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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  October 15, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> hill and hurt in an alleged drunk driving crash. only on fox 25 tonight, hear from that victim just days after a brookline firefighter's arrest on odi oui charges. >> a drastic change in temperature this weekend. >> photos so disturbing we can't even show them. part of a lesson for students in a local school district. the way parents are putting up a fight tonight. >> and a car destroyed, a home nearly torched. the search for an arsonist still on the loose right now. s. >> boston base defy draft king has been banned in the gaming capital of the world. >> the he nevada invest gaming
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operate in that state right now. our malini basu is here to explain. >> that's right. a gaming commission efficiently suspended all daily fantasy sports from allowing players to play in the state. now, that includes right here the boston base draft king. so regulators said that they can't operate in the state without a gambling license. it comes after a backlash by investigators and regulators over the sites which have grown or so. there are also pending lawsuits and state investigations against some of the sites, including an alleged inside trading scandal. now, regulators say that the site, they can apply for licenses to begin operations once again. and tonight we could tell you fox 25 reached out to draft kings tonight for that
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they have not gotten back to us yet. live in the control room, malini basu, fox 25 news. a man struck by a firefighter telling us he wants now. two lives. >> ted daniel has only what you'll see on fox 25. >> this is the first time that firefighter, joseph, crossed the
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head-on into reggie's car. >> reggie's airbags deployed. walked towards hip. >> i turned and seen him and i'm like, you can help me? i didn't even know this was the guy that hit me and he just walked away. >> reporter: police say joseph got back into his heavily damaged suv and drove away. >> you got out of your vehicle, you looked at me you saw me say help me, please help me, and you walked away. >> reporter: police located jeremy joseph a short time later, they say he smelled like alcohol and was unsteady on his feet. reggie hopes joseph realizes just how many pain he is in. >> now he's a firefighter and you're not helping? i'm like, come on, dude. seriously?
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has placed joseph on administrative leave. he entered a not guilty plea on oui and leaving the scene when he appeared in court earlier this week. reggie says there's another big impact that this crash has had on him. more on that is new at 11:00. i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. more details now the oui arrest coming days after another brookline firefighter was charged in a fight. joseph ward appeared in court this week and now on administrative leave from the fire department. prosecutors say he attacked a man sunday night for allegedly taking too long to order his food. well, the zakim bridge, it is cooling way down in the city of boston and beyond. kevin lemanowicz we are also gearing up for some showers around here. >> yeah, let's start with the cold air. they're lurking just to the west of albany, moving through central and western new york, even rumbles of thunder up near
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or not. it's after midnight, we see the clouds and showers in western new england. southern vermont, western massachusetts four and an hour to two hours later into central new hampshire and western massachusetts. more fire upon that front as it pushes through at 7:30 into worcester county and they continue to advance through boston through the 9:00 hour and look at the heavier downpour being noted on futurecast out through cape cod in the late morning hours and finally getting offshore. they will be spotty in the afternoon as the sun copies out, beaming down on the cooler air that's going to be rushing into our area. the shower threat is there on saturday, as well. we'll talk about that, but the big news will be how cold the air will be behind the front that's coming on through when temperatures. >> and some severe mudslides in southern california completely burying cars around i-5 north of los angeles tonight. the footage shows several cars with mud flowing into it and freeway. most this is happening in the
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mountains that cogo from los angeles to bakerfield. >> the search is on from a missing westwood woman in the white mountains. she told friends she planned to hike from mount garfield trail head to bonn live and back. a 26-mile route. the 64-year-old hasn't been heard from in a week. there have been several hikers on the mountain trail and so far there has been no sign of that woman. >> we know that she's not in or on the trail, so that leads us to have to stop searching off trail and not being able to pinpoint her last known location makes the search area immense, really. >> her brother who first notified emergency personnel when crews who failed to show up for work on monday and tuesday. experienced hiker. president barack obama announcing troops will stay in afghanistan past 2017. it's news being met with mix odd
