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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  October 11, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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(horn honking) now at 10:00 daughter lost to the sea. >> you love the sea, you said you were married to the sea and the sea took her. >> the feelings about the captain's decision too sail right into the heart of hurricane joaquin. warmer temperatures tomorrow. over to lewis underneath he goes into the endzone for the touchdown. the pats shake and shimmy their way to 4-0. a dog fights for his life in a home invasion. crooks do not want to mess with this woman. >> if he had behaved in a slightly different manner. >> when she stopped an intruder without having a gun. >> >> announcer: you're
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watching fox 25 news at 10:00. speaking out about a global tragedy in the loss of a daughter. hi everyone i'm blair miller. >> i'm elizabeth hopkins. fox 25 has been following the el faro story since the time it first went missing a week ago. new tonight fox 25's malini basu spoke with the mother of a lost sailor. malini? >> reporter: elizabeth and blair, we're actually where marriott wright loves to come here. tonight we spoke to her mother who tells fox 25 this is a feeling she's going through. she feel like she swallowed a large piece of flat rock it and landed right here on her chest and it's not going to move and it's covering it. >> we were so full of hope. we were ultra -- >> reporter: mary shivery is trying to come to terms with
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>> i know the ship sank. >> reporter: she was only 51-year-old years old working on the el faro. >> you loved the sea, you said you were married to the sea, and the sea took her bride. >> reporter: tonight in jacksonville, a vigil for all of the crew members on the vessel. mary tells fox 25 she isn't mad at the captain's decision to sail. >> i don't think it ever occurred to him it would turn into a hurricane. because well, he had been through hurricanes before. >> reporter: now mary tells us she has to try and start the healing process of losing her middle child. >> i am so proud of you my little girl, my tough, rough, cream puff. i know that you died doing exactly what you loved.
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>> reporter: and tonight mary also tells us she's a realist and she does not have any more hope. now coming up at 11:00, we'll have more of mary's interview and we will tell you exactly what mariet told her mom right before she left. for now live in brockton, malini basu, fox 25 news. >> malini. so hard to imagine what that family is going through. certainly our thoughts are with them this evening. fox 25 there stay in touch with that family. we will continue to follow their story and bring you any new developments as soon as we get word of those. we are following breaking news out of the tennessee where an off duty memphis police officer was shot and killed today. 31-year-old officer terrence alridge was shot multiple times this afternoon outside a home in the memphis suburb of cordova. alridge joined the memphis police department in 2014. he leaves behind had his finacee who is four months pregnant. >> the details are now very, very sketchy.
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we do have one suspect in custody but again the details are very, very sketchy. >> the suspect in custody has not been charged yet. alridge is the fourth memphis police officer to be killed in the past four years. another officer was shot and killed during a traffic stop in august. now fox 25 will continue to track any new details on this deadly police shooting. we're going to have another update at 10:00 and all morning long starting at 4:00 a.m. on the fox 25 morning news. now we want to show some amazing drone video check out this eagle eyed view of the foilage in russell also a few shots of huntington massachusetts in there. chief meteorologist den kevin lemanowicz joins us now. the weather just gorgeous. >> if you like it warmer you will like this forecast. you see the colors aren't peaking yet even in western massachusetts. near 70 out there in western mass today 69 norwood and 68
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with most of the clouds staying well to the north of southern new england we were in the clear. tonight it is totally clear out there. that's going to allow that temperature to drop overnight. let's start off for the area northwest of worcester. 45 under clear skies in the morning, 56 by 10:00 a.m. so already jumping up there for sure. then let's take it in closer to middlesex county temperature dropping to 47 sunshine and 62 by the middle of the day. i'll show you how warm we're going to get and when our next rain arrives. >> the saying is how about them cowboys? today it was all about the patriots again. tom joins you. new england football is really must see tv not only locally but across the country as well. >> reporter: focus remains the key for this team. today they set a record for most points scored in the first four games of a season in franchise history. bill belichick undefeated and head coach against
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dallas. tom brady 55 yard drive dionne lewis down to the one-yard line lots of ways you can get in from there. the quarterback sneak took a bit for the pats to get into the end zone but brady finishes it off with a spike. here's lewis again what a catch and what a run. slithering into the endzone like a snake and the patriots were rolling. that made it 20-6. then the fourth quarter they opened it up even more. brady connects with julian edelman making people miss that. gave the pats a 27-6 cushion. now granted brady took a beating today physically. check out the hit he got on this touchdown pass. but efficient yet again. the pats are 4-0. 30-6 your final from at&t stadium this afternoon. later tonight on the spots wrap brian salman will have
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locker room. time lieden, fox 25 news. happening now in boston the colonial theatre has just wrapped its final performance for at least the next year. tonight's performance of the book of mormon was the last sum emerson college decides what to do with that space. the college is considering using the space as a dining hall with a performance space inside of it. we now know the name of the ham tony man shot and killed by police in beverly. the district attorney's office says 49-year-old christopher whitmarsh was shot yesterday afternoon on balch street. this after a woman called police reporting that he was ramming her with his s.u.v. police ordered him to get out of the car when refused an officer tired a shot. he died from his injuries. the investigation is ongoing. tonight we are learning much more about the victims of saturday's deadly house explosion. here in franklin a story which first broke during the fox 25 morning news.
