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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 8, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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destroys several boats and at least one of them is sinking and latest with the latest breaking details. >> bloody scene at local market. three people stabbed late last night and fight over a dog may have sparked the violent crime. >> what was typed into a school's anti-bullying anonymous tip form online leads to football team suspension. why criminal charges could be next. >> this is the fox25 morning news. >> good thursday morning, everyone, it is now 9:00, i'm julie grauert. >> i'm daniel miller. the latest on that breaking news in quincy coming up but first meteorologist shiri spear, the wind that we are dealing with with the smoke and flames out there quite intense. >> yeah, you know what, it is not the worst wind that we could expect but what we would hope for would be calm winds and we don't have that now, wind running 10 miles per hour, quincy marina right in here so i would have to say between eight and 10 miles per hour from the north, obviously help spread and going to certain degree help
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spread any kind of fire and i know we will hear back on that in just a couple minutes. 54 right now in boston and upper 40s in beverly and nashua, 50 in nashua, 53 in plymouth and bright, sunny, it is going to be a beautiful looking day but a little cool feeling because temperatures just don't go up very much. 60 here by noon time today in boston and a lot of the burbs still in the upper 50s even though we got the sunshine, we got cooler air moving in from the north and that's really almost going to counteract the warm-up. 60 to 66, and bright and crisp and looking for warm i have it and when to expect the first of the showers coming up and return it back over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic and find heavier volume. >> shiri, as you can see still slow conditions on 93 south starting in the medford area average speed 12 miles per hour make way into somerville and pike looks good through framingham when make way into the weston tolls and
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allston-brighton area where it is very stop and go. expressway jammed from furnace brook parkway up to columbia road and be careful of that smoky -- smoke in the sky from the fire we have been covering. live look through brighton and live drive times eight minutes on the pike from 495 to speen street and 36 minutes from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel and 41 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the mass pike. >> bic breaking news of the morning massive fire destroying several boats at the marina. >> we have been updating you on the situation since 7:45 and does not appear anyone is hurt but financial loss here is big and catherine parrotta just arrived at the captain's cove marina and what can you tell us? >> right now i can tell you that there are dozens of people gathered here and keeping a very close eye on what's going on here behind me and want to step
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can give you look live here at the scene and see firefighters still down there on the dock near the boats and might be able to make out the back side of that boat is badly charred at this time and i'm wondering if my photographer might be able to continue panning to the side here because i want to give you look at foam that you see in the water here around the captain's cove marina and this is a very intensifier, firefighters worked very hard to get those flames out to get this under control and you can see the foam floating in the water at this time and, of course, the investigation continuing right now but and see how intense the flames were. in fact, i was taking awe look at social media and people were commenting that they could see the fire even from parts of their commute here. now, what we know so far is that several boats were damaged, best count five or six boats right now and people saw this on tv. people who own boats here at
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check on boats and speaking with people and some people live on boats at this marina and certainly a concern to keep the fire from spreading to any additional boats. i could tell you even driving up, driving into the marina five minutes ago, a lot of fire crews here on the scene, trucks from all over and you could see firefighters from all over here on the scene, also a couple fire boats as well, boston fire boat, quincy police boat is two of the boats make out right now but able to speak with person that owns a boat down here, close to some of the boats that were damaged by the fire and here is what he said to us. take a listen. >> >> boats insured and that's important thing is no one is hurt and looks like they have it under control. >> again, you can see that live scene here behind me firefighters still down there, still down by the boats but certainly you're not seeing the flames that you saw a little bit earlier this morning.
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they did get the fire under control and so many questions at this time, biggest one being how did the fire start so we are hoping that at some point this morning we might be able to get more information about this and meantime a lot of people concerned about what happened at this time. for now live in quincy, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> as soon as we saw this fire from sky fox we sent a breaking news alert on our news app. you could stay up-to-date on breaking story all day with the app and our website at another live report is straight ahead at 9:30. >> we continue to follow developments in triple stabbing at west roxbury grocery store and man walked with a dog that sparked argument with owner and came back with a knife and held the owner and another worker behind the counter while he tried to get into the register.
