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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 12, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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news, that is trying to rush through it here. just relax. monday, october 12. thank you for been with us, i am gene lavanchy. >>sara: and i am sara underwood. it is a chilly start to this columbus day, but meteorologist shiri spear says, a warm-up is on the way that will make today feel more like summer, shiri. >>reporter: that's right, will feel more like late august than october once we hit the afternoon, but feeling very october-like this morning. 52 in boston. 50 in beverly and lawrence. 49 in plymouth and tune and i even have 30s back on the map. norwood at 38. keene, new hampshire at 39. fitchburg, 46. lucky cape and islands starting out in the 50s here. that big range in temps again and through 7 a.m., i don't see much movement. in fact we could lose a couple of degrees, but we have got kind of smooth sailing for your forecast today. it is all sunshine and warm us into the upper 60s across the board by lunchtime and we actually get well into the 70s. it ends up being a really nice
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columbus day. 72 to 78 a little bit warm. cooler for the cape. coming up i will break down those cool spots and who will be the closest to 80 this afternoon. over to catherine parrotta with live drive time traffic. what do you have? >>catherine: looking at the big maps, things moving well. told you i would checken on this. a building fair at shah mutt ave and lennox. sluggish pocket on 93 as move into the city right in the boston area. you are only going 33 miles per hour. elsewhere to the north of the city. 128 doing fine too. the pike moving smoothly, very little volume and 128 moving up. you can see that as doing okay at this hour as well. wanted to give you a look at one of our cameras. it is dark and you can see the headlights on route 1 in saugus headlights on route 1 in saugus. it not too many of them volume very light. drive times. 24 will take you 8 minutes from 93 and the leverett connector to 495.
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8 minutes for you. gene, over to you. >> all right, catherine. a fiery blast engulfed a condo in franklin killing the grandparents insides. neighbors are worried what caused this fire could have them at risk. jessica reyes live in franklin where fire officials are turning their investigation under ground. good morning, jess. >>reporter: they are, gene, good morning to you. right now they are focusing on a propane system underground and the state marshal systems looking what may have ignited this over the weekend. this morning, no official cause of the explosion has been determined, but the state fire marshal does say they do believe that propane system was a factor. this all happened early saturday morning and steaks has learned the victims, richard and nancy brown just moved into the complex about a month ago. >> it's very sad that we didn't get to see them again ordinance get to see them again ordinancey. >>reporter: and the
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this morning, but the state fire marshal said over the weekend that this fire does not appear to be suspicious. this morning, we are learning more about, and coming up the next half hour, we are talking about their ties to another town a few miles away from here. live in franklin, jessica reyes live in franklin, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. developing this morning, southwest airlines telling travelers to plan ahead as they continue to deal with a major technical glitch. the airline is urging passengers to arrive at least two hours early today. the problem first surfaced with check-in issues forcing to check some customers in with hand written tickets. take long lines at airplane across the country. southwest said 450 flights were delayed and expect more delays today. southwest is not certain what caused the problem or how long it will take to resolve all of this. currently the airline says no indication that the glitch is the result of hacking.
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pea body searching for a masked robber that happened at the town variety on central street just before 9:00 last night. the "salem news" reports that the suspect had a 12-inch kitchen knife and made off with an unknown amount of cash before taking off toward peabody square. the suspect was last seen wearing a gray hooded sweat wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and dark pants. aide dark mask covering the lower half of his face. new this morning, intense flames and smoke billowed from a car on 9 3 north in boston. this happened overnight and are forced two people out of the car on to the highway. fox 25's michael henrich is live in dorchester where crews have cleared the scene before the morning commute. michael? >> things are moving smoothly now on 93. it is right off of exit 16 where this happened, but as you take a look at this video, certainly not the case. just a few hours ago some dangerous, frightening moments for those two people who were
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the video as being on fire. what a fire is surely was. took some time for fire fighters to put it out. we were right by the south bay center 37 center center. the shopping plaza here in dorchester right off of 93. and you can see that fire clearly from where we stand here safely off the highway in the parking lot. the off ramp was closed down as fire fighters dealt with those flames. they were able to put it out and you can see in the live pictures clear the scene. thankfully both of the people in the car made it out safely and then not hurt. why did that car catch fire in we are trying to find out. as soon as we hear back from investigators on that point, we will bring it to you here live for now reporting live from dorchester, michael henrich, fox25 news. 5:05 5:05. a new hampshire woman is baiting arraignment for crashing into a state police cruiser. the trooper was inned mythle of -- middle of a traffic stop afternoon.
