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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  October 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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several times today, phillip lockup, here at the courthouse in salem, on the floor, bank banging his head against the floor. and once again, phillip chisholm's mental health is being called into question. center piece of phillip chisholm's defense is expected to be his mental health, his trial lawyers have signaled they may mount an insanity defense and now, as chisholm's jury is being chosen, an episode. first in a conference room and phillip chisholm is observed by his lawyer and security psychologist unresponsive questions and banging his head on the floor. the behavior was enough to halt jury selection and put all attention back on phillip chisholm's mental health. phillip chisholm was just 14 years old when he was charged with cutting the throat of popular high school teacher
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colleen ritzer. the prosecutor noticed it was interesting to her that chisholm embattled secretary began acting out that she observed in court that he had so far not acted out. in a late afternoon session, the judge said he doesn't have enough evidence to find in chisholm is mentally impaired or simply unwilling to go forward, so another mental health evaluation is ordered for wednesday morning. now, phillip chisholm was suppose he had to have that mental evaluation this afternoon. but the court psychologist twice tried to talk to him, she said twice he was unresponsive, wouldn't even look at her and twice she saw him in that padded cell, banging his head against the floor now, if they rule -- if the judge finds after that mental evaluation that he may be incompetent, then phillip chisholm would be sent to bridgewater for another evaluation that would take up to 20 daysnd of course, that would push it whole trial back. still, opening statements
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could definitely derail this trial startup time. reporting live from salem, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: a soggy start to the morning, all across our area. in fact, it was pouring with i got up this morning. take a look at this video from cape cod. heavy rain flooded the street in sandwich, making travel difficult and tonight, chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is tracking showers and cooler air headed our way. >> kevin: showers nothing like that. it's not pouring rain out there, except for one location i'll show you, but this is the line i'm talking about. coming through central massachusetts, and southern new hampshire. right now, so we'll zoom down in to this one. new ipswich, to fitchburg and paxton getting light showers, diminished since they've come across the massachusetts border to new york, continued to do so and to the south of there, there's one heavier shower near the connecticut bore terms of accumulation, to the north in munson and warren as well. heavier downpour, tracking off toward the northeast at 35 miles per hour. take you to brim field, about ten minutes or so, then to brook
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field and spencer by 5:35 p.m. and worcester before 6:35 p.m. this evening. i'll continue to track these and show you when we will hit below freezing coming up. >> the state's only nuclear power plant shutting down. the nuclear station in plymouth will close by june of 2019. increased revenue, a need for safety improvements are all to blame and tonight, there are lots of questions about how the shutdown will affect safety and customers' energy bills. fox 25's kerry kavanaugh spoke one-on-one with the president of the company to get some answers and kerry, i understand this shutdown could come earlier. >> the reporter: as early as 2017, ock, entergy, the company running it says they are running out of money. but it's openly a small part of what led to today's decision. >> this is an extremely difficult day for u as well as the more than 600 employees at pilgrim.
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>> the state's only nuclear plant, pilgrim station, producer of 10% of the state's energy, will shut down benign of 2019. -- june of 29. 29 -- 2019. >> in general, from a big picture perspective, i think it's unfortunate that the region is losing a reliable base load carbon-free resource. >> we spoke one-on-one with president of entergy declining revenues and less than favorable energy laws have made nuclear power the loser, forcing them out. >> when you have a region that has over 50% reliance ornater gas, that will continue to increase, which could result in a lot of volatility in customers' costs, higher bells, reliability concerns, etc. >> the reporter: so that point, governor bake erie leased a statement saying in part, losing pilgrim as a significant power generator not only poses a potential energy shortage, but also highlights the need for clean, reliable, affordable
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energy proposals. but for many areas residents, their top concern is safety. >> we in and out this was come, that they would be closing, it closing it sooner. >> pilgrim station is also under increased federal oversight, dautry to safety violations. enterby will spend 45 to $60 million on safety upgrades, as long as they operate the plant. >> you have a very old reactor, and and an teak, if you will, that requires a lot of tlc and money. >> we are not going to run this plant if it's determined to be unsafe. >> the reporter: as for that possible spring of 2017 closure, entergy says it would need to refuel the plant. they'll make a decision early next year if they do that. if they do not, it will close at that point. how are they going to go about decommissioning this plant safely? we'll walk you through the process and the story we're putting to the for the fox 25 at 6:00 p.m. live in plymouth, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. >> in california, a college