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noel malini basu spoke with an active duty service member tonight. >> local massachusetts soldiers are waiting to hear more. the u.s. will keep 9800 troops in afghanistan through most of next year. president barack obama made the announcement today. >> i do not send you into harm's way lightly. th the most solemn decision that i make. >> few of these engagements go as quickly as we want them to. it always looks easy at the beginning but it's kind of like a football game. it goes into overtiming double overtime, triple overtime and so forth. >> reporter: president barak obama's original plan was to leave 1,000 troops at the end of next year to protect the embassy but now he says 5500 troops will need to stay after he leaves office. >> the ones right there right now are not necessarily the one that will stay that long. it will tonight rotate through and so forth. >> reporter: their mission
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includes counter-terrorism efforts and training afghan partners as the taliban in al-qaeda tried to gain ground. >> right now there's the threat to our national security and that's where we've chosen to go and address that threat. >> meanwhile, local exhausted military families are forced to ban together until their loved ones can come home. >> it was difficult for us. we had three kids. it was very difficult. the soldiers will will be testedded. >> malini basu, fox 25 news. state police are looking for a suspect wanted for questioning in connection to several local rapes. the incident happened in 2013 and 2014. the man could have ties to easton. the suspect is described as a
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180 pounds. possibly driving a black, blue sports or small car. a trial judge is halting the proceedings and ordering an independent mental health evaluation. chism is accused of killing popular danvers high school teacher colleen richard two years ago. the judge made this decision in light of chism's odd behavior during the jury selection phase of this trial which included chism banging his head around on various objects. prosecutors are concerned that phillip chism may be faking it to delay his trial. this new evaluation to determine if chisum is competent to stand trial could take up to 20 days. and more on the hospital where phillip chism will get that evaluation. just this year, records we obtained show since 2003 there have been nearly 200 reported attacks on workers there. our report did result in some changes from the state.
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to watch our reports, head to, and click on the fox 25 investigates tab. new tonight, according to investigators in new hampshire, the victim of a manchester homicide was staged to death. 57-year-old sue hutchinson went missing a month ago. on sunday her body was found her manchester apartment stuffed in a crawl space. the investigation into her death continues to focus on her roommate steven andre, who was found dead from an apparent suicide inside a massachusetts hotel earlier this month. the search is still on tonight for an arsonist in everett. the suspect apparently torched a car and a house came dangerously close to being destroyed, as well. fox 25's robert ghoulston reports from everett where the neighborhood is hoping for an arrest and soon ?iz i started smelling gas and next thing you know, 10 seconds later, heard an explosion and seen a ball of fire shoot out my window.
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and he saw the fire burning on its porsche. these are some of the burn marks. >> when i opened the door, i seen a little flame trying to come up. >> reporter: a neighbor across the street took this photo of something burning in the driveway of the home just before 6:00 this morning. >> first i thought it was just like the trash. >> reporter: fire investigators say someone poured gasoline on and around this ford fusion and around the home before setting it on fire. much of the front part of the car including the tires were severely burned. >> we talked briefly to one of the owners of the car that was set on fire. >> do you have any sense of what happened? >> no idea. we just came out of the house. >> police are now involved to figure out who was responsible and if they were targeting someone specifically. >> don't know why, i can't see nobody trying to talk to me or my cousin. >> nobody is giving you a hard time lately? >> nope. >> investigator posted this sign on the side of the house and offering a $5,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.
