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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  October 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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man in his 20's,bout 6 feet tall, 180 pounds. it. awakening. people in everett wake up to the smell of gas leap and a ball of fire in their driveway. that car was torched and the home doused with gasoline. i'm mark ockerbloom. hopkins. investigators are looking for an ar arsonist. fox 25's fox 25's robert goulston is in everett. >> the reporter: that cast car that burned was parked in the driveway you see behind me. it belongs to the people upstairs, they say they have no idea who would do anything like this and the man on the first floor spotted the fire and cleared the lower part of the building. he says he also is baffled.mja|j >> when i opened this door, that's when i seen the flame. >> the first floor tenant had to run back inside and grab a bucket of water to put the flames out on his porch. a neighbor across the street grabbed this shot of something
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burning in the driveway. pfeiffer investigators say someone poured gasoline on and around this ford fusion and then around the home before setting it on fire. sky fox was over the autumn street home later in the morning. both vehicles in the driveway, including the one that burned, belonged to the top floor tenants. police are now involved, trying to figure out who is responsible, and if they were specifically targeting anyone. we talked briefly to the owners of the burned car. >> do you have any sense of what happened? >> we have no high deem we came out of the house when we saw the flames. that was it. >> state investigators now offering a $5,000 reward for any information that helps them figure out who set this fire and specifically. tonight at 6:00 p.m. though, we'll have more from that man who helped clear the building, and alert some of his neighbors. we are live in everett, robert >> elizabeth: an developing story tonight. the united states will keep troops in afghanistan longer than planned. >> mark: the president making that announcement this morning and right now, there are still 9800 troops in the war-torn
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the initial plan for troop withdrawal was to bring 5500 troops home by the end of 2015. now, that plan has been pushed back two years. our kyla campbell explains why critics are blasting the >> >> the reporter: the u.s. will keep 9800 troops in afghanistan through most of next year. president obama made the house. >> i do not send you into harm's way lightly. make. >> president obama's original plan was to leave just 1,000 u.s. troops at the end of next year to protect the embassy. now, he says, 5500 troops will need to stay after he leaves office. their mission includes counterterrorism he was and training afghan partners, as the taliban and al qaeda try to gain ground. >> time and as commander-in-chief, i will not allow afghanistan to be used as safe haven to be used to attack our government again.
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>> i don't think there's any reason to keep putting these deadlines for withdrawal. >> lisa curtis of the conservative heritage foundation. >> i think he should be driven by conditions on the ground. >> president obama campaigned on ending the ongoing wars, but he told reporters his decision is not it is appointing. >> my approach is to assess the situation on the ground, figure out what's working, figure out what's not working, make adjustments where necessary. >> he said this isn't the first time adjustments on the ground have been made and probably won't be the last. in washington, kyla campbell, fox 25 news. >> mark: the defense secretary said today it's important to have a plan, and set deadlines, because budgets are made years in advance. and the president has shown he is willing to be flexible when needed. >> elizabeth: beautiful fall evening here in the city of boston, as people head home today and chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz says that we could be dealing with some rain during the drive to work or school tomorrow, kevin. >> kevin: there will be showers around, no doubt about that, elizabeth. today, another beautiful day out there. cooler, temperatures right near average.
