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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 12, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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now at 4:30, a major fire overnight sends two people running from a car. the impact this morning on your commute. zeroing in on the cause of a deadly explosion. this focus this morning in the blast that killed two people and why neighbors are still worried they could be next. a puppy near nearly dies during a violent attack. the stranger that stepped in to help this morning. this is the fox25 morning news. >> good morning to you. it is monday, october 12. columbus day. i am catherine parrotta in for julie grauert. >>daniel: and i am daniel miller. we appreciate your company this morning. we are starting the week nice with the warm-up, but it won't last long. meteorologist shiri spear has the details. good morning. >>shiri: in fact we are starting out very mild this afternoon, but the weekend -- by the weekend, we are talking temperatures near freezing. so enjoy it while you can. a little bit of fog norwood down to new bedford. also a little bit in orange. nothing you can't handle.
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but a huge range in temps from 55 in brewster. 53 in duxbury to 43 right now in tune. lower 50s boston, hull, lynn. portsmouth, new hampshire. 40s are back once you hit metheun down to lowell at 49. framingham at 48. and franklin at 49. worcester checking in at 51 degrees. ha in fitchburg. 44 in loun done derry, new hampshire. 43 in rindge new hampshire. a little chilly. 7 a.m. don't expect temperatures to budge very much. let's just keep the 40s and 50s going. by noontime today, 70 degrees. by 3 p.m., 76. that is the big-time warm-up we are talking about. a little cooler for cape but the clouds start to increase into the overnight hours and the reason you see pollen levels including that darn rag levels including that darn ragweed take ragweed taking a dip on tuesday because we have rain moving back into the picture, so i got a look at that in a couple of minutes, but now back over to catherine for check of the roads. >> all right, start with a look
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those roads moving just fine. you can see slightly west of the city, the pike smooth sailing. north of the city 128 and 93 moving south. no real problems. one medium pocket through the somerville area that should clear up soon. i do want to show you this because hopefully smooth sailing on the mbta. they are running a regular weekday schedule despite it being columbus day. ache at that look at our live cameras. no problem on leverett and light volume on the zakim. minutes. 93 from the leverett connector. and 23 minutes from the braintree split to the pike. 9-minute ride there. 4:32. new this morning a car in flames on 93 overnight. >> the huge fire forced two people to jump for their lives, and this happened near a big shopping center in the city. fox25's michael henrich live at the south bay shopping with the video. michael.
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>>reporter: this situation could have been so much worse. take a look at this incredible video that happened right here just by exit 16 off of 93. we are in dorchester right by plaza. it happened just a few hours ago. two people had been inside that car, and they were thankfully able to get out safely without any injuries. boston fire fighters did put that fire out, and the off ramp was closed while they did so. back out live here, you can see that this situation is now clear. the ramp now open. as soon as we find out what exactly caused this car to catch fire so dramatically risking those two people's lives, we will bring that you update. reporting live in dorchester, michael henrich, fox25 news. developing this morning. southwest airlines is telling travelers to plan ahead as they continue to deal with a major technical glitch. the airline is urging passengers to arrive at least
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two hours early today. the problem first surfaced with check-in system issues forcing workers to check some customers in with handwritten tickets. pictures flooded social media of long lines across the country. southwest said 450 flights were delayed and they expect more delays again today. southwest said they are not certain what caused the problems or how long it could take to resolve. current let airline says no indication that the glitch is the result of hacking this morning we are learning their morning we are learning fire investigators are focusing on an underground propane system as the source of a deadly condo explosion according to the herald in was the scene saturday morning in franklin. richard and nancy brown were killed in the crash. fox25 has learned the couple had deep ties to medway. we spoke with a current board of selectman member over the phone and said richard brown was a selectman and on the finance committee in the '90s. >> he was a very nice guy. willing to do anything for you. really interested in the well