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ghoulston, fox 25 news. in the next half-hour, answers from the governor tonight whether he thinks drivers are safe going through those tunnels. a teenager body-slammed by police on camera, why it sparked a school wide evacuation. >> and the brand-new the one thing about soccer
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skyfox flying over 128 northbound in newton this afternoon where police say a bear was found dead. the same bear is believed to be running around newton last week. investigators say the bear was hit by a car around 1:00 this afternoon. fishes are not saying much about the car involved in that crash but traffic was delayed as crews worked to get that bear off the side of the highway. tonight a scituate church is ready to take their fight all the way to the supreme court. and the parish was dealt another court blow yesterday more than a decade after the archdiocese ordered it closed. we found members are spending their days and nights fighting to stay put. >> reporter: i baptized my six children here. >> take a step inside st. francis cabrinni church in
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marking 4,003 since the church has been told to close its doors. they're still here, still fighting the decision the archdiocese of boston made in 2004 and upheld in court yesterday. >> people of st. francis will flight. >> today church leaders and lawyers made their new plea to stay. john rogers says they will appeal and like for cardinal o'malley to come here and meet with church members. he says this church was part of the epicenter with the church abuse scandal with numerous priests convicted and named in lawsuits. >> this would definitely right or wrong i believe. a lot of people need to understand that these spiritual homes, these churches are more important than the homes they live in. >> reporter: nancy has been coming here since 1961. >> my husband here, too. >> reporter: is despite being told to close, it has stayed open as a vigil. 24 hours a day ever since. people like tara sleeping here tonight to keep it open. he's been here every tuesday for
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the last 10 years. >> i slept here from seven north carolina the night until 7:30 in the morning, along with my wife. >> it means that much to you. >> it means that much to me, yes. >> reporter: today the archdiocese reacted to the new appeals with this statement to fox 25, in part saying we ask the friends of st. francis to respect the decision and include the vigil. they also said there likely won't be an additional meeting with cardinal o'malley, words not likely to slow down the fight or the daily count here at st. francis. >> you know, it's god's home, you know. you can't just knock someone out of their home. in scituate, blair miller, fox 25 news. a former hockey coach accused of raping a 13-year-old boy back in 1991 pleaded not guilty today. the accuser played on a youth hockey team that was coached by robert richardson. prosecutors accused richardson of taking the teenager under his wing and sexually assaulted him several times. the judge set a cash bail of $500. a woman who was raped by
10:17 pm
several suspects in a dorm at u-mass amherst is suing the men and the school. it charges them with sexual assault and false imprisonment and accuses u-mass of negligence in failing to protect her. three men have already been found guilty. the fourth goes on trial next month. the police officer captured in this marked car sleeping on a pillow while on duty has now resigned. lowell city manager made the announcement this morning. this picture was first shown last friday. the officer says jeff moore has been placed on paid leave during the investigation. a wild police chase in brockton today. you can see the suspect's car crashed through the corner of the salvation army lot at corner of north main and prospect streets. we spoke to a salvation army employee who says the timing of the crash was actually perfect. >> they say it happened a half-hour later, if it had, we would have 50 people out here on
10:18 pm
was about quarter after 11:00. the timing was just right. >> officers tell the enterprise that two suspects got out of the car after the crash and ran and police were only able to catch one. none was hurt. the plans to expand a power plant has some people thinking about their health. joy lim nakrin is live with the story. >> officials here at medway town hall are working with experts to analyze the impact of this responsible expansion but residents already have their reservations. >> reporter: here in medway michael boyton knows the issues well. >> doing a benefit analysis, if you will, would be good for the town. >> reporter: plans to double the capacity of this 45-year-old power plant are creating major concerns. >> i'm worried about sound. and whatever comes out of there.
10:19 pm
you know, it's just -- it's a fossil fuel. it can't be clean or made 100% safe. >> reporter: it's why residents launched this web site trying to stop the product set to start? 2017. >> we have a baby on the way. so having the huge power plant in the back, it's something not sustainable to live here. >> reporter: it comes as the pilgrim nuclear power plant in plymouth closes its doors. the medway plant units run on natural gas. >> we had an air quality analyst who came through and reviewed all of the sampling. >> reporter: town fishes are still assessing the risks. >> our analyst its took a look at it. they looked at it in terms of the epa's data which are baseline calculated based upon clearly at risk populations. >> reporter: they know the benefits include 3.8 million in annual tax revenue but experts say they're costs they just can't afford.
10:20 pm
>> it's a health concern. i want to make sure they're healthy. i have one on the way. it's worrisome to have something like that in your backyard. >> the power company excelon released a statement saying in part we are committed to working closely with medway town officials and residents to foster a better understanding of the overall benefits of this project and its compliance with massachusetts environmental and energy policy, a public forum on this issue is set for next week. for now, we're live in medway, joy lim nakrin, fox 25 news. electric rates could go up again. this time a big change when another local power plant could be to blame. >> the man blamed for it is dead. but tonight two new suspects in the bombing of pan am 103 that went down in scotland.
