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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  October 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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we are told she might be a white man, wearing a dark colored sweatshirt, heading towards washington street on winter street. we have a crew on the scene. >> elizabeth: at 5:00 p.m., fierce flames shooting in to the sky as a massive fire breaks out at a marina in quincy. hi, i'm elizabeth hopkins. >> mark: i'm mark ockerbloom. it's a story we saw braking on the fox 25. robert goulston is live in quincy with exclusive video from a drone flying over the fire, robert? >> the reporter: mark and elizabeth, yes, the investigation underway right behind us here, happening on the water and under the water. right now, crews are still trying to raise all three boats, they were able to get one up, now they're trying to get the other two up, including the one where the fire started, and we did talk to the couple who was on the boat where that fire started, they say within minutes, it was a ball of flames. >> we obtained this video from a brewster ambulance drone they were flying over the raging
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fire, to see if there was anyone in trouble on the dock. sky fox was also there, as fire and smoke poured out of several boats, at captain's cove marina in quincy. amy's parents were on board when the fire started on the boat below deck. >> she yelled at my dad and at that point the fire kept getting worse. >> barbara was visibly shaken up by what happened. she was below drying her hair when she started smelling the smoke from low. she yelled to her husband who was on the dock, the fire spread to the dock area and at one point, she was cut off from him. >> he went back and held her hand and kind of pulled her back through and they eventually ended up on the right side. >> the fire hopped from one boat to the other. in the end, 11 boats had fire damage, three, including the marks 35-foot carver, named dry anchor, set in 12 feet of water. another couple was just getting ready to live on they are 36-foot boat full time. >> we just sold everything to
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all we had left was in there. >> all these people are like family, so it's tough to watch it not only to happen to us but to them too. and that couple feeling really bad about what happened here this morning, but right now, looks like it could be declared an accident. right now, state environmental investigators are working with local quincy fire investigators to figure out exactly what caused the fire. again, they still have to raise the boats and coming up at 6:00 p.m., we'll tell you what needs to happen before this investigation can even get underway. we are live in quincy, robert goulston, fox 25 news kirk gibson, well, it is a beautiful evening in the city of boston, it's sunny, a little bit warm, but we are going to head into a change as we head into the weekend. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is tracking some rain and kevin, the morning drive is not going to be a problem, but it could be a little bit later. >> kevin: looks like showers are here by the middle of the day elizabeth and by the evening commute you'll get heavier downpours. tonight, a beautiful evening. sure, it's cooler than yesterday. we're dealing with temperatures
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around 70, 72 degrees for highs today. 60 to 62 around the boston area, although norwood did pop to 6 east of fresno and 78 in providence. cooler but right on par with where we should be in early october. now we have a change coming. it's sunny out there for the time being off to the northwest, there's clouds in here and you see all the green that's the rainshower activity. but through the morning drive, it is going to stay dry and cool. you're waking up to temperatures in the 40's to about 50 degrees. even out in the cape, there will be upper 40's, hyannis, for instance at 48 degrees an futurecast shows the clouds coming here, but it's not until the middle of the day we see showers. it gets heavier after that. i'll show you the rest of that timeline and talk about the change ahead for the weekend too. >> mark: dramatic video released by the worcester public schools showing a school bus driver losing control of her bus during a crash last month. take a look. you can see the driver start a turn, then fall out of her seat. police say that's because her seat belt wasn't buckled. no students were on board, the bus hit two cars in the driveway
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the worcester telegram identifies the bus driver as 46-year-old jean barbieri. her commercial license has been revoked. >> elizabeth: a car crashed into the woods on 128 today. mass state police tweeted that there was a serious injury in the crash, it happened on the route from 93 southbound to route 128 northbound. sky fox flying over the scene there, around 12:40 p.m. and through the red colored leaves, you can make out the sedan that crashed. >> mark: check out the damage done from this crash in newton, a car slamming in to the side of the boston sports club building this afternoon. you can see part of the car was inside the building when this all finished out. newton police say the 82-year-old driver was trying to park her car when it suddenly lurched forward. the woman not injured in this incident and police are still investigating how the crash happened. >> elizabeth: tonight, there is growing concern about a missing new hampshire woman, after her roommate turned up dead. >> mark: sue hutchinson hasn't
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roommate, steven andrade turned up dead at a motel in tewksbury. >> good evening. steven and rebounded tti was found dead of an apparent suicide, more than two weeks after he and his roommate sue hitch son were first reported missing and tonight, it is raising new concerns about her. a\ disturbing new twist in a two week old missing persons case. >> this particular case is unique in that there are two individuals that we have been looking for. >> after 36-year-old steven turns up dead in this tewksbury motel 6. >> i come here a lot. honestly, i didn't think something like this would happen in this hotel. >> a self-inflicted gunshot wound ended his life and complicates the search for his missing roommate. >> we are not concerned what it means, but we are concerned, as one of the last people that was
