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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  October 12, 2015 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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amazing how quickly life can turn around for you. >> blake shelton on life after miranda. what she says now. >> plus, bill cosby and gloria allred finally come face-to-face. what she told us about the showdown. >> coming up right now on -- >> entertainment tonight. >> we are waging this battle. >> cosby under oath. did he molest this woman at the playboy mansion when she was 15. >> 27 accusers unite.
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>> miranda's talking -- >> i'm not in rehab. >> exclusive at home with the housewives family. as teresa sits behind bars with only we're with her husband and teen daughter. >> also, lindsay lohan's parents together. what they are telling us about going into therapy. >> we did get divorce ferd a reason. >> nick jonas with a kate hudton hook up. >> were you introduced to kate hudson? >> that's a loaded question. >> 26 years later -- >> a love story reunion. >> back stage with the judd's big reunion. plus what happened when they faced the press? >> winona came in like a raging bull. she is going to apologize to you.
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is "entertainment tonight". >> we have a lot of news to get to. >> we do. we he have news about jim carrey after apparent news of the woman he was dating. >> bill cosby's dramatic deposition. >> we are permitted to take testimony for seven hours. he will decide how the questions should be answered if at all. >> held under a shroud of secrecy. questions and answers fielded pro going public. gloria allred accuses cosby of child sexual abuse. her client claims cosby molested her in 1974 at the playboy mansion when she was just 15. >> how many of you believed you were drugged by bill cosby? how many of you believe bill cosby raped you? >> on nbc, kate snow interviewed 27 alleged victims for "date line." >> it was really something to have this number of people in one room.
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frankly, i've done such a large interview on any subject. we reached out to every woman who made accusations against bill cosby at the time of our interview and these 27 women accepted. >> bill cosby denies wrongdoing and hasn't been charged with a crime. malcom jamaal warner who played his son on "the cosy show" says tarnished. >> we always "the cosby show" to hold us up and the fact that we know longer have that, that's what saddens me the most because in a few generations, the huxtables will have been a fairy tale. >> hundreds waiting to pay their respect for the 30-year-old, the make-up artist died in her home for a suspected overdose last month. "e.t." confirmed prescription
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pills found near white's body were not prescribed to her. another report claims three of the four bottles were under jim carrey's aliases. a common practice for celeb possess. gym was not aware she obtained any of his prescriptions. >> separated from her husband, a source tells "e.t." at the time of her death, she was making plans to file for divorce pb lambert. >> blake is making the most of his single life, one of the most eligible batch lrs chelors out there. >> i'm in a good place. i wasn't, but i am now. >> spending time with friends. going on trips. the life of the party. >> cover story out now says shelton is enjoying being single for the first time in a decade. and he is addressing the rehab reports. this is like san greea >> the voice coach denied gossip
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about his drinking problem with tmz. >> i'm good. i'm not in rehab. it is amazing how quickly life can turn around for you. >> meanwhile, looks like miranda has a break-up album in the works. >> listen to my music or written music every single day since i've been here for the whole summer, basically. >> two-time grammy win are moved back it nashville after the split and after a star on the walk of fame last week is moving forward emotionally. >> i just want to keep going. i want to earn my star now. you know what i mean? >> the nick jonas romance rumors are bubbling since they were spotted at disney world last month. he said he had come to talk about the speculation of his love life. >> when you live a public life and for whatever reason people are interested in that. i think my life is not that interesting. >> we disagree. and a super creative approach to
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kate's question, receiving an oscar nomination for her role in "almost famous." how cool was it having penny as a groupie at your concert in florida? >> you know, when it comes to that, the past is fine, all a day long --. >> i didn't ask you anything. i just said having penny as your groupie. >> a loaded question. all my fans are great. and having them is great. >> next, ryan murphy. >> are you excited? >> jake plays her brother oliver and nick star in "scream queen" which murphy also produced. >> oliver hudson, your scream hudson? >> i'm not going to answer that, respect for her privacy and mine. >> something else making news this week. kosmo cover featuring the kardashians and headlines,
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this has people outraged saying it is disrespectful to the obamas. >> we have behind the scenes footage from the photo shoot and interviews that might cause more controversy. and we are still reviewing an explicit, we couldn't even air most of them. >> disgusting. >> embarrassing. >> wild. >> most embarrassing moment for me was when i was with bruce in the bathroom and the flight attendant got on the microphone -- congratulations mr. and mrs. jenner, you just joined the mile high club. we're so proud of you and we decided to give you a bottle of champagne. yay. i was mortified. we are both pretty brave. much braver. it is wild. becoming a mom, fearful.
