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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  October 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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in the past 15 minut medfield's principal tweeted out that they have been forced to cancel all after school activities. tonight's volleyball games have been moved to millis high school. let's get you another angle of this breaking news just tweeted out by a viewer. there is no denying the intense flames here. fox 25 is going to continue to monitor this breaking situation and as soon as we get more details on this fire, we will bring those to you. >> elizabeth: a busy day today. a person run over and killed in plymouth. sky fox flying over the scene on water street this afternoon. police tell us that an elderly woman was trying to parallel park, when she ran over a 62-year-old man. the victim, who is from out-of-state, was pronounced dead at a boston hospital. state police spent several hours today reconstructing the scene. right now, no arrests have been made. >> also breaking, a teacher under arrest, accused of sexting a high school student. hi everyone, i'm bob ward.
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southbridge. crystal haynes has been working to uncover information on this crystal haynes joins us live with what she's uncovered. crystal? bob and >> the reporter: bob and elizabeth, this came in to us as a tip to our newsroom and we've been working it all day. i can he will it you that 22-year-old man is being held in the lockup here at southbridge police department, on these charges, and investigators tell me that this case of sending these photos to this student, well, it's not the first time. a shocking revelation found right in the halls of southbridge middle high school. >> he showed us pictures and identified them as belonging to a teacher. >> the reporter: a 17-year-old student telling police, ninth grade english language teacher, joseph santos sent naked pictures of himself to him over facebook messenger and more than once. >> once was sent last year in october 2014 and another set of images were sent in august of
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2015. >> the reporter: police were notified this week and 22-year-old santos turned himself in this afternoon, charged with dessemena nation of pornographic material to a minor. >> they had known each other for two years, the student admitted that they met at a church function in the town of webster and he was with this particular teacher for the whole year. >> the reporter: southbridge schools tell fox 25 the school department is extremely alarmed by these charges and is taking immediate steps to ensure the safety of our students. effective today, this individual is no longer an employee with the district. parents who received the notification today are stunned. >> i think it's horrible. you know, you don't do that kind of stuff and be around children. >> hobble. >> mark: now, zungia-santos will be arraigned tomorrow.
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we have ran his background and the extent to which he had access to children and why that record is having some parents tell me that they are thinking about pulling they are kids out of southbridge schools. for now reporting in fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: also breaking right now, a former b.u. assistant hockey coach has been indicted on sexual assault charges. robert richardson is accused of raping a 13 yearly boy who played on a youth team that he coached back in 19 1991. the alleged victim only recently told investigators about the abuse. these attacks allegedly happened in richardson's dorchester home. richardson will be arraigned in suffolk superior court on thursday. in 2005, he was found not guilty in a separate child rape accusation. that attack allegedly happened at a summer camp. and breaking news out of westin, where police are investigating a shooting at a gun range. sky fox over the westin shooters club on sibly.
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a woman accidentally shot herself in the arm. an ambulance took that woman to newton wesley hospital. she is expected to recover. >> mark: the mother of a 5-year-old worcester boy is facing abuse charges. police say 22-year-old shania tell, her son was limping and had noticeable limping when he arrived at school yesterday morning. the school alerted police and the boy was taken to the hospital where dcf workers took custody of him. the woman faces charges of permitting substantial injury to a child and reckless endangerment. she was arraigned this morning and released on $1,000 bail. >> elizabeth: now to the forecast. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz joins us and kevin, you're tracking the chaps of rain over the next several days. >> kevin: there are showers on the way and they'll herald the arrival of colder air. today, despite the cooler feel out there, it was above average by quite a bit. boston by six degrees. 68 the average. the high is 62 for the day. 67 in nashua. back to worcester and orange, a degree above the average at 63 and that's despite the clouds that took over the sky in the afternoon. a mixture of sun and clouds. we talked much about that has
