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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  October 9, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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breaking right now strong winds, heavy rain and serious damage. 15 miles west of sturbridge in the town of munson. ockerbloom. >> i'm joy lim nakrin. we learned that the national weather service released a preliminary report on what may have caused that damage. so let's get right to meteorologist sarah wroblewski tracking this storm's path. but we want to start first with kathryn burcham on the ground in monson with brand new information for us tonight. kathryn? >> reporter: well, if you can see behind me there are dark houses tonight on this rural windy stretch of road. we haven't been able to assess much of the damage for ourselves as you can see here police have that affected area blocked off and they won't let us pass through. now within past 30 minutes though we were able to confirm with the national weather service that the
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line winds that blew down a two mile section of silver street. though some residents feared earlier it could have been a microburst. now we came across several downed wires as we you isveyed the area with utility and cable crews working to get power restored to the few houses along this road. there were also reports of downed trees that blocked sections of silver street, essentially trapping some drivers in their cars. now despite damage thankfully no one was hurt here in this small town of less than 10,000 tonight. there will just be plenty of cleanup work to do for all the damage when the sunrises tomorrow morning. we're live in monson, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> the town of monson is certainly no stranger to storm damage. in june of 2011, a tornado tore through that town destroying numerous homes and businesses. it even ripped the roof off of monday son high school. it took down several trees and those left standing honor of bark stripped right off of the trunks as you can see. meteorologist sara underwood
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obviously nothing that severe out there today but still some very serious weather, correct? >> yeah, absolutely. joy, toupes our south that's when we have saw in severe storms develop. but we still saw some pretty strong thunderstorms roll on through. and we have some strong wind gusts, too. wind gusts over 40 miles per hour some locations that was earlier today before the rainfall and boy did it rain in some locations. chatham picking up just over .8 in boston we picked up about a third of an inch. nashua close to half an inch in plymouth about just over half an inch too so we got to see good rain across the region. look all of that rain now pushing off the coast the last of the thunderstorms of nantucket. you're still dealing with some heavier downpours also where you're seeing that we're seeing in heavier rain. right now nantucket as well as the vineyard still dealing with those rainshowers but especially where we're actually beginning to dry out. well, not completely. let me show you we have a cold front to our west.
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this front still has to push eastward and before it can do that we've got some cooler and drier air that will move on in. so that front will move through overnight tonight. that will allow for these temperatures in the 50s and 60s right now to get back into the 40s the cooler air moves in clears us out. starts us off with some bright conditions for that holiday weekend. but we have a warmup on the way. i'll show what you to expect ahead. >> all right, sarah. we'll check back in with katie at the bottom of the hour for another update on how the cleanup is going in monson. when you wake up in the morning and get the latest on all new fox 25 morning news weekend edition. the best way to stay up-to-the-minute the minute you wake up. happening right now a bear has been spotted in a newton neighborhood. you're looking at police activity in the area of rose street. there sources telling fox 25 that police have found the animal now. environmental police are now taking charge. all this started at around 9:00 tonight again the bear
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has been found and environmental police are now monitoring that situation. also tonight, two more arrests in the murder of a marshfield man. now we first brought you these developments as breaking news during our fox 25 news at 10:00 and 6:00. fox 25's christine mccarthy is live in marshfield tonight. christine have you learned that one of those suspects is a lawyer? >> reporter: that's right, joy. we spoke with local police as well as the plymouth county district attorney's office right here at the marshfield police department earlier today and what they tell us is that one of these suspects, arrested today, is in in fact a local attorney and the other suspect is his girlfriend. >> we said it and we meant it. we told them we were coming for them and we did. >> reporter: two more arrests in the murder of mar unfield resident robert mckenna. police and the d.a.'s office announced on friday. michael a 32-year-old attorney originally from marshfield but living in quincy is charged with
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murder and burglary. his girlfriend 31-year-old lauren kaliel of quincy charged with accessory after the fact of murder. >> she's being charged surment of actions in hiding evidence that would implicate her boyfriend. >> reporter: mckenna was found by his friend last month at his home he had died from extreme blood loss. >> due to injuriy to the right arm severing a large blood vessel. >> reporter: less than two weeks ago james ferguson of dorchester was arraigned on murder and burglary charges in connection with the gruesome crime. officials say d.n.a. evidence on closing led them to ferguson. >> the discovery of items of clothing, footwear, gloves at the scene and along the suspected route that the perpetrator took to leave the scene. >> reporter: police haven't revealed the connection between this trio and the victim. but they say it started out as a burglary and five stolen guns have since been recovered. >> to the residents of marshfield sleep well tonight those dangerous assault rifles are off the street.
