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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 13, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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developing now at 4:30, a dangerous confrontation at a condo complex. how police brought an hours how police brought an hours-long standoff to an end this morning. this memorial is growing at a spot where a cyclist was hit and killed. new this morning, the criminal investigation under way right now. and a baby brought to boston for life-saving treatment. the uplifting update from children's hospital this morning. >>announcer: this is the fox25 morning news. >>julie: good morning, everyone, it is tuesday, october 13. it is 4:30 in the morning, i am julie grauert. >>daniel: and i am daniel miller. glad to have you back with us this morning. >>julie: thank you. >>daniel: showers and downpours moving in during the morning commute. meteorologist shiri spear tracking when and where we will see the heavy rain. good morning, shiri. . >>shiri: good morning, you guys. light rain that picked up in areas like rhode island overspreading the coastline there. here at home starting off with
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62 in brewster. 56 in ducksry. mild temperatures all the way into boston at 56 degrees. 57 in lynn and hull. 51 in lowell. 54 in worcester. cooler temperatures fitchburg at 46. and londonderry new hampshire because clouds haven't quite thicken up there yet. i have got a lot of fog as well over the cape and islands, and if that's not enough to slow you down, how about the fact we are going to pull in some heavier downpours for you folks heavier downpours for you folks. so 7:00 this morning, we have showers especially down across the coast. the south coast of south shore. but really the entire coastline, we have got to keep a real close eye on eastern massachusetts. temps in the 50s. 9 degrees at noon. you know what, showers are done you know what, showers are done. we will see lingering clouds, yes, but some breaks of sunshine here into the afternoon. 73 degrees. and by 7 p.m., we have another round of showers just getting started far inland. so i am going to time them out as well when we come back in a couple of minutes. for now over to. >>julie: with live drive time traffic.
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>>reporter: shiri, good morning. things moving along nicely. bright green which means nothing is slowing us down. 93 south is looking good from the cloverleaf down through medford and somerville. a look at the pike where a little bit hazy out there, but right now nothing major. here are those live drive times here are those live drive times. 8 minutes on 124 from if to 128 8 minutes on 124 from if to 128. 21 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. and 9 minutes from the braintree split to the mass pike. 4:32 right now. developing news this morning out of bellingham. the s.w.a.t. team pulls out explosives to take down a suspect. >> our crew at the scene tell us this started as a stabbing. fox25's jessica reyes is live at the bellingham police department this morning working to dig up the delaware of the standoff. >>reporter: right now we are still working to get some details confirmed, but at this point, we do know that one person was stabbed and rushed to the hospital. take right now. you can see this is the scene
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outside of the maplebrook complex here in bellingham shortly after 11:00 last night. and you can see by looking at this, that there was a pretty large response here late last night. the swat team we know was shortly before midnight and here you can see there was an ambulance outside of the complex along self-police cars. we have learned this morning that someone had barricaded themselves inside the apartment themselves inside the apartment, but that person has been -- has been taken into custody. no word on that person's identity at this point. this all happened again between night. so at this hour, we are still working to get some things confirmed, but, again, we do know one person was stabbed and rushed to a local hospital and another person is now in police custody. the police department, they are still working to sort out the details. we talked to them 30 minutes ago and they said they don't have anything for us just yet, but they will in the next couple of hours as soon as we get more information confirmed we will pass that along for you. for now though, live in bellingham, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news.
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we have some breaking news this morning in kansas city. two fire fighters are killed when a burning apartment building cos on top of them. hurt. the fire chief said the crew was in the middle eve vac waiting people from inside where the building had started to collapse and suddenly the rest of the building came down. >> they did not die in vain. they saved two civilians, carried them out of the second floor on ladders before the wall collapsed. >>julie: boston's fire department tweeting out their condolences overnight saying they are thinking of their kansas city brothers and sisters as they grieve the loss sisters as they grieve the loss. kansas city fire department is expected to have another update at 8:00 this morning and we will bring that to you. new this morning, a deadly hit-and-run is under investigation in hudson, massachusetts. a memorial now stands near central and ashley streets where bicyclist was hit sunday. metro west daily news reporting 54-year-old died at the hospital. witnesses say the pickup truck driver did stop, but then took off again.
