boston and middle 60s which, as you just saw, is pretty normal. on the south shore start off pretty milder. wake-up temperatures in the lower 50s. highs in the lower 60s this afternoon versus worcester where we are waking up to a whole slew of 40s in central massachusetts. 6 a.m. temps in worcester about 45 degrees 56 by 10 a.m. lunchtime 62 and middle 60s as well. north shore as well. a lot of sunshine that will develop during the course of the day. start off with a little bit of patchy fog here and wake up to temps in the lower 40s as well and highs in the middle 60s. if you were looking for the cool spot to start and hot spot cool spot to start and hot spot, southern new hampshire and the merrimack valley start awvbing in the lower 40s at 6:00, 8 a.m., but you will be
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closer to 70. satellite and radar pretty quiet yet. a few lingering clouds over the cape and islands plus that patchy fog. normal spots like beverly and norwood, those are the locations that you will have to watch out for that patchy stuff watch out for that patchy stuff. bright. and we do have cooler conditions at the coastline because little wind coming in off the water. only going to cool you down by a couple of degrees there. otherwise looking forward to an afternoon of sunshine as you wake up tomorrow morning. mostly clear conditions, and we do have this front that will be moving toward us here. it doesn't have much steam, much umfh to it. it falls apart and i see it bringing scattered clouds this afternoon. keeping the forecast dry. highs today, upper 60s in boston and beverly. plymouth 66. the vineyard, 65. worcester hitting 67 degrees. but all the way to 70 in nashua, and overnight lows back
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the exceptions boston itself and cape where it flows back into the lower 50s. you will wake up to those temps and hit the upper 60s, lower 70s. tomorrow is another warm day. and as i said, dry. this is 2 a.m. advisory for hurricane joaquin awaiting the 5 a.m. advisory. not much has changed since yesterday, 85-mile-per-hour winds continues with this storm as it gets further away us from as it gets further away us from. the only remaining we have are bigger waves as well, height risk of rip currents. i will go over that threat coming up in couple of minutes. in the meantime, 70 degrees with sun and scattered clouds. on thursday, 63. upper 60s friday comes with increasing clouds. that is just next best chance of showers into early, early saturday morning. saturday turns breezy and highs in the 50s. kind of cool day and 64 on sunday, so looking a little bit milder but also a couple more clouds in that sunday forecast. back to you, guys. >>daniel: 4:20 right now.
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sharks showing up on land. coming up new at 4:30, a trend that scientists say is growing on cape cod. the theory now being investigated on the massachusetts coast. and next, duking it out in the middle of a neighborhood. what animal experts say sparked this clash of the titans. as we head into the break, a night of laughs. this is what is on on primetime followed by the fox25 news at 10 and 11:00. introducing longhorn' s great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin
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with your choice of side. plus, an appetizer, or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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4:23. president obama will be heading to work, and at the end of the week to comfort the family week to comfort the families killed in a mass shooting on a community college. and we are learning more this morning about the gunman's motive. a source says 26-year-old christopher harper mercer was angry about not having a girlfriend and believed everyone else was, quote, crazy everyone else was, quote, crazy. his mother telling investigators her son was dealing with mental health issues. harper mercer open fired killing and wounding people in his path before he took his own life. the rain has let up in south carolina this morning, but the danger there remains. with entire towns flooded and homes cut off, emergency crews are going door to door to make sure everyone made it out
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safely. they are moving as quickly as they can with damming in parts of the state starting to give way because of all of the water way because of all of the water. so far 11 people have died in south carolina alone due to weather-related incidents. missing for days, a little girl is now home safe. search crews found the girl 1,000 feet from her great grand 1,000 feet from her great grandparents 'home. she was missing thursday and wasn't found northbound sunday. >> god -- we were asking god for a miracle. and he gave us a miracle. tonight, he gave us a miracle. >>catherine: police are not sure how the toddler got out of the house but no plans to charge the family. in mourning after an officer suddenly dies of a heart attack at home. peter cromier just moved into a new home with his wife and 17 new home with his wife and 17-month-old twins. he was a 18-year veteran of the
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northampton police force. his officers say everyone looked up to him. >> he was definitely what every young officer strifeed to be as far as being a police officer. >>daniel: officers set up a go fund me page for his family. they are hoping to raised 1 they are hoping to raised 100,000 to help raise the twins. so far they have more than $13,000. a 9-year-old boy snuck a tree and took the jaws of life to get him to safety. look at this. the boy was climbing the tree in manchester he, new hampshire when he slipped, fell, and his leg got stuck. fire fighters used the jaws of life to wide the tree to free that boy. he didn't suffer any injuries. two epic heavyweights go this neighborhood. >> all of a sudden they started going at it. >>daniel: they are going at it all right. two 1,000-pound bull moose duking it out in a suburban neighborhood. the man who shot the video says he saw moose before, but nothing like this.
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and behind the car, and i am behind the car. >> there was really only so much they could do. it was believed the fight was sparked over a female moose because it is mating season. see what dudes do over a girl. >>catherine: how do you break that up? [laughter] all right. some cases. but anyway, let's move on. coming up, the blows at a fraternity house. at 4:30, how a party sparked a brawl between football players and fraternity brothers and got some players kicked off the team. plus, they make one of the city's most recognizable t-shirts. city sports says they are there's a better way to specialized surgery that's right for you: lahey hospital and medical center. cardiac teams pioneering innovative treatments... and neurosurgeons at the forefront of spinal surgery... right here. america's largest live-donor liver transplant program... right now. and quality outcomes among the
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the right outcomes... for who matters most. lahey hospital and medical center
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now at 4:30, a cargo ship lost at sea, and the crew still nowhere to be found. new details this morning of what may have took the ship right in this path of danger. a neighborhood on alert for
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