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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 13, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. developing now at 4:00, the swat team called in to take down a stabbing suspect overnight. the explosive views to bring that that man into custody. two fire fighters killed battling a massive fire in missouri. how they managed to save lives as the flag came down. drinking and driving on a screen. how police arrested a woman driving drunk behind the wheel. >> this is the fox25 morning news. it is october 14, i am
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daniel miller. >> good morning, i am julie grauert. a bit of a one-two punch of showers. we can't have a gorgeous day like yesterday last forever. shiri spear is tracking separate systems of rain. shiri, what do we have to expect. >> julie, this is the first batch of showers moving in the next two hours. rain skooingt up toward us. right now starting the day dry. if you were hitting the road now, you have to worry about fog over southee massachusetts. 56, boston. 54, worcester. 60s in the cape and island. cooler in nashua at 46 because clouds have not thickened up for you guys yet but they are come coming with showers to the south. 6 a.m. this is a little underdone. the showers a little closer to plymouth. nearing boston probably around 6:30 this morning based on our latest estimate. by noontime, it is out of here. this is really a strictly morning event. unfortunately it is happening during the morning commute.
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soaking showers passing through between 7 and 10:00. boston, beverly, we have to keep a real close eye because some of those showers could leak toward you this morning. otherwise, this afternoon from sunshine. the clouds break up but we are not done with the showers yet. when to expect that second batch coming up. right now back to you julie for a check the roads. >> shiri, thank you. at 4:02 about, a great time to commute and get your day started earlier. wide open from the cloverleaf down through medford and into somerville. pike moving along at a nice clip through framingham and through brighton. things are wide open. 13 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams. 8 minutes on route 9 from 495 to speen street. 22 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. 4:02. developing in bellingham. swat teams used flash mobs to
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police have not said how this startit was initially reported father. the suspect then barricaded himself inside a condo maple brook condominiums. the swat team surrounded the condo for self-hours before deploying the flash bombs. we were told at the scene that is that the victim was tank to umass memorial with serious injuries. right now the suspect is in custody. and investigators have not released the name of the suspect in the case nor the hour. breaking news this morning in kansas city. two fire fighters are killed when a burning apartment building collapses on top of them. two other fire fighters are hurt. the crew was in the middle of evacuating people from inside the building where the fire had started when it began to collapse and suddenly the rest of the building came down. >> they did not die in vain. they saved two civilians, carried them out of the second floor on ladders before the wall collapsed.
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department tweeting out their condolences saying they are thinking about their kansas city brothers and sisters as think grieve the loss. kansas city fire department is expected to have another update at 8:00 this morning. of course we will bring all of those details. new this morning a deadly shun under investigation in hudson, massachusetts. a memorial now stands near central and ashley streets where a bicyclist was hit sunday. metro west daily news reporting the 54-year-old died at the hospital. witnesses say the pickup truck driver did stop but then took off again. right now it is not clear if the driver has been caught. people in new hampshire will be back in class after a disturbing death wish was found at a local high school. a student found the notebook. the list contains names of several students, dates and times and crews ome ways of death, cannibalism and nail removal. they explain the list was based
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we spoke to one parent whose daughter's name was on the list daughter's name was on the list. >> it makes her nervous that someone dislikes her that much and put her name on that list for a gruesome death for her. >>julie: parents were invited to a meeting where they will get more information about the list. fox25 reached out to the school district but have not said if any punishment will be made to the girl who is behind that list. 4:05 right now. a brookline fire fighter accused of beating a homeless man is now on leave from his job. the alleged attack happened sunday night outside of anna's taqueria on harvard street. fire fighter joseph ward punched, kicked and threw a bottle at a homeless man because he thought he was taking too long with his order. >> to hear that a person of authority is beating up a homeless person is a little disconcerting. >>daniel: ward is charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. we will be checking this morning to see when he will be in court. happening today, an autopsy will be performed on the body
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of a missing new hampshire woman found behind a wall in her home. fox25 has followed the case of sue hutchinson since her disappearance last month. yesterday her body was found in a crawlspace inside a manchester apartment. hutchinson was killed by her roommate steven andrade who took his own life at a hotel in tewksbury. >> we are looking at whether or not he has been stealing as a potential motive. >> investigators have a theory of how hutchinson died and they are going to wait for a medical examiner to release an official cause of death. an investigation is under way in revere after a man died after a struggle with police. it happened sunday night. the 38-year-old broken into an apartment building and they found him bleeding. officers used a taser on him. the man later died at a hospital. no word on his name at this point. an autopsy will determine what caused his death. a lowell police officer caught sleeping on the job has been in trouble before. we first showed you this picture yesterday morning.