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student from rhode island has been reported missing. 23-year-old diane thatcher of south zinc ton was last seen leaving a motel in santa barbara on types. her car was found a short distance away and her cellphone hasn't been use that day. thatcher was apparently heading back to sierra nevada college after visiting with friends in santa barbara. at this point, police say there is no evidence of foul play. >> elizabeth: convicted killer and former new england patriot shall aaron hernandez' second murder trial has been delayed. today in court a judge agreed to hold off on the start of the trial for several weeks after both prosecutors and the defense team asked for more time. the trial will now start in mid january. hernandez is accused of gunning down safiro furtado and abreu in 2010. he's currently serving life in prison for killing odin lloyd. an update on the deadly home it explosion in franklin over the weekend. within the last hour, investigators told fox 25 that they're focused on a possible
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the home or in pipes outside. today, investigators interviewed workers and contractors, that removed debris. they believe it was an isolated incident, that the explosion on tuscany drive killed the couple who lived there, nancy and richard brown. >> brookline firefighter released on personal recognizance after allegedly beating a homeless man. prosecutors say 37-year-old joseph ward attacked a man for taking too long to order food on sunday night. ward allegedly punched kicked and threw things at the victim. defense attorneys have asked for surveillance video from inside the taco shop. ward is now on administrative leave from the fire department. father allegedly stabbed by his son in bellingham, he's in stable condition at umass medical center tonight. police say ryan tate attacked his dad and bear cadded himself inside the maple brook condominiums. a s.w.a.t. team had to use flash apartment. >> elizabeth: a couple charged in the brutal and bloody death of robert mckenna, found dead inside of his home.
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investigators say more arrests could be. coming. fox 25's crystal haynes was in court when these two were charged. it remains unclear how these three suspects knew mckenna, but the district attorney says that the motive here was simple -- robbery, and investigators say their still working to recover one of five of mckenna's stolen guns and a pink gemstone believed to be an uncut diamond. >> the motive is pure and simple -- it is to rob him of what he had. >> the reporter: this quincy couple, the latest charged in a plot to steal valuable african artifacts from robert mckenna, leading to his murder. attorney michael and his girlfriend lauren pleading not guilty. the couple charged with murder, burglary, and firearms violations. the woman charged with conspiracy and trying to cover it up. an alleged friend, 40-year-old james ferguson, charged and arraigned in the case about two weeks ago. >> michael contacted one of mr. ferguson's friends,
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be able to use his work contacts to attempt to sell items of african artifacts. >> the reporter: investigators say they phrased ferguson's cellphone calls to the lawyer. etc. part of a mountain of evidence recovered in the case, including bloody mask from a picture window and a dented frying pan. that evidence consistent with mckekran ken that's cause of death -- massive blood loss and head trauma. witnesses told marshfield detectives, the attorney admitted to his involvement. >> it's not what you think. he did it by falling through the window. >> the reporter: police say the attorney admitted to trying to hide evidence, confessed to a friend who spoke to police. >> i took it to the nebraska next level, i am 12 steps ahead of them. >> >> the reporter: defense attorney kevin reddington telling me the same thing. how can you refute that? >> through cross-examination. >> the reporter: you don't believe your client was involved
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in this crime at all? >> oh no, not at all. no. >> the reporter: and kalil was ordered on $50 million cash bail. moscow-tolo was held without bail. this local attorney has five other cases on his record, the latest for assault and battery with dangerous weapon and drug distribution from last year. now coming up at 6:00 p.m., why the district attorneys says this case is still evolving, and there could be a fourth arrest. i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> the middlesex d.a. is denying an accusation that her office bullied a medical examiner. this involves the case of a maldin infant who died in 2010. initial law enforcement officials the former medical examiner ruled the case a homicide. but additional expert testimony led to a ruling that the cause of death could not be determined. the m.e. says the prosecutors office strongly urged him to stick with his original finding, and the medical examiner even documented the alleged bullying in his case notes. in that case, a murder charge was eventually dropped against the infant's father. fox 25's sharman sachetti spoke with middlesex d.a. mary ann
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ryan this afternoon. her version of the events all new at 6:00 p.m. >> elizabeth: shot out of the sky without warning. >> new tonight, the haunting scene as investigators put together what's left of mh17 and new disturbing details of the final moment of that doomed passenger jet as it flew over the ukraine. hit and killed while riding his bicycle. friends and family are mourning, while police try to figure out what happened. >> kevin: tracks showers moving through the state, including a heavier one about to enter worcester county. how cool by the weekend. >> first, the democratic candidate set to square off in the first presidential debate in las vegas. we'll take a look at what to expect and how one republican
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you're watching the so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna.
