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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 7, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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now at o'clock, a crime that rocked an -- now at 6:00, a crime that rocked an entire community. a teenager accused of brutally murdering his high school math teacher. the evidence from inside the school that mr. play a major break in the case. piecing together what brought down a missing cargo ship. the evidence that federal investigators are take investigators are taking a closer look at this morning. and why one family member says she has little hope that her husband will make it home. a scare for family a scare for families headed to fall festivals. what a new england toddler was doing at a recent fair that led to his death. this is the fox25 morning news. >>gene: good morning, everybody, 6:00 on the button
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hope yourday is off to a cool start. >>sara: a cool start but things will heat up a bit. meteorologist shiri spear will be tracking the 70s by the afternoon. what a treat, shiri worcester what a treat, shiri shirsz what a treat, shiri. >>shiri: absolutely. what a confusing thing to dress for. kids getting ready short sleeves underneath. long sleeves on top. 43 in beverly and 48 in worcester and 46 in plymouth. this is how the warm-up pans out. we don't get very much before 8 a.m. it is after 8 a.m. that suddenly temperatures shoot all the way into the low and the mid-60s here by lunchtime today mid-60s here by lunchtime today. sun and scattered clouds going. bright but not crystal clear. it another chilly morning and highs 68 to 72 degrees. kind of lived warm-up and in the next 24 hours coming up over to julie grauert with on over to julie grauert with
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on-time traffic. start with the expressway. >>julie: the expressway because down to an average speed of 20 miles per hour around morrissey boulevard. as we shift north, things starting to build through the cloverleaf on 93 and into wo burn and medford. live look at the zakim bridge and this event has slowed down quite a bit as we showed you had this live shot in the 5:00 hour. 21 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 31 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. gene and sara, back to you. a beloved math teacher at danvers high school when she was brutally murdered allegedly at the hands of her own student at the hands of her own student. jury selection against under way for this high-profile case. >>sara: fox25's catherine parrotta live in salem in what is expected to be an emotional trial, catherine. >>catherine: all begins with
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that begins three hours from now at 9:00 where attorneys will have a chance to question potential jurors. in the end, 18 will be chosen. 16 will stay on to hear all the evidence in the case and a judge does believe that the opening statements will begin there on october 20. that means phillip chrisam will stand trial two years almost to the date when he was accused of killing his math teacher. colleen witzer was a. a student overheard her asking 14-year-old phillip chism to stay afterschool. his body was later found in the woods after school. she had been raped and her throat cut with a box cutter. at 16, chism is accused of killing, rape killing, raping and robbing her killing, raping and robbing her. his lawyers plan to use a mental health defense but we don't know the specifics. they obtained a forensic eye
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other cases across the nation. the defense tried to get the trial moved but they were not successful. a long list of questions for jurors but may not be able to ask them all. after the victim of this was very young, very well liked. the defendant is also very young a teenager. and may be called to testify during the course of the trial. they released a statement asking for their privacy to be respected. as for the prosecution, we expect to have one key material that will make an appearance during the trial. more on that next half hour. for now live in salem, morning news. coast guard has been searching through the night for any sign of a missing cargo ship that has three massachusetts natives on board. now the wife of one of those sailors tell fox25 that live about investigators are planning to be on scene for about a week. federal agencies will look into the confer
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-- the condition the ship before it left florida. the team will try to determine why the el officera -- why the el faro's engines failed. they want to find the voyage data recorder to determine what happened. >> interviewing people. it involves a lot of paperwork looking at the marine logs that are available. looking at every aspect of the engineering of the ship >> the owner of el faro says work was being done on the engine room during the voyage but does no the me it contributed to the vessel's mysterious power loss. stay with fox25 for continuing coverage of the el faro. monitoring all developments throughout the morning. all the latest on air and online through the fox25 news app. new this morning, a state police cruiser is hit right outside of the boston barracks on columbia road and fox25 has