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night and how there could be a couple of sprinkles around, but those are mainly in northern new england. as expected as well. so we stayed dry and we're going to be clearing these clouds out of here tonight for the most part and through the morning, you'll be waking up to sunshine, stick with that through much of the day as well, but temperatures of course will drop under the clearing skies tonight, so out there to the northwest of the city of worcester, dropping all the way down to 41. there will be towns that make it into the upper 30's, orange, southeast vermont and southwest new hampshire. then into middlesex county as the skies clear tonight, temperature there dropping 41 as well. would not be surprised to see a couple of upper 30's, even in middlesex counties, especially northern middlesex county out around lowell, for instance, an down to 49 in cape cod, by the morning despite a few clouds sticking around, so a cool night ahead, but this is not the coldest this week. i'll show you when we'll hit freezing or below coming up. >> the man accused of murdering beloved teacher colleen ritzer telling a court clinician, he hopes somebody shoots him with a gun. that message revealed during testimony today as a judge
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weighs moving ahead with jury selection in the trial of phillip chisholm. fox 25's sharman sachetti is live in salem and sharman, chisholm wasn't even in the courtroom. >> the reporter: no, wasn't, bob. he stood on the other side of the wall, and listened in to that testimony. it's just another twist in this ongoing case. and tonight, it's raising some questions about whether or not he's competent to stand trial. we've seen phillip chisholm in court plenty of times. today he refused and stood behind a court. he told a court clinician he talked to voices in his head, and had suicidal thoughts. >> he hoped that somebody would come in with a gun and shoot him. >>ically nation collin balester clean mcmillan testified during her one hour and 15 minutes meeting with phillip chisholm this morning that he sat on the floor, told her he didn't want the lawyers and the voices in her head were telling him not to talk to her. >> he said he was hearing from this somebody that he shouldn't trust me because i'm part of the
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people that hut him away. >> >> the reporter: phillip chisholm is accused in the 2013 killing of colleen ritzer. phillip mcmillan went on to say how stressed and anxious phillip chisholm was in court. >> he says he has a really difficult time coming in here sitting and listening to everything. he talked about a visceral reaction, with where his heart begins to race very much. he has a complete burning sensation that goes through his body. >> the reporter: but prosecutors aren't buying it and believe it's just another delay tactic. they say phillip chisholm is holding everyone in this case hostage. >> everything that's happened in the last 24 hours is not real. it's fake. >> the reporter: so after these hearings today, the judge just decided that tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m., he hopes to have an independent expert appointed to do an evaluation, which means a jury selection is on holdal least until next wednesday. live in salem, sharman sachetti,
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>> live in prison for the killer of a south boston grandmother. a convict whose last moments as a freeman were spent listening to the family he hurt. >> i have witnessed what you have done to the women i love the most in the world will never leave me. i know for many in this room, they will never leave you either. >> i was in court today for this very emotional setting. ahead in of the next half-hour, more of the powerful messages delivered in court. >> elizabeth: another brookline firefighter has been arrested. this is jeremy joseph, who you'll see here. accused of driving drunk this weekend and leaving the scene of an an accident. we'll have a full report at 6:00 p.m. and more details now, this is actually the second arrest of a brookline firefighter in just the last few days. joseph ward was released on personal recognizance and is on administrative leave from the fire department. prosecutors say he attacked a man at a restaurant for allegedly taking too long to order his food.
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>> a huge lawsuit filed against the company that owns the ill fated cargo ship el faro. the family of crew member lonnie jordan is seeking $100 million in damages. jordan was one of 33 people who died the captain of the el faro also named. jordan's estate says the company should be held accountable for putting the ship right in the path of hurricane joaquin earlier this month. >> it's not just the negligent of these people. and putting a ship on the water that was clearly not seaworthy. no doubt about it. shouldn't have been there. too old. >> two men from massachusetts were on board. keith griffin and jeffrey mathias. also killed was marriott wright, whose mother lives in brockton. the owners of el faro insist the captain had a sound plan to avoid that hurricane, a plan that only unraveled whether the ship's main propulsion stopped working. the coast guard called off its search for the ship after one week. another loss for parishioners trying to keep their sciate church from closing for good.