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>> elizabeth: well, the stage is set in las vegas, all eyes will be watching democratic presidential candidates face off for the first time. there is still a spot for joe biden, but at this point the vice-president hasn't made any decisions about running in 2016, at least that he's sharing, so he will not be at tonight's debate. >> but hillary clinton there and she's still the front-runner in many polls as as diane gal gero reports, everyone on stage tonight will be vying for the key moment everyone will talk about tomorrow. >> the reporter: the stage is
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democrats to square off in sin city. hillary clinton leading in the polls is front and center tonight, bernie sanders clipping at her heels, says policy is fair game, but he intends to steer clear of the personal attacks. >> let's treat each other civil live, let's treat each other respectfully and let's not try to demonize deem who may have disagreements with us. >> the reporter: but chaffee and webb have to make make-or-break moments. >> lots of people will be vying this. given how few of them there will be this year. they'll be battling more than just the candidates on stage with them tonight though. clinton certainly is. the former secretary stopped by a union rally outside donald trump's hotel on the trip. >> people think trump entertaining, but i don't think
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insults immigrants, insults women,. trump, who leads the republicans in polls, say he will live tweet the debate tonight. clinton playfully replying to the tweet, glad you'll be watching, it will be huge and even though cnn won't have to drag out the sixth podium standing by for joe biden, people watching the debate will see the vice-president. the group draft biden gist released a new ad thursday urging him to run. in washington, diane gallagher reporting. >> elizabeth: republican presidential candidate jeb bush continues to try to climb in the polls. at an event in new hampshire, bush slammed obama care and said washington has overregulated medicaid, resulting in poor quality gather. the new cbs-g.o.p. presidential poll has bush coming in fifth. >> donald trump set to host "saturday night live" soon. the republican front-runner will guest host the show next month. trump was dropped from the
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apprentice in july after he made controversial comments about illegal immigrants, but the two appear to be mending fences, with trump appearing on the tonight show with jimmy fallon. >> elizabeth: tonight, kevin is keep an eye on more showers in our area. how much of the night will be plague by rain. >> kevin: a cluster of downpours i'll show you entering worcester. the heaviest this morning, clearly southeastern massachusetts, but other showers farther north as you saw in brookline and this evening, southern new hampshire, very light showers, new boston to milford to brookline, leading over into northern massachusetts, fitchburg and northern worcester county, middlesex county. these continue to weaken and out of concern, the heavier downpour is just about to enter southern worcester county, palmer to munson is where it is right now, but on the cusp of getting into warren, so this is tracking off toward the northeast at about 35 miles per hour. worcester right after 5:36 a.m. and maynard if it holds together at 6:30 p.m. this evening.
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i want to take a closer look at this one. i'll zoom right down in to this area. this is the massachusetts turnpike, interstate 90, weaving its way right thank you the heavy downpour. there was a bigger blotch of red in here, a heavier area of rain that has shown up, that is showing signs of weakening. but heavier rain along 6 certainly. close into the town of warren, the western flank of warren, it's gilbert road, smith road and on to the mass pike here, leading over to old reid street, getting the heaviest rain coming forward downtown area of warren. here's futurecast with the showers by 8:15 p.m., getting past where they are in worcester county and into middlesex, portions of middlesex and norfolk, headed to boston. boston area, hold together as lighter showers if at all. something i'll be tracking for you of course. another batch coming in to western mass during the evening, likely to nall apart at the as the track eastward toward worcester and boston. leftover clouds coming on through. you wake up to sunshine first thing in the morning.
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seems like a great start to the day tomorrow. temperatures right now, 66 in worcester, with that rainshower activity moving toward you. breaks of sun, despite the rain on your doorstep. you're going on a 51, the skies clear in the early morning hours. to the north, orange, you're at 67 right now. again, breaks of sun out there and the showers missing you for the time of course, going down to 50 under clearing skies and boston at 6 mean degrees right now, pleasant afternoon -- 69 degrees right now, pleasant afternoon. a southerly wind at 12 miles per hour, going down to 56 with clearing skies first thing in the morning for you as well. let's check out future cast tomorrow morning, take you through the day. watch outraged the clouds billow up as the sun beams down and the cooler air trying to work its way in. showers, spots of green here, will be just scattered. not much to them, and then will clear out tomorrow night and into the first part of thursday, wake up to sunshine on thursday, and stay that way throughout the day. that looks like the pest day of the week so far, as far as the combination of temperatures, and no rain in the fore. tomorrow, a mixture of sun and a lot of clouds popping up. they may block out the sun from time to time.