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learned in the last hour that state trooper was taking a prisoner to boston med cat center at the time of the crash center at the time of the crash. the woman driving the car that hit the cruiser was a driver with a suspended license. she will be cited. the police car and other cars sustained minor damage. all injuries appear to be minor at this time. a abington man is being held without held without bail for a deadly shooting in brockton. prosecutor says evan garner shot and killed matt tagerlini. he allegedly met with him to buy marwan from from him and put a gun to his head and tried to rob him. family and friends of the victim held a small vigil yesterday. garner is charged with murder, armed robbery and illegal gun possession. he will be back in court next month. 6:06 and the defense team for aaron hernandez wants a witness intimidation charge against him dismissed. the former patriot was in court
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two men in boston's south end in 2012 and accused of shooting former associate alexander bradley in the face. prosecutors say he started talking about the murders and that's why he was shot. >> if hernandez shot bradley which we don't concede that he did so in any shape and form to intimidate him as a witness. this is their theory but basically a concocted fantasy. >>gene: hernandez is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of odin lloyd. another hearing for pretrial conditions in the murder case will happen this week. the mother of bella bond known to you for months as baby doe could face more charges in the girl's death. the suffolk county da is not ruling out more charges against rachelle bond. bond pled not guilty to being accessory after the fact in her daughter's death. bond's boyfriend is charged with the murder. june. a mystery.
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bail after police uncovered home. we first brought you this story last month. espereance is facing 50 charges of assault and possession of a large capacity firearm. officers were headed to his home for a welfare check of a family member. days later, family members called police warning there was a stash of weapons in the attic. local lawmakers are expect local lawmakers are expected to take up a bill that will city ofen penalty s for drug dealers caught with a dangerous pain.reliever. michael henrich live outside the statehouse where the debate will get under way today. >> the house is expected to ache some sort of objection on this phentynol bill today because law enforcement throughout the state starting with the attorney general, they all say they need more tools in order to fight this growing opioid crisis. now if you were not familiar with what phentynol is, it is a synthetic opioid.
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at this point attorney general maura healy at a summer news conference said it is being conference said it is being.created and distributed on the streets and being abused. she wants to make trafficking phentynol illegal. phentynol itself is 50 times more potent and dangerous than heroin and heroin is dangerous enough. she says more than 12 she says more than 1200 people in massachusetts died from heroin and opioid and nor and more fentanyl is being laced. they have an increased number of cases with fentanyl from 5 in 2013 to 170 last year to more than 473 by mid august. >> it's killing people. it is hurting people. and we need to do all we can to get fenanyl off of our streets.
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anyone guilty of trafficking phentynol at 10 grams phentynol at 10 grams or more will be subject to up to 20 years in state prison. as soon as the house takes any action on this bill we will bring you the update. reporting live at the statehouse, hen len -- michael henrich, fox25 morning news. a plan to inspect every apartment in boston is behind schedule. they wanted to make sure that all 160 apartments in the city are up to code. the plan called for having 60 the plan called for having 60,000 numbers done by the end of this year, but so far only 9,000 have been completed. the goal is to visit advice every apartment within five years. the water main break in boston's north end is fixed and crews are working to pave the road. the break happened yesterday at the intersection of prince and salem streets and sent water rushing everywhere. several nearby businesses were flooded. officials told fox25 that the hole in the road should have been filled this morning. we will update you as the
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morning goes on. and before you get the kids ready for cool, consider this. today is international walk to school day. the mass dot is encouraging student and people in our area to take part. the annual event promotes healthy and active living. last year the highest walk to school registration rates in the country with more than 50,000 student from 280 schools in the commonwealth walking to school. controversial ponding has people talking this morning and all the chatter is not positive. >> no, it's not. still ahead at 6:30, we are hearing from a local business owner who put up this sign and the residents who want him to take it down. plus coming up next, the rain has stopped but the water continues to rise. why people in south carolina are dealing with even more flooding, and it is not mother nature's fault this time. things slowing down on the expressway right now. we are up to 23 minutes from the braintree split into boston the braintree split into boston. shiri. >> i have got temperatures mostly in the lower 40s.
