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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  October 8, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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colored hooded sweatshirt, going towas winter and washington streets. now, that one witness we spoke to on camera, he tells us he was getting coffee when all of this happened. he says the man had a cut on himself and throwing blood on people, including a woman with a service dog. so back out here live, again, investigators left the scene within the last 20 minutes or so. as for the motive, investigators are trying to figure it out. police are telling us that the man is expected to survive. for now live next to the boston common, malini basu, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: the mbta redline is experiencing severe delays at this hour. we're told it's a track problem apparently. and in the last 20 minutes or so, we learned the t has suspended redline service between j.f.k. and north quincy. buses are going to now run between ashmount and north quincy. >> mark: developing news out of boston, a bike wedged between a milton academy bus an and s.u.v., right in front of the
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cheers restaurant this afternoon. witnesses tell fox 25 news the bike rider was not hurt and there were students on the bus. >> elizabeth: also developing, a two alarm fire in woburn. you can see smoke and several fire trucks at this scene on hinton road around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. crews quickly knocked down the flames. there is no word on any injuries, or a cause. >> mark: also at 6:00 p.m., fresh heartbreak and frustration for the family of the 4-year-old dorchester boy brutally murdered by his foster mother. the high profile case devastated the communities back in 2006. itxi failures between the department of children and families and foster care agencies. >> elizabeth: the foster mother convicted of killing done tell jeffers has served her sentence and will soon step out of prison a free woman. crystal hanes just spoke with the family, and they call this a light sentence, but also unhappy with the dcf failures recently. >> mark and elizabeth, jeffers death was considered one of the
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his foster mother convicted of this heinous crime and dontell jeffers' family tells me she's scheduled to be released next week and they want lawmakers to do more to protect children in foster homes. >> it seemed like it's just yesterday. >> the reporter: nearly a decade later, and the wounds are still fresh for the family of dontell jeffers. the 4-year-old was just months away from his fifth birthday when he was brutally beaten by his foster mother while in her care for just ten days. it's still considered one of the worst cases of abuse in the history of the department of children and families, then called dss. >> she is going to be freed coming home to her son. while dontell is six feet below. the family tells me she's scheduled to be released next week after serving roughly eight years in prison. >> that's not a proper sentence.
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beating kids in the state. >> the reporter: dontell's uncle, is also called for more supervision in foster home. then mayor thomas menino called for sweeping reforms before after several deaths of the children in dcf care, dontell's family says nothing has changed. >> bringing back the memories of dontell jeffers, he was every child and we are forced to make changes, but we don't see any changes, we see an epidemic. >> governor charlie baker announced systemwide reforms to dcf last month, including the reestablishment of a central regional office that hasn't been opened since around the time of dontell's death. dontell's family says governor baker could do more. >> they're saying things, but there's still a lot more work needs to be done. and i don't think this goes far enough yet. >> the reporter: now i did check in with the department of
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that the sentence was 8-12 years, so that release date would be in line with that. for now reporting here in dorchester, i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: so we have some more details now on recent dcf cases that have made headlines and outraged lawmakers. back in august, ava conway coxson died after the 2-year-old was found unresponsive in the foster home. her younger sister was found in critical condition and is now in a rehab facility. the little girls were extremely overheated. the foster mother has not been charged. in hardwick, investigators say a father abused and neglected his 7-year-old son. dcf had been involved with that family and had even gone inside the home several times. the little boy was found unresponsive after police were called to that home. he's now being treated at a long-term rehab facility. >> mark: now to a live look at the mass pike in brighton and you've got company today. some people might be leaving
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the weekend looks good but we are dealing with rain. we can't fit all the people into the garden suite for the game. you are going to run into showers north rather than southern new england and a front moving toward us. they're back here in michigan and this first batch is really going to slide mostly into northern new england. but look farther to the south and west and there is a front that drags all the way back toward omaha, nebraska, that's what's going to be clipping us during the day tomorrow. so start it in the morning a lot of clouds around but note breaks from time to time as well, so expect to see a few peeks of sunshine from the morning into the early afternoon but along the front and ahead of it is where the showers will pop up. at first, ahead of the cold front and then actually some of the heavier stuff is going to come along that front, so overnight, i'm keeping it dry, right through the morning into the at least the start of the morning commute for you northwest of worcester. your temperature dropping down into the upper 40's, not dropping as cold as it has been on the clear nights, but clouds help you out there. into middlesex county,ing