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temperatures still in the 60's. lower 60's to the west. upper 60's in the east, but still, at or above average for the date. we'll cool things off gradually behind that. in fact, another batch of rain on friday with another cold front and this cold front means business. look at saturday, the showers still lingering, but then by sunday, the high temperature, 48. sunday and monday, the days that continue to point your attention to, we'll be below freezing, even if the immediate boston area. could be looking at at least a killing frost if not a down right killing freeze this weekend. >> sciate is getting some financial help when it comes to battling the weather. the town is gedding more state funding for dam and seawall construction. over the past several years, fox 25 has covered numerous storms, which not only damaged the seawall, but flooded neighborhoods as well. new study lists the safest communities in massachusetts and the are in metro west. >> elizabeth: a cording to safe wise, sudbury is the safest down, whalen and westin are numbers two and three, followed by franklin and norfolk. rankings are based on the most
5:20 pm
recent f.b.i. crime stats. only towns with populations of more than 10,000 were included. >> i am really drunk. >> woman announcing to the world via social media that she was drunk driving. how far police were able to catch her in the act kirk gibson, also ahead, the new england school under fire after deciding to cancel all halloween parties, parades and activities.
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>> tragedy if kansas city. two firefighters killed on monday night. >> elizabeth: 17 year veteran larry leggio and 13 year veteran john mesh, both firefighters died during a building collapse. a wall moved about 30 feet, trapping the firefighters and hurting two others. both firefighters had just finished evacuating that building. >> firefighter leggio leaves a wife and family members. firefighter mesh leaves a wife and four young daughters as well as many family members. >> elizabeth: the cause of the fire, which took place on the city's north side, is not known. fire departments from across the country are now sending condolences to kansas city. boston fire department tweeting its sympathy overnight. the boston department of course, losing two firefighters in a back bay fire in 2014. >> following breaking news, metro police officer caught on video threatening a motorist has
5:24 pm
just resigned. the news coming 48 hours before officer steven lee berth's disciplinary hearing, which has now been called off. he is a veteran of the force. the incident happened in july. the officer told the motorist he would put a hole through his head during the stop. lavert is on administrative leave while his retirement papers are processed. >> elizabeth: a low level threat causing an evacuation at lester high school today. officials say it happened this morning. police arrived, swept the school, found it was safe. students were allowed to return to the classroom. an investigation into where that threat came from is now ongoing. new at 5:00 p.m., a new hampshire convenience store robbed, and these two men, who you'll see here, are the suspects. on monday, the irvine gas station on north state street in concord was robbed after a man flashed a gun to the clerk, and demanded cash. police believe the man in the black sweatshirt is the one who had the gun. >> a hack attack on boston police.
5:25 pm
pbd's quitter account was hacked on monday, causing controversy and a a lot of comments on line. a.l.s. hashtag used in chat rooms, sans for age, sex, location, the tweet was quickly deleted, but not before it was shared more than 250 times. bpd will only say the account was somehow tapped into by an outside party. >> elizabeth: the community of redding stepping up to do the right thing for a local couple. police say that someone has stolen this couple's american flag twice this year. they told officers it was getting too expensive to replace it, so they were just going to let it go. a police officer went to home depot to buy them a flag but a store manager ended up donating it instead. fox 25 is talking with that police officer right now and you'll hear his comments ahead at 6:00 p.m. a packed passenger jet shot from the sky over ukraine. >> in the next half-hour, a new report detailing the final moments of the doomed mh17 flight. >> elizabeth: a dangerous drive if saugus. tonight, police are trying to
5:26 pm
track down the truck driver who lost scrap metal that came crashing through a woman's car. >> shock and sadness in a local town.
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to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. >> elizabeth: a man was hit and killed out for a bicycle ride in the town he grew up in, and right now, investigators are trying to piece together exactly what happened. i'm elizabeth hopkins. >> i'm mark ockerbloom. his friends and family told fox 25 they are heartbroken. in hudson, police are working on this case all day. robert. >> the reporter: mark and elizabeth, state police were also here all day, one working at the scene. we also saw investigators here at the police department, but while this investigation continues, family and friends are focusing on saying goodbye to what they call a great man. >> we're all devastated. everybody is devastated. >> the reporter: family and friends of william schofield telling fox 25 news the 54-year-old was hit and killed
5:29 pm
while riding his bicycle sunday afternoon around 5:30 p.m. >> he would detour the traffic down past my house during the game and that's with it happened. >> the reporter: state police were back at the scene today gathering information as they pieced together exactly what happened. hudson police say their investigating a deadly crash, and there have been no arrests at this point. the other than of a business near the crash -- owner of a business near the crash scene handed his surveillance camera over, because he thought it might help investigators with leads. investigators were also seen at the police department looking at a vehicle that was locked up. schofield, who is known by everyone in town as sko, worked at an auto body and marine he was hit. >> everything he did, he did incredibly well. he worked on boats, he worked on cars, he worked on my vehicle. >> the reporter: schofield's friends say he loved fishing and was an amazing chef and would do anything for anyone. >> he was always happy. always happy and loved to cook, and he was fabulous. you laugh.