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victims were long time residents of the medical -- of medway. >> instead they're gone. >> reporter: a loss of life in franklin saturday felt most acutely one town away. >> just very, very, sad. i'm quite shocked still can't believe it, that this happened to them. >> reporter: richard and nancy brown both parent in this fire and explosion had close ties to medway, they raised their family here, and richard brown was government. the current board of selectman member and town clerk mary jane white. >> he was just a very nice guy. willing to do anything for you. really interesting in the well being. >> reporter: white says richard brown who also served on medway's finance committee left his mark on the station. >> we were in desperate need
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station and he made sure those two things happened. >> reporter: the brown left medway a number of years ago and moved to florida. but about a month ago they moved back to be close to family in a new home was in franklin a condominium brand new. >> it's very sad that we didn't get to see them again or nancy. >> reporter: investigators still trying to determine exactly what happened in franklin yesterday. their initial impression was there was some sort of a gas explosion. the brown's unit like the others around them were serviced by underground propane tanks. in medway, jim morelli, fox 25 news. new at 10:00 police have now tweeted out information about bears in response to friday's sighting. on friday night fox 25 first told you that the bear was spotted. police found it sleeping and then it eventually woke up and wandered off. there have been no reported sightings since then. because the bear could still be out there police want to make sure people know what to do.
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if you happen to come across a black bear do not run or try and climb a tree. back away when possible and if the bear approaches you try to look bigger by putting your arms above your head and talk in a calm joys. it all sounds -- calm voice. it all sounds so simple. bears are often attracted to bird feeders. for more information go to we have that information on our home page for you. trying to climb a tree in a bear panic is not a good idea. just reit rating. --. house speaker john boehner will soon step down. >> i just have enormous confidence it's might man at the right moment. >> reporter: representative paul ryan is still under pressure to run for speaker of the house. ryan told cnn on sunday his answer is still no. but according to ryan's allies, he's still trying to make up his find this he wants the job.
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>> certainly shouldn't do it if he's not willing to embrace it. >> reporter: ryan emerged as a favorite among some republicans after representative kevin announcement that he would not run for speaker. friends of the weighs and means chairman says ryan will only take the job if he gets support from the house members a hurdle that contributed to mccarthy pulling out of the race. members of the party's freedom caucus has another man in mind congressman daniel webster of florida. until somebody is a clear candidate we won't move to a new candidate. but sunday they said the freedom caucus would look favorably on ryan if he decides to step in. ryan's possibly candidacy is coming up on the campaign trail. g.o.p. front uner donald trump told face thination. >> i think he doesn't want it very badry. >> and bobby jindal summed it up. >> the question is what commitment will the next speaker make to the
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conference? >> reporter: i'm kim hutcherson reporting. rushed to the hospital in desperate need of help. a dog with no ordinary wound. >> i could not believe who would do that, who would stab a puppy. >> ahead in our next half hour the twisted story no one saw coming. also the new information a local police department is searching for in the case of a former teacher's aide accused of sexual misconduct. first steven tyler getting involved in the presidential race.