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into the mid and upper 40's with some clouds moving in, but again, staying dry, into the morning commute. i'll take that timeline right through the afternoon and the evening commute which will be impacted by showers tomorrow. >> mark: dramatic video released by the worcester public schools showing a school bus driver losing control of her bus during a crash last month. you can see the driver start a turn, watch right here, and then fall right out of her seat. police say that's because her seat belt wasn't buckled. the students were on board, the bus hit two cars in the driveway of a home an apricot street. the worcester telegram identifies the bus driver as 46-year-old jane barbarie. the state has revoked her commercial license. >> elizabeth: a car crashed into the woods on 128. sky fox over the scene around 1:40 p.m. mass state police say there was a serious injury on the ramp from 1. >> mark: a car slamming in to
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the side of the boston sports club building this afternoon. you can see only part of the car, that's because the rest of it is inside the building. newton police say the 82-year-old driver was trying to park her car when it suddenly lurched forward. people inside the building say they heard a really loud noise when it happened. the woman here was not injured. police are still investigating how the crash happened. >> elizabeth: sky fox in quincy today, capturing massive flames burning through several boats at a marine that. this story was breaking during the fox 25 in the morning. tonight, we know that leprechaun boats were burned and three sank. one couple who lives on the boat were able to escape the danger. robert goulston has a new perspective on the fire with new drone video. robert? >> the reporter: that fire just endumped that first boat -- engulfed that first boat within minutes. in the end, 11 boats seriously damaged, three of them sank. we did track down some video
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fire was. >> fox 25 obtained this drone video from brewster ambulance. they were flying it over the fire to see if anyone needed help while firefighters were moving on to the docks to battle it. amy mark's parents were on board when the fire started on their boat below deck. >> she yelled to my dad and at that point the smoke kept getting worse and he yelled to her to get off the boat i. robert marks was visibly shaken up by what happened. she told us off camera she was below drying her hair when she start the smelling the smoke from below and yelled to her husband who was on the dock, the fire spread to the dock area and at one point, she was cut off from him. >> he went back and held her hand and kind of pulled her back through and they eventually ended up on the right side. >> fire hopped from one boat to the other. 11 boats severely burned, three sank, including the marks 35 carver. state environmental officials are working with quincy fire investigators. >> in this coined of confined space, they're very very hot burning, plus there's fuel on
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>> they are raising the boats, using inflatable bags which could take days. the marks boat where the fire started is under the other two boats so they won't be able to start investigating the cause until they're all up. another couple was just getting ready to move on to their boat full time. >> we just sold everything to do this. move on to it and live on it. >> all these people are like family. to watch it happen not only to >> the reporter: initially investigators thought it would take a couple of days to raise that boat out of the water, but they were able to do it today. they just towed it out of here and they'll be taking a closer look at it back at fire headquarters, where they can get in closer to see exactly what cause the fire. gold stone article, robertgoulston fox 25. >> elizabeth: you can watch each morning at 4:00 a.m. to keep up-to-date.
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fire accidental on old webster road yesterday during the news fox 25 at 6:00 p.m. officials say the fire likely started at a makeshift kiln. the business was a wood and lumber refurbishing company but didn't have a permit to operate in the town. in less than an hour, the ntsb will hold a news conference to update its findings on the sungen cargo ship, el faro. the coast guard officially ended the search at sundown. the navy is assisting in the salvage operation trying to locate el faro's recorder. the ship sank during hurricane joaquin. jeffrey mathias and keith griffin were two on board that died. >> elizabeth: mayor marty walsh reacting to still counselors who may get pay raises without having to vote for them because of the way the city charter is written. fox 25 news's sharman sachetti is here to explain, new at 6:00 p.m. >> the reporter: raises would kick in just before reelection on november 3. tonight, the mayor is in washington, but he's telling our cameras, this action is in the
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this has been an ongoing battle between the mayor and the council. council president bill linehan proposed hiking their pay from 87,000 to 112,000, then down to $107,000. well, on september 2, mayor walsh introduced what he called a compromise, at $99,500. the city ordinance says if the council does not act on a mayor's proposal within 60 days, it automatically becomes law. and that happened exactly on november 3rd. the mayor says, he stands by the figure he presented. >> i'm comfortable with 99,500, we've done the studies, we've run the numbers, we've looked at all of the different cities around the country to see what the comparisons are as far as increasing the salary and i'm certainly a lot more comfortable with that figure than the higher one. >> when asked if the council ought to take a vote on its own pay raise, the mayor deferred and told us he would like to let the council decide that. an independent board appointed by the mayor had recommended raising the councilor's pay to $97,000.