5:30 pm
friends are working on funeral arrangements. police did gather other surveillance video from other businesses. in hudson, robert goulston, fox 25. >> massachusetts state police still trying to find the tractor-trailer involved in a bizarre crash. it's a story we've been following since 5:00 a.m. this s.u.v. was hit by scrap metal on route 1 if saugus. the metal smashed the wind field. the driver is ok and told police the metal came off a load being hauled by a tractor-trailer. call state police if you know anything p the truck. a wild picture out of new hampshire. a box truck flipped over on 93 north in windham. police say the driver fell asleep before the truck came to a stop and hit a car. the two people inside were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> elizabeth: rain was falling early this morning in bellingham, and kevin is tracking some more showers for tonight. we're also looking at cooler weather coming our way. >> kevin: down right cold, elizabeth by the weekends. showers are still out there right now, so i'm tracking these through northern worcester
5:31 pm
hampshire. from weare to brookline and into townsend in massachusetts, butt heavier downpours are here in southern worcester county. there's lighter stuff barry, rutledge to heartland and intensity. coming your way by rutland by 548, princeton, lempster and this one to the north around hardwick to barry, 5:39 p.m. finally, these around warren. we'll track those as well, up to westbrook field by 5:35 p.m. holden, 6:00 p.m. lempster, 6:22 p.m. and these are the harder rainfalls that are coming down. the heavier downpours that we've been seeing in the western flank of the town of warren, just getting out, radar has moved, as it updates live for us along the pike. heavier downpours moved farther into warren at this hour. these will continue to push on off. rainshower activity around reid street where we had the heavier
5:32 pm
boston area around 9:00 p.m. and then fizzle out. that means tonight will be clearing when you wake up in the morning, first thing, you'll be dealing with sunshine and that's ok. it's going to be cooler though by the weekend. i keep telling you that. when we will be below freezing in much of the area straight ahead. >> the department of children's and families hiring its first medical director,. >> elizabeth: she is a professor and also the founder of the foster children evaluation services clinic at umass medical school. her hiring comes after the 2014 child welfare league of america report that recommended more oversight. segaroe is planning for screenings for foster children and a comprehensive exam within the first month. >> we now november the name of the beverly police officer involved in a deadly shooting. the district attorney says the office certificate a 12 year veteran. april claritsa fired her weapon at 49-year-old christopher witmarch be on saturday after he allegedly rammed his s.u.v. into
5:33 pm
another car and two police cruisers. he died from his injuries. an investigation of whether the police officer used her weapon lawfully is underway. >> elizabeth: a man under bond is under strict court rules. o'keefe must get a mental health check and avoid drugs and collin balester. back in may, investigators found more than 100 weapons in his apartment while investigating o'keefe for threats against president he obama. >> a haunting scene as investigators reheel part of what's left from the passenger jet shot down over ukraine. investigators released there are final report about what happened on board mh17 and as pablo sandoval reports, they're saying it was a missile that exploded just outside the cockpit, sending the jet crashing to the ground. >> the reporter: watch closely east the heavily damaged forward section of malaysia airlines flight 17 takes shape. this reconstruction reveals what likely happened over eastern ukraine july 17th, 2014. the report by the dutch safety board concludes the boeing 77
5:34 pm
was taken down by a surface-to-air missile killing all 298 people on board. >> the bomb exploded on location in a space less than one cubic meter to the left of and above the cockpit, spraying its fragments if a characteristic radial circular pattern, originating from the missile. >> investigators determined hundreds of iron fragments ripped through the cockpit, killing the flight crew and causing devastating structural damage to the fuselage. the forward section of the plane eventually broke away, crashing into a field nearly five miles from the restest wreckage. dutch officials and those from four other countries, including the united states, maintain the warhead fit a russian made missile system. the russians, who also took part in the investigation, disagree, they insist it was not possible used. so why was mh17 allowed to fly over an armed conflict zone in the first place? the chairman of the dutch safety board now believes the airspace should have been closed.