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people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and whining about it and making speeches about it doesn't get it done. nobody has shaken up the system more than i have. i've always been unorthodox in this and against the grain. but you know what? i know how to get it done. new day independent media committee, inc. is responsible for the content
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>> aerosmith steven tyler is asking donald trump to stop using the band's song "dream on" at campaign events. the rock star's lawyers sent a cease and desist letter yesterday saying this is not a personal or political issue but an issue over permission and copyright. a lowell police officer caught sleeping on the job is on leave tonight. take a look at this picture from the lowell sun. you can see the officer seems to have his head on a pillow in his cruiser. police internal affairs are looking into this matter and the superintendent of police says the this case is "extremely embarrassing." and that such behavior will not be tolerated. crews investigating after multiple boats catch on fire on the cape on little river in mashpee this morning. they found a boat fully engulfed it was difficult to get to the flames because
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the dock was on fire as well. that fire spread though to another boat and burned away the rope that kept it tied to the dock it so began to float in the river covered in those flames. officials do not know what caused it. reported. reaction continues to pour in from across the country regarding a story you saw breaking last night at 6:00. more on the army officer's no jail recommendation for sergeant bo bergdahl. >> reporter: an article 32 hearing is held to determine probable cause. an army officer is suggesting that bo bergdahl should be spared and a special court-martial rather than a general. soldiers cannot be sentenced to more than a year it's no more severe than a bad conduct discharge. military prosecutors charged
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desertion and disdisbehavior. with a charge that could carry maximum. >> he defected went over to the enemy yes he was tortured and held for five years but it was because he he walked away. soldiers were hurt, harmed and killed in the process of the mission to find him that we otherwise would have not been doing. he needs to be held accountable for it. >> that drew criticism from both republicans and also some democrats. some military officials say regardless of the recommendation bergdahl deserted his comrades. another decision will be made as to whether or not military officials accept these recommendations. in washington, elizabeth prann, fox news. a boston man faces several charges in a deadly crash in weymouth. now police say the car crashed into a utility pole. there were four people in
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to the hospital one of them died shortly after they got there. police arrested the driver a 30-year-old francisco gomes. he faces several charges including motor vehicle homicide. in weymouth a man is being held on bail after allegedly hitting another man in the parking lot. >> they say he hit a pedestrian as well as several parked cars in that lot. the pedestrian was flown to the hospital with serious injuries. he faces multiple charges including drunk driving and license. a tiny toy is causing a big uproar. playmobile is stocking its calling racist. >> reporter: this toy certainly is causing a lot of controversy. we went by the store to buy one today had no problem finding one there's plenty available on the shelf. the reason behind the controversy. this character right here dark skinned and the instruction manual tells you
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to put a shackle around his neck. >> this is appalling and has no place here in 2015. >> reporter: the local chapter of the naacp. >> that's slave, that is preposterous. >> reporter: does not approve of this toy. >> childhood toys should not subject children to terror, that's what this depicts. that's not okay. >> reporter: or the message they believe it's sending to children. >> we should not and must not profit, promote, be stereotyped at the expense of others. it's about diverse ity. it's not making fun or light of it. >> reporter: we showed that character to people on the streets of denver. >> you don't notice. >> reporter: and got similar reactions. >> i think it's ratesist. it's extremely racist. we're not that type of culture anymore. i'm extremely offended.
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around their neck that you know of? >> it doesn't even matter things don't go around our necks what comes next? >> the naacp is calling for action. i really would like to see this recalled immediately and an apology put forth to the community because it has no place. >> reporter: that report from drew engleforward. they deny saying it was a historical and -- if you look at the box you can see that the pirate figure clearly a crew member on the pirate ship and not a captain. the figure was meant to represent a pirate moves about a former slave. coming up questions surrounding house benghazi committee after a fired member speaks out. what he's claiming the committee is really after. first two drivers able to walk away from a serious crash in greenfield.
