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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 12, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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franklin and inside local company isre,ssled and two grays later we are back at the scene and what official chris may told us caused the blast. eeke> close people inside change disaster. >> computer problomps for southwest still causing travel issues and ongoing concerns and that bad. eeke> tailgating nearly end to death of football fan and shooting happened after the paeastiots win in dallas. >> this is the fox25 morning ne w. eeke> tootay is colfrebus gray and going to feel more like middle
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of august looking at serious war an-up on the way. gooot monday morning to you, i'm catherine parrotta for julie grauerhave >> ihed granhow l mssler. we appreciate your company this morning. 80s in spots tootay? eeke> close to a lot ofondsto and upper 70s on the map especially mar -- permack valley and war evp started, my frienake examine saying good-bye to a lot of 40s andjust7 andjust4 in lat and nence, 57 in pare omouth and taunton 67 and worcester to new hampshire, and`usto in keene and orange and westfhow ld and and future cast and going to allow the mercutte touse frepjone s72 toves8 for highs, mostare o sunny, warm, a little cooler for the
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take you to hot and cool spots today and wetter spots as we get into tue aay form sast comingjop. irsck over to you. >> zoom in on couple spots and coming from the north 93 boston smooth sailing and same for 128 and shifting and not actually on the pike there was earlier stalled truck as you're approaching mcclellan highway going eastbound and seeut a to have clearedjone sas well and per fe going east in britton and very little volfree and going to take yocomp ar minutes there and eight minutes 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls and looking at 21 minute rrace. >> developing story out of afghanistan. twojo.s. service mompbers are dead after military helicopter crash in kabul. the british chopper went grown rousnday at nato led mission's headquarters five people
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inclul werere,ssled and five more hurt. no word on the victim's names. the crash is still be andng investigated. this morning firefighters believe a gas explosion was cause of a greadly fire in franklin this weekend. fox25 was there as smoke was rising froddsslat was left of the condo. fox25 jessica reyes is live at the condo complex this morning anakeuse eswar pand vple are frightened to sleep in their own beds. >> they are, granhow l, ne andghbors stssl have a lot of questions about this and brand-new development and, of coursmap prand b ei scatte situation for the people who are still living here and still a lot on aout what may have caused this but we do know this morning state fire marshal > oeneices loualing into the possibility may have had something to do with the propane heating system. this all happened early saturday morning and fox25 has learned victims their names are richard and nancy brown and had just moved here about a month ago. spuale to ne andghbors over the weekenduse ust hours after this
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happened and they tell us they are very concerned this could po therwar are o happen again, one couple each telling us they are not sleeping herejontss the investigation is complete. >> around the grill and stuff. eeke> smell propane and on aout it, you know what it is. >> and state fire marshal's office continuing to look into sslat may have ignited that propane. coming up next half hour we are talking about a close friend and former coworker of richard brand fox25 newe o >> new this morning a ox2ightening car on 93 north and two people jumped second before it caught fire and crew gand bting the video new overnight. fox25 michael henrich is live at south bay shopping center close to where it happened. michael? >> hasn't rm sn 9ved word yand b why
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the car caught fire but thankfully we know that both people are oittoy. we wssl show you the vracand v ple ain, happened right behind me in the area here of the expressway oene exit 16 and oene the eter mressway, of course, and in parking lot of south bay center and what wersenoyesso far is that yes, it happened on one of the ramps car dramatically catching fire and gominngjop in cenames and doused it with water and got the fire out and sslath aer was on the road and several hours ago overnight and right now clearly everything is all clear and things are mpo ing as good as they can and close call two people thanks lelly maed hng it out without injury and as soon as we received word why this hand we hear back from boston fire and, of coursmap update you on the fox25 news app and website at