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>> not going to lie, but nothing me. like them or not, kardashians know how to make a white button-up shirt look pretty darn good for the cover of cosmo. >> when i was first starting out in my career, i sat down with my pub list publicist at the time and i said to her, i would love to be on the cover of "cosmo." she saidid kim, let's be realistic. they had amazing titles. who doesn't like a how to give 21 [ bleep ] in 21 days. that was my favorite. >> this is the tip on the november cover that could explain how khloe pulled off the the recent instagram shots. the jenners called the first family has some threatening to cancel their subscription. >> tongue in cheek. we have also heard from within
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the white house. the actual first man is amused by this and has no intention of giving up their bedrooms if the white house for the kardashians. >> this anniversary issue does focus on other ladies as well. among the top women to watch right now, serena williams, hillary clinton, taylor swift. >> yes, yes and yes. >> all right. >> let's talk about what is in theaters this weekend. you have hugh jackman up against steve jobs and of course the stars of those shows but first we are talking about the star of next weekend, tom hanks. >> topic number one at the film career was his son chet, who just admitted he is struggling with drug addiction. >> i've been in drug rehab. >> you must be so proud of chet for being open and inspiring others. >> a couple months ago i was
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selling coke and smoking crack. >> as a parent you love your kids unconditionally and support them every step of the way and you got applaud bravery and honesty when it comes out of your own house. >> tom is also keeping focus on his new cold war drama "bridge of spies." eighth collaboration with pal steven spielburg. >> he is the boss. we come to work everyday loaded with a couple of ideas. and if you don't have them, he sort of gets mad at you. >> a "pan" premier, hugh jackman giving up info on peter miller who plays peter pan. >> levi celebrated his 13th birthday. what did you do? >> karaoke. sushi at a very famous sushi place. then to the baseball and sang karaoke. certainly not in my range. my friend, michelle, picked for me, taylor swift "we're never ever ever getting back together."
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>> getting back together >> let's keep the birthday celebration rolling at steve jobs premier. kate winslet turning 40 and fassbender. >> he did. we were about to fly it in and oh, my god, what is in? crazy. a huge box. >> meanwhile, steve jobs co-star said roguian is celebrating james franco's very belated bar mitzvah at 37 and filming for his alzheimer's movement for charity. >> i've known him for 15 years longer he talked about how he wanted a bar mitzvah. >> and miley cyrus will be the headliner next saturday at hollywood -- >> how did we not get an invite? >> i have no idea. but i'm there. >> i'm with it.
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medicine. snooki is on the beach rolling around. falling all over the place. >> yeah, that is the snooki we all remember, a hot mess on the jersey shore. but nicole palizzi is a far cry from the person you saw on mtv. a mom of two working on her fifth book. new live and how she is proving strong is the new sexy. >> i'm wearing spanx. when you have kids you have this loose skin and stretch marks. but you have like loose skin that is not supposed to be there. >> it has taken a lot of work to tone up her post baby body. she and her husband are parents to a son and daughter. will there be more? >> i'm not ready. i want two more. johnny only wants one. i will trick him. >> she is hands-on mom.
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no nannies. and has an opinion on the ben affleck christina nanny-gate scandal. >> oh, i feel like she is milking it. i didn't think it is true. maybe there was something that could have happened. i don't like this girl, she is a hem wrecker p. no. >> her marriage has been gossiped about but in strong is the new sexy she says they are okay. >> i know he will never cheat on me and i will never cheat on him. we are good there. we have little bumps in the road. i went say, all right, we're relationship. it. >> when you look back at jersey shore -- >> i can't. it is like ewww. you know he the pictures like in high school like you see gross pictures of you. or middle school and you're like oh, what was i thinking. why was i wearing that? "jersey shore." why am i doing that? like oh, why.