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out behind the counter to the front where owner, suspect stabbed. >> worker also released and expected to be okay. police have not said what charge the suspect will face. >> this morning police also investigating a stabbing in red roxbury and happened near townsend street and investigators only tell us one person was hurt and taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries and police have not released a suspect. day two of jury of danvers teen accused of killing his math teacher. his attorneys plan to use a mental health defense.
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suspect involved in this hit-and-run crash in nashua, new hampshire. police say they saw a car driving erratically on the everett turnpike. they followed it town the offramp at exit one where they saw three car crash and suspect ran away from the scene and stocking build and wearing a blue jacket. >> flames shoot through the roof of this old mill building in oxford and smoke so heavy it could be seen for miles. this morning investigators are trying to keep what sparked it and fox25 joins us live from the scene in oxford and new details from the fire chief, jess. >> we do. we spoke to her about an hour ago and over the past 60 minutes or so crews have cleared much of the equipment from here and one engine does remain on scene here the chief when we spoke to her she did say that all the hot spots are now extinguished and she says the owner of the building is flying back here at some point today and once he is
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idea of who was inside this building and shortly after the flames broke out and preliminary investigation with state police last night and spoke to witnesses but still do not know what caused this fire. the fire department has determined, however, this business is lumber refurbishing company and some have been soaked in petroleum which added fuel to the fire. however, the chief says they did not have a permit and not going what they were getting into here last night did cause a lot of problems for the fire department initial attack was a distance so we knew what we had and knowing what was back there wouldn't have to worry about air monitoring and that type of
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just precautionary. >> fire burning last night actually right next door to asbestos removal company so chief's first priority when first got here last night was to make sure there was no issue with that and determine pretty quickly when flames did not get into the building and no danger to the public and spoke to the state fire marshal here last night and hope to have a cause determined by the end of the day today and as soon as we get that information we will pass that right along to you on the fox25 news at five and six. live in oxford this morning, jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> the tragic search for a missing cargoship is now over at sun down last night the coast guard officially send -- ended the search. the ship sank during hurricane joaquin. president obama issued a statement offering comfort to the victims' families. among those on board three sailors from massachusetts. jeffrey mathias, keith griffin
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>> hundreds of family members and friends honoring those on board. >> last night a large crowd gathered in kingston to honor jeffrey mathias. the 42-year-old was a consultant on the ship and leaves behind wife and three children and his wife was among the mourners at the vigil. >> she went out for the first time today. >> little one that's three will never remember him. >> he planned to work at sea a few more years before returning to work at cranberry farm owned by his parents. >> built to restrict the sale of powerful drug that's mixed with heroin now moves to the massachusetts senate. the house has passed the measure making it a felony to traffic more than 10 grams of fentanyl and added to heroin it makes the drug more potent and mixture blames in rapid rise of overdose deaths the last few years. amtrak vermont train will be
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up and running again. governor says everybody injured is out the of the hospital. freight service expected to reopen last night and ntsb continues to investigate the accident which amtrak says caused by falling rocks. >> they are just toys but have parents furious and what target told a local mom that's upset over these syringes. >> dangerously close to wild animal and he had no fear. coming up next the local teen that wouldn't stop until he got >> 55 and sunshine all day long and coming home from work 58 to 64 and got eye on weekend there's a better way to for you: lahey hospital and medical center. cardiac teams pioneering innovative treatments... and neurosurgeons at the
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we want to update you right now breaking news we have been following, massive fire destroying several boats at quincy marina does not appear anyone is hurt but financial loss as you could see is huge. this is what it looked like as sky fox flew over the scene around 7:45 this morning at least five boats were on fire. now, within the last hour one of those boats sank as you could see they are made of fiberglass and firefighters can't actually use water, they are spraying a foam on the fire and you could see that all over the water there. catherine parrotta is live on the scene and we will check in with her again for an update that's coming up at 9:30. new this morning the attorney general of
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fantasy sports site is legal. theyedthey asked maura healey to pursue and she is not pursuing any criminal investigation of the site and prosecutors in new york have investigated draft king and rival fan dual. draft king leaked information and both companies banned employees from playing fantasy sports games. boston bruins new season in front of the fans. black and gold missed playoffs last season and made plenty of season and upper body injury suffered during the three season. >> big night for the long suffering fans of the chicago cubs.
