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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 16, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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now at o'clock, developing news overnight. a car crashes through a white picket fence. the multiple arrests made at the scene and the link that links this car to a string of stolen vehicles. and a young man is seriously injured after falling overnight. we are live at the scene this morning with what we know about his condition. call for change from uber drivers. the silent protest that could make it harder to get downtown >> this is the fox25 morning news. >> good morning, everybody.
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6:00 on this friday morning october 16. we made it to friday. that is great stuff. appreciate you being with us this morning, i am gene lavanchy. >>sara: i am sara underwood. congratulations to you as well. a few showers on the way as well this morning. meteorologist shiri spear is tracking some of those showers now. >>shiri: yeah, not a lot of rain by any means, but we have a couple of those showers near leominster, ashby, wellington and orange. weather. most of the region is simply seeing increasing clouds now. boston coming in at 53 degrees. we have lower 50s beverly and plymouth. 57 in chatham. lack of clouds over the cape. 40 from nashua. not an overwhelming amount of showers but by 7 a.m., where we have the best chance for that rain, but by, say, 8, 9, 10:00, it is massachusetts including the boston area at risk for a couple of showers. whole time.
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we have some sunshine back in. sunshine will be close to 50 at lunchtime today and we do get highs back in the 60s. and in most spots. and it stays quiet for the second half of the day. 58 to 64 degrees here. we have spot showers this morning. turns pretty gust the afternoon. more on that coming up. julie grauert is live drive time traffic north of the city. >>julie: shiri, north of town, the slow spots is right after the cloverleaf on 93 as you head through woburn and into shifting to south of the city, expressway, quickly slow. average speeds about 20 miles per hour. as you can see volume increasing significantly since the last time we checked in on that shot. usually around 6 a.m. things started to slowdown. it anyone were pike. and 19 minutes on the expressway from the braintree flit to the pike. 25 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. gene, pack to you.
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news in boston. a young man was rushed to the hospital just after midnight. jessica reyes live in boston where police are trying to find out exactly what happened. jess, good morning good morning to you. gene in serious. and multifamily home. that is a drop of about 40 feet and we do understand that he has some very serious injuries this morning. this was right after it happened around 1:00 this morning. a very large response here. you can see several emergency vehicles outside this home here on hill side street in mish hill. you can also see a group -- in mission hill. you can see a group of people in their late teens or early 20s but at this point no word whether or not they may have known this victim. we are still working to gather some details this morning including the extent of that young man's injuries, but crews on scenes did tell us he was
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rushed to brigham and women's hospital. we are still working together some details as to the exact circumstances of what he was doing up on that rooftop. what exactly transpired here early this morning. we are working to bring you information and will bring you more as it continues to develop more as it continues to develop. mission hills, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. developing news in groton as a fire sweeps through christian camp. we have been following this story since the flames broke out last night. fox25 michael henrich is live in groton with a look at the historic building that was lost in that fire. michael? >>reporter: sara, we are getting a closer getting a closer look at the damage as fire fighters continue on scene. you can see one of their light stands here putting lights on this historic building here at groton wood christian camp. i spoke with a fire fighter within the last hour and he says has been monitoring this to make sure no hot spots flare up. that they are able to handle them right away.
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lowell sun is about 275 years old. and there is no cause yet on what led it to start burning and what led it to be a complete loss as you saw in our live pictures just a moment ago. fortunately nobody was inside. that is the silver lining here. nobody was hurt. seven other fevts came out to assist with -- other fire department fire departments came out to assist with 65 fire fighters helping in all. the sun reports that the camp does plan on rebuilding. the fire marshal i spoke to on scene does plan on returning to continue the investigation and work on what started this fire. what burned down this 27 what burned down this 275-year-old building. and as soon as we learn more on that, we will bring it to you. for now, reporting live in groton, michael henrich, fox25 news. an arsonist on the loose in everett. fire investigators say someone poured gasoline on the outside of the duplex in autumn street. a car was set on fire.