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right now it is not clear if the driver has been caught. it is now 4:34. students in new hampshire will be back in class for the first time since a disturbing death list was found at a local high school. a student found the notebook with the list in class at nashua high school north. the list contains the names of several students, dates and times and gruesome manners of death, cannibalism and nail removal. the school sent a note to parents that the list was based on japanese anime. we spoke with one parent whose name was on the list. >> it makes her nervous that someone will dislike her that much to put her name on the list of such a gruesome death for her. >> the parents were invited to a meeting where they will get more information about the list more information about the list. fox25 reached out to the school district but have not said what if any punishment the girl who made the list will face. an impatient local fire fighter on leave this morning. police say he attacked a homeless man because he was take
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taking too long to place an order at a restaurant. fox25's michael henrich thrive morning in brookline with the charges this fire fighter is facing. good morning, michael. >>reporter: good morning, daniel. he holds a position of trust, of valor, of bravery, but police say this in incident report that a brookline fire fighter beat a homeless man severely, sending him to the hospital over a slow order at honest taqueria on harvard street. fox25 did go to 37-year-old fire fighter joseph ward's apartment in dorchester, but nobody answered his door to get his side story out. brookline police say ward punch brookline police say ward punched, kicked and threw a bottle at the homeless victim outside the restaurant because of what he described as a slow order that sparked an argument inside. reaction to this type of allegation about someone in his career has been strong. >> to hear that a person of authority is beating up a homeless person is a little
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>>reporter: the town is aware. this is a statement from the town administrator. quote, the town is aware of fire fighter ward's arrest, and he has been placed on administrative leave immediately pending an investigation. the town will not be make anything further statements at this time. word is charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. that being the bottle itself that police say he used. we are still working to confirm the exact time and place of the arraignment. arraignment. as soon as we get that, we will bring that to you. in the next report coming up in about an hour, we will tell you what the police report here says, finally got ward to stop beating this homeless man. you will have to stay tuned for that. in the meantime, live in brookline, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. happening today, an autopsy will be performed on the body of a missing new hampshire woman found behind a wall in her home. fox25 has followed the case of sue hutchinson since her disappearance last month. yesterday, her body was found in a crawlspace inside a
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manchester apartment. investigators say hutchinson was killed by her roommate steven andrade who took his own life last week at a hotel. >> we are looking whether he has been stealing from sue as a possible motive. >> investigators have a theory of how hutchinson died but they will wait for the medical examiner to release the official cause of death. an investigation is under way in revere where a man died following a struggle with police. it happened sunday night. police say the 38-year-old had broken into an apartment building, and they found him bleeding. officers used a taser on him. the man later died at the hospital. no word at this point on. an autopsy will determine how he died. a lowell police officer caught sleeping on the job has been in trouble before. we first showed you this picture yesterday morning. the "lowell sun" say it is shows patrolman jeffrey moore asleep in his cruiser. moore has been suspended on two different occasions by department. one of those suspensions was also for falling asleep on the job. moore is now on paid leave from
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this morning, a registered sex offender denies approaching a young girl at a local book store. it -- book store. it happened last month at the manchester book store. fox25 spoke with the girl's father off camera to probingt it the girl's identity. he called 911 after an uncomfortable conversation about his 6-year-old daughter with james sorenson. >> he checked her up and down with his eyes. there is no other way to explain.tampa he said you are here with the pretty girl. i said yes, i am. >>julie: sorenson didn't want to go on camera but he told fox25 that the incident cost him his job. sorenson did admit to police that he called the girl pretty. he previously did time for sexually assaulting a child under 13. he has not been charged in this incident. this morning brockton police have a good idea who was involved in a gunfight in a local neighborhood. witness say nearly 15 shots were fired just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon.
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stleex were on packard street. one person was shot twice. he was driven to a local hospital. of two the shots hit a home where a teenager was sleeping inside. >> i was laying down on my bed. >>reporter: and then. >> sleeping and i heard 15 shots. it was like seven constant. and then a pause and then, like and then a pause and then, like, another six. >> the rick is expected to survive. police say he is not cooperating with investigators, but they are now searching for suspects who are known to officers. a woman attacked by a pit bull is recovering this morning at the hospital as police investigate. it happened saturday inside this winchendon home. denise slager called for help and when they arrived they had to break down the door to get to her. they had to shoot a pair of pit bulls on the attack. neighbors tell fox25 bob ward they confronted the owner about the dogs before worried of how the animals were being treated. >> if i see your dog out there again tied to a tree with no
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>> what did he say? >> he didn't say anything. >> the incident is still being investigated. no word yet if the owner of the dog will face charges. happening today, former patriots player aaron hernandez will return to court. this is a continuation of last week's hearing when his lawyers tried to get a witness intimidation charge dismissed. that wit seasons hernandez's former right-hand man alexander bradley. lawyers are also trying to get evidence dismissed before hernandez is tried for a double murder in boston. happening today in las vegas, presidential hopefuls will square off in the first democratic primary debate. the debate is two hours giving underdogs ample amount of time battle front runner hillary clinton. vermont senator bernie sanders, maryland governor martin o'malley, former virginia senator jim webb and former rhode island governor lincoln chafee will all attend and glus case vice president yo biden decides to make a bid for the white house in the next few hours, cnn will have a podium waiting for him at the debate.