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the lowell sun say it is shows patrolman jeffrey moore asleep in his cruiser. moore had been suspended on two different occasions by the department. one of those suspensions was for falling asleep on the job. he is on paid leave from the force. this morning a registered sex offender denies approaching a young girl at a local book store. it happened last month at the manchester barnes & noble and still under police investigation. spoke with the girl's father off camera to protect the identity. he called 911 after an uncomfortable conversation about his 6-year-old daughter with james sorenson. >> he checked her up and down with his eyes. there is no other way to explain.tampa he asked me -- oh, you are here with a pretty girl. i said, yes, i am. >> sorenson didn't want to go on camera but told fox25 the incident cost him his job. according to the police report obtained by station, sorenson admitted to police that he called the girl pretty. sorenson previously did time for sexually a salting a child under 13.
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he has not been charged in this incident. this morning, brockton police have a good idea who was involved in a gunfight at a local neighborhood. witnesses say nearly 15 shots were fired just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. the bullets came from two street. one person was shot twice. hospital. two of his shots hit a home where a teenager was sleeping inside. >> i was laying down on my bed. >>reporter: and then. >> sleeping and i heard 15 shots. like seven constant and then a six. survive. he is not cooperating with investigators, but they are now searching for suspects that are known to officers. it is now 4:08. a woman attacked by a pit bull is recovering in the hospital this morning as police investigate. it happened saturday inside this winchendon home. denise slager called for help and when they arrived they had to break down a door to get to her. once inside they were forced to
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were on the attack. they have confronted the owner about the dogs before. they were worried of how the animals were being treated. >> if i see your dog out there again tied to a tree with no water and no shelter, i am going to report you. >> and what did he say? >> he didn't say anything. >> the incident is still being investigated. we will see if the owner of the dogs face charges. happening today in las vegas, presidential hopefuls will square off in the first democratic primary debate. the debate is two hours giving underdogs ample amount of time to battle front runner hillary clinton. bernie sanders, martin o'malley bernie sanders, martin o'malley, former have a have senator jim webb and former rhode island governor lincoln chafee will all attend. just in case vice president joe biden decides to make a bid for the white house, cnn will have a podium waiting for him at the debate. the debate starts at 9:00. tonight's debate takes place as
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clinton leads the polls in nevada. recent cnn polls show she has 50% of the votes there. bernie sanders follows at 34%. joe biden, if he does decide to run is at 12%. older polls show clinton flipping first place in new hampshire and a narrow margin over sanders in iowa. happening today former patriots player aaron hernandez will return to court. this a continuation of last week agency hearing when his lawyers tried to get a witness intimidation charge dismissed. that witness is hernandez's former right-hand man alexander bradley. lawyers are trying to get evidence dismiss been hernandez boston. new in morning new hampshire governor is asking for federal help to track the health impact of contaminated water at t's trade port. maggie hassan sent a letter about the issue. watching and testing the children exposed to chemicals in well water but putting a strain on the division of
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public health. hassan is happy to the air force's response to the contamination issue but more funding is needed for that to continue as well. grief counselors will be at a local boarding school mourning the death of a student athlete. 16-year-old casey dunn of wellesley collapsed and died during field hockey practice in dedham on friday. dunn suffered a massive brain bleed and no pre-existing medical conditions. her brother said the family is grieve grieving but comforted by the fact she died doing something she loved. >> i am very happy that she went out in such a happy place surrounded by people she loved in a place she loved doing something that she did love. >>daniel: services for dunn will be held tomorrow and thursday. it is just about 4:12. offering up an apology for a tantrum over mac and cheese. >> when i watch the video a few days later, i -- i couldn't even believe it was me in it. like --
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>> new at 4:30, who this new england college student is saying sorry too and the bizarre donations he has been getting from total strangers. stuck on a new england mountain with only one way down. now two hikers can be left with a big bill because of their bad preparations. meteorologist shiri spear checking the forecast. i hope it is like yesterday. >>shiri: unfortunately, daniel >>shiri: unfortunately, daniel, 70s this afternoon and
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happening today, two suspects arrested in connection with the death of a marchfield man will be in court. michael mastetolo and his girlfriend are charged in the death of robert mckenna. he is and another man are charged with killing mckenna. callio is charged an accessory. police are looking for other suspects. police are looking for suspects in a violent gas station robbery in bedford. it happened at the shell station on greg road. police tell fox25 the suspect walked in wearing a mask and holding a knife. >> there was a little scuffle between the clerk and the suspect and the clerk was cut in the hand. police say if you see the suspect he is believed to be armed and dangerous. 4:15. a merger of budweiser and bud l ight.