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the suv skidded off the road and into the tree line. according to new hampshire according to new hampshire state police, the car involved was reportedly weave was reportedly weaving in and out of traffic one minute before the crash. the driver 62-year-old kathryn deangelo and captain victor mussey. the driver was heavily medicated at the time of the crash. a boston man is facing charges for a deadly crash in weymouth that happened saturday night on middle street. police say 30-year-old francisco gomez was behind the wheel when his car struck a pole. there were three passengers in the car. one was killed. morning. gomez is facing several charges including motor vehicle homicide. and this morning, we are working to get an update on the condition of a man involved in another crash in weymouth. this one happened saturday afternoon in a parking lot off shea memorial drive. a man was flown to the hospital after being struck by a car. police say 46-year-old steven burke hit that man and several
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parked cars. burke is face burke is facing a few charges including operating under the influence. this morning a local police force is investigating one of their own officers for apparently sleeping on the job. take a look at this pick commuter from the "lowell sun" the lowell officer appears to be fast asleep in his cruiser with his head on a pillow. no word on the officer's name but we know he is now on leave. the superintendent of police say the case is, quote, extremely embarrassing and such behavior will not be tolerated. a vacant building in quincy will be torn down. flames destroyed the sons of lebanon club. neighbors were forced from a neighboring building because flames got too close. no one was hurt and no word on the cause of fire just yet. investigating a fire at a mashpee boat yard. what crews found yesterday on little river. one boat was floating away on fire. another one was still on the dock also in flames. the whole thing spilled fuel into the water along with some sort of cleaning agent. no one was hurt.
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we now know the name of the man who was shot and killed by police in beverly. the essex county da's office says 49-year-old christopher whitmarsh was killed saturday afternoon. we learn the information just before the steaks news at 10:00 last night. the shooting happened after a woman called police and said that a man was ramming her suv with his car. when officers arrived, they ordered him to get out of the car. he was shot when he refused. this morning the mother of a massachusetts native lost at sea says she does not blame the cap pan of a missing cargoship. 51-year-old mariote wright is one of 33 members that was on the el faro. last night we spoke to her mother who lives in brockton still. >> you love the sea. you said you were married to the sea.
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>> mary says she isn't -- took her bride. >> mary said she isn't mad at the captain of the el faro. the ship had went through hurricanes before. the man at the center of an international banking scandal will go to court tomorrow. david drum was one of the wealthiest ceos in ireland. during the 2008 thashingt crash during the 2008 thashingt crash, investigators discovered he received millions in hidden loans. the downfall of the bank played a large role in the collapse of the irish economy. he fled to the boston area and he was arrested friday. federal agents have not said where he was found. boston mayor marty walsh will keep a lawsuit with wynn casino as professional as possible. the mayor told the herald that they should to the take the lawsuit personally. wynn said the latest lawsuit was a surprise after they both met to discuss traffic.
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fight against opioid abuse. the globe is reporting that baker will file legislation will give hospitals the power to force addicts to get treatment. doctors could only do so if the addict was considered a danger to themselves or others. doctors, family members and even police can do this already but only with a judge's approval. the state of massachusetts is stepping up elevator inspections. the "herald" is reporting that inspectors are making required inspections 87% of time. that is an 8% increase to the spring. to increase the inspection rate they hired nor inspectors and raised the pay to $70,000 a year. now 5:10 this morning. a tiny dog stabbed during a home ronry. the pricey medical procedures keeping it alive and the person that stepped up to save him. the patriots clincher clinch another win and gunshots ring out in the parking lot. what we are learning of the
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chaotic scene that left a tailgater critically hurt this morning. but first, catherine parrotta checking traffic. >> checking traffic and weather every ten minutes. on the roads a look at the pike from the weston tolls to the city. right now only take 2u 2 minutes. averaging a speed of 63 miles per hour. the road looking good. you are in the green right now. shiri. and i want to you go ahead and pack on the layers. dressing for the 40s now through o'clock this morning. then the warm-up starts 9 a.m. 55 degrees. by 10 a.m., about 62. and 67 here by 11:00 this morning. we will show you coming up what time we are back to the 70s, even close to 80 for some of you. that is next. that's amazing. it's amazing. this is amazing. that's amazing! real people are discovering surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty. beautiful! it feels great. perfect. this is not what i would
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the patriots are bringing a perfect record. in dallas. in the third quarter deion makes a couple of nice moves. stays on his feet into the end zone for a 10-yard touchdown. in the fourth quarter brady will hit a wide-open julian edelman. does the rest and a few cuts and a nifty 59-yard touchdown. pats cruise 30-6 the final. sunday a rematch of the afc championship game better known around here as the deflategate game.