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>> reporter: but police say the investigation is not over and there could be more suspects at large. >> the attorney and james ferguson have ruined a lot of people's lives and now they have officially ruined their own. they face life behind bars. >> reporter: now neighbors told fox 25 news last month that the victim was involved in the diamond industry in africa. that's what he told them and that he may have had precious gems in his home at the time that we spoke to investigators about that they said only that they're aware of those facts. they were looking into the whereabouts of those possible gems but they did not say whether or not any of them was missing. now as for both of those suspects arrested today, both that boyfriend and girlfriend will be arraigned in plymouth district court on tuesday. we're live in marshfield, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. the f.b.i. making an arrest in a suspected murder for hire plot in everett. skyfox over the scene where
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investigators have been following burke since he started people he was willing to kill for money. burke eventually offered to kill an i.r.s. agent in new york for an undercover agent. a south boston man is now convicted of murdering a 67-year-old grandmother. today 30-year-old timothy costco was found guilty in the 2012 killing of barbara coin at her south boston home. prosecutors say koska was confronted by coin when he broke into her home and that is when he allegedly beat and killed her. investigators say the two families knew each other. koska now faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison. tonight in worcester, a large prostitution sting. new tonight at 10:00, officers used under cover squadds to arrest a total of 11 people. 10 men were charged with paying for sexual conduct. one woman was also charged with prostitution. an on-line petition has started against a new hampshire city council candidate charged with animal cruelty.
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prosecutors to deny any plea bargains for toby townsly of keene and also to prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. earlier this week he told fox 25 he was defending himself when he kicked his neighbor's dog to death. boston-based draftkings reaching out to customers today in the wake of a class-action lawsuit. the company sent an e-mail saying they are reevaluating their processes and have already begun an external audit of their practices. we learned yesterday about the first lawsuit brought against draftkings and competing site fanduel. the class action suit alleges that draftkings employee used insider information to win $350,000 on fanduel. sports attorney michael mccann told fox 25 this likely won't be the last lawsuit filed. >> i think we'll see other lawsuits similarly filed. >> reporter: the company is already under scrutiny from the attorney general's office. under tonight at 10:00 account the worcester county district attorney says that there is a bad batch of heroin working its way
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on thursday, two people overdosed and had to be revived with narcan. one incident happened in a convenient store bathroom the other inside of a home. to keav now where one
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shocking facts about school regulations that fox 25 discovered while looking into the story. >> plus, maybe have you spotted one of these flipped over signs what mass dot told fox 25 when we asked about upside down billboards. >> stay away from the cars. but first a car smash into a building people inside run over. next at 10:00 we'll take you inside the very chaotic scene. who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. now at 10:00 pure panic. >> an s.u.v. darts through an auto auction plowing people over in its math. -- path. eight people hurt at the morning. skyfox captured that video showing the aftermath of what happened behind closed doors. there fox 25's stephanie spoke to a woman who helped rescue someone who was trapped under an s.u.v. >> stay away from the cars. >> reporter: hundreds of people inside this auction house suddenly found themselves running in terror after this bmw s.u.v. plowed through a crowd of people.
