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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  October 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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somedebris scattered around the floor. it appears that a struggle occurred right there in the front of the store. let's take you to some video that we shot within the last hour that gives you a picture of what's been going on in this very active investigation. police telling us that they were responded to a call about an armed robbery inside this store and that there were two victims one of those victims the store owner the others the alleged assailant. now both of those people were taken to a hospital. a witness at a restaurant across the street tells us that they also saw a third person somehow involved in this come out of that store. we have not been able to yet confirm that with police. we don't know what may have led to this stabbing of two people. but a man who identified himself as a friend of the owner dime check on the scene. he told me that the owner usually closes up around the time this happens. he usually closes up the store around 9:30 or 10:00 sometimes he has his 14-year-old son with him. tonight that son was not
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here and that man told me that he is thankful the owner was alone inside this store. as of yet police have not been able to provide us any updates here on scene. they're very busy inside with detectives and the crime scene response team. we hope to learn more we will pass along any developments as we receive them. for now we're live in west roxbury, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> new at 11:00, breaking news out of roxbury. boston police on the scene of stabbing on warren street. the victim taken to a local hospital. we have learned their injuries are not life-threatening. we are also following breaking news out of worcester county. video of explosions here in oxford stunning video that you saw at 5:00 and 6:00. fox 25's john monahan is live for us tonight outside that plant where a search john. >> reporter: they're still looking. investigators are on scene but fire crews are still putting out hot spots inside there. the flames and smoke from
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that's what burned inside was old wood that turned this fire into an inferno. >> reporter: flames shoot through the roof of this building in oxford, then a massive explosion as this business was devoured by flames. >> the fire was actually through the roof. we had multiple explosions going on we haven't confirmed or figured out what caused that. we did back off a lot of our resources initially because the walls were already starting to collapse on the structure. this fire burned instance tensely inside a wood and timber refurbishing business the former home of a plastics company right next door an asbestos removal company. so the oxford fire chief was initially concerned about chemicals but no more. the second major worry was water. these businesses are outside the oxford water district. so crews drew water from a nearby pond to fight the flames and they poured it down from above. >> the initial problem was getting water on the fire.
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we are drafting water out of the pond just down the road from us as well as from the dam. >> reporter: the fire burned like an inferno. that's because the business specializing in refurbishing old wooden timber. fuel for this fire. >> it's old lumber from mills and that type of stuff. so obviously there's going to be some petroleum products soaked in them. >> reporter: investigators now on scene looking for a cause. the fire marshal asking for the public's help to see if they saw or if they know anything. >> reporter: the fire marshal did say tonight he does not suspect anything suspicious. but we did learn that this video was not formally permitted by the town here in oxford. that certainly will be part of this investigation. we're live in oxford tonight, john monahan, fox 25 news. breaking news now in the case of a missing manchester, new hampshire couple that we told you about last week. manchester police tell us the missing man stephen on doppler radar was found dead
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of an apparent self-inflicted gun cihon shot wound in a local hotel. his roommate sue hutchinson is still missing. hutchinson is a mother and grandfatherer who had allowed an dry to live with her. fox 25 har following a sought of winthrop. video of a naked student leads to several suspensions and a high school football game forfeit. ted daniel you discovered it didn't take school officials to figure out who shot the video? >> reporter: mark, i'm told this was meant to be a joke a friend of the teen who was videotaped said he is certainly not enjoying. this first he had to deal with the video now the massive fallout. >> reporter: it was a senior football player who attended this practice session on monday. before he turned his cell phone camera on a younger teammate, winthrop high school sophomore michael says he pointed the camera at himself. >> it was the person who took the video his face then the camera turned around and as my friend was walking to
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his locker naked with a towel in his hand that's what was on the video. >> reporter: we spoke with him with permission from his legal guardian. he says the player seen walking naked in the video is a classmate and a friend he's known for years. >> i think anybody on the inside really wouldn't feel great about having their naked body on other people's phones. >> reporter: the video was shared in a group chat mostly with other members of the football team. winthrop school administrators learned of the video the next day when the victim logged on to the school's website and submitted an anonymous complaint. >> all football activities, including friday night's game against gloucester will be suspended. >> reporter: in addition to the school investigation there's also a criminal investigation. >> i have a detective assigned to work with the school administration to bring this investigation to conclusion. >> i think that it happens all the time. it's just one of the moments that have like published now.
