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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 16, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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>> i'm a lawyer. . now at 4:00, breaking news out of boston where a teenager fell three stories from a roof deck, what we learned from en scene about the victim's condition. a fire tore through a catch. what crews found then we arrived at the scene and the man power needed to put the flames out. customers were grabbing grocery groceries when their trip to target turned x-rated. >> what is going on at target right now? >>julie: how long the erotic noises were playing over the loudspeakers and what target is saying this morning.
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>>announcer: this is the fox25 morning news. >>daniel: they will have a lot of explaining to do. happy friday on this 4:00 october 16. i am daniel miller. >>julie: yeah, that will wake you up. >>daniel: absolutely. >>julie: we won't play any of those in the newsroom. >>daniel: let's hope not. [laughter] >>julie: grab an umbrella before you go out. meteorologist shiri spear is tracking showers before a cold weekend and weekend. >>shiri: a very cold weekend. a few showers through webster, spencer, west boilsston as well well. these are moving out quickly and not an extended period of rain nor abundant rain. showers. pepperell, rindge, new hampshire. a couple of spells of showers. most to the north and west of 48, worcester. 44, nashua. 51 in boston. 51 in plymouth. and you know what, still seeing clear skies there and over the cape. now temperatures in the 50s.
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we will see the clouds come in, pull in the showers as well by 7 a.m., we will see more of those showers. between nashua and worcester. straggler possible in eastern massachusetts but the better time frame for showers is 8, 9, 10:00. 10 a.m. showers hovering across eastern massachusetts. by noontime, showers are out and sunshine. temperatures in the most spot that make it back into the 60s. 58 to 64 the range of highs. spot showers this morning. we are going to talk about the winds, not just today but as we get into the weekend and a huge get into the weekend and a huge, huge weekend cooldown. for now back over to you, julie with a look at the roads. >>julie: things looking good on the roads from 93 from cloverleaf to woburn into medford. pike looks good from framingham through the tolls to the allston-brighton area. live drive times. 13 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams. 10 minutes on the expressway
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pike. and from 495 to the leverett connector. 4:02 right now and begin with breaking news right now out of boston where an 18-year-old man was seriously hurt after falling three stories from a roof deck. this happening just after midnight on hillside street not far from the roxbury crossing t stop. several ambulances responding to the scene. the victim was taken to brigham and women's hospital with some serious injuries. we are working to get more information. developing this morning, a wild chase and crash leads to the arrest of three people in braintree. this all ended around 10:30 last night in front of this home on washington street. just minutes after the crash, the walpole police chief tweet the walpole police chief tweeted the vehicle was one of self-cars stolen from his town. the stolen vehicle was spotted and chased into braintree where it crashed into a fence. walpole police say a second car stolen in that area was recovered in brockton. two people were arrested in that case.
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we were also following developing news out of groton where a fire at a baptist camp sunday investigation. the flames broke out at the groton wood christian camp. according to the lowell sun, 65 fire fighters from seven surrounding towns rushed in to help douse the flames along with five tankers of water. the chief said the fire started in a historic dormitory building estimated to be about 275 years old. no one was hurt, but several camp staffers were at the scene when the fire broke out. 4:04. investigators are hope investigators are hoping a new sketch will help track down a serial rapist. take a good look at this photo. the sketch released by the plymouth county district attorney's office. the attacks all happened in brockton between 2013 and 20 14. the man have been seen in the downtown area brockton but could have ties to easton. the suspect is a man in his 20s 6 feet tall weighing 180 pounds
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pounds. could be driving a dark blue or black sports car. police have not said how many raped happened. developing right now, part of the major california freeway remains closed as crews say will take a full day to clear a river of mud from these road. look at these pictures. a scene of i-5 40 miles east of los angeles. several cars were bury several cars were buried in mud as it went over the freeway. it another state highway has been hit with another mudslide. this morning former nba player lamar odom was found hospitalized on life support. espn said he continues to make slow progress. lamar was side take cocaine and forms of herbal viagra. the fda says when mixed with other drugs or medical conditions, it could be a deadly cocktail.