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sharks sharman sachetti fox 25. >> mark: he wanted to pull a prank i. >> elizabeth: his prank was cut short with a man who needed more help than him pulled over to asills. the incredible story that's going viral and put ago local man in tears. >> mark: all new at 6:00 p.m., a local school custodian is getting major kudos for saving a little girl using the heimlich technique. >> the reporter: an inappropriate video surfaced from inside a school locker. re. the reason a take a look at these bbq trophies: best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around?
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>> mark: we are following brakings new. the first class action lawsuit has been filed against boston based draft couplings and their main rival, fan duel. the lawsuit was filed in manhattan against both companies, after one fantasy football player games insider information leaked before last sunday bill beinged him and others out of money. financial analysts have compared
6:15 pm
market. the court documents say draft kings employees have won at least $6 million playing on the competing site, fan duel and that these employees possess information that makes competition simply unfair. the suit is seeking unspecified damages to be determined at trial. >> elizabeth: also tonight, we're getting a new perspective about the scandal shaking the team. police say one of the players videotaped a teammate who was naked in the locker room. and then sent it to people. tonight, we're hearing from a child psychiatrist to help figure out what drives teens to do something like this. and we're going to throw it to stephanie quinu. >> the reporter: the problem is this, pressing send can take less than a second, but of course, those results can last a dr. ellen brockton says teens often don't see the larger picture. >> how many students get in trouble for sending a racy text
6:16 pm
>> winthrop residents says technology has become a minefield, a minefield dr. ellen brockton with mass general hospital says teens don't fully understand. >> adolescents are really very much in the moment and technology has made that even more -- it's made it even more able for them to do that, because it's immediate. >> the reporter: but pressing send request have serious consequences. winthrop school superintendent suspended all football activities after a text circulated involving a video of a football player changing inside the locker room. >> it's an invasion of privacy. >> but the doctor says it's important for adults to understand a teen's mindset. they're impulsive, live in the moment and they're not adults. >> it's so tough for them to be penalized when developmentally, they're not an adult, and so these sorts of activities or these sorts of punishments don't seem to necessarily fit the crime for them.
6:17 pm
hazing or bullying incident. dr. brockton says bullying is about power, and because a football team is a hierarchy, different light. >> this can come into play in this sort of situation. this might make it a little bit more of a difficult thing. >> and dr. brockton says education really is the key. meantime, coming back here live, of course, the football field behind me is quiet and because tomorrow. i did call and email the superintendent to see if he would reconsider that forfeit and he told me the investigation is still ongoing and he had no comment. in winthrop, stephanie quinu, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: the mashpee school board will conduct an independent investigation into the superintendent. they say brian hyde entered her home and her teenage daughter's bedroom without an invitation. hyde claims he was invited into make sure the teenager was a
6:18 pm
police are also looking into that complaint. >> kevin: real pleasant weather evening out there. no question about that. i sauve the traffic, we were showing just a little while ago, so maybe the roads aren't the place to be, but walking around boston, sure, light jacket, nice and cool and we'll stay dry all evening long. i have expect it to stay dry into the evening commute. there is rain in the forecast, we talked about it for a few days. a cold front will be coming toward us, it will change the air mass. we went from the warmth of yesterday to the cooler air today. milder air tomorrow. if we get enough sunshine, you have a chance of hitting 70, even 71 or 72 degrees tomorrow, but if you stay cloudy, you'll stay in the 60's but still we'll feel warmer than today. these are the clouds i'm talking about first thing in the morning. clouds shown by future cast to the north. early start tomorrow and going to the north country for your long weekend, be aware the rain will arrive there first. it's later on in the middle of the day after breaks of sun, especially central to eastern massachusetts that these showers are going to start to get on in here. they'll be scattered. not everyone will get a shower
6:19 pm
by 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon. but there will be some around and the threat picks up by noontime and early afternoon hours across southern new hampshire, vermont and massachusetts and southern new england. so just be aware of that, prepare for it. by the early afternoon and into the evening drivetime, there will be showers around, but a break may actually happen because you're going to get in between the first batch and the actual cold front that's coming at you. this front is going to be right on our doorstep for the evening drive and into worcester and boston by the time you're done driving around and you can bet there will be a lot of traffic, so it's going to be a slow commute tomorrow with the long weekend coming up. heavier downpours along the front are likely. they're moving to the south shore during the nighttime hours around kicking them out of here by 10:00 p.m. or 11:00 p.m. tonight. clearing out saturday, wake up to sunshine saturday morning and all day saturday, no matter where you're going in new england. north to south, the mountains to the water, it's going to be an absolutelily gorgeous saturday afternoon. 71 for you if sciate tomorrow. 68 wellfleet. we were just looking at some of the water temperatures and out