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neighbors sent us pictures of the flames. the tenant that live on the first floor helped put out the fire and made sure that everyone inside was safe. >> realized smell gas. and why do i smell a lot of gas. next anything you know, ten seconds later i saw an explosion and a ball of fire shoot out my bedroom window. >> no a arrests have been made and a $5,000 reward in this case. the search continues for a white mountains. 60-year-old claire marie kakuzo was reported missing after she planned a five-day hike on a 26 planned a five-day hike on a 26-mile trail. her brother reported her missing when she didn't show up to work this week. police tell fox25 there are other hikers on the trails for leaf peeping season. but so far no signs of her. >> we know she is not in or around the trail in the vicinity. we have to start searching off trails. and not going able to pinpoint
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her last known location. you know the search area immense really. >> she is believed toon experienced hiker. the fish and game department is asking anyone who may have seen her along the trail to give them a call. this morning, we are learning that a new hampshire woman found dead in the crawl woman found dead in the crawlspace of her apartment was strangled to death. 57-year-old sue hutchinson went missing and her body was found sunday. officials continue to focus their investigation on her roommate steven andrade. he was found dead of an apparent suicide. 6:07 this morning. the dorchester foster mother convicted in the death of a 4-year-old boy is now out of prison. steven received an 8-year sentence for involuntary manslaughter. for only ten days. relatives of the child have not spoke about the sentence and the department of children and families. famili approximates. parishioners at a church
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vigil despite being ordered to close its doors. this week an appeals court ordered parishioners at the st. francis cabrini church to give up their 11-year fight. the church is one of 50 ordered to close by the archdiocese back in 2004 but parishioners say they plan to appeal the decision from the state supreme court and the u.s. supreme court if necessary. a brookline fire fighter on administrative leave and facing operating under the influence charges after a weekend crash that hurt another man. jeremy joseph is accused of crossing the center line and hitting another car head-on along grange street in newton. now the victims is only speaking speaking to fox25. at first yo self did stop and get back into his badly damaged suv and took off. >> even if you were intoxicated >> even if you were intoxicated. you know a person is messed up like you got out of your vehicle. you looked at me. you saw me say help me. please help me.
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arrested joseph a short time later, he smelled like alcohol and was unsteady on his feet. jeremy joseph has bled not guilty to oui and leaving the scene. former house speaker finneran is get his pension back along with back payments. he was entitled to the retirement money despite a 2007 conviction on charges of object strung of justice. now new this morning, "the globe" says he is titled to 270 globe" says he is titled to 270,000 of back payments funded by taxpayers. his pension is more than $33,000 a year. governor charlie baker is working to fight back against the opioid crisis. yesterday he unveiled a dramatic new plan to stop people from dying from overdoses. baker says in the last four years, that number has tripled. >> this has got to stop. >> baker's plan focuses on what the governor is calling a key 72-hour period and here is how it works.
