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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 14, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. now at 4:00, developing news out of wrentham. shots fired on 495. the evidence state police connected overnight from this drive-by shooting. a local church desecrated by a man in priest robes. the disturbing actor committed on the altar while surveillance cameras were rolling. and from the home of a world war ii veteran. how one kind action turned into a movement to get that flag back to its post. >> this is the fox25 morning news. good morning, it is 4:00 on this wednesday, october 14. i am daniel miller.
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>> good morning, everybody, i am julie grauert. the cooldown starts today. you are dressing for the 40s and 50s this morning, but meteorologist shiri spear tell us the 30s will be back before you know it. shir. >>shiri: 30s by the weekend, to folk. we are waking up to seasonable if not above-average temperatures. 60 in boston. 55, nashua. 52 in worcester. upper 50s plymouth with clouds in place that continue on your way down to the cape. the cape starting off in the upper 50s. 60s for the island. not too bad a start this morning. temperature-wise hold steady if not go down by a couple of degrees and 7 a.m. we start with the sunshine and by lunchtime, clouds starting to really develop again. temperatures are going to be close to the lower 60s by lunchtime today. a bit cooler in the hills all throughout the day, but at 5 p.m., generally talking temps in the lower 60s to send you home from work. a slight risk of a shower
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today. very slight north and west of boston and going with dry weather. on and off clouds as we pop up into the afternoon. 64 to 70. i have to say the 70s are few and far between. i will show you where to plan on those coming up. shiri, at 4:01, always great time to head out the door great time to head out the door.things moving around nicely. into medford. and pike through the weston tolls. brighton -- one morning i want to droyv through this section of the pike in brighton to experience how nice and light. 8 minutes on the pike from 495 to speen street. 13 minutes from the weston tolls to the williams tunnel and eight minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 4:06. developing news out of wrentham where state police are investigate a shooting just before exit 15. this happened just before our 11:00 news cast. our crew at the scene said it
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and that the vehicle was shot three times. the man inside that vehicle was not hurt. troopers were able to collect ballistic evidence. police do not believe this was a random shooting. investigators have not made any arrests. police are searching for the man caught on video commit the man caught on video committing a lewd act at the altar of a church. sent pictures of the incident inside the church last month. the suspect dressed as himself in the priest robes then stripped down and performs a sexual act at the altar. surveillance cameras installed because of a theft commits the crime. >> a sense of safety come >> a sense of safety coming into the church. we keep the doors open for anybody who needs to come in, light a candle, speak with our priest. i think that sense of security has been violated. >> those doors will now be locked -- closed and locked when no one is there. the suspect is described as a white man in his 20s wearing glasses. happening today a mental
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health evaluation for the danvers teen accused of murdering his math teacher. yesterday jury selection was put on hold for phillip chism after his lawyers claimed he was banging his head against cell. chisms lawyers do not believe he is competent to stand trial, to a judge has ordered another mental health evaluation that could delay the trial by several weeks. chism was 14 when he was charged with the rape and murder of danvers math teacher colleen ritzer. he is being tried as an adult. now 4:04 now 4:04. we are following developing news out of nevada where former nba star lamar odom is recovering after found unresponsive near a brothel near vegas. no word on his condition this morning. the brothel owner said he took a large amount of what he calls her balance viagra. they found no illegal drugs in odom's.
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hospital but he is 6'10"and they couldn't fit anymore a helicopter. the democratic debate of the 2016 season and so far high praise for hillary clinton's performance. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have been neck and neck and both tried to swayed voter theirs way. kevin kafa show us how they agreed on one issue. >>reporter: the first time the five presidential candidates came together on the wynn stage in las vegas. hillary clinton wanted to explain shifts in her policy position. >> i am a progressive but a progressive that likes to get things done. >>reporter: lincoln chafee has discussed the issue of waffle. >> i was a liberal republican and a proud democrat now, but i have not changed on the issues. >>reporter: economic equality is the theme.