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cool, partly cloudy start to the day for kids, parents, teachers headed out to school
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8 a.m. 47 and what time we hit . back here at :14 this morning. roads in south carolina are crumbling. good reason. 70 miles of interstate 95 remain closed this morning and the rain may have stopped. but more flooding has not.
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fox25's daniel miller has more on why they are still at risk, and if that could actually ever happen here. >>daniel: gene, good morning. that kind of rain is possible here in new england although extremely rare. as for south carolina. the rain may have stopped, but flooding is only getting worse in parts of the state this morning. this after a number of dams broke sending water cascading over river banks. this morning we know 11 dams from failed or been preached. the failing dams are causing a domino effect as one topples the other is running down the hill adding additional strain on already overwhelmed dams. crested yet. so when that happens, it can only get worse. in addition to those 11 dams that failed, another 34 are being very carefully looked at. we know now that 17 people are died in the flooding. 15 in south carolina. two upstate in knock. nine drowned. six died in traffic accidents caused by the water.
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this morning more than 400,000 people in south carolina are being asked to boil their water being asked to boil their water. meanwhile, donations pouring into the state. charity organizations like the red cross and salvation army, they are they are hunting and -- hurting for food donations that is. and they want to give to the families who lost everything and have no phones to go to. they received so many bottled water donations they don't need any more at the time. one school donated more than 5,000 bottles. door to door checking homes in the a area to make sure people are out of those homes and they found that some homes and apartments in the area are being booted. we will continue to keep our eyes on the rivers rise eyes on the rivers rising in south carolina and bring you the very latest this morning. for now, i am daniel miller, fox25 news. the governor of vermont says everyone who was injured in the amtrak train derailment is now out of the hospital. the ntsb continues to investigate monday's accident
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that amtrak says was caused by falling robingd. strt have the has heavy-duet heavy-duetting netting but only in new york. the rail agency as the tracks should be working again within a week. new jersey's governor is beginning a three-day campaign swing across new hampshire. chris christie plans to work at a lumber plant in hampstead. plans to take part in raynham. governor christie has events for thursday and friday in the granite state. don't count mitt romney out just yet. the wife of 2012 presidential nominee did not rule out the possibility of her husband running for president again next year. ann romney told the herald her family is watching the ways caution and care; however, in a different interon monday she said mitt made the right decision to withdraw from the race back in january. good morning, everyone. now 6:17. start with a look at the pike
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where things are still moving along nicely from framingham through the weston tolls into the allston-brighton. good conditions as you approach reading and stoneham and a brand-new accident and i will get those details and tweet them out and include them in my next report. route 1 in saugus, that volume is starting to increase as the morning progresses. live drive time. 20 minutes on 24 from 123 to 128. 38 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. and 25 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the mass pike. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. as you head out the door, you will notice a little bit chilly out there to start. >> it is cool this morning and i don't expect too many windows open here for the early part of the commute. once we start getting over to 9, 10:00 this morning. the warm-up really blossoms but turns into the warmest afternoon of the week. much cooler tomorrow on the flip side. we have showers back as of
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friday. cloud cover in place. not the crystal skies we have yesterday or date before, but a little bit of cloud cover that we are contending with now. but temperature-wise. we are not in a bad spot. boston right now at 52 degrees there. panned high temperatures up and down the coastline from boston. maxed out in the upper 60s and this is how we get there by 10:00 this morning, about 59 degrees. by noon, 64. and there is your upper 60s at this too. and 4 p.m. worcester right now we are at 48 degrees. a little bit of early cloud cover. at 8 a.m., still 48 degrees. 57 by 10 a.m. we will go almost 10 degrees higher than a two-hour period. noontime 62. highs in the middle 60s. the easy the easiest spots to be warmer the easiest spots to be warm inland during the afternoon and a little bit closer to that 70 70-degree mark. future cast that includes sunshine, scattered clouds throughout.