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judge's order to evick those parishioners from the st. frances x carbini catholic church. church members have been holding an 11-year vigil around the clock inside the building since the archdiocese made a decision to shutter the parish. the court ruled that those parishioners are trespassing on the property of the archdiocese. turning now to football and sports director tom leyden, we learned a key patriots player has been lost for the season, and this is going to directly affect tom brady. >> it will, bob. nate soldier has protected tom brady's blind side for quite some time and it appears soldier season. the team has not yet made that news official. marcus cannon will have to step up if in seed soldier -- if indeed soldier will miss the rest of the year. sunday night football, deflategate revenge, we can talk about it until the cows come home, but tom brady and bill
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belichick, they will not bulge. >> recent recently, has anyone pulled you aside in the grocery store and been like, phil, kick his butt, will you? >> i have haven't been to a grocery store in a couple of yearsism e. are you hearing from friends,. >> are you hearing from friends, family, neighbors? >> have i heard from my family and friends? yeah. sure. >> they think the team started the ball rolling on deflate team and your team and your whole reputation, how could there not be extra incentives to want to sick it stick it to them? >> i'm always pretty motivated in regards to the opponent. >> isn't there any heart in there, any human that wants a little extra. >> i'm a human, there's no doubt. definitely human. >> we'll let those guys do their talking on the field. it will continue to be a fun week. that's the very latest. tom leyden, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: two candidates pulling away from the pack in
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the democratic party. >> ahead in the next 30 minutes, who saw immediate results after last night's debate and is joe biden now ready to say he's in? >> elizabeth: plus, his daughter is by his side on her biggest dave. the health issues this father had to overcome so he could walk her down the aisle. >> kevin: clouds coming by on friday, with showers, but this is the start of a big cooldown for the weekend. >> elizabeth: first, we continue to follow breaking news. this gas main fire causing medfield high school to cancel all ev everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. so whatever speed you need, fios has it with the fastest internet and wi-fi available, from 50 to 500 mbps. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer
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we. >> mark: this gas main fire in medfield has cancelled all evening activities at medfield high school. no one has been hurt and the fire is now out. fox 25 crew has just arrived on the scene there. they are working to figure out the cause of that fire. held without bail for a crime that is 23 years old. today the man accused of murdering a tufts university graduate in 1992 stood in court and said, he's not guilty. >> fox 25's kerry kavanaugh was there and spoke with the defense attorney and spoke about his attorneys about the d.n.a. evidence. >> the reporter: more than two decades after a woman lost her life, the man accused of her murder walked in to a suffolk county court. a recent graduate of tufts university, that year, she was the only african-american woman to earn a degree in engineering. just two months after receiving
5:16 pm
her dead in their south boston apartment. >> lying face down on her bed with her hands tied tightly behind her back with telephone cords. the victim was only partially clothed and nude from the waist down. police never identified a suspect in this case until this year. >> the massachusetts state police crime laboratory notified the boston police department what's known of a code hit linking the defendant to the unknown male d.n.a. profile recovered from the body of leona bruce. in court wednesday, the prosecutor said the defendant, james witkowski, was already several time for an unrelated assault. they say he submitted a d.n.a. sample after he was convicted last summer. the prosecutor said witkowski's criminal record dates back to 1988, and husband convictions for larceny, breaking and entering and assault and battery. >> when shown a photograph of the victim, the defendant stated he did not recognize her and had no memory of any sexual or other contact with her. >> the reporter: witkowski''s attorney is still examining the case but noted d.n.a. evidence is not 100% infallible.
5:17 pm
other than the actual sample comparison, again, there's deterioration of samples, decay, improper handling of procedure, flatout mistakes. >> the magistrate here today says the d.n.a. evidence would undergo an independent evaluation. witkowski due back in court next month. >> elizabeth: there are still no arrests tonight in the drive-by shooting of a car on 495 in wrentham. this is a story fox 25 brought you as breaking news all morning long. this afternoon, state police revealed that they have processed the car and are currently looking at ballistic evidence. two men were shot before 11:00 p.m. last night. they're both ok. they told state police that they did not get a good look at the other car. a brockton man charged with shooting his pregnant girlfriend ordered to be held without bail tonight, after a dangerousness hearing. according to the brockton enterprise, dominic galvio represented himself in court. he and his girlfriend were fighting oversleep on friday morning when he tried to rip her
5:18 pm
contact lenses out of her eyes and shot her eventually in the shoulder. he's due back in court in november. >> police are working to identify the suspects caught on camera: this car break in on jefferson avenue in late july. two men approach, open the door, search around for valuables and walk off. if you recognize any of these suspects, please contact everett police. police are investigating a string of car thefts in hawaiian him. two cars were taken from driveways on winthrop road. the cars were unlocked and the keys were inside. one car was left in the middle of the road in front of the house u and the other was later recovered in wellesley. police say suspects broke into at least 20 cars. fox 25 is working on another story for 6:00 p.m. involving a different string of break-ins. hear from a woman in walpole who lost something so valuable, you cannot put a price on it. >> elizabeth: well, the sun getting ready to set on a beautiful fall day in the state as we take a live look at the
5:19 pm