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her or had seen her, had contact with her. >> neighbors recall the friendly 57-year-old sue hutchison. >> she was a lovely person. would come over once in a while to speak to me. she had started a landscaping job recently. >> the two roommates lived at this manchester new hampshire apartment. >> it's a quiet neighborhood, so this is upsetting. >> now others are on edge. >> it makes people stand a little straighter and be a little bit more watchful as to what's going on in the neighborhood. >> police located hutchison's buick, just blocks from her home, but the last person believed to have seen her, now gone. >> now we cannot get any information from him, so we are concerned for ms. hutchison's well-being. >> again, police are very, very worried about hutchison's well-being in light of these new developments. they want anyone with information about where either she or andretti may have been in the last few weeks to please give them a call. live in tewksbury, joy lin nakrin, fox 25 news. >> mark: we will continue to
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throughout the night and we'll bring you any updates if we get morning. >> elizabeth: the violation of a court order lands a potential juror in the phillip chisholm in hot water. the juror revealed facts that had not yet been revealed if open court. according to "the boston herald," the judge scolded that juror about that. chisholm allegedly committed the crime when he was just 14 years old. a see congressman has been arrested and charged with possession of child pornography. police executed a search warrant on sean trahan's home yesterday. they say they found child porn images on his computer and with officers interviewed him, he admitted to going to porn websites involving children, and said he does have a previous conviction for possession of child porn. he'll appear in court later this month. >> mark: tonight, reaction continues to pour in after winthrop high school punished
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a player was recorded while naked. tonight, we are talking to a child psychiatrist who is seeing more cases involving teens and technology. fox 25's stephanie quinnu is live in winthrop with the story. >> the reporter: she says the two really go hand in hand, whether you're talking about texting, tweeting, or facebooking, here at winthrop high school, it was a text, that got the school's football team suspended. >> this is the perfect storm of a problem that can become a big issue. >> dr. alan brockton with mass general hospital says teens view technology as fun, not forever. >> so easy to press send, so add also apartments because they don't have a good big picture mentality, because they tend to be impulsive. >> that impulse resulted in a text, which was of a player changing inside a locker room. a mom to an 8-year-old says she
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and her family avoid facebook for that very reason. privacy is nonexistent. the winthrop superintendent has now suspended all football activities, a punishment the doctor says doesn't fit the crime. >> it's so tough for them to be penalized when developmentally, they're not an adult. >> the reporter: we called and emailed the winthrop school superintendent and asked whether he would reconsider the suspension. he wrote back and said we are still in the investigation process and there is no comment at this time. and the doctor says education and communication really are the two keys to preventing these types of situations. and coming up at 6:00 p.m., the reason she says this case could be reviewed differently because it involves a football team. in winthrop, stephanie quinnu. >> mark: investigators ruled yesterday's fire at an oxford business as accidental. the flames broke out on old webster road yesterday during the fox 25 news at 6:00 p.m. officials say the fire likely
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started at a makeshift kiln. the business was a wood and lumber refurbishing company, but it did not have a permit to >> elizabeth: police are still investigating a triple stabbing at a west roxburyry grocery store. we're told that a man walked into the la familial grocery store last night with a dog. that sparked an argument with an owner and a clerk. police say the man left but came back with a knife. the three got into a fight with the suspect tried to get into the register. all were wounded. police have not said what charges the suspect will face. >> mark: new at 5:00 p.m., a car crashes on a busy street in wrentham this morning, still causing delays at this hour. this happened on route 1a near-winster street. crashed into two utility poles and the road was closed while crews installed new power lines and reset the poles. the drive was taken to a rhode island hospital. >> elizabeth: 100 pounds of marijuana ease seized at boston logan airport.
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was arriving from sanitizer fran, pmam, who was arraigned in a boston court. >> the reporter: when your car breaks down with a flat tires you never know who is going to stop to help you. i have an amazing story of a video that's gone viral, and the help that it's generate egg. -- generating. >> the reporter: a nice cool crisp night for bruins night in boston. i'm looking off to the west, because there are showers heading our wait a minute way. the latest timeline. >> mark: the man speck to expected to be the next house speaker suddenly drops out. the reason behind his decision and why it's raising a lot of questions about the future of the republican party. >> elizabeth: but first, he helped take down a terrorist on a train in france. tonight, how one of the american with stab wounds. you're watching the fox 25 n i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! phone and all your stuff.