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for now though r > orting live in dorchester, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> this morning a new hampshire woman is awaiting arraignment for allegedly crashing into a state police crashiser. the trooper was in the middle of a traffic stop on 93 in the town of thornton when suv seastuck him yesterday afternoon. the suv skidded off the road and into the tree lynn. accond,ing to new hampshire state police the car involved had been reportedare o weaving in and out of eastrtefic a minute before the crash. the driver 63-year-oldrseatherine deanglo, were taken to the hospital with minor injuries and 3 dash. saturday night on middle street police say 30-year-old ox2antedsco gomez was hint the ssleel when car struck pole and no word on name this morning and gomez is facing sh aeral charges including motor vehicle homicide and this morning working itet g update on conqution of man involved in another car in
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satund,ay afternoon in paarling lot and man flown to the hospital after being struck by car and 46-yearstald steven burke and several parked vehicles and facing few charges including operatingjonder the influence. >> new this morning police in peabody searching for masked rob und her hit the town varie ei on central street before 9:00 last night. the salomp news r > orts the rousspm st had 2 inch kitchen knife and madoff with unknown amount of cash and last seen wearing a gray hooded southwest shirt and dark pants and task mask cpo ering the lower half of the enice. ship sank after sailing into hurricane joaquin in the bahamas
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who still lives in brockton. >> led to the sea, married to the sea and the sea took her bride. >> mary says she isn't the mad at the captain of el faro. the ship had sailed through hurricanes before. >> sheriene shot andrsessled by neighbor. terence off-ranch was heading home from work yesterday morning sslen sauqus put in his neigts orhood and overage leaves behind fiance who's four months pro addent. eeke>> presidential hopefuls will be in new hampshire and and take part in no lon ael convention and encourple e bo engage endeclared voters. lindsay graham, martin o'malley,use ohn casn 9c and george pataxi and event tonight at the manane ester raqu theron.
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eeke> boston mayor mar ei walsh wants to keep lawsuit with wynn and shointodn't take the city's sid wvehit persoddelly and casino leader said last week latest lawsuit came as surprise after both sraces griscu ther traeneic issue the casino might bring. governor ane arlie baker getting reaez to take a tougher stance in the fight against opioid abuse. and r > orting gpo ernor baker will file legislation this week which would give hospitad to power to force a,icts to gand b easteatment. doctors would only be able to do so if the a,ict considered a danger to themselves or others. doctors, family members and even police can gro this alreaez but onare o with approval. suicide prevention group loualing to connect with younger generatione o samaritans incorporated accepting text messages to hotline. teenple ers and college age adults text more than make actual calls and is his sm sond leaqung cause
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anyone that needs help can contact samaritans inc. can call or text the number on your screen. in vermont and new hammbhire want to make sure pand vple are prepared. volunteers and emergency response tea- isuittallomiras smoke detectors for free across the region. typically a famssy actually has only f home once fire alarm is sound, so it is really important that enimiliesrsenow what to gro when they hear the beat. >> volunteers ad too worked with enimilies and helped them sand bjop escape route and procedure in case there is a firrob new this morning a bear is making it known for himself and
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bears clearly on the prowl for fose. and whole eter merword worke is a little nerve-racking. i can imagine. eeke>> making strides towand, woarlplace ed vality and coming up at 9:30, local company breaking ddetional barriers for famssy with new bon aies. >> slide baseball fans everywhere taled hng about this morning. >> tompperatures in the 50s, wall to wall blue skies, same roussuithine as coming home and how everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. so whatever speed you need, fios has it with the fastest internet and wi-fi available, from 50 to 500 mbps. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a
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year agreement.