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under the bill, people getting an opioid prescription for first time would only get enough drugs to get them through 72 hours. and that's because baker says getting a 60-day supply or more is a starting point for abuse. the bill would let doctors hold overdose patients for up to 72 hours in certain situations similar to a psychiatric hold. lawmakers in lowell want to force city schools to teach stud bent the dangers of powerful painkillers like heroin. the city is face the city is facing a sharp rise in the number of opioid overdoses. the counselor is now calling for mandatory drug abuse education in public schools and he plans to bring it up at next week's council meeting. >> something that is in the curriculum from school hours that they have to not only study and learn but pass a course. >>gene: parents in lowell tell fox25 they want their kids to know about the dangers of opioid but they question when and where that should happen. military families in massachusetts are reacting to
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the decision to extend the u.s. involvement in afghanistan. this was breaking during the 6 a.m. news yesterday. president obama said nearly 10,000 u.s. soldiers will remain in off-site for most of the year and more than 5,000 remain after he leaves office in 20 2017. local soldiers we spoke with are prepared to be sent back to afghanistan if necessary. >> right now there is a threat to our national security and that is why we have chosen to go. >> and few of these engagements go as quickly as we want them to. looks like it at the beginning. >> soldiers from massachusetts have been used in counterterrorism operations and to train afghan forces. 6:11. photos of dead babies and bodies covered in filth shown to local school kids. coming up, why the school district is standing by the graphic images shown during an assembly. a popular show wanted an authentic feel. but things got a little too
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good morning, 6:14. meteorologist shiri spear here. a little bit of rain in fitch a little bit of rain in fitchburg, southwestern new hampshire. joffery and troy. pretty light stuff this morning but will be spreading eastward. a silent protest planned around the country could cause trouble all weekend long. unioner drivers are calling for a drop in service. daniel miller live in the newsroom with a look at their demands. >> gene, good morning. uber drivers plan on striking this weekend. they won't log on to the app and pick up thousands of passengers anywhere. the strike is all in protest to reduced compensation. promoted on several web sites this morning. the stoppage is scheduled it start around 5:00 this afternoon and run through 10 p.m. sunday which is uber's busiest time of the week. here are some demands from uber here are some demands from uber drivers. they want higher rates for rides so they take more money home. they want passengers to tip
6:16 am
drivers. one of the popular features of uber, to tipping drivers. they want other fees like tolls to go up as well. no word if uber drivers here are planning to strike, but if do could be surge pricing if few drivers hit the road. we will keep an eye on it for you. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. we continue to follow developments in israel as tensions are high. israeli officials are barring young muslim men from entering jerusalem's most holy site. the third holiest kite for muslims and sits across the hill where the holiest jewish site is and the scene of recent violence. this as violence continues to escalate. palestinians targeted holy site in the west bank city. and over the past month, more than 30 palestinians have been killed and at least eight israelis. this story is going viral this morning.
6:17 am
has been hijacked by graffiti. they wanted this it to look like a syrian refugee but the artist wrote in arabic saying things like "homeland" is raissi and "homeland is a spoke raissi and "homeland is a spoke. the homeland creator said they hope they would have caught it, but can't hope but admire this act of artistic sabotage. we are honoring our cox conserve hero. a huge congratulations to rocky morrison and the clean river project. he was given the cox conserve hero award for his founder of the clean river project, a volunteer initiative that moved thousands of tires, 62 cars and tons of recyclable material from the merrimack river. morrison continued his effort more than ten years ago and said because the area around the merrimack the merrimack is his home. >> being born and raised on the river, something was in me to come out and start cleaning. my wife and i got started on it and we have seen from one clean
6:18 am
and we have seen from one cleaning what we could do and how much debris we could collect in one day and i was bitten by the bug. >> $10,000 donated to the river project as part of the program. the water shed association and the mass audubon nature center were runners up each receiving $5,000 for their nonprofit. the c ox conserve heroes was developed in partnership with public land to recognize volunteers to volunteers. >>julie: we all benefit from their great work. thank you very much for them. the expressway sluggish around morrissey boulevard. average speed of 14 miles per hour. as we head out to the pike, still looking good from framingham through the weston tolls into newton and the alston-brighton area. here in brighten, a little more volume than we thought at 4 a.m., but very manageable. 13 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls. 25 minutes on expressway from the braintree split to the pike.
6:19 am
route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. as you are heading out the door, probably will crank up the heat this morning. also start with a few showers before things really get cold this weekend. >> what is interesting though, julie, that i am not even putting raindrops on our weather threat graphic, because the showers today are so patchy and fairly light. i don't think we will see much of a big impact on it and nonetheless having to watch it for the morning commute. the wind is going to get breezy the wind is going to get breezy, gusty. gusts between 20 and 30 miles per hour. not enough to do damage and enough to be a nuisance and the frost and the freeze widespread once we hit the weekend. temperature-wise, 53 degrees in you are actually shaping up mostly dry this morning, we do have clouds in the process of thickening up now. the best chance for showers is between 8 and 10:00 this morning. by noontime, notice that the rain risk it out, and we pull in the sunshine for the afternoon. and we go from the 50s. lower 50s at 8am.