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the average is 62. boston topping out*( lm at 61 even the vineyard in the upper 50's today but all that sunshine, what a great looking day, about to come to an end. off to the northwest, showers here, along a cold front, the same front we've been talking about for a few days and this is the front that's really going to change our air mass for the colder this coming weekend, but first things first, the rainshowers, they'll be coming in during the morning hours, when temperatures are in the 40's and 50's. so i guess a cold rain, but the thing is, temperatures aren't dropping down to the 30's like they did last night, because winds will be switching around to the south ahead of that front. futurecast showing clear skies this evening, the temperatures drop into the 40's and 50's and then the showers start to arrive, southern vermont, western massachusetts and during the morning drive out through worcester county and the south shore especially and there's indication in the futurecast model that there could be heavier showers. there will be showers for the morning drive and behind this front, i'll show you how cold it's going to get this weekend. >> mark: trial of a teenager
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teacher is on hold. the judge wants phillip chism to have another psych evaluation first. bob ward was in court and i understand phillip chism is headed to worcester. yes he is and today phillip chism was back in court, he sat stone faced throughout this hearing today. his lawyer says that he is mentally incompetent to stand trial, so a judge has ordered this new evaluation, an evaluation to determine if he really is mentally incompetent, or if he is, as the state suggests, faking it. accused teen killer, phillip chism, sitting quietly, staring blankly at the defense table. this is the first time he has been publicly seen since the status of his mental competency was called in to question this week. chism is charged with a brutal murder of popular danvers high school teacher, colleen ritzer, two years ago, but on tuesday, chism was observed banging his head on the floor of his padded cell and on wednesday he told a
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court clinicianings he talked to an invisible person and had suicidal thoughts. at this hearing, judge ruled the trial must stop and chism must undergo on offsite, 20 day mental evaluation. >> if we went forward with the trial on that record, the integrity of the trial will be in question. >> the order is called a 15b, it states chism will be examined to determine, whether mental illness or mental defect have so affected the defendant that he or she is not competent to stand trial and/or not criminally responsible for the offense. prosecutors kate mcdougal told the judge, she fears chism is faking it and wants the trial to continue. >> my feeling is whatever happens, we need to go forward. this is never going to get better. either now or in either november november. >> the reporter: and that's the big question here, when will this trial get started again? or will there even be a trial if phillip chism is found mentally
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incompetent to stand trial. we talked about these issues bailey. about all of this. coming up on the fox 25 news at 6:00 p.m., live in salem, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> mark: more details on the hospital where phillip chism will get the mental evaluation. just this year, fox 25 investigated a large number of patient on worker assaults at worcester recovery center and hospital. records we obtained show since
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>> i would say that the leaks are within the federal guidelines. >> the reporter: governor baker would like to get to the point where this kind of money is not sent every year patching holes. we did ask him how this could possibly be considered within federal guidelines. >> when you're talking about tunnels, they either run along the bottom of a body of water or underneath a body of water. in our case, we have a little bit of both here. it's not that unusual to have leaks. >> the reporter: the d.o.t. says it does go through a regular list of inspections, they perform. we did ask governor baker if he thinks the tunnels are safe. his answer is coming up at 6:00 p.m. live in south boston, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: i'm going to lay it out there. you may have not be emotionally ready to hear this, but winter
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within the past two hours, noaa has released the outlook for this year, so kevin, what are he with looking at here. >> kevin: let's start with this first of all. a couple of weeks ago, sarah had a whole story about, about he el nino and how it's setting up. the storm pattern tends to come across the country with a split jet stream. this one goes north, this one goes south and this becomes the main storm track with lots of wet weather. and a strong el nino year typically, but there's a lot of variability with this. noaa, national oceanic and atmospheric agency, came out with that prediction today. in general, it will likely be above average. the higher chance being in the orange, than the yellow, but likely to be above the average. you might remember in sarah's story, they talked about how the demand for energy would be less this winter because of above
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average temperatures. also, there's a precipitation outlook. now this doesn't mean snow, it just means there's going to be something falling from the sky and likely wetter in southern new england and likely average in northern new england. so wetter and warmer sounds like more rain, right, rather than snow well in strong el nino years we have seen them with less snow than in the past. you can have snow at 33 degrees and it's a warmer winter than last year with we had snow in the 20's, so don't think there won't be a lot of snow this winters but it looks like a warmer and wetter winter is on the way. >> well medfield fire officials blame a punctured gas main for the flames that shot into the air last night. this was breaking news on the fox 25 at 5 and 6:00 p.m. workers from columbia gas were replace replacing a gas line when a. -- pipe was puncture creating a hole. >> a 23-year-old plead not
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naked photos to a student. jessica reyes was in court and has new information on the charges he's facing. former southbridge middle high school searcher joseph zungia covered his face as he covered dudley district court, answering to charges he allegedly sent nude photos of himself to a 17-year-old student inside the former ninth grade english language teacher, sat flanked by family members, as the prosecutor read the charges against him. >> the defendant has sent nude photos to one of his students. >> mark: prosecutors stay 23-year-old zungia sent nude photos twice via facebook messenger, once on august 29th of this year and once last year when the victim was 16. the two allegedly met at a church function in webster. zungia turned himself into southbridge miss on -- police on wednesday. >> he did cooperate with police and admitted to sending the photographs. >> the reporter: zungia was fired on wednesday. he and the family members left the courthouse without a word to reporters.