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what? you get it? i get the gist, yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. people want change, they want
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reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and whining about it and making speeches about it doesn't get it done. nobody has shaken up the system more than i have. i've always been unorthodox in this and against the grain. but you know what? i know how to get it done. new day independent media committee, inc. is responsible for the content of this advertising. two drivers escaping
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unhurt from a tractor-trailer crash here in greenfield this afternoon. it happened this afternoon on route 2. a car collided with that tractor-trailer causing the truck to spill its cargo on the highway while coming to combing through the wreckage police were able to rescue a dog. that dog right there trapped inside the sleeper of the tractor-trailer. the road back over in bourne after this car crashed into a utility pole early this morning. the driver was not there when the police arrived at the scene. the road was closed so crews could replace the pole. governor charlie baker will talk to lawmakers about opioid addiction this week. >> he has some recommendations for new policies to help capacity -- combat this problem. a task force says addiction should be considered a serious medical condition and various barriers to treatment should be used. deaths from opioid uses have almost doubled in the past five years. a public hearing on
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scheduled for this week. most of the bills are related to charter schools and proposals to create new schools and funding. that would allow the sight add or expand up to 12 charter schools in the state. that hearing will take place on tuesday. the new jersey and vermont american red cross held an event this weekend as part of their home fire preparedness campaign. he is have already saved 26 lives across the country by homes. >> reporter: it's the moment when every second counts. >> typically a family actually has only two minutes to exit a home once a fire alarm is sound. so it's really important that families know what to do when they hear the beep. >> reporter: but you can't hear what's not there and the national fire prevention association says 70% of all house fires happen in homes in new hampshire the red cross decided to do something about that. 30 volunteers installed 300 smoke detectors in nashua.
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>> emergencies are going to happen to people. so this is something that the american red cross can do to help people prepare for the unspellinged. >> reporter: the red cross says they respond to a house fire every 20 hours in vermont and new hampshire. they say they will continue to be there for families in need with food, shelter and clothing whenever the unexpected flares up. >> do you know someone who would like a free installation. just head to right now we have put a link there to the red cross website. instead of running away from an intruder this woman bought back then some. ahead here in the next half hour the unique training she had that came in very handy. clear skies leading to cool
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80 degrees and when >> we continue to get stunning fall images from around the state. first it was a drone video now this is a gorgeous blog. there's nothing like fall in new england on monday. looks to be the best day of right. about that. now the colors aren't as vibrant as they have been in past columbus day weekends
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but you're seeing some pretty shots out there no doubt about that and the cranberry will add a little color to the scenery as well. the farther north you go the more clouds you had but most of new hampshire and vermont stayed away from the cloud today just really pretty weather for october for sure. tonight it is clear out there when you have clear skies your temperatures can drop down into the 40s. down at the beaches in the low 50s tonight otherwise you will be down into the 40s. columbus day golf, okay for anything you are doing in the morning. temperature rising through the 40s on averell jumping once the sun gets up there and starts to burn things off. it will be a sunny day well into the 70s in the afternoon as well. let's take future cast through the day tomorrow. what you will not see here is much in the way of clouds. take it into the afternoon as well. there are a few clouds blowing by in northern new england. i want to be watching the south for some clouds approaching us from there.
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watching us as 6:30 those are going to come. let's talk about the high temperatures during the day 69 with a wind off the but 74 scituate and 72 for lakeville tomorrow afternoon. 75 from quincy to bridgewater look at this though getting up to 76 in foxborough. up there in the merrimack river valley temperatures in the mid and upper 70s with an outside shot for a couple towns to hit 80 tomorrow afternoon. i think some of the warmest temperatures up in here lowell 77 closer to the water 74 farther to the northwest 74 for new brattleboro as well with a lot of sunshine just a few clouds dotting the skies. they start to creep up the coast towards southern new england later tomorrow night just a little slower. though much of the rain now staying offshore. still the question whether or not we get some showers in here tuesday morning. they would be an eastern and especially south eastern massachusetts if they're going to happen. still going to see that