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miller. abm bev has been trying for nearly month get its hand on miller but the company resisted offers. the offer was 14% higher than the first one. this morning, we are learning more about the deal of one of the biggest players in dell computers. we have been following the emc takeover since talks 80 agreement surfaced last week and an emc executive expect to grow business and keep the combined headquarters in hopkinton. the company says they are still not sure if there are job cuts. dell's ceo michael dell will serve as chairman and ceo of the combined companies. the $67 billion deal still have to be approved by stockholder. according to business insiders. the dell purchase is the largest tech buyout in u.s. history pentagon next two largest are facebook of what's app last year for $19 billion. and before that hewlett-packard
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bought compaq computers in 2002 for $18.6 billion. two lowell men rescued on a new hampshire mountain could face a hefty bill. they hiked up to see the fall leaves. they tried to take the cog railway back down and it was sold out. they started hiking back when one man twisted his ankle. took conservation officers nearly three hours to get them down. rescue officials say the ill prepared leaf peepers should be billed $1500. the boston bruins are now off to their worst start since 1999 unfortunately. hey, you can only go up, right. something good about the game in seconds. hingham native dan boyle forces a turnover and beats tuukka rask to give tampa a 3-2. lightning win 6-3. black and gold lost their first three games all at home. take taking a look at your roads right now at 4:17. as you can see the expressway moving along fine. 128 northbound through dedham
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and needham, one of those rare times where you won't go bumper-to-bumper for no particular reason. that is how traffic seems to work here. pike moving along fine from framingham through brighton. nothing slowing you down. eight minutes on 24 from if to 128. eight minutes on route 9 from 495 to speen street. 21 minutes on 9 21 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us, and i know you are keeping a close eye on the rain coming our way. >> yeah, the rain moving shortly actually. it will probably arrive along the south coast in the next hour, within two hours, even getting close to boston. so fog and rain for the morning commute is going to be most pronounce aid cross southeastern massachusetts. both of those. his or her significant rain expected on friday, and then it is going to turn very windy and cold for the weekend. these 70s are very short-lived. that rain right now arriving across long island and even across coastal rhode island and
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continue its track across the north. it batch number one of our showers. batch number two a front out to the west. the best chance of rain will sit over southeastern massachusetts, heaviest and steadiest there, and a decent chance as you look up toward boston and beverly as well. nashua, worcester and westward, chances are the morning showers are going to miss you guys and it is just a couple of spot showers late in the day that front. so we have got 56 in boston. right now, we have also got clouds that are rolling in. so although you will see some stars through the clouds now, expect that they will get thicker and i want to say just after 6:00 this morning, we will see that rain arrive. 8, 10:00 at risk for some showers. by noontime, dry and we will start to see a little bit of sunshine actually come out for the afternoon. in plymouth where it is 58 degrees. clouds have moved in. nice, light winds. but the showers again by 6 a.m., thing is a little slow to happen. by 6 a.m., there will be some showers around, 8, 10, you have to count on a little wet weather.
