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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  October 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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that is includ here at logan. now the department of homeland security again has confirmed for fox 25 that the system that checked passengers against the no terror fly list was down. they were forced to used other ways for processing passengers at the airport. they also just talked to some passengers who again were forced to sit and wait. >> we were just left standing there for about 90 minutes i think all the computers were down. we were just wondering what everyone was quite patient in the end it got moving. how long was that line? how long was the line you couldn't see it because it went down around corridor and next corridor was out of sight. >> all the systems were down so they can't process so all back to manual paperwork. a bit of a pain but one of those things. >> reporter: again back out here live we could tell you officials with u.s. customers and border have confirmed for us that this was just a glitch. there was no malicious intent.
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that glitch lasted just about 90 minutes. right now this hour the computer system is back and running. also breaking this hour the justice department and f.b.i. will be investigating fantasy sports companies like boston-based draft kings and fanduel. one of the companies in question has responded. "wall street journal" says the federal investigation is focusing on whether the companies violated u.s. gambling laws. f.b.i. agents from the boston office have been contacting draft kings customers for information. draft kings releasing this statement saying "it is entirely predictable that the government would follow up on the misleading reports about our industry. we have no knowledge of the specifics of any federal investigation but strongly disagree with any notion that our company has engaged in any illegal activities." we will be following both of these breaking stories overnight and have the very latest on fox 25 morning news that starts at 4:00 a.m. foch. a worcester 5-year-old
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coming to school so badly hurt he could barely walk. tonight his mother is under arrest but not for the alleged abuse of that child. fox 25's catherine kathryn more on who police believe is -- kathryn burcham with more on who police believe is responsible. >> reporter: when that boy arrived staff members not only noticed bruises on his body but also that he was in so much pain he was limping. tonight we obtained the court documents that show investigators believe this was not the first time that he was beaten. cheerful occur attention hide the windows of this worcester apartment and perhaps hid even more inside according to police. shantell win who lives here with her 5-year-old son was arrested yesterday for failing to report that they was physically abused. >> why wouldn't you as a parent, as a parent that's your kid. obviously she carried him for nine months held him, life growing inside you. >> reporter: neighbors who didn't want to be on camera tell us wynn should have stepped in to report the alleged bruce. instead police say it was a school staff member who
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called them after teachers at the boy's elementary school noticed bruises and significant trauma to that little boy's entire body. head, face, arms, legs and lower back and the bruises were in different stages of healing. according to court documents the boy was in such severe pain that he had to be carried up and down the stairs. >> he needed someone to carry him up and down the stairs. >> reporter: according to investors wynn blamed her male roommate for the abuse but never reported him because he was a good care provider. at the apartment today a relative declined to respond to allegations. >> no comment. >> reporter: after he was treated at u-mass for his injuries the 5-year-old was turned over to children's and family services. tonight fox 55 has confirmed d.c.f. also took custody of the children of wynn's roommate as well. now police have not yet identified that male roommate nor have they
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charged him with a crime which is why we are not identifying him. as for wynn she's free on bail tonight she will face a judge in december. in worcester, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. assistant hockey coach is accused of raping a 13-year-old who played on a youth team that he coached back in 1991. the alleged victim only recently told investigators about the alleged abuse by robert richardson. these attacks happening in richardson's dorchester home. richardson will be arraigned in suffolk superior court on thursday. this video is from 2005. that's when richards was found not guilty in a separate child rape accusation. that attack alleged happened at summer camp. westport police investigating a serious case of animal cruelty. we want to warn you some of the following pictures are disturbing. offerings found squalor inside the road. two dogs had died were discovered inside a trash bag in a closet. offers also found a dead lizard. the home was filled with
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fleas, animal waste, trash and clutter. >> it's terrible. that's awful. if i had known there were dogs in that how the i would have broken into it. >> it is really horrible especially in a quiet neighborhood like this. >> several live cats were removed from the home for treatment. the woman who owns the house and her estranged husband now face six charges of animal cruelty and 17-year-old relative is also changed. take a live look at the kay cumm and everything wide open. we -- at the zakim and everything wide open. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz we're talking about possible frost here? >> i think it's a very strong likelihood. 46 worcester already. beverly you are at 47 under clearing skies a lot of clouds this afternoon but they've been melting away. expecting 30s in the western sshs of boston out to
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worcester county expect some towns in and around lowell to be in the upper 30s. the suburbs will drop into the upper 30s. all this under clear skies tonight. will you be sunny through the morning. set those up for a pretty nice looking day coming up with lots of sunshine. but it also means we'll see some cooler temperatures that are going to start in the morning then with the next front coming on friday be reinforced this weekend. enjoy the sunshine tomorrow and temperatures will average because by friday our next batch of rain is on the way. i will show you what that timeline for the rain on friday is looking like. plus, a look ahead to the weekend. another brookline firefighter in trouble with the law tonight. police in newton say this man was drunk and behind the wheel he crashed into another driver and took off. fox 25's kerry kavanaugh found police arrested him while walking away. >> reporter: the bumper on the s.u.v. still sits along lagrange street in brookline. this was the intersection where the driver of that