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leadership isn't given. it's taken. >> elizabeth: an airman who helped stop a terror attack in france has been stabbed in california. >> mark: airman first class spencer stone was hurt outside a brawl in sacramento. this is surveillance video of the fight which takes place at the top of your screen. police say drinking led to the fight. stone is internationally known for helping to tackle a gunman on a train. the suspect in this latest case is still on the loose. >> this incident is a very unfortunate altercation between
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two groups of folks, who are enjoying the nightlife in midtown sacramento. this incident is not related to terrorism in any way. >> mark: stone and the other two people involved in stopping the france terror attack were awarded france's highest honor. >> elizabeth: the republican party is having trouble trying to figure out who's going to replace house speaker john boehner. house majority leader kevin mccarthy abruptly withdrew his name from consideration. new york representative peter king is frustrated that the g.o.p. can't make a selection. >> absolutely stunned. >> you were behind him, are you stunned? >> yeah, totally stunned. no idea what's coming, no one did and no one actually heard what he said. totally stunned. >> i don't want making voting for speaking a tough one. i don't want to go to the floor and win with 220 votes. i think the best thing for our party right now is that you have 247 votes on the floor.
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we've got to be 100% united. republicans are believed to be considering a bid for speaker. boehner also announced today that he'll stay on until a replacement is found. >> mark: the head of volkswagen's u.s. division was on the hot seat today. he told the company's decision to cheat on emissions tests was not at the company level. a massachusetts congressman and other automakers don't buy it. >> i would like to offer a sincere apology. >> the reporter: michael horn heads volkswagen group of america. he told congress he learned just a few weeks ago, that for years, volkswagen installed software to cheat on emissions tests, up to 40 times higher than e.p.a. standards. lawmakers told horn there are laws on the books to protect consumers from automaker abuse. >> which included steep fines, and yes, criminal prosecution. >> about 18 months ago, a west virginia university study found
5:17 pm
volkswagen's emissions claims were off, horn told congress executives did not know about the hidden software until last month. >> this was a couple of software engineers who put this in for whatever reasons. >> volkswagen is setting aside billions in anticipation of government fines and to compensate dealers and customers. >> has anybody been suspended or lost their job? >> to my understanding, there's been three people suspended. >> this is a systemic failure. >> i spoke to the committee chairman after the hearing, he believes that the decision to cheat on emissions tests was made at a higher level. >> the bottom line is, how could this have happened in a company with this kind of a reputation. >> volkswagen says the hidden software was used on four cylinder diesel vehicles, model years 2009 to 2015. it will take about five years to fix the cars. >> mark: breaking news we've been following from the boston
5:18 pm
at park and tremont streets. >> elizabeth: that is right near the the park station mbta and malini basu is live there. >> the reporter: that's right, elizabeth and mark, a couple minutes ago i got off the phone with the boston police and the man is expected to survive. you can see, there is pretty much heavy police presence as they are looking for the suspect in this case. so here is what fox 25 has learned at this hour. we're being told that a man was stabbed behind the park street station at the boston common. investigators on the scene are telling us, they don't have a suspect in custody yet. now, some witnesses are telling police, a woman stabbed a man. we could also tell you in the meantime that suffolk university tweeted information about the suspect, they believe she is a white female, wearing an animal print shirt and was carrying a large bag. and we're being told that she was also seen with another man wearing a dark color hooded sweatshirt going toward winter and washington streets. now, i'm going to bring you back out here live, it's hard to see from here, because we're across the street, and most of us are
5:19 pm
being told to stay back, but investigators are talking to several witnesses here. they're also talking to even commuters if they saw anything, but again, that man is expected to survival we'll bring you an update as soon as we get more. live outside of boston common, malini basu, fox 25 news. >> the reporter: it's a sunny day out there today and quiet as far as the weather is concerned. that much i can tell you, but we do have to talk about changes that are coming. off to the northwest, i'll fly out this way and show you the showers and here they are, coming through the great lakes, along a front pushing our way. much of this activity will initially go to you in northern new england. later on in the day to southern new england. we'll talk about that timeline temperatures generally in the 40's overnight tonight. there will be a few 50-degree readings. boston at 51. nantucket, 51. a couple spots stay at 50, but most towns drop into the 40's. no a frosty night, but a cool night. here are the clouds rolling if during the morning hours. no showers during the first part of the morning drive. in fact, i'll thank you all the way to the end of the morning drive until noontime, just scattered showers. heavier downpours farther to the
5:20 pm
north behind the futurecast. you can see yellow up top of your screen, that's where the initial batch that we're seeing go. then the cold front dragging through southern new england, attached to that storm system. and that's where these showers are coming from out ahead of that front, but some of the heaviest and there can be embedded downpours in here, you see those around worcester and worcester county around 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon and through the middle of the afternoon as but look at these through the evening, the brighter colors there would show you where the heaviest would be during your evening drive. this takes you through saturday. we are clear on saturday, so those showers are gone, we're right back to sunshine coming up on saturday afternoon. high temperatures tomorrow, maybe counterintuitive, we get more clouds than showers, but temperatures go back up. that southerly wind kicking in, as opposed to the northerlies, so 70 sandwich to sciate and lakeville. some 60's out in the cape. remember the water temperature is only in the 60's after all. 72 quincy and foxborough and to the north shore, ipswich close to 70 at 69 degrees. lowell at 70 and back to brattleboro and vermont, 67 degrees.