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he posted $500 bail and will be back in court december 18th. the judge ordered zungia to stay way from the victim and southbridge high school. he's also required to stay off all social media and to have no contact with anyone under the age of 16, except for family members. in dudley, jessica reyes, fox 25 news. >> mark: a revere man charged with swindle investors out of thousands of dollars pleaded not guilty today. 53-year-old roger williamson was arrested last creek for several charges ranging from larceny to money laundering. he has a long history as a scam artist. he is scheduled to appear in court in early november for a probable cause hearing. a fourth member of a local union is charged with trying to ex forth producers of the top chef cooking shows. he was arraigned on charges, including conspiracy to -- the indictment says that unnamed boston city hall worker also contacted top chef producers. >> elizabeth: the police officer
5:19 pm
sleeping opposing the job on a pillow while on duty has now resigned. the "lowell sun" reports that lowell city manager kevin murphy made the announcement this morning. this picture was first shown last friday. the officer peck toured, jeff moore, was placed on administrative leave. police internal affairs is still investigating that incident. a stonehill college student has been suspended after police charged him with a campus threat today. wellesley native benjamin dibiase is currently in police custody. a threatening note was left if a bathroom last months and the campus was shut down. that case is still under investigation an we're waiting to hear the specific charges against the suspect. >> it may takes months before we fiend out what killed a 2-year-old girl in worcester last month. the aunt of gigi brown tells the boston herald, investigators are waiting on toxicology reports. she was found unresponsive in a crib at her wellington street home. the toddler's family was also under dcf watch when the child died. a woman who says she was raped by several suspects in the dorm
5:20 pm
at umass amherst is now suing the man and the school. the suit charges each of the four defendants with sexual assault and false imprisonment and accuses umass of negligence of failing to protect her. three suspects have been found guilty. the fourth goes on trial next month. >> a somber meeting today for murders in boston. a flag was raised today in honor of the victims whose killers have not been caught. one of the people speaking today was mary franklin. her husband melvin was killed 19 years ago in dorchester. >> we have a right to speak up for these people who no one else is speaking for. these are our loved ones. and we want their murder solved and there's nothing wrong with that. >> elizabeth: mayor marty walsh, police commissioner william evans and suffolk district attorney dan conley were among those promising to keep searching for suspects. >> the reporter: six overdoses in just the past 15 days.
5:21 pm
councilor to address the opioid epidemic. >> mark: also ahead at 5:30 p.m., buyer beware. certain dietary supplements sends thousands of people to the hospital each year. the warning from the c.d.c. coming up. >> elizabeth: but first, he was a convicted felon and the government stripped his benefits.