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driver didn't seem to react. he hit the people, the wall, other cars. >> reporter: police aren't releasing the 78-year-old man's name but say criminal charges could be pending. they are now investigating surveillance video to learn more about why the driver lost control. >> the vehicle which was in line on display suddenly accelerated into a group of people. >> reporter: at least eight people were hit, one man critically injured after he was pinned underneath the s.u.v. before it crashed into a wall. auction employee lynn tomero rushed to help asking the victim questions to keep him awake until help arrived. >> i had his head in my lap and i was holding his neck. >> reporter: police say thankfully a tow truck driver was at the auction and that may have helped save that man's life. >> he was able to utilize his truck to remove some of the debris, lift the vehicle and the individual was rescued. >> reporter: meantime witnesses slowly walked out still trying to process what
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they saw and heard. >> the person i was with got hit by a car. i jumped out of the way. i was lucky. >> reporter: framingham police say they've never had any problems at this auction and tomero told us it's a great place to work but came away today with a sobering thought. >> you never know when your last day is. >> reporter: now one of the victims was critically hurt but everyone else is expected to be okay. when this story broke this morning we sent out an an alert on the fox 25 news app. >>. a barryman was child week while trimming a tree in westminster. he was working at his mother's house when
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emergency crews volunteer trapped under a large tree limb he proves announced dead at the scene. in jefferson, new hampshire, two people are dead after a serious crash. it happened on route 115 after the 77-year-old driver hit a tree. his two 70-year-old passengers were killed in this. investigators have not yet released the name of those victims and the exact cause of the crash is still under investigation. the massachusetts social worker is accused of preying on under age girls. at 5:00 and 6:00 we laid out the charges against the wakefield man. new tonight fox 25's erica richie just spoke with the police department that led the investigation. erica? >> reporter: and mark, reading police tell me tonight as of right now there's no information to connect his alleged sex crimes to his practice here in town or the clients that he served. >> reporter: nor shore recovery management in reading is in darkness tonight and it's not just because we were there after hours. >> please know that the
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office is temporarily closed and we are not accepting new patients at this time. >> reporter: that's the message we got when we tried to learn more about the owner 34-year-old rick hall of wakefield. we wanted to know how a licensed social worker with an obligation to report child abuse could now be accused of causing it. >> photographs were taken in oregon and sent out. >> reporter: middlesex district attorney marion ryan says they were news photos of 15-year-old girls in oregon allegedly taken at the request of hall, who promised them money in return. once the photos crossed state lines via the internet hall got slapped with child porn and human trafficking charges. he was arrested on wednesday following a two month investigation by reading police after they were tipped off by oregon police who have been contacted by one of hall's alleged victims. >> it's concerning when anyone is disseminating or taking these kind of photographs. but it's particularly significant when it's someone who has a professional obligation to be protecting children. >> reporter: and that has
10:18 pm
caused the issue of internet safety to resurface because it acts as a reminder that is impossible to know who's on the other side of the screen. so officials urge parents to become on-line monitors. >> stay informed on what sites they're visiting as well as any activities or unusual changes in behavior. >> reporter: and as of right now investigators say they only know of the three out of state victims but say the investigation continues. in the meantime, hall's license has been suspended as he's being held on $100,000 cash bail and ordered to have no contact with minors. live in reading tonight, erica richie, fox 25 news. >> you may have noticed this commute. i know i did. the upside down advertisement has been causing a lot of buzz around the state. but it hasn't been all that positive. tonight mass dot is telling fox 25 they have asked for the billboard to be taken down due to safety concerns.
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but still she is smiling. ahead the battle this local teen is fighting against a disease to rare you likely never heard of it. >> but first if you smoke you won't get hired. the business telling perspective employees that legal behavior is not the
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welcome back fox 25 news at 10:00. if you are a smoker there are no jobs for you at u-mass memorial hospital in marlboro. starting this month all incoming employees will have to undergo drug testing for nicotine. those who test positive will not be hired. here's a look at the pedestrian bridge on washington street that started tonight at 9:00. crews are tearing it down
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monday morning. wellesley police are working to identify this alleged larceny suspect and stole two handbags. if you recognize this person you are urged to contact police. tonight south carolina is still reeling from record rainfall and as some people start to assess the damage others still can't even get back into their homes. here's david lee miller. >> reporter: a number of cities and towns across south carolina are bracing for more flooding. officials are keeping a close eye on several swollen rivers which could send more water gushing into more neighborhoods. governor nikki hayley is urging residents to pay attention to evacuation warnings. >> you want to make sure you are being cautious if they come to your door. please consider getting out take whatever your precious belongings are with you but we need to you leave quickly. >> reporter: national guard troops along with police officers are out in force travelling by boat on roads now covered in several feet of water. keeping an eye on some residents who have chosen to stay put.