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news right now in groton. prescott street. video just coming into our newsroom moments ago. the fire happening at a building at a christian retreat called the groton campus. it's been there for 50 years. no one was hurt and no word on how it was started. we'll have an update for you as soon as we get one. a college student has been
10:24 pm
suspended after police charged him with a campus threat today. the wellesey native benjamin is currently in police custody. a threatening note was left in the bathroom last month and the campus was shut down. the case is still under investigation and we're waiting to hear specific charges against the suspect. the dorchester woman was convicted, could run sentenced to a minimum of eight years for involuntary manslaughter back in 2007. the jury found steven guilty after prosecutors found the boy died from a blow to the abdomen which ruptured his bowel. south african olympian oscar pistorius will be released from prison more than two years after the shooting death of his girlfriend. he will be released into house-arrest next week where he are will remain for another four years. pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide last year in
10:25 pm
the death of revis stream camp and sentenced to five years in prison. standards tonight the u.s. and -- tonight the u.s. and prosecutors say pan am was flying from london to new york when it exploded above southern scotland. it killed all 207 people on board and 11 people on the ground. parents shocked to see more risk photos already shown to their kids in classrooms. the reason school officials say it's a necessary license and how both sides are working it out tonight. >> the front we've been talking about all week long is on its way. showers pushing towards new
10:26 pm
some if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... v they want to go back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and
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. a sure sign that much colder corner. this was the scene at the river yesterday. beautiful. this morning the maine ski resort tweeted this, we've only been waiting since may. hashtag winter is here, hashtag we make winter.
10:28 pm
snow and won't be long before it looks like this. the second earliest opening in 20 years if it opens next week. shushing down the slopes... >> but it is gonna be cold. >> it is gonna be cold, and cold enough to make snow certainly in the mountains. i really appreciate those sound effects. good stuff right there. so, yes, it's gonna be in the teens at night and 20s during the day sunday and into monday in the northern mountains. that's how cold we're talking about here. but you gotta go to the high elevations to find that. the rest of us will be cold enough still. first thing's first, to get the cold air, kind of lead it with a cold front and that's coming right now. we're clear over southern new england, some clouds will spill into northern new england and here comes clouds and showers back here. this front really got active on the southern fringes during the evening hours. it wasn't so much earlier today, it looked like it was kind of weak on the southern part but
10:29 pm
progress eastward toward us. here's a futurecast timeline. the clouds and showers start to move on in right there into southern vermont and western tonight. out ahead of the main batch but the front coming through 645, headed into worcester during the morning drive, the 9:00 hours of boston and south boston at the 10:00 hour. remember i said the southern look at this, bright colors showing up on our high resolution model, showing us the possibility of heavy downpours, especially south coast, cape cod and the islands during the morning hours, during the 10:00 hour in particular. the front makes its way off shore. whether it could still be a couple of showers around, things improve from there, at least as far as rainfall. so temperatures staying fairly steady. clouds about 45 for a low. showers around in the morning around 8:00 out in worcester county like we just showed you. middlesex county, the clouds will roll in, 46. 56 by 10:00 when the threat of
10:30 pm
showers will be over middlesex county and then southward, martha's vineyard, clear skies for much of the night and then the clouds start to come in into about 60. so overall tomorrow high good. about average or above for this time of year. the northshore 64. ipswich 63. haverhill, 62 at nashua, new hampshire tomorrow. to the west of boston, the metro west area, 64 degrees in brookline. 64 in newton and watertown, as well. to the southshore, a little cooler near the water, but not too much. 65 in scituate and in plymouth. generally at or above average for this time of year. because a front hasn't come on through yet and the cool air hasn't spilled on in. notice a couple of random showers around but the heavy stuff has pushed offshore so we could still have some clouds and farther north and west you go better chance for a shower, but the clouds will dissipate as the sun goes down and we clear it out. notice there's still some showers back here. a little piece of energy in the atmosphere still to swing on through saturday.