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new england paeastiots are at perfm st rm sord. tom brady and company with a big win in dallas yestend,ay and thcalds.uarter grand vn lewis take the short pass and goes under a couple defenders and fourth figadyuse intoian edelman on the sideline and make a few cuts and go the distance and pats win. >> after big win gun fcale at parking lot of the sat stadium and this morning we are learning rousspm sted shooter has been charged and texas paper reports he is hospitalized ampaer hurting hi- elf after easto retaining wall and hospitalized in critical conqution and at this point no worthere
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rubin tehadda during game f his slide was illo aal. american legion league baseball announced suspension last nigppen and appeal could happen before tonight's game three. tomorrow full report is expected on the crash of masidysia airlines flight 17 and gum bejet exploded over eastern ukraine and 298 pand vple were ed hlled and flight heading from amsterdam to malaysia and dutane sa and ei oeneiciad to wssl puodish the final report tomorrow and u.s. government believes the plane was hit by a missile in.ying by prorussian. washington reporter accused of bn 9ng spy in iran. jason has been convicted and few other details about the verdict avaisidode at this time and there's no word on a possible sentence but reportedly faces up to ten to 20 years in prison if convicted. he was arrested in july of last year his closed groor trial ended
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f the verdict has never been explainethere >> solquer that wandered away from unit in afghanistan and spent nearly five years as talir otn prisoner wssl like flee not go to jail. that is opinion of lawyer into the hearing of sergeant bo berini3 cough and falls to abrams that could punish bergdoll. 28 as north grm wng fine on 93 the eter mressway, however, it is sluggish as you go between d vin`s and grorane ester and most part not as bad as it usually is and still pretty good and pike g fer there you could see in the green moving at pretty good clip all the way as you head into the ci ei and lthrk at trais oic on the pike, volume very light at this hour and look at some of those thsive times on 24 take you nine
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connector to 495 and lthred hng at 20 minute rrace avera. wng about 66 miles per hour and, shiri, not bad gray out there for pand vple that migppen hg the a gray off, foliage. >> that's where you wssl find the best of it today, catherine and everything a little grelayed mostlir grd. to mssd squttember and really start to turn into i want to say moderate and peak colors eadorth and west of boston and vermont and perhaps northern maine and still a lot of gthrd color on the way and all the way north and all the way to the west and gthrd pops of color northeadoand west of the city and expect mid-october to see the peak color grceseloping a& noss southern new hammbhire and central western mass and peaks where it shointod hg the peaked back cer and adetain, a little delayed but still really great weather for heaqung out maybe eter mloring a litanie bit, 75 in boston and middle 70s in
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negoehampshcale and lthrk at thrd in port land, maine and we got a whole 50ternthrn in the`2 mi, right now 58 in boston, goes up to 70 by noon time so let the short slecesesrseind of rintoe your very. storm going to graze past and potential for shower there and currently look like heaviest rain will stay offshore and head toward noon time tomorrow, mostly cluedy but still mostly dry and next system we have to
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watch front nearing us for the evening commute and will bring in some spot showers and today is better day because you got warmer temperatures, brighter skies, 77 norwood, framingham, burlington, lawrence, hudson and mildford and over to shirley, hot spots, middle 70s in worcester and in boston today, foxborough to about 76 and bridge water 76, lower 70s plymouth down to sandwich and rest of the cape and islands top out in the upper 60s and tonight we will drop back into the 50s and i think the rain a little overdone here and watch the cape and islands for chance of showers and otherwise increasing clouds, a little bit of patchy fog and deal with that as we hit the road tomorrow morning and tomorrow highs back into the 70s with those spot showers and weekend forecast seriously going to cool down and
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rain behind that and a lot of cold air for saturday and sunday and wake up to the 30s and 40s and highs only in the 50s warmer day ends up being saturday with slowly clearing skies and on top of that breezy, 58 in boston followed by struggle to even hit 50 on sunday. >> coming up new at 9:30, suspected kidnappers behind bars this morning. how tips from the public helped end the arrest. rock star wants donald trump to find another song to strut to coming up why trump may have i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel.