6:20 am
on those rain showers. first we have showers fairly close by. you are actually mostly cloudy right now. 48 degrees. 47 by 8 a.m. and we are just going to continue this rain through about 10:00 this morning there. and out toward, say, plymouth. 52 degrees and since the showers are coming from northwest to southeast here, you are at 52 you are at 52. you still have breaks in the cloud and your rain risk is probably will be heaviest between 10 and noon today. and then by noontime, afternoon, it looks so much bet per some it gets better and better as we go. 63 this afternoon in boston. brightening up there. in beverly rain drop this morning likely before 10 a.m. 64 in mriming mouth. 57 in worcester. 62 in nashua, new hampshire. future cast looks like this. as soon as possible shot at 10 a.m. and we will take you forward to 10 a.m., and it is eastern massachusetts here. northeastern mass, boston down to providence seeing the rain. spilling down into southeastern massachusetts, but by noontime,
6:21 am
flips the switch here, and up. we will continue to brighten up during the afternoon so it turns partly sunny here. not total sunshine. not crystal clear blue skies without a cloud in sight, but looking brighter and quiet for your friday night. overnight we do have to pull in late clouds and a sprinkle as you wake up tomorrow morning. northern new england. no snowflakes in southern new england, guys. we will stay mild for that despite the fact it will be chilly. best time of the weekend probably saturday right in the middle of the day because when you will get the most sunshine. when you get later and later into saturday afternoon, we get more clouds, spot shower here late saturday afternoon and saturday night. cold, cold, cold. when you wake up on sunday and normal to get the first frost of the season in boston by late october but we are talking the first freeze this weekend. check out your temperatures for the cape and islands. 50s tomorrow followed by 40s on
6:22 am
sunday and more clouds up here. look at those cool temperatures out across lakes region. pretty color for the foliage and really, really chilly. not the 33 degrees that worries me on sunday morning or -- not the 48 or the 33. because boston at 34 which is frost not freeze. but look at all the suburbs that will bake up to freezing temperatures at sunday morning. even cooler on monday morning with widespread 20s. highs of only 49 degrees and the warm-up kicks off on tuesday of next week with 60s back on the seven-day. back to you. >> shiri, thank you. 6:22. trouble out west for a boston company. still ahead on the fox25 morning news, the one thing draft kings must do if it wants to keep running in to keep run.
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back here at 6:25 this morning. happening today, two democratic hopefuls head to new hampshire. hillary clinton scheduled it hold a town hall meeting at keene state college before head keene state college before heading to nashua for a meet and greet. democrat martin o'malley headed to concord for numerous events. currently no other candidate in the vase spending -- or raising rather as much as hillary clinton who has $33 million in
6:25 am
cash reserves. republican donald trump is heading to tyngsborough for a campaign event. he will hold a rally at the town's elementary school tonight. yesterday the mostly self-funded candidate tweeted a photo of his tax return. state police are investigating vooi violent threats made against a youth league. this follows other threats against referees, coaches and league administrators. as a result the rest of the season has been cancelled. the kids say they are very disappointed. >> everybody is mad about it, but, like, my team is down instead. because we were going to go to the super bowl. i guess that is out the window. >>sara: some parents believe the threats are from people who have complained that players are too old or weigh more than is allowed by league rules. the danvers teenager accused of killing his math teacher undergoing a mental evaluation. next the dangerous history that we have been following at the
6:26 am
hospital where he will be evaluated. and i have got temperatures today in the afternoon that actually head back on track with a normal high of 62. weekend cooldown big time. wait until you see how much the overnight hours will be when we come back.
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fence i leah: i just was thinking any minute could be the minute. and the minutes kept passing. we both kind of relaxed and thought, "she'll come when she's ready." [ grunting ] woman: it's a girl! leah: and she did. woman: a big girl! [ olivia crying ]
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you are watching the fox25 morning news. >>sara: now at 6:30, we are seeing plenty of green on the radar right now.