5:21 pm
a good amount of sunshine mixed in with the clouds early on in eastern massachusetts. everybody gets cloudy and we get showers. here's the seven day forecast. it get better to start your holiday weekend on saturday, so let talk a little bit about what you're looking at no matter where you're going this weekend. cape cod and the islands, 50's and 60's during the day on saturday, an on sunday, getting a little warmer, things start to get better for you. then on to the north, you're going up this way, looking for the leaves cooler on saturday, warmer on sunday. same deal. but if we keep going into the weekend through sunday and into monday, perhaps those leaves are something you'll be chasing, so let's talk a little more about the temperatures on saturday, and on sunday and on monday. temperatures will be warming up even more through that time period. look at columbus day, 71 degrees. nice looking day with sunshine and certainly warm for this time of year. looks like it will not rain again, my forecast is for the rain to stay away until tuesday when you're all going back to work and to school, so not a bad looking seven day forcats and certainly a good looking holiday weekend coming up with the rain out of the forecast and temperatures, a little bit of a
5:22 pm
and warming up as the weekend progresses. >> elizabeth: are you in debt and don't know how to dig yourself out? you're not alone i. i think that's what most people do is just normalize debt, like everyone has debt, and i even found a lot of people saying, well at least you have good debt. >> elizabeth: how that woman wiped away 50 grand in debt in just six months. >> mark: also ahead, it's the hottest ticket in town in the summer hand now it's going to cost a little bit more to take your family to fenway park. how much the red sox are changing prices. >> elizabeth: first changes are coming to charter schools across the state.
5:23 pm
students in to those schools >> mark: following breaking news on the evening commute. the mbta's redline is experiencing severe delays at this hour. now we're told it's due to a track problem. the delays are worse on the redline between brain free and the j.f.k. umass stop in dorchester. as we get more information, we'll bring it to you. >> elizabeth: today, governor charlie baker unveiled his plan to add more charters schools to massachusetts. that bill would allow the state to add up to a dozen new or expanded charter schools each year outside the already existing cap. there are 37,000 students on the charter school waiting list. baker's plan would focus on new growth in the lowest performing districts and he described his plan if an emotionally charged speech focused on how this would benefit students. >> we're like the home and founder of public education. we should be able to make sure
5:24 pm
that every kid in massachusetts gets the kind of education that they deserve. >> elizabeth: the bill would also let schools use a system that gives additional weight to high need and low income students. opponents say the proposal would undermine public schools. >> all the excitement is brewing at the boston garden right now. the b's are about to drop the puck on the 2015 season. sports director tom leyden is there. i understand the captain will be on the bench for the opener. >> he will. chara will not be on the ice tonight. but 82 games, you want to get him as best as he can be physically, because it is indeed a long season, but that said, whoever is on the ice tonight, they want to get out to a quick start. you want to get out well while the defense is shorthanded. and the camaraderie in the locker room, markedly improved from the end of last season. it's become clear that that was an issue down the stretch last
5:25 pm
year, so i asked brad marchand how important it is for the group to be on the same page both on and off the ice as the season starts. >> good chemistry on the ice, it seems to be great this year. we're excited to have the group we have and with you're able to have guys get along the way we do off the ice, you're sticking up for each other and every situation and you know that's what we want. we don't want to have a strong group. >> you know, marchand really volunteered that information that there were problems down the stretch last year. tonight the winnipeg jets in town, they were a playoff team last year, swept out by the anaheim ducks in the first round, but they are young, talented start starting the season on the road. you want to take advantage of that home opener and get off on the right foot. tom leyden, fox 25 news. >> mark: a tough start out of the gate for the bruins. caught on camera, a teenage girl says she was abducted and had no choice but to jump for her life out of a moving car kirk gibson, kirk gibson -- car.