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a boston-based fantasy sports site is told to stop doing business in a state famous for gambling. the nevada gaming commission has banned all daily fantasy sports sites pop people in the states cannot compete in contests for sports rival fan duel. companies can apply for licenses that they wish to operate in nevada in the future operate in nevada in the future. late last night, draft king say it is strongly disagrees with the decision and work dill gent toe to make nevadas participate in what we strongly believe is legal entertainment. 4:06. this morning the search continues for a westwood woman missing the white mountains. 54-year-old claire marie k akuzo was last scene when plans a five-day hike. reported her missing after she didn't show up for work this week. police tell fox25 there are other hikers on the trails for
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no sign of kakuzo. >> we know she is not in or around the trail in the vicinity and leads us to have to start searching off trails and not being able to pinpoint her last known location, you know makes the search area immense really. >> she is believed to be an experienced hiker. the fish and game department are asking anyone who may have seen her along the trails to give them a call. an arsonist is on the loose in everett. someone poured gasoline around the outside of a duplex on autumn street. the car belonging to one of the residents was also set on fire. neighbors sent us these pictures of the flames. the lieutenant who lives on the first floor helped put out the fire and made sure everyone inside was safe. >> i smelled gas. and thought why do i smell a lot of gas. next thing i know few seconds later, an explosion and a ball of fire shoot out the bedroom window. >> no arrests have been made.
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a $5,000 reward is being offered in this case. a revere man is accused of threatening the family of a local business owner. 53-year-old roger williamson was arraigned on several charges including larceny and witness intimidation. a scam artist who took money who invested in an alleged restaurant venture. one person who lent money say a target of repeated harassment. a stone hill college student accused of making threats on campus is now suspended from school. he was arrested yesterday paint rest is related to a threatening note that was left in the bathroom last month that down. the trial for a danvers teenager accused of murdering his math teacher is on hold while the judge calls for another mental evaluation. the judge ordered it yesterday after phillip chism started acting odd during jury selection. the 16-year-old kept banging his head on things and talking to himself. prosecutors are concerned that
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chism may be putting on a show to delay his trial. the mental health evaluation could take up to 20 days. more details on the hospital where chism will be evaluated. the worcester evaluation. we investigated for a large patient and worker assaults. there have been 200 reported attacks on work hes. after the fox25 investigation, the state did make some changes the state did make some changes. you can log on to and click on the fox25 investigates tab to see our report. this morning, we are learning a manchester new hampshire woman found dead in the crawlspace of her apartment was strangled to death. 57-year-old sue hutchinson went missing and her body was found on sunday. officials continue to focus their investigation on hutchinson's roommate. steven andrade. he was found dead earlier this month of an apparent suicide.
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of pan am flight. they have identified two suspects. the men are from libya and investigators have formally requested permission to interview both of them in flight 103 was flying from london to new york when it exploded over lockerbie scotland in december of 1998. 270 people were killed including 35 students from syracuse university. only one man has ever been convicted in this case. for the first time, we are hearing from the victim of an alleged hit-and-run involving a brookline fire fighter. jeremy joseph is accused of propping the center line and hitting a car hit by reggie at hitting a car hit by reggie atkins head on. atkins said at first he stopped and got into his badly damaged suv and took off. >> even if you are intoxicated, you know a person is messed up. you got out of your vehicle. you looked at me.
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you saw me say help me. please help me. >> police say when they arrested joseph a short time later he smelled like alcohol and was unsteady on his feet. jeremy joseph has pled not guilty to oui and leaving the scene. he is on administrative leave. showing pictures of dead body bodies without warning. coming up at 4:30, a graphic presentation that is causing controversy at a local high school. look, look, look -- >> and coming up next, a teenager taken down by police, and it is all caught on camera. the investigation into this viral video and the protest it sparked in a new england town. it is friday, meteorologist shiri spear tracking the forecast. >>shiri: that's right. and we actually have rain moving in for the morning commute. most of your morning hours feature dry conditions, temps in the 40s, in and and the boston area, but between 8 and 10 a.m. when i want to you stay alert to showers there. moves in faster if you are west moves in faster if you are west. i will take you through that
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timeline next. here is a look at your travel forecast.