10:31 pm
it will produce rainshowers in places, spotty, however, some of this is snowflakes being denoted by futurecast. these are the high elevations in southern vermont that bleed into the berkshires of massachusetts and points north to the whites and greens, as well. so be aware there can be some snow this weekend in new england. it's going to be spotty, not a lot, a dusting to a half inch for some of the northern mountains. it would not be southern new hampshire for the most part out into cape cod and the eyed. this is what i was talking about, to the north, just for instance, going into places like northeast vermont, northern new hampshire, up sunday river, and we just talked about them, expect nearly a half inch of snow on top the highest peaks there. seven-day forecast shows just how cold it is going to get. windy and cool on saturday. it'll feel colder than that. sunday, only in the 40s for highs. look at these low temperatures. 31 and 26 degrees sunday and monday. that means you can expect frost and a freeze to end the weekend. the afternoons are cooling off, but the mornings will be bitter
10:32 pm
cold. millions of dollars spent every year on patching and pairing hose inside big tunnels. and today the state confirms nearly 60 million gallons of water has leaked into the tunnels and that's just this year alone. >> the city says it's because a bad winter but a surprising number of your spending goes into patching holes inside those leaky tunnels. sharman sacchetti takes a look. >> reporter: you've seen it happen year after year, leaks. it happened this past winter when ice dams formed. >> i drive through the tunnels every single day and i do believe the tums are safe. >> reporter: new dewpoints from mass-dot show this year until august more than 16 million gallons of water leaked into the tunnels and showed that so far the state is paying the on-call contractor hired to repair the leaks between $5 and $7 million. but mass-dot tells us most of the leaks happen between january and april of this year, a time the state saw record snowfall.
10:33 pm
>> disturbing. that would make me think, oh, -- it makes me comfortable that they're taking care of it. >> i would say that the leaks are within the federal guidelines. >> reporter: governor baker says he'd like to get to the point where the state is not just within federal guidelines and isn't spending money to just patch holes. it questions whether or not the state will stick to its expected cost for maintenance and repairs of $12.5 million by march 2017. >> when you're talking about tunnels, they either run along the bottom of a body of water or under dismeet in our case, we've got a little bit of both here. it's not that unusual to have leaks. >> i did ask the mass department of transportation if they think these tunnels are safe and they said yes and went through a regular list of inspections that they perform. sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news.
10:34 pm
of people who have died from opiate overdoses in the last four years has tripled and there's a plan that will try to reverse that. >> this has got to stop. >> baker focused on what he calls a key 72-hour period when it comes to opiate crisis. under his plan, the first time opiate prescribeies would only be allowed a 72-hour supply. he cited patients being prescribed 60 and 80-day supplies as an entry point for abuse and called for a different treatment of drug overdose victims. the bill would allow doctors to hold patients up to 72 hours of involuntary treatment after an overdose if they pose a threat to themselves or others, much like a psychiatric hold. now, city leaders are hoping to prevent more heroin deaths by teaching kids the dangers of the drug in school. in less than six months the average number of daily overdoses has skyrocketed in lowell from 2 and a half per day
10:35 pm
a city councilor is calling for mandatory drug abuse education in public schools and plans to bring it up in next week's meeting. >> something that's in the curriculum in school hours that they have to not only study and learn but pass a course. >> lowell told fox 25 they want their kids to know the dangers but the difference is on when kids should learn, say parents. a local officer is being credited for putting his training to good use. >> we'll tell you how an off-duty police officer saves a life. >> you can find them in the mountains but tonight in the hallway of a high school. this video that shows the bear had, well, some classroom time in mind. >> and we told you about the pilgrim nuclear plant.
10:36 pm
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>> 23-year-old roger williamson was arrested last week for
10:39 pm
larson to money laundering. prosecutors say williams who has a long history as a scam artist, bail was set at $250,000. he is scheduled to appear in court in early november for a probable cause hearing. four members of a union is -- teamsters member michael ross arraigned him on charges to continuing to extort trying to force the show to pay for no show jobs because of labor problems and then says an unnamed boston city worker also contact the top chef producers. donny the pike on i-95, perhaps you saw one. >> the globe reports the prime group is taking them down.