5:35 pm
>> almost all operators were flying over this area. and why? because nobody thought that civil aviation was at risk. >> the final official report on mh17 may answer many questions, but it will likely do little to ease the pain of families who lost loved ones on the flight. reporting in washington, pablo sandoval. >> >> elizabeth: a former irish bank c.e.o. in a boston courtroom today. david drum was captured inside his wellesley home this weekend. the former c.e.o. of the angelo irish bank fled ireland in 2009 during the global financial collapse. he now faces extradition back to ireland where he could be charged with 33 crimes. drum claims that he has a right to u.s. residency and to bankruptcy protection. >> vermont state police helping to make the day of a little boy battling four types of cancer. a make-a-wish reached out to the family of the boy, they said he would love a ride along with the state police. well, officers went above and beyond that. they gave bennett his own uniform, made him and his brother honorary troopers.
5:36 pm
they also let him ride in a cruiser and a marine unit and helped blow up pumpkins with the bomb squad. i love that. >> elizabeth: that had to be the coolest part of the dave, blowing up the pumpkins. wow. >> good for him. >> elizabeth: also ahead, the middlesex d.a. under fire and denying an accusation that her office bullied a medical examiner. >> this involves the case of a maldin infants who died in 2010. sharman sachetti sits down with d.a. marian ryan to get her side of the store. >> elizabeth: what your sons and daughters are doing that could make them more irritable, sleep deprived and skip work. >> but first, local police make a big pot bust. why they want to know who the drug belongs to and it isn't because they want to arrest the
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>> cash, drugs and a scale, all of it allegedly found inside a dorchester home on friday morning and police arresting 45-year-old miguel vasquez and another man as a result, charged with drug trafficking. >> elizabeth: police in danbury, new hampshire, confiscated marijuana are offering counseling to whomever grew it. new at 5, the department posting this picture on their facebook page. showing what they found. and it says if you get home tonight, go for a walk in the woods and your summer's hot colt rally project is -- horticultural project is gone and you would like to talk to somebody about it, please call us and we'll give you counseling
5:39 pm
>> a circus tent that collapsed that killed two spectators was found where there were more people under the tent that originally estimated. >> elizabeth: authorities initially said that about 100 people were under that tent. at the lancaster fairgrounds when the storm blew through the area on august 3. new tonight, the state fire marshals office says the tickets sold to the walker international event show allowed one or two adults to bring in children for free, so that means more people under the tent were there than initially reported. 41-year-old father and his 6-year-old daughter both from concord, vermont, were killed. 50 others were hurt. >> new hampshire leader is asking for federal help to track the health impact of contaminated water at pease trade port, magazine has says the government needs to keep testing the children exposed to strain on the department of public health. >> elizabeth: a program called northeast passage and the university of new hampshire has received a $300,000 grant from the federal government.
5:40 pm
that money will help provide sports and recreation therapy to nearly 300 vets. the program also hopes to increase services for vets suffering from ptsd. >> governor baker continues to push his plan to boost the number of charter schools in the state. in front of the education committee today the governor and boston mayor marty walsh talked about the proposal to add or improve charter schools in the state's worst performing districts. if the plan approved the state could add up to 12 charter schools each year outside of the existing state cap. it's the one government agency you can't avoid, but could the i.r.s. be putting your personal information in jeopardy? all new at 6:00 p.m., fox 25 investigates the one way taxpayers could be at risk for identity theft. >> kevin: tracking a few scattered showers around massachusetts, and another line from new york that will move into new england later tonight. a timeline on both of those. >> elizabeth: first, a new england school suddenly cancels halloween and days later, an about face.