6:20 pm
over boston harbor and points north, it's around 58 degrees, so it's chilly out there in the water. you get a wind off the water, it will cool you off. cooler on the cape, winds off the south where the water temperatures are generally in the 60's along the south coast but keeping you cooler than these, quincy, bridgewater, foxborough, hitting 72 with the breaks of sunshine ahead of the front. 65 in loudon, 67 in brattleboro and jaffrey, 64 degrees tomorrow afternoon. a mixture of sun and clouds but the showers arriving. so the afternoon is the primetime for the showers to start to move on in, especially the evening commute time with the cold front coming on through. now saturday is looking gorgeous. what a great start to your holiday weekend and overall, the weekend is looking good again, no matter where you're going. cape and islands, cooler on saturday, 50's to around 60. sunday, into the 60's. again at the water, it's cooler. to the north country, 50's in the higher elevations, near 60 at the coastline on saturday and into the 60's on sunday for some warmer temperatures and by columbus day, really getting nice and warm too, temperatures
6:21 pm
low 70's on columbus day. 71 on average. next shot for rain tuesday, but by then we're all back to work and school. latest timeline on the rain for friday due in any minute. >> the reporter: a car broken down on the side of the road. would you stop and help the driver? i'll show you an amazing man who did just that. >> mark: but first, one of the u.s. military members who helped stop a gunman on a train in france has been stabbed. what we're learning about the circumstances behind it and an
6:22 pm
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>> elizabeth: an american air man who helped stop a terror attack in france has now been stabbed in california. that hero in serious condition tonight. airman first class spencer stone was hurt during a barroom brawl in sacramento. this is surveillance video of that fight just outside the bar. police say drinking led to the fight. histonia is internationally known for helping to tackle a gunman on a train this past august. the suspect in this case is still on the loose. >> this incident is a very unfortunate altercation between two groups of folks who are enjoying the nightlife in midtown sacramento. this incident is not related to terrorism in any way. >> elizabeth: stone and the two other people involved in stopping the france terror attack were awarded with
6:25 pm
>> mark: the director of the fifteen, james comey, says dozens of people in the u.s. are using encryption software to communicate with isis supporters. at a senate hearing over the past several months, people have begun conversations with isis supporters on twitter, then taken their conversations to encrypted media forms that the f.b.i. cannot monitor even with a court order. today, lawmakers who want to make it a federal crime to kill police urge senate leaders to bring their bill to the floor for a vote. the thin blue line act would alie to those who kill law enforcement officers an other first responders. today, senators held a news conference to promote the legislation, saying they are concerned about violence directed at police officers around the country. >> the men and women of law enforcement, i think, they deserve to know that america stands by them. and yes, police lives matter. >> mark: undercover law, if the federal law enforcement officer or a prosecutor is killed, just can consider that when weighing the death penalty, this plan
6:26 pm
prosecutors, and firefighters. >> elizabeth: there is a renewed push for gun control in our nation's capitol. a week after the deadly oregon college shooting, senate democrats unveiled their new gun control plan. about 27 senators gathered on the capitol steps announcing a package of bills that would close background check loopholes, expand the background check database and tighten regulations on illegal gun purchases. it's a move that experts say has little chance of success in a republican-controlled congress. however, democrats have made a vow to force republicans to vote on gun control. >> the american people are crying out for action. all over the country. everybody. >> elizabeth: the senators say their plans will be similar to the failed mansion toumey bill of 2013. that legislation called for universal background checks in the wake of the sandy hook massacre. a teenager makes a brave getaway during a kidnapping attempt in connecticut. you have to see this video. police are looking for the woman that they say lured this girl
6:27 pm
into her car, and then tried to drive off. the 17-year-old victim jumped out when the woman tried to assault her. the woman made a u-turn and drove away. police say the suspect is a hispanic woman if her 40's and the car you see there is missing its bumper. well, he set up a prank to see just how long it would take for someone to stop and help him change a flat tire. >> mark: but what happened instead put him in tears. story. what happened when a man stopped to help who needed more help than the prankster and the special relationship they now have plus. >> the reporter: new concerns for a missing new hampshire woman after her roommate turns up dead in a hotel. >> elizabeth: a local school custodian saved a student's life.