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>> you're not getting through a snooki interview without a weirdness. this took a super natural turn. >> i believe in reincarnation. all that stuff. i'm like a psychic. >> like i believe in zombies and ghosts? >> yeah. the government is just hiding like disease answers it can definitely turn out. i know it. aliens are real. >> and about that rumor she is joining the real housewives of new jersey? >> did they approach you? >> no, never. >> you wouldn't want to do it? >> not yet. i'm only 27. i have other things going on. maybe when i'm older i would consider it. but i'm still young. >> okay. case in point that snooki moved on with her life. check out this joint birthday party she through two weeks ago for her daughter and son lorenzo. jwoww and her husband joined snooki and giovanni. >> we talked to another jersey
12:17 am
reality star, joe. his secrets about his jersey house wife now in prison is our exclusive with joe and his teenage daughter, just ahead. >> up next, a few tv stars, calista flock heart talks super girl and tom selleck talks magnum pi. >> texting? >> once. >> e-mail? how do you do that. >> and making of the new got anything to eat? you know it, brochacho! try lunchables uploaded walking tacos! mix it up. nuke it for 15. now you can do anything! nom, nom, nom! the new walking taco from lunchables uploaded.
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if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. hey, can you put it down. >> seems like every star in hollywood wants to sign with "empire entertainment." we have seen marisa tomei and chris rock pop up on season two and we are looking forward to adam rodriguez and mariah carey, alicia keys and lenny kravitz. but first check out my buddy pitbull. we have the behind the scenes
12:20 am
>> that feels so incredible to be shooting my first official music video. and of all things, it is with pitbull. let's get it on all we want is to party and the music it turn it all the way up . the video for no doubt about it, with the party check list, girls shaking it, obligatory miami mansion going on all night and make a flap for -- >> sitting here in this crazy, krizy crazy house in in florida. it is beautiful. the people are gorgeous. >> 73-hour shoot, pitbull discerning the difference between the actor versus jamaal,
12:21 am
his empire character. >> jesse, off-camera. and on-camera, jamaal. but the same guy. time. >> neil helped write this song with pitbull and he he wrote another hit for jesse and we will hear that next. >> come on, how good is this show? all right, later this month on cbs, you will see the premier of "super girl" starring calista. >> i'm happy to be part after she that embraces girl power and celebrates girl power. >> the only reason i bought this building is because it had a private elevator p. >> oh, yeah. plenty of power here. and ka lift calista's media mogul character has an image. >> we need an interview and exclusive content, so go.
12:22 am
go get me that girl. wrap. >> i think kat takes a liking to in her. i think this relationship will grow. >> the lead up to the series is october 26th on cbs is a new sensation for calista. >> this show has gotten so much buzz before we've even been on the air. me. that little scary. >> scary? that is how social media changed since her ally mcbeal dayes. >> that's the difference. i didn't even have a cell phone when i was on ally. that's crazy. i had a cell phone maybe, but it was this big and i didn't know where it was and i didn't use it or know my number. but i had one. yes, i'll get back to new a second. >> by wait, playing her son on "soup are
12:23 am
uper girl" is levi miller. he told us that he made a lot of friends on that set. >> i got to hang out with super girl and i got to hang out with super girl's dog. very cute. cutest little dog. have you seen it? little millie. adorable. >> 13. so adorable, right? >> all right. now to the handsome star of "blue bloods", tom selleck. can you believe he is 70 years old? >> no, i can't. >> he looks great. he talk about his hit and the latest installment of a tv franchise that's been paying the bills for ten years. jesse stone. >> he is really fun to play. he is just -- he drinks too much. >> a flawed character. >> he is flawed, but a good man. and people root for him. >> tom selleck is talking about the troubled police chief he
12:24 am
plays in "jesse stone", the tv series. >> i think we have aired like 14.5 million viewers. >> wow. just kept going. >> and everywhere i go, as much as "blue bloods", it is when is the next jesse stone and it has been 3 1/2 years. >> let's talk about "blue bloods." sixth season. number one on friday night. >> and still growing. which we are very proud of. >> one of tom ae wahlberg. >> are were you a fan of new kids on the block? >> no. i wasn't not a fan. i just wasn't that aware of it. i wasn't exposed to it. >> i was wondering if you with take a cruise with donnie and the hundreds of fans -- >> i probably won't. donnie will forgive me. >> but tom is a home body hanging at his l.a. ranch with his wife, jilly, wife of 2
12:25 am
>> jilly has this everes havant quality that lights up a room. apart from being my wife, she is my friend. >> tom is a throw back guy, not big on technology. >> have you text? >> once. >> you have only text once? >> and in e-mail. >> never e-mail? i just wonder how you do that. >> well, right now i can afford not to. >> so many shows are being revived right now. would you like to see "magnum p.i." be revived? and who would play you? >> me. >> magnum is still in a hundred countries. and it's not dated but my shorts are dated. they are a little ly little short. maybe. and i'm not trying to be egotistical egotistical, with you maybe they won't accept anybody else.
