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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 16, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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or, get 0% financing for 72 months on these remaining 2015 chevy vehicles. now at 5:00. let the cold snap begin when temperatures die back to freezing and even in the 20s in your town. and developing in braintree, a car smashes through a white picket fence while being chased by police. the arrest at the scene that links this crash to a string of stolen vehicles. plus a 200-year-old building up in flames. what we know about this late what we know about this late-night fire at a local christian camp. >> this is the fox25 morning news.
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>>gene: good morning, everybody, friday, october 16. this morning. i am gene lavanchy tsara and i am sara underwood. we have made -- underwood. we have made it to the weekend. congratulations. it is a cold one. shiri spear has a look at our showers to start the workday. >>shiri: showers. and a little touch of wet weather from athol and orange. this stuff is pretty far west and reaching into richmond right now but will be sliding eastward as we travel through the morning hours. boston still dry at 53 degrees. 50s down along the coast and cape. 40s across the interior. 48, worcester. 49 in providence, rhode island. and this whole mass of showers are very limited are going to be shifting toward boston for the morning hours. 7 a.m. comes along. best chance of showers will be from nashua to worcester. westward, but by the time we hit, say, 9, 10:00 this morning hit, say, 9, 10:00 this
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morning, they will be focused across eastern massachusetts. most likely north shore down into boston. by noontime this whole thing is pulling away and we will see skies brighten up. by noontime, upper 60s close to 60 degrees. our warm-up period into the 60s and going to end up being another average day temperature another average day temperature-wise. 58 to 64. spot showers early. the winds really start to go. winds gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. the breezy, cloudy and at times wet cold weekend coming up. now over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic. how are things working early this morning, >>julie: julie things moving along nicely. from 93 from the cloverleaf down into medford and somerville. nothing slowing you down. pike looks good from framingham through the weston tolls through the alston brighton area wide open. times. 2 anyone president ted williams tunnel. nine minutes on expressway from the braintree split to the pike.
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29 minutes from 49 29 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. gene and sara, back to you. we continue to follow breaking news boston where police are investigating a dangerous fall. >> we are told a young man was rushed to the hospital after falling from a roof stick three stories high. fox25's jessica reyes is live in boston with what we know a this hour, jess? >>reporter: and sara, this was quite a fall that this young man took. we are told he fell from this roof that you see on to the triple decker where that american flag is, and that is a fall of about 40 feet. we do understand he has serious injuries from this morning as well. this is the scene right after this happened around 1:00 this morning. you can see there was a very large response here. several emergency vehicles outside this home on hillside avenue on mission hill. on the porsche, on the porch. a group of young people to who looked to be in their teens or 20s. we are working to get together some details on what happened
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including the extent of this young man's injuries but crews on scene did tell us early this morning he was rushed to brigham and women's hospital. again at this point, it is not clear what exactly the circumstances were here. what he was doing on ha roof deck early this morning but we are continuing to gather as much informing as we can right now and we will bring you more throughout the morning. live in mission hills, jessica reyes, fox25 news. developing news this morning, a wild chase and crash leads to the arrest of three people in braintree. all happened around 10:30 in front of this home on washington street. just minutes after the crash, the walpole police chief tweeted that his -- that this vehicle was one of several cars stolen from his town. the stolen vehicle was chased into braintree. a second car stolen in that same area was also recovered yesterday in brockton. two people were arrested in. this morning groton fire officials are investigate officials are investigating a blaze at a christian camp. the flames broke out last night just before 8:00 and seven
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surrounding towns had to help put it out. fox25's michael henrich is live in groton where a historic building is now destroyed. michael? >>reporter: sara, and i just spoke with a fire fighter about 15 minutes ago. they are still on scene here, and police say they do not know yet why this fire started and why this piece of history has been lost. you can see it through the woods here. just a little bit. what is left of this historic building at groton wood christian catch. a two-alarm fire burned down that part of history last night around 7:45 is when those first reports started coming in. now the lowell sun reports it was originally a barn built 275 years ago but most recently used as a dormitory here at the camp. fortunately no one was inside and hurt in this fire. the seven other fire departments came out to to assist with 66 fire fighters helping in all.