6:28 pm
>> elizabeth: the top stories at 6:30 p.m., starting with a stabbing on boston common. a man was stabbed multiple times outside the park street station. we've been following this for the last couple of hours and we've now learned that the victim is expected to survive. suffolk university police have been telling students to avoid that area. the suspect is described as a white woman wearing an animal print shirt, carrying a large bag. we're told that she might be with a white man wearing a dark colored sweatshirt, heading toward washington street at winter street. also tonight, three boats sank at quincy dock and eight more are heavily damaged after this fire broke out this morning. brewster ambulance took drone video over the blaze to see if
6:29 pm
anyone was on the beats. no one was injured. state environmental police are working with quincy fire investigators to raise the boats off the sea floor. it could take time, although robert goulston updated us to say one of the owners have been taken off the boat. the cause of the fire may have been related to a heating system. >> mark: it is a story you'll be telling your friends about. a local man sets up a prank to see how long it would take for a stranger to stop and help him with a flat tire and the man who stopped to help truly i am expired him to pay it forward. gone viral. here's fox 25 news's bob ward. >> i couldn't believe it. he doesn't have anything, so we could see it right away. the burns. >> the reporter: when ryan hamilton made this video, a video to see if anyone would help him fix a flat tires he had no idea he would meet someone like eric. >> you're the first person to stop. what's your name?
6:30 pm
>> my name is eric. >> when did it dawn on you that this guy who is here to help me help? >> i would say right away. all the burns on his head, you face. i knew right away. >> eric was burned over 50% of his body in a fire in this apartment in june in peabody. he was in a coma for 27 days. with the fire hit. eric got out of the building ok, but he went back inside to try to rescue one of his dogs. eric was burned trying to save his dog. months later, eric is the only one who try and help ryan on the side of the road. >> did you think there were still people like that out there in the world? yeah. because of the military. >> before he made videos, eric served in the army, in iraq. he's making these videos for some of his buddies who never came home. >> some who didn't make it back, you know, i had gone over, i
6:31 pm
went to basic. >> this is your way of fulfilling a promise to them. >> yeah. >> and their memory. >> it's just a start. >> there's more to the story. since ryan's video went viral, a go fund me page set up by eric's family went from $800 to more than $8,000, all because eric stopped to help. >> in your wildest dreams, did you ever expect to capture with in that video? >> no, but you never know what you're going to capture. >> a check of the go fund me page they have raised more than $124,000 for eric. those donations all small ones from all around the world in 5's, 10's and 20's. we have on the web site,, a link to the go fund me site, as well as a link to the youtube video. you'll want to check it out. >> mark: great story. >> elizabeth: not only is it a great story, but it's so beautiful the way people have responded in seeing this entire scenario and that's something that started out as a prank
6:32 pm
ended up being commentary on people's humanity. >> mark: paying it forward. >> elizabeth: paying it forward. >> mark: helping out your fellow man. kevin, let's talk about the weather, because it is beautiful behind you. we won't see that tomorrow night. >> kevin: i don't believe so. we'll be totally cloudy by this time tomorrow night. we'll be dealing with rainshowers, but boy, is it gorgeous this evening. logan airport, temperatures at 56 degrees, it's cool, it's dry, the dew point shows that and winds are light from the southeast. what great looking night out there in boston and really, all over new england. we await the showers though, which we've been talking about for a few days. they're still in the forecast, they're still coming. that's how the satellite vantage point looks and there's the clouds, there's the showers later on tonight. the first batch with the area of low pressure is going to move into northern new england. it's the front dragging behind it that will eventually come into our area and that cold front part of the system goes right through here, all the way back to, well, north of chicago, and this to the midwest. that front is going to bring the clouds and showers during the middle part of the day tomorrow especially temperatures
6:33 pm
generally this evening are in the 50's, but in nashua, for instance, that 58 degrees, your temperature will be dropping down into the 40's later on tonight. 40's will be the general rule across the area. we'll talk more about the showers and when they'll time through during the afternoon and when the heaviest will hit. >> mark: hampton beach firefighters responding to this building fire on ocean boulevard. you can see the large response as well here in a moment. firefighters telling fox 25 news the fire started in the back of the building. it was knocked down around 12:30 p.m. this afternoon and there are no reports of any injuries. >> elizabeth: right now, there is mounting concern about a missing new hampshire woman, she hasn't been seen in weeks, and her roommate turned up dead in a motel in tewksbury. fox 25 news's joy lin nakrin shows us how police are trying to piece this all together. >> steven andrade was found dead of an apparent suicide here at this motel 6 in tewksbury. it comes more than two weeks after he and his roommate, sue hutchison, were first reported miss, and tonight, it's raising new concerns about her. a disturbing new twist in a two
6:34 pm