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although this front will be on the approach through the day, it will not pull in enough moisture to trigger any kind of showers. more clouds the further north you go into central northern new england, but pretty good to get you home from work at 5 p.m., and we stay dry during the overnight hours but as that cold front comes through it pulls in that cooler air and you wake up to more 40s tomorrow and sunny in the afternoon but not nearly as warm. high 69 in boston. 68 in rockport. but lower 70s lawrence, framingham. shirley up into southern new hampshire. norwood, 71. that's what -- hull and plymouth. coast guard a little cooler. the 40s back tonight. tomorrow's hire only 60 in bog tomorrow's hire only 60 in bog. almost 10 degrees cooper. 68 on friday. and friday showers and into your weekend 60 on saturday. if not the upper 50s. if you were looking for the warmer day where it will still be bright. turn your attention to sunday
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where we go up by about 5 degrees. coupling up we will chime out those any showers and show you how long they last. back to you guys. >> call it a mac and cheese melt down. >> is oh, my god. oh, my god. >> coming up, a new england college student tackled and attacked. the food fight that prompted in takedown. thousands of inmates are supposed to walk free. a legi dear fellow citizen, hard to say no want toys, because you' re saving for shoes. and shoes. and shoes.
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you are watching the fox25 morning news. >> scary new details this morning in the fight against isis. the associated press has uncovered at least four attempts by smuggler today sell isis nuclear waste. the material could be used to make a dirty bomb. the fbi partnered with investigators in the small country of maldova to bring down the smugglers. the latest case came in february when a smuggler was caught trying to sell enough waste to contaminate several city blocks. thousands of federal inmates will soon be out of prison and back on the streets thanks to a change in drug laws thanks to a change in drug laws. the federal government will release about 6,000 inmates between october 30 and november
6:23 am
2. all of the affected inmates are drug offenders and are now eligible for relief. the inmates went through an appeals process to win their release. the largest one-time release of federal funds. developments this morning in the volkswagen diesel emission scandal. yesterday the company's new ceo warned staff to brace for massive cutbacks. vw's most important task is to regain customer trust after it admitted that 11 million vehicles were affected by rig vehicles were affected by rigged diesel a emission tests. the scandal has wiped out 1 the scandal has wiped out 120,000 from volkswagen value. the mass recall of vehicles in europe are expected to be in january. investigate investigating a boston-based fantasy sports company. the new york attorney general's office is demanding internal data from draft kings and its rival fan duel. the companies operate daily fantasy sports leagues.
6:24 am
specific information about draft toochbs employee eye than hac hwell. he admitted releasing information before it is released to the public. he is from southborough and he reportedly won $35,000 on fan duel during the same week the draft kings' data was leaked. red sox fans will have to listen to yankees fans talking about their team in the playoffs. because they are out. saw their title hopes leave in the wildcard. houston astros uses home runs to beat the yankees 3-0 at the stadium last night. s a stroshtion -- astros lead in the division series which gets under way tomorrow night. shifting the burden of birth control from women to men. coming up this morning, the new pill in the works that will let men control their fertility and how long it will take to get it on the market. and i have got rain showers
6:25 am
back here in the forecast for the end of the week 37 the end of the week the end of the week. north and west of boston. if that leaks into your weekend plans. a little dog kicked so hard
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the plit cam candidate facing now at 6:30. in less than three hours, jury selection begins in the murder trial of a beloved math teacher trial of a beloved math teacher. the beginning of the case of a
6:27 am
former student accused of brutally murdering her in the school she taught. our catherine parrotta live near the court house in just minutes to walk us through what will happen this morning. good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us here on the fox25 morning news. i am gene lavanchy. >>sara: i am sara underwood along with julie grauert checking the roadways and meteorologist shiri spear. chilly out right now but should warm up. >>shiri: you know kind of a slow warm-up. 8 a.m. the elementary kids -- maybe the kids going to school later maybe a little warmer but you will need the jackets. 49 degrees in orleans. 48 in bourne. 47 in duxbury. we have partly cloudy skies really across the area. 52 in boston. 54 in [null] and 46 in brockton and framingham. 48 in lynn. portsmouth, new hampshire good morning at 45 degrees. we have dipped down to 39 in londonderry, new hampshire and 41 in rindge. so cooler over the border and looks like a couple of breaks in the clouds that will help fuel some of those cooler
6:28 am
by noontime, 6 5 degrees. so definitely by late morning and lunchtime we will be able to peel off some of those layers. scattered clouds. how long those above average temperatures will last us. but for now, send you back over to julie with her eye on a brand-new accident. >> shiri, the accident on the pike. eastbound after route 9 in framingham. that could cause a lot of delay delays for your morning another accident on the expressway northbound this one right before columbia road. as we go north of town, two things to tell you about, a breakdown on 128 southbound right at route 3. and on 128 southbound, the entry ramp is partially closed right at 95 as you make your way north. here is a live look at the zakim bridge whereer seeing the volume increase steadily. the live drive times. 15 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams. 30 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike.