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likely rebuild the dorm. now as soon as the cause of this fire is determined and again the fire department on scene here did let me know that the fire marshal had been out and planned to return to continue the investigation. as soon as that information and -- for now live in groton, michael henrich, fox25 news. investigators are hope investigators are hoping a new stretch will help them track down a serial rapist in brockton. a good look at the sketch released by the district attorney's office. the attacks all happened in brockton between 2013 and 2014. the man has been seen in the downtown area of brockton, but could also have ties to easton. the suspect described as a man in his 20s about 6 feet tall, 180 pounds. possibly driving a dark blue or black sports car. investigators have not said how many raped occurred. this morning the search continues for a westwood woman missing in the white mountains. 4-year-old claire marie was
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telling plans doing a five-day hike on a 26 mile trail. her breather reported her missing when she didn't show up for work. there are other hiker on the trail for leaf peeping season but so far no kind of kakuzo. >> we know she is not in or around the trail in that vicinity. and not being able to pinpoint her last known location, you know, makes the search area immense really. >> kakuzo is believed to be an experienced hiker. the fish and game department is asking anyone along the trail to dwim they have a call. >> an arsonist on the loose. someone pulled gasoline around the outside of a duplex on autumn street. the car belonging to one of the residents set on fire. neighbors sent us these pictures can of the flames. a tenant who lives on the first floor helped put out the fire
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and made sure everyone who was inside was safe. >> i realized that i smell gas. i am like why do i smell gas. ten seconds later i heard an explosion. i seen a ball of fire shoot out of my bedroom window. >>gene: no arrests have been made. a $5,000 reward is being issued in that case. a revere man is eye caused of threatening a business owner of threatening a business owner. he was arraigned on larceny and witness intimidation. a scam artist that took money from people who invested in a fake restaurant venture. one alleged victim to rented property to williamson said he was the target of repeated harassment. a stone hill college student accused of making threats on campus now suspended from school. wellesley native benjamin yesterday. ate dress was -- dibiase was arrested yesterday. it is due to threatening note left in a bedroom. the trial for a danvers
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teacher is on hold as a judge calls for another mental evaluation. the judge asked for the testing after chism started acting odd. the 16-year-old was banging his head on things and talking to himself. prosecutors are concerned that chism may be putting on a show it delay his trial. the mental health evaluation could take up to 20 days. more details on the hospital where chism will be evaluated called the worcester recovery center and hospital. it is the same hospital fox25 investigated earlier this year for the large number of patient for the large number of patient-on-worker assault. we have the records that shows since 2003 since 2003. there have been00 reports on worker there is. after the fox25 investigation, the state did make changes. log on to and click on the fox25 investigates tab to see our report. this morning we are learning that a manchester new hampshire woman found dead in the crawlspace of her apartment
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57-year-old sue hutchinson went missing last month. her body was found sunday. officials continue to focus their investigation on hutchinson's roommate steven andrade. he was found dead earlier this month of an apparent suicide. nearly 30 years offer the downing of flight pan am 103 downing of flight pan am 103, prosecutors have identified two new subjects from the terrorist attack. they are from libya and they requested permission to interview both of then. flight 103 was flying from london to new york when it exploded over lockerbie, london. 273 people were killed including 35 students from syracuse university. only one man has ever been convicted in this case. parishioners at a scituate church will continue their 24 church will continue their 24-hour vigil despite being ordered to order eded to close their doors. officials wanted those at cabrini church to give up their 11-year fight. the church is one of those ordered closed by the archdiocese.