5:26 pm
come to his rescue on the side of the road. he had no idea the good
5:27 pm
reef him in te geico motorcycle,
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>> elizabeth: we continue to follow breaking news out of boston, along the common. one person was stabbed outside the park street station. in the past 15 minutes, fox 25 has learned the victim is expected to survive. suffolk university police are telling students to avoid that area after a man was found stabbed multiple times. the suspect is described released a statement a white woman, wearing an animal print shirt, carrying a large bag. we're told she might be with a white man wearing a dark colored sweatshirt heading toward washington street on winter street. investigators are still on the scene, interviewing potential witnesses. we do have a crew there, a live report is ahead at 6:00 p.m. >> we sat out for a few hours. not one person stopped. finally, someone did stop. and the person that did stop,
5:29 pm
i've ever met. >> mark: it's a local video that has gone viral. a video that might even save a man's life. a beverly man who makes prank videos decided to try something else. >> elizabeth: the finished video is touching the hearts of millions of people all over the world. our bob ward talked to the filmmaker and bob, this is one video that's certainly making a difference. >> the reporter: yeah. absolutely. you know, the concept behind this video was very simple. the filmmaker set up a broken down car with a flat tire. he wanted to see how many people would stop to help him. in two hours, only one man did, but that one man is remarkable. >> i think it happens every day, you don't always have the camera on. >> ryan hamilton made this video, simply to see if anyone would help him fix a flat tire and then he met eric. >> you're the first person to stop. what's your name? >> my name is eric. >> when did it dawn on you that this guy who is here to help me,
5:30 pm
>> i would say right away. all the burns on his head, you know, the disfigurations in his fakes i knew right away. >> eric was burned over 50% of his body in a fire in this apartment in june. he was in a coma for 27 days. when the fire hit, eric got out of the building ok, but he went back inside to try to rescue one of his dogs. eric was burned, trying to save his dog, months later, eric is the only one who try and help ryan on the side of the road. >> did you think there were still people like that out there in the world? >> oh, yeah. yeah. because i'm in the military. >> but there's more to the story. since ryan's video went viral, a go fund me page set up for eric by his family went from $800 to more than 100,000, all because eric stopped to help. >> in your wildest dreams, did you ever expect to capture what you captured in that video? >> no. no. but you never know what you're going to capture, you know. >> the reporter: we just checked
5:31 pm
that go fund me page, it's now up to more than $124,000. those donations, small donations, $5, $10, $20, from people all over the world, who are touched by the story. we have a link on our web site,, to the go fund me page, and also, to the youtube video, you want to check that out. live in peabody, bob ward, >> elizabeth: wow. we want to give you a live look at the zakim bridge near the garden, which, as you can imagine, is a nightmare. fans are pouring into the yea for the bruins home opener. kevin, the skies will stay clear tonight, but we are talking about rain tomorrow. >> kevin: neither of which would impact the game, that's for sure. they do play indoors after all, but still if you're going to be out and around boston and haven't been to the game, what a beautiful evening you have to hang out on lansdowne street, it is cool and dry, the showers are staying away, they're way back here. it's not going to be an issue for the at all. the showers are coming through the great lakes and what we're dealing with is a cold front coming our way and that cold
5:32 pm
the showers toward us during the day tomorrow. the clouds will arrive first and then the showers right behind them. put a timeline on that in a moment. temperatures dropping into the 40's tonight. 51 in boss and 51 out there in nantucket. here's the deal, the clouds will be taking over during the morning. you saw breaks there and i expect that there will be breaks ahead of this front tomorrow. then about lunchtime, more scattered showers start to work on in. heading north, getting an early start to look for leaves, your columbus day weekend, you have a better chance of running into rain earlier in the day. we'll take the timeline through the rest of the day when the heaviest rain will hit and how the columbus day weekend is shaping up. >> mark: the ntsb will be holding a news conference at 7:00 p.m. to give an update about the sunken cargo ship el faro. the coast guard officially ended the search forethe 33 members last night at sun down. the u.s. navy is assisting in trying to find the recorder. the ship sank off the coast during hurricane joaquin. >> elizabeth: happening right
5:33 pm
about what many are calling racist texts between students regarding the class president. we told you about this last week and new tonight, parents and students are looking for answers. fox 25 news's ted daniel is live in lowell where the meeting is about to get underway, ted. >> the reporter: well the meet something expected to begin in less than a half an hour, elizabeth, held in the freshman academy building behind me. it is the latest in an ongoing dialogue about the racist text, a situation school administrators concede they could have handled much better. as fox 25 has been reporting, six students were suspended for sending and sharing hate-filled messages about newly elected class president. one of the texts said he shouldn't be president and imagine him doing your graduation speech. the president was even called the n word, one student suggested he be lynch. fox 25 spoke to the president on