12:26 am
>> straight ahead, you can see alex and his family back together. >> kwt family ties" reunion. and a love story. >> yes, i do. i will talk to alley mcgraw and ryan o'neill about what brought them back together. >> you both have lived and survived life of love. do you think it made you better? >> well, makes me sadder. >> right. right. >> that's coming up. >> closed kangsing
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nothing like a good, quick meal to bring two people together. campbell's skillet sauces. ready in under 20 minutes. campbell's. made for real, real life. take zzzquil and sleep like... the kids went to nana's house... for the whole weekend. zzzquil. the non-habit forming sleep aid that helps you sleep easily, and wake refreshed. is a beautiful thing. here are this week's top five stories. number five, jim carrey egirlfriend. the funeral. laid to rest this weekend in ireland after an apparent suicide. we learned she was married at the time of her death but separated from her husband, mark burton. a source tels "e.t." she had planned to file for divorce in december. number four, blake shelton defend his drinking. >> he is light of of the party and that hasn't stopped. >> people say shelton is
12:30 am
enjoying being single and he is addressing rehab reports with tmz. >> i'm good. i'm not in rehab. it is amazing how quickly life can turn around for you. >> number three. salina gomez reveals her battle with lupus. >> i dealt with a lot of this. >> she denied she was in rehab telling beboard she was in treatment quote i've been through chemotherapy pb that's what my break was about tp i could have had a stroke. >> number two, tom cruz's daughter isabella is married. a source tells "e.t." the married of nicole and tom's adopted daughter was very septembertive sensitive taking place at lon did not's dorchester hotel. >> this is the moment you've been waiting and fighting for. how does that feel? >> we have worked to move this forward. mr. cosby attempted to block in
12:31 am
>> gloria allred represents judy huff who claims cosby sexually assaulted her at the playboy mansion when she was 15. >> we are prepared to fight this battle. >> he has denied any wrongdoing and has never been charged. "whenever we do baby, whatever we do baby." >> oh, man does that take you back to the '80s or what. "family tie" is one of my favorites. "e.t." was all over that set. now the keatons are all back together. the original cast posing around a vintage portrait. laughing and loving being together again.
12:32 am
is about a hippie family raising a right wing son. >> we see "family ties" come on photo album. >> the reunion issue -- >> i don't believe this. how could i let this happen. >> when "family ties" hit the air in 1982, michael j. fox was just a kid. >> i'm 22 and my energy is i'm for my life. >> meredith baxter is 68. michael gross is also 68. tina is 42 and stay-at-home mom to two kids. 49 years justine bateman is a full-time student at ucla mathagement. she played dim-witted mallry. but with a reboot -- >> like really go in the opposite direction and see what happens.
12:33 am
>> and who would michael want to see play him? he chose justin bieber. i love that. >> now on to another reunion. alley mcgraw and ryan o'neill. >> you say you're sorry. >> iconic. 45 years since she uttered though famous words in the love story. now they are in their 70s and they are reuniting on stage. i talked to them about the romantic project that brought them back together. frts. >> nobody ever expected it to become a thing, the phenomenon. i was stunned. >> ryan was oliver, preppy rich harvard boy who fell for jenny. they married and then he died. it was only alley's third movie. their first meeting required some test kissing. >> and my lips were all bruised. from the kiss. >> you said you had never been kissed like that before. >> this is really -- >> but it's true.
12:34 am
i swear to god. >> ryan says people tell him how the 1970s film changed their lives. >> say this they married when they saw that movie. or their first baby was named jenny. >> both stars lived through tragic love stories. ali's ex-husband steve mcqueen died of a heart attack while battling cancer and ryan lost farrah fawcett after a long battle with the disease. >> you both have survived a life of love and also loss. do you think it made you better? >> made me sadder. >> exactly. the rye alt eality of life. >> alley is 76. ryan is 74. think are together again for the beverly hills production of "love letters." >> she was a diamond in the rough. i'll write as soon as i'm smoother. >> love letters is about love and also about loss. where do you draw it?