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less than two hours after the pats left the field, there was a shooting in the parking lot. fox25 daniel miller is here in the newsroom with new details on what happened outside the at&t stadium involving tailgating fans, daniel. >>daniel: that's right, sara, good morning. a dangerous situation immediately followed the patriots, cowboys game and police have not said who was involved. video from the crime scene last night. you can see the police tape surrounding several vehicles there. what we do know this morning is one man was shot in the parking lot outside of at&t stadium. according to a fort worth texas paper, this morning, there wasing will was also doctor the suspect injured after he tripped over a retain wall. he was taken to the hospital and has been charged. officers who responded to a report of a fight heard a gunshot. there was a large crowd in the area because the baseball playoff game took place at the same complex. this morning, the victim is in critical condition. we still don't know what game the fan was there for or who he was rooting for. we will be updating the
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situation as it dovltion all morning. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. 5:15 this morning. baseball fans in texas could be in for a big day today. both the astros and rangers can clinch spots in the alcs. rangers missed a chance to sweep the blue jays. a three-run blast. jays win game three 5-1. texas leads that best of five. 2-1. game four this afternoon. dallas kikel strikes down the royals. and in the bottom of the inning houston's carlos gomez strikes home george springer and put the astros up 3-1 and they go on to win 4-2. houston leads that series 2-1. game 4 is this afternoon. los angeles dodgers appealing a two-game suspension for chase utley who broke the leg of shorttop tejada.
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was late and illegal they say. major league baseball announced the suspension last night and an appeal could happen before game three tonight. 5:16 on your columbus day. a look the roads. start with this incident here. is a mutt ave. a building fire here -- shamut ave, a building fire here. one sluggish pocket on 93 going south into the city. looks like it is cleared up. 128 doing okay. the pike coming toward the city doing fine. moving well in both directions. overnear one sluggish pocket on the expressway as you are moving toward the city. another one in the dorchester, quincy area. a look at how the roads are doing. the expressway as traffic is moving through dorchester. no real problems at this hour. here is a look at some of the drive times. eight mains from 121 to the weston tolls. 22 minutes there. and those heading out on day
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trip for their monday holiday, shiri, looks like the weather will be perfect. >> the weather will be really, a really nice. the nicest weather we are having all week long. want to point out if you were heading out for great pops of color on the trees, going north and west is the best bet. peaks through vermont and maine peaks through vermont and maine. you don't have to go that far to see nice color. all very delayed and just seeing the peak colors. we expected that color to peak in late in late. southern new hampshire, western massachusetts, even parts of central massachusetts. we see that color, and we are not quite there yet, but we did have a lot of change in the last week. if you were headed out. look at how to uniform these 70s are, from boston at 75 and worcester at 73 to 77 in manchester, new hampshire. burlington vermont 74. portland, maine at 71 portland, maine at 71. all of the northeast enjoying a nice mild day. right now if you were getting ready, 40s in the suburbs. 52 in boston.
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at noontime, 70s. that's when the 70s are back by lunchtime today. 7 at 3 p.m. and sunshine and at least mostly sunny skies throughout president so the satellite and radar, a whole lot of nothing going on right now. just the way we like it out of a weekend. so warm and sunny weather all day long. start. first come the clouds and this ocean storm is going to nick the cape and the islands. still determining the extent of this rain. this particular model that i am showing you has a lot more of it over the cape and islands from the other one. so there is a chance that the bulk of this will end up missing you. you need to be prepared for showers tonight. this is actually going to bring a bit more rain to the region as we head into the overnight hours. noon is kind of our lull here. featuring a lot of clouds, but also a lot of dry weather, and then into the evening commute, and the evening hours, we bring in those showers up ahead of that cold front. it will not be a soaker though. we will see scattered showers here for the second half of the day. today, though, like i said, the beauty, the gem of the forecast.
