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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  October 9, 2015 7:00pm-7:29pm EDT

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jim carrie's girlfriend, the wake in ireland today. >> plus, bieber fires back. is justin now suing over his full frontal shot? >> it's what's coming up right now. >> on entertainment tonight. >> just bin in bieber. >> this is a dramatic reenactment. >> is there a new legal threat? >> then, jim carrie's girlfriend, the funeral prep and taylor swift's interview about the night she broke down. >> i cried a little bit. >> also -- >> i twoish die.
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>> a beverly hills housewife in tears over battling the same debilitating disease she just found out her children are fighting. >> my brother, sister and mom have struggled through it. >> plus, tom selleck talks blue bloods and magnum pi 35 years later. >> it's not a pretty sight. >> as we it is down with alley mcgraw and sue over the nude photos. but he is really mad when people are saying he has nothing to be
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>> so they're priceless on social media. wouldn't leave. >> i saw the picture. i never thought i'd say this but i'm a believer. >> i think he's parking heat. the car wasn't all the way on. it was in neutral. >> now we can't show the photo. so here's a dramatic reenactment. i always thought of him singing baby, baby, baby oh and i'm thinking baby, okay. >> any lawyer who sends this letter, whether they have a legitimate base nis doing so, people often say it doesn't mean in fact it will be successful. >> justin was caught yesterday fully clothed on his way to a studio in l.a. >> my thought is he probably will not sue. justin bieber in bora bora overlooking a beach and a photographer was able to snap the photograph.
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expectation privacy by mr. bieber at this point. >> the issue of stars keeping their privates private is interesting though. you have instagram. kendall posting herself in the shower. the throwback photo with no clothes and no makeup. then on the other hand, an unflattering shot like this. shirtless on the balcony in miami. the internet was saying what happened? >> the issue here is control. it's their right. their posting it themselves. now when someone else is taking the photo, there are different concerns. all i can say is this is exposure. kit only help. justin just released art work say the new album is perfect which is dropping november 15th. >> all right. let's get to more headlines. bill cosby. he finally sat down under oath today to answer the alarming allegations made against him. >> this is the moment so many people have been waiting for. here's what we know about cosby's dramatii deposition.
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testimony for seven hours. >> it's being held under a shroud of secrecy. the questions and answers to be sealed and protected from going public. the attorney gloria as lred accuses cosby of child sexual abuse. her client was molested at the play boy mansion which she was 15. he denied all wrongdoing and not charged with a crime. >> i'm making out on my date better than you. >> malcolm jamal warner who played cosby's son on "the cosby show" says the tv program's legacy is now tarnished. warner told the associated press that no matter what negative stereotypes about people of color appeared on other shows, "we've always had the cosby show to hold up against that and the fact that we no longer have that, that's the thing that saddens me the most because in a few generations, they will have just been a fairytale." and a sad day in ireland.
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girlfriend's funeral. hundreds waited to pay respects at today's wake for the 30-year-old. the makeup artist died in her l.a. home of a suspected overdose last month. carry is expected throb when her body is moved from the grandfather's funeral home to the church tonight and for her funeral tomorrow morning. we'll be at her funeral tomorrow and we'll have that for you on monday. >> take a look at this. this that is joe jonas and his girlfriend apartment hunting today. they definitely getting serious with those two. we were also with them last night as they gave the world the first real official glimpse of them as a couple. >> joe and gigi who wore a tommy hilfiger strapless made their debut as a couple. their reunion happened right in front of our cameras. >> hi!