10:24 pm
stuff that injuries which happen. >> reporter: over in jamestown this river is expected to rise 18 feet to at least 23 feet by monday morning. while state officials say residents should likely flee the town's fire chief is agreed. we can't understand why we would even consider evacuations at this time. for the 23.1 monday morning we've had levels of 24 and above never had a situation where we had to leave jamestown. >> homeland security secretary jay johnson has toured some of the affected areas and says recovery efforts are well underway. >> all told fema has more than 100 people deployed on the ground here in south carolina and more are being added every day. >> reporter: meantime a boil water advisory is still in effect for tens of thousands in the state capital. no word when that will come to an end. david lee miller, fox news. showers and storms are moving out. i will be timing out when the sun returns and when you
10:25 pm
could see temperatures back into the 70s this holiday week. first we'll head back out to monday son to check in on the cleanup efforts to check on the severe who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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>> want to return now to the top story we've been following all evening long. severe weather bringing down trees and power lines in monson. >> fox 25's catherine kathryn continues to be our eyes and ears on the ground out there. she has the latest on cleanup efforts. >> reporter: as you can see here behind me, dark houses on this windy rural stretch of road. unfortunately we haven't been able to see much of the damage for ourselves because as you can see here police have access to that affected area blocked off they won't let us pass through. within the past 90 minutes we were able to confirm with the national weather service that the damage is due to straight line winds that blew down silver street. although some residents feared it might have been a microburst. we came across several downed wires as we surveyed the area with utility and cable crews working to get power restored to the few houses along this road. there were also reports of downed trees that blocked access to the road essentially trapping some drivers in their cars. now despite damage
10:28 pm
thankfully no one has been hurt here tonight in this small town of less than 10,000. there's just plenty of yard cleanup to be done. once the sunrises in the morning. in monson, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. let's get back to meteorologist sarah wroblewski thankfully that severe weather is now out of our area we can focus now on the long holiday week forecast. >> i hope it's a good one. we will be drying out overnight tonight start out the weekend a little bit on the cool side but at least the sunny side. in fact we're going to be dealing with temperatures on the rise through the weekend, too. so we've got some big changes headed our way. one big change you will first notice today it was 72 it was mild at boston. well above the average in the 60s. set back in 2011. currently it's still pretty mild 65 in the city that dew point still in the upper 50s but notice that wind it was really gusty out of the
10:29 pm
gusting over 40 in some spots it's now switching to the west bringing in drier air and boy do we need it after seeing rainfall totals anywhere from a tenth to about three-quarters of an inch from the showers that push on through earlier this evening. but this is all that we have left of it. just a few showers dotting islands. and we've got that wind out of the west starting to bring in that drier air and it will break apart the clouds overnight tonight and also drop the temperatures. sure enough we still have some showers over nantucket and eastern areas of the vineyard. but expect most of the activity to continue to push eastward. so after midnight all of us will be dry in fact the clouds breaking apart will clear out so by the time you wake up tomorrow we've got forecast. it's just going to be a little bit cool out there. those winds will stay active overnight out of the west for those temperatures to mainly fall back into the 40s. could still be near 50 for parts of the outer cape. but watch this warmup head our way.
10:30 pm
you are going to notice temperatures in the 40s in the morning get into the 50s by your lunch hour. then as we head into the afternoon upper 50s to near 60 . that is still below the average for this time of year. the good news is the active winds we had today they're going to lighten up tomorrow. so it's going to feel pretty nice it's going to feel like fall despite temperatures only in the upper 50s to low 60s. we're going to notice that wind mainly out of the northwest so highs right around 60 tomorrow. usually we're in the mid-60s. cool and bright high pressure continues to build over us through the weekend so when we wake up on sunday i'm actually anticipating even cooler conditions. we'll have to watch for some patchy frost perhaps through the interior. temperatures may fall back even into the 30s. you will have to stay tuned through the week as we'll be watching for that potential. but nonetheless a few clouds to the north on sunday we'll notice a few more clouds out there. but the winds will turn out of the southwest. by the afternoon we're going to be warming up. so temperatures 50s to near 60s on saturday.
