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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 12, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. now at 4:00, fierce flames en gulf a car, the overnight fire that forced two people out highway. preparing for the second day of delays. southwest airlines pulling out the backup systems to deal with the technical glitch. what they ruled out the cause of this problems. possible bracing for possible layoffs at emc. how much dell computers can shell out for the hopkinton company. >>announcer: this is the fox25 morning news. >> 4:00 on this monday, october i am daniel miller. >> and i am catherine parrotta in today for julie grauert.
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a chile start. >>daniel: it is chilly. >>catherine: in the 40s. rology shiri spear, you are forecasting a big warm-up on the way. >>shiri: >>shiri:00 >>shiri:huge warm-up. 70s on the horizon. 52 in boston. 52 in beverly. and 53 in plymouth. taunton at 48. 45 in fitchburg. 41 degree in keene and 51 in worcester. that decent range in temps. through 7 a.m. temperatures hovering where they are. not going down a couple of degrees. upper 40s to lower 50s tampa upper 40s to lower 50s upper 40s to lower 50s. still nice and bright and the sun comes up at 7:00 and things come brightening up all sunshine. which will do a big number or our warm-up. upper 60s to 70 degrees by lunch time today and in the afternoon in the 70s. 7 to 78 degrees. mostly sunny and warm, but cooler for the cape. high hot and cool spots coming up in a couple of minutes. back to you, catherine, for a
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check of the roads. 4:01 and a check of the roadways. that map looking good. it is very early. north of the city 128, 93 in the green all the way moving just fine. just west of the city the pike doing fine at this hour as well. and i want to bring up this, the mbta tweeting that today even though it is columbus day, a normal weekday schedule so smooth sailing hopefully on the t as well. a look at the pike, traffic is moving fine but not too much of it getting in the way. drive times on 9 pike, it will take you 14 minutes and 8 minutes from route 1 in peabody minutes from route 1 in new this morning check out these flames then a gulfed a car on 93 north on the off ramp to south hampton street in boston just before midnight. two people were both able to get out of the car. they were not hurt. the fire was knocked out quickly. the ramp is open for the morning rush. developing this morning, southwest airlines is telling
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plan on dealing with a major technical glitch. the airline is urging passengers to arrive two hours early. the problem with check in issues forcing workers to check in with handwritten tickets. pictures flooded social immediate i can't have long lines across the country. southwest said 450 flames southwest said 450 flights were delayed and they expect more delays today. southwest said they are not certain what caused the problem certain what caused the problem. the airline said no indication that the glitch is a result of hacking. this morning we are learning more from fire investigators who are focusing on an underground propane for the source of a deadly condo explosion. the scene saturday morning in franklin. richard and nancy brown were killed in that blast. they had deep ties to medway. we spoke with a selectmen member. he was a selectman and on the finance committee in the '90s
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he was a very nice guy. willing to do anything for you. really interested in the well being of the town of medway and of people in it. >> nancy brown was a long-time preschool teacher in medway. the couple had left the town several years ago to florida and only recently moved back to the area to be closer to their grandchildren. this morning, officials are investigating a fire at a mashpee boat yard. this was what fire crews found yesterday on little river. one boat was floating away on fire. another still at the dock also in flames. the whole thing spilled fuel into the water and some sort of cleaning agent. no one was hurt. this morning, a new hampshire woman is awaiting arraignment for crashing into a state police cruiser. the trooper was in the middle of a traffic stop in 93 in the town of thornton when a suv struck him yesterday afternoon. the suv skidded off of the road and into the treeline. according to new hampshire state police, the car involved was reportedly weave was reportedly weaving in and out of traffic just a minute before the crash.