week old missing persons case. >> this particular case is unique in that there are two individuals that we have been looking for. >> after 36-year-old steven andrade turns up dead in this tewksbury motel 6. >> i'm really shocked, because i come here a lot. honestly, i didn't think something like this would happen in this hotel. >> a self-inflicted gunshot wound ended his life and it complicates the search for his missing roommate. >> we're not sure exactly what it means, but we are concerned. as one of the last people that was known to have been either with her or had seen her or had contact with her. >> neighbors recall the friendly 57-year-old sue hutchison. >> she was a lovely person, would come over once in a while to speak to me. >> the two roommates lived at apartment. >> it's a quiet neighborhood, so this is upsetting. >> now others on the road are on edge. >> it makes people stand a little straighter and be a little bit more watchful as to
6:35 pm
>> police locate evidence located hutchison's buick just blocks from her home, but andrade, the last person believed to have seen her, now gone. >> we cannot get any information from him, so we are concerned for ms. hutchison's well-being. >> police are concerned for ms. hutchison's well-being, particularly in light of the latest developments, so they are asking for anyone who knows where she or andrade have been in the last couple of weeks to call police. >> mark: that seakonk man has been arrested, 38-year-old sean trahan, police found child important images on his computer and when officers interviewed him, trahan admitted to going to child porn web site and says he has a previous conviction for possession of child porn. he will appear in court later this month. >> elizabeth: police are still investigating a triple stabbing at a west roxbury grocery store. we told you that a man walked
6:36 pm
into la familiara grocery store with a dog last night, apparentsly that sparked an argument with an other than and a clerk. the man left but came back with a knife. the three got into a fight when the suspect tried to get into the register. all were wounded. police were not said what charges the suspect will face. >> mark: a juror in the phillip chisholm case is in hot water. that juror openly spoke about facts that had not yet been revealed in open court. the judge scolded the juror about the issue. phillip chisholm is on trial for the 2013 murder of colleen ritzer. he allegedly committed the crime when he was just 14 years old. >> elizabeth: happening right now, a meeting at the lowell high freshman academy to discuss a racially charged text message that left six students suspended. the group text happened after a black student was elected class president. the text was sent to 12 students. six students suspended responded to it. some of the messages include references to impeachment, and lynching. the black lives matter movement
6:37 pm
has organized a peaceful march at the school this saturday. prosecutors in new hampshire, they say that they'll be making a case for a judge to uphold a felony conviction against owen labrie, found guilty if august of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old freshman at the prestigious st. paul's school in 2014. labrie's lawyers are asking a judge to throw out the felony conviction for using a computer to arrange their encounter. if that conviction stands, labrie could be ordered to register has a sex offender for life. >> mark: a wellesley executive is under arrest, accused of embezzling $1 million. the justice department did not name the cambridge based company, but say 43-year-old andy kim transferred the money from the company to his personal bank accounts using a series of fraudulent wire transfers. the alleged crimes took place between july of last year and ended in june 2015. mayors from around the world, including boston mayor marty walsh are in boston, sharing ideas about fighting climate change. the city leaders are seeing the impacts of global warming firsthand and are not waiting
6:38 pm
for congress and the international community to address the problem. >> it's an important issue, it's a real issue. and some mayors actually should look at it, because in some case, it's a cost savings issue. >> mark: the mayors are working on trying to figure out what works on a local level ahead of a climate summit in paris in early december. >> elizabeth: today, governor charlie baker unveiled his plan to add more charter schools to massachusetts. that bill would allow the state to add up to a dozen new or expand charter schools each year outside the already existing cap to address the 37,000 students on the charter school waiting list. it would focus the new growth in the lowest performing districts. baker described his plan in an emotionally charged speech, focused on how this would benefit students. >> we're like the home and founder of public education. we shouldn't be able to make sure that every kid in massachusetts gets the kind of education that they deserve. >> elizabeth: that bill would also let schools use a system that gives additional weight to high need and low income students. opponents say the proposal would
6:39 pm
undermine public schools. the state's largest technology firm is in talks with dell computers about a merger. according to the "wall street journal," a merger would help struggling emc, which is based in hopkinton. in the last two years, emc's future has been uncertain with a shift from traditional computer storage to cloud storage. emc employs nearly 10,000 people. >> mark: you notice something terribly wrong, so we rushed to help. new at 6:00 p.m., meet the local school custodian who saved a student's life and the message the little girl's mother wants you to hear. >> elizabeth: an 800-pound rhode island man who was in the hospital because of his weight was just kicked out. the foreign call he made that had doctors asking for him to leave. >> mark: but first, here's a look at what's coming up after
6:40 pm
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does this $20 family fill up meal have eight pieces of original recipe chicken? yes. [ding] two large mashed potatoes and gravy? yes. [ding] and are you the real colonel sanders? yes... [buzzing] it's finger lickin' good. >> elizabeth: we have want to update you on breaking news that we brought you at this top of the hour. service has resumed between the north quincy and j.f.k. umass train stops, but with severe residual delays. a track problem called big issues during the rush hour. service is resumed but there are still delays in effect. >> mark: it's a position at schools that often doesn't get much praise. an everett third grader is making sure her school's custodian is getting the thanks he deserves after after he jumped into save his life.