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but parishioners plan to appeal the decision to the state supreme court and the south supreme court if necessary. this morning an arlington police officer is seeing credited with save credited with saving a man's life. officer michael hogan tells fox25 this happened wednesday night at the ed burns arena. he was playing hockey with his over 40 league when a teammate went down and didn't get up. hogan said at first he thought thinks buddy was playing a joke until he realized the pulse. that's when hogan started cpr, and someone else grabbed a defibrillator. >> i feel glad i was there and able to help, but luck. everything was timed perfectly. >>sara: hogan said the man suffered a heart attack and everyone's quick thinking that saved his life. >> 5:11. hit by a car and pleading for help. >> i said can you help me. i didn't even know this was the guy that hit me. and he just walked away.
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dwooen . >>gene: still ahead we will hear from that driver who allegedly hit a brookline fire fighters. a nationwide strike could put a buckle in weekend plans. the new demand from uber drivers and how long their strike is expected to last. but first check in with julie grauert. >>julie: i am keeping a close look at live drive times. 23 minutes from andover to the zakim bridge. shiri. >>shiri: rain moving in for the morning commute. best chance 9
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and a long at your -- at the first frost normal times continue to your screen here which is the big weather threat later this weekend. the morning hours, some showers this morning. well, happening today, uber drivers are planning a weekend strike. it is expected to start tonight and last through sunday. fox25's daniel miller is here with this latest travel disruption. >>daniel: good morning. uber drivers plan on striking this weekend. they won't log on to the app and pick up thousands of passengers anywhere. the strike is all in protest to reduced compensation. the event is being promoted on self-web sites to. the stoppage is expected to start around 5:00 today and run through 10 p.m. sunday which is uber's busiest time of the week uber's busiest time of the week. now some of uber drivers' demands. here they are. they want higher rate for rides
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so they take more money home. they want passengers to tip drivers which is one of the popular features about uber. no tipping the driver. and finally, they want other fees like tolls to go up as well. no word yet if uber drivers are planning to strike, but if they do, it could mean big surge pricing for drivers with a few drivers hit the road. we will keep an eye on that for you. daniel miller, fox25 news. rhode island state police are investigating the takedown of a 14-year-old student. another student took a video of the incident and posted it on youtube. >> look, look, look. oh! >>sara: this happened wednesday as officers tried to arrest the teen's brother for disorderly conduct. yesterday morning police had to break up a crowd of a couple hundred stud it's outside the school protesting the -- the students outside the school protesting the arrest. they wanted to get them back to city hall to talk. the crowd got unruly and someone broke a car window. it took three and a half hours
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to calm the crowd. police used pepper spray on the crowd and arrested two adults and eight teens. good morning, everyone, let's take a look at the roads right now. relatively quiet out there. speeds of 70 miles per hour on 93 south as you head from the cloverleaf down through medford and into somerville. similar story on the expressway. one of those rare times where the expressway actually allows you to travel at an express speed. 60 miles per hour is the average speed and moving along past freeport. 12 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 22 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. so far, shiri, in my cameras, my traffic cameras, i am not seeing a lot of rain drops, but something that you will be watching for the morning commute >> the morning commute, yeah. you will probably see them late cameras. you have to go away into rindge
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winchendon and asperham. the rain, i am not putting it on the weather threat list because the showers are so widely scattered this morning and not packing much of a punch and not packing much of a punch. the winds are going to be a little bit pestering as we head into the morning hours today with gusts up to 30 miles per hour and over the weekend. but frost and my freeze is the bigger concern. worcester at 48 degrees. one of the spots that one of the spots going to take on showers first. dry with lingering crowds dry with lingering clouds and risk of rain around 9:00 out around the worcester area and slowly start to clear out and by 11 a.m., 53 degrees and sun is coming out and looking much, much better. eastward a little slower for boston. skies. and temperatures actually moving up because of the southwest wind helping with the warm-up. best chance for a shower in boston is right around 9 a.m. let's say from about 8 to 10, after that showers move out and in come the sunshine for the afternoon as well. these showers are going to impact like the outer cape very last.