boston skyline. kevin, you're tracking cooler temperatures headed our way. >> it will feel cooler overnight than this was last night, but the real cold air is yet to come. have some clouds mixed with the sunshine this afternoon, so it was cooler than we saw yesterday in the last couple of days really. didn't make it to 70 today. 66 in boston and 57 in worcester, still a pleasant october evening by any stretch and the clouds will fade away too as the sun goes down. futurecast shows that, we'll be clearing out very nicely overnight tonight. let's go back to the temperatures and track them through the night, downhill. here we go with sunshine in worcester. the clouds fading as the night goes on and dropping down to 41. if it's 41 in worcester, towns around worcester especially to the north and west will be dropping into the upper 30's. boston, 66 pleasant degrees right now, with some clouds out there, no doubt, you can see those out sited fox 25 studo. going down to 47 with clear skies first thing in the morning. even as a city. not 30's in the immediate suburbs, but certainly down into the low 40's and in nashua, new
5:20 pm
hampshire, 63 degrees, a mixture of sun and a lot of clouds out there and dropping there to 41 with clear skies and again, southern new hampshire, you'll have towns that drop into the upper 30's overnight tonight, so a cooler night to be sure. and with the clear skies, you'll wake up to sunshine in the morning, have that through the middle of the day and just like today, there will be some clouds that pop up, but mainly western and northern portions of new england, and the potential for a up could of showers the farther north and west you go. fast forward into a friday. notice late thursday night into the early friday morning hours, the clouds increase across the area and those clouds thickening up during friday morning. showers just before the morning commute and then moving on through. notice they're not for everyone. most of the areas south of boston will stay dry this time and areas north of boston will get some showers and this doesn't look like very heavy shower activity. but what it is, it's the leading edge of some much cooler air arriving for this coming weekend, so you have that to look forward to coming up for the mornings especially on sunday and into monday. but high temperatures tomorrow will still be about average, just a little bit below perhaps
5:21 pm
63 is the average, 62 concord, sudbury, 62 in natick. 62 in norwood. north shore, temperatures close to that as well. haverhill, 63. as will be lawrence. 62 in danvers. to the south shore, brain prepare and quincy, 63. -- braintree and quincy, 63. the seven day forecast shows the cooldown coming up and you'll see it here especially sunday and monday, but first things first, the showers come up on friday, you saw the timeline on that. on saturday, because the cool air is still coming in, we have the sun, mixture of sun and clouds and still the risk of a couple of showers around and on sunday, that's going to really start to get cool. the high temperature on sunday, only about 49 degrees. out on the cape, in the upper 40's to around 50, even on the cape and islands. 50's on saturday, upper 40's most areas boston and northwestward too. look at this, by monday, back to sunshine, but the morning low temperature, 27 degrees. so expect a widespread frost by sunday morning, and the potential for a widespread freeze across southern new england and certainly central
5:22 pm
up on monday. this would be the coolest air we've seen so far this year and the first time we've had a killing killing frost or killing freeze, and it will destroy the pollen out there and get rid of any mosquito threat. i'll be looking at the latest timeline of the shower activity coming on friday and update the well. see you in a few minutes. >> mark: still ahead, the international story that has pope francis asking for forgiveness tonight. >> elizabeth: and caught on camera, a thief helping himself to some jewelry.
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>> new hat 5:00 p.m., natick police are looking for this man behind in jewelry heist. they say he walked into the shop and asked for a catalog. when the clerk left the sales floor, he removed seven bracelets worth more than $2,500. if you recognize him, please contact natick police. new hampshire police have arrested one of the suspects in a convenience store robbery. we first showed you these surveillance pictures yesterday at east of fresno p.m. police announced today the capture of the suspect wearing a black sweatshirt, now identified as 39-year-old 39-year-old john konkel, police say he used a gun to rob the store on monday night. he was arrested for armed robbery. >> elizabeth: stock market taking a tumble in the wake of weak economic data. more speculation about a fed rate hike and a warning about sales from wal-mart. the dow closing down more than
5:25 pm
152 points. the nasdaq fell 12. the s&p was off 9 points. home sales are booming in massachusetts. that's according to the massachusetts association of real stores. the group says pending home sales were up 36% in september. more than 5700 homes were placed under agreement with a median price of just over $340,000. the association's market confidence index increased in september for the sex the straight month. >> the city of boston may soon make real estate developers may more to cover the cost of affordable housing. the "boston globe" says mayor marty walsh plans to require developers of residential buildings to set aside more units for low income tenants or fund affordable units in other city neighborhoods. builders of commercial space would also pay higher fees per square foot. that money pays for affordable housing an job training programs. talks now underway to move the top farm team of the boston red sox to western massachusetts. springfield's mayor says the owners of the pawtucket red sox
5:26 pm
have had initial discussions with city officials. the paw sox need a new stadium, plans to build a ballpark in providence collapsed last month. the mayor says a stadium could be built in springfield's north end. the city has not had a professional baseball team in 50 years. spotty attendance can get you into big trouble at school. >> elizabeth: and one man thought the same applied to church. >> what i thought was, -- [indiscernible] >> elizabeth: ahead in our next half-hour, the reason this man got a letter from the church telling him to leave. >> the reporter: it's the latest tactic in the fight against the opioid crisis here in the northeast. tonight, why families are using their loved ones obituaries to send an important message. >> and we continue to follow being bring news out of medfield. the new information we've just learned about this gas main fire
5:27 pm
activities at medf >> elizabeth: now to a story we've been following all newscast. evening activities at medfield high school have been cancelled because of this gas main fire earlier tonight. since we went on the air, that fire has gone out and according to a tweet from medfield fire and rescues that's because the gas in that area has been shut off. also breaking in the past ten minutes, the town of medfield has sent out an automated message to residence alerting them of the situation. fox 25 has a crew on the scene and we're working to get more facts on the story. a live report from them coming up on the fox 25 news at 6:00 p.m. in the meantime, it was really a day of emotion in a boston courtroom, as a 30-year-old man is sentenced to spend his life in prison for the hurt of a -- murder of a boston grand. >> barbara coyne was murdered three years ago in boston. this is a scar that will not heal.