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>> the move turned emotional when gigi talked about the limes disease which has stricken her entire family. >> i'm the only one that doesn't really understand it. me. where my sister and my brother and my mom have all struggled sorry. >> the news that her sister bella and brother also suffer from lyme disease came as a shock. the mom was honored at the gala hosted by the global lyme's alliance. >> this has brought me to my knees, my nights i wish i would die and i prayed i would wash away into heaven where there would be no pain. >> yolanda married david foster in 2011. she dealt with losing her memory and cognitive ability and also severe pain which kept her bedridden for nearly a year. >> it's no secret that yolanda last four years. we got her out of bed. she hasn't been out of bed for
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11 months. >> november 2nd. >> yeah. >> so it's a big night. >> yolanda's disease has been complicated by her leaking breast implants. >> the disease is not going to beat her. she's going to beat the disease. and when we see nights like this, it really gives us hope that we're going to nail it. >> we also talked to gigi about being part of taylor swift's girl posse and she said it means the world of her to have taylor's support. taylor can use a little more support from the grammys when she walked out the album of the year. well, she is now opening up about that disappointment and ever. >> i went home and i cried a little bit. and i got in & out bur gchl ger and ate a lot. can you say they're wrong. they all voted wrong. >> and kanye, listen up. >> second, you can be like i'm going to go up on the stage and
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or third, you can say, maybe they're right. maybe i did not make the record of my career. you got that >> after get lucky beat her album red in early 2014, she wrote 1989, the most talked about album of her career. >> playing original stripped down demos in intimate conversations she tells music industry insiders grammy pro about the pain that inspired some of her hits. seems "blank space" is a satire of her love life. >> the media decided i dated too many people. you're sitting an awards show and you know there is going to be a joke you about being a serial dater and you're like i'm 22 and this is rude. >> coming up, female packer at home with his adorable twins. >> book face. >> face book.
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>> plus, we're talking former alley mcbeal about her new show "super girl" and her fears before the premier. >> that's a little disconcerting to me. that's a little scary. >> that's ahead. >> but first, hugh jackman has a bad guy? yep. big black beard the pirate in "pan." >> or as my son put it, as i walked out the door, he said have fun playing black and white, dad. my kids thought it was weird with the bald head. they loved the fact that i was anonymous for four months. quo go anywhere. a couple time i got hit up for drugs. but apart from that -- this is the beginning >> you definitely working in an edgy transformation as the hairy
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interview after a recent h>> it was a real turning point.i, rhoda looks back.
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>> it was a real turning point.s, rhoda looks back. >> it was a real turning point. this girl is the answer. besides fatty foods, there is nothing people love more than a hero. >> good to see ka lista flock heart back on tv. one of the favs of the days of aily mcbeal. you'll see a very different calista on "super girl." >> i am really happy to be part of a show that celebrates girl power much the only reason i bought this building is because hit a private elevator. >> oh, yeah. plenty of pow are here. and calista's media mogul character seize a future for "super girl." >> we need images and interview and exclusive content. so go. go get me that girl. and kara, go get me a lettuce wrap. >> i think cat takes a liking to her and has a special interest
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i think the relationship will grow. >> and the lead-up to the series premier october 26th on cbs is a new experience for calista. >> this show has gotten so much buzz before we have even been on the air. that's a little disconcerting to me. that's a little scary. >> scary? that would be the social media revolution news since her ally mcbeal days. >> that's the difference. i didn't even have a cell phone when i was on ally. no. that's crazy. i had a cell phone maybe but it was probably this big and i didn't know where it was. i never used it. i didn't give my number. i might have had one. i had a big one now. so, yes. let me just get back to you in a second. >> and here's another change for exciting c, the first african-american to play jimmy altman. >> up next, another tv star is
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new movie and a magnum remake. >> and why have they gone from this show to the price is right? >> plus, a love story reunion. ally mcgraw and ryan back 45 years later. >> my lips were all bruised from the kiss. >> stick around. closed captioning provided by -- closed captioning
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welcome back, everybody. it is dream boat james carden from the late, late show. >> that's what makes it. you can't have a male model on
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>> i'm going back to my roots. >> james is a hugger. but now that he's on the price is right, will he return the favor to drew? >> i haven't been on show yet. movements. >> i'm a bit embarrassed by the quality. >> if you can't get enough of him, watch him tonight on the late show. >> they're all mixing it up. >> i love it. >> i like it. >> michelle turner joins us now with a movie pair who makes everybody cry. pretty much every time they see them in "love story. >> i'm so with you. it just comes pouring out. it's been 45 years since the words, i know you know this.