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moving from northwest to southeast. 57 still clear on the outer cape, and temperatures that make your way into the lower 60s today. best risk of a shower late morning right around 11 a.m. there. take you through it hour by hour and you can see high into the lower 60s. totally normal. we have got rain at 7 a.m. mostly from about manchester, new hampshire back to worcester westward and then makes its way to the coast around 10:00. like i said 8 to 10 the best time timing for coastal showers including the area. as we move to the see, we start to brighten up. sun and scattered clouds for the afternoon. quiet conditions for your friday night plans. yep, shaping up nice and dry tonight. but we get this front that ushering into cooler year and a spot shower. best part of tomorrow is actually the middle of the day. before we go there though, look at this, this blue, this purple up across northern new england. the potential. not snow here locally.
5:19 am
a little too mild. noontime where it brightens up. and clouds roll in during the afternoon hours bringing back that chance of a spot shower on saturday night. sunday is going to get even colder here, my friends. we wake up to abundant cold temperatures. we are talking a widespread frost if not a freeze. average first dates of frost a around the boston area not until late october. this is happening a little koon this is happening a little kooner than average perhaps here, but to the north and west not that usual to get your first frost already. the problem is not just frost that we are going to be talking about but even a freeze. across the cape and islands, middle 50s and upper 40s. the further north you go. and looking perfect this time of the year. temperatures for the whole weekend in the 40s, but lower 40s and those are your max temperatures. our seven-day forecast. 33 degrees on sunday. 28 degrees on monday with a high of only 49. at least the sunshine is back
5:20 am
in place before clouds thicken up again on tuesday. steady warm-up through the middle and end of the week with the next round of rain timed for thursday. back to you. all right, shiri, we are following developing news on the west coast where dramatic video is coming in from southern california. flashfloods tipping off mudslides and trapping hundreds of drivers. more on that frightening situation and when that weather will improve. bernie says no thanks to a major donation. does this $20 family fill up meal have eight pieces of original recipe chicken? yes. [ding] two large mashed potatoes and gravy? yes. [ding] and are you the real colonel sanders? yes... [buzzing]
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the 2015 models are going fast. find your tag and get cash back for 15% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get 0% financing for 72 months on these remaining 2015 chevy vehicles. now at 5:24. military families in massachusetts are reacting to the decision to extend the u.s. involvement in afghanistan. this was breaking during our 6 p.m. news yesterday. president obama said 10,000 u.s. troops will remain in afghanistan for most of next year and more than 5,000 will remain after he leaves office in 2017. local soldiers we spoke with are prepared to be sent back to afghanistan if necessary. >> right now there is a threat to our national security. and that's where, you know, we have chosen to go.
5:24 am
go as quickly as we want them to. always looks to at the beginning. >> soldiers from massachusetts have been used in counterterrorism operation and to train afghan troops. a former speak of the house is going to plead guilty on charges he lied to federal investigators. dennis hastert is accused of are he are he lying to investigators after paying someone $3 million in hush money on allegations of sex abuse. hastert is expected to appear on october 28 to enter the plea. happening today, two democratic hopefuls head to new hampshire. hill hill will hold a state meeting before heading to nashua for a meet and greet. democrat martin o'malley is also headed to concord for numerous events. currently no other candidate in the race is sending or raising as much as clinton. has 33 million in cash reserve has 33 million in cash reserves. republican presidential
5:25 am
candidate donald trump sending back a big check to a bay state business mobile. ernie boch jr. violated election law with an $87,000 election law with an $87,000 donation to the trump campaign. the trump campaign has to return the difference. the money was for catering at a fundraiser hosted by boch in august. trump is expected to attend a campaign rally in tyngsborough tonight. bernie sanders is saying no thanks to a big donation that came from a controversial drug company ceo that came from martin screlli, the ceo of tour martin screlli, the ceo of touring pharmaceutical who famously hiked the cost of an important aids drug more than 5,000% last month. since then sanders has railed against the decision and screlli. said screli said his donation -- to try get a meet donation -- to try get a meeting with sanders to discuss their differences. graphic images to stop drug
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coming up at 5:30, the controversial new tactic at a local school that has parents concerned. but first, shiri is here with early morning showers. >>shiri: i have showers i will be watching and a cool down. 55 your high tomorrow. 40s by sunday. wait until you see how cold the overnight hours will be.