5:41 pm
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>> elizabeth: nashua's high school north students back in the classroom today for the first time since a death wish note was found. fox 25 first told you about the list last night. it contains names of several students, dates, and times along with gruesome manners of death, including cannibalism and nail removal. the school sent a letter to parents explaining the list was apparently based on a japanese amime. spoke to one parent whose daughter's name is on the list. >> it makes her nervous to think somebody dislikes her that much, that they would put her name on that list with a gruesome death for her. >> elizabeth: a meeting was held this morning to discuss the list. fox 25 reached out to the school district, but they have not commented about the student accused of making it. >> kids in one new england town almost found themselves all dressed up with no place to go. the milford connecticut school originally banned halloween festivities in its classrooms, but tonight, outraged parents have spoken. >> an about face at an continuing carrie tournament
5:43 pm
an about face at a connecticut elementary school after a school bans halloween and costumes. >> i've seen a lot of pressure put on the kids at an early age and there's a lot of learning going on, so one day of fun is not going to hurt it. >> it's a choice to celebrate halloween. nobody makes you celebrate halloween. >> after pressure from parents, the school changed its mind. >> i'm sure after they vetted out all of the issues involved in it, that they decided that it was the best decision to make. >> the milford school superintendent believes the parents' criticism was unfair, but decided to reverse the decision, because time spent with children around teaching around learning is what is most important. >> elizabeth: the embattled keene pumpkin festival has moved to another town, but a new events has popped up in the area. the cheshire fairgrounds if swansea is planning to host the pumpkin festival. a permit for a pumpkinfest in keene was rejected after riots broke out last year. that festival has now moved to
5:44 pm
laconia and it will be held on october 24th. more new englanders are hoping to cash in on the famous fall foliage. a company in vermont is now selling fallen leaves. one package of 12 leaves costs $20 and a box of 50 is $40. if you want to check out the leaves and by the way, that part is free, to look at the pictures of them. head to got a map in the top story section showing you where the leaves are peaking if you want to go and actually see them. >> no plans to attach a monetary amount to that. none at all. >> elizabeth: nature's bounty is free. >> exactly. and it's a lot more of it lately. have you noticed how quickly a switch went on. >> elizabeth: it's so true. kevin, if you go anywhere to up and down like the 95 corridor, you can really see the progression. >> kevin: did you guys just say no to cash? i mean, i just put up a picture, a great picture of foliage that was sent into me on my facebook page. >> elizabeth: good for you, kevin. >> kevin: i'm not saying no, but you're right, the colors are suddenly popping out there and that picture will prove it and many of the pictures on the web
5:45 pm
we need cooler temperatures to really bring out the fall colors. there are a few showers around right now handsome have gotten heavier. let's talk about first into new hampshire stretching from loudon to concord and hooksett, again, this light line of showers continues to progress thank you central new hampshire, but i didn't want to leave you out, despite the fact they're very light. heavier showers here around barry, rutland, westbrook field in central massachusetts. winchendon, this is a heavier downpour that's moved into southwestern new hampshire. all going at 35 miles per hour. jaffrey, new boston, goffstown and hop hopkinton new hampshire by 6:50 p.m. this evening. another patch. rutland and spencer moving off towards the northeast, lempster an eventually lowell in your sights, but keep themselves going that way. you can see the yellow blotches in there showing where the heavier downpours are. that first one to the north going to westminster by 6:00 p.m. and townsend, pepperell by 6:30 p.m., before crossing over into new
5:46 pm
hampshire. let's track this more southern track one too going through rutland and princeton by 6:00 p.m. this evening. then lempster at 6:15 p.m. and ash pee by 6:30 p.m. this evening, assuming again that they hold together. they've been holding together pretty well so far, even if they've gotten lighter as they've been dog so. futurecast shows the showers coming in to middlesex and norfolk county, eventually boston by 9:30 p.m. this evening. another line in new york, western mass, western vermont, dusk the late night hours when i'm talking to you at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., i'll be talking about dying rainshowers out there and clearing skies behind the front, that's coming on through. now that front is going to shift our wind around and bring us cooler air each actually. so many morning, you'll wake up to sunshine, a brisk wind coming from the west and southwest, but it will still be pleasant. overnight, your temperature dropping through the 60's in boston, to 58 by 3:00 a.m. but you'll bottom out at first light with temperatures cooler than that. 54 to 55 in the boston area with sunshine tanned through the middle of the day, 61 by 10:15 p.m. at will your honor
5:47 pm
--lunch time. at or above average tomorrow. tonight, low temperatures, generally in the 50's in central and eastern massachusetts, a couple upper 40's back here through worcester county, and into southwest new hampshire. there are the clouds that will pop up tomorrow afternoon with the sun hitting that cooler air. very limited shower potential tomorrow. there can be a couple especially in the higher elevations in western mass, but clear it out tomorrow night. it will make for a sunny day coming up on thursday. some of the high temperatures tomorrow afternoon back through norfolk county, just west of boston, a 70 in franklin, 68 in foxborough. closer to boston, at the braintree split, it will be 69 degrees tomorrow afternoon, about the same in quincy and 69 for you in bridgewater and 67 in sciate tomorrow afternoon. seven day forecast shows the cool air that is. coming. i keep promising you it will be get cold and it will by sunday morning especially, slipping below freezing in much of the area. above freezing at the coastline. monday, may even slip below freezing in boston, average temperature on monday of about 28 degrees. that's a weekend forecast that's shaping up to be very chilly one.