10:29 pm
though. through the early afternoon the sun popping out. a couple systems converging on southern new england. in between the two it will still be mild. this front. temperatures will still be into the 70s on tuesday. that front will cool us off but it may bring some showers with us during the afternoon and later on into the evening. we'll see a cooldown behind that. but still a couple very mild really warm days for october coming up on monday and tuesday into the mid and upper 70s in places tomorrow tuesday. keep in mind at the beaches on cape cod on the island you will likely stay in the 60s with winds coming in from the south off of the water. everybody out there looking for those leaves and the latest reports from the leaves well, here, we are
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just not seeing the crisp color. then through wednesday more chances for some showers coming on through. i design see a huge rainstorm in the offing. circle these dates saturday and sunday. there's definitely going to be some frost. >> two experts have come to the conclusion that the deadly police-involved shooting of a 12-year-old boy was reasonable. brian yennis lays out the facts. >> reporter: the cuyahoga prosecutors office rereleased two independent outside expert reports both finding the who was shot and killed the 12-year-old acted reasonably. wright was shot and killed by cleveland officers timothy lohman on november 22nd of last year after an 9-1-1 caller said there was a guy in the park with a pistol pointing it at people. four minutes later offerings
10:31 pm
jumped a curb. lohman got out of the car within two seconds fired his gun twice killing the boy. the gunch turned out to be a pellet boy and the shooting resulting in protests around the country. now they have released few expert systems they say in the interest of being transparent. one expert calling rice's teeth tragic and heartbreaking but writing officer lohman's belief that rice posed threat of serious physical farm or death was objectably reasonable as was his response to that perceived threat. the other expert a retired f.b.i. agent saying the only facts that matter in determining if the officer acted reasonably are those he had at the time. officer lohman had no information to suggest the weapon was anything but a real handgun and the speed with which the confrontation progressed would not give the officer time to focus on the weapon. rice's lawyers say the release of these expert reports prove the prosecutor's office does not
10:32 pm
want accountability. any presentation to a grand jury without the prosecutor advocating is a charade. so-called experts to assist in the whitewash when the world has the video of what happened is all the more alarming. the prosecutor's office says conclusions. a grand jury will ultimately decide whether or not officer lohman will be charged. in new york, brian yennis, fox news. a man at the center of an irish banking scandal due in a boston courtroom this week. 48-year-old david drum was arrested this weekend in massachusetts. drum was one of ireland's most wealthy bankerses c.e.o. of the anglo-irish bank after it was discovered that the bank's chairman had received millions in hidden loans. coming up tonight a former teacher's aide accused of sexually assaulting students. what one local police
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officials continue to investigate sexual assault charges against a former concord, new hampshire, teacher. 30-year-old donald lavect already faces charges for sexually assaulting several students for working as a teacher and youth football coach. now they are trying to find fought there are any more alleged victims. lavec walked at shaker road school after the school found out he was inappropriately communicating with a former student. a former member of the benghazi claiming that they are not out for the truth but rather the downfall of hillary clinton. the former investigator for the committee claims he was fired for trying to conduct his investigation in a nonpartisan way. >> this has become a partisan investigation i do not know the reason for the i would just like to say i am going on vote for the republican nominee in 2016 i
10:36 pm
do not support hillary clinton. >> they claim he never raised any concerns about the focus of the investigation at any point or while he was being counselled for deficient performance. four americans were killed in that 2012 attack in the u.s. embassy including winchester native glen dougherty. layoffs at a new hampshire-based grocery store. they are expected to lay off employees at some of the company's 32 nationwide headquarters. it's unclear how those workers might be impacted. it's also unclear how the warehouse in brattleboro, vermont will be impacted and which divisions would be targeted overall. a water pipe burst early this morning. water had to be shut off in the area for a while. police say the pipe has since been fixed. new hampshire is trying to make it easier for consumers to get good deals on electricity rates. the granite state public utilities commission launched a website that
10:37 pm
displays a list of providers and the rates they offer. officials say they created that site to because customers complained about how much calls they have to make get information about prices. >> some longer wait times for southwest passengers today. how many flights today were impacted by a computer glitch. >> but first stopping a crook no matter what it takes. one woman's amazing story. >> i can see the guy standing right about here and i just came out and just started punching like this.