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>> elizabeth: a disgraced former speaker of the house is getting his pension back. >> mark: according to the "boston globe," a boss judge ordered thomas finnegan's pension to be reinstated. in 2007 he pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice based on testimony he gave under oath in a federal lawsuit. he was sentenced to 18 months probation and ordered to pay a 25,000-dollar fine. his benefits were stripped by the government in 2012. attorneys for former house speaker dennis hastert say they've reached a plea agreement. he will plead guilty to charges accusing him of lying to the f.b.i. about bank withdrawals of $3.5 million. he allegedly used that money to pay a man to keep quiet about decades old sex abuse allegations. >> elizabeth: massachusetts loss estimated a 7100 jobs last month, but the state labor
5:24 pm
unemployment rate dropped to 6%, half a percent below the national average. job losses were in health care, education and construction. >> the worcester line will eliminate speed restrictions in hot weather according to the worcester telegram. we told you about the restrictions in august. rail officials limited speeds on the lines to 30 miles per hour because in extreme heat the steel on the track can actually expand and buckle under the weight of the train. the track upgrades will cost around $18 million. >> kevin: tracking showers rolling toward new england tonight and later -- later tonight and first thing tomorrow. the big story, how cold it major league baseball behind the front. >> elizabeth: cameras rolling when a local teenager is body slammed by a police officer. what police are saying about that shocking video taken at a new england school. it's next on the fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time.
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>> no, you can't do that. >> elizabeth: it is shocking video, and it's making headlines
5:27 pm
across the country. it was tank at a new england school. that video shows a 15-year-old being body slammed by a police officer. today, a peaceful protest of that video ended in chaos. >> mark: the protest took a turn resulting in students being pepper sprayed and it all stems from the video posted on line. nearly 100 students protested a video that surfaced on social media. they say it shows police body slamming a classmate to the ground. rhode island police are investigating the 40 second video. the video appears to show the officer handcuffing one student who was on the ground and grabbing another and throwing him to the ground. police say it all started when the osteoporosisser tried to arrest one of the students for being loud and disruptive when his brother intervened, the officer used a takedown move. today's protest led to ten arrests. police say some of the
5:28 pm
them and making threats, so they pepper sprayed some of the students. the school resource officer is still on the job pending the result of the investigation, but demonstrators want him removed from the school. >> elizabeth: the department of justice and the f.b.i. have now launched an investigation into the fantasy sports sites, draft kings and fan duel. that investigation is focusing on whether the companies violated u.s. gambling laws. f.b.i. agents from the boston office have reportedly contacted draft kings customers for information. draft kings is based in boston, and last night, the company denied doing anything illegal. in a statement, draft kings says, it is entirely predictable that the government would follow up on the misleading reports about our industry. >> mark: sure sign of much colder weather is just around the corner. this was the scene at sunday river yesterday in bethel, maine, but this morning, the maine ski resorted tweeted this. we've only been waiting since may have. hashtag, winter is here, hashtag, we make winter. they've already started making snow and it won't be long before
5:29 pm
it looks, well, like this. there goes kevin. sunday river hopes it will be cold enough to make snow over the weekend. if it opens next week, it would be the second earlier opening in 20 years. kevin, i know you're a big skier. it still seems too early. do you think it will be cold enough to make snow and hit the slopessism. >> kevin: it will be cold enough to get the snow guns fired up. the snow won't stay all week long and not enough to ski on, but certainly cold enough. even here would be cold enough by the end of the weekend. amazing to think of. we'll be fairly mild tomorrow, we'll be just ahead of this front or the front will be coming through in the morning, but this is the same fronts we've been talking about all week that will bring showers friday and more importantly, bringing a big change in the air mass this weekend. we will turn decidedly colder by the middle of the weekend. 60 in boston, plymouth as well. 50's to the north and west. pretty much on average for this time of year, but those temperatures dropping into the 30's overnight and closer to boston had a lot of 30's. we have the clouds coming in but
5:30 pm