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>> i want to associate myself to the many that the senator of vermont did and i did it in our state, passed the minimum wage, living wage and went four years in a row without a penny's increase for college tuition is increase for college tuition is. >> people are disgusted with the way that money has corrupt the way that money has corrupted our political process corrupted our political process. intimidating incumbents and empowering wall street every day. >>reporter: former secretary of state butted heads with vermont senator bernie sanders on several issues including capitalism. >> i consider myself part of the casino capitalist process by which so few have so much and so many have so little by which wall street greed and recklessness effects this economy i don't. >> i think what senator sanders is saying certainly makes sense in the inequality. we are not denmark -- i love denmark. but we are the united states of america. >>reporter: the two agreed on one i shall spine the secretary
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american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. thank you. >> reporter:reporting in las vegas, nebraska. i am karen kaffa. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump mailed himself heard. he live tweeted during the debate taking his typical jabs at the candidate. trump said he didn't think there were any stars of the debate. at one point he asked his followers on twit they thought was winning and former espnage was winning and former espnagealist said isis. donald trump will host"saturday night live"on november 7. a college student from new england is safe this morning, but still questions about her disappearance. late last night fox25 confirmed that 23-year-old diane thatcher of rhode island returned to her dorm at a college in nevada. she told relatives she had been catching. she had not been even for eight days. her car was found abandoned on the side of the road in santa barbara, california where she
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went to visit friends. no word how she returned to nevada or if she was with anyone. the second murder trial of patriot aaron hernandez is now on hold until next year. a judge moved the case to mid-january after both sides asked for more time. hernandez is accused of gunning down safiro furtado and daniel abereu in 2012. he is currently serving life in prison for the murder of odin lloyd in 2013. a new hampshire home where a couple was killed by their own home will be demolished. robert and constance dion were found dead in their burned-out manchester home march of last year. their son matthew dion escaped to florida until he was arrested back in june. in court, the attorney said the home is expected to be torn down before dion's trial starts in late january. a veteran medford police officer caught on video threatening to shoot a wrong-way driver has resigned. the officer made the announcement yesterday two days
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disciplinary hearing before the incident. a driving dash cam caught la a driving dash cam caught laburt shouting expletives at the driver. it happened when he was off duty. they have placed him on unpaid leave until his retirement process -- papers are processed. a man accused of attacking a homeless man is relieved of his duty his duties. he punched, kicked and threw a bottle to a man after taking a long time ordering. ward is charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. the fire department has placed him on administrative life. new this morning, police are investigating a string of car thefts in hingham. two cars were taken from driveways on winthrop road. the cars were on lock and the keys were left inside. one was left in the middle of the road in the front of the house. the other was later recovered in wellesley. suspects broke into at least 20 vehicles. all of them were unlocked.
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the middlesex district attorney is denying that her office bullied a medical examiner. da ryan tells fox25 she is puzzled in claims made in case notes we obtained yesterday that deal with the death of a baby in malden in 2010. it was originally ruled a homicide and the child's father jeffrey wilson was charged with murder, but last year the m. e. changed the cause of death to undetermined based on new evidence. the me called prosecutors unethical and unprofessional. da ryan disagrees. >> the only thing unethical is for us to not follow the evidence in a responsible way. >> the charges against jeffrey wilson were dropped. they hired an attorney to look into the claims made by the medical examiner. the state's only nuclear power plant will be shut down by 2019. the company that operates pilgrim station in plymouth say they are lose they are losing too much money. entergy notfied their employees yesterday morning. the president of the company says decline
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says declining revenue and less than favorable energy loss has forced them into this decision. >> we already have a region that has 50% reliance on natural gas which will continue to increase that could result in a lot of volatility and customer cost, higher bills. >> he says the pilgrim plant produces 10% of the energy used in massachusetts. new this morning, the city of boston may soon make real estate developers pay more to cover the cost of affordable housing. the "globe" says mayor marty walsh may have developers of residential buildings to set aside more units for low income tenants or fund affordable units in other city neighborhoods. builders of commercial space may pay higher fees for square foot. that money pays for affordable housing or job training program. armed with a gun and demanding cash. coming up at 4:30, the unique characteristic of this convenience store robber that police hope will break the case police hope will break the case. dirty motels under the microscope in new hampshire.