5:28 pm
to get the words out in suffolk superior court. not with his mother's convicted killer sitting just a few feet away, but he remembered his mother, barbara coyne and their daily visits over coffee. >> i come to realize that wasn't the coffee e. it wasn't the best coffee in the world. but it was the best part of my day. >> a jury convicted 30-year-old timothy koska last week for the savage murder of barbara coyne in her south boston home. prosecutors alleged he broke into the home and beat cope and slashed her throat. the motive -- $100 worth of winning lottery tickets that the d.a. said koska used to buy drug. d.a. dan conley says he has no sympathy for koska. so in court, it was barbara coyne, the mora, the grandmother, the nurse, who was tearfully remembered and honored honored. >> many would not wants to
5:29 pm
remember her as a pool of blood or an evidence sample or an autopsy table. she would want you to remember the women she was and the legacy that she leaves behind. >> the judge in this case says this trial revealed once again the damaging toll the scourge of opioid abuse an heroin addiction is taking on our communities. timothy kaska was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole. >> elizabeth: a billick woman has been arrested for breaking into an apartment and using a hammer to do $8,000 worth of damage. 43-year-old stephanie lieman forced her way in to an apartment on kenmore drive early this morning. when officers arrived, they found extensive damage including holes through mirrors, a bathtub, a sink, holes through all of them, lyman was arraigned today on several charges. >> the state's message is clear. the mbta has to be ready for winter and keep running in major snow storms as long as it's same
5:30 pm
on tuesday night, transportation secretary stephanie pollack says the mbta has a plan in place to keep running during snow and needs to do a better job keeping riders informed about delays and cancellations. the snow did everything from shut down the t to cause severe delays. and kevin, hopefully, no blizzards in our future, but the chill in the air is certainly going to be felt. >> kevin: you're going to feel like snow come this weekend and i have to tell you bob, if you're headed to the mountains, especially this weekend, saturday, sunday, an monday, there will be places that get a dusting of snow up in the hills, but not in the lower elevations, certainly not in southern new england. there are some clouds out there tonight, it's down to 66 in boston. 64 in plymouth. let's take a couple more of the towns, showed a few earlier what the temperature will do tonight, with the skies clearly in beverly this evening, go all the way down to 43 degrees. i expect it so stay before 40. south shore, same for you. plymouth, 64 degrees, clouds mixing with the sun. not totally cloudy all the time
5:31 pm
clouds block out the sunday. 61 at chatham, one of the cooler spots, sunshine mixed with the clouds but look at this. you're going down to 49 under clear skies as well overnight tonight. so some cool temperatures tonight for sure, and tomorrow during the first part of the dave, you can expect sunshine and that will last into the afternoon, but there are showers on the way that will bring in even cooler air. i'll show you whether you can expect those and how cold it will be. >> elizabeth: police are still looking for this man caught on ago cambridge church. the man has dressed himself in the priest's vestments and parade around the sava serbian church before endressing an engaging in a lewd act at the altar. the church is now locking the doors of the church when no one is there. the first democratic presidential debate has come and gone and for bernie sanders, the benefits were immediate. the vermont senator has received $2 million in post debate donations.
5:32 pm
>> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. >> thank you. me too, me too. >> what does that say about you casting a vote for something you weren't really sure about? >> i think you're being a little rough. >> the democrats' first debate are behind them, but tuesday night's sin city showdown will likely have a lasting feet on 2016. the general consensus -- it was a good debate. even the republicans seemed to enjoy it. >> i can tell you that i'm having debate envy. what we saw today was a master class on debating. >> and hillary clinton and bernie sanders ran away with it. >> basically tonight, hillary clinton was beyond -- she was flawless. >> of the three other guys, all polling at less than 1% nationally, only martin o'malley came close to making a mark. >>. i think o'malley helped himself. i don't know that he helped himself enough, but i think his constant drum beat of, well, you like that policy? i did it in maryland. you like that. i did it.