also winds will be turning around to the south, if they haven't already in your town, ahead of that front and that will keep it milder, so bottoming out in the mid 40's out this just to the northwest of worcester and into southern new hampshire and vermont. a a lot of clouds rolling n scattered showers as well. not everybody will get a rainshower tomorrow. dropping into the mid 40's here in middlesex county as well by 5:00 a.m., likely no rainshowers yet. those will come during the middle of the morning commute, so when shiri is here first thing in the morning, she won't be telling you about any showers that are actually falling, but those that are on the way. temperatures in and around martha's vineyard will be in the low 50's for tomorrow morning, again, mostly clear skies, a front getting there last, because it's coming from the west. you see it. coming from lined me here into the early morning hours. showers braking out southern vermont, western massachusetts as a front approaches. those showers shift eastward during the morning drive. it looks like there's at least a chance for heavier downpours on the southern fringe of this front as it cuts on through. this will be showers scattered about everywhere, but we'll be watching closely the south shore
5:31 pm
and the latest futurecast data may update that situation, so make sure you check back with us. that front either way will get out of here with the last of the showers by the middle of the day. the lunch hour will be dry most places. you can see the potential for a few scattered showers as the cooler air comes rushing on in and the winds will start to kick up too and it could blow clouds and a couple of showers potentially across the outer cape. that ocean effect that can set up, wind blowing cold air across the relatively mild ocean water. too cold to go swimming, but mild enough to kick up the clouds and a potential for a couple of showers. that's something else we'll be watching for as well, rainshowers not snow showers, not this time with ocean effect. future cast showing some of the higher elevation, berkshires and southern vermont, a chance for a few snowflakes to mix in. not so cold in southern vermont and the berkshires for snow to mix in, but something we have to keep an eye out for. they are deceiving, because in the morning, it's going to be
5:32 pm
get number to the mid 60's. 65 in brockton, 66 in bridgewater and north shore, same idea, temperatures in the low to mid 70's for ice, but the cold air is on the way, so that is deceptive when you see the seven day forecast, you'll receive what i mean. seven day forecast takes that cold air in here for saturday. 57 for a high, it's actually pretty close to average, but it's going to feel colder with the wind kicking in and by sunday morning, 31 degrees. it would be colder except the wind will just be starting to go die down. by sunday afternoon, 40's on average across the area. a few 50-degree readings at the coastline, but monday morning is going to be the coldest. monday, 26 degrees on average. so through in weekend, what you can expect is the cold air to come pouring in behind the showers, windy chill to settle in on saturday and as the winds go down on sunday, that's what the coldest temperatures will be realized, monday morning, expect a hard freeze across much of new england by monday. >> elizabeth: we wanted to show this to you. check this out. a rare catch off the coast of beverly. a blue lobster.
5:33 pm
covering on the leg and there's a blue line running down the back of the lobster. ryan wells told us that he caught it in baker channel and that's the staple air why where the so-called halloween lobster was caught three years ago. massachusetts has approved four days of deer hunting at blue hills reservation. the controlled hunt is part of a deer management plan where the population has exploded in recent years. the hunt will be held on four dates, november 30th and december 1, 7th, and 8th. the environmental police will strictly enforce all hunting regulations. >> right now, we are also tracking breaking news out of brockton. this man wanted for questioning in a string of rapes. next at 6:00 p.m., when the incidents took place. also, just minutes from now, there is still an arsonist on the loose in everett. the quick actions from one man that may have prevented tragedy in his home. plus, as the governor deals with the heroin crisis on a political level, we discovered the surprisingly simple way dealers are getting people hooked. >> elizabeth: but first and this may surprise you, the held
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the 2015 models are going fast. find your tag and get cash back for 15% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get 0% financing for 72 months on these remaining 2015 chevy vehicles. >> mark: there could be big changes on the way for massachusetts driver's licenses. governor charlie baker wants the state to meet new federal requirements. so far the state has refused to follow the real. id act that requires states to verify citizenship before issuing id's. baker plans to file a bill to meet the federal requirements.