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that debate starts at 9 p.m. it is 4:41. accused in a crash that killed a town worker. coming up new at 5:00, a man accused in a deadly hit-and-run is indicted on serious charges. the punishment he now faces if convicted. he became a viral sensation overnight. now this college student is saying sorry for the mac and cheese meltdown. the long list of people he is apologize apologizing to and his own online video. you will have to see it, shiri. starting off with a long commute. nothing there now but the
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in particular where we ge in a vermont jail charged with being a tujtive from justice. randy quaid did not enter a plea yesterday in court and he is due back before a judge later this week. meantime his wife evie pleaded not guilty to the same charge. they are being held on $500,000 jail and facing extradition to california on felony vandalism charges. the couple was picked up last week trying to cross the border from canada into vermont happening today, that university of connecticut student will head to court for a rant over macaroni and cheese a rant over macaroni and cheese. luke gatti's rant went vial last week and he is hoping his
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response on youtube will do the same. he blames his behavior on alcohol and apologizing to everyone involved in the incident. >> when i watch the video a few days later, i -- i couldn't even believe it was me in it. like -- like i was just watching and thinking, oh, my god, like, -- what the hell is wrong with me. like this isn't what i am all about. >>daniel: stop drinking. gatti also mentioned since the incident, he has been getting many donations of mac and cheese. he asked people to send them to food pantries instead. >>julie: don't drink on peri >>julie: don't drink on periscope and don't drink to get mac and cheese. the cubs can eliminate the cardinals, the mets can close out the dodgers. last night a big ovation for injured met reuben tejada who broke his leg in game two. no retaliation from new york, but lots of big hits. former red sox yespedis hits had towering had home run in
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new york wins 13-7. in the many league, a huge collapse by houston. astros up 6-2 when kansas city rally rallied for seven straight run rallied for seven straight runs, five in the 8th and two more in the 9th. the royals stay alive and the winner takes off in game five tomorrow night. the blue jays and ranger also play game five tomorrow. embarrassing moment for texas governor greg abbott. a staffer using the official twitter account said congrats to the astros for advancing to the alcs. hoping for all -- it was when the astros was leading the royals. too bad the game wasn't over yet. it was deleted a few hours later. we get ourselves in trouble we get ourselves in trouble, please don't tweet and drive. another public service announcement. we are a little preachy this morning aren't we. 93 south down the cloverleaf through medford. pike wide open from framingham
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into the weston tolls into boston. expressway moving along at a nice clip. as you can see zakim bridge is live open and the live drive time to help you plan your day. 12 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams. nine minutes on the nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree to the pike and 29 minutes from the leverett connector to 495 -- should be 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and we can expect some rain drops during that morning commute, right? >>shiri: the rain is moving in even right now, julie. it is getting really close out there. anyone headed to providence, rhode island, there will be some raindrops. and this is the storm system that will bring us morning rain. the whole slug of moisture will pass across areas south of boston as we travel throughout morning commute and for the evening this front comes through and will have spot showers. not widespread rain, but best chance of rain will be through the morning hours. future cast -- i will have to say future cast in my opinion underdone. by 7 a.m. the showers up the south shore and the south coast, and we are going to see
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a lot of rain, again from plymouth, especially southward, but some showers reaching potentially up the boston area by 10 a.m. though, i do like what i see here, and this goes along with the forecast that i put together this morning which involves a lot of the steady rain ending by 10:00 this morning. the worst of it passing across the cape and the island and the this morning. after that, it is going to start drawing away. we could be left with here at noontime, still a lot of cloud cover across eastern massachusetts. within that cloud cover, there is the risk for a shower. the further inland you go, the more breaks of sunshine you are going to see. worcester, manchester, westward worcester, manchester, westward, that is where we have some partly sunny skies by noontime but then the breaks in the clouds do fight their way eastward, the afternoon featuring a mix of on and off clouds and then by 9 p.m., here is that front i was mentioning coming at us from the west.