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catherine deangelo and sergeant victor musey was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the driver was heavily medicated at the time crash. from his peabody are searching for a masked robber at the town's variety on central street before 9:00. the "salem news" said the suspect had a 12-inch kitchen knife and made off with an unknown cash. and last seen wearing a gray sweatshirt and dark max >> the search continues for a person of have in a string of robbery robberies and sexual assault in dorchester. fox25 obtained this video from police. police say the man in the red shirt threatened and robbed two men. this happened on september 27. about an hour later and a mile away a woman was sexually assaulted near harborview and dorchester ave. residents say it is very unsettle unsettling. >> you have families here for a
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generation and now that is pretty much on the way out. >> hopefully someone that knows him or recognizes limb come forward and call police. >> police are look for a black man in his 20s with two braids in his hair and may have been driving a dark suv. a boston man is facing charges for a crack in weymouth charges for a crack in weymouth. 30-year-old francisco gomes was behind the wheel when his car struck a pole. three passengers were in the car. one was killed. no word on his name. gomes is facing self-charges including motor vehicle homicide. we are working to get an update on a condition of another man in weymouth. it happened in a parking lot off of shea memorial drive. a man was flown to the hospital after being struck by a car. 46-year-old steven burke hit that man and several parked cars. burke is face burke is facing a few charges including operating under the influence. 4:06. a man at the center of an international banking scandal
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is being held in boston for federal court tomorrow. 48-year-old david drum was once one of the wealthiest bankers in ireland and ceo of irish bank. during the market crash, investigators realized he received millions in hidden loans. the downfall of the bank caused a huge role in the collapse of the economy there. he fled to boston and federal agents have not said where he was found. a mother of a massachusetts native lost at sea does not blame the captain of a missing cargo ship cargo ship 51-year-old marieta wright is one of 33 crew. she grew up in asone t. and last night we smoked to the mom. >> you loved the sea. you said you were married to the sea, and the sea took her bride. >>reporter: mary said she didn't mad at the captain of el faro. the ship had sailed through hurricanes before.
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man shot and killed by police in beverly. the essex county district attorney office said 49-year-old christopher whit 49-year-old christopher whitmarsh of hamilton was killed. we learned the information before the fox25 at 10:00. the shooting happened after a woman called police and said a man was ramming her suv with his car. when officers arrived they ordered him to get out of the car. he was shot when he refused. big changes of the way the auburn housing authority operates in the wake of a 2-year-old child's death. avilina conway was living in subsidized housing with her foster mother at the time of the death. they want better communication because malpas had six foster children in her home. children paige said they are installing cameras in the properties and changing the way units are inspected. they have set up an anonymous tipline for the tenants.
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no one has been charged in avilina's death. they are still searching for more people link fotd murder of a man in september. on friday michael mostalio and his his girlfriend were arrested in the death of robert mckenna. he and another man arrested are now charged with killing mckenna. tallio is charge as an accessory. police tell the associate ledger that additional accomplices are still at large. the new england patriots are bringing a perfect record into the highly anticipated match-up with the indianapolis colts. tom brady and company with a big win in dallas. lewis takes the short pass and goes under a couple of defenders for the 10-yard touchdown. and in the 4th, brady hits a wide-open julian edelman on the sideline. a 59-yard touchdown. pats win 30-6. sunday a rematch of the afc championship game, better known as the deflategate game. and a danger immediately after the pats game. police say one man was shot in
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the parking lot of the at&t stadium. this morning, that victim is in critical condition. one person has been charged. police say officers responding to a report of a fight heard the gunshot. there was a large crowd in the area because a baseball playoff game was taking place at the same complex. we will be updating the information as it becomes available all morning. this morning a local police force is investigating one of its own officers for apparently sleeping on the job. take a look at this picture from the lowell sun. the lowell officer appears to be fast asleep in his cruiser with his head on the pillow. no word on the officer's name, but we do know he is on leave this morning. the superintendent of police say the case is, quote, extremely embarrassing and such behavior will not be tolerated. a vacant building in quincy will have to be torn down. flames destroyed the former sons of lebanon club early sunday morning. residents were also forced from a neighboring building because the flames got too close. no one was hurt.
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no word on a cause. new this morning, more homeowners around boston are getting dropped by their insurance companies. it is happening to people who were forced to file big or multiple claims after last winter. the "boston globe" said insurance companies look at claim history and how well a home is maintained before someone is cancelled. even then there is room to negotiate if the policy holder will pay a higher deductible and make home improvements. the curtain may have come down for the final time at boston's historic colonial theatre. the performance of the book of mormons was the final show scheduled for the stage. emerson college owns the space and will decide what it will take what to do with the building. >> short-sighted on their part because take because taking away the opportunity to be -- to be one of the most memorable halls. >> one plan calls for turning the building into a dining hall while still keeping a space for performances. 4:11 on your monday morning. medical bills are piling up for
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a dog hurt in a home invasion. coming up at 4:30, the unlikely person that stepped in to help the struggling pup. telling a presidential candidate to back up. what aerosmith front man wants the donald the donald to stop doing in part of his campaign. monday. shiri is tracking the forecast. good morning. >> those of you head to work. getting ready for the 40s through 8:00 and temperatures start to rise. 55 by 9 a.m. 6 introducing longhorn' s great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus, an appetizer, or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can' t fake steak. that's amazing. it's amazing. this is amazing. that's amazing! real people are discovering surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty.