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ben carson trailing closely behind and trump has 27% while carson has 21% and ted cruz took 30 place with 9% support followed by marco rubio and jeb bush and carly fiorina are tied at 6%. >> steven tyler telling donald trump to keep dreaming and second time sent a cease and desist letter about the latest rally and used dream on as walked on stage and tyler's lawyer says this is ray copy -- copyright issue and gives wrong
9:21 am
trump's bid. new attack ad focused on that controversy. president obama and interview with 60 minutes addresses hick's use of private e-mail server. >> i don't think it posed national security problem. i think it was mistake that she has acknowledged. >> says controversy has been because politics. >> this is one of those issues i think is legitimate but the fact that for the last three months spoken about in political season skwrerbgs issue dogged clinton's campaign and republicans haven't been afraid to latch on. >> i did not e-mail classified materials. >> attack ad accuseing and not telling the truth again and u.s.
9:22 am
hundreds of clinton's e-mails and none of it was classified at the time it was set and rnc releasing the ad ahead of tuesday's debate targeting supporter of rival at this point, senator bernie sanders. >> comes ten days before clint onset to testify before benghazi attack. new pole this morning hillary clinton's lead is growing and kyla come bell live in washington to break down the numbers. kyla? >> good morning, catherine. the cnnorc poll focused on two key states and 50% of prime voters in nevada in clinton and 16% lead and larger lead over sanders of 25 points and vice
9:23 am
the race and clinton could gross more but sanders isn't giving up. >> i'm in this race and running to win. >> three other candidate are preparing for tomorrow night's debate on cnn including former maryland governor martin o'malley, former rhode island governor lincoln chafey as well as former virginia senator jim webb. biden not running and not taking part in tomorrow night's debate on cnn but to be safe cnn says it has extra podium available for him. live in washington, kyla campbell, fox25 news. >> 9:26 now. apparently he has not satisfied with being a world famous celebrity. controversial star who got golden ticket at an "american idol" audition. shiri? >> normal high temperatures 63 today, we will beet that by more than ten. so i will show you why the cooldown as we head toward the end of the week and how chilly it will be by the weekend. details next. >> 15 years today since the u.s. coal was attacked.
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change the rules of live look outside on beautiful columbus day in october. may be october but feels more like august. good morning, i'm daniel miller. >> i'm catherine parrotta. meteorologist shiri spear with us and you're talking about big
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>> gorgeous day, you guys, don't come back in until 60 outside, 50s on the map, brewster at 55, 63 on vineyard and hull at 54 and boston checking in at 58 and still 40s in lull at 46 in framingham and 44 and welcome to sixties and warm-up is happening and we got 40s, 50s, 60s now on the map with 58 in boston and warm and 70s and 3:00 p.m. comes along and although the cape will be in the 60s, i got 76. come on, you got to go outside and soak this up while you can and the last har awe for summertime 7:00 p.m. and latest on massive cooldown by the time we hit the weekend and details in just a few now over to catherine with live drive time traffic.
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>> haven't been too many issues out there and volume pretty light and pike moving along just fine 128 from the north and the south really no big problems and 93 from the north heading into the city you're in the green, smooth sailing on route 1 southbound and look now actually the pike going eastbound and look at live drive times eight minutes on 93 from the leverett connector 495 and 20 minute right on 93 from the brant split to the pike nine minutes there. >> developing story out of afghanistan two u.s. service members are dead after a military helicopter crash in kabul. the british chopper went down sunday and five people including u.s. military members were killed and five more hurt. no word on the victims names. the crash is still being investigated. >> developing news this morning good news for travelers, delays on southwest flights over.