6:29 am
begin to move in. this is just the start of our weather woes that include some freezing temperatures. get ready, everybody, and thank you so much for joining us, i am sara underwood. >>gene: i am gene lavanchy. meteorologist shiri spear is tracking the rain and julie grauert will be telling us could be affecting our traffic. we will find out about that. but the thing we have been talking about all along that is catching our attention is the cold. >>shiri: yeah, you are firing up the fireplace or the heat -- the seat heater. all getting fired up for the weekend. temperatures right now at 45 in keene. 42 in orange. not bad. tell you what, it is going to be 40 central mass, southern new hampshire with a few showers from new ipswich back to orange. real light stuff. dry reading at 49. 53 in boston. 45 in brockton. clear skies there and you know what, the clouds really haven't rolled in yet for the cape and islands for you waking up in the upper 50s. i know you are thinking, hey, these temperatures are not bad. no, these temperatures aren't.
6:30 am
be real tough to swallow. 7:00 this morning, we have showers around at 46 degrees. still off to the north and west of boston. they come on through around 9 a.m. by noon they are gone. 60 at noon. we clear out the clouds. brighter at 3 p.m. 54 at 7 p.m. with dry conditions. we won't see a whole lot of wet weather. the showers most prevalent north and west of boston but they will be so patchy and light this morning and a little bit more rain in your saturday forecast that we will talk about coming up. send you back over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic. what do you got? >> three new accidents to tell you about since the last time we checked in. the first on the expressway at the base northbound at braintree split at route 3. the other just popped on the map. this one on 128 southbound. the -- an accident right before 95. as we head north of town, an accident on 93 south right as you approach 128. hopefully will get all of these cleared up before we see the bulk of our volume.
6:31 am
the zakim bridge. live drive times. 9 minutes on the pike from 495 to speen street. 16 minutes from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. 32 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the back to you. we are still following breaking news in boston this morning. >>sara: a man rockefeller a triple decker in boston -- fell from a triple decker in boston overnight and emergency crews rushed him to the hospital with multiple injuries. jessica reyes is live near the apartment where he fell with a look at this investigation. jess? >>reporter: sara, our crews cleared the scene a couple of hours ago and you can tell it is very quiet this morning, kind of feels like business and usual but a much different atmosphere than what we were seeing a few short hours ago around 1:00. our crews were here as first responders gathered around the front of the triple decker on hillside street to treat that young man after he rockefeller a third-story roof deck. all happened around 1:00 here in mission hill. and this is video our crews
6:32 am
you can see it was a very large response here early this morning. several emergency vehicles were here for quite some time after the fact. you can see there was a group of young people standing on the porch, but right now, it is not clear if they know the victim involved here. now at this hour, we are still working to gather some details. we know that this victim does have some very serious injuries, and he is at brigham and women's this morning, and we have ems working to learn more of the extent of his injuries and his condition this morning and as soon as we hear back, we will keep you posted. live in mission hill, we are news. developing right now, a car slammed into a home in braintree late last night. police say that vehicle is connected to a crime spree in walpole. fox25's catherine parrotta live near the crash site with a look at how the cases are connected. good morning, catherine. >>reporter: good morning, gene. we are here on washington street, a busy street as you can see.