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pirates 4-0 games and they will be in a game with divisional rivals with st. louis and large crowd emptied out of the bars and streets of wrigleyville following the game and cubs last won a playoff series in 2003 and have not won a world series -- get this, since 1908. roger goodell has no regrets how he handled deflategate. he made comments at league's quarterly owner meeting and not about oneville player but protecting the integrity of the game. >> i have a lot of admiration for tom and it is not because somebody is popular or super bowl champ and they are applied evenly and that's our job. >> last month the federal judge overturned the four game suspension and league has appealed that decision. a bobcat spotted in westford
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and lucky teenager got a great picture of it. trent briggsa snapped three photos yesterday afternoon after mom spotted the animal. briggs says he was able to get about 30 feet from the animal and he wasn't afraid. >> i had never even seen a bobcat ever so so focused on getting and really cross my mind. >> while he wasn't afraid neighbors are and they are worried about the small pets as i would be too. >> 93 south sluggish through medford and somerville and pike looks good through framingham and area of the weston tolls where starter to slow down and furnace brook parkway to columbia road and eastbound on the pike and here are live drive times to help you plan your day, eight minutes on the pike 495 to pen street and 33 minutes from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel and 40 minutes
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on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the mass pike. meteorologist shiri spear joining us and grab your sunglasses and maybe an extra layer because it is a little chillier this afternoon. >> i have a feeling the sunglasses and extra layers just going to be with you basically all day long because it is sunny and much cooler afternoon and milder, muggy and grab bag forecast for the friday that will get to and then we got this bright weather that develops in time for the long weekend looking picture perfect. no rain drops 24 hours from now and clouds have really and 54 and nice and bright and high thin clouds and temperatures here only by a couple more degrees and get to about 60 by lunchtime and hang out in the upper 50s most of the
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bright and beautiful too at 11:00 a.m. 55 , creeps up to 60 by 1:00 p.m. but here we actually get into the lower 60s and stay there most of the afternoon and find same thing in nashua, plymouth and going to be highs like boston today closer to the lower 60s and rockport at 59, 60 in portsmouth, new hampshire, get away from the coastline and our hot spots will include lawrence, 67 in framingham, 65 in foxborough and norwood and 65 shirley up to mildford and 63 in worcester but again, a little cooler for the south shore so 60 in hull, plymouth and sandwich, hyannis at 60 , 61 in falmouth and we do get into the middle 60s in spots like bridgewater, same sunshine, high pressure is pumping in the sun today but fades away this storm system actually moves toward us and overnight finds it brings us clouds but not any kind of wet
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or 8:00 tomorrow morning and sticky and moisture laden air and scattered showers throughout the afternoon into the evening hours some of the heaviest here for the evening commute even close to the boston area and wouldn't be surprised to get downpours as you're trying to get home from work. later tomorrow afternoon and then during the evening hours a lot of those heavier showers will end up working boston into southeastern massachusetts and nonetheless i want you to plan all afternoon and evening and going to be sticky but also going to be wet with a lot of this rain actually pushing in during the afternoon hours and heaviest north and west of boston and 69 tomorrow but only 61 on saturday. this will end up being the cooler of the two days over the weekend. in fact, some spots as they take you back to the 7-day forecast now some spots only end up really cracking into the upper
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get up to 60 in spots like boston with forecasted high of 59, 58 in worcester and 59 in plymouth and beverly and up to 60 in nashua and 61 in foxborough on saturday very bright sunday is looking nice as well with high around 65 and i know it is a big weekend here for driving around, taking day off, maybe viewing some foliage, some of my best color that i actually have if you're headed out on columbus day, which is the warmest day of the long weekend up into the green mountains where we are seeing near peak color and next rain after that going to be on tuesday. back to you. >> all right, shiri, tack to you soon. kicked out of new england hospital for cheating on his diet. >> it is addiction and disease. >> still ahead this morning where he is staying until he can fit through the door of his dad's home. >> within the hour volkswagen