5:33 pm
i think that actually worked very well. >> several pundits predicted this was the beginning of the end of the road forever lincoln chafee and jim webb and some are saying it could be the same for a particularly popular noncandidate. >> if i am biden, i don't see any way to get on the stage, between sanders, the performance, certainly near the end and hillary clinton's domination, i don't see a road if for biden. >> i would have to think that this would give him some pause. >> sources close to biden say that clinton's debate performance would have no impact on his decision to run for president. in washington, diane gallagher reporting. >> speaking at a campaign event in portsmouth, new hampshire this morning, republican presidential candidate marco rubio spoke about wages he said the jobs being created now don't pay well enough, that 10 or $11 an hour is not enough to live on. he said the government does not need to raise the minimum wage. he said that successful businesses will do that on their own as the economy grows. >> elizabeth: governor charlie
5:34 pm
baker swore in a new attorney to the office of the child advocate today. maria mosses is mosses has nearly four decades of child welfare, government and court administration. the office of the child advocate oversees the state services provided to children who are under the care of the state. >> >> laconia new hampshire woman says she would rather go to trial than paying a ticket for sun bathing topless, she is protesting a gilford ordinance saying it is unconstitutional to ban women from exposing their upper bodies. she's received a $25 ticket. in september, she plans to head to trial in december. >> elizabeth: state lawmakers considering a bill that would reenstate the death penalty in mets. boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev received his death sentence in federal court. 1997 was the last time a bill was defeated by a sing
5:35 pm
the house, nothing the murder of jeffrey curly. >> extensive road work happening tomorrow in front of new hampshire community college on front street. police are asking drivers to avoid that area. the road work will also be happening next monday hand tuesday. >> we continue to follow several breaking news stories tonight. >> one of which is a southbridge teacher accused of sexting a student. fox 25's crystal haynes just got brand new information on this case and going to be breaking that news live at the top of the 6. >> >> the simple mistake which caused mass confusion for the parents of students at one local school. >> elizabeth: new developments in the lamar odom case. the owners of the brothel he was
5:36 pm
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>> elizabeth: former nba and reality star lamar odom is now on life support, but he is showing signs of improving, according to the reverend jesse jackson, he visited odom at the las vegas hospital where he's being treated after he was found unresponsive at a nevada brothel. the owner of that brothel says odom took a large amount of what he calls herbal viagra. >> 911 said put him on his left side, and they did, started throwing up, and he is still alive. and ambulance came, police came, took him to the pahrump hospital, in nevada, they immediately said this is nod looking good.
5:39 pm
>> elizabeth: jace conrad's said odom's ex, khloe kardashian were at his side. odom played his college basketball at the university of rhode island. >> a massachusetts man arrested for a second oui after getting stuck in a swampy area in greenfield. an officer noticed a car in the grass around faith babke tisbaton rouge church on silver street early this morning. the officer approached and found 39-year-old man inside. after astruggle, he was arrested for resisting arrest and possession of cocaine. >> elizabeth: these are part of team jaffrey's scarecrow on the common, it marks the start of fall and attracts tourists in the area. police are searching for the person or persons who vandalized two of the scarecrows. the town plans to go through with the event and leave the remaining scarecrows up until october 27. >> several neighborhoods on edge from a string of break-ins. ahead at 6:00 p.m., the item taken from one home that no insurance agency could ever replace. >> elizabeth: also coming up at 6:00 p.m., finding light in the darkness.
5:40 pm
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>> elizabeth: it's a troubling trend we've been seeing here in new england. loved ones dying from heroin overdoses and parents are fighting back, turning their heart act into action. >> a kid who was so well loved and liked and intelligent and it killed him. >> 27-year-old adam loved adventure, choosing a job on a commercial fishing boat over wall street. but it was his choice to try heroin that ended his life. >> this isn't a weekend joy ride. it kills. >> the reporter: adam's death was one of four in a single weekend last month. the state on track to surpass last year's heroin-related death
5:43 pm
toll of 320. these parents say, enough is enough. >> mark: ism >> >> please stop before you or a loved one thinks no drug is too powerful. >> the couple wrote this blunt obituary admitting to friends and family their son made a bad decision and warning, there's no turning back, no do-overs. they aren't the first to do this. they are part of what some are calling a movement for more awareness of the dangers of addiction. a movement started by tom parks. >> every time i see one, it tears my heart out. >> >> in park's daughter died last august, her heartbreaking obituary loved everything. >> she loved heroin at the end and that's what killed her. we want people to know people are dying of avilla dix. heroin addiction namely and it's killing a lot of young people. >> the reporter: i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: you know, more and
5:44 pm
more parents like tom feel that taking the shame away from how their son or daughter died is a powerful tool in the fight against the opioid epidemic. watch more of this fox 25 special report tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> a new england senator says the united states should take in more refugees from syria. new hampshire democrat jeanne shaheen is currently in europe as part of a congressional delegation. the lawmakers are now in germany, where tens of thousands of refugees have arrived from syria, iraq an other war-torn nations. the senator says the united states needs to do more to support the humanitarian crisis, in the last two months, nearly 400,000 refugees have crossed into europe. this video, new at 5:00 p.m., showing a plane crashing in to a mobile home in florida. officials confirm today that crash killed two people. the plane's pilot and 21-year-old girl who was inside the mobile home. ntsb investigators are on the scene, woulding to figure out what -- working to figure out what caused the crash.