5:34 pm
crushed by what was written. >> f on black people, you will never be a good president, he can't speak english. i'm heartbroken. >> the reporter: the superintendent of schools, the head master of the high school, the police chief, and representative from the essex county d.a.'s office among the people who are suppose he had to be at this forum. we had heading in now and we will let you know how it all plays out tonight on the fox 25 news at 10:00 p.m. reporting live in lowell, ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> mark: wellesley executive is under arrest, accused of embezzling $1 million from the tech company he worked for. the justice company did not name the cambridge based company but said 43-year-old andy kim trance transferred the money to his personal bank account, between july of last year and ended in june 2015. hampton beach firefighters responding to this building, a fire on ocean boulevard. you can see in the photos the large response, firefighters
5:35 pm
fire was in the back of the building, it was knocked down about 12:30 p.m. this afternoon and there are new reports of any injuries. >> elizabeth: red sox ticket prices are on the way up, even though the team finished in last place this year. red sox today announced a 1.4% raise in ticket prices starting january 1 for several sections, including the loge and grand stand area. 2015 ticket prices will stand for all tickets purchased before the end of the year. the red sox have raised tickets in four of the last eight seasons. an employee at a local school turning in to a real lifesaver. >> i saw her point at her throat and when she grabbed both of her hands and started doing this, and that to me is the universal sign for i can't breathe. >> mark: very observant. new at 6:00 p.m., we talked to a man who says, well, he is just doing his job. others call him a hero after he stepped up, when she started choking on a chip. >> elizabeth: also ahead, how one woman wiped away 50 grand in debt in just six months.
5:36 pm
>> but first, a teenage girl abducted and cameras are rolling
5:37 pm
you're watching the fox >> mark: we continue to follow breaking news on the evening commute. the mbta redline is experiencing severe delays at this hour. it's due to a track problem and in the last few minutes, we learned the t has suspended redline service between j.f.k. and north quincy. buses had run between ashmount and north quincy. >> elizabeth: you have to see this. this is terrifying and it's
5:38 pm
caught on camera, it's an escape and you can actually watch as a teenage girl rolls out of the open door of a car that was connecticut. police say she was escaping a kidnapper. i knew you're glued to it over there. >> mark: that's unbelievable. add to that that there is a distinction feature on -- distinct feature on the car that could help investigators. the corolla does not have its rear bumper attached and neighbors are worried it could happen again. >> because i have a kid that goes to school every day and it's very dangerous out here. >> mark: the suspect is a woman in her 40's, but police don't know much else about the subject. the 17-year-old girl fortunately was not injured in her escape. wow. amtrak's train will begin running again that hit some rocks on the track on monday and deraid. the governor of vermont said everyone who was injured is out of hospital. the freight service was expected to open last night. the ntsb continues to investigate. >> elizabeth: ordering a pizza
5:39 pm
out of the hospital. steven weighs nearly 800 pounds. he spent 80 days in a providence hospital, but he only lost 20 pounds. then he broke his treatment plan by ordering a pizza. and doctors made him leave. >> i was supposed to stay there and lose all my weight and got down to 550, to get the bypass, that was their plan. >> if he comes home and i do get him up the stairs, somehow, some way, he'll go right back to his eating habits. >> elizabeth: steven is now living in trunk of his father's s.u.v. until they can find an apartment in massachusetts or in rhode island. >> kevin: i'm tracking a line of showers moving toward new england overnight. they'll arrive tomorrow, likely during the morning to middle part of your day.
5:40 pm
right through th leadership isn't given. it's taken. >> elizabeth: a new plan calls for sweeping gun control legislation.
5:41 pm
>> mark: it comes a week after a deadly shooting of course in oregon. our jacqueline feld explains why the latest plan is an uphill battle. i. >> the time for action is now. >> senate democrats gathered on the steps of the capitol and announced plans for tougher gun control laws. the proposals would close background check loopholes, expand the background database and tighten regulations on illegal gun purchases. >> these three ideas are reasonable. they're common sense. they ought to have bipartisan support. >> one of the things missing from this announcement -- republicans. we went to a key member of the g.o.p. party and the last gun control push, pennsylvania senator pat toumi, says he wasn't even consulted, call for harsher penalties for people who kill police is waiting to see the dems' bill.