5:20 am
7 75 in boston. 73 in rockport. upper 70s. we are at about 77 in lawrence, burlington, framingham down to norwood and shirley and milford norwood and shirley and milford, new hampshire. 7 73 in worcester. 73 in plymouth. thoul bridgewater over to taunton and lower 70s sandwich. rest of the cape upper 60s. and still really warm. the spots that you will have to watch for late overnight showers and during the morning hours tomorrow as well. we are at risk for getting rain in those spots. the rest of the region is just spot showers late in the day. thursday, as well as wednesday, in fact, a lot of on and off clouds. friday, our next batch of showers, and then for the weekend. chilly here with highs barely getting into the 50s. so this is the cold weather that i have been talking about. the coolest temperatures of the season by the time you wake up sunday morning. you wake up in the 30s. a frost in boston. so freezing temperatures in the
5:21 am
suburbs. you can. back to you, guys. >> all right, shiri. piecing together a string of violent robberies. still ahead at 5:30, the suspect that police are looking for this morning and why they think he struck more than once. a big part is changing. what high schoolers can expect this week if they sit down for a crucial test. and as we head to a break, tonight. all of this, of course, followed by the fox25 news at
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. this morning donald trump is leading in the republican polls to the race for the white house. the most recent cbs news poll show that ben carson is trailing slightly behind. trump has 27% of the support. carson has 21%. texas senator ted cruz took third place it with 9% followed with 8. 6%. looking for the first debate. will take the stage in las vegas tomorrow to go head to head on the big issues. one familiar face will not be joining them. rumors continue to swirl that vice president joe biden is gearing up to throw his hat
5:25 am
into the ring. even if that happens within the next 24 hours, he does not plan night's debate. also tomorrow, a full report is expected on the crash of that lay shan airline flight 17. the jumbo jet exploded over eastern ukraine in july of last year. 298 people were killed. the flight was headed from amsterdam to malaysia. dutch safety officials will publish their final report tomorrow. the u.s. government believe the plane was hit by a missile filed by pro-russian forces in ukraine. a tennessee police officer is dead this morning after he is shot and killed by his neighbor. police say the man was headed home from work yesterday when he saw a domestic dispute in his neighborhood. he tried to break it up, and during the, one of the neighbors shot him multiple times. the victim leaves behind a fiancee who is 4 months pregnant. education will be the top of the mind for lawmakers on uzbekistan. most of the bills related to charter schools and include proposals to create new ones
5:26 am
and improve funding. it comes not long after governor charlie baker unveiled a bill to allow the state to add or expand up to 12 kharpters in the state. public hearings scheduled at the statehouse tomorrow. millions of high school students will get their look at the new version of the psa t. they overallied the standard test to make it more relevant. they are used to select stud points to are nationaler in rit scholarships. the exams will take place next wednesday. the snowfall is hurting homeowners in a whole new way. coming up while fixing all the damage from the ice dams or collapsed routes could get even tougher, but a chill on for snow today. >> the warmest day of the week, guys. normal high 63. with wither going to be at 76. why the cooldown as we make our way to the rest of the week and how cold it will be for the weekend coming up. new this morning, big changes are coming to a local
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right where you live... check convenient hours check looks like we're off to a very healthy start. what's next in primary care for who matters most: you. lahey health. lahey hospital and medical center beverly hospital addison gilbert hospital winchester hospital good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. well, this is a live look at logan airport this morning. weekend computer problems are still causing some long lines there at the southwest check-in there at the southwest check-in. we have been following developments all morning. the company is apologizing to passengers on twitter. fox25's stephanie coueignoux's
5:30 am
just a few minutes. and good morning, everybody and good morning, everybody. thank you so much for joining us on this monday morning. it is october 12. great to see you. >>gene: great to see you sara. >>sara: i am sara underwood. >>gene: i am gene lavanchy. meteorologist shiri spear is here with the columbus day forecast. temperatures are climbing. >>shiri: a couple more showers of temps in the 40s but once that warm-up starts it will go like that and bring us back to the 70s. right now a little bit of fog down in norwood, quarter-mile visibility that would qualify as dense fog. the a area impacted by that will be very small. a little bit of fog in bedford. ige not anticipating any kind of widespread problems with that little bit of fog that i am getting this morning. most of you seeing clear skies with 55 now in brewster. 52 in nantucket. 53 in duxbury. even 60 degrees in warren. versus 46 in brockton. 48 in foxborough. how about upper 40s in framingham, lowell.