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>> so no game on friday. winthrop will get a forfeit as the investigation proceeds. reporting live in winthrop tonight ted daniel, fox 25 news. an alleged act of violence against teens from billerica high school leading to an arrest and a letter from the superintendent tonight. now because the incident involved juveniles the school is not releasing many details. tonight's statement reads please know that at no point since the incident occurred has the individual that was arrested had access to billerica memorial high school either during or outside of the school day. we'll bring you more on that case as soon as we get it. a stabbing caught on tape in the streets of chelsea. police say two neighbors were involved. at least one onlooker started recording the scuffle between two men after one was stabbed. fitzpatrick who is on the bottom in the white shirt initially stabbed the man who is seen holding the suspect down. you can also see the black hunting knife on the ground just a moment ago. fitzpatrick appeared in
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>> police report indicates that there was not anybody who saw any stabbing by him. my client has a broken leg and broken kneecap you notice him in the wheelchair. >> now according to police reports fitzpatrick said he stabbed his neighbor because of ongoing problems. the search for the el faro has ended its crew presume dead. earlier hundreds came out to mourn one of the local crew members who was supposed to return today. fox 25's malini basu takes us there. >> reporter: hundreds gathered here on the front lawn of the church tonight relatives are telling us jeffrey's arrive for for the first time went outside today and she also broke the news to their three children that daddy will never be coming home again. >> reporter: they hugged, they cried, they kissed and lit changedles in front of the first congregational parish in kingston.
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their farm and relatives. all here to honor 42-year-old and jeffry. >> he was looking forward to coming home today. they were going do the pumpkin patch. >> reporter: jeffrey a father of three young children a son a husband was on the el faro. he was working on board the ship as a consultant. >> that run from jacksonville to san juan was a run he is asked for six months. they did it every tuesday and arrived on friday. >> reporter: as the reverend read names of the fellow members on board the vessel. 42. >> reporter: the hand comforted by another relative. >> jeff's wife she went out today and told the children yesterday. >> the little one that's 3 will never remember his father. i just can't believe that
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something like this could happen to jeffrey. >> reporter: jeffrey is a graduate of tabor high. his family tells us his plan he was going to work with the maritime for a couple more years then come home to his family's cranberry farm and spend time with his children. for now we are in kingston tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. new at 11:00 now a man who phoned in a hoax emergency call to boston university will spend a year in prison. matthew of connecticut phoned in that threat to b.u. and several other schools in 2014. the hoax call is often referred to as swatting. fox 25 has covered numerous cases of that prank in several past months. new at 11:00 a year in jail for the new hampshire woman who nearly won maxim hometown hotty award. she plead guilty to selling heroin. she was arrested in 2013 and could have stayed out of jail but she failed an aversion program. if she completes another drug diction program she
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could get out of -- addiction program she could get out of jail sooner. day two of a philip chism. defense attorneys have said that they plan to use a mental health defense. to date 56 of the first 115 potential jurors were excused. boston police meeting with the dorchester neighborhood tonight about increasing safety in the wake of a fuel and assault. that attack happened on dorchester after knew last month as a woman was checking out the super moon eclipse. neighbors telling us tonight they want to get involved keep their community safe. >> we want to get more details. >> you don't want to see anyone urinating on your lawn, smoking weed. you want to be able to walk from the tee station to your home. spom speak about the quality of life issues. >> police also discussed an increase in car break-ins in the dorchester area. a pastor under arrest for pointing a gun in a child's face. >> he says the whole thing
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was just a joke. >> i believe that i will be vindicated of these charges. >> the way football plays into the whole story ahead at 11:00. a couple clouds drifting by tonight but the front that's coming through will certainly change how it's going to feel tomorrow. i'll explain that plus, a look ahead to when that rain is going to arrive. >> but first after a child
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watching fox 25 news at 10:00. tonight we are learning an e. coli investigation will take several days. >> the children amend teangeded the oxford county fair last month and attended the petting zoo. blair miller found out what's happening at local farms and petting zoos to keep your kids safe. >> reporter: linda is watching her son closely. we're here we're going go and clean our hands-off and wash. >> reporter: using caution, especially now after the recent death of this maine toddler who died from e. coli after visiting the county fair. today workers are eager to make sure kids are safe to plastic tubes to these fences then the mini hand sanitation stations
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throughout that's a red flag to me. >> reporter: here they also they're also doing more with there are several key things to watch for. >> if they're extremely weak and fatigued those are all strong warning signs to just take them immediately to the doctor. >> that was fox 25's blair miller reporting. everyone we interviewed today said hand washing is key with hope and hot water if not use the hand sanitizer as soon as can you after visiting with the animals. >> we want to update with
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west roxbury i want to take you to the scene which remains active on the floor of the front of this store and those markers are etching out a sort of play by play of how this violence ensued. a store owner was inside. they got into a fight over a drug being brought into the store. i had attempted to get behind the counter somehow
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store owner and the co-worker they tell us they found that suspect inside on the ground the owner was outside and standing up and waiting to talk to police about what happened. he was glad there was someone else in the store. let's take a listen in to what on arrival they locate the suspect laying on the ground the suspect came in probably half hour into the incident there were words about bringing the dog into the store he left. suspect returned back with a
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the store owner. >> it's a clear night as far as weather is concerned around here it won't be anything with some showers because those all fizzled out. they went away. winds are coming in from the southeast right now it's that southerly wind that really warm us up. be down around 60 at midnight. it's coming more from the east at this point.