5:36 pm
closure of the nuclear -- pilgrim nuclear power station in plymouth could drive electricity rates up across new england, at least temporarily. according to the met fro west daily news, the power supplied by that plant will need to be replaced hand it could be costly. lawmakers on beacon hill are weighing proposals to decide the state's future energy sources. governor charlie baker has filed legislation that would require companies to buy hydroelectric power. >> mark: the recalls have begun for volkswagen in the wake of its emissions tampering scandal. the german automaker is recalling some seven million vehicles. but volkswagen has yet to provide a timeline for the u.s. recall. the company is under severe scrutiny half it was designed that some vehicles were designed to cheat emissions tests. target is changing hall of its credit cards after a massive data breach two years ago. the red cards will be converted to chip hand pin cards, which are more difficult to steal information from.
5:37 pm
target is currently sending out millions of new cards, so check your mailboxes. and uber is looking to put packages into the passenger seat. the ride hailing company has launched a delivery service to challenge u.p.s. and fedex, it is called uber rush and it allows people to send packages via uber drivers. >> elizabeth: a new report from the c.d.c. shows unregulated supplements, considered herbal or natural, send thousands to the hospital each year. at least 23,000e.r. visits in the use are traced to dietary supplements. even though the herbal viagra that lamar odom took was legal, the government cannot review herbal supplements before they hit the shelves. they can only intervene once the supplements are considering dangerous. the university of madison study finds they may be susceptible to listeria outbreaks, this is because the sticks poked into
5:38 pm
juice for bacteria to grow. caramel apples particular tip -- typically don't attract listeria listeria. >> mark: a woman gave birth right in row 49 on a plane. the china airlines flight took off from taiwan headed for los angeles and six hours into the flight, a woman went into labor two months early. fortunately, there was a doctor on board on her way back from her honeymoon. >> it was very difficult. we had to work under very con strange circumstances. -- constraining circumstances. >> they tried to cover the whole row with blankets. >> it's a messy endeavor there. >> i was going to say, everybody just kind of hung in there for a while. both mom and baby were taken to the hospital, once they landed, both were in good shape. >> elizabeth: that is so great and how neat that that doctor just happened to be on the honeymoon, thankfully was there. >> mark: absolutely. >> elizabeth: oh, you heard the round of applause there. a local student has made it in
5:39 pm
to the guinness book of world records by standing on an exercise ball for more than five hours. >> mark: this deserves a hand as wally. jared lamb decided to take on the feat as a way to make money for charity. so yes, he stood on the ball for a total of five hours and 25 minutes. >> elizabeth: wow. >> mark: my thighs are getting sore just thinking of it. lamb raised the money for a harvard organization dedicated to finding ways to improve the world. cruel intentions light up the night sky. >> i i can't see nobody trying to target me or my cousin or anybody like that. >> mark: the openly thing that kept this -- only thing that kept this arson from spreading. >> i'm tracking the rain heading towards us tomorrow. >> elizabeth: a battle over faith and land reaches its boiling point. >> it's god's home. you can't just knock someone out of their home. it's god's house. >> elizabeth: the message this sean owe believe. >> what an expert thinks the bass two days in the phillip
5:40 pm
case moving forward. >> elizabeth: updating breaking news at section p.m. state and brockton police are looking for a suspect wanted for questioning in connection with several local rapes. this sketch, just in to our newsroom within the past 90 minutes. these incidents all happened in 2013 and 2014. the man has been seen in the downtown area of brockton, but could also have ties to easton. the suspect is described as a man in his 20's, about 6 feet tall, 180 pounds. he's possibly driving a dark blue or black sports car. >> also bricking right now, the victim of a manchester homicide was strangled to death. the new hampshire attorneys office releasing that information within the past hour. 57-year-old sue hutchison went missing a month ago, on sunday her body was found in her manchester apartment stuffed into a crawl space. the investigation into hutchison's death continues to focus on her roommate. steve andrade. he was found dead inside a massachusetts motel earlier it month. he killed himself. developing tonight, an arsonist is still on the loose after
5:41 pm
striking in erett.
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