9:28 am
fox25 stephanie coueignoux has been live at logan airport since 5:00 this morning, so stephanie, what's the good news? >> well the good news is that the delays are no longer in effect and and going to e-mail me new information and wouldn't tell me over the phone whether they have figured out the computer glitches and i was told two hours ago they were almost there but taking a look behind me slowly starting to pick up lines not nearly as long as what we saw and very good news heading out to terminal a this morning and take look at this video, this is the very same area and this is video from about five, 30 this morning you can see 70 people in line or so and there were each actually waiting to print the boarding
9:29 am
having to deal with computer glitches that prevented southwest customers for checking in and booking new flights online and that has affected airports all across the controversy and line massive at lax and delays also impacted flights here at logan andman, new hampshire and tf green in rhode island and man told me he flies very often and he was stressed because it took him hours to get checked in. >> i waited all day yesterday trying to get on the website to get the boarding pass and didn't get on until 7:00. it was crazy but i travel a lot. >> even though there are improvements southwest still asking passengers to print passat home and i'm expecting an
9:30 am
i will send that to our web development and we will post iton line as soon as i receive it that's at but as of now they are saying they don't believe hackers were behind the computer glitches. stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. this morning marshfield police still searching for more people linked to murder of man in september. on friday michael and girlfriend connected with the death of woman and they are charged with dealing with mckenna and additional accomplices still at large. >> gas explosion caused deadly fire in franklin this weekend and learning more about the couple that died inside. fox25 jessica reyes continues live conte funeral home from the scene this morning in franklin and, jess, that couple very strong ties to the community. >> they do. they have very strong ties to
9:31 am
husband he was on the board of settlement there for a number of years taking look at scene here and this is the aftermath of the explosion, all that's left of the cono really just a charred blackened shell. look around the road there you could see there's still a lot of diddy bree here this morning and again, this morning we do continue to learn more about those two people that were killed here over the weekend. flames engulf a franklin condominium following explosion early saturday morning and fox25 has learned a married company was killed. neighbors told the crews right after it happened that the blast woke them up. >> extremely loud. >> sat right up in bed. >> richard and nancy brown moved into the complex a month ago and they had been living in florida but learned the couple had close ties to medway where they raised their family. >> just very very sad and i'm quite shocked. i mean i really still can't believe it this happened to them. >> medway town clerk and board
9:32 am
of settlement mary jane white says richard brown was active in town government and tells fox25 he served on medway's finance committee for several years. >> desperate need of new police station and fire station at the time he was on the and white says last medway number of years ago and this morning the investigation continues. state fire marshal telling the crews over the weekend focusing on a propane heating system and neighbors are now left with so many questions, many of them saying they are not sleeping here until the investigation is complete. >> you know, around the grills and stuff when cooking out, you can smell the propane, no question of that and know what it is. >> and state fire marshal does seem confident this did have something to do with property pain heating system and big question now that they are trying to figure out what ignited it. live in franklin this morning, jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> this morning officials are
9:33 am
this is what they found on little river. one boat floating away on fire and another at the dock also in flames and both things spilling with some sort of cleaning agent and no one was hurt. >> we now know the name of man shot and killed by police in beverly. essex county district attorney's office says 49-year-old christopher wit marsh of hamilton killed saturday afternoon and learned the information just before the fox25 news at 10:00 last night and shooting happened after a woman called police and said a man was ramming suv with his car when officers arrived they ordered him to get out of the vehicle. he was shot when he refused. new this morning big changes coming to the way auburn housing authority operates following the death of a two-year-old foster child. abilenea conway coxin was living in subsidized housing at the time of her death and now housing authority says it wants better communication and six children in their smoke chairman of the authority tells the
9:34 am
telegram also installing cameras in properties and changing the way units are inspected and they have also set up anonymous tip line for tenants and no one was been charged in abilenea's death. >> happen right now it is official dell buying the state's biggest technology company. dell and emc in hopkinton have signed an agreement for takeover emc sent us statement during the 7:00 news statement saying stockholders still have to approve the sale. dell says the deal was for more than $67 billion. despite talks of jobs cuts at emc the company hopes the deal will help the data storage business which is seeing an increase in competition. granite state car mogul is moving to the auto mile according to the union leader dan degas and he his son have purchased the bock toyota in norwood, north attleboro and westford. the stores will continue to
9:35 am
bock junior will work with ernie for marketing. big or multiple claims after last winter and boston globe reports insurance companies look at claim histories and how well a home is maintained before someone is canceled. experts say even then there's usually room to negotiate if the policy holder is willing to pay a higher deductible or make home improvements. education will be top of mind for lawmakers on beacon hill this week. most of the bills are related to charter schools and comes not long after governor charlie baker unveiled bill that would allow the state to either add or expand 12 charter schools in the state and public hearing is scheduled at the statehouse tomorrow. this week millions of high school students across the country will get their first look at the version of the psat. overhauled the standardized test to make it more relevant to high
9:36 am
school curriculum. it is use select students for national perit scholarships and exam is on wednesday. this morning police in newton are warning neighbors about a bear seen over the weekend. on friday night the bear was spotted in the rose street area and police found it sleeping and eventually woke and up wandered away. there have been no reported sightings since but police say if it is seen again they should not run from it but back away closely and bird feeders inside for now because they can attract bears. new article from boston college professor says millennials need to fend for themselves. psychology today recent years more and more college-aged students have been seeking counseling for everyday problems talking minor squabble with the roommate or even finding mouse in their apartment. gray says it is impacting the way professors grade them because of concerns there will be emotional fallout from a poor score or failing great.