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the disgusting complaint filed against those two businesses and why the owners say the proportion. first shiri spear tracking morning. >>shiri: and we still have a couple of degrees to lose before we truly start to warm up. 55 degrees at 5 a.m., but by 7 a.m., lower 50s. even upper 40s.
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4:14 right now.
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transportation secretary say the mbta needs to continue running in major snowstorms as soon as it is safe. last night secretary stephanie pollock said the mbta has a plan when there is snow and needs to do a better job of informing about delays and cancellations. during the blizzard the commuter rail service was shut down during the storm and trains were cancelled and delayed in the weeks that followed. this morning an investigation into a deadly circus tent collapse reveal there were more people in the tent than initially thought. authorities said 100 people were earned the tent at the lancaster fairgrounds when a severe storm blew through the area back in august. ticket sales did not accurately depict who were inside because adults could bring children for free. a 41-year-old father and 6-year-old daughter were killed. 50 others were hurt.
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is defending his business after city officials ordered an investigation into deplorable living condition. last night town aldermans voted to investigate the continue at the country barn motel and rooming house downtown at temple street. at both places, city officials say they have received complaints of drug use, bedbugs and crime. the country barn was featured in the travel channels hotel impossible as the show overdramatized the issue in some vacant rules. >> unfortunately for the people here and the place itself, it really painted them in a negative way. >> residents at the temple street rooming house told fox25 they think their building is up to code and worry that a push to renovate it would make the place unaffordable. this morning, the president of the state senate said massachusetts should get a piece of fantasy sports gambling. yesterday stanley rosenberg weighed in on the growing movement for government to get
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sports sites like draft king and fan duel. area like horse races needs to be regulated and taxed. a shortage that will lead to widespread flight delays if not fixed. the national air controller situation said the faa failed to meet its hiring goals for five years five years straight. the number of controllers is the lowest knits 27 years even though air traffic is increasing. 30% of current controllers are eligible to retire. this hall hole day season, paypal is covering the cost of returns. paypal will reimburse shipping costs of four returns between now and january 31, 2016. they will cover up to 30 of each return shipment. they did it in 40 other countries been unveiling in the u.s. now 4:17. here we go out to the maps
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expressway wide open from furnacebrook parkway to columbia road. pike looks good from framingham through the weston tolls and as you can see it is wide open in brighton. 8 minutes on 124 from 123 to 128. eight minutes on route 9 from 495 to speen street. 28 minutes from 495 south to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear is joining us now and maybe time to whip out some of those long sleeves. >> i definitely think so. the next couple of days. short sleeves this afternoon but it is coming. big-time comedown by the weekend. early sunshine and we will see nice jump in the temperature around 8:00 this morning. that is when our warm-up really starts. increasing clouds through the day. very little hope of rain until friday, our next kind of association of a forecast, and frosty and even freezing temperatures developing over the weekend and into early next week. right now though we have a pretty quiet yet set-up. a few clouds and in southern vermont.