6:29 am
route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. gene, back to you. see what is happening today. expected to be a very emotional high profile trial will get under way. colleen ritzer was brutally murdered inside the high school where taught two years ago this month. >> one of her former students on trial. fox25's catherine parrotta is live near the salem superior courthouse in about an hour from now, attorneys on both sides will begin questioning the potential jurors. >>reporter: yes, later this morning that jury selection process will begin around 9:00 and when attorneys will have a potential jurors. it is a process of suspected -- expected to take several days which is often the case with other high-profile trials that we have seen. in the end will seat 18 jurors. two will be dismissed on the first day. 16 jurors will stay on to hear all of the evidence in the case all of the evidence in the case, and the judge anticipates opening statements will happen on october 20.
6:30 am
that means phillip chism will stand trial nearly two years to the day that's accused of murdering his high school teacher. 24-year-old colleen ritzer was a math teacher at danvers high school and a very well-liked member of the staff there. two years ago on october 22, a student heard her asking 14-year-old quill lip chris imto stay out of school. investigators say she had been raped and her throat cut with a box cutter. he is accused of killing, rape he is accused of killing, raping. we know that chism's lawyers plan to use the mental health defense but we don't know the specifics. as for the prosecution they are expected to show surveillance video from the school during the trial. they say it shows chism following ritzer into a bathroom and later pulling a recycling barrel outside. won't hear statements that chism made to police where he report willedly admitted to killing ritzer. it is anticipated that this trial itself will take several
6:31 am
weeks. the worcester family did release a statement through spokesperson asking that their privacy continue to be respected and this will all begin with jury selection. what more from the defense's strategy, we will talk more about that next half hour. live in salem, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. the coast guard has been searching through the night for any sign of a missing cargo ship that has three massachusetts natives on board. the wife of one of those sailor the wife of one of those sailors tell fox25 that officials do not believe they will find any survivors. meanwhile, ntsb investigators are planning to be on scene for about a week. the federal agency will look into the condition of the ship before it left florida by digging into inspection reports and records. the teen will work to determine why the el faro's engine failed and what factor the weather may play to bring that ship down. the team is focused and finding the voyage data recorder to try to determined what. >> interviewing people.