12:35 am
that great love stories, they don't end up together. that's the heart break of love. >> you know now jl alley is a grandma. her son josh has a son named stetson. >> both moving on and i hear all about how love -- do you write differently when you're in love and not in love. >> oh, you do. >> and nobody sings love songs like him. earning four grammies. and 30 million in album sales. this is your first look at the video for his new song "every
12:36 am
part of his latest album called 7 and he is is coy about whether the album is about his knew girlfriend or his ex-wife heidi klum. >> a lot of people say it is based on my relationship or past relationship. and they would be right in a lot of ways. but it is not only about that. >> he is a great man. >> heidi told us, she approves. >> he found a great woman in erica. she seems lovely. i wish them all the best. >> are you in love? >> am i in love? i love myself. i'm in a good place right now where i feel that i think love is in me would be the best way i would say it like that. >> love that guy. so good. now this year marks the 20th anniversary of seal songs "kiss from a rose." big hit on the batman forever
12:37 am
sound track back in the day. >> yes, it did. our exclusive at home with jersey house wife teresa's husband joe and their teenage daughter. her emotional phone calls with her mom in prison. >> i wish i was there with here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. way just like my kid
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gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel.
12:39 am
>> i'm old enough to comprehend and understand what's going on. >> that is an emowingal moment from last year on the real
12:40 am
daughter, gia, realized where mom was. >> now her husband who also plead guilty to committing fraud and gia talk to our senior news editor before joe himself checks into federal prison. >> she is old enough. can't say she is doing great. she keeps her spirits up and tries to make us feel like she is okay. but she is really not. >> the judge sentenced 21 months. 15-month sentence of imprisonment for teresa giudice. >> the family is torn apart. teresa is in prison until december. joe is at home waiting to do his time. joe is struggling to raise the couple's four girls who range in age from 6 to 14. >> how often do you see her? >> i'm allowed to go every other weekend. my daughters go every week. >> and why are you not allowed to see her every weekend? >> because i'm a convicted felon. [ bleep ]. >> teresa he a infamous temper
12:41 am
led to this scene on the show and maybe influenced her prison time. >> working in the kitchen. >> she wipes done a couple tables a day. whatever tables they have in there. done in three minutes and that's her job. >> teresa is also writing a book about prison life. >> seeing her is a kind of prepare you? >> no. nobody is ready for that. you know. what are you going to do here? work out. waste time. play cards. >> cheers, babe. >> you think if you never did real housewives of new jersey different? >> absolutely. i mean, everybody always pointed to the show. the lawyers pointed to the show. if you weren't on the show, you know, you wouldn't be in this position. >> i have to ask you, there were reports of you being on dates with other women while teresa has been gone. is that true or false? >> no. i never go on dates. i would never go on a date with anybody. that would be stupid of me. >> do you think this experience
12:42 am
made your marriage stronger? >> no. we are close as far as mean. if i wasn't taking care of my kids, we would be done. i'm sure we would be done. but my kids are priority. what. >> the children are the victims in all of this and in an "e.t." ex clues you've, gia, the couple's oldest daughter, told jennifer just how tough it is. >> p pretty much. but now is like the countdown. she says, four more visits. >> this call is from -- >> teresa. >> an inmate at a federal prison. >> it's mmy mommy. >> in between visits, the phone calls keep teresa and gia close. they speak as she gets ready for an 8th grade date. >> oh, i miss you every second. i wish i was there with you.
12:43 am
glad everybody else is. >> the night of your school dance and your mom wasn't there with you -- >> it was obviously hard not having my mom there. but when i heard her voice, that's when i got upset because i wished she was here. but everything else is okay. i'm strong. i can handle it. >> you're very strong. you're 14 years old. where do you find the strength to be strong for your sisters and your dad? >> my mom, my dad. >> were they taught you to kind of deal with tough situations like this? >> just stay strong. it could be worse. like they are coming home. >> in the three part special real housewives of new jersey, teresa checks in. gia is remarkably composed for a child viewing her parents going in an out of prison. >> are you prepared for your mom to come home an your dad leaves
12:44 am
a couple months after that. have you thought about that? >> when mom comes home, that is not even something to prepare for. i'm just so happy for that to happen. it is going to be good to be back to normal for a couple months. but then when my dad leaves, it is just the same thing all over again. >> and gia told us, christmas will be especially emotional this year because her mom will be out of prison by then to celebrate with the family. still to come, wiley winona and naomi take us back stage. >> is this the finale for the juds? >> can lindsay lohan's parents survive family therapy? >> we should have never gone. >> i'm here to tell the truth. >> so am i. >> on "entertainment tonight", which 90210 star used to pave roads beforebefore after we are all inside for a while, it gets pretty stuffy.