10:31 pm
the 60s even to near 70 and boy it gets better from there as we head into your monday. in fact, i know this weekend is a big week for fall foilage. we're a little bit behind for this time of year. we're finally starting to see things turn peak conditions as you head up into northern parts of new england. take a look at that temperatures from the weekend 60s on sunday. by monday we're back into the 70s. above average. so that seven-day forecast does feature that warmup. next chance of showers does head our way on tuesday. i want to break down that columbus day forecast for you one more time just so you can see what you can expect from your area near 73 in boston, 72 in worcester. looking pretty fantastic. but of course once that front comes on through on tuesday, we'll cool back down well, where we should be for this time of year. over to you. >> deadly levels of carbon monoxide poisoning sends two to the hospital in newton they got sick inside an elementary school. massachusetts schools are not required to have co
10:32 pm
detectors. tonight leaders want to change that. >> reporter: long before students could arrive firefighters pulled workers to safety in newton. the carbon monoxide detector went off and a teacher called 9-1-1. the janitor staggered outside but a maintenance worker collapsed inside the boiler room both ended up in the hospital. >> they were firing up the boiler and something went wrong it with. >> reporter: something terribly wrong. while they were installing a new boiler at the school. >> firefighters say they detected a deadly level of carbon monoxide in the building. >> we just got a message. >> reporter: parents like caroline bell got word from the school saying the was cancelled. she was concerned about. >> of course you worry about those things why they have the monitors. >> reporter: yes, the monitors did work. >> if those detectors weren't installed and in place some really bad things could have happened and the school we could have had students in the school. >> reporter: but fox 25 found that massachusetts schools aren't required to have carbon monoxide detectors in schools. >> it's important that we protect our kids. >> reporter: the state fire marshal told us today that
10:33 pm
the school need the detector not just an option but a requirement. >> it will make a huge different to be able to know the presence of carbon monoxide at the early stages and be able to get people out of that environment before they become ill. >> reporter: state representative paul mark is currently sponsoring a bill in the state house to do just that but it has been stuck in committee. >> unfortunately any time an incidence like this happens whether it's anywhere in the country i think it brings attention to the issue and increases. >> that was blair miller reporting. lawmakers tell fox 25 it comes down to funding who will pay for the detectors the state or each district. in newton the district now plans to check every boiler before school resumes on tuesday. ahead at 10:00 an infectious smile in the face of a truly resilient local teen. just how truly rare her condition is. >> but first a late night scare near the most powerful home in the world.
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welcome back to fox 25 news at 10:00. a drone crash right near the white house landing two people in trouble with the law. police say the two people involved were given citations. for the incident which happened overnight. this certainly is not the first time a drone has ended up near the white house. in may, the secret service caught someone flying a drone right out on the front lawn. tonight worcest police are investigating the discovery of a body near a school. the body was found in an abandoned building next to a pardon me parking lot for worcester technical high school. police were notified but the school was not locked down. tonight an autopsy is being conducted but officials are calling this an unattended death. several people are under arrest after drug sting in manchester, new hampshire as part of operation granite hammer officers seized a large amount of crystal meth, cocaine and more than $5,000 in cash. several people are facing charges but one is also charged with receiving
10:38 pm
stolen property. a special ceremony in boston today as a city joined into a sister agreement with the capital of cape verde. walsh says the city industry agreement will help foster, economic, cultural and business ties. >> neither boston one of the largest cape verdean populations in the nation. we share strong ties in education and art and public safety and tourism, commerce and much more. so there is a connection there. this is the second sister city agreement boston has signed. the first was with belfast, ireland, and mayor walsh says that relationship has created excellent business and cultural opportunities. chaos in congress as republicans work to choose a replacement for outgoing speaker john boehner. house republicans meeting behind closed doors trying to come to an agreement on how to move forward. majority leader kevin mccarthy stunned the conference yesterday when he pulled out of the race. the man with the most
10:39 pm
ryan has said he's not interested. >> this is a job that chews you up because a republican conference is naturally a bunch of leaders not naturally a bunch of followers. >> boehner is planning to leave congress at the end of the month but will remain house speaker until a replacement is found. a democratic congressman taking a dig. congressman from california tweeting he noticed there was some trouble finding the next speaker so he decided to create a fake ad on craigslist to. he it says requirements include being able to keep the government open and managing investigative committees aimed at attacking hillary clinton. putting your child on track to graduate late could be the way to go. just ahead the potential benefits waiting until age 7 to send your kids to kindergarten. but first behind bars accused of shooting his girlfriend. >> she scream. >> again what did she scream? >> she scream for help.