6:43 pm
>> the reporter: i saw her point at her throat and she grabbed both of her hands and started doing this and that to me is the universal sign for i can't breathe. >> a piece of a chip got stuck in michaela's throat. >> i was super scared that i would die. >> the third greater put her hands to -- grader put her hands to to her throat and john came over to help her. >> i immediately went over to her and did the heimlich maneuver. >> he knew exactly what to do because when he was a hockey referee, he saw a player pointing to his throat and needed the heimlich. john went back to work, michaela returned to the cafeteria to finish her lunch, but both know their lives forever changed by just a few seconds that day. >> any time you can help a kid. >> and that night, michaela got a reminder from her mom.
6:44 pm
food better. >> mark: great group right there, seeing those two. pieces of evidence i'll tell you what, she'll never forget him and he'll never forget her. it's reciprocal. >> elizabeth: people who know the heimlich will frequently say, i had no idea if i would ever use this, but thank goodness, i had this training. >> mark: happy ending right there. very nights. well, john says he was trained on the heimlich when he was 13 years old. and michael's mom came to the school yesterday to say thanks. ordering a pizza got a rhode island man kicked out of a high school. steve weighs nearly 800 pounds, he spent 80 days in the providence hospital but only lost 20 pounds and broke his treatment plan by ordering that pizza, so doctors made him leave. >> i was supposed to stay there and lose all my weight, and got down to 550 and got the bypass. that was their plan. >> if he comes home and i do get him up the stairs somehow, some way, he's going to go right back to his eating habits. >> mark: steven is it now living
6:45 pm
in the trunk of his father's s.u.v. until had he can find him an apartment in massachusetts or rhode island. >> elizabeth: fox 25 news is a proud partner of hub week, bringing together the brightest minds in the region, to take a look at technology driving innovation around the world. today, people could go to the m.i.t. media lab which showcases technology like drones and 3d technology. researchers at the event were more than happy to show off the event, like changing the flavor of vegetables. >> one time we stressed the lettuce and had, you know, a pretend drought, so they didn't get water for a few hours, and that created sweetness. >> elizabeth: lettuce that tastes like candy, that would be good. hub week continues tomorrow and into saturday with more events. check out for a list of everything that hub week has to offer. >> all right. so losing that beautiful sunset, but boy it was gorgeous just seconds ago.
6:46 pm
i posted a picture of how beautiful it looked before the sun was going down and that's how evening is going to progress. it's going to get darker. i bet you didn't realize that was going to happen, but it's going to cool off. temperatures dropping down through the 50's, so cool and dry. if you're looking for the showers we've been talking about, they're there but you have to widen the view to find them. they stretch into the midwest. the heaviest stuff to northern new england and then we'll have to watch for some of these to get into southern new england as the front drags its way down during the middle part of the day. we're dealing with a cold front and that cold front is sticking off an area of low pressure up in here, that extends all the way back here into the midwest happened it's that front that's going to kick off the clouds and showers tomorrow. ahead of it, you can get some showers, but the heaviest look like they'll be right along the front, which is very typical. boston, 56 degrees this evening. so it's rather cool out there, but pleasant enough for an october evening for sure. a few clouds floating by, but overall partly cloudy to mostly clear. temperatures 53 for a low temperature.