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hillary clinton is scheduled to hold a town hall meeting at keene state college before head keene state college before heading to nashua for a meet and greet. democrat martin o'malley is headed to concord for numerous events. currently no other candidate in the race is spending and raising as much as clinton. she has $33 million in cash reserves. republican donald trump is heading to tyngsborough. he will hold a rally at the fountain's elementary school. the mostly self-funded candidate tweeted a photo of his tax return. republican jeb bush is rake republican jeb bush is raking in cash but lagging in the polls. his.campaign said he raised $13 million putting him second place in gop fund raising. the latest cnn poll, he barely made it into the top five and a recent fox news poll he brought in 8% of the vote. the next debate and could be missing two key players. donald trump and ben carson are threatening to pull out of the cnbc debate.
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they will participate only if the debate is no longer than two hours and candidates can make opening and closing statements. the candidates sent letters to cnn and trump took to twitter to criticize the debate format. the time is 4:15, this morning rhode island is considering the takedown of a 14-year-old stiptd. another student took a video of the incident and posted it on youtube. >> look, look, look. >> it happened wednesday at pawtucket high school as officers tried to arrest the teen's brother for disorderly conduct. yesterday morning, police had to break up a crowd of ale hundred students outside the school protesting the brother's arrest. pawtucket mayor got everybody back to talk. the car got unruly and someone broke a car window. took three and a half hours to calm the crowd. police used pepper spray on the crowd and arrested two adults and eight teens. slot machine revenue at park casino has slipped for the second straight month.
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commission the plainville casino generated $12.6 million in department. when the casino opened back in july, it brought in $18. plain ridge's parent company say the trend is consistent with other casino openings. happening today, u.s. airways will take the final flight. the airlines about phased out as part of its merger with american airlines. plight 1389 will depart from philadelphia to san francisco later today. the airline started 76 years ago when it only flew single ago when it only flew single-engine planes to deliver mail. they will be remembered for their pilot's heroic landing. sullenberger on the hudson river saving everybody on board river saving everybody on board. >>julie: miracle on the hudson >>julie: miracle on the hudson. one of the best stories because one of the best stories becauseed it such a happy ending. looking at the roads, the expressway wide anticipate from the braintree split into the city. pike moving along nicely from framingham through the weston tolls and through brighton,
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smooth sailings. the live drive times. nine minute on 24 from 123 to 128. 16 minutes on route 9 from 495 to speen street. 23 minutes on 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. shiri, i know yesterday that maybe dealing with some raindrops this morning. how is that looking. >> yeah, i got rain drops on the map out toward upton, hopkinton, showers, berlin as well and lancaster. we will see central massachusetts take on a couple of spotty showers early this morning. i had another batch of range between rindge and new ipswich. one minute ago a little batch of green there, and very limited wet weather this morning. weather threats. i am keeping showers low. it is happening, guys. this morning we will have scattered showers because there are so few of them and they will stay relatively light. the threat will be at a minimal to that. and then the frost and freeze threats as we go through the weekend, to he was will be jumping up. this is what i have as far as
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boston, 51 degrees. you got still some gaps in the clouds. still looking pretty good which means you can actually end up losing another degree before we start to warm up. the temp at 49 degrees at 6 a.m. in boston. clouds moving in. 8 a.m., 52. 10 a.m., 56. around the time i wouldn't see some showers in and around boston. you brighten up into the afternoon, upper 60s. clearly worcester based on the clouds and showers that you see right now will take on those showers a little sooner through 8 a.m. the risk of rain. and highs in the 50s in central massachusetts and comes with skies getting brighter and brighter as we go and one of the last spots to actually see the showers move on through will end up being the cape. now dealing with just a little bit of cloud cover in chatham at 57 degrees. we scoot up to 56 at 8:00, and by 10:00, you got the risk of showers at 60 degrees though afternoon, with the clouds, we all brighten up.