5:31 am
metheun at 46. boston at 52. a degree warmer in lynn and temperatures into essential first of all massachusetts, mostly the 40s. by lunchtime, 70 in fact. middle 70s at 3 p.m. all sunshine all the way but we will show you somehow these clouds lead to showers. catherine, how looking out there. >>catherine: looking good. a lot of people have today off. still get a look if you were headed out the door what the roads look like for you. the issue the expressway going north just popped up on the map, an entry lane is blocked at victory rolled in the milton area. we are not -- road in the milton area. we are not seeing any delays. a speed check on there. 59 miles per hour through burlington. 93 doing okay as well. and you can see you are going above 70 miles per hour in medford. make sure you are obeying the speed limit in some of these areas because the volume is so light. the mbta hopefully smooth sailing for you as well because
5:32 am
is a holiday. really nothing that you need to consider differently in terms of your commute. here is a look at traffic as you are moving through 93. the somerville sullivan square area. traffic moving fine. volume light. a look at some of the drive times. on the pike 12 minutes from. 9 minutes on 93 from the leverett connector to 495. about 20 minutes there. gene and sara, back over to you. >> all right, catherine, thank you. developing news at airports across the country. southwest airlines says technical problems from the weekend are still causing problems this morning. >> it is causing long lines at airports including here at home at logan. fox25 stephanie coueignoux live at the check-in this morning. and plenty of people are anxiously awaiting their flights there right behind you, stephanie. >>reporter: and, sara, a lot of these folks frustrated. take a look behind me. you can see about 70 or so people here waiting in line at the southwest counter right here. and that line is actually grown
5:33 am
it may not seem like a lot, but keep in mind, there is at 5:30 in the morning and i am going to have my photographer pan over to compare it to the delta counter right next door, and here. so that just gives you an idea as to how busy it has been here at southwest. i actually just spoke with an employee, and she told me that they don't know when these computer issues are going to be resolved. they are hoping some time later on this morning. but take a look. this is video from lax. you can see how long those line you can see how long those lines were last night. as of yesterday, they were about 450 flights delayed. those delays started to pile up yesterday morning, but that employee that i just spoke with said there are no delays right now here at logan airport. but, again, yesterday morning, that is when the airline's computer system started to have issues and travelers weren't able to check in or book new flights. in fact some terminals, some customers had to get those
5:34 am
tickets written out by hand at other terminals. travelers could use kiosks to print out their tickets or get their luggage checked in. again, you still had a wait a very long time do that. southwest, of course, flies out of logan. manchester new hampshire and tf green in rhode island. if you were headed thought morning, even though there are no delays, employees are still asking to you print your boarding pass at home before you head to the airport because, again, the lines at the kiosk still very long and also arrive two hours earlier because, as we just showed you, these lines are still long this morning. meantime a spokesperson for the airline says no indication that hacking was involved in these computer issues, but we are going to continue to check in with them and let you know those issues are resolved. for now live at logan sewer national airport. i am stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. this morning, investigators are looking at an underground propane tank as the cause of a deadly explosion in franklin.
5:35 am
>>gene: we covered this as it was developing all weekend. fox25's jessica reyes live at the scene of that fire where neighbors are telling her they are scared to stay another night in their homes. jess, good morning. >>reporter: that is right, gene >>reporter: that is right, gene, good morning to you. neighbors are understandably still shaken up about all of this and they are still left with so many questions this morning. no official cause of this explosion has been determined yet, but the state fire marshal yet, but the state fire marshal's office told our crews over the weekend they are focusing on propane heating system they believe may have been a factor in all happened early saturday morning at the oakhill condo complex in franklin and fox25 has learned that the victims, richard and nancy brown had just moved here about a month ago. we spoke to neighbors over the weekend just hours after this happened to tell us that they are concerned that this could possibly happen again. one couple even telling us they are not sleeping here until the investigation is complete. >> well, you know, around the grill and stuff that you are cooking at, could you smell the propane.