5:27 am
closing its doors now at 5:30, we are following breaking news out of boston where a young man fell from a three-story roof deck. several ambulances responded to that scene after midnight. we will have a live report coming up. and good morning, everybody. it is friday, october 16. thank you so much for waking up with us. i am sara underwood. >>gene: and i am gene lavanchy lavanchy. we have spotty showers this moves in. meteorologist shiri spear has been telling us to prepare for while, and it is knocking on the doorstep now. >>shiri: it really is. no holding it back at this point. a little bit of drizzle in new ipswich and orange. but bulk of activity into vermont and massachusetts. it is losing steam as it tracks toward us. we are get spot shower bus not much else from these. 50s in hull and boston. potato both at 53. 40s in lawrence. 47 in reading and framingham.
5:28 am
still dry opinion your clouds will be increasing. 56 on vineyard. 5 2 in plymouth. you don't get clipped by these showers until late morning, so it is the morning hours that we have to watch in particular for these showers. 7 a.m., i expect there will be some to the north and west of boston. chances are it will hold off until 8 or 9:00 to actually reach the boston area. noontime, 60 degrees. dry guys. the clouds are clearing and the winds are also going to start gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. at 3 p.m., a brighter forecast at about 62 degrees. hours. so we do get that little bit of rain today, but not all that much. we are not done though, because as we move into the weekend, we get more saturday showers that will break down coming up. over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic starting south of the city. >>julie: shiri, things moving along nicely on route 3, 28, 24 and 95 as you approach 128 or the braintree area. the expressway moving along at 53 miles per hour.
5:29 am
pike looks good through the weston tolls, and this is what you will see as you head through brighton. things will be live open. eight minutes on the pike from 495 to speen street. 12 minutes from the weston tunnel. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. gene and sara, back to you. >>gene: all right, julie. we continue to follow breaking news in boston where police are investigating a deadly fall >> the young man fell from a rooftop three stories high. jessica reyes is live in boston with what we know at this hour. jess? >>reporter: you can see right now pretty quiet yet this morning. a much different scene than what we saw several hours ago. our crews were here this morning as first responders gathered around the front of this triple decker working to treat that young man who fell nearly 40 feet from a third nearly 40 feet from a third-story roof deck. this all happened around 1:00
5:30 am
video from the scene our crew shot earlier this morning. you can see very large response here. several emergency vehicles were here for quite some time after the fact, and -- you know you can see a group of young people standing on the porch of this multifamily home, but not here right now. they do know the victim here. right now, we are working to gather some details in this case. we know that this does have some serious injuries but we are working to learn more with the extend of those injuries in we have calls and keep boston police and ems and tap along new information as soon as we get this morning. we will level you know, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. still developing in braintree this morning. a police chase ends in someone a police chase ends in someone's front yard and now they connected this incident to a string of car thefts. fox25's catherine parrotta is live in braintree where the car crashed into a white picket fence. catherine? >>reporter: good morning, sara. here we are on washington street here.