5:45 pm
>> people rushed out of the showroom to see the carnage and see what happened. we were all spell bound. >> the reporter: this crash happened at 5:30 p.m. yesterday. it caused a fire that spread to a neighboring mobile home. investigators say the destruction could have been much worse. >> elizabeth: a surprise plea from pope francis, today, in st. peters square, the pontiff asked for forgiveness for the scandals which have recently fallen on rome and the vatican. the spokesperson would not clarify what pope francis meant but this week, a priest was fired after announcing he was gay and the mayor of some resigned after saying that the city would not be able to handle the millions of visitors expected in rome next year, at the vatican. nasa getting a cool view of jupiter. we're taking a closer look at cloud movement on the planet. nasa's hubble space telescope snapped the picture. maps created from the images confirm the great red spot is shrinking and it's becoming more
5:46 pm
circular. >> absolutelily fascinate. let's go to boston. not your average traffic jam in the streets of boston. sky fox high overhead where some elephants are hanging out. here from ringling brother & barnum and bailey circus, which is hosting several shows at the garden starting tonight and kevin, some great weather today to take in that spectacle. but you're tracking some cooler temperatures as the weekend inches closer. >> i would say colder, bob, not just cooler and sure, it's going to be cool tonight but by the weekend, what a change coming our way. i had some clouds out there today, they'll melt away as the sun goes down, dropping into the 40's most locations. nantucket holding on to 50. keene, 37.c^3f the morning. as the sun sets this evening, tell dropping into the 50's in boston, 57 degrees by 9:00 p.m. this evening and the skies goes on. drop down to 49 at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. bottoming out at first light at 46 in boston, with plenty of sunshine, so it says, i suppose, fairly mild in boston, compared to those western temperatures,
5:47 pm
to 52 and by lunchtime, in the mid 50's. it will likely stay in the 50's most places tomorrow afternoon. there will be some low 60's, particularly testify coastline. really upper 50's to low 60's across the area. there's futurecast, taking you through thursday afternoon. we're staying sunny all afternoon. clouds that pop up. but most of those clouds are going to be northern and western new england. and a couple of showers start to develop as well, mostly northern new england, burr taking in futurecast now in to friday, that's when the change is going to come. the clouds start to roll in late thursday night in to the early morning hours of friday, a couple showers starting to pop up and more numerous showers by 4:00 a.m. in morning, so as the morning commute gets underway, we'll see showers scattered about the area. so not going to be for everyone, with you there will be showers out there and much of it pushes off to the northeast by 7:00 p.m. already. now there will still be clouds and a couple showers around during friday, and again on saturday, another system swinging through and both of these will bring progressively cooler or colder air to the region. this takes any to friday evening again, a couple of showers around because of the combination of that chilly air
5:48 pm
coming in and the sun trying to poke back out. high temperatures tomorrow, talked about upper 50's and low 60's, this bears it out. 59 jaffrey and rindge, but 61 in seabrook tomorrow afternoon. worcester county, upper 30's, worcester and northwestward, getting into upper 50's for high. rutland, 58. southern worcester counting getting into the low 60's and norfolk county and just to the west of boston, 63 brockton, 64 walpole, and plymouth at 62 degrees tomorrow afternoon for those high temperatures. here's the seven day forecast. you'll receive the change coming. come with showers first on friday morning and sun poking out and a few more clouds and showers can actually start to develop and same thing on saturday, you'll have clouds, have some sun, as another weak disturbance swings on through with some showers. rainshowers in southern new england, but into northern new england, especially the mountains, the higher peaks, we're going to see snow mixing in and perhaps even dusting the ground. sunday in to monday is when we get really cold air to finally settle on in here and that cold air is going to be some of the coldest we've seen in some time. i don't find temperatures
5:49 pm
getting around freezing in boston until we go back to april, so it's going to be the coldest air we've seen if a while. '40s and freeze are likely especially sunday and monday morning, killing freeze is possible, and the snow would fall only in the mountains but it is in the forecast. monday morning's average low temperature, 27, means boston could actually go down to freezing, 32 degrees and cause a frost even near the coastline. closely. >> elizabeth: a middle school apologizing tonight for a glitch that told parents that every student in the school was absent. the automated attendance system notified families of all 876 students that they were not in school. the district notified parents of the mistake and apologized for the confusion. >> right now, we're working on several new stories for our 6:00 p.m. hour, including a group of local moms remembering bella bond, how they've made it their mission to keep the little girl's legacy alive. plus --
5:50 pm
also ahead, days after a brookline firefighter was charged with beating up a homeless man over a burrito, another firefighter has been busted. the charges he's face, new at 6:00 p.m. a new england dad refusing to let cancer stop him from walking his little girl down the aisle on her big day. the must see video is next get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid.