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>> love me. never had to say your sorry. >> now they're reuniting and i talked to them about the project that brought them back together. >> nobody ever expected it to become, i don't think, the phenomenon that was certainly i was stunned. >> you never had to say you're sorry. >> ryan was oliver, the preppy rich harvard student that follows for jenny, the not rich beautiful girl he married and then she died. >> it doesn't hurt. it really doesn't. >> it was only ally's third movie. the first meeting required some test kissing. >> and my lips were all bruised from the kiss. >> you said you never been kissed like that before. >> no, i mean. this is really -- >> but it's true. i swear to god. >> people said ryan always tells him how the film changed their lives. >> they say this they married whether they saw that movie. when their first baby was named jenny. >> both stars lived trou life
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her husband died of a heart attack while battling cancer. and farrah fawcett died after a long battle with the disease. >> you both lived and survived a life of love and loss. do you think that it maze you better? >> well, it made me sadder. >> right. exactly. >> it's the reality of life. and as we get older this is more and more part of the story. >> ally is now 76, ryan is 74. they're together agaan for the beverly hills production of "love letters." >> she said i was a diamond in the rough. i'll write as soon as i'm smoother. >> "love letters" is about love but it's also about loss. >> where do you draw it? >> you know, there is a feeling that is great love stories, dhoent end up together. and that's the heartbreak. of love. >> the heartbreak of love. you know, nancy, i've been doing this a long time. i have to tell you, this is one of my favorite conversations. they have this undeniable chemistry.
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it's really special. it really s i also asked them, would they like to see a remake of "love story" and they said absolutely not. >> really? >> yes, they did. they said the original stands the test of time and it should never be remade. >> i can understand that. >> me, too. >> actually, there is no way we can imagine anyone in the role of "magnum pi" other than tom selleck. he looks just as good today as when he was magnum. he came by to talk about his friday night smash hit "blue bloods." >> always a pleasure. so let's talk about "blue bloods." &- there is the sixth season. >> yeah. >> and it's still the number one show on friday nights. >> it's actually still growing. we're very proud of. >> and one of tom's tv sons on "blue bloods" is donnie wallberg. >> were you a fan of new kids on the block? >> no. >> i was curious whether you wore going to maybe take the
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hundreds of fans. >> i probably won't. donnie will forgive me. >> so no cruise, tom is a home body hanging at his l.a. ranch with his wife of 28 years. >> jilly has this ever fess ent quality that just lights up a room. apart from being my wife, she's my friend. >> he is a messed up character in "the troubled police chief in jesse stone, lost in paradise. it's the ninth tv movie of the series. >> he's fun to play because he's a mess. he drinks too much. >> he's a blowup character. a good man. people root for him. >> tom himself is a throwback kind of guy, not big on technology. >> you don't know how to text? >> only once. i don't e-mail. >> i don't want them. >> i guess that's kind of nice. i'm trying to figure out how the that.
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>> i see a lot of people that have become slaves to these labor saving devices and i don't want to be in them. i can afford not to. >> so many shoes are revived right now. would you tlik see magnum pi to be revived? who you like the person to play magnum? >> me. >> yay! >> magnum is still in 100 countries. and it's not dated. my shorts are dated. they're a little short. and i'm not trying to be egotistical, maybe nobody will accept anybody else in the role. >> and i mean you really cannot picture anybody else in the short shorts. >> no. >> we're going to be seeing more of him soon. he has already signed on to do another jesse stone movie. we're going to see that one next. >> and you don't want to miss this. >> it's neil patrick harris' twins who are just too cute. that's next. >> all right. our entertainment tonight birthdays, which host of the talk has to coach her husband on
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what to say during interviews? was it julie chen, or sharon osborne? the answer is coming up next in g up next in
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welcome back, everybody, to the show. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which host had to coach her husband on what to say during an interview? >> we have to talk like tv people. not like we do at home. >> that is sharon osborne who got it right. >> you got it right. i cheated. >> with ozzie, of course. sharon is 63 today. happy birthday, sharon. >> happy birthday. we run out of time tonight. we have one more thing for you to check out. >> have a great weekend, everybody. bye-bye. >> good morning, everybody.
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i'mmhere. it's breakfast time. we're about to go to school. >> nooet patrick hair sis showing how his family starts the day with a heaping cup of adorable. >> someone is excited for "star wars." >> that is his son and this is harper. good morning it's great to say good morning >> neil and his husband david loving every precious minute. >> what? >> i had book face. >> facebook. >> hi facebook. not having a good breakfast can make you feel like your day never started. get going with carnation breakfast essentials. with protein plus
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