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being of the town of medway and the people in it. >> nancy brown was a long-time preschool teacher in medway. the couple had left the town several years ago for florida and only recently moved back to the area to be closer to their grandchildren. it is 4:34 right now. this morning, officials are investigating a fire at a mashpee boat yard. this is what fire crews found yesterday on little river. one boat was floating away on fire. another still at the dock also in flames. the whole thing spilled fuel in the water and some sort of cleaning agent. no one was hurt. this morning a new hampshire woman is awaiting arraignment for allegedly crashing into a state police cruiser. the trooper was in the middle of a traffic stop on 93 in the town of thornton when a suv struck him yesterday afternoon. the suv skidded off the road and into the treeline. according to new hampshire state police, the car involved was reportedly weaving in and out of traffic just a minute before the crash. the driver 62-year-old
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catherine deange lo. police say the driver was heavily medicated the time of the crash. police in peabody are searching for masked robbers that happened at the town variety on central street before 9:00. the "salem news" report that the suspect had a 12-inch kitchen knife and made off with an unknown amount of cash before taking off toward peabody square. last seen wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and dark pants and a dark mask covering half of his face. a deadly crash in weymouth it happened on 30th street. 30-year-old francisco gomes was behind the wheel when the car struck a pole. three passengers in the car. one was killed. we don't have a his name in morning. gomes is facing several charges including vehicle homicide. we are working to get the condition of another man in weymouth. this happened saturday afternoon at a parking lot off of shea memorial drive. a man was flown to the hospital
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after being struck by a car. 46-year-old steven burke hit that hand man and several parked cars. burke is facing a few charges like operating under the influence. 4:36. the man at the center of an international banking scandal is being held here in boston tomorrow 37 he will go to federal court tomorrow. 48-year-old dave 48-year-old david drum was one of the wealthiest bankers in ireland and ceo of irish bank. during the market crash, investigators discovered he received millions in hidden loans. the downfall of the bank played a large role in the collapse of the irish economy. he fled to the boston area and was arrested saturday. federal agents did not find out where he was found. the mother of a massachusetts native lost at sea does not blame the captain of a missing cargo ship. 51-year-old mariette wright is one of 33 crewmembers lost on the el faro. the ship disappeared after flies near the bahamas.
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we spoke to her mother mary who lived in brockton. >> you loved the sea. you said you were married to the sea, and the sea took her bride. >> mary said she isn't mad at the captain of el faro. she said the ship had sailed through hurricanes before. we now know the name of the man shot and killed in beverly. the essex county district attorney's office said 5 attorney's office said 54-year-old christopher whit 54-year-old christopher whitmarsh of hamilton was killed yesterday afternoon. we learned the news just before the fox25 this at 10:00 last night. the shooting happened after a woman called police saying a man was ramming her suv with his car. when officer arrived, they ordered him to get out of the car. he was shot when he refused. big changes of the way the you a bon housing authority operates in the wake of a 2-year-old child's death. living in subsidized housing with her mother at the time of her death. the housing authority wants better communication with dcf because malpas had six foster children in her home.
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chair wayne paige telling the telegram installing cameras his property and changing the way units are inspected. the agency has set up an anonymous tip line for tenants. avilina's death. marshfield police are searching for more people linked to the murder of a man in september. michael musc atillo and his girlfriend were both arrested in connection with the dooelt of robert mckenna. he and another man arrest ready charged with killing mckenna. c alllo with charged an accessory. new england patriots are bringing in a perfect record request their match-up with the indianapolis colts. tom brady and patriots with a big win. lewis takes a short pass and under a couple of defenders for the touchdown. then in the 4th brady hates
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wide-open julian edelman. he makes a few cuts and then goes the distance. sunday, the rematch of the championship game better known as the deflategate game. a dangerous situation immediately after the pats game game. the parking lot of the at&t stadium. this morning the victim is in this morning the victim is in critical condition. one person has been charged. police say officers responding to a report of a fight heard the gunshot. there was a large crowd in the area because the baseball playoff game was also taking place at the same complex. we will be updating the investigation as it develops all morning. this morning local police force are investigating one of its own officers for apparently sleeping on the job. take a look at the picture from the "lowell sun." lowell officer appears to be fast asleep in his cruiser with his head on the pillow. no word on the officer's name, but we do know he is on leave. the superintendent of police says the case is extremely -- quote, extremely embarrassing and such behavior will not be tolerated. a vacant building in quins