6:33 am
i want to draw your attention to the home behind me. the one thing you will notice the big hole in the fence on this corner where the car came to rest. more to the story than just the crash. according to police this actually started as a crime in another community. this home is located at 1860 washington street here in braintree. the car ended up crashing into the fence here late last night during a police pursuit, but according to the walpole police chief, the car involved in this crash was one of two stolen from that community earlier this week. yesterday, the chief reported one of the stolen cars was recovered in brockton. two people were arrest. minutes before the crash in braintree, tweeted that the car was the other stolen vehicle. three people were arrested after reportedly trying to run from the scene. we have a call in to braintree police trying to find out more about the suspect. by the way there are wasn't the only car that the walpole police chief said was stolen from that community earlier this week and other break-ins there as well. we will have more on that part
6:34 am
live in walpole, -- braintree rather, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. police are hoping a new sketch will help them track down a serial rape nis brockton. look at this sketch released by the plymouth county da's office. the da said the attacks happened in brockton between 2013 and '14. the man has been seen in the downtown area of brockton but could also have ties to easton. the suspect is described as a man in his 20s about 6 feet tall, 180 pounds. he is possibly driving a dark blue or black sports car. investigators have not said how many rapes occurred. trial for a danvers teenager accused of murderers teenager accused of murder er is on hold. a judge ordered the testing after phillip chism started acting odd during jury selection. the 16-year-old started banging his head on things and talking to himself. prosecutors are concerned that chris chill may be putting on a show to delay his trial. the mental health evaluation
6:35 am
more details on the hospital where chism will be evaluated. the worcester recovery center and hospital. the same hospital that fox25 investigated earlier this year. a large number of -- a large number patient on worker assaults there. the records since 2003, nearly 200 reported attacks on workers after the fox25 investigation. the state did make some changes changes. log on to and click on fox25 investigates tab to see our full report. a revere man is now accused of threatening the family of a local business owner. 5 53-year-old roger yamson was arraigned on several charges including larceny and witness intimidation. prosecutors say he is a scam artist to took money from people who invested in a fake restaurant venture. one alleged victim who rented property to williamson said he has been the target of repeated harassment. a stone hill college student accused of making threats on campus is now
6:36 am
suspended from school. wellesley native was arrested yesterday. police say the arrest is related to a threatening note that was left in a bathroom last month. that caused the campus to be shut down. new this morning, a family who lost everything in this boat fire in quincy says the community has rally community has rallied behind them like they never expected. they were -- they tell the patriot ledger that their maritime neighbors have become like family in the wake of that fire and they have given them a place to stay and help them raised 5,000. the insurance company will cover the cost of the boat but nothing else. soon, more students in manchester, new hampshire will be exposed to a graphic presentation showing the effects of heroin. some of the images are so graphic that we can't show them on tv. fox25 was there last night when parents of middle school students got a look at the images that caused an uproar at the high school last month. some were concerned about pre-teen
6:37 am
preteens seeing the pictures of dead body dead bodies and babies with birth defects, but others tell fox25 it is important that all the students see the presentation. >> this is not something that we can joke about. this isn't something that, you know, we need to brush under the carpet and just let our kids think that it is not going to happen to me. >>sara: students will not be forced to watch the presentation. parents will have a chance to opt their children out. a local police officer caught sleeping in his cruiser while on the job is no longer on the force. the lowell sun says officer jeff moore has submitted his resignation. last friday the paper published a picture showing the officer sleeping in his marked patrol car. he even had a pillow in his car he even had a pillow in his car. city officials placed him on leave before his resignation. slot machine revenue has slimmed for the second straight month. according to the gaming commission, the plainville casino generatesed $12.6 million in department.
6:38 am
it brought in $18.$18. local landmark will be shutting down. the owner of the medieval manor said he is closing the dinner theatre. the "globe" said the final show will be on new year's eve. the owner blames rising cost and flat attendance. fans have enjoyed eating poultry with their hands while taking part in medieval party. this morning an arlington police officer is being life. officer michael hogan tells fox25 it happened wednesday night at the ed burns arena. he was playing hockey with his over 40 league when a teammate went down and didn't get up. hogan said at first he thought thinks buddy was playing a joke until he realized the 76-year-old didn't have a pulse when hogan started cpr and someone else grabbed a defibrillator. >> i feel grab that he was there. i was able to help. but luck -- everything was timed perfectly.
6:39 am
>> hogan says the man had suffered a heart attack, and it was everyone's quick thinking that saved his life. now 6:39 this morning. they picked the wrong truck to hitch a ride. coming up, the 800-pound surprise waiting for someone stow -- for some stowaways rather and the end thing keeping them safe was a thin piece of plywood. west coast. a wall of mud five feet high trap drivers on the california interstate. coming up, why some fear this is only the beginning of a string of problems ahead. skyfox is over an accident in canton right now on 128 northbound right at 95. the driver was put into an ambulance about 15 seconds ago and taken away, but we have a bottleneck situation. times in a moment. first, here is shiri. >>shiri: you will find peak clear in your own back yard. the color starting to fade in northern new england.