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baby!| mom! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff. good idea. it's off. mom? oh my internet is so slow when anyone else is using it. did you like want to do something? i am doing something. leave slow downloads behind. it's good to be back. the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest internet available for all your devices. get out of the past. get fios. >> an arkansas church kicked out
5:52 pm
revealed his sexual orientation. dillon settles recently told his parents that he's gay and now the church in little rockies attended for years, cents him a message telling him that he shouldn't come back. it says the church board voted to take away his membership. the letter also says that he would be welcome back in back in he re repents for his lifestyle. he says he has no intention of going back, settles put the lehr on facebook where it's been shared nearly 4,000 times. several churches have reached out to him inviting him to come to their services. >> elizabeth: an arrest in california after a man sets halloween costumes on fire. rows of children's halloween costumes up in flames inside a wal-mart store. cellphone video shows employees desperately trying to put the flames out. a 40-year-old man used a both he will of charcoal lighter fluid to start the fire and still trying to figure out a motive.
5:53 pm
the store was evacuated for hours. you have to see this video. a loving dad in maine refusing to let his little girl walk down the aisle alone. >> ralph just beat leukemia, the disease put him in a coma for days, left him blind in one eye and he's wheelchair bound, but as you can see here, none that stopped him thanks to serious physical therapy, he was able to hoist himself up and walk with his daughter heather down the aisle. isn't that beautiful? it's inspiring, isn't it? >> elizabeth: i get all choked up watching it. it's so beautiful, his determination and even though he wasn't sure on his feet, he was going to get there. >> it really is the definition of fatherhood, overcoming every obstacle to help your child. >> elizabeth: you could do that bob. >> i could if i had to. he also danced with his daughter at the traditional father-daughter dance. >> elizabeth: switching gears, president barack obama crashing
5:54 pm
finished a round of golf at torrey pines where stephanie and brian were about to tie the knot. the couple opted for the president to finish the 18th 18th hole, and enjoyed champagne while trying to get agleam ups of them. the photographer suggested they walk down the aisle and ask for a picture and the president obliged. breaking news tonight at 6:00 p.m. >> the reporter: a southbridge teacher accused of sending a naked photo to a student here at the middle high school. why investigators say it's not the first time. >> also breaking, a former well known hockey coach under arrest and accuse of sexually assaulting a player. >> elizabeth: more trouble in the brookline fire department. another firefighter cuffed and in custody. new at 6:00 p.m., the dangerous drive that led to his arrest. >> multiple break-ins in one neighborhood. one woman says what was stolen cannot be replaced. >> this is the last little bit of him i had left to share with my daughter. >> the reporter: clouds going away later tonight. we'll clear up and cool down but i have temperatures going below freezing.
5:55 pm
i'll show you when. >> elizabeth: we continue to follow breaking news from medfield where a gas main burst into flames near the high school. that scare forced the cancellation of after school sports and the evacuation of nearby homes. tonight the fire has been put out, but we've learned it could take hours to fix. hi i'm live beds hopkins. >> i'm bob ward. it happened while student athletes were on the field nearby. fox 25's malini basu is live in medfield, with the latest. malini? >> the reporter: and bob and elizabeth, as you just mentioned, it will take hours, approximately maybe even five hours. the good news if all of this luckily no one was hurt. i want to show you ground shots of where this is all happening. right behind that backhoe is where that explosion happened, just a short time ago. we're being told right now that some families are not allowed back in their homes, but first, video. this was the scene, just about an hour ago, you can see the fire was raging, there was debris flying everywhere. so this is all happening on south and phillips street, right in front of medfield high school.
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