9:22 am
hill to face the music and fort minutes there will be tough questions on capitol hill. lawmakers want to know how vw managed to cheat emissions test for years. kyla come bell live in washington to explain what's expected at the hearing. kyla? >> obtained advanced testimony from volkswagen american division president and he is apologizing on behalf of everyone at volkswagen. he says the investigation is just getting started into the
9:23 am
company's use of a software program used to cheat on emissions tests. he says the hidden software was used on four cylinder diesel vehicles from model year 2009 to 2015. volkswagen says it will take more than a year to fix up to 11 million vehicles but don't pose safety hazard. some cars will need software upgrades and others require hardware refits and auto giant set aside billions of dollars to deal with the scandal facing for barrage of lawsuits and government fines fines and epa and justice department looking into own investigations of volkswagen kyla campbell, fox 25 news. >> today republicans in congress will name their choice to be the next speaker of the house. front runner but group of conservative health members plan to support daniel webster of florida and current speaker john boehner plans to resign at the end of the month and full house will vote on replacement three weeks from today.
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orbiting the earth. >> not going to be as active meteor shower and you're going to get about ten to 20 meteors per hour and peaking tonight and tomorrow night and because of tomorrow's rain best bet for viewing will be around sunset tonight. so go ought it about 7:00, 8:00 and get a good show. julie, back over to you. >> split-second decision saves new england teenager.
9:25 am
she had to jump out of moving car. shiri? >> highs in the 70s and highs in the 60s and tell you when the 70s are back on the 7-day forecast and back in your holiday weekend forecast next. >> fire crews in oxford are still on the scene of massive fire that sparked last night.
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problems they h breaking news we have been covering and updating nearly two hours and devastating fire has destroyed several boats at the captain's cove marina in quincy. huge flames as you could see black smoke shooting into the sky during the 7:30 newscast and hearing from people on board the boats when they caught fire. >> i'm julie grauert. >> i'll daniel miller. appreciate the company this morning along with shiri spear, a lot of people could see the black smoke because of the wind. >> wherever we have a situation like this what we hope for are calm winds, not exactly calm in the area down around quincy i would expect winds to be anywhere six to 10 miles per hour and so that is clearly going to help transport some of the smoke. temperaturewise right now i got temps at 54 in boston, upper 50s in waltham and framingham and foxborough it has been a slow warm-up, worcester for hours you have been at 50 and 43 still and keene, new hampshire and 53 in plymouth
9:28 am
going with the 40s and 50s. right now mostly sunny and scoot into the upper 50s at noon time with sunshine in place, highs and lower 60s though, not that unusual for the time of year and i would even say it is seasonable, pretty normal, just not yesterday's 70s. so we have the cooler forecast for you this afternoon and warm-up on the way tomorrow as the wetter weather moves in. i will give you timeline on that in just a bit. now over to julie with check on traffic. >> we will start on the expressway where we are still seeing speeds of 9 miles per hour. that smoke that you mentioned blowing over from the fire isn't helping. really making visibility more of a challenge. another accident to tell but this is on the pike eastbound right after cambridge street. here is live look at the pike through brighton where volume still is steady and heavy. over to the live drive times 34 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel and 38 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike and 38 minutes on 93 south from
9:29 am
495 to the leverett connector. >> it is big breaking news of the morning, massive fire destroying several boats at quincy marina. >> we have been updating you on situation since 7:45 and does not appear anyone is hurt but financial loss is big. fox25 catherine parrotta is at captain's cove marina and, catherine, just spoke with family who's on board one of the boats that caught fire we saw those live pictures. what did they tell you? >> i did speak with them and actually living on the boat at the time just bought the boat in august and, in fact, woman was at nurse and nurse and or in boston hospital and man on the boat at the time this fire started he smelled the smoke and came out, saw the smoke, was able to get off his boat but the back of the boat was badly damaged at least, they don't know the extent of the damage right now but also happening right now deputy fire chief from quincy actually still speaking but i was able to get new
9:30 am