10:40 pm
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a brockton man sitting in jail tonight for just shooting his pregnant girlfriend. >> as fox 25's bob ward learned the violence was allegedly over sleep. >> reporter: 24-year-old dominick shirtless standing in the dock at brockton district court charged with shooting his pregnant girlfriend in the back overnight. it all happened here outside her home on west chestnut street at about 3:00 a.m. neighbors tell us they could hear her calling for help. >> she screamed, she screamed. >> again what did she scream? >> she screamed for help. >> reporter: again what did she say? >> i was shot. she said i got shot. >> reporter: the d.a. says early in the night dominick was enraged at his house when his girlfriend tried to
10:43 pm
go to sleep and he didn't like her sleeping position. things got so violent the d.a. says he pinned his pregnant girlfriend down on his bed and tried to remove her contact lenses from her eyes and then the d.a. says he allegedly pointed a gun at her head. the girlfriend pushed the gun away ran outside and asked his uncle for a ride home. it was here prosecutors say that dominick shot his pregnant girlfriend in the shoulder. after calling her back to the car to get her dropped cell phone. his uncle john is charged as being an accessory. prosecutors say he abandoned the pregnant woman and instead tried to hide his nephew. >> really scary i don't even take my kids out it's out of control here. >> reporter: that was fox 25's bob ward reporting. now in open court the judge warned dominick not to spit at court officers again. we learned that he spat at court officers in lockup there. tonight dominick is being held without bail. he's due back in court on wednesday. again waiting to start
10:44 pm
your child in kindergarten a new study is finding could be a good idea. researchers in denmark finding that it reduces hyperactivity by 73%. children in denmark normally start when they turn 6 in the u.s. 20% start at 6:00 i might be one of them. but the majority start at age 5. in a world of rising college tuition, a new plan in washington could give students relief on textbooks. congressional democrats are introducing a bill to make the most common books free. colleges would get federal money to switch to something called open textbooks. there students can download reading materials for free. >> for students and families that are already struggling to afford a college degree this isn't just a theory, this isn't just an expensive textbook anymore it's actually a serious bearer. >> the pilot program currently being used at u-mass amherst the school spent $40,000 and experts say it saved students 1.5 million over four years.
10:45 pm
new hampshire, community is rallying around a teenager who has a genetic disorder so rare it doesn't even have a name. meet mora a 15-year-old gosstown high school sophomore living with a disorder so rare it doesn't even have a name. >> it's a duplication of her chromosome two which affects brain function. >> reporter: mora is nonverbal and wheelchair bound. her mom pamela is a single income parent of two working full-time as a registered nurse. she takes care of mora loves to bring her on trips. >> she loves to be around people. >> reporter: but those trips could soon be at risk. mora is getting too heavy for pam to lift in and out of their van with more than 200,000 miles it on it's too old to add a wheelchair lift. pam says she's looked for ways to try to afford a new or used but because mora's condition is so rare will isn't much support. >> i'm not a person that was raised to just get charity. >> reporter: pam's friends, family and community are rallying behind the cause.
10:46 pm
starting a fund-raiser page for mora. >> i tell mora, mora, you don't people love you, a lot of people really -- she smiles and she starts shaking her head. whether she really understands what i'm saying we don't know, but i think she does, i think that she gets it. >> reporter: wheels for mora a spaghetti dinner with silent auctions is planned for next month and pam is overwhelmed with the support they've seen. >> i love the fellas that i have around me because i tell you it's just amazing what people are doing. >> reporter: and the community is welcome to attend that event to raise money for that new van that they need. turning now to the forecast sarah wroblewski columbus day week is going to start out cool and get warmer as the weekend goes along. >> hey, how about that. looking pretty good. today pretty mild out there. we're going to see the drop in temperature tonight into the day tomorrow. in fact, we're going to be below average starting off our holiday week.