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it turns into a very nice afternoon with 63 in boston. 64 in plymouth. 58 in worcester. 62 in nashua and 63 in beverly. kind of mild. the temperatures actually perfectly normal for this time the year. 10 a.m. to noon is when the showers will pull off the shore showers will pull off the shoreline. you can see that we end up brightening up pretty nicely. sunshine and clouds working with us and overnight tonight. we then got cold weather that invades for the weekend here. tomorrow lots of on and off clouds, bursting in the morning, at risk for a shower. best chance will be northern new england. yes, you see blue on the map up across the new england and the canadian border and the potential of snow in northern new england, but here at home on and off clouds tomorrow. possibly a spot showers during the late afternoon, and then we get cold conditions moving in over the weekend, sunday, that cold ends up peeking -- peaking cold ends up peeking -- peaking. a look at that seven-day forecast. for today, 62 degrees. spot showers tomorrow. breezy at 65.
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but then sunday, 48 degrees. not really the morning temperatures that concern me, but the temperatures here as you wake up in the morning. we will see temperatures on the cusp of freezing. 28 in lowell. 28 in worcester. 31 in plymouth. gets cooler by monday morning with a high of only 49 degrees. so much more we start to warm up for the middle of next week with showers again by thursday. back to you. 4:20 right now. a popular children's snack being recalled. the gross ingredients inside these apple sauce pouches that could make kids sick. up next on alert.
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what happened during an if. 4:24. south african olympian oscar pistorius will be released from prison after serving one of his five-year prison sentence. he was convicted of culpable homicide in the death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. he will serve the rest of his sentence under house arrest. the airman that helped stop a terror attack on on a train in france is out of the this morning after being stabbed last week. spencer stone was spabd multiple times during a violent confrontation.
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he suffered knife wounds taking down the attack owner the paris down the attack owner the paris-bound train that happened in august. target is apologize target is apologizing to customers and investigating after an x-rated broadcast. we showed you a little snippet of it at the beginning of the show. it happened wednesday at a california store. x-rated sounds began blasting over the intercom. customers scrambled to cover their children's ears and record the whole thing. [moaning] >> what is going on at target right is now shoppers say after the first round, the store apologized over the intercom, but then it started again, this time with swearing involved. >> to me that's not enough to have people experienced -- especially your regular shopper especially your regular shoppers. >> target say it is takes this situation very seriously, but this isn't the first time this has happened. back in july there was a similar situation at another california target.
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audio was turned off. this morning, an arlington police officer is being credited with saving a man's life. officer michael hogan tells fox25 it happened wednesday night at the ed burns arena. he was playing hockey with his over 40 league when a teammate went down and didn't go up. at first he thought his buddy was playing a joke until he realized his 76-year-old didn't have a pulse when hogan started cpr and someone else grabbed a defibrillator. >> i feel glad i was there. i was able to help. but just -- luck. everything was timed perfectly. >> incredible. hogan said the man had suffered a heart attack and it was everyone's quick thinking that saved his life. this morning, we are honoringing our cox conserve her or. rocky morrison and the clean river. he was given the c ox heroes award for his project that
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moved thousands of tires, 62 cars and tons of recyclable materials from the merrimack river. he started his effort more than ten years ago because he said at area around the merrimack is his home. >> being born and raised on the river, i thought to come out here and start cleaning and my wife and i got started on it and kept cleaning. just one cleaning how much we could do, how much debris we could collect in one day and i was bitten by the bug. >>julie: $10,000 is being donated to the clean river project as part of the program. the naponset river shed association and mass audubon nature center was a runner-up each receiving $5,000 for their nonprofit. the cox conserve heroes program was created in partnership with the public trust land to recognize local environmental volunteers. >>daniel: congratulations to all of them. a great cause and all the good work they are doing. still ahead this morning, a long staple eight years -- eight hours to be healthy.
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eight years. >>julie: i wish could you sleep for eight years. >>daniel: up next, those recommendations could be changing. how scientists are looking to cave men for a new bedtime. after 11 years of 24-hour vigils some parishioners are
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