air and appears as fire started in one boat, doesn't look it was a problem with the pier. right now they estimate eight to nine boats were damaged by the fire, three or four of those boats sank and investigation is continuing right now. we want to show you some video of how the fire looked a little bit earlier because you could see the flames they were very intense and what deputy fire chief told us the quincy police boat and boston fire boat they arrived here and firefighters were forced to take defensive stance when they were fighting the fire they could really only fight it from one side. some of the things that worked to their advantage they say was the wind was not too strong today but we are talking about boats that are close together in the marina, fire spread very quickly because there was fiberglass down there and deputy fire chief says there's electricity on the docks and even though doesn't believe it is problem that dock that sparked the fire and able to do that and got the fire under control but again we are talking about a lot of boats damaged in this and still going to be
9:31 am
investigating exactly how this all started but getting back to that couple who had been living on the boat, 26-foot boat, called the sagitarrius and they were saying they wanted to live on the boat to be material free to kind of have a simple life, more of adventure everyday and kind of said today that this wasn't exactly the adventures that they had in mind and hoping they might be able to salvage something from the boat, man on the boat at the time said at least hoping to get guitar examine computer off of there but very emotional there right now and wondering if they lost everything in the fire and, of course, a lot of other boat owners out here as well and some boat owners, boat was able to get pulled out of there just in the nick of time before the flames spread to their boats but other people not so lucky and you could see investigators still down there on the docks right now, the quincy police boat still in the water right now as well and so this is going to be some work that's ongoing here today. for now live in quincy at the captain's cove marina, catherine
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>> still unclear what sparked the marina fire and we will bring you latest updates coming upton on fox25 news at five and six. we continue to follow developments in triple stabbing at west roxbury grocery store and fox25 on the scene as it was breaking during 10:00 newscast and man walked into a grocery store on grove street with the dog that sparked an argument with the owner and police say that man left and came back with a knife and then held the owner and another worker behind the counter while he tried to get into the register. >> struggled, worked way out behind the counter to a front suspect and another person was stabbed. >> spoke with the owner that's out of the hospital and says worker also released is expected to be okay. police have not said what charges the suspect will face. >> stabbing in chelsea and witnesses hit record as chelsea man got into a fight with his
9:33 am
the video shows the fight as it spilled into the street yesterday. police say michael fitzpatrick who was on the bottom in the white shirt stabbed the man who was seen holding them down and also a knife on the ground, witness that lived in the happened fast. >> chased him and ran up here to the corner and started stabbing them and dislocated knee and fitzpatrick told investigators he stabbed the nab because of ongoing problems. his attorney says he has been dealing with mental health issues and he will be back in court next month. new details this morning about manchester, new hampshire. missing man steven andrade was found tuesday and self-inflicted gunshot wound and roommate sue hutchinson still missing and police say andrade may have been the last person to see her and
9:34 am
hutchinson's family says she let him live with her because she was a family friend and two disappeared at the end of september. >> high school football team is forfeiting friday night's game and stay off the field while police investigate allegations of hazing. fox25 michael henrich is live in winthrop where police say students shared a video showing a player naked in the locker room. michael? >> this clip lasts about ten seconds long fox25 has learned but it is what it shows and how it was distributed that brought the hammer down. potentially from law enforcement as well and reached out to winthrop police as well as the suffolk county district attorney's office to see if anything has been made and, of course, bring you update here but what else fox25 has learned it happened monday night happened after practice and found out the video features a
9:35 am
walking from the shower area to the locker without any clothes on and somebody else recorded video on a cell phone and then distributed it in a group chat. we have also learned that the victim in this case is minor and the administrators were initially told about what hand through the anti-bullying anonymous tip form. fox25 spoke with underclass man and friends with person in the case. >> face then camera turned around and as my friend was walking to his locker naked with towel in his hand that's what was on the video. >> consequences are starting to come out here. for now the football program has