10:47 pm
but look at that. back in the 60s and still at the 70-degree mark. as they're pushing off of the outer cape as well as nantucket. temperatures right now mainly in the 60s to upper 50s. but as we take you through your hour by hour forecast if you have plans this evening we're drying out we'll be clearing out. when you wake up tomorrow morning we're talking about temperatures in the 40s to near 50 . but we have sunshine on tap. in fact, that sunshine is going to be bright throughout the weekend. a little more clouds on sunday but you will notice those temperatures rising from the 50s to the 60s on the cape and islands. both saturday and sunday. and the further north you go that's where you are going to see those 70 degree temperatures even in boston. in fact, we'll take a closer look at the local holiday weekend forecast coming up at 11:00. >> so you then. i really enjoyed moderating a sports concussion forum at mass general today. the event held in conjunction with spalding hospital included local
10:48 pm
experts talking about prevention and treatment of concussions for people of all ages. >> we're all involved in sports. sports has some benefits as well. so what we need to do is look at each individual person, understand their risk and understand the potential benefit of playing sports. >> making this part of hub week how important was it for mass general? >> it was important this talks about our families, our kids our science and our innovation. the kinds of things we're trying to translate to the community. >> reporter: also joining a panel of medical experts was former patriot ed reynolds who played 11 seasons in the nfl whose son now plays for the philadelphia eagles. an interesting perspective as former player now parent football league. the audience included clinicians, coaches and athletes and their families. fox 25 part to be a media partner for hub week. these guns were not the only things that police found in a raid today. new tonight on the fox 25 news at 11:00, what else
10:49 pm
police say was in that woman's home and why her roommate should expect to hear from police soon. also at 11:00, required at home but not at school. the one device that's not required in schools that could be putting your children at risk in a today. major league baseball had a real red sox feel today i'll explain plus, it's our game day -- and you know what that means. >> it's high school game day!
10:50 pm
leah: i just was thinking any minute could be the minute. and the minutes kept passing. we both kind of relaxed and thought, "she'll come when she's ready." [ grunting ] woman: it's a girl! leah: and she did. woman: a big girl! [ olivia crying ]
10:51 pm
>> welcome back to fox 25 news tonight. the college boston eagles drafting a new baseball player. >> 9-year-old quinn signed his letter of intent this afternoon. here it is. quinn has sarcoma is undergoing chemotherapy and physical therapy he was pair with the team bay local charity called team impact.
10:52 pm
couldn't be luckier to have quinn as part of the team. >> there was no doubt in my mind when we met quinn that he he's a b.c. guy he's what we want our players to represent, inspirationally the way he lives his life the things that he's going to do. >> reporter: quinn will now be spending the season with the eagles. supporting and bonding with his teammates. tom brady and the patriots have dallas sunday in a game that looks great even pretty scary pre-season interesting after all their injuries. still trying to convince us all it's a tough game shoot we off to a decent start this year you got all to keep it going. we got to sustain good practices, good games and see if we can just keep building. this team could easily be 4-0. >> these type of games that's what you look forward to as a football player.
10:53 pm
>> bruins captain zdeno chara in a suit thursday night not a uniform. he is still hopeful to make his season debut saturday versus the canadiens and the bs could have used zdeno chara. now the two -- facing off in game one of the nl division series. folks this is a great game. both pitchers pitched very well but lackey was a bit better. lackey goes seven and a third only gives up two hits. oh, yeah, lackey also had five strikeouts on the night. lester well, he goes seven and third he had more strikeouts nine but lester also gave up more hits. five, including this monster shot that thing is out of there. lackey wins the battle of the jons. cardinals win game 14-0. game two between the blue
10:54 pm
ridiculous offense but it's been the rangers getting it done tonight. 14 innings the heroes alberto with the go-ahead single take a 2-0 series lead request a 6-4 win. well, tonight's game day was our first affair. hopkinton the cheerleaders were troopers pregame. town celebrity mike mullins hung out then sang the national anthem and the kylie brothers were also great really so was the game. homecoming for the hillers of hopkinton but the defending super bowl champions the panthers wanted to play spoiler. beautiful pass to brady. but the hillers are no chumps. captain sam layman who is no lame man on a t.d. there. 21-7 the hillers were coming back but the matt liner
10:55 pm
holliston wins 35-14 to remain undefeated. >> they are a great team i respect the program so much. we are one step closer to our main goal which is league champ sip. >> we win these games -- championship. >> we these games sunday through thursday and go out and try to execute. >> more from matt mullins and our fox 25 game day plus, boston college of football preview. see you at 11:00. now at 11:00, i'm tracking the last of the showers and thunderstorms my latest timeline when we see that sunshine and warmer weather. also at 11:00, cleaning up the damage. the strong winds and rain that slammed massachusetts today and left many in the dark. plus, two more arrests marshfield police explain the evidence that allegedly links two more suspects to the buttal and bloody murder of a marshfield man last month and reaction from the community tonight. and mandatory at home but not at school. >> some really bad things
10:56 pm
could happen in the school
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