10:38 pm
enough the unusual item a woman in indiana did not panic when someone broke into her home and said as alexis mcadams reports she grabbed her japanese sword. >> i could see the guy
10:39 pm
standing right about here i just came at him and started punching like this get out. >> reporter: when karen woke up found an intruder standing in the hallway of her indy home early friday morning she knew she had to do whatever it took to protect herself. >> if i feel threatened as i'm becoming aattack i'm going to attack. >> reporter: she says it only took a few seconds for the suspect to force open the door and get inside. the 43-year-old who is trained in medieval combat punched man in the face at least 10 times. >> he was deflecting a lot like this. >> reporter: then she grabbed her large japanese combat sword. >> it's got an edge it will cut. >> reporter: and held the blade to the intruder until police arrived. >> i just held it on him like this while he was on the floor. >> reporter: officers arrested 30-year-old jacob us ale of greenwood. >> he was so out of it roars police say russell was high on an unknown substance repeatedly telling offers he
10:40 pm
he had no idea that his hiding place would have a woman with a japanese sword. >> i would have swung or i would have stabbed. >> reporter: rausle did not put up a fight and apologized on the way out. >> if he had behaved a slightly different manner he wouldn't have gotten out of here alive. >> that report from alexis police always recommend you run away from intruders if you can first not try and take them on. a texas woman is dead husband. tonight he's telling police that he thought she was an intruder. it happened this morning at this home in san antonio. now the man told police he woke up he heard strange noises in the house and that's when he decided to grab his gun. apparently it wasn't until he pull the trigger that he realized his mistake. >> she suffered a gunshot wound to the upper body. e.m.s. made the scene but she was pronounced deceased at the location. >> the shooting is under investigation but so far no charges have been filed.
10:41 pm
today we're getting a closer look at surveillance footage from the string of break-inses on the cape. you can see in on the the car. police are looking for that person in connection to three break-in in the past 10 days. >> a technical issue causing longer wait lines at southwest. staff members had to check everyone in manually. roughly 450 flights were delayed today. south west is now urging flyers to get to the airport early. these technical issues come just three months after a massive glitch at unthd airlines. a young woman in new york city lights up a marijuana joint at 8:30 a.m. on wall street and the new york police commissioner comes and taps on her shoulder. he told this story at new york law school on friday. >> she looked over and i wish i had a photograph of that face. because she instantly
10:42 pm
recognized me. >> but she wasn't hurting anybody was she? >> we politely removed the marijuana into the local sewer suggested she might have a better amdemic day. >> he told the story in response to the question of someone in audience saying she was from a marijuana legalization group. new york legalized marijuana in the past year but he said he does not support legalizing medical marijuana. time for a a check it on the forecast. a beautiful day coming up. it's not going to stay like that all week so enjoy this while you can. otherwise clear skies. yeah there were clouds threw would see them floating by by noon time. right through the day you can see clouds there in canada just to show there really is future cast data on there. through the day tomorrow lots of sunshine. 72 to 78 . you will be in the 60s winds.
10:43 pm
nice bright day well above average. that means we're going to look for those leaves and going out to the berkshires or farther sborth north you will find some good color. now it's not peak conditions just yet in most locations a little slower go about this year. little duller colors. but still you know you will find some pretty colors out there on a day like tomorrow is going to be. more 70s on tuesday but a change on the way. latest timeline coming on those have it for you at 11:00. a dog stabbed during a recent home invasion in worcester. the animal quickly developing an infection from that wound. when the owners couldn't afford to take care of that animal any more there was a local vet student who stepped in. fox 25's christine mccarthy spoke to the woman with a big heart earlier tonight. >> reporter:dy. for this local veterinary student it's not only her job to take care of this puppy she's going to see him through his entire recovery her.
10:44 pm
>> everybody basically fell in love with him. >> reporter: 12 week old puppy kona is a fighter. the tiny chihuahua is being treated at tufts veterinary hospital after a heinous attack last sunday. >> i was completely flabbergasted. >> reporter: kona was stabbed in a home invasion in worcester. police say two armed men ransacked the home, assaulted two people and stabbed the puppy while a toddler slept. >> he is just this tiny 4.50 pound puppy who autos never done anything to -- who has never done anything to >> reporter: just hours after worcester animal control brought kona in fourth year veterinary student care line of barr developed a bond with him as her morning caretaker. >> i went in every morning i was so excited to see him but also worried about what he was going to look like him. >> reporter: kona's health deteriorated. he had developed a chest infection was having trouble breathing.