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le be torn down. -- quincy will be torn down. flames decide the sons of lebanon. residents were forced from a neighboring building because the flames got too close. no one was hurt and no word on the cause. more homeowners in boston are getting dropped by their insurance companies. it is happening to people force it is happening to people forced to file big or multiple claims last winter. the "boston globe" says insurance companies look at history and how well the home is maintained before things are cancelled. there is room to negotiate if the policyholder is willing to pay a higher deductible or make home improvements. the curtain may come down for the final time. the performance of the book of mormons. emerson college owns the space and will take a year to decide what to do with the building. >> shortsighted on their part because the opportunity students who are studying together to be one of the most
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>> one plan calls for turning the building into dine the building into dining hall while still keeping a space for performances. 4:41. and a national standardized test. new at 5:00, how a new version could help pay for college. defending his former secretary of state. what president obama said about hillary clinton's choice to use private e-mail during her time in office. good morning, shiri. >>shiri: good morning, you guys, temperatures in the cape and islands, anyone with the day off upper 60s. with sunshine in place to the low to mid-70s for the beaches
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new this morning, president obama is defending his former secretary of state. he says hillary clinton made a mistake by using her private e-mail server during her time in office, but that mistake did not endanger national security. president obama said clinton should have been questioned but republicans are using the e-mail scandal from winning the next election next election. clinton will face questions about that and the 2012 benghazi attack. a puppy stabbed during a worcester home invasion continues to recover at tufts vet far in ye hospital. worcester police say it happened last week when a pair ransacked a pure tan avenue home. two people and a chihuahua hurt hurt. a toddler fought through the attack unharmed. a tuft vet far in ye student adopted kona because his owner
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>> i went in every morning and so excited to see him and also worry worried about what he was going to look like and what was going to happen to him. >> and without her, kona would have been put down. he faces a long road of recovery but is expected to go home in a few weeks. baseball fans in texas could be in for big day. both the astros and rangers could clinch spots. they missed a chance to sweep the blue jays in the 6th. troy lawitski hits the three troy lawitski hits the three-run blast. the jays win game three 5-1. texas still leads the best of 5 series 2-1. game 4 is this afternoon. in houston, astros ace dallas qikale strikes down alex gordon with a tying run in the third. carlos gomez drives home george springer that puts the astros up 3-1. they go on to win 4-2. houston wins the series and leads 2-1. a grave moment before the
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game in houston. former president george herbert walker bush throws out the first pitch. the 91-year-old is recovering from a fall back in june. was in a wheelchair for a neck make it to the game. the former president and wife astros. the los angeles dodgers are appealing a two-game suspension of chase utley. broke the leg of tejada during game two of the division series game two of the division series. league officials said utley's illegal. major league baseball announced the suspension last night. an appeal could happen before tonight's game 3 tonight's game 3. 4:47. and we want to give you a check of the roadways this morning, and you can see one incident popping up near the city. i will take a look at that for you coming up in the next few minutes. north of the city 128 moving fine. 93 dos okay except for that medium pocket through the somerville, medford area.
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west of the city the pike moving smoothly at this hour as well and south of the city 128 going north and the expressway going north no problems there. wanted to let you know route 9 and how to there will be work going on there this weekend. the town of brookline tweeting that the demolition process was completed two days early ahead of schedule. route 9 will be reopen. you shouldn't encounter any problems there. looking as traffic is traveling through the zakim bridge and leverett connector. very light volume out there appear look at some of the live drive times. 12 minutes from the braintree split to the pike. 8 minutes from the leverett connector to 495. and 19 minutes there. shiri, a nice day for anybody who doesn't have to commute to work and may be able to stay home instead. >> yeah, because you don't have to commute to work and because weather will cooperate. temperatures this morning. normal low is 48 degrees in boston right as the sun is coming up. by the way sunrise 6:53. but temperatures in the upper 40s. perfectly normal. we had a lot in the past week. so the new norm is chilly start to the morning.