5:36 am
no question about it. you know what it is. >> and this morning, we are learning more about those victims, richard and nancy brown. friends of theirs tell us they are originally from medway and richard brown had been on the board of selectmen there. this morning, the state fire marshal's office is continuing to look into what may have ignited that propane, and we have calls into them this morning. we will keep you posted as this develops throughout the morning develops throughout the morning. we are live in franklin, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. 5:36 this morning. new this morning big changes of the way the auburn housing authority operates following the death of a 2-year-old foster child. avilina conway coxon was living in subsidized housing with her foster mother at the time of her death. there were six children living in that foster home. the chairman of the authority tells telegram they are installing cameras in their properties and changing the way the units are inspected.
5:37 am
no one has been charged in avilina's death. they are still searching for more people linked to the murder of a man in september. on friday, michael musc atello and his girlfriend lauren, were both arrested in kevrjs with the death of robert mckenna. he and another man are charged with killing mckenna. she is charged as an accessory. police tell the patriot ledger still at large. this morning, a puppy stabbed during a worcester home invasion continues to recover at tuft veterinary hospital. worcester police say it happened last week when a pair of men ransacked a pure tan avenue home. two people and kona the chihuahua was hurt. the toddler slept through the attack unarmed. a tufts veterinary student end a tufts veterinary student ended up adopting kona because his owners could not afford his medical bills. >> i went in every morning and so excited to see him but worried what he was going to look like and what would happen
5:38 am
>> without bar, kon works have been put down. now he faces a long road to recovery, but he is expected to go home in just a few weeks. new this morning, a company in new hampshire is preparing to unveil the most generous paid maternity leave program in the country. beginning next summer, sonny beginning next summer, sonnyfield nrarms offer six -- soney farms will offer six months of paid maternity leave. they tell the concord monitor they felt it was time to catch up on supports women. more than one-third of stony more than one-third of stonyfield employees are women. homeowners around boston are getting dropped by their insurance companies. it is happening to people forced to file multiple claims after last winter. insurance companies look at home histories and how well a home is maintained before someone is cancelled someone is cancelled. experts say even then room to negotiate if the policy owner is willing to pay a high
5:39 am
deductible or make home improvements. new this morning the state's biggest technology company could announce a merger with dell as early as today. dell is expected to acquire emc corporation in hopkinton. the deal is for more than $53 million and despite job cuts at emc, the company hopes will seeing an increase in competition. a granite state car mogul is moving to the auto mile. according to the union leader, dan daget and his son has purchased from boc h toyota in norwood, north attleboro and westwood. the store also carry the boch name and ernie boch jr. will work. nd he will keep his suburu and ferrari dealership. last night's performance of the "book of mormon" was the final show scheduled for the stage. emerson college owns the space and take agent least the next
5:40 am
year to decide what to do with the building. local theatre fans not happy with the move. >> it's shortsighted on their part, because they are taking away the opportunity, students who are studying theatre to it be in one of the most memorable halls in boston. >> one plan calls for turning the building into a dining hall while still keeping a space for performances. this morning, police in newton are warning neighbors about a bear seen over the weekend. on friday night, the bear was spotted in the road street area spotted in the road street area. police found this sleeping and it eventually woke up and wandered away. there have been no reported sightings since, but police say if it is seen again, people should not run from it but back away slowly. officials also say to keep bird feeders and trash cans inside for now because they can attract bears. a man held behind bars in a foreign country for years. coming up new at 6:00, the fate of an american journalist after
5:41 am
being convicted of espionage. plus, the viral video of a fight over mac and cheese is back in the headlines. how students at a local school turn this melt down in a money maker. checking traffic and weather every ten minutes. traffic on the expressway here. it will take you only nine minutes to get into the city. you are averaging a speed of appear miles per hour. you can see the expressway still in the green at this early hour. shiri. >>shiri: those of with you the day off, sunshine across the board with temps in the upper 60s to about 70 degrees for the cape and islands. middle 70s north of boston. up to lakes region, will give
5:42 am
expect a massi leadership isn't given. it's earned. realized. accomplished. fulfilled. won. leadership isn't given.