9:36 am
weekend's game has been forfeit ed and similar and underwent allegation of nude hazing as well and it could lead to criminal charges and as soon as we find out more about that we will bring it to you. more details now on possible consequences for sending nude photos. those are convicted can face jail time and pay fines. they may also have to register with the second offender board for the next 20 years. the court can also order the person's computer and digital devices to be destroyed. >> new this morning the mashpee school board will conduct independent investigation into the superintendent and we reported last week and brian hyde entered home and teenage daughter's bedroom without an invitation and he claims esinvited to make sure they were
9:37 am
a residents of mashpee and looking into possible criminal charges as a result of that complaint. less than two weeks long-time girlfriend of whitey bulger will face a judge. catherine greig is scheduled to appear in federal court on october 19th on new criminal contempt charge. she is accused of refusing to testify before a grand jury. greig already serving time for identity fraud and two on run door 16 years before the arrest in 2011. >> this morning stoughton man facing federal charges for sending bomb threats to schools in several states. anthony ray may e-mail threats to schools in norwood and providence, rhode island as well as chicago and raleigh, north carolina. police arrested ray in june and released on conditions that he didn't use electronic devices. however, he violated the order by sending more e-mail threats and has dangerousness hearing scheduled next week. backlash at new hampshire target. customers are upset about toys
9:38 am
they are supposed to be a halloween gag and appropriate and especially considering the heroin epidemic and target wrote to one disgruntled mother serves many guests with diverse tastes and interest and sorry she was offended. >> dad's facebook post that went viral. >> under the same roof for the first time in far too long. coming up heartwarming homecoming for local boy that spent third of wife away from his family negotiation nice dry
9:39 am
showers for you whe steps they have taken to and the animals. but the farm says parents also need to know what to look for when going near live animals. >> if they say an area that doesn't look like a clean area for the animals, that's a red flag to me and i don't think i animals. >> biggest key make sure wash hands.
9:40 am
>> it has been a trying year for the caruso family just over a year ago three-year-old christian had painful swelling in his spinal card and paralyzed him and he couldn't breathe or speak on his own. his mother was ten weeks pregnant and since welcomed home a new baby and the family can't wait to spend time all together. >> really makes value our type at home together. >> as for his prognosis christian's doctors say he is expected to recover as he continues his treatment. ordering a pizza gets a rhode island man kicked out after rhode island hospital. he spent 80 days in providence hospital but only lost 20 bounds and broke the treatment plan by ordering the pizza so doctors made him leave. >> i was supposed to stay there to lose all my weight. >> give he comes home and get
9:41 am
him up the stairs they go back to the eating habits. steven is living in the trunk of father's suv until they can find him a way to get in. >> looking for a woman that lured girl into a car. the 17-year-old victim was walking to school monday in bridgeport when a woman in a inside the car. the girl says she jumped out when the woman tried to assault her and woman made u-turn and get away and suspect is hispanic woman in the 40s and car is missing its bumper. >> this morning the search is on for driver in michigan involved in incredible hit-and-run crash that police say caused the semi week. this is dash cam footage of crazy crash. it shows the driver smashing into the passenger side of the truck causing it to overturn and hit the median wall. the person behind the wheel took off. >> it is 9:46 and let's take you
9:42 am
out to the roads right now and update you on what we are seeing, expressway still jammed from furnace brook parkway up to columbia road. 93 south slow from the medford area into somerville and that accident i told you about ten minutes ago on the pike that has cleared. here is live look at the pike through brighton where you can still see very sluggish as you head eastbound. over to the live drive times, 27 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel and 37 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the peek and 33 minutes on 93 south from. >> nice and bright but only 54 in boston. it has been such a slow process here to warm things up. 10 miles per hour wind but look at where they are coming from, the north, so pulling in air from the north and sunshine for
9:43 am