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s.u.v. crossed over that line striking another car nearly head-on. brookline firefighter jeremy joseph was behind the wheel. according to court records that where the collision joseph got out and surveyed the damage then they say he got back into his pickup truck and took off. and drove more than two miles away. witnesses say they saw a black truck pull into this bank parking lot back into a spot park and then the driver got out and started walking. >> the guy parked the car perfectly and just walked away as if nothing was wrong. >> reporter: one of those witnesses who lives near the bank in newton told us over the phone she could hear the driver coming first. >> i heard something being dragged almost like a muffler like a dragging sound the front end was all smashed up and the front the drivers side wheel was gone. >> reporter: the driver was riding on a rim. they later arrested him as he walked. police say the person in the other car was extricated
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with the jaws of life but was expected to be okay. >> we attempted to speak with mr. joseph today he did not want to comment about. the brookline fire chief e-mailed us a statement saying that the firefighter is on paid administrative investigation. in newton, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. that arrest coming just days after another brookline firefighter was arrested in a fight. prosecutors say he attacked a man on sunday night for allegedly taking too long to order his food. a deadly pedestrian crash in plymouth. police tell us an elderly woman was trying to parallel park on water street when he knocked down a 62-year-old man from out of state. a helicopter took that victim to boston hospital where he later died. the crash is under investigation. just a heartbreaking theft in walpole. a woman there says her late husband's ashes were taken. several homes were hit this week all in one area around bird park. the stolen ashes were in a
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stored in a box with the woman's old wedding ring. >> just a last little bit of him that i had left to share with my daughter. but it's unfortunate. >> the detectives are working with pawnshops as stolen items. >> a south bridge teacher behind bars tonight accused of sending naked photos of himself to a student at the high school there. that story came in as a tip to fox 25 and investigators told our crystal haynes that teacher sent those photos to a student on more than one occasion. >> reporter: a shocking revelation. >> i think it's horrible. >> reporter: a 17-year-old student at south bridge middle high school telling police ninth grade english language teacher joseph sent naked pictures of himself to him over facebook messenger and more than once. >> one was sent last year in october twourn and then another set of images were
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sent in august of 2015. >> reporter: police were notified this week and 22-year-old turned himself this afternoon. charged with dissemination of a obscene material to a minor. >> they had known each other for about two years. the student admitted he met at a church function in the town of webster then he was the teacher for this whole year. >> reporter: in a statement the school tell fox 25 the school department is is extremely alarm by these charges have taken immediate steps to ensure the safety of our students. effective today this individual is no longer an employee with the district. south bridge administrators remaining tight-lipped about the employment history of this teacher. he posted on linked inas being a teacher but director at the early education program. investigators say he was a substitute last year was a full-time teacher this year. parents who received the notification today are stunned.
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>> i prefer to take my daughter out of this school. this is not a safe environment for my daughter. >> reporter: i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. you don't have to go far outside the city of boston to find temperatures already dropping into the 40s it's not the coldest air we'll see by the weekend. when a frost and freeze is likely. his trial supposed to be underway but instead another debate in court on the competency of the danvers teen accused of killing a teacher. why a clinician says what he feels about going to court should come into play. >> an emergency meeting at a church that was closed more
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24 hours a day seven days a week parishioners at a scituate church stand watch. but tonight the final blow so their attempt to keep those doors open may have finally been hangedded down. >> reporter: it's a story we've been following for years. roar there are about 100 holdouts left in february, the archdioceses of boston took them to court and won. today that decision was upheld it says the parishioners are trespassing and need to get out. when the archdioceses of boston closed dozens of churches in 2004, parishioners at several held
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refused to leave. the fight has lasted more than a decade and tonight fox 25 has learned the parishioners have spent in excess of $100,000 in an effort to get the church reopened. >> any decision tonight? >> we're going to go home and think about it. we're going to continue what we're doing right now. >> reporter: we spoke with nancy tonight following an emergency meeting. parishioners gathered behind closed doors to discuss the latest legal blow. this one in the state appeals court. >> in here we have a double bed. >> reporter: they spent every night saturday night in a room that was once used for confession. the closing of the church will never make sense to her. >> we are finally solid, the church is financially sound. we had a priest. we had financial sacrament. >> reporter: the vigil is now in its 11th year. organizers plan to make an
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official announcement tomorrow. many appear to be hanging in as the church hangs in the balance. >> our faith is not going to go with whatever they want. >> reporter: the big decision now do they continue the fight or will it end? we expect that decision tomorrow at a news conference. in scituate, ted daniel, fox 25 news. the machine accused of murdering beloved teacher colleen ritzer stood behind a wall while a court clinician raised questions about him. the judge has decided to tomorrow he hopes to have an independent expert appointed to evaluate chism further. we of course will keep you updated. life in prison for the grandmother. a convict whose last moments as a free man were spent listening to the family he hurt.