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12:48 am
>> okay. that got awkward. robin leach held nothing back with naomi. >> you know, she's my mom. if she wants it show up in girl. >> different. >> this is 40 bucks that i got at the secondhand store. >> okay, let's move on. i'm downstairs in my dressing room and winona came in like a raging bull. and she said, he's coming downstairs now. and i went, why? and she said because he is going to apologize to you. >> let me tell you what your daughter did. i was standing out here. she came out here, lock, stock and barrel and was not a happy person and was making sure he did not disrespect her mother. i loved every bit of it. >> i like my feathers -- >> he hurt your feelings? >> no. >> if anyone is going to hurt your feelings, it is going to be me.
12:49 am
>> this is why we love these two. like every mother and daughter they fight and annoy each other but are also fiercely protective. naomi and y are real no matter if cam ro eras are rolling or not. >> and -- >> we are just so famous we vust have to get our time in -- >> the relationship and the music is why the judds have reunite fed are a special nine-night residency they call girls night out at the venetian in las vegas. 32 years since they first began icy grammy winners are ready to go. >> they say, you know, they feel >> oh -- >> i probably did -- >> oh. >> that went over my head. hilarious. i got to watch this one. i got to watch that one.
12:50 am
>> is this the finale for the judds? >> you know, a big bar mitzvah or -- >> unless when trump is president and asks us to sing at his inaugural ball -- >> you know what -- >> stranger things have happened. scenes? how about three outfit changes and an hour in make-up before every show. and being this close with momma isn't easy. >> it is like going back home an living with your mom, seriously. it's a big decision. >> i can tell what an excellent job i did. during sound check. >> we're so different. >> yes. >> the music is what brings us together. that's the glue, you know. every parent should try to find something with their child that they can do together. not many do.
12:51 am
nobody can touch and that's family fun. >> i had so much fun with them. and guess what? winona says when her kids come to see the show, they will get to see mom and grandma get along. i like that. now to a pair who always seem to be at war. lindsay lohan's parent. >> it is a train wreck pretty much every time they are together. imagine the volatility side by side, three weeks under the same roof with reality cameras rolling. what could possibly go wrong? i witnessed the tension firsthand. >> i was so nervous to be here. but you know, you cry a lot. you get angry. yell. it is real. it is like, real. it is actually real reality. >> it was a ride. your daughter at 9, 10 years old, becomes probably the biggest star in hollywood, what does that do to a family? >> here is a little taste of
12:52 am
awkward tension. talking over each other and of course, the eye rolling. had the two of you gone to therapy before? >> he has -- i don't know -- no, but you -- >> it lasted three minutes and ended. that's why we're here. as soon as the question is asked, she's got to put it on me. an it domestic violence when i was abused in a lot of ways too. you should have never gone there. >> next question. >> you can understand given the bad blood between these two who the main claim to fame is lindsay lohan's parents. she accuses michael of cheating and domestic abuse. >> i have police reports, hospital records, pictures of black eyes. >> he denies that. says she has unresolved issues with alcohol and is an unfit mom. >> doing cocaine. acting like the devil.
12:53 am
>> it is difficult and we did get divorced for a reason. >> of course, doing all this for vh1's new reality show, family therapy with dr. jen. which debuts next year. but the fact that the lohans are so into fame could be the one thing that helps save their family. >> they are a family that would never get help, not on television. i think too heated. i think it would -- i think they probably wouldn't be able to get through it out walking out. >> what is your biggest take away from this experience so far? >> i have taken away from this that a feeling of -- i still love her in a lot of ways. >> that was very sincere. i appreciate that. thank you. >> hopefully they work everything out on that show. michael also broke the news, he is get willing divorced from his
12:54 am
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consideration provided by -- what about all those
12:57 am
star-celebrated weekend. it which beverly hills 09210 stars paved the road before making it big? >> about a year ago i was shoveling asphalt and a year from now i could be doing it again. >> i think he keeps a good perspective on things. >> that is luke perry. he turns 49 sunday. happy birthday. >> monday on "e.t." -- >> valley harp are er's interview, after her health crisis. >> a real turning point. >> and unfiltered -- >> when my dress unbuttons during anent view it is good luck. >> and chris donaldson's -- >> three of my four children have been on the slow. >> that's monday. >> we're almost out of time this weekend. for all of the late-breaking hollywood news go to our website. >> check ou the new video from becky d. for her song "break a sweat." fierce and futuristic. >> you have seen her on "empire." and you have seen her across the
12:58 am
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