10:45 pm
kona was racking up an expensive medical bill and his owners couldn't afford to keep him. that left just two options euthanize him or find a home fast. for caroline who already owns a 4-year-olders are. there was one option adopt him. >> reporter: kona is still sick that they decided not to operate him at least for now but to do medical management with i.v.s, antibiotics and a feed be tube it's a longer process but the prognosis is good all thanks to this doting vet student. >> he was just a special case i think for me. now worcester police are still searching for those suspects. if have you any information you are urged to call police. in the meantime, caroline is actually raising funds through a go fund me account to support kona's recovery. that's why she's able to take him. in she's actually raised more than $5,000 in less than 48 hours.
10:46 pm
if you would like more information about that account you can go to our website >> another police officer shot and killed in america. next at 11:00 the circumstances around the enforcement. and several boats catch fire. this local marina what kept those firefighters from flames. more bad news for the bruins as any learn bad brad concussion. from dallas where the patriots who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. is responsible for the content
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. tomorrow as we mention is columbus day for those of who you will be commuting to work getting around should be easier than most holidays. the m.t.a. will operate on a standard week day schedule to subway, bus, ferry commute rail will all run as they typically would. the newest massachusetts
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location over opened its doors this morning at university station and the lines were long. the new store has 122,000 square feet, it's got a cafe, a pharmacy, a winch and beer shop. this location is actually the spourth to open in masses. in the wake of several shootings state universities and community colleges in new hampshire say they are constantly reviewing their security and emergency response plans. university ies design their own plans for plans. the start of this patriots season has been incredible. but the fact is the pats have needed to this start to keep up with the cream of the crop in the afc they are still a half game behind denver and cincinnati who are already 5-0 for the first five weeks of the nfl season. bill belichick undefeated
10:49 pm
got that going today. tom brady over to deion lewis he gets down to the one-yard line which sets up the patriots first touchdown of the game. quarterback sneak. took a little time for the pats to get in the endzone today. third quarter methodical drive. 80 yards nine plays. here's deion lewis again what a catch. he gets his way into the endzone there. that made the score 20-3. the patriots were rolling fourth quarter brady will go deep to julian edelman. he had some nice moves himself into the endzone. pats win it 30-6 today. our brian salman watched it all firsthand in dallas. >> reporter: in a game that tom brady threw two touchdown passes also ran one in also had 275 yards it was the patriots dense of that led the day. three sacks, interception
10:50 pm
>> coming out here this is like walking through the sangedz and this and that and the jumbotron it's a cool place to play. it was awesome to see all the patriots fans out there. they seem pretty equal. >> didn't it? >> it was loud. >> like we always say it's a marriage when they do their job we do our job they're able to make plays and able to make an interception. >> just go out there did they score? >> no, no touchdowns. obviously, something. we want to do try and hold the defense i mean offense to no touchdowns and play hard snich coming up in our fox 25 "sportswrap" you will hear from a couple of those patriots defenders as well as deion lewis who scores yet another tantalizing touchdown.
10:51 pm
>> thanks, brian. really terrible starts to the bruins season. he had to be helped off the ice after faking an inadvertent elbow to the head as he trying to check claude weiss. he did suffer a concussion. they will be careful getting back on the ice. they have dropped to 0-2 on the season. you heard brian tell you and butch stearns will be with me in studio and a conversation with travis roy 20 years after his devastating injury. the energy and the spirit that he exudes is still very palpable. also tonight chase utley suspended two games for his universal slide in last night's game between the dodgers and the mets. we'll get into that too immediately after the fox 25 news at 11:00. now at 11:00 a daughter lost to the sea. >> i'm so proud of you my little girl. >> reporter: her feelings about the captain's decision to sail into the heart of
10:52 pm
i'm tracking some showers coming up. the latest timeline coming in. >> into the endzone for the touchdown. >> and the pats shake and shimmy their way to 4-0. athounce this is fox 25 news at 11:00. >> speaking out about the loss of a daughter hi everyone i'm blair miller. >> i'm elizabeth hopkins. the el faro tragedy has hit new england very soon. malini basu you spoke to the mother of a lost sailor. >> that's right. we could tell you that the mother and daughter used to come here to this restaurant in brockton. her mother tells us she's a realist and she knows right now that her daughter is never coming back home. >> imagine you swallowed a large flat rock and it landed right here and that rock stays right over my heart. >> reporter: mary who lives
10:53 pm
in brockton says she's
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