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we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey' s is mine, yours, our chocolate. back here at 5:44. a person of have in a string of robbery robberies and a sexual assault in dorchester. fox25's daniel miller now with video of the man police are currently looking for. >>daniel: that's right, gene. residents in dorchester are being asked to be on high alert after this robbery and sexual assault.
5:44 am
police over the weekend, and we want to make sure it is getting another look now. police say the man in the red there -- in that red shirt, threatened and robbed two men. it happened on september 27. and about an hour later, and a mile away, a woman was sexually assaulted near harborview and dorchester ave. residents say it is very unsettle unsettling. >> to have families here for generations. and now that's pretty much on the way out. >> hopefully someone that knows him or recognizes him will come forward and call police. >>daniel: police are looking for a black man in his 20s with two braids in his hair, and he may have been driving a dark suv. now the boston police sexual assault unit working on the case right now. we will keep you posted on what we have learned from the investigation. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. there is a push happening in new hampshire to make the state more welcoming to visitor state more welcoming to visitors from canada.
5:45 am
the granite state has long had these signs greeting french speakers with plymouth state university is taking it a step further thanks to a $55,000 grant. that money will go to workshops focused on language and culture. in the end, the school is hope in the end, the school is hoping to boost the state's economy by attracting more tourists from quebec. students from uconn trying to turn a mac and cheese meltdown into cheddar. >> we showed you this video last week of a student screaming at food service employees who wouldn't sell him jalapeno mac and cheese. other students set up a go fund me campaign to raise money to support those workers. they want to give them a well deserved night out. at last check they have raised $1700. 5:46. and giving you a look at your live drive time traffic right now. the roads looking very good as you might expect at this early hour on a monday holiday. giving you a look at some
5:46 am
speeds. 128 as you are moving south through burlington. averaging 59 miles per hour. moving down just south of the city here and a little bit west in framingham. headed toward the city on the pike, going 24 hours. and if you were on the expressway going through quincy expressway going through quincy, 59 miles per hour for you. smooth sailing so far today. want to zoom out a little bit because maybe you are getting on the roads early to head up north. look at some of the foliage and i can tell you right now looks pretty good if you were headed north too. at that look now -- we want to zoom back in here. another speed check for you 93 fine. a look at traffic as you are moving past the gas tank moving smooth me, 7 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams. 12 minutes from 93 to the braintree to the pike. about a 10 about a 10-minute drive for you. shiri, smooth sailing on the road and sounds like a beautiful day on the way too. >> smooth sailing from the weather department as well this morning, catherine. normal low is 48 degrees in boston. we are going to be pretty close
5:47 am
this morning. we will hit that around sunrise this morning at 6:53. we have got a while to go before it is nice and bright outside. the sun goes down. normal high 63. how about we beat that by 10 degrees. i am a fan. i am sure you are a fan as well i am sure you are a fan as well. 52 right now in boston. we have got the southwest breeze at 9 miles per hour. southwest winds always carry additional heat into place when you couple that with the we have clear skies and a ton of sun across the northeast and we will see a decent warm-up. a kuming of things to keep in mind -- a couple of things to keep in mind. this moisture from the carolinas. this overnight from the cape and islands bringing the chance of rain this and this system out of the upper midwest is going to draw on scattered showers later in the day. so this kind of a one-day deal. the sunshine and warmer temperatures. futurecast, barely a cloud around us. into the afternoon a couple of scattered ones, but by in large, sunshine will win this out. 74 in boston. 74 in beverly.