5:31 am
behind me, a pretty busy street. i wanted to draw your attention to the scene where this car came to rest. this is what you were just talking about here. and the car came to rest in that front yard. and according to police though, this is more than just a crash. this actually started as a crime in another community crime in another community. this home is located at 1860 washington street here in braintree and the car ended up crashing into the fence late pursuit. according to the walpole police chief, the car involved here was one of two stolen from that community earlier this week. on monday, chief carmichael reported over a dozen cars were broken into, in addition to the one stolen. and fox25's robert goulston just recently reported about break-ins. but last night minutes after the crash, the chief took to twitter confirming the car in braintree was one of the stolen veebs vehicles. three people were arrested after trying to take off on food. we mentioned that the walpole
5:32 am
chief said two cars stolen in walpole this week, the second one was found. more information in the next hour. i have more pro braintree police learning more about the suspect arrested here in connection with this scene. in braintree, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. >> we are following developing news out of groton where a fire at a baptist camp is under investigation. flames broke out just before 8:00 last night. according to the lowell sun, 65 fire fighters from seven surrounding towns rushed to help douse the flames. chief said the fire started in a historic dormitory building. it is estimated to be at about 275 years old. no one was hurt, but several campers were at the scene when the fire broke out. a boston-based fantasy sports site were stopped to people in the state cannot
5:33 am
its rival fan duels. the company the companies can apply for licenses if they plan to operate in nevada in the future operate in nevada in the future. late last night draft kings told fox25 they strongly disagree with this decision and will work diligently to ensure nevadans have a right to participate in what we strongly believe is legal entertainment. this morning former nba player lamar odom remains hospitalized on life support days after he was found unconscious at a nevada brothel brothel. he continues to make some progress. he took cocaine. they warn that herbal viagra have ingredients similar to prescription viagra. when mixed with other drugs and a medical condition it can be a daily cocktail. new this morning a family that lost everything in this boat fire, their community has rally rallied around them like they
5:34 am
never expected. they tell the patriot ledger their maritime neighbors become like family and in the wake of the fire they have given them a place to stay and helped them raised 5,000. their insurance company will cover the cost of the boat, but nothing else. some student in manchester, new hampshire will be exposed to a graphic presentation showing the effects of heroin. some of the images are so graphic we can't show them on tv. fox25 was there last night when parents of middle school students got a look at images that caused a uproar at the high school last month. some were concerned of preteens body bodies and babies with birth defects. it is important . >> this isn't something that we need to joke about or brush under the carpet and let our kids think -- you know, it is not going to happen to me gene students will not be -- gynecologist gene student will not be . a new study finds more
5:35 am
women than men are protected by straight state liquor laws. experts from boston children's hospital and boston university takes a look at how each state handles sales, ads, warnings and restrictions. states where stricter laws like massachusetts and fewer women die from alcoholism while the number of men were not affected. a local police officer caught sleeping in his cruiser while on duty is no longer on the force. the "lowell sun" says officer jeff moore submitted his resignation. last friday the paper published a picture showing the officer sleeping in his marked police car. he had a pillow in the car. moore was placed on leave before his resignation. a brookline fire fighter is on administrative leave and facing operating under the influence charges after a weekend crash that hurt another man. jeremy joseph accused of crossing the center line and hitting another car head-along newton.
5:36 am
reggie atkins told us that joseph stopped, got back into off. >> even if you are intoxicated. you know a person is messed up. you got out of your vehicle. you looked at me. you saw me say help me you, please help me. >> police say when they arrested joseph a short time later, he smelled like alcohol and was unsteady on his feet. jeremy joseph pled not guilty to oui and leaving the scene. a local lawmaker will be should down at the end of the year. the he is closing the dinner theatre. the final show will be on new year's eve. the owner blames rising cost and flat attendance levels and some people thought it was already closed. since 1973 generations have agreed eating poultry with their hands and taking pa the in a medieval party. this morning we are honor
5:37 am
honoring our fox conserve hero. a huge thank you to rocky morrison and the clean water. he was given the award for his evident for founder of the clean river project, a volunteer initiative that has moved thousands of tires, 62 cars, and tons of recyclable materials from the merrimack river. morrison started his effort more than ten year ago and said the area around the merrimack is his home. >> being born and raised in the river opinion i thought i would come out here and start cleaning. and it is amazing with one cleaning what we can do and how much debris we can collect in one day. i was bitten by the bug. >>sara: $10,000 is being donated to the clean river project as part of the program. naponset river water shed and the audubon association had the runners receive $5,000 for
5:38 am
the cox conserve hero was was treated for those that are local, environmental volunteers local, environmental volunteers. hitching a ride with a polar bear? coming up new at 6:00, the scary situation for a group of refugees looking for a lift. a favorite snack being recalled this morning. the gross ingredient in packs of apple sauce that could make kids sick. as you are heading out the door right now you are looking at a 12-minute drive time on the expressway northbound from the braintree the braintree split to columbia road. i am not suggesting northernmost new england for foliage because it is just start something to fade there
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beakend cold we need to disrupt the old order in washington, dc. we can do a lot better by applying conservative principles we should lower rates and simplify the code to allow people to freely decide their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things... and soars where people can dream the biggest possible dreams...