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room they will never leave me. >> strong words in suffolk superior court as 30-year-old timothy koska is sentenced to life with no parole for the murder of grandmother and nurse barbara coin. who was found beaten her throat slashed some her home. the prosecutors say she was killed over $100 worth of winning lottery ticket. >> convicted of beating a boy just days after he care under her care will be released from prison tomorrow. stevens granted parole after serving eight years. the 4-year-old boy's family is furious and calling for changes toence iting laws tonight. new at 11:00 the state has approved four days of deer hunting at blue hills reservation. a controlled hunt is part of deer management plan where the population has exploded. hunt will be held november 30th and december 1st, 7 and
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8. environmental police will strictly enforce all hunting regulations. skies have leared out there tonight we're cooling down that's for sure. i noted before the last commercial break it goes to the suburbs not too far away right along 128 in fact you will tind 40s already. how is this for a child places dropping to 39 , 47 newburyport and hampton falls holding on to 51. wide range of temperatures with the cold air can sink like what's happening. 48 in midway franklin is at 47, and even wrentham down to 48 along route 1 off to the southwest of boston the south shore already seeing some 40 as well as close in as milton reporting 49 . hanover you're at 48
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so some cool temperatures out there to be sure. in the morning there will be some 30s out there especially in metro west. we're not talking about a frosty night at least not yet. through the morning rush back up through the 40s with lots of sunshine everywhere tomorrow morning getting to school, getting to work there will be a cool start. of course with the sun getting up there high in the sky will rebound. a couple spots to check out. northwest of boston. the average high 62 for new nashua. tomorrow afternoon. 52 in foxborough and southward through plymouth county. 62 for you in wareham tomorrow afternoon now here in cape cod temperatures again with the temperature same upper 50s below 60s. going store 60 in bourne tomorrow. so everywhere you look upper 50s to low 60s seem to be
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cooler air on the way by that. we'll have some showers starting to break out on friday along a cold front pushing our way. the clouds will thicken up we will be talking about some showers rooster county into boston during the latter part of the commute then shifting offshore. now look to the west still plenty of sunshine. so friday won't sob bad you still ahead of that front and temperatures will be about average. a couple more showers a reinforcing shot of cool air comes through sunday. look at these morning temperatures 32 and 27 sunday and monday. that's some cool stuff the coldest air we have seen since last april so it's really starting to go down hill as far as temperatures. really that weekend shows the temperatures during the day won't be all that warm either. look at sunday on average upper 40s to low 50s for high temperatures guys. >> thanks, kev.
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i have the celtics and bruins both in action tonight. our brian salman was in foxborough today talking pats and colts. the alcs is set and the blue
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time since it is colts week and the
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dealt favorites. nate is placed on injured reserve. on a permanent basis over. brian salman was in foxborough. >> what deflategate fiasco. tom brady says he daunt have any added venom in preparing a team that nearly had his suspended for four games. he did say he is human but just preparing like it's another game. >> i'm always pretty motivated with regards to the opponent regardless of the team of the week whether that's a pre-season game or regular season game. they're all important because there's so few of those that you get an opportunity in your life. >> we're getting ready to play a game on sunday we'll be the best we can to prepare for it and do well on sunday night. that's what we do. >> reporter: we only got one opportunity to get tom to talk about the team that started deflategate. tv 12 coach belichick with a
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very important fact about them. >> i go i haven't been to the grocery store in a couple years. >> i'm a human, there's no doubt. i'm definitely human. >> reporter: in this news just out just after locker room availability was over nate is out for the remainder of the season and cannons will be his replacement in indianapolis. brian salman, fox 25 sports. alcs is set after pair of really good game fiveas. batista bomb for years in toronto. three run shot broke a 3-3 tie. blue jays van with a 6-3 win. they're going to be in kansas city on friday night. royals went home to kc knocked off the astros. fantastic season by houston and the royals are back in alcs 7-2 your final tonight. so far so good for the
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bruins in denver. bs looking to avoid their first 0-3 start since 1965. they seem like a team a bit more focused tonight. they will need goals from jimmy hayes they got one tonight. 4-0 bruins about halfway through. celtics in brooklyn tonight pre-season action. boston beat brooklyn 109-105. results for week 6 more than 45,000 votes this week. that's record. it came down to the wire in the end you can see randolph won by 145 votes. the game of the week randolph. brian salman will be there for the fox 25 news at 6:00. we want the most passionate fans at the game early to be apart of brian's live report. that was his specific request tonight. get the rowdy fans there. i'm trying brian. >> you know how passionate he is on friday night. >> perfect weather for friday night football this week.
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