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when you start to dry out. some of the heavier showers come from the cape and islands today. 64 right now on the vineyard. looks pretty cloudy. and 10 a.m., not just showers but potentially heavy rain along with thunder and lightning. we got a pretty busy morning here. futurecast denoting that pretty nicely. look how quickly it is in and out. steady, heavy rain passing across areas south of boston. 10:00 in the morning, it is starting to pull away, still having to watch though the coastline through late morning for a couple of leftover showers. you can see the breaks in the clouds here through the afternoon. there is the second front that is going to come through with very limited wet weather during the overnight hours. basically falling apart, all the energy goes up to the north. spot showers late tonight. by the time you wake up tomorrow, a little bit of sunshine, but this front is actually going to stir up the clouds and bring us a spot shower as you get into your wednesday forecast. for today highs in the 70s last day to see that. excuse me 68 degrees for tomorrow.
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we have lower 60s thursday, friday. friday more significant rain. 56 on saturday, with showers. also possible wind damage. it is going to get very blustery and breezy into the weekend and i can't believe i am saying this, but in the mountains, we could seen see some snowflakes as we look toward that saturday forecast. i had to get that in there. >>daniel: i will have to mark down the date when shiri says snowfall in the mountains. all right. 4:21 right now. restrictions where drones can fly. coming up at 4:30, the close call with airplanes that are forcing lawmakers to consider restrictions. and she walked down the aisle, then stopped traffic.
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scene of a car crash on the way the war on isis. the pentagon now claims that air strikes killed 20,000 islamic fighters. the brookings institute say isis is recurting followers as fast as they are losing them. the entire force has estimated 20,000 to 30,000 fighters. this morning we are learning more about that shooting after the patriots game sunday night in texas.
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cowboys fan and he was clearly looking for a fight. marvin rodriguez up to a man, pulled a gun on him but then backed down. moments later he came upon another fight, pulled out a gun and shot a man who had fallen down trying to break up the fight. police arrested rodriguez shortly after the shooting as he was trying to get away. a scary situation in peabody where fire fighters used the jaws of life to free a man who was trapped. skyfox overhead captured the scene on route 1 yesterday afternoon and look at that. the victim was trapped inside the trash truck that was upside down in the ditch. this morning, we are still work this morning, we are still working to find the victim's condition and what may have caused the crash. a woman is thrown from a horse in topsfield is recovering in morning. skyfox over the scene at bradley palmer state park yesterday. emergency crews flew the woman to the hospital. they say she broke both of her legs. a controversial decision this morning. the american dentist that killed cecil the lion has been cleared by wrongdoing by the
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zimbabwe government. dr. james palm her all the proper paperwork and not broke proper paperwork and not broken any of the country's hunting laws when he killed the beloved animal. the lion's death led to world the lion's death led to worldwide outrage. conservationist believe that cecil was lured out of national park and killed. 4:25. a florida woman winds under arrest after she decides to broadcast her ride home to the world on periscope. >> i am driving home drunk. julie that is never a good idea julie that is never a good idea. whitney field fired up her peri whitney field fired up her periscope app while she was still at the bar. taking shot after shot of jack daniel and she then decided to go home and left the app running and several times on the way home she stopped to talk to people watching the feed. >> i am really drunk. i am -- julie this makes me upset too, daniel. just completely irresponsible. a police officer was able to
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determine where she was driving based on the feed and pulled her over. she is now charged with driving drunk. her attorney says she will be fighting the charges. >>daniel: well, as if she didn't have enough going on, a bride-to-be responded to a tragic -- a traffic accident in her full wedding gown this is a sara ray. a driver a driver ran a red light and hit her parents and grand hit her parents and grandparents. sara and her husband braved the rain and ran to the scene of the accident. postth both are paramedics. they checked everyone out and sent her grand mother to the hospital. >> i was trying to make sure any family was okay. i happened to be in the wedding dress >> the new bride is not take >> the new bride is not taking a break for her honeymoon either, she will be teaching emt classes all week. 4:27. less is more, at least for play less is more, at least for playboy. coming up the next half hour, the major change the internet has caused between the pages.
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