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and pursue them with a vengeance. (applause) jeb. proven conservative. real results. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. . developing right now. incredible scene on a california freeway. dozens of cars stuck in the mud after a mud slide stops them in their tracks. fox25's daniel miller is here now with the video and the
5:41 am
efforts to help rescue the drivers. >>daniel: sara, good morning. incredible video. parts of i-5 in southern california remain closed this morning and crews say it will take a full day to clear the freeway as a riff of mud covers the road. take a look at this -- a river of mud covers the road. take a look at this incredible video. north of los angeles. several cars as you can see are bury buried in mud as it flowed over the freeway. all caused by flashflooding. it left a portion of the road it left a portion of the roadway near grapevine impossible. bringing traffic to a halt in both drinks. some motorists fled and others sat trapped in their cars and called 911 for help. >> my car got carried away almost over the side, and just got high centered off -- off of boulders. >> well, this morning, officials say another state highway has also been hit by a different mudslide. also this morning, fire fighters are trying to account for people stuck in vehicles and searching for those who may
5:42 am
need help to get to a safe area. hundreds of people were stuck on the expressway. of course, we will continue to follow this story for you all morning. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. actor randy quaid and his wife are free this morning. yesterday a vermont judge dropped all charges against the couple. they were arrested on an outstanding warrant from california after trying to enter the united states from canada last week. the judge took a look at the paperwork from california and decide nod legal base toys charge the couple in -- decided there is no legal basis to charge the couple in vermont. game one between the blue jays and royal. the national championship series is set by daniel murphy lift the new york mets over los angeles dodgers in gave 5 last night. that home run there in the 6th inning. the mets host the chicago cubs in game one of the nlcs tomorrow night. good morning, everyone. let's take a look at the roads starting with the pike. you can see still moving along
5:43 am
nicely from framingham through natick and newton and the alston brighton. 93 south moving along at a decent clip. volume starting to build a little bit from lynn fell park little bit from lynn fell parkway. the live drive times. 7 minutes on route 1 from 128 to route 99. 24 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in saugus to the weston tolls. shiri, she has a little bit of bad news. there are a few showers for your commute. but the good news is it will be dry by noon and nice and bright. >>shiri: yeah, we like that because we kind of get a little flavor of wet weather this morning, julie which isn't a bad thing. it is really, really dry. we can use more rain than we are getting this morning. but kind of convenient for us here and in and out so quickly and early this morning so little of it, most lie getting along to the ground 63 degrees in boston. we have this southwest wind
5:44 am
temperatures up here, even though it is high, temperatures continue to go upwards through the rest of the morning and that southwest wind ruling the forecast. 13-mile-per-hour winds in boston and provincetown but gets breezy gets breezier as this front comes through this morning. i suspect winds to gust between 20 and 30 miles per hour. although this afternoon was out of here. with won't be was blustery. breezy all the way into the weekend. this is future cast for today. 9 a.m. when the showers peak into the north shore down into boston and will be down to providence, rhode island. after that we get late-morning showers and a very weak fashion over southeastern massachusetts over southeastern massachusetts, noontime, it is sunshine is in. it will brighten up here. by the time we hit noontime today and it is partly sunny this afternoon. i am not promising full sunshine but brighter than what we see out there this morning. change the icon. a little rain, add more clouds and temperatures that move
5:45 am
their way into the lower 60s in spots like beverly, boston, marshfield. 63 in framingham and 67 in worcester. over the weekend i have 50s on trappe tomorrow with 55 in boston and beverly. 49 though in nashua and 53 in nashua. following that, we will see highs only in the 40s here on sunday. across the area. even in boston. and the further north you go, burlington is 40s both days and the further north you go, the better the chance for a couple of snowflakes. england. you are going to have to go all the way up to the canadian border. this will be northernmost new england where we have trace amounts of rain. not a whole lot on the map. out toward new remains. sunday river. it opens for skiing on monday and they are getting a little bit of help from mother nature. tomorrow morning a little bit of snow through. here locally a little sprinkle in your saturday morning forecast and along with clouds. best part of tomorrow will be