6:32 am
looking at the marine laws that are available. it involves looking at every act pebingt of the engineering of the ship. >> the owner of el faro says work was being done on the engine room during the voyage but does not believe that contributed to the vessel's mysterious power loss. the family of three local sailors on board that cargo ship are praying for their safe return but with every passing day, hope is fading, fox25's jessica reyes is live in kingston where a vigil will be held tonight for one of those sailors right outside the church where he was marry church where he was married, jess. >>reporter: that's right, sara. incredibly heartbreaking difficult week for all of the crewmembers. jeff mathias from kingston. married here at the church in kingston several years ago and said to be a vigil for him at 7:00 tonight. as the search for the missing el faro enter the sixth
6:33 am
day hopes that the 33 people on board will be found safely is dwindling. two maritime graduates on board including the soon-to-be father. his wife katie is expecting twins if february. >> katie asked me to crack a beer for keith. >>reporter: his best friend in winthrop and attended a vigil held for him last night. he had been living in florida but recently came to visit here in massachusetts. >> i had the privilege of being with him a little over a month ago. he came to visit me in stoneham he came to visit me in stoneham. he told me how excited he was about his wife being pregnant, katie. >>reporter: dozens turned out for the vigil and katie griffin told our crews last night i want them to know how much the vigil meant to me and how the people who came to show love brought a little bit of happiness to me. i can't put into words how much it means to me. the other maritime graduate we have learned is jeff mathias of kingston.
6:34 am
he graduated in 19 6 and are father 6 three children. in a statement released through the academy, his family says the mathias family would like to thank everyone for their love and support during this difficult time. he is the center of our world you please continue to pray with us for all member of the el faro and their families. >>reporter: there was a third massachusetts native on board that ship. her name is mariette wright. the vigil for jeffrey mathias will be at the church in kingston and will be held at 7:00 this evening. live, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. >> stay with fox25 for continuing coverage for the search for the el faro. we will monitor all of the latest developments throughout the morn and get up to the minute information on air, online and through the fox25 news app. new hampshire city council candidate charged with killing his neighbor's dog says he is not sorry.
6:35 am
kicked the 16-year-old dog in the chest. keene police charged him after the dog died. he was working at his rental property when the dog went to the bathroom in the yard. the dog's owner tells fox25 that he had other options beside kicking his pet. >> why kick an old dog like that, you know. he knew it was his doing. why couldn't he say hey, bill, your dog is in my yard. >> he did not apologize and said the dog's owner should have kept the dog on his own property. 6:38 this morning, and the owner of a norton barbershop is defending a sign causing controversy in his town. the sign is meant to support the mspca and reads black labs matter. the barber tom stevens made light of the black lives matter movement, but neighbors think this is in poor taste. >> i think it is offensive because there has been so many tragedy tragedies around, you know
6:36 am
racial issues lately. >> i think it is find of funny when you can make a play on words. and the mspca is a good thing to support. and people are getting offended by it, but like i said, i don't really care. >> stevens uses the sign to raise money for the mspca and matching donations up to $500 to the local shelter. new this morning steve wynn is suing for libel. the casino developer said his plans have nothing but scathing critiques since the plans were revealed. unclear who he is suing, but wynn resorts in a lawsuit said that the unknown defendants have been spreading lies about his company to boston media outlets. saugus is seeing a building boom. the daily item says the town is now issuing 85 building permits per month. that is up 64 months during the last fiscal year. many of the projects are large developments including several on route 1. earlier this year.