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not umfh left to. it the juice is fading away to the north and left with a few of those evening into the early overnight hours showers. 55 degrees though at 7 a.m. the best bet for rain. noontime 69 degrees. i am going to have us mostly cloudy, a slight risk of a shower at 3 p.m. 73 degrees, dry and partly sunny. so today's temperatures actually really mild. almost 10 degrees above average almost 10 degrees above average. 72 in boston and beverly and brockton. 74 in framingham. 73 in lowell. and 71 in worcester. 68 degrees on hyannis. tonight it is back to the 50s. overtime already, the clouds will lighten up. still a lot of clouds leftover in the wednesday forecast, but the good news start with a little sunshine. as the front gets closer and closer. the clouds stir up the day but only bring us the slight chance of a shower. the next best chance of rain will develop during the day on friday, and that is going to form by noontime and you will see it continues to rain as we head into the evening hours and then on saturday, i am going to
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maintain the risk doctor the slight risk of a couple of showers. breezy and way cooler on sunday with wake-up temperatures in the 30s. back to you guys. 4:50 right now. more than just a distraction. texting teens are seeing problems on their report cards. coming up, the similar symptoms scientists say constant texters and gambling addicts share. a scare in the air captured on camera.please don't crash into these homes. >> what the pilot said caused him to land in the middle of a townhouse complex. and as we head into break, a 90 laughs tonight on fox with
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the 2015 models are going fast. find your tag and get cash back for 15% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get 0% financing for 72 months on these remaining 2015 chevy vehicles. don't ever want to ride in one of these. >>daniel: another ruche landing for a hot air balloon. a pilot putting it down in a town home complex. people on ground filmed the whole thing as you can see. none of the five people on board were hurt and the balloon did land safely. a hazmat situation at the university of new hampshire and all triggered by a text book. police say a hazmat team was called in after a strong odor and smoke noticed in spalding hall. crews went in to check it out. someone had put an old text book in the microwave. the search for who did it and why is ongoing.
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stricter restrictions in the area area. they proposed the safe drone act. it was produced after several incidents where drones came close to planes. they would make it flying near federal airspace a misdemeanor. lawmakers say they need to be careful. >> the benefits of drones outweigh the potential pitfalls of folks using them for the wrong reasons >> the faa said the number of airline pilots that have reported drone sightings from irsen from 238 to 650 in the first half of this year. it is now 4:55. big changes coming to the pages of playboy that may have people reading it just for the articles. the magazine will stop printing fully nude images of women. it is in response to the amount of pornography that is now readily available on the internet. the magazine's ceo says they can't compete that way. they do say they will still have risque images of women, but they will no longer be entirely naked. this morning, linkedin is
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offering an open-ended vacation policy for employees. starting next month, the company is moving to discretionary timeoff policy. employees just have to work out their vacation day with their managers and can take as much off as they want, as long as they can still meet their results and performance goals. netflix and general electric use this kind of policy. halloween is back on in a connecticut town. the milford school system had cancelled a costume parade at the elementary school over concerns it wasn't inclusive for people who don't participate for religious or cultural reasons. after an online petition made the rounds, the school made a decision to bring it back. a wonderful update this morning for an infant and her family brought to boston for life-saving treatment. >> this is sweet, wonderful abigail jones. >> 2-month-old abigail and her parents are from florida when they were told their baby had an inoperable brain tumor, they flew to boston's children hospital to see the chief neurosurgeon. last thursday abigail underwent
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brain surgery and it was a success. >> kind of like being born again. we have a future. we are starting to dream for her, and make plans. >> just after our story aired at 6:00 last night, we found out that abigail's pathology results came back and the tumor was benign. abigail is doing extremely well and should be headed home to florida soon. >>daniel: so happy for her and her family and we wish her a speedy recovery. sure up for whatever winter brings. coming up new at 5:00, how the state is trying to prevent flooding from ravage flooding from ravaging a south shore neighborhood from happening again. plus, a new way to get around under the microscope.
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futurist now at 5:00, showers and downpours moving in. when to plan for the heaviest
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