10:40 pm
the state highway department the impending closure to drive electricity rates up across new england. the power supplied by the plant will need to be replaced and could be costly. lawmakers are beacon hill are weighing proposals to decide the state's future energy sources. governor charlie baker has filed legislation that would require companies to buy hydroelectric wire. carrie cavenah in medford moderating a debate for the mayor tonight. for the first time in 28 years that the city will have a new person in the top job as mayor michael gwen is retiring. the topics, the green line expansion, waterfront revitalization and doubt parking meters. what you see here is what some say is a rhode island police officer bobby slamming a teen. what students say started the whole thing. >> and what parents want to know
10:41 pm
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. >> parents a say a man chest other school district showed images of heroin use to students without warning them. parents got to see it at a evening. >> yeah, mark, what parents saw tonight was actually a censured version, less graphic than what the high-schoolers saw last month. district officials say it's more appropriate for the younger students here at the middle school but officials still stand by all of the content, even the most graphic pictures. >> reporter: dead bodies, faints with birth defects,ed addicts
10:44 pm
affixuated on their own vomit, the images that filled the screen at manchester's school last month were so graphic we can't even put them on tv. >> this is one of the pictures for the high-schoolers? >> yeah. it's very disturbing. >> reporter: we showed them to parents tonight who came to hillside medical school to see the controversial presentation on the effects of heroin for themselves. >> i feel for parents who felt that maybe their children shouldn't be there. >> reporter: manchester district officials admit they should have warned patients before the presentation was shown to high school students but they and city health officials say every slide, no matter how disturbing, matters. >> it's not anything different than what they would see in a pg-13 or rated r movie. psychologically the difference that they're real and it's not make-up. i rather it burn an image into their minds that they associate with using heroin. >> reporter: some parents tonight express concern that even a more censured version might be too much for preteens. >> how is that going to affect the child when they're watching it.
10:45 pm
>> reporter: but other parents left the presentation satisfied that he it provides a sobering education. >> it will be enough to make them scared. >> this is not something we can joke about. this isn't something, that you know, we need to brush under the carpet and just let our kids think that, you know not gonna happen to me. >> parents do have the option of having their children opt out of seeing the presentation. the district says it is still tweak the information and will likely show it to students in january. the mbta plans to upgrade tracks on the framingham worcester line. fox 25 told you about these restrictions back in august. the rail officials limited speeds on the line to 30 miles per hour because in extreme heat the steel on the track can expand and buckle under the weight of the train. the track upgrades will cost $18 million. tufts university is revoking
10:46 pm
the honorary doctorate had gave to bill cosby 15 years ago. the university today says there is a quote substantial basis to discredit cosby's accomplishment. cosby admitted to sexual relationships with several women and has been accused, but not charged, with sexual assault. the recalls have begun for okay with folks welcome back wagon in the wake of its emissions tampering scandal. the company is recalling 8.5 million vehicles in the eu. the volkswagen has yet to provide a timetable for the u.s. recall. the company is under severe scrutiny after it was discovered that some vehicles were designed to cheat emissions tests. parents check your pantries. snack brand go go squeeze announced a voluntary recall of their applesauce pouches because of the discovery of mold. the recalled applesauce pouches have a best before date between june 30th and july 26th of next year. you're asked to contact the
10:47 pm
shocking video is making headlines across the country and taken in school right here in new england. the video shows a 15-year-old officer. today a peaceful protest ended in chaos. a protest took a turn resulted in students being pepper sprayed and it all stems from a video posted online. [ chanting ] >> reporter: nearly 100 students protested a video that surfaced on social media. they say it shows police body-slamming a classmate to the ground. >> you can't do that! >> rhode island police are investigating the 40-second video that involves a school resource off from tuleman high school and two students. the video appears to show an officer handcuffing one student who was on the ground and grabbing the other and throwing him to the ground. police say it started when the officer tried to arrest, one of the students were being loud and disruptive. when his brother intervened, the
10:48 pm
officer used the take-down move. it led to 10 arrests. police say some of the demonstrators were spitting at them and make threats so they pepper sprayed some of the students. >> school resource officer is still on the job pending the results of the investigation but demonstrators want him removed from the school. and an unusual sighting out of montana high school yesterday. the video is going viral on the web. it shows a bear moseying through a high school. the bear got in before classes began. had to get to school early, apparently, and entered from an open garage door from the football field. the bear walked the halls for a few minutes. nobody issued him a hall pass, i might add, and then it was led into a field just north of the school. incredible video. >> yeah, no pass means detention too, i'm pretty sure, if they can catch him. getting cold out there, no doubt about that this weekend, and some showers moving in tonight. off to the north and west you'll find those showers. here's the latest timeline coming in as promised. the rainshowers getting into