6:47 pm
skies and hardly any wind in worcester. going down to 50 and to the north and west, orange, you tend to be one of the cooler spots and tonight with clear skies, that couple floating in later, 50 will be your temperature. in between the bigger towns and cities and reporting stations around 50 degrees at the coast and out to cape cod as well. there are the clouds that will be around tomorrow morning, breaks in the clouds will lead to some sunshine. the more sun you get, the more unstable your air becomes. you get a better chance for a shower or even the outside chance for a downpour that could become a thunderstorm. it's a low threat but when you have temperatures above average like tomorrow, you have to entertain the thought at least, but there are the showers likely to be around during the middle of the day, scattered about. not all of you will get wet on your lunch date tomorrow, but it's possible. prepare for that. tomorrow afternoon, those slide off to boston. the evening drive, the cold front coming on through. ahead of it, showers, during the latter part of the evening commute, heavier downpours and those pushing to the south shore
6:48 pm
an eventually off of cape cod during the nighttime. we'll clear it out behind the front and sets up us for a real nice looking saturday. sunshine to start the day. sunshine to finish the day and temperatures are going to be cooler behind the front. so tomorrow, right around 70 degrees in central to eastern massachusetts, a little cooler to the west in most places, because first of all the elevation of course, but also because the clouds move in there more quickly. the exception the connecticut river valley, 60's out on cape cod as well. seven day forecast, sunshine to start your columbus day weekend. columbus day itself is looking nice. temperature around 71 degrees on average. basically, upper 60's to low 70's, depending on where you'll be, cape cod or the mountains, 60's. 72 degrees in the mountains with sunshine. a gorgeous looking columbus day weekend coming up. >> it is opening night here at td garden, we're getting set for the bruins and the jets. the bruins have to open the
6:49 pm
chara not playing. and dion lewis has made quite an impression on bill belichick. he's in town signed until 2017. that story and more andrew: the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on,
6:50 pm
the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. i think all of us play for that very reason. it makes us the child we once were. the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again. my name is andrew,
6:51 pm
>> a new season set to begin tonight at td garden. the bruins and the winnipeg jets and the bruins will start the year without a couple of key defensemen and that will be an issue, including zdeno chara, who has now missed two weeks of action. even without the captain though, there is still a lot of questions surrounding this. the focus will be on the blue linersrs, seidenberg also out for the time being after after back surgery, but as always, there is early season optimism and hope that this team returns once again to the post-season. >> we're still getting to know each other, and i think that, you know, the forwards on the line and the pairings are
6:52 pm
gaining some confidence and the guys are pretty excited to get it going. >> we have to start the year on the right note. obviously, at the end of the day, the goal is to win the cup and to make the playoffs, but it's a process, so you've got to make sure that you're able to put the work in throughout the whole year to achieve that. >> you know, look at this board says a lot. some new unfamiliar names on the right column. a series players in the left column that accomplished a lot in boston, hayes expected to make the most immediate contributions. we shall see if that starts tonight against the jets. let's turn our atext now to the patriots. -- attention now to the patriots. the patriots refusing to overlook the dallas cowboys, strength. mccordy in the passing game with wheat i don't know. >> they do a good job of getting
6:53 pm
that's why you see witon having a lot of catches. you have to understand that people are trying to take away a certain guy, they'll do a good job spreading the ball around. >> rob gronkowski on competing end respecting future hall-of-famer tight end jason whitley. >> throughout high school, throughout college, he's a great player, one of the best tight ends to play the game. and always try to take something out of his game and apply it to mine. >> the good times continue to roll for running back dion lewis, a guy out of the nfl and now finds himself with a two year contract extension through 2017. in foxborough, bryan salmon, fox 25 news. >> thanks bryan. the celtics today if spain, facing madrid, they're the european champs. second quarter, the celtics up six, jake crowder getting inside to avery bradley. he's going to finish in traffic. the celts were up 46-38. third quarter, celtics up nine. david lee taking it to the hoop and slamming it home.
6:54 pm
the celtics win it 111-97. the headliner, the bruins opener against the jets an even tom brady is wishing the bruins luck, doing a little photo book shopping and offering his services as an enforcer if they need him. tom brady always looking to help. we will keep tom brady where he always is under center. tom leyden, fox 25 news. >> big night. >> elizabeth: a lot of black and gold in the newsroom. >> mark: everybody wearing their that's a strange color for me, but see what happens in the bruins we trust. specialized surgery that's right lahey hospital and medical center. cardiac teams pioneering innovative treatments... and neurosurgeons at the forefront of spinal surgery... right here. liver transplant program... right now. and quality outcomes among the nation's best... the right outcomes...
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