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6:43. meteorologist shiri spear here. an i have a couple of raindrops up into haverhill extending to newton and danville, new hampshire. also manchester, new hampshire, picking up on a little bit of drizzle. and as we continue our path toward the west, we have a swath of light rain from rindge down into keene down into orange. so be ready for a couple of raindrops this morning. we are following developing news out of california where flashfloods have led to a muddy mess. check this out. cars are covered. drivers stranded, and the road could be impassible for days. daniel miller is live in the newsroom with a look at the cleanup efforts under way this morning. >>daniel: just incredible video to watch this morning, sara. parts of i-5 in southern california remain closed this morning and crews say it will take a full day to clear the freeway as a river of mud covers the road. take a look at the video again
6:42 am
along the i-5 about 40 miles north of los angeles. several cars as you can see are bury buried in mud as it flowed over their freeway. it was all caused by flashflooding in the area. the mud and rock slide left a portion of the freeway near grapevine impossible. boulders filled the road bringing traffic to a halt in both directions. some motorists fled while others stayed trapped in their cars and called 911 for help. >> my car got carried away almost over the side. and just got high off of all the boulders. >>daniel: well, this morning officials say another state highway has also been hit by a different mudslide. state officials warn because of the drought in southern california, blood slides can be more common in the month ahead. we will keep you updated on the story. a boston-based fantasy sports site is told to stop doing business in a state famous for gambling. the nevada gaming mission has
6:43 am
people in the state cannot complete in contests on draft kings and the fan duel. regulators say the companies can apply to licenses if they wish to operate in nevada in the future. late last night draft kings told fox25 it strongly disagrees with the decision and works diligent three to ensure that nevadans have a right to participate in what we strongly believe is legal entertainment. happening today, u.s. airways will take its final flight. the airline being phased out as part of its merger with american airlines. plight flight 1939 is scheduled to san francisco. the airline started 76 years ago when it only sent single-engine planes to deliver mail. u.s. airline also be remembered for sully sullenberger's amazing landing on the hudson river save river saving everybody in 2009. former nba player lamar
6:44 am
life support days after he was wound at a nevada brothel. odom was said to taken cocaine and an herbal supplement. herbal viagra contains the same ingredients with what is in prescription viagra. when mixed with other drugs it can be a deadly cocktail. actor randy quaid and his wife are free. a vermont judge dropped all charges against the couple. they were arrested on outstanding warrants from california after trying to enter the u.s. from canada last weekend. the judge looked at the paperwork from california and decided there was no legal basis to charge the couple in vermont. south african olympian oscar pistorius will be released from prison next week after serving just one of his five-year sentence. pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide in the death of his girlfriend. he will serve the rest of his
6:45 am
sentence under house arrest. good morning, everyone. i want to take you through a little timeline of some of the issue on 128 north. this is screen grab from 638. less than -- from 6:38. less than ten minutes ago right from 95. that is the back-up that skyfox was showing us at 6:41. that was just six minutes ago. skyfox had to leave the scene, but you have backups that are stretching on 128 north all the way back to 28 in randolph and nearly back to the braintree area. you can see on 95 around that elbow that already is highly traveled, big problems there because of that accident. it is clear now, but those delays are still lingering. otherwise, pike, little bit slow in framingham through natick and then as you head through the weston tolls. your live drive times. 15 minutes on 24 from 123 to 128. 36 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. we are up to 34 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the mass
6:46 am
pike. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now with a look at what is happening in satellite and ray dap by know you are watching some raindrops that are falling around town? >>reporter: yes, you are right. rain moving in, very night, very watchy. up across southern new hampshire nicking areas like haverhill, newburyport this morning. use caution because there will be damp roadways. not a pounding heavy or wide not a pounding heavy or widespread rain, but enough, of course, to slow things down. heaviest will fall western massachusetts where you see it now, but it is traveling eastward through the morning and despite the fact that boston has a little bit of sunshine getting through the cloud cover this morning are. clouds are on the increase. it is actually going to turn wetter in boston, especially 8 to 10 a.m. best chance for showers. 53 degrees right now. 16-mile-per-hour winds coming up from the southwest. that direction is helping us to warm up. even right now, even though we haven't seen a lot of sunshine. so that is not what -- the sunshine obviously not what is warming outside. the winds.