5:42 pm
little chance of passing in a g.o.p. congress. in 2013, toumi and democratic senator joe manchin sponsored legislation that would have required background checks on all gun buyers, introduced months after the deadly sandy hook school shoot, the bill failed by four votes. we've learned mansion wants to reintroduce the to philadelphia flyers i mansion bill but only with the republicans to support. toumi would only say he isn't opposed to introduce august the bill. >> mark: state's largest technology term is in talks with dell computer about a possible merger, according to the "wall street journal," the merger would help struggling emc, a data storage company based in hopkinton. the company's future has been uncertain with shifts to cloud storage. emc employs nearly 10,000 people. >> kevin: pretty nice looking october out there. sunshine, you can see that out the windows on fox 25 and it's nice and mild, if you don't mind
5:43 pm
it slipping through the 50's, like it was last night in the 70's. quite a difference from one day to the oh but mild enough that you can take this certainly here in new england in october, but off to the west, there are some showers and a change coming our way and ahead of the front, it's going to warm right back up, so back into the 60's tomorrow to around 70 degrees for high temperatures, because the southerly winds will kick in ahead of this front. but along the front, there are showers and those showers will be tracking on in here so through morning, whether you're a golfer, going to the bus stop or going to work, temperatures will be rising back into the 50's. clouds and breaks of sun, but it will not be dry for everyone that early in the morning. here's what i mean. future cast shows the clouds and some breaks too that have formed, but look at the showers moving in, especially the farther north you're going. but there will be scattered showers, even a few embedded downpours ahead of the front. by the middle of the day. this takes you into the lunch hour, around worcester county, for instance, southeast new hampshire, back through southeast vermont hand the showers become more numerous into the early afternoon. future cast shows the showers are not going to be the last to come on through, but rather, the
5:44 pm
first batch to swing on by. then break in the afternoon before the cold front actually arrives and that's what you're seeing here. see the brighter colors along the cold front and heavier rainshowers that are likely to move on through. don't know cuss on exactly where the showers are showing. futurecast is telling us is this is where the heaviest rain potential is through the early evening hours. we get some of our heaviest showers along the cold front and that's what's happening tomorrow evening. that goes on by after producing heavy showers through cape cod and the islands, into late night offshore. that sets us up for a real nice looking columbus day weekend. we'll clear it out overnight tomorrow night and into saturday morning. you're waking up to sunshine all over new england and stays that way right through the day on saturday. get used to it, it will be like that on sunday as well. as far as high temperatures tomorrow, it is going to be warmer, despite the increase in clouds and the shower threat. temperatures 71 concord to sudbury river superior. 69 ashland to westborough tomorrow. worcester county, temperatures will be cooler with the elevations of course in the upper 60's. gardener, 66.
5:45 pm
bellingham getting to 70 degrees, finally to the south shore, south toward cape cod, 72 in bridgewater, 73 in brockton. check out cape cod while we're at testimony a it. 60's opposing the cape with the winds off the water. a southerly wind and warm air direction, you're getting the cooler water temperatures to influence your forecast on cape cod. here's the seven day forecast. sunshine on saturday with cooler temperatures and then sunday, a few clouds start working back in and by columbus day, we're warming back up again and something people love to do this time of year is get out there and take a look at the leaves. the foliage report right now, we're seeing a slow turn because of the way it was so warm and dry to end the summer. so yeah, it's not peaking like it normally would in the north country right now, but there's still some good color to have and it's your best chance to see the best colors, so that's the place to go this weekend if you're liking that. showers come back by tuesday and by then, we're all back to school banged back to work. >> mark: grandmother sending a
5:46 pm
special thanks to boston police, took these pictures of her grandson after he went over to say hi to two officers. well, they showed him around the patch. the huge smile on his face shows how much fun he had. >> elizabeth: best day ever. >> mark: boston theater could soon become a dining hall. >> elizabeth: according to the globe, emmerson college is considering converting the colonial theater into a dining hall and performance based called the colonial student center. this is just one of several options for that theater. after more than three decades, boston university and the parting ways. the theater is being put up for sale people. officials tell us it was a question of coast. they say the buyer must allow the facility to function as a >> mark: bands with roots in boston is nominated for the rock 'n roll hall of fame.