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average highs 63. we are going to actually be way beyond that, about 10 degrees afternoon. right now at 52 degrees. so we are actually starting out the morning just a couple of degrees above average. i don't really want to flaunt that it is above average, because this is a pretty typical start to our day. nice clear skies as far as you can see. the entire northeast nice and dry and dry and two things in the next play. this one system dragging moisture up from the carolinas that will nick the cape and islands tonight and then this other system that is actually coming from the upper midwest and the upper plains that will bring us some showers as we head into tomorrow afternoon. this they are moving at us pretty quickly. a monday filled with sunshine here. as you can see through future cast and temperatures that are going to respond and go up because of that sunshine. 75 in boston. 74 in beverly. 73 in marshfield. upper 60s cape and islands which are my cooler locations but still well above average
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77 in framingham, lowell. worcester, 73. 74 in keene, new hampshire with just a couple of scattered clouds. honestly may more sunshine than any cloud cover. the clouds thicken back up. lows in the 50s and a look at the cape and islands for passing showers. tomcat erred showers in the forecast. temperatures back into the 70s but lower 70s. not quite as warm as today. and since we do not have the same sunshine, not going to be nearlys a nice. this is the system tampa this is the system tampa this is the moisture coming from the carolinas. by the time we wake up tomorrow morning, some of of the showers over the cape and islands. this one particular model i am showing you has a lot closer than some of the others with the bum can of moisture offshore. we will clearly be fine opinion is tuning that in the next 12 hours or so and by noontime tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies. and not until the late afternoon or evening that we get those scattered showers ahead of a front that comes on through. this not going to be a situation where we are
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expecting widespread downpours or flooding. it is very, very patchy stuff tuesday afternoon and evening. wednesday we clear out with 66 degrees. and by thursday, 6. friday, our next batch of showers before a very chilly weekend with highs only in the 50s and wake-up temperatures in the 30s and 40s. back to you. trying to target visitors with just one sign. coming up new at 5:00, the change on welcome signs state leaders hope will lead leaders hope will lead to a boost of business to new hampshire. coming up next, an intruder comes face to face with his victim. how she turned the tables and had him in a corner apologizing by the time police showed up. as we head to break, a look at what is on fox tonight.
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new this morning a company in new hampshire is preparing to unveil the most generous paid maternity leave program in the country. londonderry based yogurt maker stonybrook farms is offering six months of paid maternity lead for the mother or the primary caregiver in a same-sex marriage. they said it is time to catch up? supporting women. more than one-third of stony more than one-third of stonybrook farm's employees are women. education will be top of mind for lawmakers on beacon hill. most are related to charter schools and proposals to create new ones and to improve funding new ones and to improve funding. this comes not long after governor charlie baker unveiled a bill to allow the state to add or expand up to 12 charter
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a public hearing is scheduled at the statehouse tomorrow. the red cross of new hampshire and have the are the are making hour that people are prepared with fires in their home. red cross chapters an average response to a home fire every 20 hours. that is part of their home fire preparedness campaign. volunteers and emergency response teams installed 300 smoke detectors for free across the region. typically a family actually has only two minutes to exit a home once a fire alarm is sound home once a fire alarm is sounded. so it is really important that families know what to do when they hear the beep. >> the volunteers work with families and help set up an escape route in cases there a fire. hollywood at the box office hollywood at the box office, and matt damon "the martian". "hotel transylvania 2" came in appropriately in the number 2 spot making a little over 20,000.
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disappointing $15 million during its opening weekend. an intruder in indiana gets more than he bargained for when house. the homeowner happened to be trained in medieval contact. when she saw him she attacked pumping him in the face before she grabbed a japanese sword. she held him in a corner until police arrived. apologizing. >> if he had behaved in a slightly different manner, he wouldant have gotten out here alife. >> police arrested this man, he is a 30-year-old. they say he was high on some -- on some unknown substance when he broke in. students at uconn are trying to turn a mac and cheese meltdown into cash. we showed you this video last week of a student screaming at food service employees who wouldn't sell him jalapeno mac and cheese. now other students have set up a go fund me campaign to support those workers. they want to give them a well deserved night out. at last check they raised $1700
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at last check they raised $1700. 4:56 right now. surrounded by water with no surrounded by water with nowhere to go. coming up, the weather phenomenon that sent a dozen drivers spinning on top of a bridge. plus, trouble for a social media giant. the changes by twitter that have experts saying that the
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so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna.
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now at 5:00, a neighbor shaken from a deadly explosion in franklin. how they are worried the way the homes are made that have more people at risk this morning. new this morning, a frightening car fire leaves two people stranded on a major highway. what we have learned at the scene overnight. and gunshots ring out after the patriots big win. what we are learning this morning about a tailgate fight that has left one man in critical condition. this is the fox25 morning news. >> good morning, everybody.
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