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this morning, donald trump is still leading republican polls to the race to the white house. the most recent cbs news poll show ben carson trailing briefly behind. trump has 27% and carson has 27%. texas senator ted cruz is third place with 9% support and marco rubio. jeb bush and carly fiorina are tied for last. dream on, dream on >> aerosmith steven tyler telling donald trump to stop dreaming tampa sending a cease and desist letter. trump used aerosmith's long dream on as he walked on stage. tyler's lawyers said a copy tyler's lawyers said a copyright issue and gives the false impression that the singer endorses trump's presidential bid. new this morning the biggest technology company who
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earlier today. dell is expected to acquire emc corporation in hopkinton. the deal is for $53 billion. despite talks of job cuts at emc, it helps will help the storage data business which is seeing an increase in competition. moving to the auto mile. according to the "union leader" dan degasse has purchased the bach toyota and honda. it will continue to carry the name and ernie bach jr. will work with the new owners. he will keep his suburu and ferrari dealership. police in newton are warning neighbors of a bear seen over the weekend. on friday night, the bear was spotted in the road street area spotted in the road street area. they found it sleeping and then it eventually woke up and wandered away. there have been no reported sightings since, but police say if it is seen again, people should not run from it but back away slowly. i don't know about that. officials also say to keep bird feeders and trash cans inside
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for now because they can attract bears. good information there, but grown i was to see a bear, i would be running. >>catherine: get away as quick as possible. if you were looking to make a speedy getaway, looking good. the expressway going north in the green smooth sailing there. slightly west, the pike looking fine as well. i wanted to show you this because we talked about this on friday, some work happening on route 9 over the weekend. the town of brookline tweeting that the demolition project was completed two days early so route 9 is reopen ahead of schedule. keep that in mind and should be fine heading there. the pike moving smoothly, not so much out there. 24 take you eight minutes. route 9, eight minutes. 93 from the leverett connector to 495, a 20-minute ride. and if you are planning to take in a little leaf peeping as a result of of the holiday, this drone video from the western part of the state shows
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the foliage along the westfield river in russell. shiri spear joins us for a picture-perfect forecast. nice weather for leaf peeping. >>shiri: beautiful weather for it. i have to say that the color is behind because of the mild september and the drier weather. areas like russell considered moderate but not necessarily peaking. some of the best results out of vermont and northern maine. you go north and west of boston you will see a decent amount of color. you don't have to go all the way to maine or vermont to see the pretty pops. the weather will perfectly koovrp rate with. you if you have the day off, you will be doing the leaf peeping. boston at 75. 77. burlington, vermont, 74. worcester, 73. hartford, connecticut, 76. hyannis, 69 degrees. we are all above average, so the mild weather will continue again another day. satellite and radar, hmm, we are giving you the day off. nice and crystal clear for you as you wake up this morning. temperature-wise right now it
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boston coming in at 52 degrees boston coming in at 52 degrees with si fairly comfortable and we have cooler temperatures off to the north and west with 49 in nashua. 47 in providence, rhode island 47 in providence, rhode island. 51 in worcester. future cast for today though does keep the sunshine going strong. it is going to be warm. it is going to be sunny and overnight tonight, the clouds start rolling in, but you see that, you got this system that is going to clip the cape and islands and that is where we have the chance of showers overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. the problem is still a little uncertain about exactly how close it is going to pass, which could mean a huge amount for exactly how much rain we get out of it. we will have to keep a close eye on that. if the downpours do skim past the cape. the potential for an inch of rain versus nothing in boston, nothing to the north and west. noontime tomorrow, we have mostly cloudy skies. then a front comes at us from the west and that will actually increase our risk of showers as we get into the afternoon and the evening showers, but it