at noon as sun continues and only 63 here at 3:00 p.m. so we don't have much to go. 10 if you're lucky that we are going to rise today. we got clear skies, smooth sailing now but this is coming into the mix here in the next 24 hours and this is going to bring us our friday showers and we will be tracking out those but for now future cast today i mean sunshine continues if only everyday off could be like this, the great news is as we look toward weekend plans, it is going to be like that for those days off. today's high temperatures though make it only up to 60 in boston and keep in mind yesterday it was 70 in boston and quite a bit cooler as we look to your forecast for today. here you have boston at 60, malden 60, cambridge 62 and 64 in watertown and those are my hot spots today. sound like metrowest, merrimac valley, framingham 66 and holliston 66 and here is
9:44 am
at 64, lowell at 65, nashua 66 versus shoreline itself, essex climbs up to pine today and finally for the south shore we have even 60 in hull and hingham down to plymouth and this is a big picture and tomorrow lower 70s. [ ton, framingham, lowell, warmer but also much wetter and pockets of heavy rain that we will be dealing with and at times winds gusting up around 30 miles per hour and flooding keep the risk very low, that is not a problem that i'm seeing right now because showers spread out throughout the day and morning hours start out with just the clouds after 7:00, 8:00 in the morning and risk for a spot shower and best chance north and west of boston and noon time here we will start pulling in the scattered showers which were likely going to be heaviest and most abundant during the evening commute so
9:45 am
and north and west of boston expecting downpours sagging into southern massachusetts once we hit friday night and friday going to be a wet one and into the weekend i have 61 on saturday, sunday 65 and sunday going to be warmer day and back to the cape and islands if you have outdoor plans i would plan on having a jacket on hand saturday because highs only in the upper 50s but then sunday you could see the middle 60s and even go up by couple degrees, salisbury beach 67, 66 in hampton and looking for better color in the foliage it is going to be cooler into central northern new england with lower 60s sunday and a few more clouds up in that direction. columbus day itself 71 and have the day off it is going to feel unusually warm this time of year and tuesday we actually bring in more rain. back to you guys. >> from grocery to electronic you can buy just about anything on amazon and this morning you can go there to buy arts and
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handmade is similar to etsy's model and something new for amazon and page free of ads and displays pictures of bios of the artist and selling the product. daniel craig's fourth bon film -- bond film but he wants to move on but under contract to do one more movie and famous
9:48 am
get out of their contracts. cars are on the rock 'n roll hall of fame induction and fans can cast their vote on and award ceremony is in april. fox hit show empire is full of excitement but the buzz right now is about behind the scenes news. and and playing a son of lucious lion from the character that was engaged and reportedly proposed in july but two kept quiet about the announcement until yesterday want to remind you empire airs every wednesday night right here on fox25. tonight catchall new episodes of bones and sleeping hollow followed by the fox25 news at 10:00. this guy here in costume choice going viral this morning. three-year-old caden wanted to
9:49 am
be elsa from the disney movie frozen and dad posted this picture and wrote halloween is about children pretending to be their favorite characters. just so happens this week he is a princess and that picture has been shared on facebook 25,000 times. >> sometimes you just can't wait dad got home after eight months and couldn't wait for the homecoming ceremony to end and ran out early in sparkly shoes to give him a huge hug. today is her birthday and her dad plans to surprise her with a trip to local amusement park. >> she remind me of our producer marisa. >> does she have sparkly shoes. >> lots of sunshine in town today, temperaturewise i know you love the 70s yesterday today it is about 60 and tomorrow it will be a bit warmer
9:50 am
especially during the afternoon and evening and we clear out perfectly for the weekend and three day holiday saturday, sunday, monday only gets warmer and stays nice and bright so good news on the weather front. >> we will take advantage of that. >> i hope so. >> my parents are in town. momma and poppa. love the nice weather. so thank you for joining us this morning. you can watch the fox25 news at 5:00 p.m. this afternoon. >> we will see you tomorrow but don't forget fox25 news at 5:00 have a good afternoon. everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. so whatever speed you need, fios has it with the fastest internet and wi-fi available, from 50 to 500 mbps. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month.
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