9:37 am
he says one way to change the growing trend is for parents to back off and give parents freedom to being adults. company in new hampshire preparing to unveil the most generous paid maternity leave program in the country. londonderry based yogurt maker stoney field farms offer six months of paid maternity leave to mothers or primary gave giver in the same-sex marriage and conquered monitor felt it was time to catch up in supporting women and one third of stoney field are women. what they did years ago that could cost themselves. next surveillance video that police hope will lead them to suspect in the string of robbers and violence assault. shiri? >> pollen levels including ragweed taking dip tomorrow because we have rain in the forecast.
9:38 am
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hurry, ends tuesday! know better sleep with sleep number. woman sexually assaulted near par harborview and dorchester ave and residents say it is very unsettling. >> here for generation and that's pretty much on the way out.
9:40 am
>> hopefully someone that knows him or recognizes him and probably. >> police say they are looking for black man in 20s with two braids in his hair and may have been driving a dark suv. police in connecticut say this surveillance video and tips from the public led to quick arrest in attempted abduction. we showed you this video last week from bridgeport. teenager bailed out of a moving car along a busy street. police say 38-year-old offered the teen a ride and then attacked. randall was arrested on saturday police say she and the victim did not know each other. randall is due in court tomorrow for sexual assault in other charges. puppy during a worcester home invasion continues to recover at the hospital and it happened last week when a pair of men ransacked and two people were hurt and toddler slept through the attack unharmed. veterinary student ended up adopting conia because owners cannot afford his medical bills.
9:41 am
>> i just went in every morning and i was so excited to see him but also worried about what he was going to electric like and happen to him. >> conia would have had to been put down but expected to go home in few weeks. >> law takes effect in january 2017 and 4 california high schools called themselves redskins despite protests the owner of the washington redskins has refused to change the franchises name. >> this morning peta picking a pittsburgh penguins -- fight with urban outfitters and going after the retail chain for selling free people clothing which has products made from the fur and peta says the animal is tortured when hair removed. urban outfitters has not commented.