5:48 am
73 in marshfield. 76 in brockton. to 77 in framingham, lowell, manchester new hampshire. 74 in worcester. and 74 in keene, new hampshire. then tonight, we fall back into the 50s because we have got more clouds moving in kind of like our blanket that holds in the heat. 40s and 30s like a couple of other nights recently and we have that risk for rain as i said sitting over the cape and islands. highs tomorrow in the lower 70s. this is a snapshot of 7:00 tomorrow morning. most of us simply seeing clouds there a slight chance of a shower and highest will be here. question about the extent of the reach in the rain. this one particular model has more over the cape and islands the other suggesting that the heavier stuff will stay offshore. something we will be fine tuning very closely in the next 12 hours. i will continue to keep you posted with my new information that i am getting every three hourser who through the morning hour and of course kevin lemanowicz will have a new look
5:49 am
a lot of clouds around. a lot of dry weather and not until the late afternoon and the evening that ahead of this front, we pull in some scattered showers. it doesn't look all this heavy though. what you are seeing here is that one model that is much wetter over the cape and the islands bringing over an inch of rain there. i am getting a lot lower estimates from that. a quarter inch for most of my forecasting tools otherwise patchy showers. 6. 62 on thursday. friday, next spot of showers, and the weekend is shaping up pretty chilly because 40s for your saturday wake-up temperatures, check out those sunday morning temperatures. in the 30s here. but as for the highs in the afternoon. as we head into the weekend. lots of sunshine and 50s on saturday. and a struggle to even get into the 50s on sunday. definitely the coolest day. more details on that coming up. back to you, guys. all right, shiri, incredible video of a water spout wreaking havoc across a
5:50 am
coming up next, the sensitive information inside of a tractor-trailer that was sent sky high into the air. and stay with us for our news at 6 a.m. presidential hopefuls head to new hampshire today to ditch their political parties so one of a kind convention to encourage new voters everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. so whatever speed you need, fios has it with the fastest internet and wi-fi available, from 50 to 500 mbps. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction.
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back here at 5:53 this morning. an intruder in indiana gets more than he bargained for when he broke into one woman's house he broke into one woman's house. the homeowner just happened to be trained in medieval combat. and when she saw him, she attacked him punching him in the face before she grabbed a japanese sword. she held him until the police arrived. and the whole thing -- the whole time this intruder, well, he was apologizing. >> if he had behaved in a slightly different manner, he wouldn't have gotten out of here alive. >> man. police arrested this 30-year-old. they say he was high on some unknown substance when he broke into that home. wild video coming from tampa this morning. letters flying over the bridge when a postal truck was hit with a water spout. take a look. that water spout turned into a tornado once it hit the bridge and just ripped the
5:53 am
about a dozen drivers saw the whole thing and they couldn't believe their eyes. >> that truck was probably no more than 50 yards in front of me when i finally figured out what was going on and then i stopped. i never have been associated with a tornado or anything that close, but i feel bad for the guy in the truck, because i mean that had to be just really mean that had to be just really, really scary. >> well, miraculously the driver of that truck walked away unharmed. red cross in new hampshire and have the are the are making sure people are prepared to deal with fires in their home. red cross chapters on average respond to home fires every 20 hours. as part of their home fire preparedness campaign. volunteers and emergency response teams installed 300 smoke detectors for free across the region the region. >> typically a family only has two minutes to exit a home once a fire alarm is soundsed. so it is really important -- sounded. so it is really important that families know what to do when they when they hear the beep. >> volunteers worked with family families and them them set awn
5:54 am
escape route and procedure in cases there a fire. the next 48 hours will be nerveracking for thousands of twitter employees. the new york times says the social media giant will announce layoffs and other cost-cutting measures as early as tomorrow. twitter mass more than 21 twitter mass more than 2100 employee at 40 offices that includes a large presence in kendall square. the company plans to stop a large expansion of it's san francisco headquarters. starting next month, barbie is going high-tech. mattel is launching the new hello barbie. it is already on the company's web site and boasts voice recognition and wi-fi capability. the doll is programmed to learn the child's likes and dislikes so each interaction is unique. mattel says the new barbie is more accepting than earlier versions that were only interested in appearance and possessions. hello barbie hits shelves november 20 and cost $75. >> maybe it will be a
5:55 am
self-driving jeep too if they can keep up with the times. >> you never know. >> barbie drives a jeep, right. >>sara: yes, i don't know 5:56 5:56. banning a controversial but decades-old name. where leaders are taking the historic first step to be historic first step to ban the teams named redskins playing on the field. enjoy.while you can. we have got warm and sunny today but rain and cooler temperatures on the horizon. i am timing out the warm-unhour by hour next. and new this morning, investigating a terrifying situation.
5:56 am
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