10:49 pm
into the berkshires, too. lighter showers out ahead of the main body of rain coming through the area by the morning drive. 8:15 worcester county and southern vermont and in the boston area in the 9:00 hour and heavier downpours southshore and cape cod late in the morning before it all moves out. then the code air moves in. i'll show you when we can expect freezing temperatures this weekend at 11:00. it was a special night here at our fox 25 studios where we got to honor our cox conserves hero. >> the big winner and a huge congratulations to rock morrison and the clean river project. the whole gang was here tonight. red sox was given an award for his efforts as the founder of the clean river project, it's removed thousands tires, 62 cars and tons of recyclable material from the merrimack river. rock started his efforts more than 10 years ago and said because the area around the merrimack is his home. >> being born and raised on the river, something was born in me to come out there and start cleaning. my wife and i, we got started on
10:50 pm
what we could do and how much debris we could collect in one day, and i was bitten by the bug. >> 10,000 dollars is being donated to the clean river project as part of the program,. the program was created in partnership with the trust for public lands recognizing local environmental volunteers. >> that's wonderful to have them here. >> sure was. fantasy sports scis like draft kings told they can't do business in las vegas. at 11:00, we'll tell you why and what happens if they don't cooperate.
10:51 pm
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. . the pats and colts start to
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zero in on sunday night's match-up, andrew luck has been practicing, but he's been limited all week and today dionne louis showed up on the patriots injury report. he was limited as well with an abdomen strain. the things we heard this week in the city are incredible. basically just expected that the patriots are gonna hillary rodham clinton a big fat blow-out on the colts but they still have to play. and no matter what the points, the patriots stayed true to course. >> everyone has great players in every team and as a team we just gotta focus to make sure we're ready and anything can happen on sundays. >> the last time, you know, we're worried about 2016 and it's a completely new team. we have a new team. it's just another part of the season where you gotta continue to try to improve. >> that's sunday night, gorgeous night tonight in chavez ravine. the final game of major league baseball, game 5, trying to hold
10:54 pm
a lot of hair flying around in l.a. the home run here in the top of the sixth inning gave the mets a 3-2 lead. he is also singled and doubled. the eighth inning. the alcs kicks off tomorrow night. a pair of 13 game winners gonna start the game as the royals and blue jays wrap up again. these two went at it 30 years ago. royals won it that time and we'll see if toronto can exact some revenge. right now the local college bragging rights belong to bu. a trip to the frozen 4. that's why they plan on "comunidad del valle" ave for banners and there were a lot of lessons learned. this year's team, as always, very strong. head coach david quinn entering his third year. the biggest question is how the terriers will replace jack ikele and it's easy considering how good he was last season.
10:55 pm
>> picking up on the terms of production and everybody steps up a notch we should be able to pick it up. >> last year there really wasn't correlation but obviously we're really excited about the guys. >> you want to compete for the hockey championship and the nationals championship. >> the gold medalist meryl davis and charlie white stuck in the fox 25 studios today. they're in boston and will be in dedham tomorrow at the ice center open to the public. you can skate with the gold medalist. >> you're gonna be key chained basically. if you have any interest in learning to skate or can skate, come on out with us. >> absolutely. it's something that, you know, means so much. it's been our life and, you know, these opportunities where we get to go out on the ice with people, it's really fun. so i hope, please don't be intimidated or scared or anything like that.
10:56 pm
with all you guys. >> they're really great people. that starts at 11:00 a.m. in dedham, worth your time. you'll take pictures and you'll be able to see the gold medals. we'll have more on the fox 25 news at 11:00. updating some breaking news, nevada, home to las vegas of course saying no to fantasy sports sites. they've been ordered to shut down immediately. >> thanks for joining us. the state saying they can't conduct a business without operating a license and boston's is responding and here with what will happen if the sites don't comply. >> that's right, guys. we just heard from them a couple of games ago but the nevada gaming commission officially suspended all dealing fantasy sports sites for allowing the players to play in the state. the boston based draft kings. regulators said in a statement today sites like draft kings and fan dual can't operate in the
10:57 pm
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