9:42 am
living you look now at live drive time traffic at 9:46 on monday morning and actually going to start with the big map here and see mostly green, zoom in on couple spots and 128 commute really looking great and 93 as well as looking north into the city examine really -- and nothing getting in your way and pike looking okay and edge of the screen one sluggish spot we have on the expressway and moving north into the city as you go through the milton, quincy, dorchester area there, so that might tack on extra time to your commute and there's a better look at the spot right now. giving you look at pike eastbound again you can see traffic moving well and here is look at live drive times on pike take you 13 minute, 93 from the braintree split to the pike nine minutes and 93 leverett connector to 495, 20 minute ride there and shiri just a beautiful day to go out there and do just about anything if you have the day off. >> yeah, agreed whether it is kind of getting breath of fresh air, maybe doing hunting down some of the best foliage in
9:43 am
mostly green right now, 58 as temperature, southwest winds when we have southwest wind it pulls all the warm air from here and transplants it up into new england and couple that with the fact we have clear skies across the northeast and we are in for a decent warm-up and this moisture it is going to the travel up the coast and skim by the cape and islands tonight bringing risk of rain there and bring spot showers as well and most of the rain end up missing us and obviously nothing going on and all about the sunshine guys and and change slowly and temperatures upper 70 from ma'am, new hampshire and lowell in framingham and brockton 76 and middle 70s beverly and boston over to worcester and keene as well and 72 in marshfield, upper 60s more sun than anything else, one or two clouds that's it and tonight temperatures will be back in the
9:44 am
quickly and temperaturewise going to do and close eye and rain totals have just updated across the cape and islands and south of marshfield and plymouth that we are going to have the risk for rain elsewhere tomorrow we stay mostly dry until we hit the late hours of the day and tons of on and off clouds and crowds kind of win it out tomorrow and then we bring in the showers, least chance for showers. because whole front going to come through so weak a lot of the showers simply fall apart as they come at us and rainfall
9:45 am
this, picking up this rain early in the morning which is showing nantucket about half inch of rain and kind of high estimate there and all going to depend whether that heaviest rain attached to the storm will actually reach you. so, of course, we are going to have close eye on that and kevin lemanowicz will have a new look of fresh look at incoming rain tonight coming up at 5:00 today but tuesday bringing us showers, still 73 , normal temperatures, quote unquote, with highs in the 60s and next batch will develop on friday and check out the weekend temperatures. we will get into the 50s on saturday with 58 in boston, 59 in plymouth and beverly, 57 in nashua and 53 in worcester and then on sunday talk about a cooldown you will wake up to freezing or frosty temperatures. temperatures in the 30s here up to 50 , coolest air so far this season come into town by late weekend and soak up the sunshine and 70s while you can
9:46 am
>> mack and cheese has this student's colleague making amends.
9:47 am
to apologize for the one [ duck quacks, wolf howls and wind whistling ] [ electronic beeping ] but... the minx boot: tested tough in the pacific northwest. [ wolf howls ] every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds.
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students at uconn trying to turn mack and cheese meltdown into cash. we showed you this video last week of the students at food service employees that wouldn't sell him mack and cheese and there have been go fund me campaign to support workers. last night they raised $1,700. curtain may have come down for the final time at boston's historic colonial theater. last night's performance of the book of mormon final show scheduled by the stage and emerson college taking nextier to decide what to do with the building and local theater fans
9:49 am
the move. >> plans large expansion of san francisco headquartersy. people will need to stand up and move around using a special headset to watch the content. hulu watching on new original content to go along with the app and virtual reality app will launch alongside gear vr headset and no word on exact date and promised in time for black friday. today mark 15 years since the deadly attack on u.s. war ship.
9:50 am
u.s. coal struck while it was harbored and refueled in yemen. 17 american sailors injured and al-qaeda claims responsibility and reconsider the rule of engagement and response to attack and tragedy the deadliest assault against the u.s. naval vessel since 1987. right now actor andy quad and wife held on half million dollar bond accused of doing more than $5,000 in damage to a property in california before they fled to canada five years ago. quad facing extradition to face felony vandalism charges. he says he wants to run for president and kanye west wants to be the next "american idol." kanye showed up unannounced at auditions in san francisco saturday and his wife kim kardashian put out his images on instagram as west performed hit
9:51 am
he got the golden ticket to appear in hollywood and hasn't said whether he will make it to hollywood to perform and final season will air right here on fox25 in january. something is telling me he will probably make an appearance. >> beautiful day on the way. >> i will be making appearance outside immediately after this newscast because we do have been have temperatures well into the 70s, sunshine today, few showers, next significant rain friday. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. don't forget fox25 news at 5:00. >> see you tomorrow morning. have a good one. there's a better way to specialized surgery that's right for you: lahey hospital and medical center. cardiac teams pioneering innovative treatments... and neurosurgeons at the forefront of spinal surgery... right here. america's largest live-donor liver transplant program... right now. and quality outcomes among the nation's best... the right outcomes...
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