5:48 pm
high temperature on sunday, only in the 40's. for a high temperature, expecting 48 degrees with all that sunshine that will be out there after that start in the upper 20's. >> elizabeth: so i originally saw the martian, it was great, it was about -- it really what's and was about putting humans on mars, and you start thinking about the future, but what's really cool is apparently nasa is now laying out that three step plan to send humans to mars. >> that's right. space agency says it has started step one in the hopes of establishing a colony on the red planet in the next few decades. >> elizabeth: would you go? >> i'll let someone else go first and i'll think about it. testing new technologies on the international space station, step two is learning how to perform complex tasks on long missions in deep space and step three is launching a manned spacecraft to orbit mars. astronauts are that's a powerful new cameras on international space station, the camera can record inside a ball of water. >> elizabeth: that's crazy. >> look at that. that is amazing. it can get four times the
5:49 pm
resolution of normal high-definition cameras. they are hoping to use it to learn more during science experiments in space, and on earth. >> elizabeth: you know, they can do all that. i can't even get that vcr thing to stop blinking, that light, and yes, i do still have one. middlesex d.a.'s office is accused of bullying a medical perfectly. sharman sachetti caught up with marian ryan and we'll have her reaction. the search is on for a missing local college student. the clues about her disappearance and her family being very concerned as well as police. plus we'll tell you why halloween came he early today for some deserving local kids. >> this photo is getting a lot of buzz on line. bride who left her own wedding to help at the scene of a car
5:50 pm
>> elizabeth: could texting for teens really be as addictionive as gambling? there is new research that's saying yes. >> it turns out teenagers are getting irritable, losing sleep and even skipping work, all if the name of compulsive texting hand that according to the study is the same behavior exhibited by gamblers.
5:51 pm
more than boys. . >> >> elizabeth: "playboy" with a surprising announcement. the magazine has decided to stop printing naked pictures of women. in response to the amount of pornography that is now readily available on the internet. the magazine's c.e.o. says they can't compete with that, so they will still have risque images of woman, but they wouldn't be completely naked. once combined, they will be the largest beer company in the world. an agreement between the makers of budweiser and coors light is in the works. imbev with an early deal to take over s.a. miller. executives on both sides says it is a possible deal that does need regulator approval. >> a florida finding herself in trouble with the law after an incriminating periscope broadcast. police say 23-year-old whitney biel started her night off with drinks at several bars and broadcasted the whole thing on the live video app, periscope,
5:52 pm
but when she hopped into her car and started driving, some of the viewers of the stream started calling 911. >> i just saw a girl on periscope driving drunk. she doesn't know where she is. >> there's a young girl internet streaming, she's driving drunk. >> an officer downloaded the app and started watching the feed to driving. police eventually caught up with her and charged her with dui. >> you just lost a lot of customers. >> boo's and anger on board an american airlines flight on monday. a woman got kicked off the plane for some type of miscommunication with a flight attendant. according to another passenger, the flight attendant told the woman to move out of the aisle. she may have not heard that and instead, toiled another earlene employee that the flight attendant was rude. that's when she was removed. american airlines says they are aware of the video and are investigating. >> elizabeth: a brides wedding day goes viral. take a look.
5:53 pm
sarah ray was getting ready for her big day when she found out that her father and grandparents were in a car accident. sarah is a paramedic, so she wanted to see if there was anything she could do, so she raced to the scene in her gown. her mom snapped a picture. sarah's dad and her grandparents are ok and the wedding and reception went on as planned once everybody was checked out. >> now at 6:00 p.m., a medical examiner accusing a district attorney of bullying. >> i think that we were asking the appropriate questions. >> >> the stinging allegations at a high profile death investigation. >> >> elizabeth: shuting down, tonight, the wide ranging effects of closing the state's only nuclear power plant. >> kevin: still tracking showers around new england tonight and with temperatures will drop below freezing. >> they hasn't been seen in more than a week. a young new england woman missing in california, the warning signs that have her parents concerned. we begin with breaking news, a medford police officer caught on video, threatening a motorist has just resend from the force.
5:54 pm
before officer steven labert's disciplinary hearing which has been called off. labert is a veteran of the medford police force. the incident happened if july. the officer told the motorist he would put a hole through his head during the stop. we are told labert is on administrative leave without paying while his retirement papers are processed. new at 6:00 p.m., his lawyer just sent us a statement, saying, it was a very difficult and heart-wrenching decision for him to make. he loved being a police officer and was very good at what he did. it's an unfortunate situation for everyone involved. and developing tonight, safety concerns surrounding the planned shutdown of a state's only nuclear power plant. the pilgrim nuclear power station. >> elizabeth: today, the company entergy announced that they'll be closing the plant by 2019. as we first told you at 5:00 p.m., entergy says that declining revenue is what forced them to make this decision. fox 25's kerry kavanaugh was in plymouth with the steps that will be taken to ensure any nuclear waste is carefully disposed of.
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