6:37 am
town officials changed the zoning laws to spur development of the route 1 corridor. a promise of change this morning after a local mother wasn't able to find a place to pump while traveling. united tells us they will add thursdaying stations to all airports that don't currently have one after newton mom liz cooper couldn't find a private place to pump her breast milk at the dulles airport. cooper's story went viral after she posted a picture of a pet relief center. liz by way is the wife of a fox25 employee. 6:40 this morning. not everyone will be able to get foot loose. the new england principal punishing his students for dirt punishing his students for dirty dancing and who he is blaming for the problem. and they bought their homes and they bought their homes, but don't own the land. now local residents are scared. they will be out in the streets they will be out in the streets. the controversial leasing agreement that has caught the attention of the attorney general. and skyfox just arrived over that accident i told you about ten minutes ago on the
6:38 am
pike eastbound. it is right after route 9. two cars are involved. and you can see several people wondering around off on the left hand shoulder so that is really slowing things down. shiri. >>shiri: i don't know about you, but have been doing better
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you are watching the fox25 morning news. >> the attorney general's office is reviewing lease concerns of a plymouth community village where residents are fearful they won't be able to afford to stay in their homes. in their homes. long pond village is a community for people 55 and older. residents own their homes but pay monthly to lease the land the houses occupy. people we spoke to are paying $500 to $900 a month. that amount goes up 5% every year, and residents are concerned. >> i am really scared. i don't know where to go or
6:42 am
what to do. >> residents are worried about not being able to afford the lease payments but are stuck, because they say it will take a huge loss if they try to sell their homes. the attorney general's office has received 25 complaints about the lease payments since 2009, and several just this past summer. coming up to 6:45 this morning. families who have lost loved ones in distracted driving crashes want the state to pass a hands-free law. right now the law in massachusetts prohibits texting and driving but people can still dial a number and hold a cell phone to the ear while behind the wheel. many say this isn't enough. >> going hands-free, it will be safer for everybody. >> talk, text, anything. it shouldn't be done during -- while you are trying to drive. >>gene: people affected by distracted driving crashes testified before lawmakers. bills have been proposed for years but never passed. a member of the state transportation committee said
6:43 am
legislation forward. a uconn's student's violent rant in a food court is going viral. [yelling] >>sara: police say the student in this video is 19-year-old luke gatti from long island. you can see a manager deny him service because he was carrying an open container of alcohol in the student union. in the video, gatti appears to push the manager several times. he is eventually tackled by another employee and held until police arrived. gatti was arrested and charged with breach of peace. last year he was reportedly arrested on two occasions while a student at umass amherst. he was an internet sensation when boston police department released a photo of the newest boy in blue, this morning, boston police are updating k-9 tu co he is growth updating k-9 tu co he is growth. he was so tiny he couldn't fit into thinks k-9 vest.
6:44 am
it was provided by vest to dogs that delivered vests and first aid kits to bpd. tuco is in the fourth week of the boston police k-9 academy patrol class. handsome animal. >> handsome devil. good morning, everyone. want to take you back out to ot framingham area. skyfox is live over an accident on the pike eastbound. gets right after route 9. you can see a tow truck is now on the scene. so they are making progress since the last time we checked in; however, that left lane is still blocked as they work to clear it. here is a look at the map. you can see those delays stretching back to 495, you will be able to see that reflected in our live drive times. new accident on the expressway northbound. this one right after freeport street. here are those live drive times here are those live drive times. look at that, up to 40 minutes on the pike as you head to 495 to speen street because of that accident. 17 minutes from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. 40 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the mass pike.
6:45 am
meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. drive times a little rough; however, there are some beautiful sun rises out there. >> i was just thinking that. >> so rich in the merrimack valley. >> that's what -- that is the good part. >> absolutely that is the good part. a little cool and might be shivering when you get in your car, but who doesn't like a purple sunrise. things are looking very gorgeous in boston. we have a temperature of 52 degrees. we have got some thin clouds that will actually hold temperatures steady here for a couple of hours. 52 now. 65 at noon. afternoon highs are going to get close to 70 degrees. in boston itself, i am going to go upper 60s for you guys. a lot of high pressure around that keeps us dry, keeps us bright but we have this front wedged in between. warm high pressure today to cool high pressure tomorrow. that cooldown will be evident one you look at the afternoon temperatures. futurecast todays that front gets closer and closer. we will have to find extra clouds.