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skies over the cape and islands skies over the cape and islands. the usual spots will see a touch of fog and that's about it. 60 in boston which is pretty mild and will take a little dip down before you start to warm up. clear skies. 10 10-mile-per-hour winds. the 50s are coming to you. 50 degrees by 6 a.m. 8 a.m., 56 degrees and we climb back into the 60s by 10:00 this morning. clouds increase and especially late morning into the afternoon late morning into the afternoon. it turns into a partly if not mostly cloudy day. it is going to be a little cooler in worcester all throughout the day. 52 degrees 52 degrees right now. clear skies there, dipping into the lower 50s at 6 a.m. at 8 a.m. 56 degrees at 10 a.m. but i want to point out we only climb into the low to middle 60s versus the interior a lot of temperature reading and down to plymouth at 57 degrees. we see a lot of temperature readings climb between boston and worcester, but plymouth start off with a little bit of that cloud cover. and you lose two more degrees
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kind of hovering in the middle 50s. and then your warm-up take you into the upper 60s this afternoon. the clouds also develop for you guys. the futurecast, you can see the clouds bubbling up by noontime and thick neither afternoon and tons of on and off clouds and any wet weather, best chance would be far north and west of the city and even that a an there. 99% of us stay drive. we wake up to sunshine tomorrow we wake up to sunshine tomorrow. and the week -- i know, a thursday, but we have sunshine all day long. high pressure driving. we are going to stay dry. we will stay bright. the next weather maker come in on friday and that will bring us friday showers and the timing of those right now will peak around the middle of the day. the showers develop during the morning hours and the showers ticking around lunchtime into the afternoon. they start pulling away, and as they do, the cooler air move in for the weekend. saturday, 59 degrees. sunday, 49 degrees. and our bigger concern will be
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some of the wake-up temperatures sunday into monday and i will break those down in detail coming up. back to you guys. fuel spilling all over major new hampshire highway. coming up at 4:30, what caused the driver of this guard truck -- this box truck to hit a guardrail. an angry aunt is suing her own nephew hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced
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that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. . this morning, officials from the national transportation safety board will be in lake worth, florida where a small plane crashed into a mobile home park. two of the mobile homes caught fire. two body two bodies were pulled from the wreckage but this there could be more casualty. looking for the cause of a deadly fire in kansas city, missouri. it claimed the lives of two veteran fire fighters who rescued two people from the plane before it collapsed. questions are being raised by the safety of the building. neighbors say it didn't appear well maintained and local news outlets say the building has been flagged for work done without permits. a school district in
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nebraska is dealing with a norovirus outbreak that affected 1100 people. the number of cases continues to grow despite an army of 300 custodians trying to sanitize. cleaning is one of three important steps in battling the outbreak. the other two steps are thorough hand washing and keeping stick students out of school for 72 hours after symptoms subside. yarmouth police need your help to capture a jewelry thief help to capture a jewelry thief. we have a picture of james tilton. there it is. tilton was caught on surveillance video stealing jewelry from the cape cod marketplace on route 28 in west yarmouth. someone on social media saw the surveillance picture and identified tilton to police. tilton has a lengthy criminal history including 75 court appearances for charges ranging from theft to assault and battery. cash, drugs and a scale. all of it allegedly found inside a dorchester home friday morning. boston police arresting 45 boston police arresting 45-year-old ma guilt vasquez
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rosario e spinel as a report. they are both charged with drug trafficking. a new york woman sug her own nephew for accidentally breaking her wrist has lost. jennifer connell seeking over $127,000 in damages for the 20 $127,000 in damages for the 2011 incident. she claims her nephew who was just 8 years old when he jumped into her arms for a birthday hug was being careless. she claims the injury has wreck she claims the injury has wrecked her social life making it difficult to hold a hors d'oeuvre plate and it is difficult to climb stairs to her manhattan apartment. the jury took less than half an thundershower dismiss the case. nasa is laying out a three nasa is laying out a three-step plan to send humans to mars. started step 1 in the hopes of establishing a colony on the red planet in the next few decades. currently they are testing new technology technologies on the international space station. step 2 is learning how to perform complex tasks on long
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step three, is launching a manned spacecraft to orbit mars manned spacecraft to orbit mars. a world war ii veteran in reading is once again flying old glory outside of his home all thanks to his community. >> without that flag, i feel naked. >> 90-year-old john connors flag was flying outside his home for 45 years. four months ago it was stolen. rereplaced it and it happened again and he couldn't afford a new one when a reading detective heard about the flag and stepped in and went to home depot to buy him new one but the manager there wouldn't hear of it. >> he heard what i said and grabbed the flag and he said you don't need to buy it. it is compliments of home depot, as long as you give it to those people. >>reporter: the detective wasn't done with her act of kindness. she volunteered her thousand go over and install the flag. >>daniel: that is awesome. holding on tight to the money they make. the majority of americans are spending less of their hard-earned cash.
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