6:47 am
but the hour-by-hour wind gusts as we get toward 10:00 this morning. we will see winds gusting between 20 and 30 miles per hour. that will continue into early afternoon. so as the front comes through, it will get breezy. even this afternoon stay a little bit breezy specifically southeastern massachusetts. and we also have to keep an eye on the winds over the weekend. futurecast like this. 9 a.m., a good chance of rain in boston there tough from the north shore of boston and from providence, rhode island and continue to sag into through noontime today. there will be some lingering cloud cover across eastern quhuts at lunchtime, but then during the -- -- eastern massachusetts at lunchtime, but then higher temperatures that climb into the 60s. totally normal and beverly and boston. 63. 63 in framingham and lowell. 62 in manchester remember new hampshire. 57 in worcester today. it is it is going to be clear later this afternoon but brighter than the way we start.
6:48 am
lots -- lots and lots of on and off clouds through that weekend forecast, but also lots of dry times. tomorrow slight risk of a shower. highs are in the 50s from foxborough to 55 to boston to 5 foxborough to 55 to boston to 55. and worcester only 49 degrees for your high tomorrow. the following day, widespread 40s. for a high temperature on sunday. and even as we go northward, we are going to have to up the risk of some showers here tomorrow, because it is closer to a front, but it is not just rain showers. in that saturday morning forecast. if you are far enough north or traveling north war and seeking out the snow. new england gets a hint of snowfall over the weekend. locally a couple of raindrops and some sprinkles here on saturday morning to midday sunshine tomorrow and then the clouds get thicker and thicker as we go through saturday afternoon. by the evening, we have got another risk of a shower. not an overwhelming amount of wet weather by far, but the cold that then becomes the story because we are waking up
6:49 am
to about 33 degrees here on sunday morning. high 48 degrees. gets even colder by monday morning with lots and lots of 20s. these lows when you wake up monday morning to head into freezing at boston at 32. the burbs upper 30s. 20s. bitter and raw, but a warm-up is under way through midweek with 60s starting back tuesday. back to you. >> all right, shiri. not what you expect to hear when out shopping. >> what is going on at target right is now. >> next, what target is saying about the interesting announcement over the loud announcement over the loudspeaker. okay, new at 7:00, fund
6:50 am
why target is apologize target is apologizing to customers and investigating after an x-rated broadcast happened wednesday at a california store. x-rated sounds were blasting over the intercom. customers scrambled to cover their children ears and record the whole thing. >> what is going on at target right now. >>gene: shoppers say after the first round, the store apologized over the intercom but then it started up again. this time with swearing
6:51 am
>> to me that's not enough -- that is too egregious to have customers to experience. >> target takes the situation very seriously, but this time is not the first time it has happened. back inall similar situation at another -- back in july, a similar situation at another california target. the store was evacuated when the audio was turned off. a group of refugees trying to make it to england picked the wrong truck to try hitch a ride. you can see the men sneak in when the truck is stopped in germany. well inside was a very hungry polar bear. a zoo was transporting the bear from moscow to london and caught the entire thing on camera. police quickly arrived and got the men out of the truck. officers say the bear didn't seem to mind the intrusion. of scary. >> those guys are lucky. flames rip through a local summer camp. coming up next, we will tech
6:52 am
building -- take you live to the scene where a building two century centuries old is a total loss. temperatures going down in the next days. lows in the upper 30s. lower 30s saturday night. by sunday, lows in the 20s. we will slow you how long low it will go in your town or city coming up. plus, new this morning, a table full of illegal weapons confiscated from local homes.
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