5:46 am
the middle of the day. we have the best look for the sunshine. the clouds thicken back up for the afternoon and have to bring a spot shower again late saturday afternoon as well as saturday night. the cold is going to take over on sunday. our cold is going to peak for the weekend here on sunday. and then sunday afternoon, we still got some on and off clouds. it is still looking pretty unsettled out there as we look toward the second half of the weekend, but not the 48 that worries me, but the fact that we will be waking up to much cooler temperatures than that. not record breaking. i have in boston and that means frost there. early 20s lowell. manchester, new hampshire at 30 degrees will be a freeze, and temperatures will go lower for your monday morning with wide your monday morning with widespread 20s. your high on monday. brighter and more tuesday you clouds. a warm-up under way because clouds are back into the 60s and thursday rain to follow for
5:47 am
>> all right have shiri. south carolina came under attack for its confederate state flag, now a presidential hopeful is taking aim at massachusetts. why he says the bay state's flag should come down. and stay with us for our news at 6 a.m. a former state leader convicted on federal charges is getting his pension back. and that is not all mr. president big back payments fumd i had no idea snhu had this amazing campus. even the walk to class is amazing. i love the sense of community. people actually hold the
5:48 am
doors open for you here. all my professors really know who i am here. they genuinely want you to succeed. i've made so many friends here. friends i know i'll have for life. snhu is the place for me.
5:49 am
residents of medway want to know more about plans to extend a large power plant in the sun to. to. epsilon hopes to double the capacity of the generating station. the 45-year-old facility runs on natural gas. the expansion plan can bring $4 million a year in additional tax revenue but some redents are concerned of potential health concern. >> i want to headache pure they are healthy. i have one on the way. it is worry some to have back yard. >> town officials are still assessing the risk. a public meeting to talk about the proposal will take place next week. a presidential candidate questioning the images on the state flag of massachusetts in.
5:50 am
in an interview "the globe" lindsay graham said he never understood what the massachusetts fan. the flag shows a native-american holding a bow and arrow and a disemed arm holding a sword. a popular children's snack is being recalled this morning because of mold. go-go squeez said his apple sauce with a better union 30 is no good. contact the company for voucher to replace the apple sauce. lucky farm fans. there are only two day r days can you imagine years of begging from customers, general mills is making dreams come true but only for ten lucky people who win a twitter and instagram contest. take a picture of yourself pretending to hold a box, and
5:51 am
upload it to either the social. lucky sweepstakes. the contest ends october 18 the contest ends october 18. >>gene: take a picture. we want that. a new dating app created here in boston is looking to get people out of coffee shop and into the great outdoors. meet me outside launched this week. matches users based on health and fitness have. conversation. it wroshtion it wroshtion facebook, four square to get the best match. it is only available for apple users but since its launch sick days autos, thousands have signed up. this is the different tall age, but they could be making a comeback. urban outfitter plans to stock new and reissued cassette tape in stores for the next year. this weekend, it is also celebrating cassette store day in several large cities. urban outfitters is a favorite of music enthusiasts because it
5:52 am
stocks vinyl records and record players. >> i have a stack of old ga sdwlet case that are like la this bring them out. i will get you a player. >>gene: what is old is new again. shopping for grocery shopping for groceries has turned into a x-rated trip at target. >> what is going on at target right now. >>gene: how long these erotic noises were played over the loudspeakers and what the store is saying this morning. moving on, i have got pretty cool temperatures coming into town with upper 30s. and i will tell you how cold it come up. and governor charlie baker is working to fight back against the opioid crisis.
5:53 am
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