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today is the best day of the entire seven-day forecast. i have to say 75 in boston. 73 in rock port and in portsmouth, new hampshire. 77 the magic number in lawrence. hudson new hampshire to burlington to shirley. foxborough, 76 and i have got temperatures in the mid-70s in hull and bridgewater. plymouth, 73. we start cooling down across the cape. hyannis, 69. 66 in chatham. nantucket at 66 and the vineyard at 68 degrees. tonight, lows fall back into the 50s. move in. kind of acts like our blanket and keeps us a little warm and showers again across the outer cape as well as the islands, especially nantucket. for the day tomorrow, the 70s are back, but going to be lower 70s. going to be many more clouds. some spot showers during the afternoon and the evening hours. by wednesday, we will clear out with a high of about 66 degrees degrees. 62 on thursday. friday, we have got more rain in the mix, but then for the
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weekend, check this out. i have got temperatures that are going to be significantly lower. so on saturday, highs in the 50s. on sunday, it is a struggle to even get up to 50 degrees, plus look how we are starting the 30s. look like it is going to be some of the coolest air we have seen so far this season by sunday morning. back to you, guys. >> looks fantastic, shiri, thank you. 4:20 right now. helping working parents. new at 4:30, a new england company that is leading the way with maternity leave. trying to dig up a golden ticket. that's amazing. it's amazing. this is amazing. that's amazing! real people are discovering surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty. beautiful! it feels great. perfect. this is not what i would expect from a chevy at all. get more than you expect
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it is 4:24. welcome back. a tennessee police officer is dead this morning after he is shot and killed by his neighbor. police say the man was headed home from work yesterday when he saw a domestic dispute in his neighborhood. he tried to break it up, and during the scuffle, one of the neighbors shot him multiple times. the victim leaves behind a fiancee who was 4 months pregnant. the soldier who wandered away from a unit in afghanistan and spent nearly five years as a taliban prisoner will likely not go to jail. the opinion of the army lawyer that presided over a preliminary hearing over sergeant bowe bergdahl.
4:23 am
the decision is to general abrams who can still court-martial bergdahl. talking what happened after the moments of the deadly shooting. steven jones got into a night with several members of a fraternity on campus. after the fight jones got a three others. one of the bullets hit nick prado. he said he was trying to save his friend when jones continued firing hitting him in the neck. >> just hoping my friend wasn't dead. i was holding him in my arms. and i saw all the blood and i was just traumatized by the whole situation. >> prado's friend died at the scene. jones is charged with first-degree murder and three counts of felony aggravated assault. boston mayor marty walsh wants to keep a good relation wants to keep a good relationship with wynn casino. relationship with wynn casino. says he shouldn't take the lawsuit personally. both sides
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traffic issues the casino might bring. charlie baker is ready to take a tougher stance in opioid abuse. baker will file legislature that will force hospital to the power to give addicts treatment power to give addicts treatment. they can only do so if the addict was considered a danger to themselves and others. doctors, family members and even police can do this, but only with a judge's approval. the state of massachusetts is stepping up as elevator inspections. the "herald" is saying that workers are making the required checks 87% of the time an 8% increase of the spring. to increase the inspection rates the way is $70,000 a year rates the way is $70,000 a year. right now actor randy quaid and his wife are both locked up in vermont. they were arrested friday trying to enter the state from canada. the two are each being held on a half million dollar bond. they are accused of doing more than $5,000 in damage to a property in california before
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they fled to canada, get this, five years ago. quaid is now facing extradition to california to face felony vandalism charges. and he says he wants to run for president, and kanye west also apparently wants to be the next american idol. he showed up unannounced at the audition in san francisco saturday with his wife kim kar saturday with his wife kim kardashian and he performed his hit "golddigger "and sure enough he got the golden ticket to. that hollywood. the grammy winner didn't say if he will actually make it to hollywood to perform. the final season of "american idol" will air right here on fox25 in january. hope to see that. >>catherine: yeah. 4:27 on your monday morning 4:27 on your monday morning, a hard hit that ended the season for a major leaguer. coming up, the punishment handing down to the player who caused this collision and why he planned to fight it. a new england college student throws a fit in the dining hall. how students are there's a better way to specialized surgery that's right for you: lahey hospital and
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