6:46 am
through your wednesday with highs 69 in beverly and boston. 67 in marshfield. 66 in hyannis. but you get away from the coast but you get away from the coastline. lower 70s from new bedford to brockton, framingham to lowell. worcester at 67. overnight tonight. we have only a couple of clouds around. honestly mostly clear. back to 50 in boston. all the burbs will dip back into the 40s. we wake up to very similar temperatures in the morning. but during the warm-up, it is kind of stalled and we have a lot of sunshine in your thursday forecast. we have that cooler air moving in. so the result is a high of only 60 degrees in boston. 62 in beverly. 59 in marsh field tomorrow and middle 60s in spots like lowell and framingham. 62 in brockton. 64 in manchester and lower 60s for worcester. as we look at the month as a whole, we are only about half an inch below average rainfall, but so far this year, we are still working with a six-inch rainfall deficit in boston and 5-inch rainfall deficit in
6:47 am
we could use some rain and i have got some rain in the forecast. not today, not tomorrow which is our cool day with a high of only 63 degrees but friday when it warms up again. about 68 degrees. we will pull in those showers mostly during the afternoon and the overnight hours. an hour-by-hour look of the forecast. the rain leaking into place and the afternoon good news is even 11 p.m., we have got rain on the map there. once we hit the weekend, we are going to clear out pretty quickly. 60 degrees on saturday. 65 on sunday. and we will take a town by town look at the weekend temperatures coming up in just a bit. back to you. all right, shiri, 6:50. you know someone far away missing the fall season. something you can send them just in time for fall in the mail. and it only costs you $19.99. they are the gifts every kid dreams of. new at 7:00, neiman marcus has unveiled its fantasy christmas catalog. the coolest things we found for
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your holiday wish list. and as we head to a break, a look at what is coming up tonight on fox25 including the hit show "empire" at 9:00 all
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6:53 this wednesday morning 6:53 this wednesday morning. and scientists say they are closer to providing a safe male birth control pill. this after researchers in japan were able to temporarily disable sperm in mice. now they have not tested it in humans yet, and this new data could be years before being developed into a drug, but it is a big step forward. once the pill is on the market, experts say the burden of controlling pregnancy can shift from women without forcing men to go under the knife. millions of people take antibiotics to get better, but some of those drugs come with serious effect warnings. >> what we really want to know can we find a way to make sure the physician is well-educated about the serious side effects and potentially fatal side effects. we want to make sure the patients are well informed. >> tonight on the fox25 news at 10:00, we investigate concerns those warnings are not strong enough for the doctors prescribing some antibiotics. new this morning, whole
6:52 am
milk may actually be healthier for you than previously believed. for decades, dietary guidelines urged against whole milk, but now scientists have found over the last ten years, people who consumed more milk fat had lower incidents of heart disease. they say the fast-food milk may actually stave off disease. this morning a crunchy bean sack is being recalled for a allergy warning. snack out loud foods are recalling sea salt crunchy bean snacks. the company says ranch-flavored snacks may have been packaged in the sea salt. ranch flavored has milk but sea salt packaging does not list it as an agreeend. -- an ingredient. it has a expiration of july 9, 2016. a scarce pumpkin supply could be problematic for thanksgiving. record rainfall in june wipe out pumpkin crops in the top
6:53 am
pumpkin-providing in little illinois. but pumpkins could be slim by thanksgiving. granite state is expecting weekend. new hampshire travel official are estimating 600,000 for columbus day weekend up 2.5% from last year. officials expect visitors to the state to spend 3% more than last year. around $97 million. for all of with you loved ones outside of new england this fall, send them a little nostalgia. how about some fall leaves. a massachusetts man launched this web site. this web site. the idea is they will collect and ship leaves anywhere. you can get three leaves oh, you can get three leaves oh are for a great price of $19.99. the leaves are cleaned and preserved so they will be colorful and glossy for years to come. the same man shipped snow during our blizzards last year. that company called no joke,
6:54 am
ship snow yo. >> if you want to come and rake my yard to get plenty of inventory, not a problem. a tsar take my snow away. >>gene: we will get this worked out yet. her arrest sparked change across the country and a million dollar settlement. the new legal trouble for the woman seen in this video, and why police are actually praise why police are actually praising police for the arrest. and we are starting out in the 40s and 50s now, but land near 70 this afternoon. a lot of ups and downs. skies with rain in the friday forecast. we will show you how it impacts the weekend coming up. and tackling a crisis spiraling out of control. happening today on beacon hill, why lawmakers are arguing harbor punishment hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced pumpkin macchiato.
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