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finally to the south shore you are at 55 degrees and your temperature dropping to about 51 in the morning. i'll show you the high temperatures here's the deal. so through the monk overnight tonight just a few clouds drifting by. won't find any showers on future cast here. this front is coming through dry like we talked about it would last night. here's the forecast high temperatures for tomorrow. sandwich is 60. 59 scituate so decidedly cooler than today that's the one thing this front will do it's going to change our air mass from the warmer stuff we had today. that brings in the cooler air lowell at 65 and back here to jaffray at 61 degrees.
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forward into friday with the sun going away you won't warm up very much showers enter new england during the early morning hours. here comes the showers onto the sea coast of the front is actually behind the while friday is not a washout of a day. it will exist ahead of this front. then the front comes through during the afternoon into the evening hours. notice the heavier downpours that will be coming on through especially the southern tail of this front onto the south shore and cape cod. now to me this looks a little different than what future cast looked like a little while ago. the bottom line is this there's a front coming through will will be some showers on friday and more significant shower activity will be right along the front. where exactly they'll be placed is something we will be updating you as we get
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closer. we are going to clear out behind the front to start your weekend with sunshine on saturday. all kinds of sunshine and temperatures generally in the 60s. if you are looking for the best leafing the fall foilage you got go north. >> a new jersey pastor admits he pointed a rifle at an 8-year-old boy but he insists the whole thing was a joke. new at 11:00, reverend kevin carter plead not guilty during his court appearance on aggravated assault and child endangerment charges. the rifle was not loaded and the pastor says he did it just to have fun with the child who was the fan of a rival football team. another wild card game another shutout. pirates and cubs playing one game for the right to face the best team in the national league the cardinals. an update on zdeno chara
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vo: ask your doctor if new namzaric is right for your loved one. the defending champs brian salman was in foxborough today and the conversation wasn't only about football. >> reporter: fresh off a four game suspension which stemsing from assaulting his ex-girlfriend greg hardy previews cowboys brets by saying i love seeing tom brady he's cool as crap. hardy add have had you seen his wife i hope she comes to the game. the game. all her friends come to the game many one of my favorite games of the year guys. wow. did that upset tom? >> no, i'm just getting
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ready to play. i got to focus on my job. >> if those hardy comments weren't inflammatory enough hardy had this to say about his return. >> i hope i come out guns blazing. >> as if the new england patriots and tom brady needed any added motivation tom who is forever stoic had this to say. >> i don't really care about his personal feelings. he's a great player, we got it takes a lot of different things to handle a guy like that. he's been a great player since he has been in the league. we have to prepare for him and be ready for all the different types of moves that he's got. >> reporter: it's a long haul for the patriots as they're coming off their bye so from now on they will be will be playing every week until the end of the season. brian salman, fox 25 sports. bruins getting ready to host the jets. owe shara on the injure -- zdeno chara was on the injured reserve list. we shall see tomorrow. a lot of chicago fans tuned into the n.l. wild card game. cubs in pittsburgh for the
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right to move on and face st. louis. kyle with the two run shot to right field. real story was jake who went a complete game. he also hit a couple guys so he got hit in retaliation. the benches emptied and the pirates sean rodriguez was ejected. but before he hit the shower he hit the gatorade cooler. another week another votes. 30,000 of you went to to vote we have a winner. brian salman will be live in hopkinton as the hillers and holliston coming off a win in westwood on friday. panthers will try to stay undefeated with a win on the road. highlights from the game on the fox 25 news at 10:00 on friday. >> hopkinton those are my people. >> a big tv deal. >> just put it together. >> all those votes.
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