5:47 pm
i'll tell you, the cars, one of 15 groups up for induction in the class of 2016. others on the list include chicago, which i can't believe. >> the reporter: you've been talking about it all day. >> mark: cheap trick, janet jackson, steve miller and a few others. this year, fans can cast their votes for the finalists. we have a link to where you can vote on aerosmith's drummer is expanding his coffee empire. joey kramer plans to open a coffee shop in bethel. it will be called the rocking and roasting cafe and restaurant. kramer started selling his rocking and roasting could have knee in 2012. he was on the morning show at one point. guests at this restaurant will be able to order aerosmith themed coffee like jane's got a bun. >> elizabeth: we are following several new stories ahead at 6:00 p.m. he died at the hands of his
5:48 pm
foster mother. later, the convicted killer will be released from prison. fox 25 just spoke to the 4-year-old's family. new at 6:00 p.m., why they're upset about the timing of her release and the failures of dcf. also new at 6:00 p.m., boston mayor marty walsh and city council members are very close to getting pay raises. how much money in that pro investigation and what they're doing to be able to do that that hasn't been able to be used in decades. and local schools custodian, he's being called a hero. what he did to save a student's life and when he learned how to do it. >> mark: but first, next at 5:00 p.m., are you drowning in debt?
5:49 pm
to pay off $50,000 introducing longhorn' s great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus, an appetizer, or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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>> mark: if you are struggling to pay off a debt right now, you're not alone. >> elizabeth: consumer adviser clark howard spoke with one woman who paid off $50,000 in just six months. the story is new at 5:00 p.m. adrian graduated college in graduate school with both an education and $50,000 in student loan debt. >> the feeling was overwhelmed. not really sure how to get out of that any time soon i. adrian calculated that by only paying the minimum each month, it would take her nearly 25 years to pay off her loans. which meant she'd be -- >> mid 40's, maybe even 50. >> the reporter: it wasn't until she began dating her fiancee who
5:51 pm
had zero debt that adrian really got serious about paying off hers. she started a side business on line, taught exercise classes, walked dogs, and put just about every dime of her earnings toward the debt. how much of the 50,000 no longer is there? >> it's all gone. all 50,000. >> the reporter: come on. >> i paid it all off. >> the reporter: what do you say to me in the way back machine, is a 17-year-old high school senior? >> i would say 17-year-old clark, you should go to the school that you can afford to go to. >> adrian's answer about the way back machine is the same as i hear from everybody. if they had it to do all over again, no way would they take on all the student loan debt. so here's the thing. if you have a young son or daughter getting ready to enter college, do everything you can to cut the cost of school before they end up with a mountain of student loan debt, so you don't have to go to the mega sacrifices that adrian was so
5:52 pm
inspiring in how she wiped out her debt. go look at my guide on how to reduce college costs at clark i'm clark howard. >> mark: whole foods has issued a cheese recall over listeria contamination for organic roquoforth cheese. listeria causes a form of food poisoning that can be fatal. business cards are now moving into the digital age. a british based printing company is now making cards that come with computer chips. when you tap the card against the smart phone, they can open any web site the creator wants. you can also upload contact information and company portfolios. the chips can be updated so if you change jobs, there's no need for a new new card. >> elizabeth: how cool is that. facebook is testing new ways to express emotions besides like.
5:53 pm
spain and ireland, they are new brut tons that facebook says expresses a broader range of motion, they include love, wow and yeah. as well as happy and sad faces. the new buttons could become available to u.s. users in a couple of weeks. >> mark: now at 6:00 p.m., a leland hollis boy killed by his -- a little boy killed by his foster mother and she's getting ready to step out of prison. >> elizabeth: plus, flames swallowed several boats at a quincy marina. what sparked it and the couple who lost everything. >> kevin: i'm tracking the weather, who gets hit the hardest. >> mark: the story you have to see. a local man pulling a prank to see if anybody would help him ends up paying it forward instead. >> he doesn't have anything, so burns. >> mark: what he did to help the man who pulled over to help him that left him in tears today. we begin with breaking news at 6:00 p.m.
5:54 pm
the park street t station at the boston common. let's get right out to fox 25's malini basu who has been working to get new information from investigators on the scene. malini? >> the reporter: mark, that's right, investigators left the or so. as a matter of fact, we spoke to a witness just a short time ago, he tells us it was chaos, he tells us people were screaming and running, as all of this was happening during the rush hour traffic. let me show you where all of this happened, directly across the street behind the park street station. taking you back tote scene, all of this happened just an hour and a half, two hours ago. fox 25 is being told that a man was stabbed behind a park street station at the boston common. investigators on scene say, they don't have a suspect in custody yet. we're being told that some witnesses told police that a woman stabbed the man, in the meantime, suffolk university tweeted information about the suspect, they believe that she is a white female, wearing an animal print shirt and was carrying a large bag. and she was actually seen with another man, wearing a dark
5:55 pm
colored hooded sweatshirt, going
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